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Help with a solar charging circuit please

The attached is a block diagram of my solar charging system. It is intended to provide power at night to backlight my address numbers with a 12 volt LED strip. All the electronics other than the LEDs and the solar panel will be in a box that will not get direct sun, but ... I live in Arizona. The ambient temperature in June is 105 +/-. Therefor I want to equip the electronics enclosure with a small fan. The circuit diagram is missing 2 items, the fan and a photocell. The photocell will send power to the dimmer and LEDs when the sun goes down. I would also like the photocell to allow the fan to operate only during the day.My real question is, "how do I add the photocell and fan to this circuit in a way that minimizes battery drain by the fan and lights up the LEDs only at night?"Some explanation of the diagram is necessary. The connections are shown as a single line, but in each case this means a positive and negative wire. The gray lines are at 6v or less. The black lines are at 12v. Each connector box is actually 2 connectors, male and female 5.5/2.1 power connectors. The cable between connectors C and D is about 6', linking the electronics to the LEDs some distance away. Connectors A and C also represent the boundaries of the enclosure, so that the solar cell, the enclosure and the LEDs can be disconnected from each other if necessary.I know that a diagram of the photocell and the fan attachment will require the detail showing both positive and negative leads.There exist both 12v and 5v fans, 25mm square that seem appropriate. A 5v fan would have to be installed "before" the step up circuit. The 12v version would be on the 12v side of it. Will the fan require additional circuitry like a resistor to keep the power consumption down? I'm afraid I never acquired any facility with analog stuff, I am strictly a digital guy.The circuit diagram that came with the photocell is also attached.Thanks in advance-Bob

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I want an alarm to go off if the freezer door is open for 5 minutes or more.?

Our freezer door keeps getting left open, so I want to install an alarm that will go off if it stays open for 5 minutes or more.  I don't just want an open door alarm, than would be annoying when loading/unloading the freezer. One that would shock the offending child would be an added bonus but not needed.

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What to do with a million USD dollars (or 700,000 or so euros)

If you were to recieve $1,000,000 taxfree and you had to get rid of it in less than a year what would you spend it on? (you can still invest it in stocks or something, original money must be gone in less than 365 days)

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Any uses for a hand mixer?

I have recently inherited a powerful hand mixer. ex : Making food has never been an interest to me, but I do have interest in the tool's potential. Inside the mixer is a 120V AC current (0.6A @60HZ) motor, along with several gears and the such.  This absolutely reeks of usefulness. I would normally already have half a million ideas for this, but problem is, I'm at an inventor's block. This is where I ask you to come in, I want as many ideas for this as possible, I don't care how ridiculous.  Even if its a car that runs on pigsh*t, I won't mind.  anyway, just food for thought. thanks. ps. if you were one of the the whopping 13 people who viewed my forum topic, yes, this is a repost. I think my reasoning is pretty dang obvious. pps. I'm mad about not being able to use bold font anymore... we had something going...

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Piping audio from mpg321 to PiFmRds

I was working on a little project that turns my Raspberry Pi 2 into a FM transmitter. The goal is to make it completely headless, having it start up immediately on boot, without any external computers or peripherals. Now, I have tried this following command: mpg321 --random /home/pi/music/ -  | sudo /home/pi/PiFmRds/src/pi_fm_rds -freq 95.5 -audio - The first command tells it to randomize and play the music. Then the directory it is in. Then there is the pipe, followed by the command to start PiFmRds, on the frequency of 95.5 FM. And finally, to take in audio from a pipe. But I get this: High Performance MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 Audio Player for Layer 1, 2, and 3. Version 0.3.2-1 (2012/03/25). Written and copyrights by Joe Drew, now maintained by Nanakos Chrysostomos and others. Uses code from various people. See 'README' for more! THIS SOFTWARE COMES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Playing MPEG stream from - ... Using mbox device /dev/vcio. Allocating physical memory: size = 3403776     mem_ref = 5     bus_addr = fd812000     virt_addr = 0x768c8000 ppm corr is 0.0000, divider is 1096.4912 (1096 + 2012*2^-12) [nominal 1096.4912]. It's not showing any errors, but it doesn't tell me a whole lot. Additionally, the radio I have tuned to the frequency that I set does not play anything, though it is silent, suggesting that it is transmitting. Is there some obvious error to what I am doing, or do I need to take a different approach? Or perhaps I just need to look into the documentation of mpg321 some more?

