Scrollbar text boxes

I have just started making a few Arduino Instructables and am wondering how I can put the scrollbar text boxes like at Step 15: Program of this Intructable I do not have Pro membership. Also is there any way to post formatted Arduino code within the Instructables. Hopefully someone might be able to help me with these questions, thanks Pedro.

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Powdered Tempra Paint

I work in a child care with preschool aged children.  We just got a massive donation of powdered tempra paint. I was wondering if there was any interesting craft ideas that we could use other than 1. add water 2. paint with brush Other than using tempra powder to make sidewalk chalk I have been coming up with a blank.  Any new/creative ideas for this product?

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So long and thanks for all the arduinos

Adios, everyone! Tomorrow is my last day here at Instructables and even that will mostly be clearing out my desk and distributing materials for future projects. First and foremost, I love you all. If you're here reading this then you're someone who has chosen to dig into the world and learn much more than most of the people out there. That's a cool thing. An amazing thing. Cherish it and make that grow within everyone else you know. More is more here. Also thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas. One of the biggest things I've learned is that you should share your ideas with others. There will always be more ideas and it's more fun this way. I wish I had a couple more lifetimes for the ideas that I'd like to work on. It is way worse to live a life keeping an idea secret for fear of someone else stealing it and never seeing it develop. OK, going into debt to patent it would probably be worse. Is this a graduation speech? No? Fine, here's some unsolicited advice anyway: run into new areas. Don't give yourself a chance to think about it and go back to doing what you've already been doing. Mental ruts are comforting, but oh so boring. Listen to music you don't know, watch movies you know nothing about, just shake it up once in a while. No, shake it up all the time. The world is full of new ideas you've been depriving yourself of enjoying. Then when your brain is thoroughly jumbled, start mashing up all the ideas. Combine all the things! One idea I want to work on is to make a UAV candy bomber. Attach candy to parachutes and drop them from quadcopters as they fly around in the sky. It would be a modern version of the candy bombers from WWII. It's not about anyone getting the reference, that's for wikipedia. It's about moving faster. Worrying about originality is for people who don't do stuff. And that's the long version of saying that I'll be gone from here, but you should all keep the party going. Then again, you were going to do that anyway and that's why I love you. For me the future is a little uncertain. There are a couple of VERY COOL THINGS that might happen, but it's not definite yet. In the meantime, I'm wrapping up my kickstarter calendar project. If you haven't looked at it yet, please do. The calendar is awesome and I want more of them out there in the world. Other than that you can find me on twitter as @edabot.  Now stretch your arms out wide and then give yourself a hug. Pat yourself on the back if you want. You're the future if you want to be. Take it, it's right there. Love you all. Ed

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Do something w/ MacBook Air w/ broken display?

I am new to this site and I've found a lot of the ideas and guides very interesting. i have a late 2010 MacBook Air with a broken display. The most anyone has offered me for it is $100. After visiting this site I was wondering if there could be any possible uses for it? It works with external monitor. Any ideas? I'm supposed to meet someone later today to sell it to but am now having second thoughts thanks to this (and a similar site) here it is

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identify this tool

can you tell  me what this tool is and how is it used.

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Free Pro - First Come First Served

Hello All, Here is a free code for Pro Membership. I was given a Pro Membership for my most recent instructable but I already have Pro Membership thanks to a post earlier in the year Redeem it here: Your gift code: tune52sir If you want to leave a nice comment on my blog in exchange that would be cool but please don't feel you have too Enjoy

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PIC16F877A program

Hi, i am trying to build this code for like a week but didnt had any luck in making it perfect. i'm using MPLAB software for compiling and writing the program and Proteus for hardware simulation. here is the attached picture of the question i was assigned to build. if any one could please provide me with a code i would be more then happy. thanks in advance.

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Sorting wonky in Recent feed and Answers

The recent page shows nothing but collections when set to "everything", and not all those collections are recent. The answers page is also wonky, showing nothing but years-old questions. 

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The all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado has teamed up with Instructables to bring the Instructables community great projects that boost your outdoor skills. The Outdoorsmanning hub is a great place to learn about a ton of outdoor skills like backpacking, camping, and being in nature. Many of you in the Instructables community are taking advantage of excellent fall temperatures by going hiking and exploring. If you love documenting your journey into nature, check out this great Trekking Pole Tripod. With winter right around the corner wouldn't you like to learn about how to make an ice-rink in your back yard?   Maybe you want to hit the road, get out of town and get into nature. Check out this amazingly awesome Teardrop Trailer. For more great outdoor project ideas, head over to the Outdoorsmanning page.

