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Repairing the Surround of a 10 inch speaker.

I want to know if installing a surround to a 10" speaker, can you install it under the cone or on above of it? Or the way it came? Thanks

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My speakers only work on one side. Both speakers are good but the right side doesnt seem to work. any suggestions?

I have a mazda protege and was changing the speakers when i noticed that the right side speaker doesnt work. I tried both speakers on the left and it wasnt the speaker that was the problem. I figure it is the wiring, but i am not sure how to fix this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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can someone please give me a parts list for the ,original knex rollercoaster-loop version? Answered

Hello , im tring to find out if i can build IAC'S heavy cannon , but im not sure exactly how many pieces i have , all my other sets have parts lists  but this one doesnt , i will sub whoever gives the best answer -littleebay

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Pendulum Wave questions

Some pendulum wave videos show two hooks and strings coming up from the ball and some show only one hook and string. Why is it considered better to have two strings? I am making these with the grandchildren during self isolation but there are so many questions and so many different ways of doing it any help appreciated.

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Hi everyone, I harvested this transformer from a Mitsubishi TV, it has two red wires on one side and two white wires on the other side, there is a tag that says 350P43902 witch I believe is the part number and 24F049HD witch I believe is the part name also it says TAM and M 9408. I want to know what this transformer does?  I tried to find the datasheet for it but had no luck looking online, so if anyone can help if they know what it is or where to find its datasheet online I appreciate it as I like to see what I can use it for, maybe somewhere in my flyback transformer project. Thank you.

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Can we control two l298n drive using node mcu board ?

Hey I working on a project using esp8266 node mcu, in which I have to control 4 different motors . Please help me out . And send code also .. Please

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Hi all just wondered if anyone recognize this knex work of art

Found this online but the link takes me to another gun hoping someone knows who makes it cos I wanted a double gun to hang on my wall and this is it

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Hypothesis (VERY HYPOTHETICAL) about choice of jobs/interests

Recently, I was reviewing things that I like and do not like and noticed something that seemed constant throughout them, and may even dictate whether I like something or not. Before I jump in, I would like to say that there should be no conclusions drawn from what I am writing, and we can only really hypothesize. To give an idea of what I like and don't like, here is a short list of things I do and do not like on a scale from 1-10. (I just don't enjoy "doing" these things, but don't necessarily think that they are "bad")1- Not enjoyable 10-Very exciting1- Playing an instrument2- Playing a sport3- Editing an essay with my mom (AKA a two-sided argument, but one of the sides can't say anything)4- Drawing (used to be a 9)5- Eating6- Youtube7- Writing an essay8- Talking9- Reading10- Making, creating projectsThe thing that I noticed that is pretty constant within my interests is information. I mainly enjoy things when they can easily communicate useful information, and dislike things that seem to not give me any straightforward knowledge. I play the Piano and the Trumpet, the Trumpet because I have to, and the Piano because I get things from it (~$50 every 4-5 months so far and some things to take apart.) I do understand the benefits of playing an instrument, but to be honest, I HATE it. (That'd not to say that I hate the instrument itself, as I know it is benefitting me and that many people enjoy playing them.) I think that the reason why I hate it is that there is no information being communicated to me, except that I have to play this note in this way. Playing a sport is a similar situation. I am not learning much "useful information," and do not like the fact that I know that "I could be doing this right now instead of playing this sport"! Though, I do not hate sports in general. There is one sport that I really love, almost as much as I love making. (to give an idea of this, I dream of microwave transformers). That sport is called ly fishing, and when fly fishing there is a ton to learn about the environment, and I have learned some very useful things from it.Editing an essay with my mom. This one seems to contradict my theory but really doesn't. Allow me to explain with an example. Often times, including the day I am writing this, there is a maximum amount of time that I am supposed to spend on an assignment unless I really want to spend more time on it. But because my work isn't complete, meaning that if it were an essay that I had four weeks to work on, I would change a few things around, she makes me work on it until it is that way, even though many of the edits, in my opinion, are unnecessary. This still contradicts my theory though, because there is being information communicated, so allow me to further explain: It is a one-sided argument, as I cannot express what I think is right with having my mini-workshop being taken away for a certain amount of time and my expressing of my opinion still wouldn't change the paper, as she would just reject it. Even when I do get her to "listen" she is not being open-minded. (Just to "remind" you, I am simply explaining why this does not contradict my theory, I am not trying to throw shade at my mom, and apologize to her if that is the unintentional impact of my actions.) And I cannot communicate information.I used to love drawing before I discovered my love for making. In my opinion, it is an average method of communication, but I rated it a 4 because it is very "inefficient" in communicating the information, and can often communicate the wrong message. Once again, I would like to remind everyone that these are just my preferences, I do not enjoy "performing" these, but do not necessarily not respect that people do like these things. Eating. Eating is a necessary part of life, and is enjoyable b instinct, but doesn't really relate to my hypothesis, so I will skip this one.Youtube- Youtube is hard to categorize, but it can be great in the sense that people can communicate their own information to anyone (sort of like Instructables, but Instructables is less corrupt), but I rated it a 6 because it is very corrupt and there are scams everywhere on this platform (THERE IS NO FREE ENERGY!)Writing an essay. I really enjoy writing, as I am doing right now. It is a great way to document and share information without having to repeat what I am saying over and over again because I am not saying it properly. Not much else to say here. The only disadvantage of writing is that it is limited and that it can be misinterpreted. (meaning that I can sound like I am screaming at someone when I am not)Talking-I LOVE to talk, as it is such a fast and good way to communicate information. (in case you didn't know that). The only disadvantage of talking is that it can be hard to understand. The only reason why talking is not higher on the list is because it is quite simply not a hobby.The only reason why writing is not higher on the list is that it takes too long and doesn't;t actually get any physical part of a structure completed.Reading- thought reading is technically a part of writing, it is a piece of writing that is read over and over again to convey a message(s) that the reader cannot simply be told, and has to understand the importance of. Reading a book is in my opinion, "opening up someone else's mind" (I came up with that). This makes it very efficient in communicating information and at emphasizing certain messages better than most of everything else. the only disadvantage of reading is that it doesn't get any work done if you know what I meanFinally, the thing that I enjoy most is making my projects. This not only forces me to learn things (Thank you Instructables community!) but also gives me the knowledge that I can pass on to others, and also allows me to apply that knowledge, and use it to make something. In conclusion, or rather, this is the explanation of my hypothesis. Please comment down below and say whether you identify with this data, meaning that your interests are at a certain efficiency of communication of information, or not, and if I am completely wrongFinal note: Everything said in here is not to say that some things are inherently bad, just that I do not enjoy the "doing" of it on my part, but appreciate that other people can enjoy it.

