Looking for Specific K'NEX pieces!

Hi there, I'm looking for 2 specific pieces for my next K'NEX Slave I Starfighter project. The pieces are: - 2 times K'NEX Fluorescent Ball Half (http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/info_K90973.html), will be used as thrusters - 2 times K'NEX "mini missile launcher" (not listed as individual item), will be used as weapons for this build. Images found in attachments The Ball-half appeared in the following sets: - K'NEX Apollo-15 Lunar Lander, set number #13147 (only 1 piece) - K'NEX Saturn V Rocket, set number #15122 (two pieces) The miniature missile launcher appeared in the following sets: K'NEX Mech Warrior mini series 1 & 2: "Firefly" #11148" "Uziel" #11146 "Vulture" #11142 "Hollander II" #11152 "Thor" #11144 "Uller" #11150 If you have: These pieces and want to sell them individually These pieces, but want to sell them in a set any information, where to buy them, then post a reply comment, send me a Personal Message or mail to: GWorksmocs@gmail.com Thanks, GWorks

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My first instrucable frustrations! Please help.

Hello luvely people,  Help needed to complete my first instructable. Firstly,  ! began making it on my phone. Which was my only option at the time. It makes loading pictures easy and the app seems to work but I've not been able to  work out how to make italics or bold txt, make points under-line, ect.  Advice on formatting from other Instructables and the web, I  have found, is mostly years old or hasn't worked for some reason.   I wondered if  the phone was the problem and being all enthused by the project by then wanted a proper key board. Which raised a new problem. So, having logged in on both tablet (having installed Instructables app) & now my friend's computer,. My second question is, why can't i see my as yet, unpublished work? Many thanks for your time. Sophie

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Knex differential

I created the differentials a while ago. Larger versions are possible without any modifications of the basic pieces. This version is designed to be smaller in diameter than the main drive gear, requiring a modification to that gear.

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The Raspberry Pi contest says it's still open for votes

It says that the Raspberry Pi contest is still open for votes, even though it also says that voting ends midnight March 17 2016.  Midnight March 17 has already happened.  Why is this so?  Is it a bug?  Or is someone on the Instructables crew misinformed(about what day it is when it becomes midnight)?

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74hc193 equivalent? Answered

Dear All. I have an schema circuit 74193 divider frequency to N (2 to 15) without using  other component .But my regional haven't sale 74193 . So please help me to known  what the chip CD4520 - CD4510- CD4029- CD40193  or other IC  can instead of 74193 (TTL  or CMOS don't matter). Thank you in advance for your time.                                                    Best regards

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how much voltage do hdd motors take? Answered

I took apart my old corrupted hdd and want to use the motor in it

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Building Android from source?

I am planning on building Android from source from AOSP for my phone. I went through all the stuff and procedure.  Update: My device under consideration is Asus Zenfone C (ZC451CG),  While going through this process do I have to worry about kernel compatibility issues. My phone is currently running 4.4.4 kitkat, and I am going to compile marshmallow 6.0 for it. Will the drivers be compatible with the later.   The following link attaches to the software site of my phone with firmware, source, kernel and other stuff. Just provided if you wanted to see http://www.asus.com/in/Phone/ZenFone_C_ZC451CG/HelpDesk_Download/ This is my first time doing it, so any help is deeply appreciated. :D Don't worry about the performance of system or speed of internet, they are ample.

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Radioactive Americium 241

I have 4.4 µCi of Americium 241. Anything fun i can do with it? can i generate light or electricity or make it do something?

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How can I increase the maximum LED's in this LED chasing circuit?

I need to drive 112 LED's from this chasing circuit and it is limited to 48 LED's.  I'm hoping some minor changes to the circuit will allow for this.  I would appreciate any help since I am a novice in this area. Attached is the link to the chasing kit and the manual with circuit diagrams.   Thank you in advance for any assistance.  http://www.rainbowkits.com/kits/cl-1p.html http://www.rainbowkits.com/kits/instructions/CL-2.pdf

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What kind of lens could I use to fix the broken one in a smartphone?

I have a bad smartphone, so I decided to build a night vision device out of it. I broke the IR filter inside the camera module, but somehow it looks like the camera lost all the focusing ability with the removal (or damage to lens) of the filter. It works almost perfectly on really close range (like macros 1-2 cm), but in other cases, like a room, or the street it is blury as hell. So I was wondering, if there is some lens that I could place in front of the camera, to fix this issue. Thank you very much for your help. :)

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Private Instructables Not Working?