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Haven't Recieved Notification Emails

Hi, I just noticed that while people I'm following have recently posted instructables, I haven't received any email notifications. I checked my settings and they still show that I want to receive notifications. I've received notifications about comments and new followers, just not about anything posted by the people I'm following. Is something wrong with my email, or is this a bug? (I checked the spam folder in my email, nothing was there) Anyone else have this problem?

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New email address and not receiving any newsletters.

Hi, i recently changed my address linked to my Instructables account, but i still get the newsletter in the old one. ¿Do i have to do something else, o what should i do? Thank you in advance.

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I made my first instructable,give me some tips so that i can improve the way of making a instructable.

I made my first instructable on "how to make 3d jack o' lantern". visit here  Help me by suggesting the way to improve it. I will be thankful to you and if you like the instructable please vote.suggest me so that i can improve the way of my writing.

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Opinions about "Food Porn"

Is that a phrase you find offensive?   No need to clarify your reasoning... unless you'd like to.  ;-)

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LED Scoreboard

Hi, My name is Tom, i am new to instructables and to advanced electronics in general. I want to make a LED Scoreboard which can display two scores (each on a different display) i also had an idea how to make the display. The idea is placing red LED's under plastic cutouts of a classic 7 segment digit board (ilustrated on the picture), the problem is that other than that i have no idea where to start and nor what to look for so any help is appreciated. P.S. I can solder, but that's about it that i can think will be useful to this project. Thanks in Advance  

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A lamp from RGB LEDs

Hi, I'm want to build a lamp from 63 RGB LEDs. I want to be able to change the intensity of each color. Is there something in my schematics that should  be changed, for example do I even need the resistors after LEDs since I have the potentiometers. I think the values might need to be changed. The switches before resistors are to eliminate that color if the potentiometers won't do it. There should be also a main switch after the power supply.. Do I need anything else, so that it will work and to it will be safe? A bit offtopic, but if I would only use one color LEDs, would it be better to connect them to parallel or series?

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flashing LED - first project

I'm eager to start my first project, but I don't know how to do it. Its basically an LED blinking twice, once at every 20 min. I can tackle it in Arduino since its code, but I need something really small, the smallest possible! (the way that would be powered also needs to take this into account. a 9v battery would be too much. but If it could have a way to be powered by USB that would be great). The closest I can find, is something similar: A fake car alarm, that flashes a red led. But I need to have the 20min spacing!  Can I have some shared knowledge ? :) Thank you!

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i would love to help

I am an inovative 16 year old that is looking to learn by doing, i enjoy making things immensely. What i love more than making is innovating, and what i love more than innovating is designing, and what i love more than designing is creating a new idea. I am currently just trying to get expierence i would love to help people with their prospective projects whether that be strictly intellectual help over the internet or helping someone in the Boise Idaho are make something or complete a project ect. . . I believe that everyone could use help and if you are someone who needs help talk to me i love helping .  I would love to get an internship in anything hands on and innovative that would be great.  I am an unconventional thinker with an IQ of 142 and an extremely different way of looking at things i can help you quickly and in creative ways that could possibly innovate or even make a breakthrough   visit my blog to see my truly diverse ideas and "weird" sense thanks for your time

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sewing basics

I probably know more about sewing as far as hands on, visual stuff, but lack vocabulary. As such, a verbal, or wordy description doesn't help me much. Is there a good site for novices to learn more? Or are there specific -ibles for those of us who don't know a ball point needle from an inseam?

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Contest sorting

When I choose to sort the instructables in a contest by views, it gives the same order as when sorted by recent. I took the pumpkin contest for example.

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How can I make a cheap projector screen and free-standing frame?

Dear all, recently I commissioned and received a portable-ish movie projection unit that will let us show movies almost anywhere - in back yards, against buildings, in parking lots, and so on. It's designed for a guerrilla cinema experience for the community. See here for more information and a cheesy video I made for it. However, there remains one big issue: The screen and its frame. This is for the occasions we won't have a white blank wall to use. Can you geniuses come up with any suggestions? There are a number of features that are necessary in both elements:- 1. The screen Lightweight Cheap-ish Rolls up Doesn't easily crease, dent, rip, etc Isn't easily damaged by a small amount of fog/rain Can accommodate up to 12ft wide 16:9 images 2. The frame Lightweight Cheap-ish Can be quickly and easily disassembled to be carried short distances Is adjustable in terms of height and length (not essential, but would be nice) The screen can easily be attached to it Do you have any ideas as to how this would be possible? If so, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Is it ok to post it?

