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Ubuntu on Berryboot

To all Raspberry Pi users:I have tried for a long time to make a Berryboot Ubuntu image for Pi 4. I have tried the Berryboot website instructions, the Raspberry forum topics, but nothing seems to work at all. If you could provide some advice, that would be great.The link to Ubuntu 20.04 is here.The Pi support link is here.Gratefully, g3holliday

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Can anyone help me find a PCB fault?

Hey folks, I'm hoping someone can help regarding a fault on my motor controller board for my treadmill (Tunturi T85). The error message is (system check failure), which according to the manual means it's related to the motor control board.When I turn on the treadmill at the main switch, the motor powers up for a split second, it does 1 rotation and then stops. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen as it would be a safety issue.Also when powered up I hear a relay click, I hear the same click when powered down.The board switches 240v ac to 130v dc for the main motor, there is also a smaller motor for the incline.I don't know much about this stuff, but from looking at the capacitors they seem good. One felt to have a bulge in it, so I removed it to test and it's fine. I also changed a resistor that had a small dark spot on it.I've scoured the internet for possible faults but there's little info on this brand.Any help on how I can test individual components or continuity of the circuits would be greatly appreciated :D

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Is there a YouTube video on how to make the basic mask large pattern. I am trying to make the mask that is of turquoise color that covers down over the chin!!

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Speaker and microphone system for a helmet? Answered

I'm getting more and more done on a set of helmets (Daft Punks, to be exact) and ran into a slight snag. While fitting them and what not, I found out people have a hard time hearing me, and I have a hard time hearing them. And this is in a perfectly quite room. So when I do finish these, and start wearing them...I'm going to be a deaf mute. I did some looking, and I know I can at least get my phone worked into it. However, I was wondering if there is either a pre-existing soultion to this, or if someone has any cleaver ideas for a system that will feed outside audio into me, and inside audio out. Thanks in advance! 

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How to make an oxygen-nitrogen blender with caudal and O2-fraction control? Answered

Hello,I am installing a laboratory reaction system for research. This system requires an oxygen-nitrogen gas supply. For this, I have high purity nitrogen and oxygen tanks (99.999%). I need to control the flow rate and the oxygen fraction, so I was evaluating the acquisition of an electronic mass flow valve control system. In the specialized market I have found them between 5-8K usd. However, my budget is very limited and I consider a homemade one.I will be very grateful if someone could recommend a more accessible device.

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What are the dimensions of pallet wood? Answered

Yes, I've searched. Also, I don't mean what are the dimensions of the pallets in general, I mean the wooden planks they're made of. PS: I realize it may vary. Estimates are OK. I'm mainly worried about thickness. Thanks for any help.

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voltage regulators vs resistors? Answered

What are the benefits of voltage regulators over resistors and vice versa? why to use voltage regulators if resistors can limit the voltage?

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How to make a Variable/Adjustable Power Supply ?

Hi Everyone, I am having (12 - 0- 12)V and 1.6A AC to DC Transformer, and I would like to make Adjustable power supply, How I can do that? and on reducing the voltage amp would be same ? or amp also reduces ? and Also want to add a USB port to charge my mobile devices.. Transformer image Edited. I want to build my own Custom circuit using bridge rectifier and some Capacitor and resisters. Alhtough @-max- answer is very good and thinkable, Can you recommend some Good ready-made adjustable circuit which having the capability to control Amp and also volts ? Please provide link or Name/Model# Please guide me.. Thanks

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My M4 replica

This is my M4 replica. The features: -Removeable mags -Modified Motaboi crane stock -4 attachement rails -Iron sights -True trigger -pin guide -40-50' range -Fake charging handle -New magazine -Trigger gaurd It shoots blue rods, external mag pusher. So, whadaya think? should I post?

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Garden LED Solar Light Answered

I have 5 Solar LED Garden lights that are not working correctlyIf you put in a fully charged battery, it just runs continuously until it drains the battery it just will not turn on at night and off during the dayis the fault with the YX8018 1.25 Solar Driver?

