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Learning electronics

I’m looking to learn more about electronics. Making circuits and stuff. Does anyone know a good way to take classes. I know I want it interactive. I want to be able to ask questions. So I can really learn the subject. I have done the basics here. And I watching utube. I find both very limiting. Any thoughts is appreciated

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Water Bottle's

I have a lot of different kindsof water bottles, what could i do with them??

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Physical or Digital Gift Cards?

Just curious if the amazon gift cards for all the recent and current contests are going to be digital or physical as well as how long they will take to be sent out.

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I have usb cables, and AV cables. Can I just splice them somehow to connect VCR to Computer?

I want to convert VHS tapes to DVD's.  There is freeware to use if I can get my signal to computer.  AV / USB cables are expensive.  Is there a way I can splice the usb and AV cables I have to do this?

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where to get Strike anywhere matches

Their are tons of instructables with strike any where matches, but i dont have any!!! and i cant find a store that sells them! iv tried a hobby store which mostly sells boyscout/ camping stuff they have water proof matches but not strike any were matches iv tried sporting good stores with a second level devoted to camping fishing and hunting but they still dont sell strike any where matches. so-dose any one know where to get strike any where matches in the US

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I have these products (High Speed Closed Loop Stepper Motor + HBS57 Stepper Driver) and i think i will need arduino panel (i dont know how they call it). Can you help me ?

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The great Covid-19 and 5G conspiracy - I am soo sick of it!

It has to come to my attention that here in Australia and in many other countries those behind the worst conspiracy stories of all are now building up forces.Mind you I really have no problem with conspiracy theories!I actually quite enjoy them, making my own thoughts and conclusions, sometimes even write some on my own.But what goes on now with Covid and 5G just isn't anything to tolerate anymore!We have groups and websites openly calling people to not only do stupid things but to openly run against the law, regulations and everything in regards to authority.You don't want a 5G tower near you home?Well why didn't you say so when it was proposed and the public informed to have a right to respond and provide concerns?No you wait until you see a company worker doing his job to abuse the crap out of him.Why?Not because YOU made this decision based on facts or because you think it is right.You just did it because someone told you it would be a great idea and that people who do would be celebrated as heros.You were USED.Same for stating that you don't need to wear a face mask and can do what you like while those around you fear infection.It is true that we all have rights, that police powers are not unlimited and that we all SHOULD be allowed to do as we please.It is also true that it seems to make sense in our modern world that individuals have more rights than enitre communities.But there are limits, not just those dictated by common sense.You favourite conspiracy theoery might provide all the excuse you need, those running it even all the legal texts you have to cite....What they won't tell you for obvious reasons is how ALL those cases got overturned!Either in higher courts or just by actually stating the facts and chain how our law actually works.You have one one real right, let me try to explain in case you are one of those conspiracy nutcracks:You were born into a world where you are just a tiny piece or great puzzle.The rights the country you are living in provides you are based on following the rules.Do you tell your kids to NOT listen to the teacher because you think the guy is telling your kid crap?If so then how do you explain to your kid properly what would be correct and justify this against everyone else?The world is just a flat disk, I know...You don't like the laws, the regulations? Fine with me, I don't like many of them either.Does not mean I go out there for fun trying to break them or make a useless and totally meaningless point if those things won't actually affect me.Especially not if it means making a fool out of myself.You wouldn't go into the Manchester United section of the stadium during the final just to shout out how you hate the team...Why? Because you would know you won't make it out in one piece or without the need for an ambulance.But taunting a cop in the same fashion seems to be fine because you know he or she wouldn't touch - or so you think.You only real right if you simply refuse to fit in is to leave.Africa has lots of open spaces where you can settle and start your own life free from supression....But you won't do this, you won't leave, all you want it being stupid, being a problem without providing even a clue about a solution.You want YOUR rights without giving those around ANY rights or choice - what exactly does that make you?

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How can an old-school "Lava-Lamp" be upgraded?

I want to use LEDs to be energy efficient but it requires heat to still FLOW. I understand that the heat moves the oil "Lava" but how much is necessary? Can this be done?

