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Varnishing, shellacing, or polycoating sugar cookies

What would be the best paint-on preservative (some type of clear coat; varnish, polyurethane, shellac, etc) and the method to use to seal a frosted sugar cookie so that it would be durable, colorfast, and not get moldy or crack? I'm not looking to seal it into a block of acrylic, I want to keep it looking like the original cookie.Yours unpreservedly,- FP

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Can't Access Premium Membership

I know for a fact that I was a Premium member. Now it won't let me download.

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Launch Statistics Down Following Site Upgrade ?

The new website no longer promotes other instructables written by the author.Perhaps this is a coincidence but the number of views appears to have has fallen drastically since the new website was launched. Would be interested to know if your launch stats are affected too.Perhaps a (significant) portion of the recommended section that follows each instructable could be devoted to articles from the author?

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Inline splicing

I want to add an outdoor low voltage light midway along the line of an existing wire. do I cut one or both sides of the wire to splice in the new fixture?

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Where did my favorites go?

I no longer see them or the option to save a topic as a favorite.

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Can I use Amazon Affiliate link in my Instructable.

Can I put Amazon Affiliate link in "Things required" list of my Instructable ?

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Bug in google chrome with new instructables layout

If you look at the 2 screen shots you will see the top of the menu is missing on google chrome, so you cant edit or colapse the menu bar

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Post what features, functions or changes you would like to see when using

The recent upgrades to this website caused some confusion as well frustration for those who though long requested features would be included.It seems that neither our code monkeys, nor those suggestiong changes and improvements are aware of the many requests and suggestions we made over the years.So let's help them out by posting what we think is bad, needs improvement or simply what we need to properly make use of this great website.Maybe within the next 3 to 10 years some might get implemented ;)I go first, shall I?1. DesignThe recent changes seemed to be solely target on people with little skills and using tablets / mobile phones.As common practise in standard forums all over the web the user should have the option to change a different layout based on the device he uses.Preferably with an automatic detection that can be overruled in the settings on the YOU pages.Someone on a small tablet will certainly welcome huge fonts and massive buttons.Maybe even the many "hidden" functions that only appear when scrolling or doing other weird things.But if you are like me and use a proper PC on a 4K screen this layout is not really usable at all.Nothing fits, nothing can be made to fit - all is fixed and pre-defined.If you really try to improve the user experience than don't block those out who started all this and still use a PC for most of their online needs!Adding different layouts is not really a hard thing unless you insist on custom made software to run all this here - than it takes efford to show you care about basic desing features!2. Forums and questionsUp until recently we had different sections for our forum topics.By far not enough but at least for most things there was a right place.Now it all one big mix of everything and still no proper sorting is possible.Topics/Questions that are a few days old wander down the list to be never seen again unless you love to scroll or follow only your Email notifications.Worst of all we now can't even see who made the last reply.The sorting inside is much better but still we lack custom sorting options or at least highlighting post/replies made after the last check of the topic.Not userfriendly at all, just much more complicated to find what you need - unless of course it was only done to get more topics and questions without caring what happens to them.3. EmbeddingAdding Links to other website is mostly fine but when it comes to pictures or videos I feel reverted back into the 90's.Everything must be done the way the developers here think is best.You want to explain something in detail with a lot of pics within your text to make it easy to follow and understand?Good luck as it will only work if you are fluent in basic HTML.A different font to really highlight something or even colored text? No way....Prefer to host your images offsite at a proper hoster?Again hope you know your HTML and that your hoster offers direct image links that are permanent...Time has moved on and user might not like to be treated as child and being constraint in the worst possible way.If someone want an image within the text then let him do so by drag and drop, better even to allow the text to flow around the image - really nice to explain an image with text on the side instead of at the top or bottom ;)The library is quite nice - if you like obscured filenames and no chance of sorting images by Instructables/topics/questions.Just the easiest way for the programming: by date with autogenerated filenames - back to the future ROFL4. EditingMade a spelling mistake in a reply or topic/question? Bad luck...Need to add some vital info to something you just posted? Why would you want to do that?Want to simply paste something you wrote up in Notepadd++ or some other editor? Great, if you like it all messed up...Even expecting to have editing options while writing is downgraded to less than what you Email client would allow for a funny bday greeting....Again: We are no longer in the 90's!You want users to be active and enjoy this website than give than what they started asking for many years ago!5. SortingAs mentioned before we need proper sorting options for replies, questions, topics...What is the point of having an active topic that runs down to page 4 or 5 of the list?Where is the most basic info in this list? Like who did last action, when did it happen?Why is it still impossible to quickly see the last replies/postings?With sometimes over 30 postings and even more replies it is next to impossible to find the stuff.If sorting options are above paygrade then at least iclude highlighting everything done after the last visit of this topic/question.And while at it, please give us back the forum sections and add some more ;)6. FeedbackAs said too many times: The developers/code monkeys need to find a way to communicated with each other and the users here!Can't even count how many times I heard things like: "We are working on it", "I will forward this to the developers", "We might include this in a future upgrade"....Seriously: What is the point of having (had) a bugs and feedback section if everyone now claims this all totally new and that nothing was ignored?Again to me it looks like "Let's do some majoy changes as my kid struggles to use this website on the tablet, while at it let's also hide some features and functions without announcing any changes we make!"It is confusing to say the least and I fail to understand why this website should be only optimised for people who can barely use a mobile device.Some of the users here might actually want to be able to have modern features that do beyong big buttons and oversized text.7. Featuring and contestsWhen I started here a featured Instructable was something that was standing out from the rest.Only in a few cases external links or certain providers of parts where present.Now even totally incomplete and impossible to follow Ibles find a way to get featured.Same for stuff that was done (better) at least 20 times before.Some spelling mistakes might be fine but if I struggle to understand what the user was writing I wonder how whoever featured it figured it all out.It often seems all that counts is a catchy header and some nice pics on the first two or three steps is enough :(But lately far too many "Instructables" are popping that not only get featured almost instantly but also only exist to advertise for a product or service - usually even indicated by the "username" behind it and the "homepage" linking to shop...Desperate much for money and not even honest enough to clearly indicate the advertisements or to push them into an advertising section?Similar story for contests :(Every now and then I get an invitaton to help judging a contest.Considering I only get to see the runners for the finals I often wonder how they got there.Some entries that (at least in my opinion) really stand out are not even in the list, instead I get some crappy ones with little efford for the workmanship or presentation - just a catching title and some nice pics.And when going for counters I see another problem:Some of the entries get featured and of course attract much more attention this way.I think it would be only fair to leave all contest entries untouched until a contest is over.It is hard enough to understand how the selection of winners made it into my ballot but copies, bad stuff and so on should not make it.And the fair go with featuring would mean the hits for an entry are not faked by being featured - feature it when the contest is over1 ;)And no, I don't try to insult or offend anyone here, just being honest and direct.Angry? Sure.Disappointed? Of course.Why? Because it could have been all soooo much better if someone would have cared to listen....