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Un-Publishing an instructable that's already entered into a contest

I published an instructable ( and I entered into the copycat recipe contest. Shortly after, I realized I had made a couple minor mistakes in the writing, and I un-published the article, made the changes, and then I published it back again. I tried entering into the contest with the instructable again, but there was not option to enter that instructable into the contest. Will the instructable be entered into the contest, or will I have to make a completely new instructable?Thanks

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How thick is a katanas blade closest to the handle and how thick is it 1.5 inches from the tip?

How thick is a katanas blade closest to the habaki and how thick is it 1.5 inches from the tip?

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What effects does running a gasoline engine with propane have? Answered

I know that propane will run a gasoline engine, but besides the hoses and seals drying out is there any massive loss in output or any other kind of wear on the inner workings?

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Headphone started Peeling, any ideas? Answered

I have a SONY MDR-ZX600 Headphone which started peeling off at the ear pad and head rest area. I called the service and they wudnt replace it and i dunt want to buy new ones 'cause i wud face the same prob later. Is ther any idea to fix this and make it aestheticly pleasing?  Thanks!

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PLA (Polylactic acid) Trioboelectric series?

Hello, I am currently trying to figure out if I can make a Vandegraff generator with PLA instead of PVC, but cannot find PLA on the triboelectric series chart. Any ideas?

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Can I freeze Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup?

I want to freeze my home made sweet potato and coconut soup but not sure if I can because there is coconut milk in it and I think it separates when you freeze it. I am trying to get organised with my lunches and dinners.

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Help with antique three way switch

I have a 60's era Stiffel table lamp that has a bad rotary switch. It's a three-way switch with an unusual design. I cannot find a replacement. Is it possible to salvage this switch in some way? Any help is appreciated. Tom

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Can i Replace a 3.7 battery with 7.4battery for a bluetooth speaker

Help me know if its possible

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I plan on using this forum to show off the SRv3 and get others to help me finish the project. JonnyBgood is right now working on building the SRv3. It is my hope that together along with help from others on the site can continue to make this gun project a more complete more beautiful gun. The gun as is... is capable of shooting 500ft with my fin ammo and bands pictured. If you have the pieces and some eye protection I highly recommend you build the gun and help finish the project! I can not ever take full credit for my work since I learn not only from my past builds and ideas but also from each and everyone on this site and KI. I want to thank everyone for there many ideas and awesome builds that keeps me motivated to come back again and again to check in on the builds. I can't wait to see what this gun becomes. I plan on one day posting an ible once the gun is further along. I hope you all enjoy watching the progress and help be apart of it!

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Charger for my fitness tracker watch Answered

I've lost my charger for my mykronoz fitbit 4 watch, and there isn't any available online for purchase, is it possible to make one myself?

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What to use to disguise my voice to other voices like Sonic for example?

What I use to create something that can make my voice sound like a Video Game Character - it's similar to those toys that can change your voice into a robot.

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How can I (electronically) prevent an LCD monitor from going into standby mode due to lack of a video input signal?

I have a dead LCD i want to turn into an artists light table. Q:   How can I prevent the monitor from going into standby due to no input signal? In other words, I want to make the backlighting remain on without connection to a computer.  It is a HP 24" widescreen that is able to be turned, tilted, and rotated in every direction over a wide range.  For this reason (and because I don't feel like building another box) I would like to use the existing enclosure and I have already disassembled and removed the actual LCD screen, leaving just the backlighting components. I am fairly well versed in electronics and I have tested points on the circuit boards in attempt to determine what input the circuit requires to NOT enter standby. There is a wiring harness from the LCD driver board to the inverter board with 14 wires which oddly enough, is actually labeled!  One terminal is labeled 'on/off' which I'm assuming would refer to the standby feature. This terminal measures +3.2v when the backlighting is on (not in suspend) and 0v when off (standby). I tried to jumper this to a spot on the board that is also 3.2 during standby to no avail. Can anybody help??? Thanks!

