Collaborative Projects in New York City

If anyone has an idea for a big project that you could use help on post it here.

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I want to build my owen hover-kraft but i do not have the plans for this. can someboby to help me?

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pressure to flow rate conversion

Anyone know, or know where I can find out how to convert pressure to flowrate by time? I have a 3Litre cylinder of normal air, at 300psi, and I want to release the air at between 0.5CFM and 1CFM (at around 15-30psi, through an airbrush, the internal diameter of the escape wold be no more than a millimeter. how can I figure out how long it will take to reach equilibrium with the outside air? cheers naught

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strong clock mech..

Hi, im building a clock for my AS level design and technology course. one of my ideas is to have a clock mechansism in the base, hidden, and have a gear system turning the hands above it. below is a small and very undetailed picture i came up with just now. tp show you. what i need is to find a very strong clock mechanism. one that will have enough power to drive the gears. if anyone can help me with finding one i would very much appreciate your help.

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I need to hire someone to make one, possible more deivces for me

I know what I want, I have drawings, and the parts are relatively inexpensive and easy to get. It is a small LED based item similar to a children's toy. (parts are even used from inexpensive children's toys). I simply don't have the knowledge or time to put it together. If all goes well I have another device I need made as well. With the right person I will of course pay (I hope paypal is ok)before you start. I would strongly prefer someone with experience and someone that has posted projects on here before with LED experience. Please contact me at:

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I am a beginner and i want to learn how to be as good at making crap as you guys are.... my house has no materials whatsoever and even if it did, i wouldnt be able to make the stuff on this site.... how do you practice for this stuff? help please!!!!

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can you help me build a Solar powered wireless camera

Hi guys,I have a little project here for some of you that I would like to find out how to go about making.i bought a wireless mini cctv camera Camera apparatus: 1/3 1/4 picture sensorSystem: PAL / CCIR NTSC / EIAValidity pixel : PAL:628*582 NTSC:510*492Picture area: PAL:5.78*4.19mm NTSC:4.69*3.45mmHorizontal definition: 380lineScan frequency: PAL / CCIR: 50HZ NTSC / EIA: 60HZMinimum illumination : 3LUXSensitivity: +18DB - AGL ON-OFFPower output : 50MWFrequency output : 0.9G/1.2GFrequency control : Adopt CPU frequency lock the wreath to control, with high frequency stabilitySize: 20*20*20(mm)Deliver the distance: 50-100MVoltage : DC+8VCurrent : Current :Power consumption : <=640MWWhat I want to know how to do is to power this by solar (al the time) so I can leave it unattended permanently without having to keep changing the batteries.i dont need to power the reciever by solar just the camera but if you like you can do that too.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Oh and I know nothing about capacitors and the likes so try make it easy for me : ) i hope you can make sence of the specs cos i cant. :)And the smaller the better.Thanks guys

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RF Development Kit-Advanced, but could be a lot of fun

Micrel SemiconductorEbay{{{ I have noticed that some people are concerned that due to surface mount technology you can't make electronic stuff anymore. It is not true. A search will quickly find forums discussing how homebuilt electronics experimenters are getting around this. I have a nifty RF development kit for sale on ebay. See ebay link below. These development kits are used by new product developers to quickly get their RF prototypes up and running to develop software, hardware and firmware without the steep learning curve associated with starting development with discrete components. These boards allow you to build custom devices that can comunicate with each other up to a mile apart. Although this is not quite ham worthy distance someone might be able to have some fun with the kit. I have just one, but more (and the actual rf chip) could be acquired through Micrel Semiconductors. Anyway, I have this listed as an industrial item, so I am not sure the right people will see the ad. For those interested in playing with current technology RF.}}}

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Collaboration Launched at Web 2.0 Launch Pad

Today, we've launched the incredible new feature, collaboration! Enable other users or groups to help you work on your Instructables. Made a mistake? Don't worry, there's also now versioning, so you can rollback to an earlier version of your Instructable. Check out the slides from my talk announcing this new feature, or check out some of the Instructables I mentioned:3-D ScannerMagnetic Acrylic Rubik's CubeDixie Cup Spherical DodecahedronTeddy Bear Remote ControlDachshund wheelchairPublished Collaborations:How to Barefoot WaterskiChopping Hot Peppers SafelyChicken Chile VerdeCollaborations in progress.

