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Fix noise in amplifier?

 recently make a lm386 amplifier  test it with battery and my eleminator power supply it is working fine. i also add a filtering capacitor. But when I connect it to a 12v adapter it marking some hum noise .So how can I repair it?

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Good knex pistol to dual wield???

I want to know if there are any good knex guns to dual wield!

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DIY Batman Tumbler Go Kart

This guy built his own Batman Tumbler go kart. With his plans you can make your own. They'll cost you a little over $30 for the plans, but it looks like that will be a small fraction of the total time and expenses for this project anyway.But, Mr. Batman Tumbler Go Kart Guy, if you're reading this, we'd always be willing to host your plans here to open up this design to the world.eBay listing via NeatoramaSkip to 1:40 to see the go kart in action.

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liquid motion timers (aka density timers/toys) What's in them?

You know those liquid motion toys you often find at places like Spencer gifts in which a denser liquid (usual bright colored) drips down onto a spiral and you can watch this discrete bubble ride on down? I'm wondering what's inside them and if its feasible to make your own. I've heard lots of things, that the clear liquid is usual a light oil and the colored part is water. I've heard the reverse, I've also heard that there is no water in these things that both are different oils.any help would be appreciated. if your still wondering what im talking about heres a place that sells them :

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Ancient technologies revisited - What happened to all the crashed "alien" ships?

Whenever it comes to theories about ancient technology we find remarkable stories of "gods" and the flying machines.And those stories never ended.Technology though changed the way we interpret video fottage that people claim to show UFO's.Quite often we have a viral flood of post from all over the US where people show some weird pics or even videos and claim they saw some UFO.It usually contraticts itslef, as an Unidetified Flying Object that is no problem to identify can't be a UFO ;)Like when some rocket launch went wrong, a satellite dropped down to burn up...Happens all over the world, almost on a daily base.So often in fact that it seems the interest to grab you phone and take a shot goes dead.Why bother, can't be real anyway...But there is undiniable footage stretching back well over 100 years showing some craft or some "light" performing flight operations that seem to have no problem totally avoiding everything we know about the laws of physics.When it comes to UFO crashes the only thing that pops into people's minds is Roswell, New Mexico...There were crshes of unidentified flying objects well before this but no makes a fuzz about them anymore.The old folks in the small town of Auroa could tell you nice stories about their relationship with "aliens"...1861 if you need a year to look out for ;)From that first crash in the US that was properly documented for history we were faced with the same problem every single time when something strange fell from the sky and landed on US soil.The military moves in a seal off the area, everything is collected, the rest cleaned.And the people that saw something are reminded that they never really saw anything.For most claimed crashes in other parts of world we never got any official or unoffial documents to view, only reports from people that were there or close when it happened.So I will leave those out.Checking in other parts of the world we know at least on one craft that crashed in 1936 in Germany and another one a few years early claimed to crashed in the alps.What happened to first is obvious, the second case in the alps is claimed to never been found.The most recent "crash" that made it into the public happened during the cold war in Russia.A bit trigger happy after noticing that the Blackbird project is not only reality but also that these birds were out of range for their weapons....No surprise then that got really pissed off when some "US craft" flew from one base to another - their most secret ones.And always it seemed to fly at speeds claimed to have been well over Mach 5.Some predictions were made, everyone on high alert and of course it then poped up over a base waiting for it.The unconfirmed claims from former military presonll states that enoug was fired to sink a small island and most of the ordonance were perfectly aimed.It eventually crashed when trying to fly away.But Russia never made a claim to have found a US spy craft, never again for this incident claimed the US was spying.And according to those claiming to have been involved in the recovery the craft was definately not of any known desing and had mostly unknown components and mterials.Going a bit further in down in history there seemed to have been a crash of a small craft around 1920 in France but I could not find anything stating more that a crashed craft was recovered and taken away for examination.So we know that at least two unidentified craft ended in the hands of powerful countries in the 100 years.we can rest assured that if Nazie German really had the remains of the 1936 crash it ended in the US together with all other vital technology and involved scientists.Add Roswell if you dare to think it was a real crash and you grant the US a 2:1 victory over Russia.Adding the Aurora crash and you get three for Team USA.China is claimed to be in possession of a rather craft that the found when excavating for something totally different.Said to have happened around 1930.But real info from China is sketchy to say the least :(What if anything that was found under the ice in Antartica was ancient or alien tech or even a craft will remain a secret for a while longer as real info on the 4 secret US bases down there is hard to come by.Some theorists claim to be able to trace certain technological advancements back to anient or even alien techonolgy.What sound like total bogus, over the years, got some momentum after all.Even if it such every day stuff like velcro tape...A claim I find rather interesting on a personal level if microchip technology.Officially we only came up with the idea to make transistors smaller and more efficient.From there we went into integrating simple components in tiny sizes into a chip housing with a few legs on it.After that it is said the rest was just a logical flow of technological evolution.But if so: How exactly would someone get the idea to shrink a good sized house of standard components into something that fits onto your fingernail?Like a CPU...It is like a missing link - the step from just making the circuit smaller and smaller to using lasers and silicium wafers to created multi layer and multi dimensional structures - the modern microchip.All the now well documented problems that seem obvious were unknown and some not even theorised.Still, within just a fears we solved quantum effects, capacitance effects of the "circuit traces", intercations from stray fields and more.In comparison it would be like going from our first production car to the latest Tesla model within just 20 years....To solve some of the problems technology to actually observe the problem needed to invented - the chicken and egg problem as some like to claim.And there is more "evidence" to some that we studied technology that we had no clue about.For certain alloys that perform exceptional in highly specialised environments we face the same conundrum.Even if, by some genius miracle, some scientists comes up with an incredible theory the guy, or girl, would need something to go with.For a technology that can only work if "unknown" elements are used in a device made from an alloy with basically impossible physical properties - what gave you the idea to "invent" both the missing elements AND the missing alloy?especially when it comes to Gallium, Indium and dysporsium we find tons of research articles these days.All theorising about very specific alloys with even more specific qualities.Including of course plausible applications for the real world if we ever would manage to create such alloys.And for some weird reason people do just that seemingly for fun.Be it making Gallium-Iron alloys or even Indium Boron Alloys - as the two main building blocks of the alloy.The rest of other metal, half metal and rare earth metals is often is such minute quantities that just guesswork or chemistry won't get you there alone.There is even the claim that we already invented the famous transparent Aluminium from Star Trek.Not based on Aluminium though and so far only in tiny crystal sizes, but still...If you would some crashed ship it woud be no problem to reverse engineer these technologies, especially if you only need to focus on understand it and creating the "tools" to replicate it.But unless we can create another massive leak of classified documents we will never know for sure what, if any of our modern technolgy was reverse engineered.But then again, that is exactly what was claimed for many of the technological advances of Nazi Germany, some just skipped decades of development and testing....Another funny clue is to check the origins of the words "Alien" and "UFO".Why would you need UFO if you already such great names as Foo Fighter or Thunderball?Just asking ;)And if it really matches the U from UFO then how can it remain a UFO once checked, tagged and examined? If it is from us it is clear, if it is not is clear as well, so it really makes so other sense than to create indended and directed confusion ;)Same for Alien...So why ancient of alien technology be any different? ;)

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forked threads and linear threads

Hi. It's about how are organized threads into forums. Currently forum threads are forked : you can reply to a comment separately, and each of your reply will make a new fork if somebody reply to your new comment ... this makes threads like trees ... Personally, I don't find this system very handy, more particularly when the same thing is being actively discussed in several forks. This system is good for short chats and when commenting instructables, but when it's about debating, it quickly becomes confusing ... For the forums, I'd prefer a system with a linear thread where messages are ordered according to time, and where we have to quote the persons we want to reply to. Several discussion could get "multiplexed" on the same thread, but personally, I find that less confusing as long as there are quotes. What's your preference ?

