What's the best material to make hands that will setup relatively quickly and easily and be lightweight?

We're building a Traveling Korean Memorial w/19 soldier figures walking through a rice paddy and 3 soldier figures making a campfire.  We don't have the funds to purchase 22 mannequins so I'd like to make the hands which will be connected to rebar that will be the form of the figures.  This Memorial will be setup outdoor as it displays across the country, so it needs to be able to withstand the elements. Thank you in advance.

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Safest way to break sheets of glass?

I'm moving and have a sheet of brand new picture framing glass 39 x 30 inches.  Nobody wants it... I've tried giving it to framing places.  What's the best/safest way to break it into small pieces to go into the garbage? 

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.HEX file to USB port? Answered

Lets say I have a .HEX file that looks something like this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nd I need to send that to a USB port.  What is the best way to do this?  I have an little app that will let me send data to my USB port of choosing, but I have to type this thing out by hand, 2 characters at a time, hit enter, rinse and repeat, and then after its all entered, click send data.  That worked fine for sending a few bytes to test some hardware to verify data sent back form the device was correct and that it was receiving the data correctly, but that won't work here, for obvious reasons.  Is there some sort of free software I can download to shove .HEX files through a USB port?  I am sure there are, but I can't find any, Google is not being kind to me today.

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Make serial connected batteries easy to replace Answered

I am working on a project that requires two serially connected 9V batteries to power.  For when the batteries will need to be replaced, is there an easy way for a user to replace them without having to disengage wires and then solder new ones?  Is there a way to "rework" the typical battery caps used on 9V batteries?  Using an 18V battery is not an option because of the size of the container the battery is being placed in. I was thinking to use two battery caps, one to connect the positive and negative posts to make the two batteries (9V) serially connected, and then "rework" the other cap to connect the remaining posts on each of the batteries to provide power to the unit I'm making. Is there a way to do this ? Is it feasible?

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Missing instructables

Seven of my instructables are mysteriously missing. e.g. Why????

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Seeking feedback on a unique vacuum accessory that can hold a mini flashlight!

Hi there! I believe this is the best place for me to ask this question. I just wanted to get your feedback or opinion on this cleaning accessory we are currently developing, the “Flashlight-Holder Vacuum Cleaner Attachment”. This product is a first-of-its-kind vacuum cleaner accessory that holds a flashlight, to provide light directly at the point of use. Please see this 4 minute video to see what this accessory is all about: The accessory holds a flashlight, to provide a hands-free beam of light exactly where it is needed. As someone who is engaged with cleaning services/ housekeeping or homemaking, would you consider using this kind of accessory? Or would you stick to what you are using right now? Your feedback will be very much appreciated. If you want to know more about the product, just visit Thanks

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Help: Opening/Cleaning a portable air conditioner

I don't think this is the right place for it but I'm desperate. I have a portable air conditioner (Whynter Arc-14s) and need to vacuum and remove mildew from the inside, especially the fan blades. Now, I did contact Whynter support (e-mail) and they were able to help me remove the screws with a PDF guide. This allowed me to remove the front. Unfortunately, the back case won't come off, even though I took out all screws I was directed to. They couldn't assist me anymore after that. Now I'm stuck, summer is ending and I never got to use it this year. So has anyone opened up a Whynter Arc-14s portable a/c?

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High SWR on CB radio? Answered

I've had a long, hard journey to try and get my Cobra CB to transmit properly. Let me explain. My radio never has been able to transmit properly, and my friends with their CBs (they have the same kind as me, and their SWRs are fine) can't even hear what I am saying if we are parked right next to each other. This is very surprising, because I have a 4 foot long Firestik antenna.  So I borrowed my friend's SWR meter and measured my SWR. I have well over 3 in all channels, which is WAY in the red. I immediately printed out Firestik's high SWR troubleshooting tips, and did everything it told me to do. I tried tuning the antenna as usual, I tried checking all the grounds and connections, and even changing antenna positions. Nothing helps at all. I was still in the red, and my friends could not hear me. I thought that maybe my antenna or coaxial cable was at fault, so I borrowed my friend's working magnetic-mount antenna to try it out. With the different antenna, my SWR was worse. Finally, I decided to just get a new radio, because maybe mine had a fried resistor or something. So i took my CB back to walmart, and successfully exchanged it for a brand new radio (without receipt or original box, for that matter). And just my luck, the new radio STILL has a super high SWR, in the red, the same place as before. I am all out of ideas. I have searched the many CB and off-roader forums on the all-knowing google, and nothing helps. Does anyone have ANY ideas on what I can do?