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Simple Design Suggestion

This is my first topic, so huzzah for me...Attached is a picture of what I was imagining instructables to be with forums. Now that there are forums, I figured I'd show it.. But then again, Cassandra still isn't here anyway..To get to the forums now is clunky and seems thrown in, which it probably was...

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How to rule the world!

Hold "ctrl" and then press "W". You will become all powerful!

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First Tuesday Following the First Monday of November is Fast Approaching

First, I'm not pushing any ideas on you - that's your job. For those of us in the United States, next Tuesday is election day. Surprisingly, some people don't even know this. If you're realizing that "Hey, I'm not sure what's going to be on said ballot," now (or even this weekend) is a good time to sit down for a little bit and research/find the people you feel speak and represent you.The resource I happen to use is . They do not accept any funding for corporations, PACs, or any organization that supports/opposes an issue/candidate. The service is free (all you need to know is your 9 digit zip code). The site lists the current candidates, the challengers and a whole lot of information about them (experience, voting records, candidate websites, etc.). You also ought to look at any amendments that will be on your ballot -- the wording can be quite tricky (In the last vote, FL had one amendment against the amendment not to build a monorail train* -1) so you probably want to make sure you are in fact voting for what you want ;)So, please take the time to vote next Tuesday. Staying home is NOT speaking out against "the man" or showing your disdain for the system, the person, the amendment on the ballot. I am personally driving four hours to my voting place - it's really that important...Again, I have the utmost respect for those with different views than my own and the same for those that share mine. I'm not pushing any idea on you (other than to actually vote) - I just want to put it out there that its that time of the every other year again :P

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electronics program??

Hi guys, as you can tell by my name im a quite new to electronics especially when its resisters and capactors , does any one know of a program that i could use to create circuits and try out ideas without blowing my self up or having a shocking time.???

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Test Thread

I found this , which Instructable's formatting is based off of. So try out some stuff!SuperScript Subscript 3 strikes, you're out

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Water Tunnel Testing (photos)

I'm starting a new topic so I can edit it later with more content.I went with some friends to a different lab section that was also playing with the tunnel (my official turn is on Friday).Things put in:1. PVC tube -- to show detachment of a cylinder2. Golf Ball -- to show how dimples create turbulence and keep flow attached longer3. Tennis Ball -- to show how fuzz acts almost like golf ball dimples4. Porsche 9115. Atlantis Space Shuttle6. Porsche 911-turbo (or possibly a 935 or 993 -- can't remember)7. Chain Mail Cube -- wtf? why did someone make that?8. Surf Board Fin9. Optimus Prime10. Unknown Porsche (I just can't remember what it was)11. Batting Cage BallThe pump was set to 3.55 inches per second. So for a 1/64 scale model (for the cars) - that's just under 13mph equivalence (in water).My camera had a low battery -- so the shutter was slower than normal. I'll get fresh batteries and a tripod on Friday I'll have some better pictures (hopefully).As for what I'm bringing in... Still don't know -- but I think I am going to do a comparison of apples and oranges :PVideos of the 911, 911turbo, unknown porsche and of the overall tunnel in operation ;)Update November 3rdItems Tested:1. Plastic Cone (with hole in top)2. Apple3. Eyeglass Case4. Obligatory Altoids Tin5. Plastic Water Bottle6. Highlighter Cap7. Reverse Gear from a manual gearbox (Nissan)8. Pen Cap thing9. Rubber Duck10. Nerf Dart (velcro top)11. Batman Shield (this was really cool)12. Welded Plate13. Golf Ball14. Guitar Bar15. Wing FoilAgain, it was set to 3.55 inches per second. I couldn't find an orange on campus (weird considering I'm in central Florida :P). So I'd say an orange is kinda like a golf ball :PThe Bat Shield video is very cool - if you watch just one of them, make it the bat shield ;)