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Please am just 18 years old and live with my unemployed mumany online job with small payment, i can manage

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Where can I sell my old electronic gadgets and appliances? It is on as is where is basis...thanks?

I would like to sell my old electronic gadgets and old appliances. Is there a site online where I can post my ads..thanks

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Protective face mask made from swimsuit tops or bras?

I put my daughter's swimming suit top over my face - and thought WOW!Faster way to make a comfortable mask with a few alterations? -Easier to breath wearing it- Easier to talk -Filtering qualities -Washable/ ReusableNeed to make a patternNeed to add straps- elastic bands? elastic? ties? What do you think? Any suggestions?

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What is this tool called?

Hi I'm trying to make a loading pin for grip training. But I don't know what this object is called next to the caribiner. It look like an eyebolt going through something. Plz help. The video is from youtube: "Antoine makes a home made loading pin for grip training" Picture is attatchedThanks

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Quirky tip on how to propagate roses?

Recently I found this little quirky tip on how to propagate roses/ bushes and I was wondering if it was true? In the little tidbit, they tell you to use a cutting of a rose of course and then put a little cinnamon on one of the ends that you intend to grow roots. Then poke that end in to a potato. Then bury that part with the potato into the ground. After I guess eventually you get a new rose bush. I was wondering can this actually work? Or is this just bait to get you to read more of their articles?

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Rotary Tool neck thread size

I have several ideas for rotary tool accessories that would make my life easier, but they would have to be attached at the neck. So I need to cut out a hole, and tap it out to the right thread size. Anyone know what that is?

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LCD screen reverse engineering - Help

Trying to get help on reverse engineering an LCD display to work with a project I am currently working on. I'm trying to use a Nintendo switch display and they for some reason have (I think) 26 or 30 pins, which is annoying because tablet screens work on 24 pin usually. It also appears that there are no pinout diagrams at all for the screen so it's not ideal. This topic is also open to other suggestions as alternatives so go ahead and suggest away.

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Can I use a split aircon AHU as a fan coil unit for a chilled water (hydronic) aircon system? Answered

I have been developing the idea (in my head) to build a chilled water aircon system using recycled parts. I have been considering using discarded "split aircon" evaporator units (AHU or fan coil unit or indoor units...diff nomenclature depending on geography) as the AHU's for my system. My question is simple (but the answer could be complicated) ....... would it work? Furthermore, does this make sense and would it work efficiently?

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Stripping and varnishing teak timber

How do I strip teak timber that is stained black from using black wet/dry 360 grit sandpaper? I would appreciate some help..

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Switched Mode Variable Power Supply

Curious, Monday or Tuesday of this last week I found an Instructable for a Switched Mode Variable Power Supply I found very interesting. I didn’t print the design out because I wasn’t sure how I was fixed for parts. I went back the next day and the Instructable was gone. All I get is; “404: We're sorry, things break sometimes” I really don’t have any other description other than it was built in a metal enclosure, blue, and used 2 V/A meters. Without the Instructable I can’t even tell you who made the Instructable. Has anyone seen and/or has the plans for this Instructables? The only thing I can add is a picture I've added from the internet.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis

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Can iPods play "normal" MP3 tracks? Answered

OK, noob question, but google holds no clear answers (I just get lots of "convert iTunes to MP3" hits). I'm thinking of buying a music player with a much larger memory than the current 2G.  There are iPod-dedicated birdwatching products that tempt me towards Apple products, but I have hundreds of MP3 tracks. If I get an iWhatever, will it play ordinary MP3 tracks "as is", will I have to convert them to iTunes, or will I have to start from scratch?

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Exploding hot glue gun - a PTC heater turned NTC?!?!?