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Join plaster of paris and clay

Can a clay ware be joined to a ware made of plaster of paris

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How to use nrf24l01 (transciever) with arduino to control servos with potentiometers?

I am trying to  control 6 separate servos connected to one arduino 6 seperate potentiometers connected to another arduino. The two arduinos are connected wirelessly with an nrf24l01 connected to each arduino (total of 2 nrf24l01 being used). I modified the code from this instructable: which controls 1 servo with 1 potentiometer. I think I might have done something wrong since I am not too familiar with the nrf24l01 module. I have attached the code below. Please look over it and tell me if what I did wrong. I greatly appreciate any help you could provide, thank you.

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Code of determination the position of my finger in a screen

Hello guys I am so happy to be in this big helpful community. So I am student and I love electronics, this is why I am working on a touch screen working with the technology of projected capacitive sensors using, of course the Arduino Unoto determine the position of my finger on the screen and show it on an interactive screen (like the project of the 3D tracking interface Because I want to know more about this domain also to share this project with the geek of electronics in Instructables and learn more about Arduino . So please guys I need an example of an Arduino sketch to show the position of my finger. I know that's I didn't talk about the details, so if you want to make this project happen , this is my Facebook account (

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Jeep skipping problems

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Tandy 1400LT Questions

So sorry to pester instructables with another question! I promise this will be the last.I am thinking about purchasing a Tandy 1400LT, but need to get more information about it. I currently only know the hardware specifications, but I need to know the kind of software I can run on it.If any of you guys are old enough to have gotten one new I would LOVE to know how you used it! Would it be possible to browse the internet on it? What are some applications which were typically run on the device?

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​Is Varislice instructables free?

Is the basic Varislice instructables free? I downloded the file, extracted it. How can I run it?

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How can I program into an IC chip?

How can I program into an IC chip?(I want to program the steps and time delay with my own device)

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Cannot download instructable

I don't see the "download" button on any instructable, even after I log in.

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Convenience Winch for use in Home Loft

I would love to get ideas for making a winch that I can mount as needed on the railing of my home loft (without damaging the railing), for use in exchanging cold drinks, snacks, office supplies, etc.  between family members on the two levels of the house without needless stair climbing.   Apologies for my terrible SketchUp skills. 