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Digital photo frame

I want to make a digital photo frame with the ability to dictate the length of time each photo is shown and the ability to type words describing the photo that can be triggered by use of a touchscreen.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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How is

Okay, I needed to buy some parts to build one of those huge Jeopardy tables with the buttons and the lights and all the little wazooos. However, I can only find that has those huge 100mm push buttons, and they also have a arduino relay shield i want. Anyone ever buy from them before? How is their service and shipping response? I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP CAUSE THE CANADIAN STATION HAD SOME BAD REVIEWS

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CCTV power help (confused?)

HelloIm a newbie to this forum and electronics. I have a question for you clever guys.I have a mini cctv similar to this: my problem is, the wire coming out of the camera has been cut and there is no adapter of any sort at the other end.How can i power it up with the mains (i have a suitable mains adapter)? I mean can i simply join the ends of the wires and plug it in to the mains?THANK YOU!! ***********EDIT***************I hooked this up to a 9V power supply and tested it but didnt get a picture. I know why, the cam is 1.2GHz and the receiver is 2.4GHZ!! AAAGH!How can I go about getting this fixed?? I don't mind if it is a wired or wireless solution

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Unexpected error of Corel Draw file? Answered

Hi, Today, when I was working with a file in Corel and wanted to close it, I got an error "out of memory". Then I tried to do the same with other Corel files and have not got any error. I think that the problem is not in memory, because with the other small files everything is fine and my computer has 8GB memory. I tried to work with this file on another computer and there is the same problem arose. I tried to remove Corel x5 and installed it again but it did not solve the problem. Can you help me? Is there any chance that the file somehow can be corrupted, even though I worked in it? Thank you very much.

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Arduino pro micro RFID and servo

I've successfully implemented Door Unlock system described in this tutorial. At first I used Arduino Uno and RFID RC522 Reader and MG90S Micro servo. When I used Arduino Uno with Arduino Pro Micro for arduino ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz, the RFID reader stops wirking after pluging the servo. Since Arduino Pro Micro have only 5v output, I used resistors to downgrade 5v to 3v in order to poser the RFID reader. I used same output 'vcc' to select 5v for the servo and 3v converted to the reader. The problem is that each component woks perfectly independent each other, however, when I place them together they stop working.

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Which online trading site should I use? ETrade or TDAmeritrade?

I am a novice investor and I need to make a little more cash  (day job isn't paying all the bills). I would like to not have to use a paypal account. I have chosen these two to choose from because they are reliable,reputable and they are in my price range. I am leaning more towards etrade but tdameritrade has the immediate option of adding your routing number to your checking account. Anyways I just want to see if anyone here uses either and which one is the best for basic stock trading and money making? Also if you have better ideas for me to make a little money online please let me know because I'm just a bit desperate for cash right now. Thank you AB

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can electrolytic capacitors catastrophically fail or explode if they are shorted out? Answered

My father (an electrical engineer) told me that if a capacitor is charged and than shorted out than it can fail, possibly with explosive results. However I have seen way to many Youtube videos of capacitor banks being shorted and nothing but a big spark happening. Who is right? Can anybody help me?

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How To make an magnetic Ink Scanner? Answered

I'll be wanting to make this for my vending machine project but I can only get to work with coins not bills, my problem is that it does not identify if it's a 1$ bill of a 5$. my Research concludes that magnetic ink scanner is the most used ways to read a bill and identify its value.

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Can I Connect A Metal Detector Coil Directly To A Arduino? Answered

I have always wanted to make a metal detector using a arduino but I thought I could harm my arduino by connecting the metal detector coil directly to my arduino so can I directly connect it with my arduino or I have add some circuit before it if yes what would be the circuit?

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Any thoughts about the licensing? I think I chose the wrong one for the rubber band gun I posted. I just noticed that the license I picked says that you can't use this Instructable commercially. I would prefer that people be able to make and sell the rubber band gun if they wish. Also, I am not concerned if someone does not attribute the design to me. It would be nice but not necessary. I did not make the design to receive accolades.

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Electomagnetic help!!! How to build a small electromagnet that holds 20-25 pounds?

