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Batch Beeps

Some kids at my school have created some sort of command prompt to where it plays beeps at different pitches to create almost what one would call music. I was quite amazed by this and was wondering if anyone else knew how to make these sounds? All I know is that command prompt is involved. Thanks :)

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So what do I do with Sweet Rice ?

I accidentally bought 5lb of "Sweet Rice" (meant to buy short-grain sushi rice.) How is this prepared and used?  The only recipes I find in my cookbooks are for a very few rather complex deserts (and those are for glutinous sweet rice, which I'm not sure is the same thing...)

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Building materials for kayak?

HI there I was wondring if anyone has ever considered/ tried building a solid bottom kayak out of recycled plastic (maybe a bin)? I loved the ease of carrying and price of my inflatable kayak but hate how easy it is to puncture in running water. I'd like to make something thats light to carry to the water and can stand being bashed around a bit. I was thinking of cutting some pannels out of any plastic I can get my paws on, stitch and gluing them together to form a sort of pea pod shape and then lining the edge with some of that foam stuff they make floats out of. Any thoughts?

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Nixie tube clocks for sale?

My friend and I are trying to make money by making and selling things. I think that nixie tube clocks would be a good thing to make and sell, because the retro look makes them very popular and sellable. If we were to sell them though, we would need to know several things. Would it be better to sell them fully assembled or in kits (or possibly both). What about enclosures? I am thinking a nice wood box would go with the retro look nicely. What is the best tube to use? I'm thinking the IN-12 or the IN-4. I'm thinking, taking into account what I estimate the total costs for materials would be, we would need to sell them for a price in the vicinity of $70. Does that sound reasonable? Lastly, how should we sell them? We could use ebay, though I don't know a whole lot about the process to becoming an ebay seller, we could use craig's list, but that seems to be more local, or we could have potential buyers email us, send payment and then we send the product (but nobody seems to trust anyone these days so I'm not sure that would work). Please tell me your opinions on these things. Thanks.

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my LG washing machine is making loud noise on rinse cycle what can I do?

I have a direct drive Lg Washer , when it goes into rinse cycle it makes a loud noise. Could this be the pump?

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Passive subwoofer and receiver with "subwoofer pre out" plug in harman kardon avr 142

Hello, I have Harman kardon avr 142 with subwoofer pre out plug in (suitable for active sub), and passive pioneer subwoofer with two cords. Between them I have rg59 with rca head (sub cable). Is there a way some how to convert the pioneer sub to an active sub with rca plug in?

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Two Arduinos on one computer??

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use 2 arduinos on one computer. Since there are stuff to install and everything, is it possible to have 2 arduinos on 1 computer.

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Algae/yeast farm for production of fresh water from salt water?

Hello everyone! I apologize if this is the wrong category, wasn't sure which to put it in: Most people are aware that yeast produces ethanol and CO2 from simple sugars as byproducts of digestion. Today I learned that it does this only when digesting in a low/no oxygen environment. In an oxygenated environment it digests the sugar and produces CO2 and water as byproducts. This got me thinking: algae is plentiful and produces starches/sugars via photosynthesis. If you farmed the algae for their sugars, digested those sugars via yeast into fresh water and CO2, piped the CO2 back to the algae for continued growth/sequestering, used the waste biomass for power, and collected the produced water, you'd have a means of deriving fresh water from a salt water environment. It's not desalination pre se, but it seems like it would let you produce fresh water in areas that normal have relatively little. This is waaay outside my wheelhouse, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this seems at all viable? Any resources you could recommend to help me do more research?

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What is in a gel sac? Would it be any good at sound proofing? Answered

So yeah, I was thinking about making a sound-proof box as part of a project and wondered: would a gel sac make good sound insulating material.  You know the stuff I mean - the little sac like things you can't help but prod about on posh mouse mats and on gel bike saddles.  Thinking about that I also realised I didn't really know what the 'gel' material actually is?  Is it possible to easily make a similar or substitute substance at home?  Thanks.

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Removing paint from eva foam?