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Instructables login issues

The site seems to be logging me out as I am browsing the instructables. I tried to re-log in but it wouldn't let me. I am using firefox, just downloaded it to my computer last week since I saw that the site is best viewed with that browser. Really kind of annoying because then I can't view a whole instructable on one page. Dennis

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How to varnish/polish walnut wood? Answered

Hello everyoneRecently I came to the idea of making some wooden coasters and I thought it wood just be about cutting a trunk and slicing it but when I started I found out it was much harder than I thought so after finding a good trunk and slicing it I noticed that I should polish the wood and use varnish or sth of that kind to make it more beautiful now this is my problem:how should I polish my coasters some people say I have to use sealer first and then apply varnish some others say I have to use plant oils made for wood and etc. what is your suggestion for my project?p.s: I'm a beginner who doesn't have special tools and also I'm not experienced in wood working.

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How to build flexible-neck light?

Hi, I am trying to build flexible-neck lights. By flexible neck, I mean like those USB laptop lights that bend in all directions. What material is the flexible neck made from?  Where can I but this? Thank you.

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Best size sifting screen for gold panning? Answered

What is the best size sifting pan for general gold panning?? Im not doing fines or anything like that just panning out in the woods. I got by with a homemade one last year but if I wanted to buy just one for this season what is the best size?? Will a 1/4 inch work well?? 

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How To Create Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

Curious if some of the electronic gurus might have the answer to this. I am looking to build a two channel (A/B) microcurrent (allowing from 20 - 600 microamps) with selectable frequencies ranging from 3 to 970 Hz). This is based on a medical device that I'm looking to replicate. I've figured out some of this but again, considering the wealth of knowledge here I'm sure some would know the best way to build this. Oh yeah, I figure using a rechargeable battery which could be whatever voltage is best recommended. So what do you think???

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Anybody know how to build motorcycle safety wheels?

I want to build some "training" wheels or safety wheels for my motorcycle.  Arthritis is giving my left knee and hip some trouble and I worry about tipping or stopping. I have an idea to build a set of wheels that will allow me to stop without fighting to stay up.  Being five foot two does not help anyway. Mainly, I am looking for some input.  I have a concept, all the tools I need, and the material is easy to access.  The pre-made sets are way over  my budget...but I am a handy old broad and can do it.  If you have plans or some ideas, let me know! Summer is coming soon and I want to get out on the road the first pretty day. THX-

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is 2A=200mA?

I have a a wall plug to dc power supply that outputs 12V/2A , I also have a security camera that's input is 12V/200mA. is it safe to use these together?

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I can not add embed video

I can not add embed videoI have always:"Error Embedding. Please try a different URL."I tryd regular URL also Embed.Anyone else has this problem?

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Can I combine a Wacom tablet with a samsung tablet?

I have a wacom drawing pad and I was wondering if its possible to hook it up to a regular samsung galaxy tab 2 somehow.

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How to make pure sodium?

Is there anyway I can make pure sodium from salt or balking soda,and no I would not make a bomb with it.

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G-Code interpreter/loader/streaming for Arduino UNO without Stepper Drivers?

I have a MAXNC CL10 mill, which stopped working a few weeks ago, PICs not working... Anyway, Looking for a sketch to interpret G-code and drive the unipolar motors. I searched around and founded Grbl and a few others, which uses driver circuits, but I don't know enough about programming to change them to what I can use. Any hints, pointers, road maps would be helpful.

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So My Male RedEared Slider is Gettin To Big to be in a tank inside, So ive decided he needs a pond habitat outside! i want to make an above ground enclosure with waterfall filter i just need some help with ideas on getting started HELP! lol THANKS MUCH IN ADVANCE ^_^ 

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What type of steel do i need to get to forge a damascus steel knife ? Answered

I know i need high carbon steel and a nickel alloy steel but what kind is the best to get??

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Malaria Tensorflow android app

Hey , I wrote this topic for gathering help for a project . in fact im a student (Nairobi) in software engineer , and i'm actually working on a project Image Classification with tensor flow and keras with a large datasets of Malaria Blood cell . I train a model able to classify and spare the Uninfected from the infected one so here my question is Can you advice me , i'm willing to connect a digital microscope and a raspberry plus a Bluetooth sensor i guess for connecting the rasp to a android phone , maybe this explanation will be more clear to you ( What i want to make its a portable digital microscopes ( where people could insert a sample of their own blood ) connected to my android app , i wish that the android will be able to take a picture with the microscopes and then process it and deliver a result ) that is what my app actually look like . i'm sending you some screenshot of the app , i have another question i wondering if that will work properly i mean for the user because when i test my project i use the image from the datasets so i'm wondering if a picture took even with a high quality of microscope gonna fit for the process ? My brother ask me that question i wasn't able to answer it i hope you guys are . thank u for the time you give to that post

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Wind and light renewable energy heating pad

I have a small balcony garden where I want to grow my chilli plants. I have seen many plant heating pads in the market but they all need a wall plug and they all eat lots of energy.I would like to know if there is a possibility to build a small heater that is powered by different renewable energies (sun/light, wind, water/rain) at the same time.The area to be warmed would be around 0.324 m3 at a constant of 18o Centigrates.Is this possible?

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First Word That Pops Into Your Head

So I saw this on Amazon, so I decided to start it here. One word or short(One sentence or less) phrases, please, and you may not post another time until someone else adds to yours. The word is(what a surprise)---- K'Nex Have fun!!!

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Microsoft Photodraw - does anyone use it any more?

I have Photodraw 2000 on my computer from several years ago - I copied it onto my newer computer and I use it all the time to add text, borders or effects and to correct old photos or erase backgrounds.  I use my photos for various purposes, for teaching and family use, so it's good to be able to do lots of things with the photos in just one simple program I love Photodraw- it has so many uses and is easy to use. I never got the hang of using layers as in (which I've tried ) and Photoshop (which seems so expensive and complex). Does anyone else still use Photodraw or am I hanging on to a dinosaur here?

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So i'm selling a broken gameboy color that i took apart to try and make a mp3 player out of it. Then i realized, i have no idea what im doing, no soldering iron, nothing. i started to put it back together, then it slipped out of my hands, and a wire came out and broke or somethign i dont know. Everything else is fine but that little flat wire thingie. So if you want it, come get it. I will post pictures soon. $1 :-)

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does anyone know how I can hack a coby dp562 digital frame?

Odd question, I know, but ill explain.   I have made a PIPBOY 3000 prop for holloween and am using the coby DP562 as the screen, it should just fit and allow photos, videos, and music.  if you dont know what a pipboy is, it is a gauntlet computer from the game Fallout 3. i just wanted to know if the was a way to hack it and change the menus.  I dont want to change the functionality, just the appearence.  so that the menus look like the pipboy menus.  I was going to add the radio songs to the music folder and the pipboy screen jpegs to the pictures folder, with a looping video for the radio screen into the videos folder.  which will all work great, but it would be nice to have the in between menus look the same.  heres a couple of reference photos.

