B.S.R. 75 bolt action spud gun

This is my latest creation a breech loading bolt action spudgun. video at.....

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Replacing capacitors with different rating? Answered

Hi! I am trying to repair a computer has 2 capacitors that are blown. I have a replacement for the first one, but not for the second one.... My question: On the capacitor it says 330μF 25V, can I replace it with another type of capacitor? Wich number is important, the "μF" or the "V"?

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Dog boots

Where is the link to download the instructions to make dog boots?

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Want to hide cords in living areas

Live in old house few outlets. Wish to hide cords in attractive manner

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Emailing Instructables staff?

Is it okay to send an email to the people at service@instructables?

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how can I wire my starship coil and make it work?

My starship coil is  cool but I have yet to wire it to a fan motor to make it spin magnets at high speed how can I do this I have seen it on youtube but I havn't been able to wire it up please help and please research starship coils instead of guessing first google it.

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Tesla coil secondary coil Answered

Hello! I have been trying to make a tesla coil, and made a secondary coil but ran into a problem. Or rather, what could be a problem. The wraps overlap each other often, and I don't know if that is OK. it is mostly smooth, but I was just wondering if it will still work. Thanks!

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I can't enter a contest. Why?

I fulfill the requirements but it does not let me enter the contest. I tried for an hour

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How to control a servo with a switch?

As above i was wondering how to fully turn a servo and turn it back just with a switch It's for a dashboard sat nav box that flips up (Might add it on here) Thanks 

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To repair Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphone jack

Good morning, I'm a new member of this family:)I'm trying to replace broken jack4 Pole connections / colour of wires on broken headphone jack on Razer Kraken Pro V2. the old one has (Red, Green, yellow and white with shield to solder on new plug.Hopefully, someone provide the correct connection locations with colour of wiresI appreciate your time and efforts.Thanks in advancePardeep

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Yesterday when I tried to log in, it said my password was incorrect.  I am sure it was not.  So I had to do the reset login thing where they send a message to your email.  That message had a 21 length temporary password with letters and numbers!  21 characters!!  You would think I was trying to break into Hillary Clinton's email!!! I got logged in, changed my password.  Later in the afternoon, the same exact thing happened, with the new password.  Once again I received an email with a new 21 character temp password!!  After a couple tries I was able to get logged in and once again created another new password.... This morning, same thing!  Only this time I logged in with Google+, so I was able to log in.  But I am on my regular computer, if I try on my tablet, I can't get logged in at all!  Not even with the 21 character temp password.....I am still amazed it takes 21 characters to change a password....I think  can make it easier, if they can't,  maybe they can get instructions from someone on! BTW, I would of brought this to the attention of someone under the "Contact" category but if I clicked on any of the emails given, they would not work.  Yes I could of logged into my email and typed in their email and sent it that way.  But at this point I am tired of going back & forth so much with this website. I really enjoy this website and wish some things were not so complicated. Thank you.

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Can decomposed granite be mixed with cement for use as structural concrete?

We have a mountainous property with no sand and very little rock other than granite. Can I use decomposed granite (as fine as sand and small pebbles) as aggregate, instead of river gravel and or sand?

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I have been instructed at the gym to eat only the egg white. What do I do with the egg yolk?

I have been instructed at the gym to eat only the egg white. What do I do with the egg yolk?

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How to make files show as Download at the bottom of an instructable ?

Hello everyone,I made an instructable recently which contains STL files for 3D printing. When I click edit instructable I can see the files there but when I go the instructable, I don't see a Download section where users can download the files. Can you help me with that please ?

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Nikon D3100 error press shutter release button again

My camera shutter is stuck weirdly. Im posting some pictures please any leads to fix it up?

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Phone projector to vga

So I have a 16 pin projector that attaches to my phone and I also have a HDMI to vga cord I want to use my projector with other items other than my phone and not have to have it attached even if I have to solder or any means thanks

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fluorescent emergency lamp convert to LED

I have a fluorescent lamp input220v,6.5w, its battery is 6.9v. i want to convert this to led lamp. so pls provide the proper circuit diagram for this. and how many LEDs can handle this battery for 4hours 

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anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid .

Anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid . py

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best solid material that dissolves in water? Answered

I need a solid material I can easy get, it should stay solid when exposed to air, for long periods, and when it comes into water, it should dissolve. What material would be the best choice? edit: It should stay firm for about 5 years. When in water, it needs to dissolve as quick as possible.

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Why are all my comments colored red?

I was looking at an instructable and I saw that all the comments that I made on it were now red. Why is this? I guess it's supposed to help you find comments that you made a while ago, but it doesn't seem helpful to me. It makes the whole comment look like one big link. If you put a real link in your comment, how is someone going to find it if it's all red?