Recently, the hot glue gun that my wife used exploded and I opened it to explore why. The final conclusion is that the PTC heater element have somehow turned into a NTC element. How is this even possible? How can a positive temperature coefficient material, suddenly turn negative temperature coefficient?!?!?I made a video about it so please check it out.

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I keep editing my Instructables with no effect

I published my Instructable then I keep editing and nothing happen , can you please help ?

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Create a project template pdf file Answered

Hello, please how do I create a scale pdf file of a template drawing I did on paper for my project so that viewers can download and print out the correct sized template?

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Induction cooker to battery charger conversion?

Just an idea at this stage, but what, apart from the usual safety, would stop us from using and iduction cooker for wireless transfer of electricity?Am I missing something or is the only thing preventing the cooker from running with a coil instead of a pot the right coupling?

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DIY paper beltdrive design/build

I'm looking for examples of home-made paper feed / belt drive mechanism - not having any success! Hoping maybe someone has seen or done something similar that I can learn from. The idea is that I have a loop of paper that needs to scroll continuously past a window. The gadget has to fit inside a shoebox (roughly), so I'm not about to take apart some old printers, an old movie projector or a belt sander.Seems to me I need a small motor and some rubber spindles/rollers mounted to a frame. Not so different to a belt sander. But much lower RPM, and HP! So, have you seen any designs that resemble this sort of thing? A DIY belt drive that will run off AA/9v batteries?

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Handmade recliner workstation

I am concerned about the health of my son because he spends a lot of time playing computer games.I want to make for him a workstation with adjustable tilt of the chair and monitor as in Altwork Station or Human Touch Zero Gravity Chair, but without  complicated electric mechanisms. Unfortunately the price of such things in Ukraine is incredibly expensive, so I want to do it myself. Can someone help with ideas or plans ? Tnx Google translater was used 

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How much knex do you have??

Hi everyone Here is the Question of the day. How many knex do YOU have?? Tell us all, here. Here are some pictures of all my knex. There are 15,600 counted pieces and thats just my storage containers, not my tubs and guns. Also the last two photos are of my folding gun. Should I post.

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Phineas OR Ferb?

Who do YOU like better? Phineas or Ferb?

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Community opinion: All-Use Rugged Laptop

Hi guys, I'm going to make a small laptop that is 180mm x 100mm in size and I need your help...[To an extent]I need ideas for physical and digital feature to add to this laptop, things like case design ideas, keyboard size, operating system details etc.This is so I can make it appeal to more people and overall be more useful to everyone. For example my mother is a horticulturalist and she gave the simple suggestion of a powerful file creation/editing software, a battery that lasts all day and a weather-proof design.So far it's got a total of 70,740mAh battery contained in 3 hot-swap able 23,580mAh batteries, and it's going to be in a waterproof case.This can also help any other people who are looking to make a similar project.You get the just by now, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Can I use a smartphone without a sim card as an ipod touch?

So I want to buy a smartphone (samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket or something) from ebay or craigslist and use it as a wifi only device. If I dont insert a sim card(I know I wont get service or data) can i skip the activation process and go right to the home screen? From there I would turn on wifi and essentially use it as an ipod touch, to download apps, music, videos, surf the web, and stuff. I have a normal phone for talk and text. So my question really is, would this work? Does the phone need a sim card to run? How do you skip activation? Any other info would be helpful also, thanks!

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Can we use the display and touch screen of the blackberry playbook to operate with a rapsberry?

Can we use the display and touch screen of the blackberry playbook to operate with a rapsberry? I think it's possible to design a control board for that purpose, but I don't know where to start. It is a tablet that is many years old and very outdated so it is no longer usable. My idea was to give this playbook a second life, to use as 2din in the car.

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Make an exercise bike out of a regular bike

I remember seeing some kind of attachment that you could use to transform your bicycle into a stationery bike for exercise, but that was a long time ago and I can't find it.  Can someone come up with a gadget to do that.  I don't need the attachment which tells you how many miles or how fast you're peddling.  I would just like to watch TV or read while exercising and I can't walk for any length of time without my back hurting so I also can't go anywhere on the bike.