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Motion detector on and off on demand

Hello, I have an arduino and i hope to hook it up to a fan. But I want the option to turn the motion sensor on and off. I know I need a switch. I am new to circuits and am doing it as a hobby. I will use an arduino. But I hope to put the program on an at85 using arduino uno and arduino code. Do I need a relay switch? How do I go about doing this. I knwo how to hook it up to the fan. But not change between on and off for the motion detector only. I want to be able to turn the fan on with a manual switch and with motion detection basically. Not at the same time of coarse.

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I need to make a dog clicker as i dont get then near my house. please help me out! all methods are welcome.. please provide images if possible.. THANX!!!

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I have always wanted to be a wolf or a vampire. How would I go about doing so? I wanna be changed into an immortal Help?

Since I was a little kid, I used to growl at people I didn't like and I howl when i'm lonely I also bark at people when I think there is something wrong. I need to be a wolf (or vampire). It would make my life so much easier. I love being pet. Help? I know this sounds crazy but I am being serious.

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Can any one help me with the Sketch of Arduino Uno R3 based Automatic Staircase Lighting System

Hi,I am planning to build arduino 2 motion sensor based automatic staircase lighting system for my new home.The project is like this:Iafter seeing some similar project i bought(1.)1Arduino Uno R3.(2.) 2 Hc-Sr501 PIR motion sensor(3.)WS2812B Neopixel led strip and other required components.I found one project which was exactly as per my needs: unfortunately the sketch didn't work as expected(the lights just keep on flickering and nothing else happens and i have very limited knowledge of codingCan anyone help me with the sketch part?.I have attached the necessary file which i am using to build my project.

Question by vjprakash8  

What is the best glue for attaching cardboard to metal? Answered

I am always creating all sorts, so i ask you out there, whats the best thing you have found? If you specify a US product, a small description would be great..

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My 555 IC overheats

I am trying to construct astable multivibrator using 555 IC that will drive my relay. I am trying to make it trigger every 15 min. but when ever it triggers, the 555 IC get overheated, I have burnt almost 10 of them. any idea what could be the reason? If I don't connect anything to pin-3, it works very well.

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Air pump and switch for two model cars to race.

We are making small model cars and hoping to race them at school.We hope to propel them with air from a bike pump. What we want to do is race two cars side by side, triggered by a switch that triggers both cars at the same time down a track. A ready-made kit is expensive and I am hopeful that some amazing person out there could design/make show me (a non-tech person!) how to achieve this. Many thanks.

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Copper and magnet electricity generator

For a project in school we are designing a simple electric generator using copper wire and a magnet. The output i'm aiming for is 15V .The fixed criteria for Faraday's law as followsE =( NBA ) / T T= 3 seconds N = adjustable A = adjustable B = Neodymium 1.32 T so how do i chose my copper wire? what diameter? what kind? how do i keep the design not so BIG . How do i increase my voltage output by using a double coil system?

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Add hdmi to an iphone 4s pico projector?

I have two pico projectors from aiptek made for iphone 4s i want to make them run with hdmi or miracast. i diassambled them and found tha the apple 30pin is connected to a 20 pin ribbon cable connected to the motherboard. please any one could help don't hesitate

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Electronic curb (kerb) sensor?

My parents are getting older and having problems parking the car in the garage. Not with stopping, but in parking too close to the walls (several bumpers and side mirrors have been damaged). I remember curb feelers from days-of-old, but am wondering if there is an electronic version available? Thanks for any help.

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#Myoware sensor

I bought myoware sensor to do it in the project. But when I connect the sensor with arduino, the red light flashes(signal light) İt is normal or my sensor is faulty? It also gives me the output as a voltage. But I need real contractions values.? how can ı do transformation it ? Can you help me please someone .Thnan you

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WeMos D1R2 error: Timed out waiting for packet header

Hello, I had buy WeMos D1R2 v2.1.0. So I check here tutorial how to setup it. After tutorial is start perfect. When I connect to WeMos DHT22/AM2302 to pins GND, 3V3 and D3(I think that was my mistake). After few uploads is stops to work and now when I click to upload i receive this message. Problems is that I am new in hardware and I try to reset it or flash it. I always receive this error. Thank you very much.

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Ancient technologies revisited - The ark of the covenant

