need help bending/shaping a sewing needle into a spring-shape

Hello all!    I need help shaping existing sewing needles into spring shapes...and need to mass produce! I have an invention idea for a sewing needle, and after countless attempts at commissioning someone to manufacture for me, I have decided to do it myself. However, as I am a layman I have no idea how to get started!  I had created many prototypes by heating up sewing needles, then wrapping them around screws. I have tried many times to create a machine that could easily do this for me, however to no avail.  Another problem I have is that once the metal is heated and bent into shape, I need a way to possible polish and return the shine...   I have approached many shops worldwide from: sewing needle companies/ spring making companies, cnc, medical instruments, metal artists, aerospace, prototyping companies, 3d printing, the list goes on...  So now i'm back to square one...any help is appreciated, thanks !

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Shipping & Taxes

Hi! I previously won prizes on several contests here at Instructables and all of them were shipped to Hungary without any costs on my part, except the last one, I had to pay approx. 40 usd for a prize estimated at 75 usd. Did something change in Instructables' shipping policies?

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How do cell phone screen protectors affect touchscreen performance?

How do cell phone screen protectors affect touchscreen performance? 

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How to make a horizontal sander?

Any ideas on how to make a horizontal sander like the one in this picture? I would like to use it for sanding bottles that i have managed to cut and want to make a nice and smooth edge on them. Thank you

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I need video game ideas!

I am currently starting to design an Xbox 360 game using Microsoft XNA Game Studio (a library for rmaking X360, Zune and PC games in the C# language), but I am stumped at thinking of ideas. I have thought of many that seem good at the time, but while starting to plan, program, or make graphics for them, i realize it wasn't that good of an idea and give up on them. If it is good enough, it will be sold on the Xbox LIVE marketplace (under Community Games) and can win a contest. If you do help me and give a suggestion, please know this will be a 2D game (i can do all the work for a small game, but I can't do 3d modelling). Also, I can use an advanced physics engine and there aren't really any limits to ideas I could use. If you do give me an idea, I can even give you credit in the game. Also, it should be something original and innovative, think outside the box! Thanks in advance if you do help me out, this is probably the hardest part of game making!

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How to build a vertical round sander?

Hello everyone. I recently started recycling empty bottle by cutting them and would like to build some sort of round sander that stands vertically on the ground or a table. I was thinking of maybe buying and old motor of some sort and attaching a piece of plywood maybe and just glue a sandpaper on it to sand of the edges off bottles to make drinking glasses or vases.Any advices would be appreciated or different ideas. Thank you.

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EG7500 Inverter Drive Board Testing and Query?

Specification EG7500 Inverter Drive Board. PWM freq 40kHz. Overvoltage shutdown 15V +-0.5V. Low voltage buzzer beep 10.5 +-0.5. Undervoltage shutdown 9.5 +-0.5. Overcurrent shutdown 48mV. 1A Output current drive. Carry out a test by varying DC between 9V to 15V. Resulted: 1. At 10V to 10.5V buzzer beep. "OK" 2. At 9V to 9.5V or below 9V the unit shutdown. "OK" 3. At 13V to 13.5V ran into off and trying to restart the unit (Board marked A). "NG" 4. At 14.5V to 15V ran into off and trying to restart the unit (Board marked B). "OK" Refer to above test how to improve "Board Marked A" overvoltage shutdown?  Which part of the schematic to begin troubleshoot. What component I needs to change or improve?  Once power up. This unit draw ~0.5A on standby. How do I minimize the standby current? There are no temperature control since P3 "S8550" was not on board. Can I just put "S8550" on board and use PTC for temperature control? As proposed by schematic online, pin 4 fan control feet to ad 100uF to ground. How do I change this part to enable fan control once the temperature rise? How many FET this unit can drive with 1A at 40kHz? How to test the overcurrent shutdown? Thank you

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downloading patterns?

I would like to download the fleece shark hat pattern but it keeps telling me that downloading is a premium feature. What more do I need to do beyond joining?