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Removing Silver from CD.

Is there a way to remove the silver off of a CD that's relatively fast and doesn't scratch or damage the disk in anyway?

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How do you find an agent for kids to become famous?

 I really would like to be famous, and everyone says that i'm a great actor and full of life.

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Vacuum motor on go kart?

So, I'm fairly new to electric motors. I salvaged a motor from a vacuum. I know that they have high torque. I'm just wondering what kind of weight they could move. For example, if I weigh 225, would it be able to pull me on a go kart?  Thank you!

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Fuel Cell Projects for The Evil Genius :-(

For my birthday I asked for (and got) the book Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius. At first I liked it a lot. It had good information, and some really cool looking projects.What I started to realize though is that many of the instructions for many of the projects just say to go out and buy something from the author's store. The entire instruction for the Desktop Hydrogen storage unit was 2 pictures and a link to his store. This really made me sad. I bought this book because I don't really have the budget to go out and buy a lot of premade stuff.Has anyone else bought this book, or does anyone else have any thoughts about this?

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How do you do a square root in Windows Calculator when in scientific mode?

Is it just me, or is it impossible to do a square root in Windows calculator when you got it in scientific mode?

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Pokemon Chat

Alright this forum is to discuss decks, strategies and lots more, say that you would like to show off some of your collection please go ahead

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How to change frequency on RC toy car?

Hi all. My friend and I bought 2 rc toys (1:18 scaled Ferrari F1) just for fun, but they work on same frequency (40.685 MHz) so we can't drive at same time. So i need some suggestions on how to change the frequency on one of them. The transmitter have quartz crystal, but receiver have only coil. I already tried solution "Modding Fisher-Price 72825 Formel Junior Fernlenkflitzer" found on this site, but it didn't work. I ordered quartz crystals from China working on (40.885, 40.985 and 40.285 MHz) and when i changed them in transmitter (one by one) the rc toy still reacted on commands from transmitter. Is there any other way to change frequency? Thanks in advanced.

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What is party foam machine fluid made of?

I made my own party foam machine and have been searching online how to make the soap fluid concentrate (not the dish detergent recipes as it can harm eyes and irritate skin) with no luck. Some examples: if you could offer any help, would appreciate it!

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Headphone Project - Member Help ideas needed to make.

Headphone Project Idea Member Help NeededI am in need of securing help from the general members of in developing a special headphone for handicapped people. I, as do millions of others, suffer severe hearing loss. Many hearing disabled person may or may not wear hearing aids for various reasons. I wear hearing aids; as much as 18 hours a day. It would be a blessing to be able to remove the hearing aids and wear sound enhancing headphones tuned generally to the users hearing loss thereby allowing for the ability to select a setting to hear nearby live room conversation or TV/Music, etc through headphones in addition to only the usual noise cancellation feature. I hear T.V. perfectly with an old pair of SENNHEISER over the ear headphones but they lack the modern features. Also, I have seen Earbuds on the web that automatically determine the users hearing range and adjust as needed. But, they are only for sound and do not have the technology to hear live in room conversation, etc.Not sure if this is where I should post this.Your help is surely need. These headphones are sorely needed, I assure you.Thank you,

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Homemade tx module.

How to read the data sent by the rc transmitter to the radio frequency tx modules (example frsky djt) what type of data the communication outputs and how to read this data with an arduino the goal would be to use the arduino with a nrf24 module to create a tx module and then create a receiver also with arduino and nrf24 the idea and use the industrial rc transmitter and its many features but with cheap home receivers for simpler projects that do not require very advanced receivers

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Powerline communication

Hello I'm intrested in plc (powerline communiction) but I can't find specific schematics and / or "to the point" information. If someone can help me with information ect... or anything use full??  Thnx

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Fun with firecrackers?