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How Instructables Hooked Me Up

Has posting a project on Instructables and being a member of our community helped you nail an interview / get your dream job / propose to your partner /  get an A on a school project / muster up the courage to ask someone out?? We want to hear your stories! Please share them below

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Shock absorbing fabric

I'm doing some research and trying to see if there is anything out there that's a shock absorbent fabric type material. Unfortunately, i've only been able to find sorbothane (which isn't a fabric type material). The usage is going to be an adjustable cover that can wrap around whatever i'm covering and allows impact protection.

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Preventing Lockpicking?

(Please forgive me if I'm in the wrong category.. Fairly new on the forums) Hi, I'm quite a lockpicker in my life time but word spreads through out my "Friend Network" And most of them attempted on my door. I never do it to anyone without a damn good reason, but they do it for fun and pleasure.. So i always wondered cause i have a Keypad lock with a key hole. How do prevent them from picking my door to my valuable stuff while I can still use my key? Please help me out! (And i know ill get some replies saying to jam the key hole and use the number pad to open the door, what happens when the batteries dye out? I'll be stuck outside my room!)

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How does this CCFL inverter work? Answered

Hello, I have this CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) inverter from a scanner. it powers the scanner light. That's the schematic, but I can't see all the components very good, I'm sure about everything that's noted in the schematic, but I don't know the value of that capacitor between both collectors. It's that brown one from the picture. So the question is: How does this circuit work? I'm still trying to figure out how the transistors switch, it's really weird, because when I try recreating this on my breadbord it doesn't work. And why is the first coil shorted out? What I do know about this is that it has an output voltage (very low current, serveral micro amps) of 2 to 3kV. It also works at a very high frequency, about 30kHz I think, and it has a ferrite core transformer. The primary windings are very thick, and there are about 10 turns. the secondary has Many windings, a few thousand. The primary current is limited by the frequency (Xl = 2*Pi*f*L) so high frequency means high resistance of the coil, and that means a low current. now  how does the switching process work? and what's the use of the brown capacitor?

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I want to manufacture radiator coolant for vehicles. Pleae tell me the process.

In ur ans in yr 2010 u ve mentioned about the dye.. what kind of dye is requierd ?? 

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Ahhh, Couldn’t Enter Halloween ‘Ible! Answered

I hit Publish or my ‘ible at 11:56 Pacific, it asked if I wanted to enter a contest, but didn’t show Halloween.Went to main page, went to contests, clicked on Halloween. I got the pop-up that said I could enter with a new ‘ible. (I know 11:56 is pushing it hard. I started putting in my text at 9 PM. The editor ate my steps repeatedly!)Can someone sort me?I worked really hard around daily obligations to enter the Halloween contest!Thank you!

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Nintendo switch

I have a faulty Nintendo switch, temperament at booting and when it does no wifi. I thought it was the wifi chip however after taking it to a repair service, I'm told it's the cpu. I believe the cput is tied in to the mainboard and other chips so a straight forward replacement wont work? Please help or advise. Kind regards MR A AZIZ All praise be to the Source

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How to connect tone control stack switches to amplifier

I have a late 50s general electric am radio it doesn't work I've replaced all of the capacitors and a rusty transistor and still nothing so I've just decided to completely remove all components from the board and mount a daughterboard in the center of the board but I'm not sure how to connect tone and volume control to my circuit it's a stack switch with volume power and tone combined into one knob

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How do I wire a three-terminal piezo buzzer to make it sound?

I salvaged a piezo sounder from a CO detector.  The sounder (EFM-290ED rated at 9V) has 3 pins rather than the two I am more familiar with.  The pins are labled G, F, and M.  I have tired applying 9V across all combinations of the pins but haven't had any luck maiking it sound.

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I built a 30kv static electricity generator with nighthawkinlight’s instructable.But everytime I use the switch I get shocked.My 20kv generator doesn’t do it though.The switch i am using also doubles as the battery holder.Can you guys help me find out what i can do to stop it?It is the “Elpa battery case”.It looks kinda like the case above.

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How to enter contest?

I want to enter my ible in a contest.The ible is published but when I press enter now It says to log in (which I am) or create ible (which I did).What to do? Only 4 hours left!Please anyone help me!

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Ok So I tried to get into instructables today but instead got this crazy robot game. As you can see my high score is 0, 1 can you beat my score?

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Raspberry Pi Laser Tag Without Linux Server?

Hi Everyone, I have wanted to build a DIY laser tag system for a while now. I found this instructable- It is exactly what I waqs loking for with a few minor changes. It uses a Linux server to control all the guns. My dad is thinking of getting a new PC, and I would be able to use his old one. The only thing is, I would like to keep Windows on it for other things it will be used for. Is there any way I can use this instructable with a Windows pc? Thanks!