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Electr'Ocarina of Time

Hi there! Okay so here i am with this idea i've been tackle with for weeks. Hold tight it's a long presentation. Brief Basically, i would like to make en electronic version of the Ocarina of time from Zelda. I would like to keep it really simple at least for the first step. So it will look like a proper ocarina but instead of holes there will be 6 arcade buttons ( Red, Green and 4 yellow as a reminder of the N64 gamepad buttons). Each button is assigned a note wich will be played while blowing through a microphone. The sound will be a synthesized sinewave that would be played thanks to a speaker. Will be great also if the device could work on a USB chargeable battery. I Have been doing researches on how to make it for a while now, though could'nt find exactly what i was looking for and not sure how to fit different parts together to make a worrkable fork. So i believe i have two options. As you may guess i am fairly new to electronics, programming and electronic music (Lol i read that all the times). To be as clear as possible i am gonna put some schemes of how i picture myself the electronic but i really don't know how it's supposed to be managed, i mean i know there will be some resistors, capacitors or whatever between the "function blocks" i draw but i have absolutely no clue of what should actually really appear. Option 1 - Analog So i made this stylophone few months ago : It is based on a 555 timer (i also saw some mini synths based on this component). It felt to me as a good starting point. Volume would be controlled through the mic instead of a pot and i would get rid of the pitch pot and all the unecessary notes. But i would like it to sound more fluty and so i found this tuto on how to make a sinewave but don't know how to use it in this project (or even if possible) : Regarding the microphone part I've also seen this insctrutable but the synth seemed to me way over what i planed to do in terms of sound synthesis ability : Option 2 - Digital So comes option 2 wich consist in using an arduino to synthesize the wave that would play if microphone is HIGH and if button 1 is High key 1 would be played etc. The scheme I provided seem definitely wrong to me but that's a first shot anyway. About sound synthesis with arduino i found this library i havent gone through the tutorial yet but it seem a little bit picky. So as you see i am kinda lost and a little clarification would be awesomely nice. I am actually working in a fablab and i would like to develop this project to be used as a workshop. Im pretty sure lots of old grown up kids would love to get a little ocarina. There are some other options i would like to implement (regarding what happend if you press several buttons or none) but well first things first. Hope you like the Idea, hope you can help. Love, Starsheeps and Electro-cupcakes! Adrien

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How do you get a shipping container certified to legally live in?

It would be cool to attach a bunch of those things together and install a bunch of doors, windows, decks, etc. Seattle, Washington

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Why can't I download an instructable ?

Hi: Why  can't I download an instructable ? I am on a mac, have firefox, have cookies enabled and cannot log in. All I want to do is download an instructable that i like. Could you please explain what I need to do in easy to follow steps?  I have searched your community forum but have found nothing that works. Maybe this is  PC friendly  not friendly to Mac issue? Thanks for your help. It is very frustrating as i enjoy this site but this problem could be a deal breaker. :-) Eileen

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how can i download the project in pdf form?while I isn't have any visa account or other type of account????

I isn't have any type of account ,,,can i free download It????

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Need strong, small, arduino compatible servos

I was using two 9g servos for a project but they could not handle the load on them. I need to replace them with servos that are about the same size and stronger. Also helpful if they are low cost. Maybe a mini standard servo (if they even exist)?

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LM2576SX-5.0 VS LM2576SX-3.3,which is better?

Please Help. I want to know if I should buy a LM2576SX-5.0 timer or a  LM2576SX-3.3 IC. Can I do the same things with each? Is there much difference? Here is the datesheet:   LM2576SX-5.0 datesheet LM2576SX-3.3 datesheet Thank you guys, Electronicsloser

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protecting from EMF?