Does anyone know how to have a lot of fun with firecrackers, in a weird way kinda, other than putting them in bottles and throwing them?check out my youtube

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Train Direction

I wanted to make / fabricate an instrument for my railroad project which will have an input of 220 VAC and out put will be varying between 0 to 16 VDC (Potentiometer) and will have an arrangement to change the direction of train (forward and backward). I will be very much thankful to you for guiding me in this regard by giving me a list of components and circuit diagram thereof. I am having a ready made (purchased from the market) equipment of the same but it has become very old and hence I want to develop myself.With warm regards.Sher Dil

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What tools are these?

I found these going through my grandpa’s tools and am baffled. Does anyone have any idea of what they might be?

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Safely washing Denim

Hi, I just recently completed a project of mine. I drew on my jeans with Sharpie Laundry marker, and I used another fabric marker as well. I was wondering if anyone knew how to safely wash my work without it fading or getting ruined?

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How can I fix a broken noise canceling headphone cable? (It has four cables, not three)?

I accidentally broke by Sony MDR-NC7 headphone's cable, and when I tried to repair it I discovered that it had four cables instead of the usual three. Does it have anything to do with the fact that they're noise-canceling headphones? Two of the cables are golden, one blue and the last one red.

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where do I change my password?

I have seen others ask this question in the question category but I saw no answers. I do not see a settings menu. I see a 'YOU' with a dropbox menu. 'YOU' does not suggest a place for password changing nor does it seem to be a profile really. What is the answer to this question?? thank you and my password manager thanks thinks you are way too 'old'....

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Videos are not playing in Instructables android app.

Videos which are embedded with the insructables are not playing, when i clicks on the it, the thumbnail of video is opening but not video.

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I need help writing a program on Lego Mindstorms EV3

Whattup y'all, I have a Lego Mindstorms project underway, but I can't figure out how to write the program. If somebody out there who is familiar with programming EV3 could help or give me some tips, that would be great!The project is as follows: I built a start/stop timer for micro drones (i.e., a Tiny Whoop) so you can measure your time around your course. Start the program by pressing the center button on the Smart Brick. The setup measures whether or not the drone is on the starting block with the color sensor (either ambient or reflected light intensity). After the drone leaves the starting block, a timer will be set. The timer stops after the drone hits the stop gate, which presses the touch sensor. The time is then displayed on the screen, where you can view it, and then the program is restarted by pressing the center button again.My problem is that I have no earthly idea of how to make a timer with the EV3 software. If you know how, then screenshot it and send it to me, and you will be rewarded with a great Instructable in the near future!Auf Wedersehen, and thanks in advance!

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need to know what this bracket is called

Hi all, first i would like to say a love this site its so kool.... i am working on a project but i need to find out what the small bracket is called in the image, so i can try to find a place to buy them. the bracket has two hole's in th base to fix it down and one threaded hole in the side. i hope some one can help. thanks for all you instructables, and hope i can add one if i can find the bracket's vinyl

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how can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?

How can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?

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Facebook and privacy in VR - on a worse level than for the social media app...