Not just for christianity is the ark something really special.Many of the old cultures meantion it - often in contexts that is mentioned in the bible at all.Unless it can be found all there is are theories and wild speculations.So for this round I will make it quite short and just sum up some of the highlights - in terms of technology.The ark is said to contain the two stone plates with the ten commandments.A nice story to get the godly touch into the bible context.If they are or were really in there then just as stone plates with some carvings on them.The real power of or in the ark is said to be of technological nature.Many cultures mention that the ark was responsible for impossible things or that it was involved when great disasters or great rescues happened.Like the crubling of the walls of Jericho.Horns might work for resonance effects but an earthquake at that time would be more likely.The blowing of the horns could have been the signal to activate the ark....The ark is said to have both great powers and great dangers.This seems to be confirmed by all these old stories were people that were not allowed to opened the ark.Same for those who were subjected to the arks destructive powers.If you check the old pictures and read the old reports you can help it and say "radiation poisoning!".One ancient text states it was a gift by the gods and who would need its power would have to first study it to confirm his worthyness.Anyone not accepted by the ark and attempting to open or use it would cause death and destruction.But it also states that whoever is granted all the wisdom of the ark will be able to re-create the tools of the gods and that he will be given the knowledge how to use them.Some could now go ahead and collect all relevant stuff from these old texts, pictures and myths.Then that someone you try to translate what was seen through the eyes of an "underveloped" human into terms of our modern age.Thankfully this was attempted several times already :)The theory I like best is based on the assumption that some higher beings or aliens left us the ark to guide our development.A bit like the reverse version of pandora's box.The theory is quite complex and specific in many areas with references to historic events and more.So before I reveal their conclusion I will give you an example of why so far everyone decided the ark can not fall into the wrong hands.If you would have a really nice and accurate rifle that never needs reloading or and special care and maintenance you would have an impossible thing for our times already.But someone from our time would find plenty of good and peaceful uses.Like living alone ina remote area and using it for hunting.Now imagine you would go back in time and hand such a rifle with instructions on how build it to someone like Genghis Khan.....Anyway, the conclusion from my favourite theory about the ark goes like this:It a combination of supercomputer, fusion reactor and matter converter all in one box.Science fiction fans might prefer the translation to a replicator with computer interface that allows you to create things from the 24th century - with a complete knowledge base on top...No surprise then that it was hidden their their last known owners in a location impossible to reach.Where is it?I leave finding it up to you but you will be able to use your favourite search engine to find many stories, films and documents about the location.It is claimed that when the second world war was basically done the ark was transported over the atlantic.A small island in Nova Scotia was long thought to hold the ark, the holy grail, the lost treasures of pirates and more.A more modern approach than trying to dig or drill tunnels to get to a seemlingly bottomless hole was to use cameras and sensors.Was not just for fun though as the constant flooding of the vertical shaft by up to three horizontal shafts made other things impossible.Diving was out due to the seperatin levels every few meters.The videos and sonar scans revealed nothing special, just what was already found at higher levels.Every now and then the sensors would drop out, same for the cameras.In some cases the totally failed and never worked again.More sensore were introduced to the hole.Samples taken when the water was rising in the shaft showed elevated ionisation effectscompared to the surrounding sea water.Other sensors detected high frequency RF emissions in short bursts.Nothing seemed to offer any conclusions about the causes, so samples from seperating wood structures were taken again but from the deepest level the probes could reach.Again the tests showed nothing to indicate why the water samples were so different or where the RF could be created.and just o be sure another carbon dating was performed on the samples.Older sample from much higher levels already confirmed age and materials used so it would not hurt.The tests had to be done several times with more sample pieces as the initial results were "incunclusive".They still are inconclusive!What does that mean in terms of carbon dating?It means that a sample return values that either can't be right or that two pieces taken from a bigger piece give different results.The got both for all samples taken from the deep....Some of the wood was dated to be just a few hundred years old, others from the same chunk close to 3000 years old and some section even had a negative age as if they came from the future.A tree grows naturally so no matter hwn you test a sample of it in the far future all samples will give you the same result.With no clues the scientist gave the results and test reports to a great variets of specialists in their field for consideration to explain how this carbon dating result could be possible.Several theories came back to our researchers...The dating analyses the decay rate of the C14 atom in all matter containing carbon.The decay rate however can change if the atom is or was subjected to more or less intense radiation or to high energy fields.As only low levels of radiation were detected by sensors this would exclude alpha, beta and gamma radiation.If all other options are exhausted than the impossible must be true.A higher, currently unknown or unspecifed form of energy is responsible.And depending on the operating principle and what we so far know about it in theory, a cold fusion reactor with failing or damaged shielding is a prime candidate.The conclusion of the researcher was the this hole must contain the ark and that it is indeed powered by a highly advanced type of reactor that we only manage to theorise about but we can't (yet) build one.Reasing behind is the theory that decades of tidal movement caused the lower parts of the shaft to collapse or that heavy debris made it through the flood channels during storms and hurricanes.What is the problem with this theory?Well, if the ark would really be at the bottom of this shaft than it would mean the researcher were right about who traveled over there to hide it.And that would implicate those in command of this guy actually possesed the ark - which would be unthinkable.But then again they followed and examined every story, myth and ancient text in relation to the ark and wasted enormous sums on expeditions to explore their locations.Worse still: It would mean those in charge of the ark knew they had lost despite its power - most likely due to a lack of time to understand its real functions?And if you would have the support of higher beings and still hide it in a place no one can access ever again it could mean you know "the others" shall never get to it either - unless they as well get the guidance of the gods.Isn't it then good to know in todays times that we won't be able to figure out what really is down this hole?If it is not the ark down there what is the next best theory for this hole?Considering the location and stories of those old tribes of the area there was no water in the times before time.Meaning in the far distant past it was a mountain top and the ocean was miles below it.What now seems to be some elaborate water trap might as well be the ventilation shaft of a city or industrial complex far below todays sea levels.And if some technology down there survived the times something might have failed and allowed it to be flooded.At least partially.Either way it is all just theory until someone made it to to bottom....

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Butane distillation

I have instructions for extracting pure esential oil from plant material using butane. The problem I have with it is that at the end, the butane is vented. I just don't feel right about venting unburned hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. I've been looking at glass lab equipment (distillation tubes, connectors, etc). I have no background in chemistry, but it seems to me it shouldn't be too difficult to put something together using standard glass lab equipment to capture, distill and reuse the butane. Butane boils at 31 degrees farinhite and is heavier than air. At the end of the process, the oil is scraped from the bottom of a drying dish. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to put something like this together? Thanks

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Ancient technologies revisited - Ancient math