So i am working on some high power geophysical transmitters which are being damaged by back emf. can anyone help me with what would be the best way to protect the instrument from this. we are mainly blowing the switching IGBT's. the transmitter is supplied DC from a 30kw powersupply, feeding a set of IGBT's which are switched at a selected frequency usually 0.5 to 2hz at 50% duty cycle into a loop of wire ranging in resistance but usually around 1 ohm. we run this at up to 150A at 150V and our loads can be very inductive, usually 300mx300m 25sqmm copper wire. im thinking diodes or caps for a bit of protection. im open to any ideas

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Code embeds from Github display mangled

Embedding a Github gist results in code with random whitespace missing. To reproduce:  1. Edit an Instructable.  2. Click the "add" button, then click "Video".  3. In the URL field, enter the URL of a Github gist (for example,  4. Click "Preview", then "Done".  5. Save changes to the Instructable, then view it. The embedded code from Github will be mostly correct, but random whitespace characters will be missing (both leading whitespace and whitespace between words).  In the attached screenshot, the code inside the function is supposed to have 4 leading spaces.  The function signature should also read "static int pad_open" instead of running everything together.  You can view the original code using the URL above to compare what's being displayed with what's actually showing up. It's not clear whether this is a bug on the Instructables side or on the Github side.  I don't have any way to debug it from my end, so I thought I'd ask about it here before complaining to Github. I am using Firefox v52.0.2 on Windows 7 (64-bit). Update: I poked around using Firefox's development mode, and it looks like this is indeed a problem on the Instructables side.  I inspected the HTML source for the embedded gist and compared it to what I got directly from github (using 'wget' on the command line to fetch the content).  It appears that the Instructables site is doing some sort of post-processing on the results that is removing critical whitespace:  - Whitespace at the beginning of a line is sometimes deleted.  Lines inside the function in my example should be indented four spaces.  The function's comment block should have all of the star characters lined up vertically; the second row displays correctly, but not the third.  - Whitespace between words with syntax highlighting gets removed.  The function prototype is missing spaces between "static", "int", and "pad_open".  Whitespace between formatted and non-formatted elements seems to be correct, as is seen after the keyword "struct" on that same line. If I turn on Firefox's developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I), I can edit the page's source to add in the spaces that are present in the straight-from-github version but missing in the Instructables version.  When I do this, the gist displays normally. It feels like something somewhere is trying to compress whitespace in the HTML source in order to save space, but is a bit overzealous and is accidentally eliminating whitespace that's critical for the content to display correctly. Update 2: I have recently seen similar problems when using the HTML view in the pro editor to create a formatted code block manually.  If you manually indent code using " ", publish the Instructable, then edit it, you can see that the non-breaking spaces get converted to normal spaces and are then consolidated (which completely ruins the code's alignment).  This further points to the bug being in the code for the editor, and not on the Github side.

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Got contest ideas? Want to help HQ staff?

You may have noticed that we run a lot of contests here on Instructables. Big ones, little ones, sponsored ones, weird ones, helpful ones, and the occasional flop. We like contests, because they reward what many of you would already be doing: making creative things and sharing them with the world. We run contests for two main reasons: to reward authors with the kinds of prizes that help them to make more cool projects, and to give sponsors an opportunity to foment authentic customer experiences. The best contests combine the two with an awesome theme and even awesomer prizes. Since we started running contests, we’ve given away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Prizes ship out much faster than they used to (it helps that interns aren’t running the shipping room), and we’re pushing our limits to see how many engaging and awesome contests we can run at once. This year alone, we’ve run about 20 contests with prizes totaling ~$25,000. We’ve got more in the works, too. This is where we need your help! If you’ve got contest theme ideas, I’d love to hear them. If you have prize ideas, leave ‘em in the comments. And, if you or your business want to sponsor a contest of your very own, send me a PM.

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Things to make with old school books?

I have a bunch of old school books just lying around. I really want to make something with them but every time I try to come up with some ideas my mind comes to a blank. Any ideas? I'm looking for something that will be useful to me, like an organiser or a pencil case, but I'm not sure how.

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Help using a Neptune FS-100 flow sensor with an Arduino/pi?