These days not just isolation drives more and more people to try VR - virtual reality.It is great fun to watch a movie on a huge screen you have on your head and even more fun to actually play games while moving around and dodging bulltes.But when it comes to the famous Oculus headsets we might have to pay a hefty price - several times....Imagine you just forked out the $400 or so bucks for their latest headset and want to get going....It is a standalone device, so how hard can it be?....Pop it on the head, turn it on and follow the instructions that shall come.Well, before you can do this you find a piece of carboard covering your lenses and if you bother to read it you are getting slightly confused - if you are privacy concious person like me.I can set up basically any Android device I like without the need to have another mobile device or computer to do so....Not with Oculus, or to be precise Facebook as the actual company owning Oculus.You first need the Oculus app - appearently because it makes the setup process soooo much easier.How does this two stage initialisation actually work and what are (with FB always) possible privacy concerns?For totally unknown reasons Oculus insist that you need location services to turn on a VR headset for the first time....Without this you won't be able to proceed.Means in reality FB gets your pinpoint home location provided, whether you want them to know or not, whether you have a FB account or not.They also need a "real" Email address.Most freemailers are rejected here, claiming they would not allow for a verification.Disposable Email providers are rejected right away.Depending on your operating system clicking on the confirmation link in your Email will then also provide vital data on the OS, device and Email client you used, and of course the browser.So far so good, or bad...With your Oculus account finally ready you can proceed and try to link your headset to your mobile device to complete the setup.Isn't it great that you can type in your Wifi password on the phone instead of using the headset?Not claiming FB does but it would be dead simply to collect that info from you as and to send it home...Unlike Google Oculusis still unaffected from authorities getting concerned about data hoarding, tracking and privacy exposure.No wonder than that your only option is to agree to all terms and conditions - for everything FB deems fit.If you actually bother to read these terms and conditions two things become clear quickly.1. You basically have to give your identiy to FB unless you cheat properly right from the start and from well before trying to pair your new gadget.2. All concerning privacy and information sharing options will be turned ON BY DEFAULT. It is quite a long process for a new user trying to find the few things you can turn off...After all this you can put the headset on and try to explore - well, not so fast please...There isn't much free content in terms of games or good experiences, so you need a payment option - a verified one....At least this option is not forced on you right away and you CAN continue without setting up a payment option.For now anyway....You are finally there, you made it and can enjoy a 3D environment for the first time!A bit of fun and help from the UI to get you going and it is time to do things...No full game of any use comes installed, so it is the first thing most new users want to try.Not much free games at all, a few Demo games, previews and the rest...Well, let's say IMHO not worth wasting time on unless you are below 13 years of age and like simple shapes.You decide on some Youtube or some of the great 360° experiences on offer and might actually waste your first charge on them.While the thing recharges you start to wonder what else you could do....You have some nice movies in your DVD collection, wouldn't it be great to watch them on the big screen?Let's just say it is quite a hassle to get a real DVD to appear on your headset and play.But things like Netflix are a breeze to set up if you already have an account.For your normal Android, PC, Laptop or MAC you find a huge amount of really good and really free video players.The VR community though is locked out thanks to the content control in the store.Most things start out "free", like Skybox once did so the users can sort out bugs, help to create something users want and value.Then the support ends and there is only a paid version available.Unlike your other devices you won't be able to use the old, free version any more, it just refuses to work.Same for all the demo and preview games, once you start to like it, it is over already.Then you need to pay to keep playing the "real" thing.Frustration sets in as you did nt really buy a 3D headset just to watch some movies and do software testing.You need to buy something to make real use out of the headset.Great thing is that you get a 14 day full refund policy - read it carefully!You basically have about one charge of the batteries to try something new you paid for.Use it for two hours and it is yours forever...Even if you wife called for dinner and you just take the headset off and trust it goes in standby.It does, but unless you used the exit button the time for your new purchase will keep running while you eat.Yes, even a blank screen is standby then counts as time you used the app or game ;)You could accept all this, considering it all new to you and just need to keep an eye or better alarm on the 2 hour mark.Oculus does not like it though if you "test" a lot of things only to ask for a refund.Try 10 or so titles on a long weekend and ask for a refund, then check the response you get for the next weekend of unseccfull testing...For many titles and apps the price is IMHO outrageous!Even things that have been free or dirt cheap for often decades are now sold at a premium.Fruit Ninja, Tetris for the price of a good steak....A $50 "Game" is played through in often less than 2 hours, after that it is the same again and again, you only get more points but won't see anything new.And then there is is this addon or parts thing....You get a free game or experience only to find that most of what you are after is available at additional costs.It is very, very easy to quickly have a collection of a few apps and games that are worth more than the entire VR set....It is a scam...There are not many apps or games to begin with and even less you could label "exclusive".Especially for the Quest and GO Oculus uses ported games and apps - often those who were available for years on their higher end platforms.Often with higher prices than anyone could understand.A port costs you next to nothing, it a more or less automated process....Many things are available with a license of sorts.Steam for example makes it quie easy to use a game you pruchased on multile platforms without ripping you off in the process.You could buy 5 Oculus VR headsets for your family to enjoy lockdown in the virtual world together...Maybe a Quest each for the parents and then some GO's for the kids?Sadly Oculus does not provide anything for owners of multiple devices, unless you mean using a high end PC to stream Steam titles and hope the thing won't start smoking.You would think that if you bought a bunch of devices for the family that you could enjoy things together with ease.Well, every app or game you need will need to paid for every single device at full price...Suddenly watching you movie collection with the family sets you back well over 100 bucks just so that everyone has a player for the movies installed.Doing some family battles in a VR game can set you back $250 with ease!Suddenly a virtual family gets really expensive, really quickly...One of the reasons you find so many second hand devices that were only in use for about a month or two until the owners gave up on VR....Let's sum up what FB does to make a lot of money and collect a potential mountain of information on you in the virtual world:You provide the follwoing freely only to get the thing running:You name and full address - the later confirmed by your GPS location.Any location you use the companion app and pair with your