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Is it practical to build a TEA Nitrogen Laser with at least a 10 Joule pulse? Answered

I am building an Electrolaser and I have decided on using a TEA Nitrogen Laser, but I am not sure what the specifications of a laser powerful enough for it would be.

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Washing machine drain overflows with new washing machine water volume got a solution?.

All other plumbing works great, this one backs up with new washer water volume during spin?  Can I run a snake down the vent? Any other suggestions?  I ask this because there doesn't seem to be an open airwary when draining high volume of water.  When washing machine stops draining the water flows down the pipe.  It is just when it is too much volume that the problem occurs.  Probably a gallon of water ends up on floor.   Need some advice. Note that adjacent to laundry room is half bath and plumbing there is working fine, also kitchen sink and dishwasher are  within 15 feet and no problems from them.  Looking for advice.

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Where can I purchase broken desktop computers for free or for cheap? Answered

I want to see if I can take the functioning parts out of multiple computers and put them together. Any help would be appreciated.

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Make an cremation urn?

Can u refer me to someone that might be able to make a replica of a fisher price toy telephone, the nostalgic one, for a cremation urn.? We had a special needs child to die Sunday. His telephone was his constant companion. If possible, we’d love his ashes to be in a replica but don’t know if possible. I can paint it but not make it. Please help.

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Knex Guns that do not use rubber bands

Guys, I don't have any rubber bands (I know I'm a saddo) and I love knex guns. I need some knex guns that don't use rubber bands. THANKS!!! 

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Americans bomb Kiteman: miss by sixty years.

A Royal Navy bomb disposal unit has been called to an unexploded bomb discovered on a Suffolk beach.Experts in the unit think the bomb was dropped by a US aircraft in World War II, while returning to an airbase.Houses and schools within half a mile of the site at Felixstowe harbour have been evacuated while the unit works on the device.As I type, a bomb-disposal expert has been on the TV to say it may be a 500-pounder.BBC storyLocal pressEDIT: It's a German bomb, not American. You can tell your lawyers to relax.

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I want thick cookies not flat, like they get deflated when cooled. HELP! HELP!

Why do my cookies always flatten out.?  I've done everything from room temp butter,room temp eggs.  left batter in ref. over night.  beat with  my kitchen aid and also by hand.   I've used real butter, margarine and butter flavored Crisco.  My sisters have watch me and said I do everything they do and can't figure it out.  I want thick cookies not flat.

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How to perfectly Caramalize onions without burning it?

I recently tried Caramalizing onions using ghee and ended up burning it.what need to be done during this.what must be the ideal temperature for Caramalizing it?

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Cheap Alternative to Epoxy Resin?

I am making a lamp with a wooden frame and the front would be made of a clear epoxy resin with LED in the back. I do not have any epoxy resin and was wondering if anybody knew of some cheaper alternatives to epoxy? I do not need it to be as strong as regular epoxy for this project.

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Recipe for lightweight concrete? Answered

I am looking for a recipe for concrete that is light weight and fine enough to be cast into detail, i.e. no bubble or big gaps.

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Finding a Starter Router

I have enjoyed making small wood projects for my family but I am still lacking some necessary tools. I found a great Instructable for making a desktop router table but I don't have the router yet. I don't need the best on the market but I am looking for quality at a reasonable price. If you don't have specific recommendations, can you please help me understand what features and options I should consider?

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To use a mask or to not use a mask these days - and which one?