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Are Foam Cutting Fumes Toxic??

I've made a hot wire foam cutter but I'm wondering now if the fumes are cancerous/dangerous/toxic when you breathe them in. I've researched this myself a little but there are mixed answers and many others are unsure. Any answers?

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What is the oddest thing you have sent through the mail?

Title is self-explanatory. Did it make it? Or what...

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Multistage coil gun power switching?

How can we switch power between coils on a multistage coil gun setup (3, for example)? What i am reading out there is people using physical switches to infrared sensor but i couldn't understand much especially on how can we implement it. I'll be grateful for any explanation anyone can tell me to. Thanks! Sorry for my bad english :)

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how does a jet lighter work? Answered

hey im wanting to try and make my own jet lighter but i dont know how the main turbine part works. if someone coud post a few pitures like the shape of the blades the layout of them and how the gas and air mixes that would be a big help thanks    (^_^)

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The collaboration option doesn't seem to get much use anymore; Does anyone want to see if it still works? ;)

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Why can't I enter contests?

I published 2 instructables and entered 2 contests (Paper challenge and Sew warm). Since then I see several new entries have been added, mine were not. When I try to enter the contests again, the page tells me I have no eligible instructables. I even deleted one of them and wrote it newly today but still I cannot enter the contest. Both entries fir the topics of the contests but when I click "Enter now", I cannot choose any of my instructables.

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How to dissolve wood glue of a brush? Answered

After I used a brush to apply Gorilla© wood glue I forgot to clean it and, I need to know if there is a solvent that can remove the wood glue of the brush.

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Image resolution on instructable step

Hello everyone.I've had an instructable that has been up for a long time with electrical drawings detailing a wiring modification. I get comments from time to time asking for better images of the drawings and I end up emailing them to the person. I tried to upload the images again and they still have reduced resolution when I look at them in the instructable. Is there a way to ensure the images are not compressed when added to the -ible?BTW, the originals are about 400kb - 500kb.Thank you!

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HUD (Heads Up Display) with Arduino

Hey,I'm looking to build a HUD (Heads Up Display) for my Arduino project. I was wondering if you could advice me some parts that I should use. For the reflection I'm looking to use black coated plexiglass. I'm wondering if I would need a mirror in order to reflect and enlarge the reflection on the plexiglass. Is there anyone who could advice me some parts? Regards,Jim

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Gaining free game credits with Jackpot Credit Device?!? (Hack or Smokin Crack?)

I was surfing the web and came across these cheating 'devices.' The claim is that somehow these black boxes manipulate the system into giving additional free credits as you're feeding the machine and/or causing the machine to more likely pay out. I am 99.5% sure this is total BS. Still the chance to play TimeCrisis 3 for hours and hours at a deep discount sounds awesome. ;-)Here is the descriptions on the website: Third and Fourth Items downThis device was developed through years of research on machines and by beta testers. It has potential to jackpot or give credits in gambling machines and fruit machines. When put in a small box and powered by 1 or 2 (9VDC) batteries, it will fit in your pocket or up your sleeve. This unit can be used as a contact induction device (soundless arc system) or EMP induction device via magnetic induction pulses which are also soundless. This device uses in excess of 1000volts so use caution. There are two ways to use this device in either mode: as you are inserting coins, adding credits or adding money to the machine you activate the device and it will cause the credits to jump higher. The other way to use the device is to use it while you are playing and you have great odds of hitting a jackpot or winning. Kit includes all parts to build a complete unit to operate in either mode.The completed kit can be used in two modes: vacuum arc induction or magnetic induction coil mode. The device is so small you will need to coat it with epoxy and electrical tape, as a box would take up too much space. It is powered by one 9v battery, it will fit in your pocket, up your sleeve or in the palm of your hand. This unit is a contact induction device (soundless arc system) or can be converted into an EMP induction device via magnetic induction pulses which are also soundless and generated by connecting a small pinwheel coil to the output probes. This device generates around 500volts so use caution. There are two ways to use this device: as you are inserting coins, adding credits or adding money to the machine, you activate the device and it will cause the credits to jump. The other way to use the device is to activate it while you are playing and you have great odds of hitting a jackpot or winning. Kit includes all parts to build one complete unit, epoxy and tape not included.

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Would a star rating system for Instructables be a useful feature?