headset, so your firends places as you need to set up a new WiFi connection...Your personal Email address and postal address unless you bought over the counter and decided not to register your device for warranty purpose - and who would need warranty for a device only worth a few hundred bucks.... ;)To really get going you also provide the following:Your credit card details.Accepting that there is no real security to prevent your kids installing what they like in paid apps once a credit card is linked.It is possible but again not really easy and straight forward to set up.Your social media accounts - FB already has you FB account if you used the same Email Address anyway without you making it offcial on your headset.Now, I don't know about you but should I really trust a company like FB would to only the right thing with these informations?? History showed us how much we can trust FB on privacy...Any further hassles?Well, if you do have a lot on you laptop, PC or just phone you do backups, at least you should.Oculus does not really provide such an option.So once you storage space runs out, and it can do so quickly especially on the 64GB models, you need to delete things.Appearently once you bought a title it is your to keep and you could, in theory, just download and install it again - once you deleted other stuff....You can't even connect to any cloud services or network storage you have for this.You need to constantly charge or use a cable with a battery pack/charger.I could not finish a 2.5 hour 3D movie on a single charge....What about community projects?Be it Playstation, Nintendo or just plain Android, you find thriving communities that provide a lot of additional content and usage options.Homebrew is great for everyone.Especially the GO and Quest models are basically nothing more than a stripped down Android phone with a split screen.Means Android or Android TV apps that can cope without any Google services and frameworks will work just fine.FB does not like this much so and makes it very hard to utilise what you might simply call emulators.Unless the Android(TV) app supports the gesture and controller setup Oculus provides many things just won't work as you need them, for example pinching to zoom in and out or tapping on the screen if the app expect a real touchscreen.An emulator would basically convert what is available in gesture and controller actions into what a "normal" app or game would expect.Some game controllers are supported but would it be great to move around for real while exploring your 3D game and to use your own hand to perform actions istead of holding an additional game controller?Oculus does not support "Thrid Party or homebrew", depending on how you read their agreements you accepted, it means your account might be banned, rendering your expensive device useless for any offcial stuff.There are unofficial, or if you like homebrew stores available.A place where you find early stages of new titles to try out, some free content and also experimental stuff.At your own risk and frustration though ;)A great project that never made it due to the complications with Oculus/FB was a robotics VR app.The goal was to control a robot or even mobile one, like a rover, through the headset and controllers/hands.The project ended when it was clear FB would not provide the required API stuff unless the app is devleoped under Oculus terms and conditions.Needless to say it quickly continued on a higher level for military use and remote bomb disposal.Some othe, private company saw the actual potetial in homebrew and snatched the developer off.Can't blame the guy considering the money...The main concern for any serious "hacker" providing real homebrew solutions are the offcial terms and conditions.Google for example still works o your Android phone if you install some custom firmware.You can even keep using the Samsung store and Apps if you did install homebrew on such a phone.Not to mention that you also install basically any other unofficial store you like on top.What you ultimately do with your device is up to you and might only affect your warranty based on claims that not always make sense.Oculus however reserves the right to terminate all access to their online features.This can include but might not be limited to:Updates, online store access, online features provided by Oculus and online features provided by apps and games from the official store.The concern here is that it basically means not a single Oculus app keeps working as they all call home once online.Games requiring Oculus services, like purchasing the next part of the experience fail then as well.And if played hard it means your linked account means even you favourite video player will fail to work.So far Oculus only made it hard and then even harder to give homebrew or alternative uses a chance.Not too many developers want to be responsible if their testers or users get banned and their devices rendered basically useless.What about predators?Vr is still a new thing in most parts of the world, some are already hooked in great numbers though.Especially in Asia Vr seems to be the new future already.Hackers showed in the past how easy it is to enter a room on a Oculus device and stay invisible, listen to conversations and even access the camera feed and take control of linked computers.Good hackers though who did this for the right reasons and results - those backdoors were closed.But it shows nothing is perfect, especially if age and content control is left to the user alone.VR works best with friends and if you don't have any (with a headset) you quickly find them with your heaset active.Many titles are "kid friendly" so to say and still offer chat options and virtual contact.No kid can buy these toys, so the responsibilty is entirely placed on the adults providing the technology to the kid(s) - usually the parent or unsuspecting family member thinking a VR headset is great xmas present for the teen..."Groomers" not only know what to say and when, they also know quickly if the watch a kid play and once they had a few minutes of chat they get ready.I have small kids in the family and with lockdown we are often reduced to doing things online instead.If you enter one of these virtual worlds and appear and act like a kid you soon find "new friends" especially if you pretend to by shy and prefer to be left alone.In the real world you won't find any kids bothering to become your friend if you act like this.The virtual world however seems to have an endless supply of kids like you and desperate to find a friend thinking and suffering the same....We all know how many of these kids are real on normal social media platforms and how reluctant they are to let the parents check on each other to allow these "play dates"....You might be able to monitor and moderate a written chat platform, no so much though if everyone is talking for real....A growing concer here is the nice option these VR chatplatforms offer to create "private" rooms.Be it for just chats and playing with wirtual Lego or to share a nice movie, there is an option for everyone.Parents usually don't bother to set up a screen for monitoring of what happens on their kids VR system, maybe they should...They don't see what the kid does and since it can get annoying, headphones are prefered, close the door and no one hears what the kids talks, if anyone cares.There are already pages on the dark web with all the required instructions to set up "a most pleasurable" VR experience - you just read them down so even a 6 year old can install and set up what is required - again use the few parental guidance options available on these headsets.So far the real risk is limited by the simple fact that not every sexual predator uses VR and that not too many kids (yet) have access to headsets.Does not mean there isn't planty of options to use their phone and some "CARDBOARD" to get going without a headset.There does not seem any concern to protect underaged kids in the virtual world - let their parents do it...Keep that in mind when handing over a VR headset for kids to use unsupervised for long periods of time...