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Can adults enter in the contest or is this just for students?

Just wondering if adults can enter the contest or if this site is just for students k - university?

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What is the solution recipe for reverse electroplating gold??? Answered

I have ALOT of pins and boards so I need the ratio of chemicals for the bath of electrolytes

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all my outlets quit working in my bed room . but they have power ,

2 days ago all the outlets in my  one bed room just went out  I had someone to check them with a meter to see if they had power going to them  & they do .But  nothing I plug into them will work  so what could be wrong ?

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Multiple entries in Contest

Hi I've been visiting this website since I started learning electronics. I saw an open contest for members, so I signed up. This will be my first instructable and contest, is it okay to submit one (1) entry to multiple categories as long as it fits the category?

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Recycling a printer's laser

My laser printer stopped working.I opened it and took the useful parts out (motherboard, cables, ...). I checked some project ideas and got really interested in connecting my raspberry pi and the LSU (laser scanning unit) to experiment with it.Since I think it is not gonna be easy, do anyone know how to connect a laser to a raspberry?Here are the specs of the LSU: laser's board is a 94v0 / 1794v0, it has a 5 pins output. But I can unsolder it from there to have a 3 pins led.(I'm sorry I'm not good at this ^^" trying to learn)

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Wiring a usb outlet and ceiling fan on the same circuit

In my daughter's house (in South Carolina) her outlets and lights are on the same 15 amp circuit. I installed an outlet with built-in usb ports. She has her Fire Stick plugged into one of the usb ports. Her ceiling fan is controlled by a wall switch knob with OFF, MAX, HI, MED, LOW options. When she turns the ceiling fan from one option to another, the Fire Stick cycles off and then back on. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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HCl obtention from bleach and acetic acid (vinegar).

I have always been curious to know if it is possible to obtain hydrochloric acid (HCl) from chlorine-based bleach and acetic acid (vinegar). I found a lot of answers saying that it was impossible and dangerous because you wouldn't obtain HCl; instead, you would get chlorine gas, which is a very dangerous fume that can cost your life. However, I found an answer saying that it was possible to synthesize it, but not directly from bleach. First, you have to mix equal quantities of bleach and acetic acid to obtain hypochlorous acid (HClO) and then you have to add a transition metal oxide (iron oxide, copper oxide, etc.) to get HCl and oxygen gas.  Filled with curiosity and keeping in mind that safety is the priority, I decided to try it out by mixing equal portions of bleach (NaOCl) and acetic acid (C2H4O2), obtaining an aqueous solution of hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium acetate (C2H3NaO2).  NaClO + C2H4O2—> HClO + C2H3NaO2 Then, I added copper oxide (rusty pennies) since I know that copper by itself reacts very slowly with HCl, so I could leave it there until the copper oxide had completely reacted with the HClO (leaving clean pennies).  Little but numerous bubbles started to come out which I thought to be the oxygen gas leaving the hypochlorous acid. I waited there until there were no more bubbles coming out which meant that the reaction had finished. To prove that it was HCl, I decided to add Aluminium foil and see if it reacted accordingly. However, nothing happened, so I tried the whole process of mixing bleach and vinegar again but when I got to the part of adding the metal oxide, I did not add copper oxide. Instead, I left it outside in the sun to react since I know that ultraviolet radiation causes fast disproportionation, forming HCl and oxygen gas.   HClO —> HCl + O2 After all the bubbles had finished coming out, I added Aluminium foil to prove that it was HCl. However, noting happened, and again, I obtained the same product as the last time.  I immediately stated to think of possible products that I could have obtained and the reasons why my reaction hadn't worked properly. It was then when I remembered that in the very first reaction (the one of the vinegar and the bleach) I had obtained a side product that I had completely forgotten about; sodium acetate (C2H3NaO2). And I suspect that this side product could have affected the whole process.  And that is my question; was it really the sodium acetate that one that affected the experiment or could have it been something else?

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Yet another unidentified tool

Hi guys,Can anyone tell me what this tool would have been used for?The fine wire is spring loaded.I was thinking perhaps a pricker for an old gas or kerosene lamp light to clear the aperture, or maybe a paint gun.Seems an over complicated device if it is what it was used for, but i guess it protects the wire by retracting it.