You can not have technology without math a fact not too many people would deny.At a certain level you just need a common ground to get from an adie to reality, even if it just a simple measuring tape.When it comes to math we have two major players in the game today.The metric system and then what the other people use ;)Jokes aside they both have their merits and they both come from similar origins.What they both lack though is literally anything that is not a straight line.As soon as it comes to something round, harmonic, free flowing or just with a complex geometry we utterly fail.It is like running aorund the barn, climing up a rope to squeeze through a thight hole to get inside.While all you had o do in reality is to open the damn barn door to get in ;)Ancient cultures used different way to tell the time of the day or day of the year.And when it comes to defining lenght that had everything but a common ground.For some it was how long some piece of wood was.So you want a plank of "4 meters" but order from someone out of town - his "4 meters" might be less than half of you need.Despite all these local differences though they managed to build and create with astounding accuracy.To calculate the movement of your solar system and other stars you need quite complex math - today.In ancient times people were able to just this without a compunter or wasting weeks or endless calculations....How did they do it?Nicola Tesla had a glimps of how nature really works.Despite never making any real documentations to create his invention he made one big exception.The circle of math.A simple thing on paper with lots of lines, numbers and spirals.You can find several copies and remakes with your favourite search engine, I prefer Duckduckgo.He used this circle to promote new ways of doing math in lots of schools and universites.With great success I might add.Sadly all this ended when he was discredited and died as a poor man.So, what then is so different between our modern math and ancient of nature's math?We are based on the decimal system mean we use 10 numbers for everything.Our first computer only knew two - 0 and 1.A bit later they used not just bits but also bytes and words- 8, 16, 32,64, ...If you break all this down then it comes down to evolution in terms of how in netures you go from one single cell to a complete human being.One make two, two make four, four become 8, 8 become 16, then 32, 64, 128 - you see the computer here and why it is more efficient that the math we learn in school?A computer does not count to 10 and start over...Our current math uses shortcuts and walkarounds to get to the finish.It made a lot of sense in the early days but has certainly long reached the limits of use.If we understood that a computer needs to go from a single bit to a byte like nature then what about the rest of the numbers nature uses and that most likely our ancient cousins used?To really explain it I need to involve our alien friends again.If we agree they would be resonsible for all things from UFO's, over technology and down to building entire cities:Someone would have to know about it and most like have or had contact.Ancient texts more than confirm all this through myths and legends.Now imagine you would like to influence the evolution of an entire race ove thausands of years.How could you make sure they reach a very high level but will never be able to "break the seventh seal" to reach your level?Of course in a way that this civilisation would never find out or consider...You limit its capablility to understand math!Despite having the solution right in front of our eyes from a single atom, over a ceel multiplication down to sunflowers and vortexes - we only march in 10 digit steps and won't ever consider to just dance aorund with the music playing...It really makes no sense to use 10 numbers!The day has 24 hours - 2 times 12, 12 hours for the DAY 12 for the NIGHT part.Eggs come in a dozen or 12 again.Not even the moon is "digital" and ancient calendars were highly accurate while our way of defining days weeks and such resulted in a total chaos requiring complex calculations.In ancient times it was all beased on how nature does it.The gregorian calendar changed this and if you check for the "excuse" why we suddenly had for forget all about lunar calendars you might be surprised.Fair enough but how could you convince an entire civilisation to forget all about real math and learn something way to complicated?USE YOUR FINGERS! ;) Yes, by pure coincidence our math system is based on how mand FINGERS we have.Not hands, not eays, not legs, fingers.Literally any other part of our body would have made more sense, at least you can get from 2 to 4 then to 8 and soon realise you are one with nature again.Simple, genius, unbreakable - show me one little kid in school that never tried to use the finger to do help with math....How many number does nature use then?Just nine.And for good reason there is no zero as we know it.The scam works so perfectly because all that was required was to teach us to not jump from 9 back to 1 but instead to add a zero to make it 10.Every time we go past the nine in the sequence we add a 0 and once that is done we add a diget and make it a 1 again.As a result and with no escape from it our math creates numbers that go bigger and bigger until they are too complex to handle with just our brains - we get the help of a computer using a similar flawed system that is at least faster.Nine numbers only - how do you use them?You can't apply our understanding of math to a system that does not know zero as we do.But I will try anyway in the best way I can.Take the computer sequence again: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, ...There is a thing often just refered to being a party trick.It is the simplification of a multi digit number into a single diget one.In reality though a reamins of our knowledge how math really worked.You simply add all digets and if you still get more than a single one you repeat until you have just one.Let's try to reverty our embryo back to how nature created it b using the above numbers for this simple trick:1, 2, 4, 8, 7 (1+6), 5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5....I guess you see the pattern by now ;)Try for yourself!It always breaks down to 1 2 4 8 7 5 ! And if we have no real zero then there are only three numbers left: 3, 6, 9 .If create a circle and instead of going from 12 to 12 like on a clock you go from 9 to 9 you have the basic circle model.From the 9 on top go to 12345678.A pie with 9 slices if you need helping marking, but you can just devide the circle in 40° pieces.Draw a triangle between the 3, 6 an 9 - it should almost look like a sideview of a pyramid.Now draw lines in sequenc with the remaining numbers.Go from the 1 to the 2, then to the 4 and so on.Looks rather symmetrical with a "twist, like butterfly wings if you like.You can perform all basic math with just this circular concept.You only need to know how 3, 6 and 9 have other "meanings" and that there is no zero.Too bad we are no longer wired to think like this - but you could learn it (again).Higher math seems to be impossible though.Oh! Why no zero you ask?Well nature does not know "off" or nothing - all start with a single thing and in the end goes back to just that.Nothing is wasted...If you now would try to implemt PI into our circle we could try it dead simple.We multiply it with the numbers of the circle and add the result as a vector from the center through the corresponding number.If we would now connect the end points of these vectors and interpolated the stuff between them we get a very nice spiral.As we have no zero we also have no 10 and seem stuck at 9...But 10 times PI over the 1 still gives us the right result...In either case you could now enlarge or shrink this sprial any equal (x-y) way you like and the only thing changing the true result is the lenght of the vector.For a circle you don't care if the diameter is 2 meters or 5 kirdigs, you only need to know the vector - the definition of lenght relates to it, PI....Ok, but how could you do harmonic things like the change from day to night or a soundwave?Look to asia and simply draw the Yin Yang symbol insde your circle.Preferably rotated so the two small circle are orientated vertically.Going back to our simplification of the large numbers but using the remaining there:They are very special as they from a triangle - the proximation of a cricle with just three lines.Take any multiple of these numbers and you always come back to them through the above decimal intergation process.And it perfectly goes along with our nature.(Keep in mind real values like time or meter are just vectors here!)12 hours come down to the number 3, 24 hours turn into 6 18 hours into 9...If noon is 9 you would have a pretty nifty way to tell time precisely and the 3 and 6 would mark the turning points - or amplitude reversal....And if you now dare to color in the Yin Yang symbol slightly differently you end up with two sine waves that cancel each other out ;)Use Yin and Yang at the right enlargement (vector for lenght, time) and turn it to the correct number(s) (rotational vector) and you could do complex calculations with pen and paper that are accurate enough to build a ball bearing from the drawings and measurements - and bearings have tight tolerances.Go further and explore how our natural sequences like the Fabanucci Sequence or just the golden ration can be placed correctly in the circle and how it changes and simplifies relationships ;)Suddenly it becomes clear why our know laws of physics have such simple equations to explain them.The all deal with just linear things.Becomes painfully clear when you try to do math for a pendulum.Put down to the pure basics it eventuall becomes clear that weight does not matter for a pendulum (ideal), not even how great the amplitude is.The time it needs for a full swing only depends on gravity and lenght of the rope.....A force and vector....We did realise this at some stage at university but only after going painfully long hours of calculating all sorts of things to distract us from this simple fact.With the claim that it is needed to fully understand it LOLWe can't find the missing laws of physiscs because our math is flawed and does not allow for harmony and resonance - it is not a circle, it is a line getting longer and longer.If we do find them we will either re-invent math or use the most complex formulas you can think of to get results.Ok then, but why was this math secret hidden from us?Once you realise that you have 6 numbers representiong "evolution" or "progress" and 3 numbers that define how it all cycles in sync and harmony you can help but wonder how far this system goes.Nature and the universe is everywhere from sub atomic size to our galaxy...What drives life or evolution? Energy....Which means 3. 6. and 9 stand for the three universal forms of energy and their sum at the same time.Remember! NO ZERO, Remember! Yin Yang, no end, no beginning, always equal, always opposite.Real power comes from REAL knowledge and what you make with it.Is there an easy way to re-learn this forgotten math so it can be used for things as complex as calculating how a comet travels through space?Not really as we would first have to forget almost everything we know about math in terms of calculations with numbers result in more numbers.What we can do thoug is open our eyes and observe.Nature is all around us and we just need to learn again that nature knows it best.When you see a pretty flower look behind the flower, see the symmetry and harmony in the design.See how the number of petals relate or simply start counting with sunflowers to decipher why this design of seed placement is so perfect.The more you really see the more you will understand how it fits together using numbers.We had huge cities long before we lived in caves if we can accept that humanity is much older than what we think we won't reject true math anymore...

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Ancient technologies revisted - flying machines