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Is there any way to dual-boot Windows and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware?

For christmas, I am trying to build a custom PC made for gaming.  I wanted to know if it was possible to dual-boot Windows 7 and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware on the PC.  What I mean is that when you turn the PC on, you get a choice on whether to boot into windows or the 360/PS3 firmware.  So is it possible?

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Pictures Answered

Is it ok if i use a picture of an iteam the picture is from a store like amazon on a instructuble that i will want to post for a contest

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Using Resin& makeing Mold???

I want to try and use Resin (for the first time ever). What kind of resin should I buy if I'm going to be makeing small pieces that will imitate candy. And how the hell to a make a cheap mold?? :S

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Potentially Lethal 'ibles

There are a lot of people recently  enquiring about "tazer" like projects, some with lethally inappropriate ideas which may well  lead to the death of either the builder or their target. Is the "inappropriate" flag an appropriate response  ? I don't really think we should be encouraging the creation of lethal weapon 'ibles, but hey, that's just my English sensibilities. What do fellow members from the country with the right to bear arms think ?  Steve

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Who would win in a fight, Yoda or Dumbledore?

OK, 2 of the coolest people in history are Yoda the little green Jedi and Dumbledore the old wizard. But in a fight between the 2, who would win? I just cant decide

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Redwall: Molespeak.

This is a test to see how ell you are at molespeak. Okee, Hyurr are 'ee roolz. You'm must commeent aneethin', as long as eet eez ritten een molyspeak. You'm can roite puggles an' rizzles, randoom seetences, ur aneethin' you'm loike, as loong as eet ain't rood ur meen.

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How to convince your parents to buy you an ipod touch. Also tell me some really good apps.

Does an 8 gigabyte ipod touch hold a lot of apps?

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How can i download facebook videos ?

Hello everyone i found this website in google anyone of you tried if works and is safe to use ? ?Thanks

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Colors on tungsten by anodization? Answered

I want to make tungsten rods in colors. As it is possible to have titanium in MANY colors by simple variation of the thickness of oxide-layer, i wonder if the same is possible with tungsten. Somebody tried it already? What are the voltage-ranges for nice colors?As references:

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Washing Machine Motor has a burnt wire

Good day.I have a whirlpool washing machine. Previously burnt smell emitting then would get hot ..stop working . After cooling down process it would restart. Later stop working at all.During the lockdown (no technicians working) I decided to conduct some checks. On the motor there is a small black box with 1 wire at each end (white) The white end coming from the coil has burnt out connected to the black box. Any assistance to rectify? please see pic in attachment.

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US vs UK flour

Curious observation from my mother's recent 3 months in the USA, she says she is unable to bake well when she was in the USA. Now, given mum is a pretty amazing baker on this side of the pond,  I am wondering why that might happen ? I wondered if  its "American flour", as opposed to "UK flour" - the recipe, would be the same kind of things, memorised over the years, like a simple scone, fairycakes, pastry.  Her main complaint was that items didn't brown, even at the same oven temperatures as she uses here, and after repeated experiments with the same recipes.

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Flyback transformers and how to convert them to AC

I'm in the need of quite a few electronics for my new lightning tube project, on of them is a suitable HV transformer for high frequencies. Salvaging from plasma balls or similar is pointless as those transformers only get to around 3kV at best. With BW TV set getting really rare these days I decided to look into the modern version of the flyback transformer - the DST, Diode Split Transformer. If you ever did some Tesla stuff you will know that everyone says a modern flyback is no good as it only provides DC output. With basically no info on the net how these things look internally it was down to destorying a few until I got to know what to look out for andhow to remove the HV diodes between the secondary coil packs. I know not too many people will need a HV AC tranformer that can operate with several kHz so I though I ask first if it is worth to create an Instrucatable on this topic alone, otherwise I will just include a very short version of it with my Instrucable on the lighnig tube project. Have to say that is a quite messy and stinky procedure involving a lot of heat and the risk of burns to your fingers.