This is aimed mainly at cosplayers and prop makers intimately familiar with working with eva foam. my project is not however for cosplay or prop making, I am just borrowing the same methods you use to make my project. The question is, Is there an effective way to remove paint from eva foam? Specifically, I used eva foam floor mats and plaid fx paints. I finished painting and I realized I had done an awful job (first time working with eva foam). I am on a limited budget and cannot afford to do the whole project from scratch. so I was hoping to find an effective way to remove the paint without damaging the foam underneath, that way I can redo the paint job after extensive practice on scrap pieces. I had thought sanding would work, but when I tried on a scrap piece it tore and roughed up the eva surface underneath. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

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Internet radio

A fellow customer answered your question, Which is better for receiving Internet radio stations, a computer or an Internet radio?

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My plastic extrusion

Hi I've made this little extrusion as a prototype: It's for my graduation project at my school...(still in progress) However, This is small..I want to make it big! Does any of you guys have an idea where I can get a serious screw for inside the plastic extrusion? Are where to get them second hand? New price is around $2500...way to much for me...

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K40 Whisperer 2 lasers 1 pc nano m2

I know there's alot of clever people on here and I'm wondering if there is anyone who has set up 2 k40 lasers using k40whisperer on one pc

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External RAM

I was thinking today about possible ways to make my pc better without adding internals. (I like external plug and play stuff). So anyway, I was thinking about my RAM and how to make it better. Then it hit me. What if I had external RAM? Possibly using 2 or more USB ports. Any Ideas? This would allow me to run large programs on any PC! Please collaborate.

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How to remove view count?

I have been wanting to make a system where I get notified every time a new instructable is posted, using an old email account, and make something in real life that alerts me to this. The only problem with this is that I need to monitor the website for changes, which I have succeeded in, and had it sent to my old email. the only problem is that whenever an instructable gets viewed, the software detects it as the page changing and sends an email. Any advice? Thanks!

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RFID System

Hallo Zusammen,ich möchte ein kleines RFID-System bauen. Ich habe einen Prüfplatz aus Metall mit drei Metallplatte und möchten die Bauteile, die drauf stehen identifizieren ?Ich habe ein kleines System erstellt und würde gerne wissen, ob es funktionieren könnte. Die roten Quadrate stellen die Bauteile dar, und ich möchte eine Antenne oder einen Leser oben oder seitlich installieren, um die Tags zu lesen. Die Antenne sollte wegen der Metallplatten vorzugsweise die Frequenz LF, HF haben.kann das System laufen ? und haben sie eine Idee mit welche Antenne (er muss Gleichzeitig oder Nacheinander alle Passive Tags lesen).Danke.

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Rc car conversation to app controlled

I have the call of duty black ops rc-xd remote control car with a camera and microphone built in I was wondering if you would have any ideas on how to convert it from radio controlled to WiFi app controlled but also receive the video and audio feed to phone so basically I want to be able to do everything that the transmitter does but with my phone

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How to repair the bottom of a fish tank?

My 15 gallon tank (24 inches long and 12 inches wide) has a cracked bottom. Does anyone have a fix it idea?

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Could i wire a USB memory stick inside a USB controller ?

I have a modified SNES USB controller and wanted to know i i can solder a usb stick directly on the inside so it mounts it when inserting to the controller.Like a portable usb emulator.

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Is there a way to power this led?

So I bought this torchlight (Supwildfire 50000lm) it says is a Cree XML T6 LED with a total of 15 LED (not sure cause no Cree branding but from what it looks like it is indeed XML LED). So the funny thing is I burnt an unknown controller on the LED driver by inserting the wrong power adapter. But the torchlight still works by twisting the head to on/off, just cant on/off, brightness control using the button and battery monitor. Now I was wondering is there a way I can buy a led driver or what to look for that supports this many LEDs and still have the functionality of brightness control etc? as i saw there are LED drivers design for DIY Cree LED torchlight (Example: See pic with blue title bar) but I wasn't sure will it be enough to power this many LEDs or will the driver die because of overcurrent.From what I know the unknown controller is supposed to control LED brightness, on/off, and monitor battery level and the display. From what I measure using my multimeter the LED is getting 2.6V if the LED is on, if it is not connected to the board, the board is outputting 3.6V. Also using diode mode I'm getting 2.320V on the LED. As for Amps, I think it is not outputting right as I only measure 0.44A (440mA), or maybe it could be that it is on low brightness.Battery: x4 18650 3.7v li-ion in parallelThere's only 1 9926a mosfet on the negative side x4 R100 SMD resistor in parallel on the positive side

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How to perfect the pendulum wave?