With ancient "toys" and "decoration" showing someone who is NOT an archeologist things like planes, helicopters, jets and even "flying saucers" we can't help but wonder...If we see a little kid making a crude cryon drawing of a plane we have no objections at all that it IS a plane.If a little kid watched a nice pirate movie the resulting cryon ship still is a ship for us.And well, if the kid watched Star Trek a lot and draws a space ship we again agree it is just that.So why, if the same kids say they see a plane in an ancient trinket are we told it is anything BUT a plane?Take the famous planes the Maya culture presented us with so many times and that even build at a larger scale to show it is actually capable of proper flight.Archeologist and those involved with the official exploration of the past state it is an insect, some bird or just a fantasy creation.This and much more happens over and over again.What one side clearly sees as evidence that advanced technology existed long before we even had steel, the other side clearly sees it as something impossible.Artefacts showing os animals, plants and such however are always just that and everyone can agree - funny isn't?You have to wonder why a culture that can create delicate "toys" looking like the real thing would go and create something born out of fantasy.They did not do this, it a new trade of humanity called deception.What they drew, what they created what their myths talk about is all based on things they saw and experienced.It just makes no sense that they "invented" a helicopter for fun - they did not have the fantasy or brains to come with the idea of a helicopter...Then why are there no remains, no wrecks, not even spare parts to be found anywhere in the world?It is a defence argument often used by "real" experts of the field...So let's take a look at this statement and conundrum behind it.What we found in metal tools, toys, artefacts and such from ancient times is in almost all cases so badly corroded that it becomes impossible to make sense of it.A few cm of something that might have been a few meters square won't tell you what it was when it was made.On the other hand we found lots of copper and bronze tools - metals that can form a natural layer of protection that lasts for a very long time.Still even those, unless found in sealed places, are often so corroded that you need a bit of fantasy to imagine the original shape.At least the experts here won't tell us that something that looks like a hammer was actually a fork....If we try to imagine the materials that would have been used to build flying machines modern scientists all agree that modern metals must have been used as neither copper, nor brinze would work due to their weight and softness.Natural materials are out of the question as well because we never found evidence of something as simple a the Wright brothers or Hudini's plane...Like these old folks skipped balloon, gliders and all to go directly to modern jets and such...Today we use quite a few fancy materials in our flying machines.Composites made from plastic and aluminium, blow expanded titanium turbine blades, high quality steel for bearings and drive shafts...And one thing we only know too well: all these materials suffer badly from fatigue and wear and tear.We constantly need to replace worn parts to keep the thin airworthy...To back up our real archeologists and their claims or to show how all these alien nuts are wrong some tests were performed on modern alloys and plastics.It is the same process that checks how materials age in an accelearted way that helps engeneers to create better things.The best example of this technique you might have heard of is "biodegradeable" - found on many packing materials these days.Everything from sun light over moisture to bacteria and possible by products is added and "accelerated"- if the bag is gone after the set time it is deemed biodegradable.The results for our metal and composite tests however were not that conclusive and accurate.It is a different thing if instead of a few years you are supposed to simulated a few thausand years of exposure to the elements, having a jungle growing over it and all.At least they could agree that unless preserved in some sealed chamber or the perfect "soil" that turned into oxygen deprived and non acidic mud it would not take long for things to disappear fully.3000 to 5000 years only and there would be nothing of a fancy flying machine - if materials we are familiar today would have been used.Many of these cultures though are older, much older, so there wouldn't a realistic chance to find any "advanced" technology anywhere.But in hind sight of recent finding on the sea bed another round of this time just theortical agin tests were performed.If left undisturbed a flying machine, like a sunken cargo ship would start to form a reef in shallow waters and be overgrown by coral, sediments and more.On the hand, if left in deep enough water only corrosion by chemical means would be an issue and the deeper you go the better everything is preserved.For such a case it was estimated that identifiable remains could still be found up to 10.000 years later.Our biggest problem is to go down into the deep oceans to explore all those regions that were dry land before our sea levels started to rise.Why is this part of archeology so controversial and gets basically no funding at all?Considering the billions we waste on military and space programs it actually makes no sense.Same for the refusal to fully admit that ruins uner the sea that are over 40.000 years old can only mean we had a thriving human civilisation long before we are supposed to have been cave dwelling primitives.It is almost entirely up to a few private investors to cough up a few bucks to allow the exploration of the deep sea.And if you exclude minerals, vulcanic stuff and finding new bacteria and animals living down there you get next to nothing.Openly admitting that we were flying around like we drive our cars today at times when we did not even know steel is just too outragous.Would be like this dude a few hundred years ago trying to convince the world that earth rotates around the sun and not the other way around...We all know how that ended.Just imgine this for a moment:You invent and create something that you know is totally new, totally awesome and you wasted years of your life to finally finnish it and make it work.You would be proud as.And rightfully so!But then comes some weird dude and tells you "Nice, quite crude and badly designed but a good start."You would be furious whether you like to admit it or not - you just got insulted for your life's work...And to top it all up he comes along a few days to show you how he did it properly long before you even made your first technical drawings...Would be massive blow to your confidence and you would start to question a lot of things...Now imagine it would not just be you and what you invented and acomplished but in fact literally everything humankid ever invented and thought to be the best of everything....In a sick sense it is actually logical to prevent this moment of enlightenment to ever hit humanity.We can look at ancient artefacts, drawings and even entiry stories hammered in stone (or vibrated into it to be precise).We can see the reality but chose to turn a blind eye on it.What is even funny if you think about it is what sort of delays this refusal caused when it came to translation ancient writing.Not really that easy to create a totally different context just to avoid including the word "plane" or "space suit" for example.Entire sections of ancient texts still have "exclusion zones" for this very reason.Unoffical prove is out there that we in fact not only found ancient crafts but that we also managed to re-create at least what we could understand.But then again the same would be true if we trust our alien theorists.Almost every single day people report some sort of UFO in the skies, some even claim to have seen them coming out of lakes and the ocean.99% of these sightings are anything but alien craft.But it seems easier to post a video stating UFO's flying over.... Why bother to check if some rocket test, launch or similar was done around the time in this area?Why bother to check if a satellite was turned off for a controlled destruction in the atmosphere?And none of these reports are taken down or corrected with the right info when the truth comes out - you have to search the comments for it...In recent years though it seem the entire approach to keeping certain secrets secret has changed.Even NASA made old videos and images available to the general public showing "controversial" optical "artefacts".Some former astronauts went as far are providing images and videos they took with their own cameras and added what they thought about it at the time and till today.The US even finally openly admitted to have been doing "UFO research" for decades.Research in this context however means exploring or trying to, what these weird things might be that seem to follow and watch us everywhere.A bit shy of admitting they examined some of these flying objects but a complete reversal of the statements and approach we we told for so long.And then there is all this "new" technology we implement now, stealth technology, trust vector control, A.I. supported flight controls, three dimensional and real time computer simulations of the battlefield - the "soldier" could be on a different continent when his tank got hit by an RPG...Some claim the advances of these technologies were just logical and a result of theoretical research come to life once we had the tech and materials for it.These official claims however can also be read like this:Theoretical research includes reverse engineering and developing the required technology and materials is a logical step to re-create the reverse engineered object....Isn't it funny in this context that basically ALL these fance "inventions" have a trace that ends in a secret labs and projects?Only once NASA or the Militara was done with it and happy outside companies and people got access to parts of it.And this pratice is still happening every single day.Another, for some, strong hint is the rejuventation of the space race.But for this conundrum I will do another episode ;)

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Ancient technologies revisted - The Moon