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Sliding vertical Gun Rack

I’m looking to build a pull out vertical gun rack, but the kicker is I want it to be motorized with a keypad or some type of biometric scanner or combo of both to make something like the Armour on cod black ops 3 so what can I use for the motorized slider and what will enable me to add a keypad or biometric scanner

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How to monitor Ph using arduino and LCD

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I couldn't find much on the internet, but I feel like it is very doable.

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Is there an easy way to run a computer/laptop, almost directly from a car battery? Has anyone got some good ideas?

This one has had us stumped for a while. I'm currently thinking along the lines of side-stepping the transformer.

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What happened to Spanish instructables?

Hi, i have a question:What happened to the instructables in Spanish?Is it true that there was a page of instructables in Spanish?thanks for reading my question.

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How much knex do you have?

This is a forum (Not sure It's been done) Of all the knex you have, post picture of all your knex (Note I have a little more than what is in those pictures below. 1. Oblivitus's Z35 2. Oodalumps's Not a Rectangle 3. Beameron's Wolverine Claws 4. Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's Hole Puncher 5. Logic Boy's Knex Knife 6. I_Am_Canadian's Spiff 7. Pile of rubber bands 8. LogicBoy's Logic Bow And all the rest of my pics are miscellaneous pieces from around the house/coasters being made.

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Editors' Picks

In various parts around the site, we've changed "featured" to "editors' picks".  When a new visitor comes to Instructables, we want them to clearly understand that there are editors helping select the very best content.  This is especially true on our homepage, where I want a new visitor to know a human, not an algorithm or chance, selected which Instructables appear. Editors' picks doesn't easily lend itself to being a verb, so we'll probably still talk about featuring projects, and the term featured will still be used around the site.  No changes have been made to how the featuring process itself works or what happens to featured Instructables.  You will note that we're now publishing a letter from the editor; this and the name change to editors' picks are both part of growing and developing our editorial voice.  Let us know what you think, and if you are looking for algorithm or chance, try Instructables sorted by views this week or random.

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help me out to get 12V output from this UPS transformer (600VA)(240Vac)?