I want to build an electromagnet that holds 15-25 pounds but is small enough to strap three of them on my forearm. Because it will be on my body, I want to make the magnet in a way that won't be very hot. I'm kinda a noob at this kind of thing, so please be specific!!! Also, would a doughnut shaped electromagnet work? If you have any questions or anything that needs to be clarified, please comment and I'll try to explain in greater detail. If you've read this far, thank you so much, and please help!!!! God bless

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how do i put window back on track on 1999 dodge truck , electric window?

Should there be a roller on it and where can i get them?

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Where to find a small form factor 12v Battery?

I am looking to build an LED light that can be powered directly by a 12v source or use an internal battery. I expect that the fixture form factor will be about 4" in length by 2" to 2.5" in width and no more than 3/4" in depth. Internally, it needs to fit two LED units (each draws 0.1-0.2amps and only one would be on at a time) that are 1"x1"x5/8" each, the inside component of a single pole double throw waterproof switch and the remaining space for batteries. I would like to fit the maximum amount of available capacity as possible in as small a space as possible. I am looking for battery suggestions - small form factor, 12v, preferably available via a regular source (i.e. don't have to be special ordered from China), low self-discharge rate, ability to withstand temperature extremes (specifically 120F-140F degree heat). I'll consider wiring up batteries in parallel and serial to get the charge depth and the proper voltage. Any thoughts? I looked at A23 12v batteries and 2CR-1/3N 6v batteries (wire in serial) but I'd like to find something with more available capacity. Also, I'd prefer a non-toxic battery, but will consider lithium, and the ability to be recharged would be a big bonus. I'm guessing there's nothing out there that would give me enough life to be happy, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

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Stepper Motor as a 'normal' motor

Hi, I recntly took apart a hard drive and there is a 7200 rpm motor inside. Only problem is that it is a stepper motor and I don't have any equipment to drive stepper motors and buying stuff to do is err... cost prohobititve.  Would connecting a negitive wire to 2 of the terminals and positive(in sort of a crisscross pattern e.g. -+-+) to the other make it run like a regular motor? I just don't want to invest time  to solder it only to have it not work.

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Combo- Locktight / Lube/ Corrosion protection

Stuff like lugnuts... sometimes exposed to damp for years. then, the one time in yrs u havta loosen it, maybe it's rusted.  AND youre in the middle of nowhere without many tools. So. Is it bad to put oil on those spots? Dont want em vibrating loose. But that would protect against corrosion and permanent seizing. Best practice?

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I need help identifying a bayonet I bought at a yard sale?

I bought this at a yard sale and I have no information on it. Any help would be appreciated. 

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the volume of a grain of sand

Now let's try our hands at critical thinking and experimental design. I have a very simple question for you; what is the average volume of one grain of sand ? 

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how do you make a colored smoke bomb?

How do you make a colored smoke bomb with household items or cheap easly found items? (organic dye dose not work)

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How do I convert wind power or wind energy into heat?

I have access to a huge piece of windy  but south facing land,  solar gain will not be sufficient for heating green houses, barns, ect..., it is very cold and at high altitude (about 6500 feet).  Strong wind blows all the time.   How do i turn wind into heat and bank that heat as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.   space needed is no issue  the property is a half mile wide.  

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Control led strip light with arduino from 12v?

Hello, I would like to control my 12 volt strip light (not RGB) with an arduino and also use a potentiometer to be able to adjust the brightness manually.   However I am afraid to fry my arduino board with 12v directly as it will fry it and I also want to be able to use higher voltages in the future but for the time being only 12v volt will do. I don't really know what to use to control high voltages and current so as to be able to control it.  My choices are relays but most are from 220v to 12v and can only be on and off so very difficult to control brightness.   Another choice would be to use my potentiometer but again I don't know how to control it and especially about the value such as 10k for example.   Then there is the use of transistor such as MPN and NPN which I don't remember how to use. It has been at least 4 years since I was in electronics and now want to get back in so as to create awesome things but I need to be sure that I am safe and for other people as well. Thanks again for you help.