I have made this pendulum wave and done a lot of fine tuning but I just can’t see how to get it perfect and to go back to the snake again. Which ball is the problem?

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How does one sign up for the email newsletter now.

How does one go about signing up for the email newsletter now?

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How to make a bullet proof armor vest at home ? Answered

Bullet proof armor vests are a very basic need for the news reporters in working in hot war zones. Being a freelance reporter, I would like to know how can one make a bullet proof armor vest by himself.

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Will 22 volt solar panel hurt my marine 12volt battery?

 I bought a small solar panel to charge a marine 12volt battery, but when I checked the voltage of the panel in the sun  it read 21 - 24 volts - will that hurt my battery?

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Brass what is it

Brass tool what is it

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Can I repurpose a 3G Microcell from AT&T?

Several years ago I received a 3G Microcell from AT&T. I am now with a different cell service provider, actually an AT&T MVNO. Is it possible to repurpose the microcell to work with my current (or any) network operator? Thanks.

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What is the point to point communication range between two Lora module without Gateway?

Practically, the range of communication between two LORA module is 400-450 m in a line of sight case, otherwise there is obstacle between two module (there is no line of sight case), the range of communication vary from 200 to 400m.

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Invention without a patent, what happens if someone steals it??

Ok, I've got a really cool invention. My oldest boy came up with the idea like 6 years ago. I can't afford to patent it. If I used the idea in an instructable, would the date on the ible help prove that the idea was ours? (Or would it just prove how stupid I am by letting the "cat out of the bag"?) I don't mind other people making their own, that's what Ibles are about. I just don't want someone to run patent it, and then commercialize it unfairly.

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Need paper airplane builders in my group.

Need paper airplane builders in my group.

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Portrait art

Share ur portrait sketches here and follow me for more drawings.

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Arduino Following and Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Hello guys, I am senior year student and ı have a graduation project. My project is following and obstacle avoiding robot with arduino uno. Lets give an information about project. Project consists of 2 part which are human part and robot part. My question is how can robot have followed me and when it detects obtacle , after avoiding obstacle, how does it follow me again ?

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DIY archimedes screw 4-5 feet long

Hi.I'd like to build a garden marble run from the top of a 3 metre high wind spinner structure. But it would not be convenient to have to climb to the top every time to replace the marbles.Since it's a wind spinner, I could use the top drum to turn an Archimedes screw to lift the marbles back up. But how do I make the screw. It would have to be as light as possible, though the object need not be a marble as opposed to a table tennis ball, say. The screw would be 4 or 5 feet long from the top of the drum to the lowest wind spinner level. I enclose a video. Thanks. Cheers, Laurence

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do you inherit accents from your parents or do you learn them from the enviroment??? Answered

I was just wondering and didn't know the answer. I'm hoping kiteman or someone knows.

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how can I embed images in an instructable ?

I have read a thread detailing image embedding using However, I can't make this work : I upload the images. I embed them using the img html tag. The image is correctly shown in the edition window. When I press "preview", the images are no longer shown. I have tried different sizes and formats, some have briefly worked (= were shown in the preview window), but all ended up disappearing at one point or another.

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Need help with DIY spectrophotometer. Data not what was expected.

