Laser Cutting in the Classroom

After creating a makerspace at my elementary school, I was always on the lookout for fresh projects and new tools and a laser cutter was that one big item at the top of my wishlist that I just never got... but, I know some teachers and librarians who are brand new to the world of laser cutting and would love pointers from other teachers who have already worked through some of the challenges of starting something new. :) So, if you have a laser cutter in your classroom or school makerspace, please share any tips or suggestions you might have for any teachers who are just starting out with one at their school. Also, feel free to share any cool projects you and your students have done or programs you use.

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Connecting Peltier module using an Arduino

Hi Guys, I am a beginner to Arduino and I started building the circuit to control a Peltier using an Arduino following below article. I connected the circuit following the instructions and installed the phone App as well. but the circuit is not working. I tried connecting the Peltier to Arduino using a simple circuit and a p=12; void setup() { pinMode(p,OUTPUT); }void loop() { digitalWrite(p,HIGH); }In the circuit, I connected the positive (red wire) end of the Peltier to D12 of Nano Arduino board and the negative end( black wire) to the negative end of the 6V battery. Then I powered the Arduino board by connecting Vin(Arduino) and battery(+) using a jumper wire. The GND pin of the Arduino was connected to the battery(-) using a jumper wire.But still, the circuit is not working. Is it because of the lack of current provided by the Arduino to Peltier? Is there a way to make a circuit with Arduino and Peltier? If I connect the Peltier through a Motor driver does this work? If so please guide me on how to connect the motor driver to my circuit to make the circuit working.This is really an important project for me and due to lack of my knowledge in this domain, I'm struggling to figure out a way of making the circuit even after doing a lot of reading. If someone could support me, it would be a great help for me.

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If I made a small wind turbine how much power would that bad boy put out? It gets rather gusty here. Answered

I was working on my car yesterday and i noticed the doors getting blown closed constantly. I thought how might i turn this unconvenience into a convenience. Well since the price of everything is going up cutting some costs off the bills. Help please?

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Bluetooth module without arduino

I want to use bluetooth relay module without arduino , relay continuously energized until circuit turned off or else i turned off from mobile, and second thing if i turned off the bluetooth on mobile it does not affect on circuit

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Hurst model T motor

Hello my name is Freddy iam in New York DYI hobbiest and iam doing a table project that is a rotating workbench for different bench top tools to be used and it will rotate on this motor but my problem is how to power it.. I would like to plug it and later add a switch to it.. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for time and patience... Freddy Westchester New York/AKA YO

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how can I make a wild rabbit house?

I wanted to find some free diy plans on making a portable, house for rabbits, that for wild rabbits that's designed so the rabbits will not need any matanince (because they are wild critters which do there own natural thing  so people do not have to disturb them,with access for emergency use. you can make your own project then post it just make sure it's safe for the rabbits and people, I don't want to spend too much money, It's just a possible plan it's not a garrentee   I disclaim I am a humane ethical young man, I am good at heart, I will see what I an do if nessary and get my parents concent, it is meant within the terms of use

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Best Way to Learn Circuits?

Hi So long story short last year I switched into EE, and honestly really dig it so far! Due to my actual electrical course work requiring a different set of math classes than I originally had taken I haven’t been able to take any electrical engineering classes yet... I ended up purchasing some breadboards and parts to go with it, along with a raspberry pi to learn about building circuits and work on some coding as well. The goal is to mess around and learn what I can before I can take an actual circuits course, but from your experience what’re some of the best things I can do to build my knowledge in the field, or any advice on what I SHOULD be doing as well?

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What is a 1/4 watt resistor? Answered

Alright, So I know the basics about resistors and what-not, but as I was buying beginner supplies, I noticed there were resistors in OHMs and Watts, What's the difference between the two? And like, can the unit Watt be transfered into OHMs? And which one would I use when my general area of working would be around basic LED work and noob stuff like that xD?

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Can I build an Electric motor that can self recharge it own power source? Continual self charging battery powered motor.

I just wondered, If you could take an electric motor like the ones that they use in the electric cars and motor bikes and by adding a generator/alternator ,or turbine to recharge your batteries as it is running. Like making an electric continual self charging battery powered motor.

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RSS Feed Please

This website could use an RSS feed.  I'm unlikely to visit often, I'll junk-mail an e-mail newsletter, but an RSS feed always catches my attention.

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Getting Started

I'm looking to get started at wood-carving, and am wondering what I need to get to get started. What tools? and where to get them? What are good woods? What are good first-time projects? Thanks

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Arduino Neopixel Code

I am trying to make a simple Neopixel strip running on a ATtiny85. The strip is 64 pixels long. I have some basic patterns but looking for something a bit more eye catching. Can anyone help write some code for me? Willing to pay obviously.