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Using old broken 4G phone's inbuild 4G chip to make a 4G booster

Seeking helpI have a old 4G phone with broken screen and I doesn't make any sense to replace the screen with new one. Thinking of using the inbuild 4G chip to make a 4G signal booster

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Can i make a bluetooth speaker wired?-and be able to use it?

Hey.i have this bt speaker but want to maybe use it wired,is that even possible?i know its possible,but can i use it with any satelites?or do i need satelites that r in phase or something?thanks.

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Middle School Teachers

Are you a Middle School teacher? If so, say hello and connect with other 6th-8th grade educators. Feel free to share where you are from, what grade level(s) and subjects you teach, and anything exciting you did with your students this year or plans you have for next year. :)

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2 9volts for a car battery? Answered

If I had 2 rechargeable 9volt batteries or 9 rechargeable 1.5 batteries and a couple voltage regulators. would I be able to run my car on it? I'm thinking about making a mini car battery just for the hell of it and just to know I can.

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Any tips and tricks for a paper round? Answered

Hi, I'm starting a paper round soon, any tips or tricks? NM

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Nitro Rc Glow Plug onborad glow plug ignition

So I'm relatively new to nitro rc and i had a few questions about on board glow plug ignition system  . I know the igniter is cheep and bla bla bla easy however... Can one be made ? I have often thought that i might be able to use a third channel off my receiver with a wire directly to the glow plug and at the flip of a switch the glow plug would ignite but i don't know if it would work and don't wanna spend the money on a receiver  to find out. Is there someone out there willing to give it a go and let me know?  Really my question would be at what voltage does a glow plug ignite? would a 7.2 volt battery do the trick? Are there any CHEEP systems out there?