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building a keymachine to run off car 12v

HI, My dad is a locksmith and a old school diy'er. his birthday is coming and i want to build him a small keymachine that will run off car 12v. i just need a high rpm 12v tolerant motor that can take abuse....any suggestions

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Question about electric motor ratings

So, lucky me, I curb surfed a table saw last friday, I was going to part it, but my wonderful wife suggested that I could benefit from an extra saw. So deciding to fix it up, I looked over the motor rating, and was left with a question. The motor is rated at 1&1/2 Hp 110v 18 amps. So my question, When is it 18 amps? Start up? Running? Stall? I ask because my breakers are 20 amp, kinda close there for comfort, and no re wiring for 220 right now is not an option.

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Instructables patches are in

We just got the new Instructables patches. The colors aren't perfect, but everyone around here likes them nonetheless. I'll probably sew them to a bunch of stuff during Friday's build party.

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It's been a couple months- anything new to share?

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Quite hello

Hello everyone, I am here to update on the group. Hopefully and idealy, I will have the first instrucatable posted in december. -Quite Indubitably

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Ask Cassandra

I know all about electronics, relationships, and stuff. Ask me a question and maybe I'll answer it.

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Halloween Gingerbread House

$5-$10 Gingerbread House kits.... I highly recommend NOT buying one. Not only are they not flammable... They taste bad, difficult to assemble AND they don't come with the parts to make it just like on the box....This was one sad sad house -- so we put it out of its misery... Just thought I'd share... <-- Some videos in there...

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inverter rating

Somewhat confused... I'm planning some guerilla projections with a 4500lumen projector (which has a power rating of 450w) can I run it with a 700w inverter? Instructable on these pages says I need 2000w+ inverter can anyone explain why I need so much headroom.

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If this info is already somewhere else, I apologize ( i.e. dumb question)

When you put up an instructable with pics, do you have to leave your pics in your gallery for the life of the instructable? I.e. if I use a pic in an instructable, then delete the photo from my gallery, does it break the image on the instructable? Thanks for any info!

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post your suppliers with cheap shipping here

Raw electronics-The Electronics

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Instructables at Web 2.0 conference's Launch Pad

Instructables will be launching a new product at the Launch Pad workshop as part of the Web 2.0 conference. Hopefully we'll be finished with it by then.... ! Press release here

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Magnet Challenge winners!

The votes are in! Congratulations to the winners of the Magnet Challenge!Magnet Challenge winnersShake it like a Tic-Tac! by MrMunkiMagnetic Stirrer by g0pherMagnetic Fingertip Gloves by vatosupremeMagno-Sniffer (Magnetic Sniffer Probe Whistler Thing Using A Hall Effect Sensor) by pronteonVersatile and Low Cost Digital Counter by trebuchet03MAGNETIC SCALES by puffin_juiceOK, I said there would be only five winners, but there was a tie and I hadn't specified how I would break ties, so I'll just get another ATC 1000 Helmet cam!Also, I found another Digital Spy Camera under my desk, so I'm making a special category to win this prize: To the user with the most judges' votes among all his magnet projects. This goes to FrenchCrawler for The "Improved" Ferrous Gatherer :), Coversational Magnet "Toy", "Mine" your own ferromagnetic metal (slivers)..., and Portable, Pocket Sized ROMP. While closely related, I can't quite make a case for them all being part of a single, multi-part Instructable. The entries to the Magnet Challenge were so good that we're going to send Instructables patches to everyone who entered! Thanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the challenge: arwen, canida, fungus amungus, intoon, lebowski, and rachel.Original Magnet Challenge instructions here, Magnet Challenge Group, information about the SpyCam here, and an Instructable using the ATC Helmet Cam here.

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Halloween build night a success

Thanks to all who came to the Halloween build night at Squid Labs! It was a great success! People built a number of really cool projects including one that got us quite a bit of attention this week. I'm sure you can guess which one.Check out more pictures over at the Flickr photoset.