The following images shows the resistance measured across different primary inputs. I'm not able to get 12V output, but is supposed to provide 12V+ to charge the battery(12V).                 The voltage across secondary in AC is as : 6.7Vac(input across Black-Green)            9.0Vac(input across Black-Blue)                         7.7Vac(input across Black-Yellow)

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How to make corks more solid and hardy? Answered

Hi! I'm trying to create the chess pawns out of corks, i need to carve just a few more of them. But i want to made them more durable. Right now they're tender and fragile (i'm worried that i can break them easily). Is there a way to make them more hardy? like some glue or some kind of paint... I want to keep them rough, without bright or smooth surfaces, but i want them to be harder, what can i do? thanks!! :)

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Help with my prusa MK3s

Hello, I have had a Prusa MK3s and am very satisfied with it. unfortunately, it had an issue a while back, and due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to get much done, and my dad says that it is too hard for him to fix. he has gotten advice from people, but what we really want is to have someone help us, physically with it. After the pandemic, of course, is there anyone out there willing to help? I live in Media, PA, near Philadelphia. Thank you SOOO MUCH!

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How to change 5v into 3v using only resistors?

I need to change 5 volts into 3v, using only resistors, to power a LED, I can't use a voltage regulator, because the LED is to see if the current voltage regulator is working, I am happy to reply to questions that would help you answer it. Thanks

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How can I accurately scale up an A4 drawing onto a much bigger canvas, without a projector?

I have a few line drawings I want to reproduce but on a much larger scale, but without the whole route of clear plastic + overhead projector (no such tools available). Any ideas?!

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I want to put an electric motor or pedal assist hub on a 4-wheel Surrey Limousine Delux Bike & looking for help other than the Hitchhiker attachment which is $2k. any ideas?

I own a 4 pedal 7 speed (model "Limousine Delux") Surrey Bike (pictured below) which is a 6 adult & 2 child Surrey bike * I want to put either a electric pedal assist wheel like the Hitchhiker assist wheel (pictured below) for Surrey or electric motor that has enough power for the amount of people I am trying to carry. The Hitchhiker is way too much ($1999).. Any affordable ideas?

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How to keep the folding seat back from falling backwards?

I'm trying to make one of these But I'm not sure how to keep the back rest from falling backwards. How do I fix this?

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What is the difference between PVA glue and Elmers glue?

What is the difference between PVA glue and Elmers glue?

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5000 watts power inverter

5000 watts power inverter with the circuit diagram using SG3524

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Is there any free airflow simulation solution available?

I am a bit stuck in a design for a vortex cooling tube and would like to avoid the times and waste of printing new prototypes for minor changes.So far all I could find is either very expensive commercial software or you need to provide all required dimensions and such in text form/calculations.And none of the free options allow for complex, changing shapes along the airflow areas :(It is very time consuming trying to find matching values for diameters, orifices and nozzles if you can only use most basic calculations and testing.When I write the Ible I will include a pic of my pile of not so well working designs LOLThe basic goal is simple: Have a constant pressure through the entire inlet system while getting a nice pressure drop throughout the tube.Too bad a vortex does not care how much you calculate :(For example a drop of inlet pressure that might be minor can cause the entire thing to fail on the cold end.Same story if the air coming from the vortex generator is not moving fast enough.But if there is a too great pressure difference from vortex generator to inlet you won't even get a usable airflow rate through the vortex.No problem getting these things to work just fine with an unlimited supply of air and constant high pressure - different story when using just a 120 liter per minute homedepot compressor...I worked with inserts for the vital bits to allow a drastic reduction of waste for testing but you can only go so far until you need a new body.Is there really no simulation software available for this sort of testing?

Question by Downunder35m  

The Airsoft Armor Topic

This is the topic on airsoft armor. All airsofters at one point ask this to themselves and then research. People with experience in costume making and Airsoft playing can answer questions for craftsman enthusiasts.

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An RF cat collar to keep dog away wearing its PetSafe invisible fence collar

I have a pup that will not stop chasing my cat. I cannot find a product on the market that would have an RF transmitter on a cat's collar so that the unit on the pup's collar would receive a correction upon coming close to the cat. There MUST be a way to make a hack! 

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how to make permanent magnet motor ? is it true it is free energy device?

I heared that permanent magnet motor works on magnet repulsion and it is free energy device that works for life time....... is it true???

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I want to build the Swinging Sticks.

I would like to build the swinging sticks (more famously seen in Iron Man 2.)   It is 279 bucks so I need a cheaper solution. Thanks for the help.

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my rubiks cubes solved.