I have been trying to create a private 'Ible for my coworkers, but it is only visible to me, and others are simply redirected to login or home pages. Is this feature still active? Although I don't think it is relevant, here are the tech specs: Windows 10, desktop site on Google Chrome. Tested on iOS 9.3.1 Safari, Facebook mobile browser, and Linux. I have created 2 other private guides over the years and they worked back then.

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Whould boiling lemon juice effect the ph level of the citric acid? Answered

And is there any way I could remove the sucrose? I want to as close to pure citric acid in the lemons.

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Instructable featured but not showing

I got an e-mail  thay my instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Soldering-Surface-Mount-Parts/ was featured, but on my list of instructables it does not have the featured flag. And it does not appear in the Recent, Featured, or Technology pages.

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How do they make this?

Since we are into tesla http://www.flyte.se/ Can you theorize how they do this ? Maybe there is a motor inside...

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Can't see private Instructable

Just created a private 'ible that I want a colleage to review before I make it public - the generated link links to the "Instructables is down page" everytime, I also tried letting it generate a new URL, and that failed too.

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Wanted: Two Specific K'NEX pieces

Hi there, I'm looking for 2 specific pieces for my next K'NEX Slave I Starfighter project. The pieces are: - 2 times K'NEX Fluorescent Ball Half (http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/info_K90973.html), will be used as thrusters - 2 times K'NEX "mini missile launcher" (not listed as individual item), will be used as weapons for this build. Images found in attachments The Ball-half appeared in the following sets: - K'NEX Apollo-15 Lunar Lander, set number #13147 (only 1 piece) - K'NEX Saturn V Rocket, set number #15122 (two pieces) The miniature missile launcher appeared in the following sets: K'NEX Mech Warrior mini series 1 & 2: "Firefly" #11148" "Uziel" #11146 "Vulture" #11142 "Hollander II" #11152 "Thor" #11144 "Uller" #11150 If you have: These pieces and want to sell them individually These pieces, but want to sell them in a set any information, where to buy them,  then post a reply comment, send me a Personal Message or mail to: GWorksmocs@gmail.com Thanks, GWorks

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What do we do ? Answered

My friend happened to find this website        http://chelnyshops.ru/.  It shows many Instructables,but doesn't have the creater nor is there a link to Instructables.  Just wondered what all of you think.  It doesn't bother me that they want to repost it,but there is no credit to all of us.  I emailed support and they said that Instructables doesn't own our work ,so we have to deal with it on our own.  What is strange to me is that all the pictures and verbiage is on the site but no Name of the maker. Just wondering! Thank you! The Juliart

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Reading Electric Meter with Raspberry Pi

We have a meter outside of a building which displays how much energy the building produces (Solar Power) and pumps back onto the grid, how much the building uses from the grid, and the difference. Every day we record these numbers, and enter them into an excel spreadsheet, so we know exactly what the efficiency is of said building. The issue is, is that this building is empty for most of the week, and driving to and from the building costs time and money. So, the idea is that we have a Raspberry Pi connected to a camera photograph these numbers, and send them to us via email. How would you have the Pi take pictures? Specifically, what camera would you use? The screen is a ~3cm x 12cm LCD display (Similar to an alarm clock display, no colors) The clearance inside the box is about 10-15cm from the screen. The box itself is transparent, but we'd like to keep the camera inside the box, as the plastic isn't 100% clear (weathering), and it would also look more professional.  The box is waterproof, but not moisture proof, so it would need to be outdoor rated. Or is there some type of device we can put over the screen, and then have it copy what the screen displays? The screen/meter itself cannot be tampered with, as it belongs to the electric company.  This camera/device needs to be able to be sourced in Europe, and would be nice if it wasn't too expensive. Semi off topic: Would it be possible for the Pi to somehow analyse the images, and convert the numbers in the pictures to text?  Taking it one step further, would it be possible to have it automatically enter these numbers into a spreadsheet? This display cycles through about 10 different "screens", of which only 3 are needed. Could the camera be used as a motion detector, and when the numbers change, it takes a picture? This would be repeated 10 times, so that every screen would be captured, and then the needed images would then be sorted out, manually or automatically. If any more information is needed, just ask. Thanks!

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KNEX Community Contest

So, I thought it may be nice to have some community contest? We'd need some ideas and stuff, though, so what do you think? More discussion about this over here: http://knexflux.net/t57

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design for a battery charging circuit using solar panel?