It was always up there in our sky.It inspired artists, song writers and created some of our greatest myths including werewolf stories.But is the moon really just some old rock giving us tides and a more stable weather?NASA tells us the moon is a hollow metal sphere.Astronauts reported Foo fighters and all sorts of optical objects that no radar would detect.To say WHAT the moon is would be controversial is an understatement but the facts are out there and are being accepted more and more by mainstream scientists.When I was a kid you would have not found any scientist taking seismic reading from the moon as prove that it is hollow.Today it is a widely accepted fact as we can not produce ANY evidence that the moon is not hollow.All this however only spans a few decades of exploring and slowly accepting facts for what they are.We still struggle to accept that ancient myths and writings as well as evedince written in stone is real evidence.Mythical creatures, gods and such come from the mind of people not knowing technolgy as we do today.They got depicted often as interpretations of the real thing.Some native tribe member from the Brasilian jungle would today not be able to make a drawing or even model of a helicopter that few over his head.It would look like anything but a helicopter and shows what was really visible with a lot of details lost, especially if it was flying a bit high.So let us assume just for the fun that these ancient texts and images really show us advanced technologies seem with the eyes of a underdeveloped (technical) brain.After all, we are happy to accept a lot of other things from the same texts without even questioning.A surprising amount of ancient myths and legends speak about the time before time.Or in more modern words, the time of creation.It is always a reference to when for those "reporting" self awareness and existence started.Some scholars though say it only the time when we learned to form our spoken words into a meaningful written language.This statement becomes painfully obvious when you explore cultures that never developed a written language in ancient times.Like the natives in Australia and namy native tribes in America.Many scholar these days consider that the ancient people only developed a written language as a requirement.But not as a requirement like we might think.You can teach one person something or give the person instructions.This becomes much more efficient if you can write it down and the other person can read it.It also revent mistakes and misinterpretations.It is the number one thing allowing us advance technological.Those cultures only adapting to a written and "documented" language long after their peak provide us a story that is shared throughout ancient cultures around our globe.We can hear the same from the mebers of those tribes that still have no written language of their own today.Some of them even started to see the importance and became authors and wrote books about the dreamtime and how their people and our world came into existence.In those older than ancient stories we hear about a time of great suffering and ongoing harship to survive.As long as thier stories go back it was like that.Put into modern context and stiched together from around the world:We had hurricanes on impossible power destroying crops and dwellings but the big cities always surived them.We had winters cold enough to freeze a glass of water in minutes.It was a hard existence and survival was everything.Whenever it got too hard though the people from the big cities offered help and shelter.Our struggle with this is already that during those time humanity neither knew how to build solid stone house now had a brain capable to design a complex city.Either way the powerful people from those cities decided one day that enough is enough and provided weather and climates to allow humanity to evolve.Once pure survival no longer requires 24/7 attention you find time for other things...Then what was it these ancient and unknow city dwellers did to fix our weather and climate?If you trust stories that were told from generation to generation for millenia then they placed a huge disk in the sky emitting enough light during the night so peole could see what is going on without needed a burning torch...The simple people back then were scared and thought their end is coming because this disk made everything so much worse.Huge earthquakes, tsunamies going hundreds of kilometers into the land, vulcanic eruption lasting for months on end.Decades of cold and miserable weather from all the dust and smoke in the air.But those powerfull people promised it will end soon and that the disk will bring stability and prosperity to humans.And when it finally happened and our world was the beautiful blue planet we know today the powerful people left - often together with their cities.Left to go back to their even bigger cities in the skies and amoung the stars.This huge disk was much much later named moon....A nice story, trust me I know....But we like to say that every story, every myth and every legend has a true fact here and there.Often overstated, or simplified but still there...The more we learn about ancient text, the more we actually understand why making sure these stories survive throughout time - the more we learn that they more truth in them than we dare to admit.How important would some historial fact for us today be so that we would try to preserve this knowledge for the thausands of year yet to come?We don't even have this concept :(So try understand how important, how valuable the core of a story must be that it really surived for thausands of years???!!!You could make a much greater story about how you invented the wheel and clock or how building dams allowed your culture to feed everyone through advances in farming.All those facts got lost, only the people from the skies and the disk up there remained important...Can we really be selfish enough to just ignore this fact and state it is impossible and never really happened?The storeis place the moon into our sky at around 100-250.000 years B.C....That is if ignore one tiny detail, but I get to that soon.Science provided us with real answers and fully debunked all the mathy about the moon being placed.When it was supposed to happen our geological structure was already subject to the gravitational forces of the moon.And thusands of years earlier the samples show exactly the same, so we can stop this nonsense of the the moon being artificial, hollow or even created and placed by someone.Or can we?Thing about these ancient stories is that they tell what was happening those "before", the ones providing help and guidance "now".Unthinkable, turst me again, I really know :(But as science states over and over again: Only fact we can see and explore speak the full truth.We found parts of the truth during the German space program and got scared enough to stop.Is it our advance in technology, defence and offense that gives the confidence to go back again now?Some say yes, other say it is a necessacity to go back.If we look who holds the power and who had and still has the control about most vital info deemed to be nothing for the public we have to wonder...It is a bit like a Star Trek comedy."Look! We united, we make a team efford, we are ready!"In reality though we just a bunch of cowards playing dirty games with each other.No one really wants to be just a part of it, they all just want to be first and stay in control.Coincidence? Hardly...What would be the possible implications of all this?Even if we could ignore ancient stories about the time before time we can't ignore basic facts.A hollow moon would indeed mean that just rock is not enough to give it enough mass.Would also mean it simply can't be coincidence that it has no rotation despite all we know about planets and moons clearly stating otherwise.Excluding even this problem we still struggle.No matter if there is rotation or not, the "millions" of years of space debris of quite large size would have left real evidence up there.But we find no real mountains, no really solid rock in or around the craters.And the damn things, despite this, seems to be so hard that no impact can create a deep crater....So of course we found some discarded scientists who started to count and cataloguise all these impacts.Thanks to NASA providing highly detailed images and orbital scans an almost easy task.First goal was to figure out or at least properly guess how much mass these hits added to the moon.Most of them would have been some icy mix with rock, only a tiny amount with mostly metal at the core.Since the moon still has some sort of working gravity despite being hollow a calcuable amount of debris would have settled on the moon and not that much would go back into space.Also some of what escaped would not have escaped orbit and the moon collected it over the years with its gravitational pull.The scientists struggled at one point when they found a weird problem.Not a single crater seems to have been caused by something hitting the moon at an angle.No one up there to clean up and no atmosphere either...Statistically speaking it is next to impossible that every rock that ever hit the moon came at a dead 90° to the area it would hit...Anyway, they ignored that tiny conundrum and moved on.We have a good idea how deep the craters are and how high the rings around them are.Everyone can agree that a crater can't be bottomless, because, well, it is covered by debris and rather flat.This flatness everywhere on the moon suggests that something "solid" must be under it - at a certain distance from the surface.With a margin of error in the region of just 17% the debris from whatever was hitting the moon to create the craters matches the thickness we would need to cover a solid sphere....Coincidence I know but still interesting to know...So when we can finally admit what the moon really is and how exactly it got up there we know for sure that we modern humans were not there first people roaming the planet....Does not mean that aliens were here or that they still are, just give a different perspective on our evolution and how the earth evolved.And we can just change what everyone takes for granted...But wouldn't it be nice when in a few years some astronaut calls home and says "Hey we fund a hatch under the dust!" ?What would we say then to ignore what we already know?

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Ancient technologies revisted - The space race