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Halloween Project Contest and Build Party at Squid Labs

For all of October, Instructables is having a Halloween project contest. We're giving away Make controller kits, Wild Planet Toys Spy Cameras, Magazine subscriptions, and Instructables patches. Check here for full details.To kick off a great DIY-Halloween, Instructables is hosting a build party at Squid Labs this Friday October 6th at 7:30 PM. We'll have sewing machines, pumpkins and knives, spooky music, mills and lathes, scrap material, snacks, and plenty of cameras to document everything. Bring your proto-costume, your great Halloween ideas, or anything else you want to work on. RSVP by sending me an email so I'll have some sense of how many people to expect. If you're too far away, how about having a build party in your town this Friday as well?!

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FM Publishing and Instructables

Instructables has been invited to join Federated Media Publishing. To make this work, I need your help. Check out this short survey and the full post here.

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September project contest and Magnet challenge

We're having another project contest and trying something new: a challenge. All Instructables published during September are eligible for the project contest. All Instructables using magnets that are entered into the Magnet Challenge group are eligible for the challenge. We've got some sweet prizes that will help you document even better than you already do: helmet cams and [ memory card readers]. Check the contest instructions for more details.

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OLPC call for educational content

Can you think of something useful and fun to teach children through the OLPC $100 laptop? We've created a group where you can submit Instructables for consideration to be included. Instructions for how to do this are here. Feel free to submit both old and new Instructables!

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I'm getting tired of these EasyEDA promotions masquerading as Instructables projects

Seems there are at least 5 Instructables projects recently that are obvious promotions rather than true maker projects.  I'm disturbed by this.  I have no problem with someone recommending a company or product that played a role in a successful Instructable.  I do this all the time.  But if compensation was provided (free PCBs from JLCPCB because they are offering a fee order to anyone that promotes their service, for example) that needs to be clearly stated up front.  That is the ethical thing to do. But, the Instructable needs to be meaningful!  Not, "Here's how to build a 555 timer circuit using JLPCB".  That's completely bogus.  At least TRY to make something useful like a guitar stomp box or a multi-channel audio mixer or an Arduino relay I/O project.  Not some crappy 555 timer circuit, or basic transistor circuit, or a project that has no other redeeming feature than it looks cool when assembled on a JLCPCB circuit board.  Please.  Raise the bar.  If you are going to promote a vendor, don't be lazy, make it an interesting project that is worth my time to read. NetZener

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I Need a little Help with Shift Registers

Hello, I'm both new to Instructables, and electronics in general. I'm trying to make a Divergence Meter, but I'm using LED's instead of nixie tubes. (It's safer for having my little cousins around.) I'm hoping to control each tube with one shift register per tube. Each tube will have 11 imputs and 1 output. I was curious if you guys had any tips on how to do that with the standard 16 pin registers, or if you could direct me to one that could do it. Thanks.

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Need help about making an enclosure design of a Bluetooth speaker?

I want to make a Bluetooth speaker using the components shown in the picture. I can't really think about a good looking enclosed about it. So some design from you guys should help. 1. Building material still not chosen. 2. There have to be 2 passive radiators on front and back. I'll probably using a single 18650 cell or a li-po battery , so needed some internal space to Mount everything. I have a design similar to bose soundlink mini 2 but it's too low profile and well engineered ;-; Need help

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how do you measure the weight of pushing on every pedal of a bicycle?

It's for a school project.. I thought the FSR sensor and arduino. I would like to measure the weight of a person for example 100kg.Maximum value of the FSR sensor is 10kg. I would like something more in detail if you could help me.

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Why aren't my downloaded images showing up in my Instructable?

Hi! I posted several images per step on my Instructable, and only the first pictures in each step are showing up in the finished product. It's been a while since I've posted. Have the settings changed? Is there only one image allowed per step? Thanks so much- Laura This is the Instructable I am talking about:

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Error opening file in Adobe Illustrator

Hello ! Working in Adobe Illustrator there is a problem , attach the screenshot of the error below , maybe somebody faced such problem ??