Hi All,I am interested in spectrophotometry and made several colourimeters, however I am busy making my first true polychromatic spectrophotometer. I have built a decent working prototype using a incandescent bulb, a photodiode with transimpedance op-amp, a diffraction grating, and a stepper motor inside an enclosure. The arduino steps or scans the sensor across the spectrum and finishes just after the zero order light (see graph 'blank' spectral response, the small bump is the fringe pattern and the big peak is the zero order light). I am testing red, blue, and green filters with very specific wavelengths to calibrate it, but the data is not what I have expected. I even tried scanning some KMnO4 (which has a distinctive double peak) but the pattern doesn't quite match.What I expect to see when I use each filter is three distinct and separate peaks which are clearly spaced apart from each other, however the green and the blue overlap significantly. The red seems to match the transmission spectra from the datasheet. Why do the blue and green peaks overlap? I have done some analysis and I have determined;The fringe separaton is scanning correctly, I replaced the photodiode with an AC726X 6-colour sensor (the grey graph) and the peaks occur at the correct points in the graph. Granted, the light is not truely polychromatic and the intensity of red wavelengths is greater than blues or violets but that should not matter if the result is a ratio beween input and output intensity.The measurements are repeatable and the spread of the data is about 10% of the mean values. This indicates that I am missing something in regards to the construction. Is it the angle of the light? Is the entrance slit too wide?If anyone has and ideas please let me know. I would love to finish this project and put it on instructables. I have had an amazing learning experience with this and I would like to share it when I am done.

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A Hybrid of Coil and Rail gun

So I said i'd throw this up in the comments section on Youtube not too long ago, and I don't like it when something easy and free doesn't happen. This is some ideas and observations that have to do with coil guns (mostly). I'm in the process of finishing up several projects, so my resources are kinda spread out. I should have a prototyped coil gun finished in 2-3 weeks though, so if this doesn't clear things up, hopefully that video will. I should point out, I am a chemist with expertise in biochemistry, not electrical engineering. Basically my idea is to combine a railgun and a coil gun for the expressed purpose of avoiding the pitfalls that a pure coilgun or a pure rail gun have. At present, none of the designs out there would be capable of competing with an actual gun. By mixing the two, i'm hoping to get something that might eventually be capable of doing so. So.. I've included a very poor drawing (I'm not an artist). The barebones circuit is sketched in the lower right hand corner. The gun barrel, which is a piece of aluminum tubing split into two pieces to sever as a rail system, is sketched in the upper left, and again in the middle figure to show how to integrate the coil and rail system. Looking at the circuit design, you can see that this starts off as a very basic capacitor-inductor circuit. The charge is purposefully allowed to trickle through the circuit until the coil reaches saturation and the capacitor(s) are charged. When the trigger is pushed, the inductor side of the circuit has to dump into the rail system to complete the full closed loop. Because of the ferromagnetic material (the brown stuff), the magnetic force persists for a while (that is to say, it has high reluctance). The ferromagnetic material does one other thing that is important here. It forces the middle of the coil to be far off center. The coil is pulling the projectile into the middle of the magnetic field, but that is not necessarily in the center of the winding. Adding ferrite, or other high reluctance material, towards the end of the barrel biases the field towards that end.  At the same time that the coil stops getting current, the rail system become active. This allows a charge to pass through the bullet/projectile, and, even though the majority of the force is going to be caused by the inductive coil, the rail system allows an eddy current to setup in the bullet. This does several things. First the bullet doesn't have to be iron, nickel, or cobalt. With a stray eddy current in the projectile, any conductive material will work. The advantage here is that once the current stops, the non-magnetic material stops being  to the magnetic field, preventing backwards acceleration of the projectile as it exits the barrel.  Second, Rail systems and coil systems are not often used because they are perpendicular to one another, but, this can be used to put spin on the projectile, in a similar manner to rifling in a barrel.  After the projectile is fired, the circuit is open, preventing excessive electrical discharge.  My circuit design is really badly drawn... =T if it needs more explanation please post up questions. 

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I have a black box within a circuit I am trying to identify an issue with. What is this black box?

The circuit is designed to take in 12V and a signal from a light probe that is connected to a transducer then output a min of -10V and a max of 10V. The box does not do this anymore and I am trying to find the problem within the circuit. I am stuck on this black box it is roughly 2X1 inch and has the numbers 2808 and a 39 circled on it. If anyone could tell me what this black box might be then I could see if this is the problem with the circuit. (New images posted in posts)

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Needing a Replacement Motor

I have a turn table with a motor that has died.It is supposed to be able to rotate 120kg, but its a teeny motor and doesn't work anymore.A. How can I remove it as it has little rivet/screws that are permanent.B. Where can I get a motor replacement that is tougher andhas more ooomphThanks

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Joyful teddy Bear

Trying to make the Joyful bear and I'm having problems with putting the legs together. Is there a better tutorial for making this bear ? Please help Thank you Sherri

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scope for knex (real one)

I made the scope using knex and duct tape ok maybe i bought it at Walmart for $8.98 two years ago (Daisy 4x BB) but the point is that that there knex gun is pimped out (its killerks magnum or whatever, only cause it was on hand at the time) I hope to god that no one needs an instuctable for this...