Picture 1 I solved my 5 by 5 for the first time!!! picture 2 is the Rubik's magic. very strange puzzle pretty easy I might add. picture 3 my Rubik's cube just started solving itself. more coming soon also look out for my instructable on how to solve the 4 by 4

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Mains supply to wireless charger UK

Hello everyone.Hobbyist here. I had the idea of building a desk lamp with wireless charging in the base. The led light comes from the mains supply. I wanted to split the power into two feeds. One for the light and the other for the wireless charging base. I was going to put a resistor in between the charger and the wireless base to bring it down to 5v.My question is - Does what i want to do sound right? I am still at the researching and planning part, so was hoping to get some advice from somebody more knowledgable than myself.Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it

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Is titanium good for making knife blades? Answered

I want to make an all titanium balisong.

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Help with arduino code

Hi PeoplesI'm trying to code an Arduino, to use as an ignition sequencer, so I can get rid of the distributor on an engine and replace it with coil on plug system. Its a 4cylinder with fuel injection and has a 0-5 pulse to drive the coil. I will have to put a hall effect sensor on the cam to act as a reset.I've set it up on the bench with 2 switches one to simulate the reset and one to simulate the ignition signal.There are 4 LEDs to simulate each coil So far I can push the ignition signal button each time and it will light up each LED in the correct sequence. The problem is the LED stays on when the button is released, It should only light up when the button is pressed. The "delay" in the slows it down so I can see what's happening I would like to remove it or use a much smaller value when it is on the engine.The next problem is the reset button I have no idea where to start. I need to be able to push the reset and the sequence start from the first LED I can see having the delay in the code could potentially cause problems later.Any help would be greatly apprecatedthanks// SEQUENCER WITH BUTTON int ledPin1 = 13;int ledPin2 = 12;int ledPin3 = 11;int ledPin4 = 10;int butPress1 = 9;int countBP = 0;void setup(){ pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin3, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledPin4, OUTPUT); pinMode(butPress1, INPUT);}void loop(){ digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); countBP = digitalRead(butPress1); while (countBP != 0) { switch (countBP) { if (countBP == 0) { case 1: digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); delay(100); countBP = countBP + digitalRead(butPress1); break; } if (countBP == 1) { case 2: digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); delay(100); countBP = countBP + digitalRead(butPress1); break; } if (countBP == 2) { case 3: digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin3, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); delay(100); countBP = countBP + digitalRead(butPress1); break; } if (countBP == 3) { case 4: digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin4, HIGH); delay(100); countBP = countBP + digitalRead(butPress1); break; } default: digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); countBP = 0; break; } }}

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Does anyone know of a way to make a paper hole punch in different shapes? Answered

I would like to be able to make some paper hole punches (like a tool used to make holes for paper that will go in a binder), but in different shapes and sizes. I know they would have to be in metal in order to cut paper, but I'm not sure where to start. I understand one can buy paper punches in various shapes, but they are usually expensive and you're limited to what size and shape the manufacturers "think" you want. I also don't want to go with a custom built paper punch, as they are expensive. Any ideas on how to go about making one?

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Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes

Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes! If you are an "Annoying Orange" fan join my group!

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Would layers of microfiber cloth work as an effective N95 air filter substitute?

Hello, as many of you know, there are some devastating fires in California right now. My family and friends live nearby to these fires, and are being exposed to toxic levels of smoke and air pollution. Due to the disaster situation, many stores that sell n95 masks have sold out or are price gouging people who need them. I have been trying to figure out an effective solution where they could use household materials to approximate the particulate filtering properties of the n95 filter. I was thinking they could make some kind of respirator style mask with the main face mask made of cardboard and duct tape, ad make a "cartridge" for the mask out of a cardboard cylinder stuffed with layers of microfiber cleaning cloth, or potentially other air filtering material, or even activated charcoal if it is available.I understand that such filters are not an ideal substitute but when the air is completely off the scale for toxicity, anything is better than nothing. Does anyone have any input on this? Is this worthwhile at all? Is there another commonly available material that you would reccomend other than microfiber cleaning cloths? -ilpug

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Wall mount a non-VESA monitor?