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Messages are in trouble?

You know, when people say bad day. That's my case today. I've opened my email client some hours ago and I saw only some old email messages in Inbox. I am on MS Outlook 2003, quite old, but it is suitable for me.

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Can I reprogram this?

This is for a LED USB BULB, can i reprogram it?

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How do you make a remote bluetooth command pushbutton that integrates with Raspberry Pi and smartphones?

I'm looking to create a simple, small remote control with a single command pushbutton that transmits over bluetooth. I want to be able to integrate this function with a smartphone or a Raspberry Pi Zero W, similar to a remote camera shutter button that could fit into a rubber/silicon type ring/sleeve attachment to fit around a water bottle, for example. I've got very limited experience in this so any help would be greatly appreciated! I've found some similar tutorials but nothing specifically for what I'm looking for in a small envelope. Thanks!

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Tesla's human powered helicopter possible?

I know he was a smart dude and he went out of his way to patent this. Was it ever built? Could it be built and work? I don't understand the propulsion system. Is it like a bicycle or is it something else? I need one of these bad to deliver free fruit to people everywhere. My car keeps getting stuff in traffic. I don't know where all these cars think they're going, but I've got places to be and the road just isn't cutting it anymore for me. And dangit the uploader isn't working. Here's a link to the patent description and images: Well, not a link. A  URL. I dont know how to do a hyperlink without the- nevermind. sort of figured it out. Click below:

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Could there be 'test tube adults'?

I always wondered, If there can be 'test tube babies', could the placenta possibly be delivered whole and alive and the baby continue to develop outside the womb but in a womb like environment. or possibly in the womb of another animal.  I'm wondering, could there be 'test tube adults.' who come into this world fully grown? What feeds the placenta? Amniotic fluid? Blood?

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Delay off Circuit 12V - 3A? Mosfet or Relay?

Hi all, I want to make a delay off circuit 12V - 3A. When the switch is ON, the circuit will operate during 1 to 3 minutes, and when the switch is OFF, the circuit should work during 0.5 second before it turns off. I made a delay off circuit using NE555 and a mechanical relay and it works. However, I need to make a smaller, cheaper and more efficient circuit. I need your help and your advice to gain knowledge and improve my circuit. Thank you.

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I need a 3D printer for under $300!!!

The 3D printer must be under $300 including materials, electronics, motors etc. It must also run on an arduino mega 2560 which is not included in the cost. It must print at least 30cmx30cmx30cm and a maximum of 45cmx45cmx45cm. It must be able to run on a mac!!!!! it can be made of anything but I don't have a CNC router or laser cutter. I live in australia so sadly we don't have a TechShop!!! The printer must be able to print in high quality! I am only 12 years old!!!!

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Anyone know how to make an alarm that knows if my dog is being stolen?

I live in an area where people steal dogs out of our yards. I want to build an alarm that does two things: it allows the dog to roam in an area like my yard without going off and if he's taken, it goes off. The second part is that it sends a signal so I could track it on an app and help the cops get my dog back. There's got to be a simple way to make one with a Rasberry Pi or Arduino. I've never used either and want to learn, probably with the Pi. The dog would have to wear it on his collar naturally. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm brand new to Instructables so you've probably seen something like this before. Please help. I'd love to make them for Christmas for several family and friends through our church. Thanks, Mike 

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How can I convert 9 volts DC to 1 millivolt DC?

I need to be able to convert 9 volts to 1 millivolt. Is there a schematic/circuit that can do this? If so, could you please provide one or details on how to make one? Thank you!!!

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How should I recharge a 7.4V battery? Answered

I have a 7.4V rechargeable battery and I'm wondering what voltage I should be charging it with. would 9V work? Are there any general guidelines for recharging batteries? Specs: 7.4V 1400 mAh Lithium-ion Was originally used in a NXT LEGO robot. Thanks! Ryan

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