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Elementary School (K-5) Teachers

Do you teach at the elementary level? If so, this is the place for you to introduce yourself and connect with other K-5 educators. Where are you from and what grade level(s) do you teach? Say hi and share something exciting you did with your students this year or project ideas you have for next year. :)

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3D Printing Pen ABS plastic

Hi there, So I've seen a lot of stuff online about 3D printing releasing what are potentially toxic fumes, and I'm wondering how this transfers over to 3D pens?  We are looking to use them for workshops for kids, and there have been some concerns about it, so I'm just looking to see if anyone can point me in the direction of some info? All I can find is about 3D printing, and I can't imagine that using a 3D pen for half an hour on and off is the same as printing a whole object fume wise? Thanks!

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How to disable a 2 hour timer on a Walgreen 4 mode heating pad Controller model CM 12 and Heating pad model PM12?

I have the model noted above. The IC is a Sonix SN8P2602CSG. Other notations on the IC are "195KNKZ03" and "BV05". See enclosed photos of inside of controller. I want to use the heating pad as a fermentation heater.

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what is the equation i should use to dilute 50% hydrogen peroxide into lower concentrations? Answered

Hello, i just got some 50% hydrogen peroxide, from my local pharmacy because they were out of 35%, plus for some reason 50% is free. anyways, i want to know whats the equation for finding out how many ml's of water i need to use to dilute a solution toa certain amount, as i want to use the 50% peroxide to make 30% , 22% and 3% peroxide. now ive looked on google and i couldnt find a thing , and if i did by chance come across it, i didnt understand it. what i want to know is how much distilled water will it take to convert 100ml of 50% hydrogen peroxide to the above concentrations, or if possible, could someone please give me the equation for converting any concentraion to any, please! also, whoever answers my question and solved my problem entirely will get a best answr i promise!!!

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how to toggle two LEDS with transistors? Answered

For my electronics class, we had to program an arduino and build a simple circuit. I opted for a traffic light that switches its lights when a bathroom is being occupied. For the real project I used a bipolar relay switch, which I can toggle with just one output from the arduino. This system is now built in in my local coffeeshop. The thing is, I have to do an assessment about this project, and  it is not possible for me to use the original system, and I don't have a relay laying around. I do however have multiple transistors. Since these are electronic switches, just like relays, it seems possible to me to use these to turn one LED on and the other off and vice versa, with only one signal. I can't come up with the proper schematic for this.. can anybody help me?

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Make an App for the website

I wish if Instructables technicans can make an iphone app for so that we can get the news and read about the new instructables anywhere .

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how to build a tesla radio? Answered

I need to make tesla radio as a fun project.

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Beginner searching for some ideas, tricks to start project on "automatic control of fountain pump"

In my garden I have a pond with a foutain pump. This runs on 220 V. I thought it would be a nice beginnersproject to get this pump controlled automaticly so it runs: - when the sun is shining (daytime). - between certain hours (so the neighbours don't complain in summer night with long evening light or early hours). - when the temperature is below 0 degree Celcius for longer time (say 1 day or so). It should then run day+night to prevent ice to break the wall and keep some open water. My idea is to use some arduino controller + bleutooth/wifi (so I can adjust control it from my warm living room). I have a broken thing laying around with this power-relais and think is usefull for feeding the controller. So how would/should/could I proceed to get to a succesfull project? Thank you, regards, Eef Weenink

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How do I repair my Philips Sonicare toothbrush? ? Answered

I can see inside but, cannot figure out how the vibrations were generated, before the thing broke. Now, it only delivers a sonic whine, and doesn't jiggle the brush head.?

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Instructables Robot Minecraft Skin

I decided to make the Instructables Robot for Minecraft.  I just used Novaskin to make it.