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My random bullpup model

So Dr. Richy posted his CAR which drew a little inspiration from this weapon that I posted on Red's wall in hopes he just might be able to turn it into a firing weapon. However, as I suspected, that's just not an easy task and I didn't expect it to happen. So I'm gonna just throw this out there and show anyone that didn't see it. It's made to be convincing, it could probably be turned into a real firearm. It's a bullpup designed to take 5.56 NATO rounds. I designed it to be somewhat ergonomic and compact. It has the front grip from...I don't even know how long that I used on my UMP. It's pretty simple, reasonably comfortable, and lets you quickly attach any front grip or bipod you can come up with. The muzzle was made from a new concept for a rounded barrel that could be used as a real K'nex barrel. This can also take a very cruddy and simple silencer attachment (which is actually just my Master Sword handle that I never wanted to disassemble). Then I added a basic rail on top that allows it to take airsoft or real rail accessories. It's not perfect, but you can get the accessories to grip into the grooves. I added a fake charging handle that is located in a decent, but not optimal position. This flows into a cheek rest of sorts that's rather close to the back of the gun so it can accommodate the charging handle pin. Your head is kinda cramped against your shoulder, but your face itself is comfortable aiming. And the front sight is detachable if you were to add a rail sight. I'm thinking I'll probably make a new one tonight for fun. It'll be shorter to be similar in size to a PDR. However, I might (not a definite) give it exchangeable fake barrels based on this one that allows it to lock in with a single pin. Secondly, I'm going to change the front to include an integrated folding forehandle that will also be comfortable to hold folded. Or so I hope. I'm also going to move the charging handle forward and make the roof one and the same with the rail to slim it down ever so slightly. This will also move the cheek rest forward to a more accurate position like on Dr. Richy's. Finally, I hope to add some nifty features but I'm not sure at all on these. One would be a bolt lock which probably wouldn't be too hard. It'd basically be like the charging handle is a firing pin and the bolt release would be a trigger, just mounted differently on the gun. And then the harder one would be to make a magazine release near the handle like on a PDR instead of the current one I use that makes you have to "strip" the magazine. On a real gun, this would be a great feature for making reloads a lot faster.

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how rechargable mosquito hunter bat works? i need the circuit diagram of it....?

The bat in my home is not working.. i want to troubleshoot it.. (i am electronics student) the bat is charging well.. but it doesnt provide enough voltage to kill mosquito.. so help me ............plz

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cutting steel or tiles can i buy a hand held laser to cut steel? Answered

Is there any hand held laser that can be used on site

Question by philipatimms    |  last reply

How do I make a spinning wheel from this treadle sewing machine? Answered

It does need cleaning and painting, but the treadle and the fly wheel move smoothly backwards and forwards.  Thank you.

Question by jodi8727    |  last reply

Can I use light switches to control mains plug outlets?

My room has only one outlet. What I want to do is fix 2 plug sockets to the bottom of my desk and then have everything electrical connected to that through an extension lead.  However, as these are at the back of the table I want to install light switches at the front which I can use to switch the outlets. Is this allowed/safe? The switches I have are single pole. This picture is as seen from underneath the table.

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Audio - headphones

My daughter runs a Pre-school and uses a small cd stereo setup. The output is a pair of mono jacks (R/L) for speakers. I am looking to build a distribution box for up to 6 headphones. Thinking of one input (from the speaker jacks using a 2 to 1 plug) The headphones are mono 1/4 so those jacks are readily available. I do not know what the output is of the stereo system is but I doubt it is much over 5 watts (if that). Will I need some sort of amplifier? any thoughts on switches/switching jacks if not all are being used. Thanks for listening. guitar 52

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XS-3868 bluetooth module, pairing password?

Hi, was thinking buying this blittle board in the future, but I can see in description that it has a pairing password, (which is 0000). I did not like this option, its any way to remove it? this gave me problems because I need something wont ask for a password, which is not good for audio devices. This is the item. Is there any other option as good as this because that does not ask for any password? Thanks so much.

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Can I use someone else's image for my instructable if I get their permission to use it? Answered

So if I find a picture,but it's not mine,and I ask the owner if I can use it and the owner says yes,can I use it?

Question by -moonglade    |  last reply

Do I have to add images to my instructable? Answered

I don't have any images to upload onto my instructable...and I kind of don't want to. Do I have to use my own images?

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How to store hydrogen at low pressure?