Hey Instructables! So a couple of weeks ago I finished a year long project, automating my room. The project is completly modular so if any piece burns out or fails you can quickly switch it, the project includes automatic lighting controlled via a PIR sensor, an LM35 controlled fan, a miniature green house controlled by another LM35 and it displays the info about humidity and temp, through a 16x2 lcd and DHT11, a combination lock for my door via a keypad, a infrared control that can turn on or of my desk lamp, alarm clock, room lights, solder station and has the function to turn the whole system on or off, it also includes a modified Sony alarm clock, that has a TDA2040 amplifier with aux in and its connected to some speakers around my room. I have all the eagle files and ready to print pdf´s. Everything is controlled by 2 DIY arduinos. I made most of the modules for the sensor array but a couple of the controll modules were made using already existing files on fritzing, and the DIY-Duino Should I redesign this modules and controller board before uploading, or will crediting the authors of this parts will do?

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Makeup Holoween Scar

A grandson will go as Harry Potter in a few days. I would like to make a scar to glue to his forehead. As a kicker I want to put an smd LED under the scar. What and where does one find scar materials use to make a on skin ?..

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Motion Triggered Horns

I'm starting this one over, I made a mess of the last topic. Essentially what I'm starting with is a driveway wireless alert system (  and a car horn. The car horn is wired to a push button switch. ( What I'm trying to do is replace the [S] (switch) with this wireless trigger. The alarm speaker outputs at a very low voltage, ~0.08v: The alarm LED's output 1.75v (measured from + on the one LED and - on the other, there are three total, in series) What would be the best place to tap in to get voltage from to trigger the relay? I think from the previous post I'll need a transistor switch of some sort? This is the part I need help with. Usage: Tractor pulling hayrack riders over a bridge, I'll place the sensors ahead of the horns so by the time the tractor is at the sensor the hayrack is right at the horns. Hope I posted in the right spot. Thanks

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My instructable was posted on a website and I wasn't given credit

I hope I am in the right area to post this... I am a newbie to the art of step-by-step instruction and instructables as a whole.  I have really enjoyed being a part of this community and sharing ideas with all of you.  However, I just had an experience where I found my instructable on this website. She did not give me any type of credit and made it appear that she had created it herself.  I am awaiting a response from her as I write this.  I saw a great deal of other instructable "family" on the site as well.  They too were not given credit.  So i ask...what do you do with this type of situation?

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Suggested feature: selectable images of tools, materials

I often find myself making little Photoshop collages of tools when I'm working on an 'ible, just so there's something to look at on the less-than-riveting steps where I'm listing what tools and materials were used. And I see that lots of other folks find themselves doing the same thing. And let's be honest: we're all kind of phoning that part in, aren't we? What if we had the option to jump to a screen with tons of selectable tools, do a little clickety-click, and go back to our 'ible to find all of the items we selected displayed in a visually economical and aesthetically pleasing manner? Stylized icons, photos, or even sponsored images from advertisers linked to their shopping page? It would help the folks struggling with their graphics software, and help the folks who aren't struggling but would still rather dive right in to the "how-to" part, which is why we're really here. The possibilities are endless for the GUI, ranging from simple checkboxes, to drag-and-drop images, to a complete overkill of awesomeness where you click an object and an animated Instructables Robot walks over and grabs it and drops it onto your virtual work bench... Anyway, that's the idea. What do you think, folks? Mike Craghead

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Exchange Tshirt for a larger size?

Hi friends....I love this site and do like to win, even if it's just a bunch of positive comments!  Recently I won a t-shirt and I didn't realize how small/close the sizes run.   (I believe I requested a women's large and in the comments I noted that I wanted the equivalent that would fit a women's chest 36-38".  I was disappointed that the Tshirt ran exactly 37" with no room to breath.  Unfortunately I didn't realize I was supposed to add a few inches for movement as none was built into the size.) My shirt has not been worn and it still has the manufacturer's paper tag attached.  Is it possible to return it to Instructables for a larger size? If so, then I'd like to request something that measures 42" from armpit to armpit - which would be great after shrinking!  (I realize the larger size may be considered too large for the female sizes available, and if so, the equivalent man's size would be appreciated over one that doesn't fit) If this isn't an option, perhaps future winners can be asked what size they want their shirt to run "from armpit to armpit".  Not only will this make more T-shirt winners be happy, but also, more Instructables advertising will be seen on the streets ;-D mega thanks!