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You can make me an api for an arduino project? will pay

Hi Gentlemen ! i'm a old timer shooter practicing longrange shootin' to extreme distances up to 3500yds. i do shooting on metallic target that bring some more funs than the traditional paper targets. of course at such distances you will not be able to spot any system using flashing Led indicator telling if you've have hit or not the steel target. of course we can use IP camera with wifi transmission. this we do already but this is not fully sufficient. so we plan to use an impact detector (well described on instructable just type 'impact detector and you' ll get it..) and transmit by wifi the info telling the steel target has been hit or not.our impact detector is to be connected via Ethernet RJ45 port to a 5.6Ghz routeur and so can anybody present us a project with an API for Android that will work efficiently on our smartphones or tablets only Androïd working? we designed our prototype around an accelerometer, a schock or vibration detector and a microphone.more details can be given of coursthe api needs to transmit the info sent by accelerometer, vibration sensor and mike.that's all we need at first. some more can be added....why not make an app that can be loaded on tabletwe have already design an outstanding system working with an HP IP camera that allow us to see the target as far as 6miles using a 5.6Ghz Wifi network. with hope to get some friendly contacts.sincerely yours, Al

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Old Apple Computer such as imac g3 (read whole post)

I am looking for a broken, used, or just the shell of an imac g3. Also, a broken used or shell of the original all in one macs. give me a price. I'm going to make a macquarium and make an instructable, so if you can give me it free, i'll pay for shipping!

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Need help with arduino code.?

Alright I asked this question on the arduino forums but nobody is giving me a straight answer, and it's getting annoying. I am using the capsense library on an attiny85, I want to count the number of times an even happens, in this case the capacitive censor exceeding a certain amount. Then based on that number I want it to turn on one led, or two, and so forth, to keep count. Can someone tell me how the f*****g get this to work? I try to use serial to debug and just get "Serial" not defined in this scope. Heres the code: #include #include CapacitiveSensor   cs_1_2 = CapacitiveSensor(1,2);        // 10M resistor between pins 4 & 2, pin 2 is sensor pin, add a wire and or foil if desired int ledpin = 0; int countnumber = 0; void setup()                    {   cs_1_2.set_CS_AutocaL_Millis(0xFFFFFFFF);     // turn off autocalibrate on channel 1 - just as an example   pinMode (ledpin, OUTPUT); } void loop()                    {   long start = millis();   long total1 =  cs_1_2.capacitiveSensor(30);   if (total1 < 99) {    countnumber == 1;   }   if (countnumber = 1) {     digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);   } }

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Bidirectional PIR motion

Hi everyone..I'm an absolute beginner in arduino and have a simple scenario i'd like to program.I have 2 PIR motion sensors in a passage or corridor.If i pass from PIR1 to PIR2 i want a relay to activate a green light.If i pass from PIR2 to PIR1 i want another red colour light to activate...BUT....not to reactivate the PIR1 triggered light.can anyone pleeeeeeease help.note: the PIR sensors are about 6 meters apartThanks in advance for any advice.

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I'm having unknown issues getting an ultrasonic cleaner hack to function properly - send an electrical engineer.