I am using a 10-w solar panel for charging battery- 4v, 6ah(3 nos 4V, 2ah battery in parallel). This is used for a GPS tracker mounted on a roof top of loco wagon . usage is 24x7x365 . i have found that gps tracker is consuming about 150ma, 4v. But after 1 to 1.5 days of usage the battery discharges and tracker stops working. one more thing the sunshine availability is approx-2-3 hrs /day. the loco wagon is standing in bright sunshine for atleast 2-3 hrs in bright sunshine everyday. where i am wrong? thanks in advace

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For view all steps, login can be bypassed

1.Mac 2.Chrome and Firefox 3.Any project 5.On any project the need to login to view all steps can be bypassed by: 1. Click View all steps at bottom of project (registration modal appears 2. Click "Already a member? Login »" (Taken to login modal) 3. Click outside of modal and it will route you to projecNamet/?ALLSTEPS (You will be able to view all steps without being logged in) If this is site is MVC I would guess that moving the redirect to take place IF after the session has been created and ELSE exit modal. But I'm no professional so this could be no help at all

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The best way to boost an RF transmitter?

Hi all, Here I have a small and simple FM transmitter based on a simple transistor oscillator, however, due its simplicity, is weak for my needs: I need to transmit the signal to a distance of about 33 feet. Notice that I will use the transmitter in a rural location and around the building there are no other houses, so I will avoid the risk to cause interferences to other people. Well, so I was thinking to implement an amplification stage, after the transmitter, and I ended up with the following schematic: http://s23.postimg.org/5o8kycjrv/Oscillator_and_Amplifier.png On the base of Q1 I have a female jack where i get the audio signal from an MP3 player. However I have some doubts about resistors values for the amp stage: these values seems too much great to me: I get the Transistor values (BFR36) from the datasheet: http://www15.zippyshare.com/d/nmSyQm6e/625003/BFR36.pdf and I calculated the values here http://www.vk2zay.net/calculators/transistors/bjtBiasing.php (choosing "desing given emitter voltage") The power supply, as shown in the schematic will be equal to 12 V DC. But as I've said I'm not very convinced of resistors values for the amp stage, which seems too much greats. On the other hand, due to the fact that the amp stage is an emitter follower, it will just amplify the current and not the voltage: would be able to give a decent boost on the signal output? What I can expect? Thanks.

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Ibles on the Morning News

It's cool to see where your ibles end up getting a mention. Here is a CBS Sacramento morning news talkshow segment that I came across from their tweet.   https://t.co/37A552OEAb I think it's great that something I made is inspiring people to make and just have fun with it. http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/category/spoken-word-good-day/3345471-show-tell/

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That "new coffee pot" plastic taste.

Here's a useful bit of technology I discovered. Having bought a new coffee maker - a "Mr. Coffee" type drip machine - I found that it left the coffee with a nasty plastic taste. You could also smell the same plasticy aroma just opening up the packaging. I was advised that washing the coffeemaker and running a lot of water through it would cure this. Well, it didn't seem to. Other suggestions included vinegar, powdered "coffee pot cleaner", and running it through the dishwasher (well, please don't run an electrical appliance through your dishwasher, OK?) But I did have something on hand that eliminated the smell and taste completely - Vodka. Thoroughly moisten a paper towel with vodka (Everclear would work, too)  - and wipe down all the interior surfaces (especially plastic ones).  Mostly this means the water reservoir, the filter basket, and any lids. The glass carafe can be done, too. Use at least a shot or two of vodka. (Not counting that which you drink.) Follow with a thorough rinse. Evidently the bad-tasting plastic residue is soluble in alcohol.

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How do I turn rough sawn walnut into a table top

Hi all, I've recently got a job as a chainsaw operative and at our yard recently there have been some 3'x5'X2" rough sawn lengths of seasoned walnut. I've bought one home to find making it smooth is harder than I first thought... I've got a few odd tools in the shed, like a rotary sander, some chisels and a few planes (but I don't know how to use them.)  is there a fairly quick proper way of doing it or is it just a case of sand the hell out of it? There are a few deep scratches but it's mainly small scratches and general unevenness. I would really appreciate if someone could give a fairly detailed process and description of The tools I'll need. thank you all for your time.

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Switching From PLA to ABS? Answered

What change in my printer do i need to switch ? i mean config or an hardware upgrade ? if hardware what do i need to buy  and if software what should i change ?