If you are in asia then you might be quite used to wearing face masks.In other parts of the world this seems to be a totally new concept for most.So before I go into too much detail, let me try to to explain why you should wear a mask or why not.Reasons to wear a mask:1. You are sick, e.g coughing, sneezing...2. You have people with a compromised immune system in the household.3. You work in a high risk environment, like a hospital or have frequent customer contact.4. You have to go somewhere with too many people and risk factors, like shopping.Reasons not to wear a mask:1. You are fit, healthy and follow the STAY AT HOME thing.2. You don't really get close to other people - agai doing the right thing.3. Every mask you buy is one mask lees for those who really need one, like doctors and nurses!It is common sense really...Unless you are in a risk group or have to enter one the only reason to wear a mask is to protect others ifyou are sick.And since you should be home and stay home it comes down to protecting those in your household.Now wen it comes to filter masks there is a lot of confusion out there.Everyone is running for P2 or N95 masks.Seems no one knows there are actually even higher protection levels available....But what is realy required to keep a virus inside the mask if you are sick or outside the mask if you are in a high risk environment?You can look up how these N95 or N100 filters work...Basically the air has to pass through very fine holes - keeps fine dust out.Then it has to get trapped in long and winding fibres - causes turbulences and traps finer particles.Last but least electrostatic filtration.Here a charged layer attracts whatever is till going through - which really isn't much anymore.Especially this last filtration step explains why you can't really wash or otherwise sterilise these filters.What about washable masks?Buyer beware is what I say as you no longer get what you paid for!Washable masks not only need to offer enough filter power but also tolerate being washed again, again and then some more times.Most you can buy now are simple fabric ones with high claims and no gains.Good for working with a grinder if you don't want the iron dust in your lungs but most won't keep a virus out.Only buy masks that come with a real and proper certification!Making you own mask?There is tutorials from many linics and health organisations availble!Use them!Don't be fooled by the first hit you find Youtube, go for a real clinic and for something that as actually tested and used.Like the Montana Mask by the Billings Foundations, which is aimed on providing a proper fit while doubling your remaining filter mask supplies - look up Montana Maks or go directly to .Why can wearing a mask actually do you more harm than any good?Unless you really know what you are doing chances are your mask leaks badly.Any air not being filtered is a risk for you or other people.Proper fitting and making sure it stays on is a must!And that is the problem already...People want a quick snack, drink or smoke - the mask comes off.So why did you put it on you said?Now you have contaminated the insde by exposing it to whatever lands on it - from there right back on your face.Not just that though...You got an itch under the mask? Great job for scratching you again rendered the mask useless and placed yourself in danger.Without a mask you might not get the itch, without the mask you wouldn't have to worry about doing everything by the book...And without you using a mask for no good reaso someone how needs a mask to save lifes might not have one...It takes will and persistence to leave the mask on and ntouched until you are in a place where it issafe to take it off and dispose it.Before you put a mask on ask yourself if you can really keep in on and your hands off your face....

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QI wireless charging - what you need to know but won't find on the pack