I'm hacking a cheap ultrasonic cleaner to run for an indefinite period of time instead of 8 minutes max. It works well enough with a switch soldered directly onto the main board, but I intend to leave it for hours and I can't have the thing burning out so I've got an attiny85 running as a simple timer (can't get a 555 running accurately for the periods I need). The ultrasonic transducer is controlled through a transistor and relay which I'm using to my advantage. I've got it hooked up to the built in 5v supply through a switch on the ground and flip the attiny pin tied to the transistor high. Really it's all tied  right to the brain board connector for convenience. It only sort of works. I've tested the attiny to death so I know the code works, it's just the arduino blink program with numbers changed. When I flip the switch, it supplies power to the attiny and I hear a transformer buzz and the xducer fails to turn on. The screen doesn't dim any which I'd expect from being underpowered. When I hit the machine's on button it does turn on and when I hit the off button or let the time run out the machine stays on (small success). Once the timer cycles though it won't turn back on, which functionally makes it like I've added a 25 minute timer. I suspect it may be something to do with not enough current to get the transistor started, but enough to keep it conducting. Perhaps if I connect the attiny directly to the base of the transistor instead of through the 10K resistor on the main board it'll work properly. Then again I know basically nothing about what I'm doing and should feel lucky that I managed to hack it this far without electrocuting myself. Update: It get's weirder. I stuck a 20k pot on the output of the attiny and hooked it directly onto the base of the transistor, bypassing a 10k resistor, and it runs constantly regardless of the inputs. I hook it up before the resistor and the behavior remains as before.

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How do you get a command block in Minecraft 1.4.7 ? Answered

The command block isn't in the inventory, so how else would I get it?

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How do I make a diy egg crafting lathe jig?

I need to measure an egg to make a prop & this is the best device I could fnd.

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Knex VSS Vintorez review!

Hello, I'm doing review on the VSS Vintorez by "KnexStealth Lets get to it! Power: 8/10 Range: 7/10 (Maybe) Strength: 10/10!!! Comfort:8/10 Looks:10/10 IMO (Parts of gun) Scope 9/10 Handle: 7/10 Butt: 9/10 Fake barrel: 10/10 So I hope you agree on me with this! :D

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10s3p battery pack

Hay I made a 10s3p battery pack with a BMS for an e bike. The voltage on te pack is 35.45V. The voltage on the charger port is 31.70V. When I connect the charger it stays in stand-by modus only outputting 10.5V on the charger port. I don't now what is going on. The charger is Derby cycle art 28495 36V with an output on42.0V 3.0A. On the battery pack it came with it works just fine. Is this battery pack somehowe incompatibel with the batterypack I made or is it more likly the BMS although bought brand new is already defect. I measured 1.55Mohm over the c- and b- .Thank you for anny comments on howe to sort this out

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Im out of .1uF capacitors! Can I replace them with a different value?

Im building a FM transmitter and the project requires (3) 0.1uF capacitors. But i have none left! Can i replace them with a different value?∫

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Hello this is Flapper501 asking a question MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT Who is  The Evil Boss in Portal 2 , GLADoS or Wheatly Is GLADoS evil in the beginning when she makes Chell test, or is Wheatly evil when he abuses power.  Or is Chell evil for putting Wheatly in charge?????????? Please Answer 

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Help with a electric canoe cart Answered

I got inspired by a Youtube video where a guy had a electric kayak cart but gave no instruction on how to make it. I have a Travel Scooter MOT 134077 transaxle and motor unit with tires, 12-24 VDC, 150-230 RPM, 100-300 Watts, 17.75:1 Gear Ratio, 71-98 lb-in Torque I bought a 500w 24v speed controller oops! And a thumb throttle. I then bought a SPD-12250HD 12V 250W Heavy-Duty Electric Scooter/Bicycle Speed Controller that says it can handle up to 300w and have a 101ah 12v deep cycle AGM marine battery to run it. Speed is not the issue 3-5 mph will do just fine. But I need it to be able to pull 225 lbs up hill about 1,000 yards on a 6% grade. That being said am I wasting money on something that won't do the job or does it sound like I'm within reach of my goal? If I'm not in reach of my goal what do I need to do to make it work so it can haul a canoe with trolling motor battery and all the fishing gear which totals around 200lbs. Thanks!

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Login process

I have been a member for 10 yrs. When I select Login it still presents me with the Username: and Password: spaces however my Username is automatically up there but I still have to type in my Password, Why? Note: I still get my automatic email newsletter.

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Hello, I have these products (High Speed Closed Loop Stepper Motor + HBS57 Stepper Driver) and i think i will need arduino panel (i dont know how they call it).Can you help me ?

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