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NEWBIE: Help with 3d drawing from 2d drawing?

Hello, I have basic knowledge of mechanical drawing.  Is there a simple cad software, where I can create my top view/side views etc. on a 2d plane and the software will render the image on a 3d plane? Thanks so much in advance.

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Melting Tin Alloy to make pendant jewelry

I've made several attempts to melt down a tin alloy metal (92% tin, 8% antimony) to make pendants; small pendants for necklaces. I haven't had any luck with this at all!  The mold has been cast - the metal has been chosen but...my process isn't working. I'm using a hot plate and a small teflon pan to melt the metal. The problems I'm running into are: Once I melt the alloy, I can't get it into the mold before it starts cooling.  It pours out too quickly from the pan, then cools too quick to finish pouring.  It's a small mold (1 3/4" diameter with 1/8" lines) which isn't helping I'm sure.  Not sure on a couple things I'm hoping somebody who know more about this than I do could possibly make some suggestions. I don't know if I should be using a flux to keep the metal clean because it is getting dirty after the melting. I don't know how to get it from the pan to the mold before it cools? Someone, I'd imagine, must have come out with a tool for transferring small amounts of metal to molds.  I tried a glass eye dropper today but didn't have any luck with the transfer process.  Not sure if a crucible and flux is the way to go or not. If so, does anybody know of a good company that has items designed for this type of work? Any and all help / info / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you

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Tp4056 and 18650 build

​I'm planing to build a battery pack this summer and i was wondering if this setup could work. The tp4056 boards are really cheap and I've got a few lipos around I want to make a use of it. My goal is 3s2p or 4s2p with one board per lipo cell (even  7p is of interest, but that is another build). Now I was thinking wiring from Vout on the board to a motherboard connector (something with a lot of connectors)  so that I can disconnect the entire bank for charging. Take a look at the picture, it is supposed to be a 3s pack, but I'm not sure if it will work. When charging =NO load and when load = no charging. Tp4056 have a built in protection circuit why I would like to use those. I would appreciate your help on this. What I know about the board is that Batt+ and Vout+ are same, but Batt- and Vout- are separated by a mossfet that protects the battery. And of course 3s lipos batteries do not sum up to 12V exactly, that is not the issue here. Question is if this setup would work, i.e. When charged, I can connect them in series and the output is ~12V or I fry the circuit/batteries/both!?

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How to Charge Phone with Small DC motor?

Hello I have 3 Small DC motors that i wan't to use as generator and Charge my Cell Phone But Without running it manually I mean To say " I saw A Video on youtube that a Person has created a circuit when He start  first Motor with hands That is Connected To another Motor Through a Pulley, The Current Produced By the 1st Motor Will Run Second Motor Which is Connected to First Motor" So in this Case We Don't Need any more Force to run motors Manually After Starting. Here is A Youtube Link To That Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj0ovfLvFTQ , but i can't Understand his Circuit With Just a Video(No Discription) Please I wan't to Made THAT! Regards SHoCK

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arduino about IR sensor source code

Hi, i have no idea how to program the source code, which is when IR sensor detected something, step or dc motor would spin forward, and stop.     detected it again, the motor would back spin.   please help me

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Help removing text in photoshop?

HI, I'm currently working on removing the text from a picture I have. Because one of my previous usernames is in it and I don't use that account anymore. I also want to use it for other accounts. And because someone else made it for me, I d not have the resources to make another without the username. I've tried using most tools I thought might work, i used content aware fill, i used clone stamp, i even used the healing tool. All to no avail. I'm still not fully aware of every tool for photoshop, so There may be another way to do it. Thanks, all help is greatly appreciated. The image is below.

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Why won't my computer open programs? Answered

When I try to open up almost any program (Firefox, Project 64, Etc.) my computer will show an hourglass cursor for a few seconds and then continue as if nothing had happened. Control+Alt+Delete won't even open, and the only way to shut it down is to unplug it as the shut-down button does not actually shut the computer down, the only way to open programs is to get them right as the computer has just been restarted.     I really need a way to fix this if anyone has any ideas. (As this information is probably essential, I am running windows XP Professional.)