This recent Instructables UI update has got me thinking.Star rankings provided by users are useful feedback options that are all over the web.Instructables has been around for a long time and has had about a gajillion (citation needed) how-to's-posted over the years. There is a fair amount of redundancy in some of these projects (looking at you, Minecraft, pen guns, drawing tutorials, most of the airsoft category) and they vary WIDELY in quality from very in depth valuable content to stuff that barely qualifies as a how-to at all. What if they could be ranked? The ranking score of each how-to would be a simple out-of-5-star rating. This rating could be used for a few things:Sorting when searching. Obvious really, when you search for a how-to, there could be a little sorting option to sort by typical variables like time, views, and rating. This would help direct users to better content.Allow mods/helpful people to figure out what how-tos are really not working. This would sort the mass of content into a more easily managed hierarchy. With the new tips feature that allows people to give input on projects, this sorting would really highlight what projects really need some help, allowing users to help less successful users to improve their content.This gives a direct amount of feedback for the user, sure, views help to show the amount of interest in a project, but interest does not equal overall quality. If a user posts something that is low quality (poorly written, misleading, bad pictures, unfinished, unedited, plagiarist, or just plain dangerous) and they can see that they get a bad rating, it is a good sign that they need to work on their content.An automated service in the site could give people a head's up if their content is consistently rating low. You could get a message that says something like "Hey, we noticed that ________ instructable is performing poorly, here's some suggestions that could help it improve! (then link to the how-to-make-a-good-instructable-content) This keeps users focused on all of their content, not just recent stuff. Obviously there should be a switch that lets users turn these notifications on and off so if they don't care to use it, it's not forced on them.There are problems with this, of course. Ranking users means that personal taste can influence the quality rating of a project, rather than the actual quality of the content. Someone who hates cats could go poorly rate all the cat-related content, regardless of it's overall quality. This means there needs to be a way to make sure that the star-rating system isn't abused too much to damage good content. There needs to be a barrier to entry. Some suggested barriers to entry for star rating privileges could be:Pro membership automatically lets you rank content (pro never seemed that exclusive anyway, this could make it more desirable)Having X number of instructables posted lets you rank content (3 I think would be a fair number)Having X number of views/comments lets you rank contentWinning a contest lets you rank contentHaving the star rating of your instructables be net positive would let you rank content (IE, the majority of all your content has an above 3 star rating)These barriers or a combination of them would help ensure that only personally invested users would have access to the ranking system to ensure good data.Thoughts? Would be awesome if a moderator or Instructables dev could chime in here.

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How to Encourage "newbies"

*********************How to __Discourage__ "newbies"*****************Speak of them in the 3rd person.Condescend.Demonstrate a lack of patience.Other methods? ***************************How To __Encourage___ Newbies:Ask clarifying questions about their poorly formed inquiry.Assume the best of their motives.If in doubt, assume that english may not be their first language. Don't assume that a person has had the same educational advantages available that you may have had. Just about anyone on earth with extremely varied socio-economic status, etc may arrive here. patience.Other tips?

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Mono channel Subwoofer amplifier with TDA2052

I have a tda 2052 and a 6" 60watt subwoofer lying around, so wanna make a single channel subwoofer amplifier. Anyone can help me with a good build? And also please provide data sheet if possible.Thanks in advance

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Limit of a subwoofer

Guys the question sounds like stupid but the thing is how should i know a subwoofer reached it's max excursion limit before blowing the coil.If it starts to distort does it means it reached it's limit or the amplifier can't provide much juice the speaker needs.

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is there other websites like this?

Please paste links

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Pen blanks

Will sufficent for the polyesther resin for making pen blanks.i can not find M.K.E.P.locally.

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Add Instructables Features: @user tagging and a "GIVE ME TIPS!" toggle

More UI/website features ideas. Free to use and abuse, feedback welcome.What if Ible's had the ability to tag a user in a comment? For example if I'm looking at a simple robot design made by a user, and some of Randofo's excellent simple bot content is relevant, then I could post a tip/question/comment tagging @randofo to alert him of the content. This could be useful to promote collaboration and increase user interaction on the site. Obviously users should have the option to turn off or modify their taggability, to prevent them from getting spammed.What if there was a switch that allowed a user to turn on a public request for tips on a project? This would just be a little checkbox on the author options sidebar of an Ible that would turn on or off a little icon on the project thumbnail (on the bottom bar where the views and star options are already) preferably it would be orange to be noticed. I think this would be a great way for users to indicate that they actively need some help. Obviously a master woodworker posting a woodworking project would not necessarily need this feature, but a home tinkerer trying to figure out a difficult project would. I think this would really help increase the impact of the new tips feature.