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Peltier dehumidifier Answered

Hello. I'm experimenting with peltier dehumidifier. First I know its least efficient dehumidifier but I have one and I'm trying to experiment with it to increase efficiency. We have many smart people here, maybe you guys can help me to understand one thing. On peltier dehumidifier air is pulled through cold side in to the hot side and warm "less humid" air coming our from other side. Why not to pull hot air from the hot side and reroute it to cold sink because that would create bigger temperature difference on the cold side and would increase condensation and warmer air has more moisture as well. Please correct me if I'm wrong because I dont understand why these dehumidifiers are made this way. Thank you

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Adding a recent, published Instructable to a contest

Howdy,I've just released a 'ible and want to add it to one of the contests. For the life of me I can't work out how to do it! If anyone can please let me know that would be great. I did try and to add the comp to the new 'ible when I published it but for some strange reason I couldn't publish it with a comp attached!Thanks all

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Help Hacking A Music-Playing Clock

Hi everybody. I am interested in hacking/reprogramming this composer clock. As it is now, it plays a different clip of a song by each of the 12 composers on the clock when the clock hits the hour that corresponds to the picture of the composer (for instance, Mozart’s face on the 1 place of the clock, it will play a clip of his music when the hands hit 1 o’clock on the hour). Here is how it works already. • There are the 12 clips of music recorded on a board. They are heavily compressed (small files, I guess) and pretty gritty quality, but are definitely audio clips of recordings and not midi or synthesized versions. • They play back in order, triggered by a mechanical trigger that fires whenever the minute hand passes 12. • There is a button on the back that will allow you to manually advance the tracks (I think does the same thing as the clock hand trigger), you can use this to help make sure the songs line up with the correct composer when you reset the clock (I think…might be wrong about some of these details. • There is a little photo sensor at the top of the 12noon position on the clock facing out (see pic). At first I thought this was the trigger, that when the minute hand passed over it, it would block the light and that would be the trigger for the next song. However, that’s not the case, and what this photosensor actually does is control the volume of the clips' playback. That way, if you have the audio function on, it will only be audible when the lights are on. It will play when the lights are off, but is so quiet you can’t hear it. A very clever system!Here’s what I want: I want to hack this clock as a present to my wife who is a composer, with the faces of other, female/femme composers and performers that she likes. I want it to play clips of songs by those new composers when their particular hour comes around. -So I want the same exact functionality of the system, just change the songs it plays.What I have done so far: • I’ve exposed the board and other components of the playback system (see pics). I had to pry through the plastic casing on the back since there wasn’t away to get to it without destroying the face of the clock, which I already converted to the new composers. • I tried to identify the components and learn about how the system works and took pics (below). • I did a cursory search for the pcb board with the markings “DLT356 REV:S1” for info but haven’t had much luck.What I know: • I’m ok with soldering and construction, I know a bit of C, Arduino, Processing and am really interested in learning more about physical computing.What I need to know: • Can I access the microprocessor with the audio clips on it and figure out some way to swap them out with other clips? I like all the other functions of this system (the minute hand trigger, the photosensor volume control, the override button). • If not and if I need to build a new playback system, and suggestions for chips and programming language/mechanism to get started with? • Any leads would be greatly appreciated!Thank you!J

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Basic leather crafting question

I am brand new to leather crafting and just ordered a vintage stamp with 3 other tools. I think i just broke the stamp. It is flat with a hole on the back. I used a hammer on the stamp by itself and the hole looks like the ridge around it is broken. Was I supposed to put something in the hole before hammering?

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Arduino code. Air-con temp controller. Please help if you can!

The hardware is an R3 with a custom LDR interface for reading the mode of the air con, and relay interface for changing modes. There are 2 digital probes, one for temp control and the other just for display. This was made for climate control of a small room using a portable air-con. The controller switches between 3 modes; Heat, Cool and Fan. What we need is for it to turn the fan on when SP is reached. When starting from a power failure it will switch to fan mode if the temp is within the range of SP+-1. This makes it look like it's working correctly but after that it loops between hot and cold; the fan is never turned on again, although the readout on the controller reflects the temp is OK, so the fan mode should be activated. I have attached the coding as well as a print out from the serial monitor showing the errors on the controller. The guy who wrote this for me is unable to figure this out.Would appreciate any help!

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I was just wondering what are good places to buy power tools from, thanks.

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Is it possible to make HCl with Bleach?

Is it possible to make HCl with Bleach? As in could you use any conversions (Toxic and dangerous should be included for informational purposes) to mix the bleach with some substace leading to it? Because bleach is Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and it does have a Cl.

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Verify my account? Answered

A little box keeps popping up saying "Hey DCA, you still need to verify your account".  I do as it says and a box pops up with an old but still active email address, I send it but it never shows in my mailbox. Nothing wrong with the address, I still get other mails.  What's up? Also, I don't see anyplace to ask a question of the Instructable staff. Thanks,  Dave

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