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Electronic controls for CNC machine

I am looking to build 5-digit, 7-segment bidirectional counter with multiplexing display and input retention upon power failure. Input would be from an Incremental Handwheel Rotary Encoder. Any suggestions for a microprocessor ?

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PD Control of Ball and Plate System (Stewart Platform) via Python and Arduino

Hi community,I'm prototyping a 6-DOF Stewart Platform, i.e. a parallel mechanism also known as hexapod, with an embedded resistive touchscreen on its top plate that captures the current position of a ball moving on it. Coordinates are stored by Arduino Due and sent via serial to a Python script which elaborates data, computes inverse kinematics and outputs the 6 servo angles (again via serial port) to Arduino that, finally, moves the arms. As you can notice, velocity is obtained by a one-side differentiator and here it comes my first question: how much should be the sampling step? It takes 124 microseconds for Arduino to execute both the "AnalogRead" functions, but coordinates are stored in Python at a different clock (order of one millisecond). I picked sampling step h (see attachment 2) equal to the computational time of the Python script, with decent results, but still I'm not convinced.My second issue regards tuning of the PD controller: I first described the system with a double-integrator transfer function (from assumptions and simplifications over ball&plate; control) but the obtained controller parameters were far from the optimal ones. Therefore a simplified model of motor dynamics was added to the transfer function and new PD constants were implemented: simulation and real behaviors are far from being identical (high delay, not null steady-state error, higher rise time, etc.); however, inside small ranges of error and with reduced velocity, the ball reaches an equilibrium basin. The third attachment depicts the final transfer function where:- K is K_m*K_ball*g (K_m:motor gain constant, K_ball: ball inertia, g: gravitational force)- T is tau_m: motor time constant;I set K_m and tau_m equals to torque (Kg*m) and velocity (rad/s) respectively, according to servomotors datasheet: is this the right choice?Thanks to everyone for even reading and for any upcoming help.

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Wearing shed antlers? Answered

So when I was a kid I found this nice rack of white tail deer antlers, 8 points. Moved out of my mom's house and forgot about it, but recently they resurfaced. I'm thinking it would be really cool to wear them for Halloween.. I've done a lot of battle with search engines for the past few days but it doesn't seem like anyone uses shed antlers for anything terribly interesting. Much light-fixture-ing and car key racks abound. And the guy who made a USB key casing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to wear them such that they look about as natural as a human suddenly having horns could be? I'm not bald, so that's not an issue, but I don't have access to a lot of tools since I'm still getting started.

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How to Modify an existing circuit board?

Using a separate on/off switch wired directly instead of that supplied with this amazon product EL Wire, ESCOLITE EL Wire Kit Neon Lights Battery . How can I alter the circuit board to always go directly to fast strobe only? See the circuit board in this pic/video.As you can see in the last pic, I have removed the on off switch which was set up so each time you activate it toggles between / on, slow strobe , fast strobe, & off. The switch seemed to be just an on off mechanism, am I wrong?Amazon product is;=1

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Contact people who have made or commented on my instructable

Hi, does Instructables have the functionality for me to contact people who have made my Instructable? I'd like to let them know I'm planning some major enhancements and to find out if anyone would like to get involved.Best regards,Matt

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AC to DC adapter/charger output giving little sock Answered

My new AC to DC adapter/charger output giving little sock. And, when I use a AC tester on it, tester light up (like Ac line). This adapter use "Ferrite core transformer". Also, checked a "Iron core tranformer" Adapter, Also, some of branded mobile charger lighten up the AC tester slightly, but not giving shock... Is there any option to fix this problem...? Output is a 12.75V/1.2A. (Loads are working Perfectly) But, the body current is the problem. There are no any short-circuit. Giving some pix... (If you need full circuit diagram, Please inform, that may takes some time).

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Should I use the front or back brake for my bmx bike? Answered

I have a bike thats been laying in someone's backyard for a few years and I'm trying to refurbish it and make it nice with a new paint job and some new parts. I'm going to take one of the brakes out. Should it be the front or the back brake? If I take out the back brake there will be a slight problem. You see something is wrong with it and the handle is stuck. I can't even squeeze the brake handle. A little help please!!! 