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Skillet is so flippin cool!!!! if you have anything to say about it or other good bands go ahead!

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Use guitar amplitude signal as a switch to light a bulb

Hello,  I'd like to light a bulb by using a guitar as a switch. My problem is I don't know where to plug the guitar into. Is it some kind of switch I have to tweak, or is it some kind of resistor. I've attached an image to explain the electric circuit. 

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Text for different steps is mixed up and lost

When I was editing a several-step long Instructable, I would click away from the first step to the next step, and all of the text description would be copied over (and the original was lost). It happened 3 or 4 times today. 

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I looked around but can seem to find a way to search within a category.  Is there any way to do so? Thanks.

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Full Spectrum Lasers

Hey Everyone, Recently I have been looking at different C02 laser manufacturers to see if there was anything that was affordable but still of professional quality, and I stumbled accross Full Spectrum Lasers.  I am wondering if anyone on the site has any experience with their products and their customer service. The reason I am asking is because their prices almost seem too low; comparable Epilog lasers seem to cost at least twice as much.  I know that Epilog is probably one of the biggest names in the industry and have apparently been around the longest, but I don't see how that alone could cause such a price difference. So basically, if any of you have had good or bad experiences with Full Spectrum your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Nathanael Scheffler

Topic by NathanaelScheffler 

Jetpack-HELP - Gas turbine backpack-Make/Build???

Hi guys busy with an EXPO school project  I'm trying to make a Williams gas turbine backpack but only find dead ends on the net Can someone PLEASE share some info on how to make or build ASAP  Flight time doesn't have to be more than 8-10 seconds but if possible that'll be great !! And lift doesn't heave to be more than 15-20 cm off the ground . Any help is greatly appreciated  THANKS  -IronMan-

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Keep getting the same email alert over and over again

Hey, Everyday for the last couple of weeks I get the same email alert over and over again : Here are the newest items from each of the members you are following. To change or turn off updates, go to your following page: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New from zorwick •DIY Permanent Infrared DSLR Camera -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Robot To manage these notification messages, please visit your watchlist preferences: I'm not even following zorwick's profile and haven't made a comment ot this instructable either. I add a look in the alerts settings etc in my profile but I cannot find any setting related to this instructables. How can I get rid of this email alert. Thanks in advance

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great idea but can't seem to post

No idea how to post you have a Klein 9 way (or more) screwdriver but have lost the tips?......standard 1/4" tips are too short to replace the double ended ones, and even then they do not have the retaining pins that hold them in the tool.....     simple but brilliant solution......      acquire a small magnet close (but smaller than) the diameter of one of the too short tips......attach the magnet to the end of the tip and insert it into the tools sleeve.....remove the tip and the magnet is now permanently inside the sleeve....       now you can use almost any 1/4" tip from your other tool kits (sweet, if you use an odd tip on a regular basis).....and a bonus, the new tip is now slightly magnetic.......         not sure where you would acquire the magnets, I scavenged them from a dollar store "magnetic dart board" darts....        

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Hi A while ago i read about electorvibration to create tactile feedback on a conductive surface. It sounds very interesting and i'd like to experiment with it.  After some reading ( I found that all you basically have to do is send a sinusoidal wave through a conductive surface. This can be and amplified DC signal. In the paper they talk about a Vpp (peak to peak voltage) of 120V at a current of 0.5mA and a 80- 400hz. frequency. My question is: How to amplify a generated sinusoidal signal (0-5V, 80-400 hz.) to a signal of 0 -120V and limit the current to 0.5 mA so i can use it for some experimentation? Cheers, R.

Topic by ruben_vleuten 

How can I sign up to pro membership United Kingdom is not Zambia!

Every time I select United Kingdom it changes to Zambia that is one more reason why I had Pay Pal you just can not trust it. five times I selected united Kingdom from the drop down list and five times it Changed to Zambia.

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Feedback iPhone Support

Mobile continuity is missing.  I get an email saying i have a comment on my comment but when i click the link it takes me to a web page thats says install the iphone app.  But i already have it installed.  I say no thanks and it takes me to the mobile version of the web page  I reply to the comment but can't click submit.  I go to the iphone app (via the same link) but it doesnt open to the article.  i search for the article but can't see comments to comments nor can i apply to them.  i go to the full site and that doesn't work either.  I click in Contact Us and it tells me it can't find that article.