Back in the glory days of science we had the US, China and Russia competing and getting "out there" first.After WW2 finally ended we had the time and money to waste on humanity greatest challenge - getting a man safely onto the moon and back.The German space program had the advantage of a head start but Russia was not far behind.To show the world they mean business we got Sputnik.A tiny aluminium ball with a crappy battery emitting a "beep" from orbit.Nothing to be proud of if you actually think about it.However, it was a huge deal back then and a blow to the western world.The communists were faster...China was more modest and well, less successful at that time but it did not stop them.With Russia already announcing to get some animals up ther next the mighty US had to take a few shortcuts.It was no longer a race to get a human up there safely, it was only a race to somehow managed to get a man on the moon and back.The calculator your kid uses at school is more powerful than the "compters" used in the carfts for the Apollo program.Back then though it was top notch tech and deemed reliable....We already knew about the Van Allen belt and its deadly radiation levels.So you would think someone would have included this danger into the design...Assumption made in...It was assumed that the limited exposure time and some rudimentary "shielding" would be sufficient to protec the astronaut.Thankfully most of these assumtions turned out to be correct AFTER men made it through there in their tin cans.The step to send up a rocket with fancy equippment to do proper measurements and collect data about required shield material was simply skipped.A few weather balloon were tried though...Long story short, the race was over when the world listened to the famous words "A smal step for a man,but a giant leap for mankind."Russia continued for a while but losing the race meant those in charge decided it is no longer worth wasting money on.Shortly after the collapse followed in Russia.Why would the Russians give up so easy and why did China seemingly pull out of the race as well?Despite being "enemies" the old claim and goal was still valid - or was it?There was always that dream to go further out there once we made it to the moon.Build habitats on the moon so we can build ships and mine ressources.And for a while this dream was kept alive by the US.We went up there a few times, got complacent and even the public in theend failed to get hooked on the TV screen.Going to the moon and making it back alive was turning into a routine, nothing special anymore.Not even moon rocks could revive the public interest.It was costly as well....Officially the moon program ended for a long list of plausible reasons.What is striking though is that it ended rather aprupt and without warning so to say.We had rockets fully assembled, waiting to be used, we had space capsules and long lists of experiments tobe performed, we even included fancy equipment like a soloar powered transmitter supposed to constantly send seismic data and more back to earth.All this stuff never god used, was disamantled, deemed to be too expensive.Hold on a second here now....First millions are wasted to build a fancy rocket, more money is wasted to build new space capsules and landing equipment and then even more money is wasted on stff to get up there.It is then only logical to pull the plug without using any of it.....NASA abandoned projects before, including fully functional machines but they never wasted them like this.Some theorists claim the race to the moon was not about exploring the moon for our use once we actually made it up there.Their claim is that we found things that scared the US enough to never go up there again.These theorists got laughed at for decades, yes decades as their claims based on isider info are as old as the space race itself.Occupation is a word that you can use in many ways.Like occupying a land that you don't own but declare it yours anyways bacuase you are more powerful, more advanced than those you found on "your new land".Or like in deviding territories on a continent declared to be owned by no one - the Antartis.Officially this icy continent is free for everyone and every nation - the truth is far from it though.Same is true for our moon.It is devided and subdived to cater for eveyone making a claim.And to make a claim is simple; You go up there and leave something behind, then you state how much of the area you declare your so you can occupy and use it.Funny thing is that like in Antartica every is very strict and stays far away from the other fractions....The race is on again!!!For some it was a sudden announcement when we got to hear the US is planning and financing moon missions again.For others though it was a very predictable move.More and more private companies reach the point where they can afford to send someone to the moon at their cost without the need for taxpayer money.Commercial space flight is said to only be a few years away, mabe even sooner if SpaceX continues as planned.And "right on time" picures and videos are officially released by NASA to actually make it very plausible and almost undeniable that something or someone else it already out there.Including videos that seem to show creature living in the dead vacuum of space.But why not just relax and sit back like they did with commercial space flight?Give someone a few million and technical guidance but don't waste real money on it...Well, you can't really enforce to stay in control of everything, especially when it comes to the moon, if it is not your program.Once the testing is done your pilots are out, your crews are out and a private company is in control...So what is it on the moon the US is so desperate to get first hand experience on?The first few moon missions were mostly a prove of concept, later NASA used rovers to explore the areas around the landing sites, installed mirros to perform laser measurements from earth...The took sample, drilled into the ground and every now and then saw flying objects flying past, watching them.Like the Foo Fighters during WW2 they were like small spheres and extremely quick.Nothing to worry though as NASA knew about them for a long time, harmless little things....The story got a twist when the landing site for one mission had to abandoned.The astronaut appearently reported they were being "bullied" by Foo fighters and will try to land on the beta landing coordinates.It was enough to justify to check if there might e someone or something on the moon already.After all it could be unwise to do the same as what was done when Amrica was "found" by Columbus...And so some sesmic equippment was transported up there.Orginal intent was get seismic data from small metorites hitting the moon to determin the risk factor.Dropping the launch stage back onto the moon was meant as a test for the equipment and it dropped relatively close to the seismograph.What was observed came as a shock to those analysing the data - the damn thing is faulty!So during the next mission the data was checked again, with the same result.But it was also finally confirmed the results are correct as a second device gave the exact same seismic readings.What happened??Whenever something big and heavy dropped back onto the moon it started ringing like a bell for hours....And although never openly admitted, these finding actually pulled the plug on the moon program.Unofficially and if you trust the clue we got from former astronauts the bullying intensified with every mission.Some went as far as saying they did not feel welcome up there - go figure...NASA first tried to just cover it all up.A few years later they got more serious and tried to come up with plasusible explanations once it was claer evidence from these seismic reading somehow leaked out into the public.We got presented everything from the moon being made from some granite like and very hard rock.Nicely explains the ringing but not why it is did not crumble to dust from all the meteorites hitting it.We also got the explanation that the moon only has a very tough outer shell, possibly formed by the impact of the meteorites.And the list went on and on...Finally some outsiders took a decent look on the data, did good calculations and computer simulations basd on the fact that the moon for whatever reasson has no rotation as it should have.Their findings clearly state the moon is a mostly hollow sphere with much more mass on the side facing us.Based on the frequency and amplitude recrded during these events the sphere HAS TO BE made out of some high strenght metal.NASA made it a priority to ridicule this theory and over the years more and more reputable scientists jumped in as well.No matter what though they all failed to provide real evidence that the hollow moon theory is flawed - the data just speaks the truth.At least it was accomplished that the theory was forgotten and everyone could move on.Until more NASA evidence was leaked to outsiders.During one mission it was attempted to drill into the center of a crater and the results were the same as claimed during probe explorations done recently by china - first a thin layer of compressed rock, then metal, then nothing....Today you will find hollow moon data on official NASA servers available to everyone....And it all became available to be found right after it was declared "We are going back up there again!"The thing the press overlloked when this statement was made was what followed after "We have to"....Just think about it for while....NASA delevoped all sorts of prototypes and wasted billions to create fancy space crafts and drive systems.But start the next race to the moon once more with old and conventional rockets....Not because we are unable to come up with alternative lauch methods, we already developed them and computer simulations show us they would work perfectly at a fraction of the costs for a big rocket.Not because there wouldn't be money for alternatives either.Only because we suddenly no longer have the time to build and ready the alternatives ;)Almost 80 years with no interest, no funding, no plans.Then, within less then 3 months of work and decision making the race is on and more important than ever - WHY???We wanted to be able to fly like the birds since the dawn of time.We did it eventually.We wanted to fly faster and higher and we again did just that.We never stopped, we alway came up with new ways to make us fly and do safer than ever before.We did the same for the space race for a short while only.We settled for having a fancy space station close to home instead...Our urge to reach the stars is coded into our genes, we just need to somehow get closer and closer to them.But every time we get close to fullfilling this dream we pull the plug.If we can build and maintain a space station in orbit how hard would it be to assemble a space craft in orbit?According to those who planned and often protyped theise toys no big deal at all as it was already integrated into the design.We could have a little fleet of crafts up there already using the space stion as a "home base" when required and fueling up from the rich Helium3 deposites the moon is claimed to have.We did not do any of it, we entirely stopped the concept, the planning - again I aks you why....Once you figured out what really is so important about our moon you know why the space race seems to have stopped with the end of the Apollo program. You also figure out why we now have to go back up there.What you won't find out (yet) is what is really up there and how it got there.

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