I have an ASUS ML248H 24" monitor that I want to mount to higher to remove the footprint from my desk and to have a better viewing angle since I usually lean back so I have to look "down," compared to my body position, to look at it at the level of the desk. The problem is that it doesn't have any place to attach an off the shelf wall mount. The only place to attach anything to it is where the base/stand is connected, and it's a funny thing that would be really difficult to replicate (see picture) I've looked through many of the ibles in the subject and nothing seems quite right so any suggestions would be great. The only thing I can think of so far is to use the vertical part of the original stand which would add a couple inches to the depth and act like a lever, multiplying the weight on any thing holding up the monitor, but adds more options for attaching stuff in the form of one vertically oriented bolt hole at the opposite end of the one that attaches the bracket to the monitor, as well as four smaller holes at roughly 30  degrees to horizontal (see pic #2) I was thinking of something like a pipe coming up off the desk or out of the wall but can't figure out how to connect the two pieces so that I can still have swivel and tilt adjustment.

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I need arduino code help. It gives me an error?

I am making a new code for my robot and when i verify it an error comes up. the error is  " error expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token" here is the code // Arduino : Tumbler // pin 9 ---- pin 6 // pin 10 --- pin 7 // pin 3 ---- pin 11 // pin 11 --- pin 10 // ground --- pin 2 (ground) // // int switchPin= 2; // Right bump switch on pin 2 int swval= HIGH; // Variable for reading switch status int RightFwd = 3; // PWM Output to go Foward on Right Wheel int RightRev = 11; // PWM Output to go Reverse on Right Wheel int LeftFwd = 9; // PWM Output to go Forward on Left Wheel int LeftRev = 10; // PWM Output to go Reverse on Left Wheel int delaytime = 2000; // delay between steps int speedval = 145; // speed forward and reverse, at 50% (of 255 max) void setup() { pinMode(switchPin, INPUT); // Sets the digital pin as input pinMode(RightFwd, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RightFwd, LOW); // Make sure Output is initally at LOW pinMode(RightRev, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RightRev, LOW); // Make sure Output is initally at LOW pinMode(LeftFwd, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(LeftFwd, LOW); // Make sure Output is initally at LOW pinMode(LeftRev, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(LeftRev, LOW); // Make sure Output is initally at LOW delay(delaytime); } void loop() { analogWrite(LeftRev, 0); analogWrite(LeftFwd, speedval); // turns on the left wheel in forward direction at the speed value analogWrite(RightRev, 0); analogWrite(RightFwd, speedval); // turns on the right wheel in forward direction at the speed value delay(delaytime); analogWrite(LeftFwd, 0); // turns off the left wheel analogWrite(RightFwd, 0); // turns off the right wheel delay(delaytime); } digitalWrite(switchPin, HIGH); // Sets the pin to high swval = digitalRead(switchPin); // Read input value and store it if (swval == LOW) { analogWrite(LeftFwd, 0); // turns off the left wheel analogWrite(RightFwd, 0); // turns off the right wheel analogWrite(LeftRev, 0); // turns off left wheel analogWrite(RightRev, 0); // turns off right wheel analogWrite(LeftRev, speedval); // turns on left wheel rev analogWrite(RightRev, speedval); // turns on right wheel rev delay(800); // 800 milliseconds analogWrite(LeftRev, 0); // turns off left wheel analogWrite(RightRev, 0); // turns off right wheel analogWrite(LeftFwd, speedval); // turns on left wheel analogWrite(RightFwd, speedval); // turns on right wheel }

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Mountfield petrol mower

I’ve just bought a mounfield petrol lawn mower and there’s no can anyone help me please it’s a 4 Stoke ohv and magneto ignition

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What are the advantages of having an automataic honey beehive and the disadvantages when compared to a traditional one

What are the advantages of having an automataic honey beehive and the disadvantages when compared to a traditional one.

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welding a motorcycle?

I know how to weld. How to weld on a motorcycle?does the battery terminals need to be removed and what other electric components need to be removed so they are not damaged from the increased voltage running through the frame when welding?

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Diy zen backyard garden ideas


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3D printable exoskeleton arm for disabled open source project

This is a preliminary work in progress design for an open source 3D printable exoskeleton arm brace to assist the disabled to raise their arm. I have not yet tested this design and am seeking help with enhancing and improving this design. As someone with a form of muscular dystrophy called SMA, I have significant difficulty lifting my arms. Similar devices exist, but they are cost prohibitive for most people and not covered by insurance. I wanted to create an open source, inexpensive exoskeleton arm brace that utilizes both springs to offset arm weight and a motor to raise the individual's arm that would be free to download and modify. I want this to be open source and adaptable for anyone with a disability free of charge. Please note that for legal reasons, this is not intended as a medical devise and I make no warrentees nor can I vouch for the safety of this device as it is purely for experimentation. Part of the concept is that this arm brace will allow additional snap on attachments or modifications. Uses Metal Steel Winch System for 1/10 Traxxas HSP Redcat HPI TAMIYA CC01 RC Car Crawler from Wish. EMG Muscle Sensor Board Signal Detector Measuring Module For Arduino Controller Arduino Nano 3d Printable files. STL files Available in download Modification of IronArm by emac0094 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license. Remix by Eric Ovelgone Questions or suggestions for modifications can be emailed to under subject exoskeleton 3d design.