These days using a charging cable for your phone or tablet is like connecting it to the printer or laptop with wires.You only do it if you really have to it seems.Your coffee bar or snack restaurant has the wireless chargin pad in the tables for your convinience.Your car has a holder with charging pad and at home you might have three or more of them...They are convinient and unlike a cable won't wear out your USB port over time.But do you pay a hefty price tag and always go genuine or do prefer to save a buck or two by going the aftermarket route?What's the difference between genuine and aftermarket?Apart from the price it is often the overall quality.The charger for your phone works with the charging pad if it did not come with a dedicated wall adapter anyway.And because it is a brand name product chances are slim you will be bother by big problems or even failures.As with all things the devil is in detail here.This devil is caled "QI" - or better what dollows after the QI on the sticker of your charging pad or cheap receiver coil that you add to your phone.QI READY!QI COMPATIBLE!WORKS WITH ALL QI ENABLED DEVICES!There is more slogans you find in the listings, on the pack or the product itself.They all inform you that you can use your phone, tablet, watch or ear buds with the wireless charging solution they try to sell you.They also inform you this way that it is not really a good idea to buy the product or if you already have that you should not use it ;)Only if there is the official QI logo on it and right next or under it it reads "QI CERTIFIED" you can be sure the charging pad is actually up to specs and won't damage your device while charging.Don't be fooled by the cheap knock offs or the expensive ones for that matter!Without QI certification you simply never know what the thing might do to your expensive phone...It is things like foreign object detection, monitoring the charging conditions, temperature and of course the efficiency that differenciate a certified charging pad from the rest out there.I have taken quite a few of these pad apart - couriosity killed the cat...Even products that inndicate on the plastic housing that it was made last year often have a circuit board from 2016 or before on the inside.Not really a deal breaker if the thing can be prgrammed and most can during the manufacturing process.However: Not all can be fixed on a software level to keep the charger up to todays specs!!For me the dead give away are all these charging ad claiming to be able to provide "wireless fast charge" or whatever name other companies use to indicate it can charge your device in more than the slow mode.Unless there is a USB-C or lightning port for the cable on it the thing is a fake!There is no power delivery standard (PD) defined for micro USB.Sure, the normal USB2.x standard allows for 9V on the power lines but with several Amp limitiations.Even worse for the connectors as they are simply not desinged to handle 10, 15 or now even 30Watt of power.This is further complicated by the USB standard itself.For example a wall adapter that is capable to provide the three major charging protocols should come with a USB 3 outlet.But since the same standard applies for the blue USB ports the charger might offer you the convinience to use normal USB cables instead of USB 3 ones.Why does this matter in this case?Charging standards and why they suck ;)If you bought a wireless chargin pad capable of fast charging then chances are that you went cheap or had bad advise and got one with a micro USB connector.And now chances are high that the charger for your phone came with fast charge option but only with a USB 3 outlet.Before you make any attempts to get the two to mate properly: Check the lable of your chraging pad!!!It should clearly indicate that it uses 5V AND 9V.The 9V part usually has a lower Amp rating but that is fine with the higher voltage.The 5V part on the label should read 2A as a max!If you see only 5V but with more than 2.5A or 2500mA on the lable please don't not use the fast charge option!!You would need a high output 5V charger for these knockoffs as normal ones won't provide the require juice.Even if the pad indicates it accepts 5V AND9V for the charging, having a micro USB port makes it a big gamble.Most of these pads won't even a temp sensor on the pad or a fan on the inside and rely only on what your phone or tablet gives in feedback.This can cause severe overheating as these cheap pads simply won't have a clue how hot things might get.Ok, got it, but just o make sure....A good charger is capable of providng 5V and 9V for charging devices.A good wireless charger comes with a USB 3 port or has a dedicated wall apadter included.Both have the QI logo and state that they meet or exceed the QI certification.Without logo and certiication they are just knock offs with questionable safety and performance.Q and A:Q: My wireless charger and phone support fast charge but it does not seem to work?A: Is you wall adapter rated for fast charge at 9V and does the wireless charger meet the standards of your phone?As said, all three must match to work properly, most pads will indicate the fast charge with a different color LED.But if it does not have a fan chances are your pad won't provide a meaningful difference in fast mode.Q: My wireless charger keeps cycling between fast and normal or drops out for a few minutes and continues - why?A: Most likely your phone or tablet indicates overheating and regulates the charging down to a safe level.Cheap wireless chargers, especially the ones without a fan often fail to provide the required cooling for the phone.This can be especially tricky if silicone covers are used.Q: Why does it take several times longer to charge without a cable?In most cases the maximum current your wireless charger will provide is around 1000mA - or 5Watt.Only if wall adapter, wireless charger and phone are set and capable of fast charging the power will be higher.Most fast wireless fast charges will then provide up to 10W, some of the newer ones up to 15W.But even then there is still the problem of heat that slows things down.With a cable you might chrge your phone at 10W within 2 hours.The wireless charger on 10W with proper efficiency and all would still need at least half an hour longer for the same.Q: What about interference?This is the part no one wants you to know about ;)The QI charging works at frequencies between about 120-200kHz.Some go as high as 25kHz but does not matter really.What matters is that you literally place a RF transmitter on your desk.Now, 5 or even 15W might not sound like anything, especially if you consider the charging works only at a distance of max 4cm - and that is the theoretical max, in reality anything above 1cm is likely to end your charging experience.....It does not mean though that these RF waves just disapear aft a few centimeters...You might be surprised about the signal strength if you use a radio scanner or RF dongle on your laptop in this frequency range while charging...Every tried your wireless mouse next to the charging pad? ;)The official claim is no that due to the desing and power management there is little to no leaking of radio waves.Highly doubtful in a plastic eclosure for the electronics, which is confirmed by the above simple to do tests.If you want to do some "research" yourself then do what I did:Buy some cheap pot plants that are small and require little care - but something leafy or with flowers.Place a plant right next to your heavily used wireless charging pad, another as healthy as matured plant in a different room or at least 5 meters away from the charger.Care for both plants in the same way and observe how they deleop over the follwing weeks or months ;)If you happen to have a really old wireless charging pad or a really dirt cheap knock off then dare to try the ring test.If you can manage to get finger with a ring on it between the chargin pad and phone (while the phone actually still charges) a good charger will turn off, a bad one will start to heat your ing up - do at your own risk!With that in mind: Would I recommend the usual nedside table charging solution?Honestly, I would have to say no here.Radio therapy might be good for something but should not come for free from your phone charger.The levels might be low but there are no meaningful and verfied long term studies about the effects of long term exposure to UHF radio waves.But anyone dealing with CB radios will tell you to stay away from a radiating antenna....Then again, if you make hundreds of phone calls and are a heavy WiFi user the little bit of added radiation from your charger won't make much of a difference ;)