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Automatic Coffee Cup Warmer

I was given a coffee cup warmer many years ago. What made it so great was that it only turns on when there is a cup sitting on the plate; remove the cup and the warmer turns off. The other great feature about it, is that it has a higher temperature than any I have purchased since. There is no name thereon so cannot check to see if they exist anymore - no luck with Google so far.   What I would like to do is either be able to safely adjust a current model so it is somewhat hotter or, preferably, also make it automatic. Making it hotter is the first priority.

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Can you control a continuous servo with an RC radio, by plugging it directly into the receiver?

Can you control a continuous servo with an RC radio, by plugging it directly into the receiver? Using a flysky fs-i6 transmitter and 6 channel receiver. When I plug-in a regular servo (blue one) and a continuous servo (orange one), the regular one runs perfectly. But I get no movement from the continuous Servo. To make the continuous servo run with an RC radio, do I need to run it through an Arduino or something else to change the signal type? (I would be using a set of continuous servos for something like a tank tracks. ) Thanks!

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Is it possible to make our Instructables Private or Hidden?

Hello,We had posted different Instructables. However we are no longer supporting them. Is it possible to make our Instructables Private or Hidden? Otherwise I'll have to delete them :(Regards,Sanjay Kumar

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How to get detergent smell out of #2 plastic container?

I've got a plastic container that's marked as #2 recyclable. It came full of dishwasher powder but I'd like to use it for dry goods or other storage. First I need to get rid of the detergent smell, or I'll have beans that taste like detergent. So... How do I get detergent smell out of a #2 plastic container?

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Can i use a grill igniter to light Black powder

I am building a golf ball morter and I don't want to use fuse could I use a grill igniter?

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I need help to make a car air horn that plays the Imperial March?

 I don't want an electric mp3 horn, I want it to be similar to the horn on the General Lee.  Is there a way I can modify an already existing air horn set up?  Thanks in advance

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Is it possible to modify a soft-power button?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this (apologies if its not).... I have a small stereo receiver (Lepai S-60) that I use to power speakers in my kitchen and it works well, but the stereo requires that I press the power button on it or the remote every time I want to turn it on.  I was hoping to hook it up to a WeMo switch so that I could turn it on/off via Google Home, but the fact that its a soft power button means that even if the switch turns on or off, the radio doesn't remember what state it was in last. Is there a way to modify the circuit board so that the receiver is always on and thus, I could control it via the WeMo switch? Thanks in advance, Tim

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Help me to make a led panel

Hello guys.. I want to build a led board for my planted aquarium... the total watt requirement is 84 watt.. so I decided to add 16 5watt 12 volt smd led chip... but I hv some confusion about the circuit.. plss help me to build the board.. its urgent...

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Can zippo wick be used as candle wick?

Was looking for a longer burning wick than just cotton. It was suggested that zippo wick might work. Is zippo wick a fire safe wicking for candles? And if so ... Is there a wax recipe (soy, oils, etcettera added to wax) that works best with a zippo wick? 

Question by JenniferL105    |  last reply

I really hate the way the new look is

Was there a point for this?Because for me it's harder to follow the steps. And I don't see any improvements.It's just all mangled up. The older look was easier to follow.If you did this just to give the site a "new look" you failed.At least you should give users an option to use the old look if we want to, like YouTube. You should really give this some serious thought. Not all of us like new things just for the sake of it.Thanks!

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Guys I´d like to know your opinion.

This is my video. What do u think, whats wrong, what should I do better... thx

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Rc helicopter project

Hello guys i recently got an old helicopter with two good motors and a good frame with a control board i was wondering if some one can help me to interface with on board circuit to controll it with arduino. What i'm traying to say is to use the arduino as transmiter to send signals to the helicopter so i can control it.

Topic by Ben GharbiaH  

How to stabilize a Segway using Arduino, MPU6050 and Sabertooth 2x32 ?

I'm new to programming and this is my second project. Currently I have completed the mechanical design and fabrication. The wiring has been completed but when I switch the main power ON, the left side motor starts spinning at max speed. Can anyone please comment on this issue?

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Quiz on the new setup

I have heard (mostly negative) feedback on the updates, so I made a quiz on it. (I hope the quiz makes sense, I was in a hurry) you for participating!

Topic by random_builder  

Dragon ball drawings

 Please post your drawings of dragon ball, dragon ball z, or dragon ball gt characters. 

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iPhone App not updating

My Instructables iPhone app has stopped updating :( The recent Instructables remains on "Duct Tape Projects by Sam DeRose". and the Featured is stuck on "Shop Tolls by Instructables Guide" Its been like this for a few days now. I have logged off and logged on. I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it. No success. Getting to current Instructables via Safari on the same iPhone works fine. Please help :| Alan

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