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MyDAQ breadboard help

I’m taking circuit lab and was told to get a MyDAQ and a bread board so I got a Normal breadboard. I was wondering if any one would be able to help me make my bread board look like the one everyone else got for there MyDAQ (the ones they got r easier to

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Need a single use 120vac power outlet

Ttrouble shooting HVAC issue. Looking for a device that plugs into 120vac outlet. On until micro/millisecond power outage and if power goes off, will not accept power again until reset. Sort of a GFCI that trips NOT on a short, but on a power loss.Issue is that it seems HVAC gets quick power glitch and the condenser/compressor goes off (then on), and the evaporator/blower (with thermostat transformer) does not go off. We think this is what might be happening and need to prove it. Compressor goes into short cycle because thermostat is always "hot".Ohhh, forgot to say why - to prove that the issue is that the evaborator/blower does not go off with the power glitch, but the compressor does.

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1. How to properly read resistor? 2. How does resistor power (ohms) affect the circuit?

First question:How do you read resistor color bands? I'm messing around with 5 band resistors in my circuit, and I realized I didn't have any 330 ohm resistors... I was surprised because the kit said they were 330 ohms. Little did I know that a lot of resistors have a different value if read backwards, for example, red, red, black, brown, brown could be 2.2k Ohms or 11k Ohms, depending on which way you read it. How do you know their orientation? Second question: How do resistors affect the circuit? Vague question, I know, but I'm utterly confused right now. My blue LED is supposed to have a current of 20mA, which with a 9V battery demands a 275 Ohm resistor... But the circuit works with a 10K Ohm resistor or a 100 Ohm resistor... I thought smaller resistors were less restricting and larger resistors were more restricting. But if the higher Ohm resistor is more restricting, should a wildy high Ohm resistor prevent the circuit from working? Because the LED doesn't fade in luminosity until I get to a 100K Ohm resistor, which makes me question what a resistor does if the circuit works with a 100 Ohm resistor or a 100K Ohm resistor?

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Stacked wood beam pyramid frame

Can someone point me in the right direction? i need to find either a tutorial, or the math i need to use for my cuts to make what is in the photo. i have been searching a solid 6 hours, through hundreds of "results" pages. have not found ONE link, not even an image of anything that resembles it. i am 98% sure that the problem is me not being able to word it properly. Please help. Thanks

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Can I combine a Wacom tablet with a samsung tablet?

I have a wacom drawing pad and I was wondering if its possible to hook it up to a regular samsung galaxy tab 2 somehow.

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My PC's splash screen shows the shop name from where I bought my PC. How can i Remove this? I attached screenshot to make it easy to understand my question. Please Help…

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Epoxy vs resorcinol or other adhesives for boat building

I've been a big fan of epoxy for a long time. It's been recommended to me as the best glue ever, and lately as a great/durable coating to be used like paint. It's so popular that companies are starting to market things as epoxies that might be related but, really are something else. FYI anything sold as a "one part epoxy" is not an epoxy at all. it's something else. Epoxies must be 2 part.My father started building wooden model sailboat, and wanted to use Resorcinol. What?? Never heard of it. can't be good. must be toxic. use epoxy, Dad. Lately, I've heard differently, with some caveats.This was mentioned on forums: upshot is that epoxy bond strength weakens dramatically with exposure to heat or (maybe?) saltwater or UV light. Additionally, epoxy's bond is not as fatigue resistant as wood. So using it as a structural bond is questionable. Using it in hot (120F+) environments is questionable. Using it in saltwater environments is questionable.Since boats sit in the sun, tend to flex, and are often exposed to saltwater, how can we possibly use epoxies in long term situations.I had to search hard to find any info on Resorcinol, but it's cheaper, supposedly lasts longer. But, as far as I can tell, it's really hard to find. Comments?

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Why a "shadow" effect on an LCD monitor? Answered

I have two Acer 24" LCD monitors for my laptop, one at home and one at the office.  The office monitor sometimes shows a dark 'shadow' effect to the right of both text and graphics.  The home monitor is fine so it can't be the computer.  Any ideas as to what's causing it, and whether it can be fixed?

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is it legal to sell potassium chlorate and perchlorate in Australia?

Hello i am starting up an online store, and two of the products which i wish to sell , are potassium chlorate and perchlorate, however, i do not know, nor know where to find out, what the restrictions are on selling perchlorate, and what licensing ill need  to ship potassium perchlorate, by courier. i have already checked, and i am allowed to ship them, however im not sure about the restrictions on selling them and if i need permits for them, since they can be used for rather naughty things! also, what restrictions apply to iodine crystals, as i plan on selling it too, or must i just report every sale to the proper authorities?

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Changing DC Circuit to Pulsed DC

I am interested in changing my fixed current DC circuit to pulsed to increase the brightness of my LEDs. I really have no direction when it comes to making this pulsed circuit. I have looked into precision full wave rectifiers that I think are what I would be looking for. I am not sure what type of pulse width I would want. The one that I think would be ideal would be a Mouser DF01M, I am not sure if a pulse width of 200 microseconds is fast enough.