Hey folks, I'm trying to detect a flow in a 1" pipe with a flow sensor. The best one i could find was made by this company called Neptune (FS-100) It looks like a basic hall effects flow meter but i am trying to get it to talk to an arduino and I seem to be failing. It has a TRRS 3.5mm plug on it. I used a volt meter to determine which color wires inside correspond to the TRRS: Tip: RED Ring: ?? White ?? Ring: GREEN Sleeve: Black can someone help me figure out how to get this thing to talk to my arduino? thanks so much

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How to fix Bar Clamps that Slip?

My grandparents are moving, and are organizing stuff... I just found an antique bar clamp (An ELZETT, a bit smaller than that one though). The sliding arm/jaw wouldn't slide on the bar, so I removed the rust. The sliding jaw wouldn't lock onto the bar when I tightened it. I tried enlarging the grooves/notches that were on the bar with a hacksaw, but that didn't really help.  Does anyone have an idea for making it lock/catch on the bar? My grandpa might have several more of these clamps! Drilling holes into the bar and adding a removable pin - no, because this steel is really hard and I'd go through 10 drill bits. The only thing I can think of is to take it apart, and use the hardware for a homemade wooden clamp. But I think it would be easier to start from scratch... I really want to fix this clamp! The quality of old tools, throat depth of this clamp, the screw, the swiveling pad - I need these! Thanks!

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Is there a way to save data onto an ATTINY85 chip, separate from your C program?

Hey everyone, this is my first post and I am not quite sure how to word this, so please bear with me. :) Here is the  ATTINY85 datesheet Basically, the long and short of it is, I made a simple USB HID Programmable Key-stroker Device. I used Macetech's capslocker for inspiration on the circuit design and then wrote my own program in C. Capslocker Design (Basically this design exactly except I have also added two zener diodes for voltage regulation on both USB data lines and a programming header) : However, instead of just sending Capslock on and off (like the Capslocker), this one allows you to send strings of text, combinations of keys, can switch to a mouse and I am currently adding a wireless receiver and RF remote trigger the device with the press of a button to mess with my boss. Currently, if I want to change the keystrokes or mouse movements I have to recompile and then burn the new software onto the ATtiny85 device. Instead, I am looking for an easier way to go about modifying the keystrokes that are saved on the device. Is there anyway to save data to a specific part of the ATTINY that would not require recompiling each time I wanted to update the recorded keystrokes? Or maybe a way to save a text file onto an ATTINY85 device that the C program could load? If not could this be done with an EEPROM? I have programming experience but I am reallllly green when it comes to AVR stuff, so I am not even sure what I should be looking for to accomplish this. Any nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and I love this community I have been lurking for quite some time and your posts have helped me quite a bit!

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What Are Your Favorite Inventions?

Just to help me get inspired, I thought it would be a good Idea to ask you guys what your favorite inventions/innovations are. My favorites are the cotton candy machine, the lightbulb, and the telegraph.

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North West UK Festival of Making

Hi, Just wondering if anyone was planning to go to the Festival of Making in Blackburn next weekend? 6TH - 7TH MAY 2017 | BLACKBURN, LANCASHIRE It looks like it should be pretty interesting so I will be there and wondered if there were any other Instructable members planning to take the trip.  If there are let me know and ill keep my eye out to say hello :)  Also Ill probably wear an instructables shirt as I think its one of those events where the maker shirts have extra cultural capital :)

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calculating MAX7219 resistor value?

I want to use the 7219 to drive two 3digit 7segment displays with these specs. I want to use 1.85v and 18mA. Here's what the MAX7219 datasheet states as resistor values to be used. I'm too dumb to figure out how the resistor value is calculated. Can someone help? What would the resistor value be for 1.85v 18mA?

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What does someone exactly mean with "WORD!" Answered

I have noticed that some comments are ended by the statement "WORD". What does this exactly mean and where does it come from?