What is the most practical and cost efficient way to make a 10m3 gas bag for the storage of hydrogen? I am planning to store pure Hydrogen (made from water electrolysis) in an outdoor area, a bit like the way biodigestor gas is stored in low cost, small scale installations. My concern is the high effusing nature of the gas through membrane material. My first thought was to use reinforced PVC like that used for truck tarpaulins but I can't find any info on effusing rates verses other materials. Ideally the gas would be able to remain in the bag for a maximum 2-3 weeks until needed. This is an experiment on the practical applications of locally produced hydrogen, so I hope to be able to follow up any advice by constructing the gas bag and reporting back with the project progress. Any thoughts and advice would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance, Nick

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Lethal Ozone From Flyback Transformer? Answered

I am running a flyback transformer with a 2n3055 transistor which works perfectly giving me 2cm arcs but i get a weird smell ever time i run it for more than 10 sec i think its ozone is it lethal im using a 12v 2A power supply

Question by TheGreatResistor    |  last reply

Arduino Coder Needed - Will Pay

Hello,      I am in serious need of some help with code for a Arduino Uno project! This would not be for free of course. Just let me know what would be fair. So if your in the mood to help a dummy out, drop me a line! Here's some background on the project The project is a prop for a Halloween haunted house/escape room. The idea is for 4 RFID readers to detect 4 objects (Maybe optical sensors are better here for triggering the audio?not sure). Once all 4 objects are placed on top of each reader, the adafruit Wave Shield produces a telephone ring sound effect (I will be providing the sound .wav files to the adafruit SD card). I would also need to have a the ability to push a button to stop the ringing and skip to the next audio file on the SD card of the Adafruit wave shield. Hope that all made sense :). Below are links to all the pieces of hardware I am using: 1. Arduino Uno - I think you know what this is 2. 4 x RC522 RFID Readers  - 3. Adafruit Wave Shield - 4. Maybe Photoresistors for triggering instead -

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long-term low-glowing light (like a night-light) with a PIR/ daylight sensor using a car battery

Hi Apologies in advance if this has already been asked many times, I tried looking through the archive and couldn't really find a solution to my project idea. I want to know if it is possible to create a long-term low-glowing light (pref with a PIR/ light sensor) powered by a car battery which I could leave in the woods (gently lighting up an ornament for example) and re-charge every couple of months? or even put an off-the-shelf style trickle solar panel onto which can be trailed into a sunny spot. I'm up for building something from parts, soldering LEDs etc but only tried in-car LED strips before straight to the battery and don't know how to source or insert a sensor to light up only when its dark or if someone approaches and preferably not having to charge the battery too often.. In an ideal world it could just sit there and only light up when somebody approaches it in the dark/twilight (do you get where I'm coming from?) Over to you guys! Thanks in advance!

Question by spaceshipman    |  last reply

Which electronic component to use to step down voltage from 7.4v lipo battery to varying output voltage between 3v - 6v?

Hi all, I dont have much knowledge of electronic components and I am trying to make a robot. I have servos with operating voltage of 6v and I will be connecting it with a battery. I am not able to figure it out which electronic component should I use to step down the voltage from 7.4v lipo battery to have varying output between 3v-6v with maximum output current of 2amp. Thank you in advance for your advice :) 

Question by PiyushJ15    |  last reply

I published my Instructible too early. Can I still enter a new contest?

I published an Instructible and then two days later a new contest was posted that fits my project very well. Is it still possible to enter this new contest? It doesn't show up on my eligibility list.

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Paracord braided horse halter

Hi, I have challenged myself to make a braided paracord halter and I need LOTS of help.  I found one online that I really like and would like to duplicate.  I purchased a book "How to Braid Quality Custom Tack", however the halters in this book are not quite what I want.  Hoping someone will be able to give me some pointers or tell me where to find the directions I need. The picture of the halter I have attached is what I want to make.  It appears to me that you would need to start with the nose band to make this work but none of the patterns I have found start that way. Help!!

Topic by Annie7753    |  last reply

old instructables website

Anyone want to see what instructables was like 10 years ago?

Topic by bravoechonovember1    |  last reply

How do i stop emails from getting to my email from instructables?

I unsuscribed everything from the Email alert settings but i still get emails from instructables

Topic by GrandmasterFred    |  last reply

Tennis Project Collaboration

I roughed out a design (reversed engineered from various pictures) a tennis ball rebounder for a co-worker but it doesn’t look like he has the interest to build it anymore.  It’s a nice piece of equipment for anyone that likes to play tennis since you can set it up in driveway or basement.  Here are a couple of examples: Video 1 Video 2 I would like to do an instructables collaboration on the project with someone that would find this useful.  I would tweak the design (overall size, hardware, etc.) with your inputs.  Your responsibilities: Buy the materials which I’m estimating at less than $100.  Note that purchased versions cost up to $500. Build it - requires only a saw and drill Take a few pictures of the build and final product. Help with the documentation if needed  In the end, it is your rebounder to enjoy.  See my past instrucables for examples of my work/documentation. 

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