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Bark seating for a ladder back chair.

Hello everyone.This is a request regarding where I can obtain bark from (in the first instance) here in the UK.I've recently completed a ladder back chair and would like to seat it with bark. I did this many years ago on my first chair using bark of about 1" wide and supplied in rolls.Unfortunately, I can't recall who supplied it and my search so far has failed.If anyone can help, that would be very much appreciated.Thank you for reading this.Chris.

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Pop up tent

I want to try and make a pop up beach tent. What is the metal used that will allow it to pop up and fold down please.thanks

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how do i set a booby trap to find out if someone has been in my house?

I gave my neibors my keys and i think they made coppies and have been coming in my house while im not here. things have gone missing, i want to know how i can set a trap that will enable me to be certain that they have been in the house, and that its not really just me loosing things. i want the traps to be set up in a way that i will know for a fact someone has been in my house, i have one idea already i have ties a lot of my hairs together and tapes them accross the hallway and i will see if when i get back home it is busted. please help me with this, i dont want to go to the owner of the building, or to the athoriteis with out knowing for a fact, and i am unable to get a video camera to record while i am gone.

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anybody experiment with zero point energy?

I have alwats thought there was usable energy in magnets but have been assured that there isn't. Still can't accept it.

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May 2019 site changes: my observations and thoughts

In early May 2019, Instructables' website has been radically reworked with a revamp. Changes I have observed include:Navigation: Many categories and subcategories have been eliminated and instead reworked under other folders as part of the changes (there is no "Play" category and subcategories such as "NERF" and "Paper Airplanes" no longer exist) "Recent" filtering is not directly available to people browsing the site--you must sift through the categories and get through at least two pages to find a way to filter the selected category for "recent" (i.e. Homepage -> Circuits -> Projects -> (Page at which you may select "recent")) There are no filters for searches On the front page and in the categories' main pages, featured projects are emphasizedThe Forum/"Community": Without manually typing in the URL, there is no direct way to access the "community" page Buttons to access the forum among in the category pages are tied to the community pages for that category (as a result. They do not allow you to see the general forum posts of the community without viewers manually deleting the category from the URL and going from thereThe way people navigate about sites controls what they can see and how they see if, so all of these things will change the flow and behavior of Instructables' viewers versus how it was before. Versus before, it is more cumbersome for viewers to get to recent content while featured content is more readily available. This will influence where people go and what they see.----------------------------------What do I believe this means for the future?Drawing on my decade of experience on this site, I suspect viewership of non-featured Instructables will drop. Thus, the viewership gap--between those projects that have been featured and those that have not--will then widen.Of these changes I think people will say you either "get featured or get buried."

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Transmission fluid on my cat

Well our van must have a leak or something, because the fur on one of my cat's backs is all spiky, and my dad says it smells like transmission fluid. He must have walked under where it was leaking. My dad says it's not dangerous as long as it doesn't touch his skin, but we're going so have to get it of somehow. Should we cut some of the hair off his back? Try to wash it off?

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