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Building an ultrasonic soldering station ?

I have some strage projects coming up that will require me to solder things together that usually don't really like this.In my past job this was quite easy as we had an ultrasonic soldering bath and several ultrasonic soldering stations.Well, the access to those is gone :(At first I thought "How hard can it be to build one?"Not really too hard for a half decent soldering bath but a lot harder for a soldering iron...The soldering stations we used operated in the range of 50-60kHz.Commonly available transducers and their drivers however you find for 28 and 40kHz.Finding small ones in the range of 10 to 20W is also not easy.I can deal with a soldering iron that ends up in the size of a 500W wood burning iron as long as the tip is replacable.But what are the frequencies really required to solder for example on ceramic, titanium or lab grade glass?Does anyone have experience with doing this on lower frequencies than what the professional stations use?Last but not least:Is there any software available (preferably free or as an online tool) to simulate the quite long feed horn that is required with a soldering tip?Going with 1/4 wavelenghts is logical but how could I get the info on the actual shape required without simulating it first?I was thinking of using a heater cartridge like used for the hotend on a 3D printer to heat the tip.However, tests on my ultrasonic actuator showed the entire thing disintegrates within a few minutes, at least the filler and "glue" used to hold it all together.Would a free standing heating coil around the tip work?Heat transfer would be a pain and losses high, but should be possible?In case you wonder why: I just don't ave the thausands of dollars at hand required to buy one of these soldering stations....

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Raspberry Pi (or similar) to control LED strip via commands etc?

I'm trying to achieve something which I would imagine isn't all that difficult. Basically, I would like something like a Raspberry Pi to connect to a set of LED strips.  Then via Bluetooth or WiFi I could send a command to turn them off or on from my phone. Thats it. I'd also like the same unit to power a little OLED or LCD screen that displays the time if possible. Does anyone know exactly what kit i'm going to need.  THere seems to be hundreds of different ways of doing this and I've got no idea where to start.

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can't find any info on Pro and premium memberships - what does cost & what benefits

I can't find a link or page that explains any info on Pro and premium memberships - what does cost & what benefits.

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Charging Circuit

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a circuit so that I could charge a battery, but that I can also power an amplifier when the battery is not charging. Currently I have a switch that switches between a charging circuit and powering the amplifier, but I was looking for a way to do this without having a switch that I have to control

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Electronic Circuit- Help

Hello,My name is Daniela, I'm student and I need help to anyone who can help me :DProject goal: Control the temperature inside a closed chamberI need help to connect the all components and I don't know how because I'm new in this . I don't know how to amplify and to maintain the current, voltage so as to the whole circuit should work, what value is need for resistance, capacitors and other necessary components.I use a launchpad MSP-EXP430FR4133. I prefer to use power supply 3.3V (not 5V). To amplify the voltage I use a DC Boost Converter 2A power supply module MT3608 where the module output voltage can be adjusted.The temperature sensors it for hot side and cold side of Peltier element. A good size to have on the hot side is about 3 times as big a heatsink than on the cold side to don't find that both sides are getting hot. I have attached below a Block diagram, a List of Components, Description and What it looks like the final project. Please help me :D :) Datasheet: MSP-EXP430FR4133 : FAN-BM5115-04W-B50-L00 : : LM35DZ/NOPB : LMT86LP : TMP112AIDRLT : TEC-40-33-127 : MT3608 :

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Peltier Voltage control

I have a broken TEC wine cooler that I am converting into a temp controlled humidor. The MOSFET on the control board blew up so I was able to buy it for $9. I am adding humidity control and I want to log so I am going to control it with a raspberry pi. A Arduino would do but I want to program it in python and will have it host its own site to view data logging or to send failure alert.The wine cooler was rated at 70w, I'm not sure what the Peltier is rated but I am assuming less then that @ 12v. I did some tests with a bench PSU to see what it will draw at various voltages up to 8v (the max my psu goes):

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Are there other ways to harden earth clays? Answered

I do not have access to a kiln nor do i have the money to buy one. Are there other ways to harden the clay that will make it as hard or nearly as hard as a kiln would? I thought air drying would make it resonably hard, but nope it shatters WAY TOO easily. EDIT: I should have noted that I live in the heart of LA in an apartment so I can't really make a kiln, but it seeming like i need to kiln it or buy some oven clay(I forogt the name) 

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how do you make a go kart from a lawn mower engine? Answered

I want to know how to make a cheap go kart powered by a lawn mower engine.