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????????????? what is it

Found this at a garage sale-what the heck is it ?

Topic by ronfoster   |  last reply

Post not showing up

Hi, I published an article on Saturday and it's still not live two days later. I've sent the team an email and tweeted at them but no answer. Any help appreciated.

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Its... Its... Beautiful!!! ...What is it?

What is this gun? It looks cool... Furthermore, can someone (or did someone) build it?

Topic by nerfrocketeer   |  last reply

Games now laggy but shouldent be.=

So most of my games have been laggy for a week now and they werent before. I did a virus scan, malware, almost everything I could find. Call of duty black ops was running fine then it went and stayed below 10 FPS, CoD Black Ops 2 lags and it didn't it stayed below 40. This is a fairly new computer, it is an Alien ware with a Core I5, Nvidia geforece 650M, 6GB ram. I could run these games on fair settings then it just got unplay able. I dont have avg, and I run these games from steam. Thanks

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How to remove comments ?

I'm wondering if i can delete comments that i do not like in my instructable?

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Face recognition

I want a face recognition system which can recognise familiar faces and also give me the central co-ordinates of the face. Will anyone help me in this search?

Topic by fahadshihab   |  last reply

Public-access workshop similar to Techshop in Boston or Providence area?

Hi everybody. I'm an engineering student that recently began creating designs for several projects. So far I have only been using simulation software to test my designs. I would love to  begin prototyping but unfortunately, I don't really have the space or cash to make a small electronics workshop. Is there anything in either the Providence or Boston area that has these resources to the public similar to Techshop?

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How to make Arduino ingore the first button input?

Hey guys! Another question involving buttons. I have a button and the first time that it is press I need it to be ignored. On the second button press I want it to turn an LED on. Thanks!

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Arduino seeing only one button input and ingoring the rest without delay?

Heya! I'm making a project that involves precision timing but I ran into a problem. I when I press a button the Arduino registers many '1's'. But in my code I want it to only see the first input and ignore the rest until the pin goes low again. I'm not trying to debounce or anything. Thanks!

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Woodworking question

Newbie here... I am new to this, and new to woodworking too. Having put up a few shelves lately to house my many books, I decided that a nice prectical hobby was what I needed, and now I am 50, I have a bit of cash to spend on some decent tools. I have in mind to make some small things at home, and intend to keep some for my own use and donate the rest to charity shops to raise funds for good causes. I have in my possession a cheeseboard, and want to make my own. It has a cambered edge, not a flat one, and I wondered how to go about making one. how do I get a cambered edge? Any tips on useful tools and techniques appreciated.

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DIY NYE Ball Drop

Hello all! I am seeking some suggestions on creating a mechanism for dropping a 20-25lb. New Year's eve ball. We used this Instructable to make our Godzilla sparkleball as an NYE ball, and it's pretty rockin' (thanks vwluvrs). We dropped the ball from my friend's attic last year, lowering it by hand. Manual lowering is SO last year, and we're looking to improve the drop by automating the process. Oh, and we'd like to keep this at $20 or lower :) Any ideas? Thanks for any input! I will be happy to post a vid of the drop, even if we end up lowering by hand.

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When is spam not spam?

This morning when I opened Instructables to the Workshop page I found that out of the 30 'ibles displayed in "Recent" no less than FIFTEEN of them were from Popular Mechanics; now popular mechanics is a really good magazine in fact I used to buy it regularly but no matter how good it may be it isn't a person it's a business & everyone of the "'ibles" contains links to it's web site. While all the articles which have been taken from the pages of the magazine & published as 'ibles are well written & informative they are also a blatant advert for both the site & the magazine & as such in my eyes at least are spam, I know that there have been a few 'ibles published by Pop Mech in the past but I really feel that fifteen or more all at once is extracting the urine just a bit when it comes to copping for a bit of free advertising. Any constructive comments folks?

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Is the reverse voltage on all LEDs always 5v or more?

I have a bunch of LEDs (mainly 0603 and 5050 smd, 3mm, and 5mm - all colors).  Most of them don't list a reverse voltage.  Those that do say 5volts.  My question is, do any LEDs have less than 5v reverse voltage?  Is it possible to accidentally kill them by connecting backwards to a 5v power supply?  Should I put resistors on both the positive and negative to protect them (would that even work)?  Thanks.

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