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How to answer my land phone from my Android smartphone using Bluetooth or Ethernet? Answered

Hello, guys! For academic purposes, I want to develop a solution so that I can answer my land phone directly from my smartphone when I'm at home close to the land phone, so, no Internet or other kind of long-distance communication here. Imagine a scenario where I'm at home, the land phone rings and I have the call information on my smarphone and I'm able to answer or reject it directly from my smartphone. I know the phone carriers offer services called "Follow me" that will redirect the call to my cell phone if it rings a few times and no one answers it, but, that's not what I mean. I want to answer the call on my smartphone as if it were an extension of the land phone. Two ideas came up to my mind, but I'm not sure I could make any of them work. 1- I thought of using some microcontroller like Arduino or something to hack the phone and somehow work as a bridge between the land phone and my smartphone via an Android application using bluetooth or a Wi-Fi ethernet connection. 2- I also thought of using a cordless phone base and capture the RF signals with my Arduino and make it route the call to my smartphone, so that it would ring when the land phone receives a call. If you guys think none of my thoughts would be viable, I would accept any kind of suggestions, even the most weird ones involving interconnection between multiple and heterogeneous devices, hardwares, softwares, technologies, etc. Thanks in advance!

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Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc into the tray, I hear 2 beeps, a fast, whirring sound which then stops, but there is nothing else happens. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed the disc that came with my latest printer. Windows help & support helped me figure discs are not being read, and led me to find CD/DVD driver in Device Manager for repair or updating drive***THERE IS NO LISTING FOR CD/DVD DRIVE THERE OR UNDER SOUNDS SECTION  IN CONTROL PANEL. I have a Compaq  F700 notebook running Windows Vista.  There are 2 DVD players listed in programs in addition to the Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. One shows "No Disc" even after disc is inserted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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i am making an arduino automated mushroom climate control , i want to control the humidity of two rooms using relays?

Using arduino uno , pressure pump ,two solenoid valves  i want to control the humidity of two rooms . my planning that when the humidity of room no 1 falls below 80 the relay for pressure pump and the relay for that specific solenoid have to turn on and turned off if the humidity is above 90. The same procedure for the next room . As i am using single pressure pump for both rooms ...i am finding difficulties for reading two DHT11 and controlling three relay .....  

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Why doesn't projects download in pdf format when I click on the Download Button?

I try to open a project in the PDF format using the Download Button but it doesn't download, it will popup asking me if I want to save it and once I do it saves as an "all Files" not a PDF.

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My Favorite online tools for my instructables!

Here are my favorite online tools to use when I'm writing my Instructables!  Hope you find use in some of them, I know it took me awhile to gather the best tools when I first started writing and publishing :) Photo editing: Pixlr: Adding Text:  Befunky: Html Image code generator: Album maker, and picture organization: Google Photos:

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how to get my printer up and running for 3D hubs?

Dear: Instructables Last summer I had fixed my 3D printer. Since then I have been printing stuff, a lot of stuff. So anyways now I want to get a job for 3D hubs with my printer and my family says that I should probably get my printer printing more reliably and honestly I have to agree with them. I saw for the 3D printing class there were four classes on this site. I feel like I might do better taking the last class since I already know so much. I can print stuff the question is if it is of decent quality. Do you think it is a good idea to take the last 3D printing class or should I take all of them if it can get me ready for 3D hubs? Thanks!!! From: Noah

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I'm designing a development board using NRF51822 and I need help to select the appropriate chip antenna.?

Hi Guys, I'm RF beginner and I'm designing a development board using NRF51822 and I need my board to be small as possible so I decided to use chip antenna but I don't know how to select the appropriate antenna for my case. So I need help to select the appropriate chip antenna.

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Stopper thermowell for DS18B20 temp sensors?

Does anyone know of a thermowell stopper that would fit a DS18B20 temp sensor? The ones I've come across look to have an inner diameter of .25 inch, and the DS18B20 probe diameter says .24 inch. Are there any other thermwell stoppers out there with a wider inner diameter? I'd like to go with a thermowell stopper so I can use it on buckets and maybe carboys as well.