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TV power lead cut. How do I spilce a new cable?

Hi all I found a TV and I did notice it had the power lead cut off. And they have cut it right at the edge of the cable. I wanted to know how to go about spilcing a new cable but iam total newbie and I have never soldered before :( Any help will be great.

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Ubuntu on Berryboot

To all Raspberry Pi users:I have tried for a long time to make a Berryboot Ubuntu image for Pi 4. I have tried the Berryboot website instructions, the Raspberry forum topics, but nothing seems to work at all. If you could provide some advice, that would be great.The link to Ubuntu 20.04 is here.The Pi support link is here.Gratefully, g3holliday

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Can anyone help me find a PCB fault?

Hey folks, I'm hoping someone can help regarding a fault on my motor controller board for my treadmill (Tunturi T85). The error message is (system check failure), which according to the manual means it's related to the motor control board.When I turn on the treadmill at the main switch, the motor powers up for a split second, it does 1 rotation and then stops. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen as it would be a safety issue.Also when powered up I hear a relay click, I hear the same click when powered down.The board switches 240v ac to 130v dc for the main motor, there is also a smaller motor for the incline.I don't know much about this stuff, but from looking at the capacitors they seem good. One felt to have a bulge in it, so I removed it to test and it's fine. I also changed a resistor that had a small dark spot on it.I've scoured the internet for possible faults but there's little info on this brand.Any help on how I can test individual components or continuity of the circuits would be greatly appreciated :D

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Is there a YouTube video on how to make the basic mask large pattern. I am trying to make the mask that is of turquoise color that covers down over the chin!!

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Speaker and microphone system for a helmet? Answered

I'm getting more and more done on a set of helmets (Daft Punks, to be exact) and ran into a slight snag. While fitting them and what not, I found out people have a hard time hearing me, and I have a hard time hearing them. And this is in a perfectly quite room. So when I do finish these, and start wearing them...I'm going to be a deaf mute. I did some looking, and I know I can at least get my phone worked into it. However, I was wondering if there is either a pre-existing soultion to this, or if someone has any cleaver ideas for a system that will feed outside audio into me, and inside audio out. Thanks in advance! 

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How to make an oxygen-nitrogen blender with caudal and O2-fraction control? Answered

Hello,I am installing a laboratory reaction system for research. This system requires an oxygen-nitrogen gas supply. For this, I have high purity nitrogen and oxygen tanks (99.999%). I need to control the flow rate and the oxygen fraction, so I was evaluating the acquisition of an electronic mass flow valve control system. In the specialized market I have found them between 5-8K usd. However, my budget is very limited and I consider a homemade one.I will be very grateful if someone could recommend a more accessible device.

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What are the dimensions of pallet wood? Answered

Yes, I've searched. Also, I don't mean what are the dimensions of the pallets in general, I mean the wooden planks they're made of. PS: I realize it may vary. Estimates are OK. I'm mainly worried about thickness. Thanks for any help.

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voltage regulators vs resistors? Answered

What are the benefits of voltage regulators over resistors and vice versa? why to use voltage regulators if resistors can limit the voltage?

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How to make a Variable/Adjustable Power Supply ?

Hi Everyone, I am having (12 - 0- 12)V and 1.6A AC to DC Transformer, and I would like to make Adjustable power supply, How I can do that? and on reducing the voltage amp would be same ? or amp also reduces ? and Also want to add a USB port to charge my mobile devices.. Transformer image Edited. I want to build my own Custom circuit using bridge rectifier and some Capacitor and resisters. Alhtough @-max- answer is very good and thinkable, Can you recommend some Good ready-made adjustable circuit which having the capability to control Amp and also volts ? Please provide link or Name/Model# Please guide me.. Thanks

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