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New metal frame house, interior walls and ceiling ideas

Ok, guys I am planning my next house. I want to build a metal single level kit house over a basement.Like most of you, I can't leave well enough alone. I am always thinking about change, i.e. put up a ceiling fan, add recessed lighting, drop a new ethernet line where I need it, etc. So in thinking about the walls and ceiling of the new house I want your input.First I was thinking of making the interior wall height 10', then I can install a drop ceiling at what every level I want. Later, i can change the drop ceiling at will. Above the drop ceiling, on the underside of the rafters, insulate with rigid foam insulation (maybe the top side of the rafters?).Next the walls. I plan to spray foam insulation between the 24" studs. Drywall seems to be too permanent. What could I put up, durable enough for the occasional bumps when installing furniture, but could be removed if something needs to be added behind it? I have a thought about putting up a shelving system, but that wouldn't work on every wall. Again, I appeal to the hive mind for suggestions.Help a DIY addict,Ralph

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In need of some IKEA Akurum suspension rail. There’s got to be some out there!

We bought an IKEA AKURUM kitchen shortly before it was discontinued. 9I was never told it was going to be discontinued of course). Because of some health issues we are just starting to install it now and I cannot get any of the parts from IKEA . They did not sell us enough suspension rail and we need some more. Bueller? Bueller?

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How to design laser metal cutting Machine?

I have to cut 5 mm thickness 'C' channel

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Ires box

Hi all. Must say I enjoyed making this. Came out stunning. All my friends love it to.

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is there a way to make a soft object hard (e.g. soft plastic)? Answered

Some thing that you could brush on and let it harden?

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How can I (electronically) prevent an LCD monitor from going into standby mode due to lack of a video input signal?

I have a dead LCD i want to turn into an artists light table. Q:   How can I prevent the monitor from going into standby due to no input signal? In other words, I want to make the backlighting remain on without connection to a computer.  It is a HP 24" widescreen that is able to be turned, tilted, and rotated in every direction over a wide range.  For this reason (and because I don't feel like building another box) I would like to use the existing enclosure and I have already disassembled and removed the actual LCD screen, leaving just the backlighting components. I am fairly well versed in electronics and I have tested points on the circuit boards in attempt to determine what input the circuit requires to NOT enter standby. There is a wiring harness from the LCD driver board to the inverter board with 14 wires which oddly enough, is actually labeled!  One terminal is labeled 'on/off' which I'm assuming would refer to the standby feature. This terminal measures +3.2v when the backlighting is on (not in suspend) and 0v when off (standby). I tried to jumper this to a spot on the board that is also 3.2 during standby to no avail. Can anybody help??? Thanks!

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Alice the Robot

After several months of tinkering I managed to complete my 2nd robot based off an instructables project listed below. I tweaked the code a bit and also added a ATTINY85 for the blinking LED on the top of its head. So far its working flawlessly. The biggest problem i had was cutting the old rubbermaid plastic as I don't have a proper dremel. I might add a bluetooth module in the future so I can control it with my phone... Instructables project Alice is based off of:

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Can i fit a V6 in a prius? Answered

I was thinking, ( just toying around with ideas) i could rip out the hybrid system, then put the engine in hachback area.

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What is this tool?

Can anyone identify what this tool is?

Question by GarethB29    |  last reply

Injured Frog/Toad what do I do?

The frog/toad looks to be a American toad. It has a best described as a shaved head. It has a hole on the front of it's head that leads into it's mouth. It looks to be missing an eye as well. It seams to have an injured limb on it's front left. It has been alive for over 16 hours, it seams to have gotten better than when we first found it. We have fed it dried blood worms. We have not seen it eat them but they are gone from the make shift enclosure. I am worried that it may not be able to survive in the wild if we release it after it heals. That is if it heals. I just don't know what to do, please help. NOTE the water got the chemicals removed before we put it in there. We also tried to get the grass off of it by using water (again without chemicals) but we couldn't get all of it off.           We found out it has Toad Fly ( I think that is what it is called ). I am so glad It wasn't me who ran it over with a lawnmower the other day. I still feel sad for it though.

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how to increase the range of the rc car's transmitter to reciever?? i would want to know how to make it on DIY method? Answered

I want the range of my rc car's transmiter to reciever to be increased, how will i do that myself without purchasing any assembled parts?

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Can anyone identify this bayonet? Answered

I have a (probably) WWII-era bayonet that I would like identified. The dimensions are as follows: Overall length: 17.75" Blade length: 11.50" Handle length: 5.25" Blade width:.875" Blade thickness:.25" Handle: Wood scales epoxied to skeletonized metal tang Sheath: Olive green paint on metal I would like to know the type (i.e. m1942), era, and any other relevant info.  

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