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solar garden light

I would like to make a 3w solar led garden light to illuminate small tree. I was going to use an 18V 5W solar panel (Peak Voltage: 17.2V Peak current: 0.29A Open circuit voltage: 21.6V Short circuit current: 0.33A) to charge a 12v battery (Capacity : 4800mAh Rechargeable Li-on battery Input voltage : 12.6V Output voltage : 10.8~12.6 DC Output current : 1 - 2.4A) . I have found a charge controller which I think will do what I want (3A 6v/12v PWM solar panel light controller battery charge regulator http://www.banggood.com/3A-6V-12V-P...ry-Charge-Regulator-Intelligent-p-997571.html) The led I was going to use is 3W Voltage: 3.4-3.6V current: 600MA. I know I will need a voltage regulator to get me to the led forward voltage, but other than that does this look possible? Would an led driver be required? If there are any parts which someone would advise changing I am very happy to take advice, any help very gratefully appreciated.

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Need a semi upright soil sifter.

Hi Is there a design plan out there for a semi upright soil sifter. The type I need is one that stands sloping and you use by shovelling the soil onto the top of the sloping sieve and as the soil runs down it the fine parts go through the sieve and the larger parts drop down to be re sifted or discarded. I hope you know what I mean. I just want a simple frame with two legs. Cheers  Daniel

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I don't know what this is or what it is worth?

My partner passed away last November and this was in his storage. I have been searching to try to find what it is and the company name Baulaser, but most of the results are in german. Please if anyone knows what this is, I would be so grateful.

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My votes aren't registered

When I vote for a contest, my vote doesn't seem to register. I click to the grey "Vote" button and it turnes to orange "Voted", but when I return to the page, it is grey again and says "Vote" as if I haven't already voted. My specs are : A desktop PC GNU/LINUX Ubuntu Mate 15.10 x86-64 kernel 4.2.0-35-generic Mozilla Firefox 45.0+build2-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 I first noticed the bug right after I published my two last instructables : https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Hanging-Gardens-of-Babylon-with-Gourd/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Gourd-Birdhouse-With-a-Branch/ The instructables contained stock photos that had to be removed in order to be published. Maybe it has something to do with this?

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Would You Guys Like a "Wireless Power Kit"?

Hello, I am the author of the Wireless Power instructable here. [1] Over the course of the past year or so, my instructable has had just under 200,000 views and 600 comments. I have found that many people are actually 'recreating' my circuits and making their own wireless power systems. I was thinking the other day, wouldn't it be great if there was a "Wireless Power How-to Kit," which would include a how-to guide, a solderable circuit, and all the components necessary to make a wireless power system. This would be for all of the people who would like to explore inductive coupling, but do not know where to start. I think this kit would help a lot of people... What do you think? Would you like a kit like this? Any tips for creating the kit? [1] https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Power-Transmission-Over-Short-Distances-U/

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Youtube Hunter

I am a little bit upset, because there are so much instructables without really content.... Just a link to a youtube video! a Link to youtube is not an instructable in my opinion. How can it resolved?

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Automatic Blind Opener Advice

Hi, I am thinking of putting together something that will able to automatically open and close my blinds as the darkness outside dictates. Ideally, I am hoping to attach the opening/closing pole to a DC Motor, which would be controlled by a light sensor. I was also toying with the idea of powering the system with a rechargeable 9V battery that could be topped up with a small solar panel attached to the window. Is this idea doable and, if so, any advice on parts and putting it together would be very much appreciated.

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controlling 100 rgb leds from arduino?

Hey there i got 100 of 5 mm rgb led diodes. so i want to run them as string lights. so can i do it via arduino? if it is possible please tell me how to do it. thanks

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how are alto saxophone notes different than tenor saxophone notes?

My dad  got a tenor saxophone song book by accident and i have a alto saxophone will it make a difference how i play the notes?

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i just published a instructable and when will it appear on the instructables pages?

It's April 5 and I was hoping to show my instructable off tomorrow. Will it be officially published by tomorrow afternoon, 130 EST? Thanks.

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Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working.

Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working. From Editors Picks down to Contests

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i'm trying to understand..what does featured mean?

What does the featured category represent exactly? I thought maybe the starred instructables means they have been part of a contest or a challenge.

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I want to bind together two pieces of hard candy

I need to get 2 semi-circle shape hard candy pieces and bind them together. Is a molten sugar glue gun work for this? Is it fairly sage to use? Safe to consume? I need to do this for mass scale... Not at the beginning though....

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How can I delete an unused collection draft?

I accidentally added a copy of one collection I made on my account, but for some reason I can't figure out how to delete the copy. Is there a way to do this?

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