Topic by DarkRubyMoon  

knex battlebots

As you have seen(or not sean) i am making battle bots. one has a machine gun and the other has a knife(i also have a mod for a drill that does not use the orange gear) they are made that there is just driferent atachements on the bot body. so even with out the body you could make a mod( like a saw) with out the body. that is what this forum is for. people who can not make the body. you can post a mod and i could try it for you and give instructions for you and other people. i will give you full credit for the mod.

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Striking Clock circuit -

I am a hobbyist trying to add a striking feature to an existing clock.My clock is a quartz movement with a set of contacts that close briefly every time the hour hand passes the 12 position. This pulse is used to trigger a solenoid which when energised causes a plunger to strike a bar and produce a resonant bell sound. I include the cct. I am currently using. The 6v. battery powers the 10 ohm solenoid coil & U2 the LD1117 IC which provides the 1.5v needed by the quartz movement. My project is to change the hourly strike from a single stroke to one which strikes the hour the correct number of times to indicate the time, the same as a mechanical striking clock does - 1 stroke at one oclock - 2 strokes at 2 oclock etc.continuing to 12 and then beginning again at 1 oclock. Unfortunately my electronic ability does not extend to using counters and timer ccts so I am looking for help with my project. I would greatly appreciate any help with the circuitry needed to allow me to complete this project. TIA, RMHC.

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Datasheet of speaker

I recently got to take apart a set of speakers and got a nice subwoofer and tweeter out of it. The only problem, though, is that the speakers, for some reason, did not include a crossover. To calculate the values that I need for a crossover for the tweeter and subwoofer, I need the datasheet of both, or at least that is what I think. When I researched the writing on the back of the speaker, I could not find any information. How can I do this? is there another way to calculate the values of the components for a crossover? I Don't generally care what kind of crossover it is, as long as it works.I do have a cheap LCR meter, if that makes anything easier

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Does anyone know of a electric air conditioner that runs off of the cars D/C or using a A/C converter

Does any one know of a air conditioner that could be used in a car, that runs off of the D/C current of a car of using a converter to use A/C power. I am trying to aircondition my car without using all the gas from when the compressor is on. Any ideas or suggestions? possible even solar energy if anyone knows enough about this.

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Solar heating during the winter?

My hose is badly insulated and leaks everyhwere.And being a renal there is only so much I can do to fix certain issues.After looking at some modern designs for heat pumps in homes and how they claim to be able to provide hot water from the sun during the winter I started to wonder...Has anyone in colder climates a solor hot water thingy on their roof?I know hey work really great during the summr to keep the costs for hot water down but how do they perform at temperatures between 0 and 15°C ?How much water can they then still warm up and how quickly?Can you provide some real life numbers from your system, preferaby in above conditions or below thse temps?Why am I thinking about slor hot water systems in the winter ayway you wonder?Well, the Aussie sun still has a decent bite during the sunny winter times.Even on a 5° day the inside of yur car gets cosy warm quickly if you left it in the sun.I start my day in the middle of the night when most people turn arund and go for a few more hours.Means early bed times as well :(You see the problem ?You wake up and he house is freezing cold but it makes no sense to turn the heater on for the 30 inutes until you leave for work.Then you come home to a still freezing home and turn the heater on until you go to bed.Wouldn't it be great to be able get few more degrees inside by utilising a solar hot water system and a radiator in one of the rooms?....And with the entire "excess" of a solar hot water system one could even consider using the storage tank to get heated during the day to be used for a few hours when the sun is gone to give the real heater a break...Any thoughts or user experience with similar?

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Importing PCB design into EAGLE doesn;t load the components 3D package

All of my components have 3D packages, but for some reason, whenever I import them, they don;t show up! please help!

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Can you have one inverted and one normal subwoofer in one box?

Hello. I'm thinking of building a 4x4 subwoofer box with one inverted subwoofer on top and one regular vertical subwoofer to save space. Is it possible? I'm thinking it will be weird since one subwoofer will pull and one will push, will it work and do i need to change the polarity?

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