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Computer not recognizing arduino mega?l7805cv

Suddenly today, my computer quit recognizing my arduino mega. I have a circuit built using an L7805cv voltage regulator to power the board, while I plugged it in with usb to update the program. I have done this previously without issue, but I'm not sure if maybe having the arduino powered by this power supply and plugging it in with usb caused issues. My desktop and laptop are both running Windows 8.1, and both recognize my Uno, however neither recognize the mega. For the uno, windows beeps signifying that a USB device was plugged in, however that doesnt happen for the mega. Also, on my laptop, the mega shows up in Device manager as an Other device with a yellow exclamation, but does not show up at all in device manager on my desktop. What steps can I take? Edit: I was able to use an arduino nano as an FTDI, simply connecting the power, ground, reset, tx and rx pins between the nano and mega, and I could load sketches and view the serial monitor fine. SO is there an issue with the usb port on the mega?

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Large NC (Normally Closed) Switch

I am currently working on a project which requires a larger NC switch. The concept is that when someone sits on the switch, the current will be blocked and not flow. When the person stands up, the current will flow through the circuit. This specific switch has to be flat enough for someone to sit on. Does anybody have any ideas on how to build one?

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How can you sew a cauter pin into a belt?

I'm making a prop replica belt hustler for a sci-fi ray-gun, & it has a cauter pin to hold the belt. Anyone know of any crafts or sewing items or just how to sew a metal rod into a belt?

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Best motor suited for a diy generator that can provide 48V?

Ok, out of all places, I've seen this particular question be asked once and the discussion trailed off topic somewhere. Before we start, Yes it's a bit of a backwards thought but it's still a project, experiment and I'd do it for the sake of doing it. I have an electric scooter - lack of knowledge for proper battery care during winter lead it to 4 dead batteries. In my area, as long as the scooter is moved by an electric motor and makes less than 40km/h it's a street legal and non insurance or license requiring vehicle. Only issue for me is the limit of the battery capacitance and the eventual depreciation of the battery capacity. So I want to try an experiment of strapping a small weedwacker motor or even a hobby airplane fuel motor to an electric motor to act as a power source for the scooter. Don't laugh, It's an experiment. Yes, I'm aware I can just buy batteries. they are 50 bucks a battery + 12 bucks shipping and mine ran on 4x of these suckers. Buying batteries would work but would not satisfy the curiosity of an experiment.. Now then: ============================================== My scooter, when bought, could do about 12 blocks (1 block = 2km ) trip on a full charge. Before this winter, it could do 8 barely. It ran on 4x Lead Acid 12v 18Ah batteries. Now the batteries are connected in series so that's 4x 12v 18Ah making it 48v 18Ah. At this point we can drop the need to have the generator produce exactly 18Ah of current because that originally is the total battery capacitance, determining how long we can ride before draining of the batteries. So with a generator, all we need is to draw sufficient Current at the moment of generation. Which motors are best suited for generating 48v. I'm obviously missing some que variables here but I just want a point in the right direction. I'll most likely need extra head room and make a Step Down Buck Converter. Every time A talk of a diy generator comes up, people seem to mention Stepper motors. Seem like good choices? Brush-less, multi lead motors, yes - no?

Question by MilesT9    |  last reply

How do you control the speed of an AC BRUSHLESS motor? (Used on a scroll saw)?

I have a small scroll saw i would like to build a cheap speed controler for It uses an AC motor which appears to be brushless when i dismantled it Could anyone tell me how brushless AC motors work, and how their speeed controlers work (i assume you need to change the phase of the ac current) Many thanks Chris

Question by ooda55    |  last reply

which 4 wires to use among my 6 wire stepper motor?

Which 4 wire to use among my 6 wire stepper motor ? i tried to measure the resistance but got all confused ! 