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Drill bit sharpener - anything out there that actually works? Answered

I have no problem fixing the bigger drills I have once they get blunt from use.But once we go into the range of 5mm and below it is quite tricky.The grinding wheel that works well for a 10mm drill can be way too coarse to deal with a 2mm drill...I looked a quite a few commercially available sharpeners, even tried a few in store but they just don't satisfy :(Most create a rather rough surface finnish which makes the drill go blunt even fast, although it cuts really well for the first hole LOLEspecially when it comes to producing more than a standard edge this toys seem to be useless.Ever tried to use a 13mm drill that has no back cut and no center cut angle added? It's a pain...Last night I went through some now vintage photos and remembered that my grandfather had a metal rig for the drills.It screwed onto a mount for these stand up and "see through" slotted disk grinders people had in their workshops back then.The drill was fixed in place by a pin in the flute, so stoppers could ensure you are always grinding at the correct angle.Not just the angle for the cutting edge but also the angle in relation to the flute.Once this initial sharpening step was done you clicked the whole thing sideways to get the back cut angle added and a stopper ensured you won't be able to grind off too much.It was not able to do these fine center cuts that allow you to get away without a pilot hole but the drills were sharp as and kept their bite for a long time.Does anyone still have one of these things in their toolbox or vintage collection to provide some detailed images?Would love to design something similar but reall struggle with the mechanical side of things.The original had the option for three different edge angles to be selected.The "lenght" was set by letting the drill touch the disk (off), locking it and then by using a clicking screw to drive the drill up in I think 0.1mm increments.It was very, very easy to get perfectly sharpened drills with it and I would love to be able to use something like it again :(The only thing getting a bit close to this that I found so far comes from China - of course it does...A crappy and cheap grinder similar but smaller than an electric chainsaw sharpener.A grinding disk about twice the size of a dremel one does the cutting.To make sure all is even the drill is aligned so its center is right on the edge of the grinding disk.On the free side is a simple stpping plate.Might work somehow but something tells me tht the center of the drill will never be perfect.

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Flashing and constant LED's help

Hi everyone,I'm looking for help with a model I'm building (DeAgostini - Millennium Falcon)I'm going to have approx. 20-25 LED's serving fibres 0.25mm and 0.50mm as well and lighting throughout.Avoiding the use of Raspberry Pi and Arduino (but if I have will use but need help there too).My requirement is:x1 LED flashing on and offx1 LED flashing on for 10 seconds off for on 10 secondsx1 LED flashing on for 45 seconds off for on 45 secondsThe remaining LEDs will be on constant.Here a link to the power source information: Spec:UK 3 Pin Plug.Input: 110 - 240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz.Regulated Output: DC 9 Volts.Lead length: 2 Metres.Internal heat sinks (for reliable continuous operation).Over-current protection. Short circuit protection. IC Controlled Stable Voltage with Input & Output line filters. CE certified and ROHS compliant.I searched online and Raspberry Pi and Arduino keep popping. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and if I need happy to use that then great, but how would this connect to the Millennium Falcon circuit board - Ideally I only want 1 power source, or how do I use the Raspberry Pi instead. Do some learning on Python and other programme software. willing to learn.PS If you need more information please let me know, I'm not sure what to put up until asked.Thank you Craig

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Challenge build my perpetual motion device this is the only one that makes sense PLEASE HELP

Guys please help me out i havent built this device yet but it has to work trust me read my instructable and it should make perfect sense thanks to all who contribute if you have any questions or theory of why it wont work shoot me an email

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Repairing old speakers surrounds

I want to know when installing a surround can it be installed under the cone or on top of it? Or the way it came? Thanks

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I have over 60 half used notebooks. I use my computer for much of my note-taking now. How can I avoid waste ?

I have 60 spiral notebooks and I'm not going to even be a student long enough to actually use them. I'm in my senior year at college, so I only have that plus 4 years of medical school. It's extremely difficult to recycle spirals, since you have to pull all the spirals out, and these notebooks are taking up way too much space in my life! Help! 

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