Question by Cieloroy    |  last reply

What can you make from old desktop (without harddisk)

Hi I have so many desktops that are no longer used.  Hard drives are removed and these machines are just laying in our storage. What can I create using the parts found inside the machines? Any creative ideas? Thank you

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Ideas for parts laying around

I have some old circuts and parts laying around the house and alot of it is just small simple stuff like a broken screen here, broken screen there. Over loaded capsitors etc etc. I was looking for the best idea how to use them all together I have a steam link that has no power input  (got pulled out but other than that, mint condition) 2 laptop mother boards with all parts, No heat sink PS3d tv controller board couple smart phones laying around with a few spart parts and cords from desktops and laptops. Just looking for ideas, i can post pictures latter on in the day

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Detecting several different signals within a certain distance?

Hi guys,  I essentially need a device that emits a signal, while simultaneously tracking whether another device emitting the same signal enters a certain distance. If another device enters said distance then it will alert the wearer. I think this is possible, but haven't quite got the knowledge on whether it is possible. I thought about using GPS to relay wearers position to a server, which can calculate whether another device is in the vicinity and to send a reply back to the wearer, but to send data would be a continuous cost, something I'm trying to eliminate.  Radio frequencies may be another avenue to go down, but again, not sure.  In my mind I would have say 10 devices attached to different people in a rural area, and each person would be able to tell if there was another person (and device) in say 100m.  Anyone got any ideas?

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It is safe to use treated lumber to build a compost box? Answered

I would like to build a compost box but I want this box to withstand termites, carpenter ants, rotting and weather. I am thinking about using treated lumber but I worry about preserving chemicals leaking to the compost pile and effecting the decomposition process of composting.

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Out of curiosity, can rubber coatings make cardboard more durable and waterproof?

I am talking about corrugated cardboard boxes as well as pieces of corrugated cardboard. 

Question by coolcarl89    |  last reply

Is there a way to estimate how long an antenna is?

If I built a radio transmitter and then attached it to an antenna of unknown length, is there a way to calculate the length of it using transmissions? Or, as a separate question, if I had an antenna of known length and then increased or decreased the length, would there be a way to estimate the new length from transmission properties (basically without physically measuring the antenna? Assume the antenna is a straight line.

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Help me understand car radio and speakers? Answered

Okay so I bought a Scosche radio that is capable of 120W Peak (No clue what that means) Says 30W x4 which means each speaker can be 30W Correct? Well I did not know this and there are also (2) 5.25" 200W Scosche Speakers in the front and (2) 6"x9" 300W Schosche Speakers in the back. So my questions are: 1. Why does my car stereo work fine when the car is just in accessory mode? 2. Why does the car crackle and lose sound when it is on and I am driving? 3. Would I be able to use an AMP to gain more access to power for the speakers? 4. Do I need a different stereo? 5. If I can use an AMP, do I get a 1000W 4-Channel AMP? Here are the links for my speakers:

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What happens to my phone in an RFID blocking wallet?

Greetings! I'm curious about everyone's experience with using RIFD blocking fabric for blocking phone transmissions.  If I put my phone in a pocket like this, will my phone struggle even harder to find a signal and run my battery down quickly? What other concerns come into play with using this to block signals to digital devices?  I plan to experiment with different fabrics from if anyone has some recommendations or warnings.   Thanks! image supplied by

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Do we know the battery life of the CR2032?

According to this CR2032 data sheet at 3 volts left continuously on, the battery would last 1200 hours. (If I'm reading this right) Should we worry about having to change out the battery every couple of months?

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What could I do with 100 ne555p IC's?

I ended up with 100 NE555P IC'S and don't know what to do with them besides try to sell them. I'm thinking about making a PWM power supply just to tinker with, so there's 2 down. Any ideas for something practical or neat? Here is the date sheet:NE555P

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Is there a way to convert a CO2 air gun to work with a compressed air tube?

I have a CO2 air pellet gun and would like to convert to a compressed air tube....Is this possable? I hope this does not break any rules for the site. If so I am sorry, please dissregard and let me know. Thank you. Grant

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