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how to do papier mache?

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Arizona Ice Tea 1 gallon containers.

The Ice Tea in 1 Gallon plastic containers are Bake in. I am sure there is a way to remove the color. If anyone knows how to remove them please let me know.

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Birds and sticky flytraps HELP!!! NOW!!!

Just now, my bird flew into a flytrap, i got him out of it, got bit numerous times by a stressed bird, HURT LIKE HELL! and now he's sticky, i need to know how to get the stickiness off of him, i used olive oil on his beak to get the stickiness off of that, his head feathers didn't get trapped (thank goodness) but i need to know how to clean him without having to touch under his wings, he doesn't like that. i don't think it got past his down to his skin. He is also sneezing more than usual are sticky flytraps poisonous? there isn't any facts on the package, google wasn't much help either. I AM NOT SPRAYING WD-40 ON MY BIRD. Please help.

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Timer activated liquid dispenser.

I am looking for an alternative to the alcohol dispenser I saw on your site.I am looking to make a dispenser that can handle being used all day long filling 2 oz bottles with a fine light oil. Your alcohol dispenser is close but seemed rather light weight. I would also prefer to use some sort of inexpensive timer rather than the proximity sensor used in your presentation.I am wondering if you could furnish me with a list of materials, where to get them, and a wiring diagram. This filler will be used to help support a mission project for an orphanage of children that lost parents to HIV AIDS.As an architect, I was able to design and donate blueprints and supervision for a children's home and chapel at this mission but a little device to fill these bottles has me stumped. I am now 83 years old and don't have access any more to all of the engineering help that I once had, nor do I have the finances anymore to purchase the high-end units that are available. We are trying our best to raise money, not to spend it.katabwa

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How do I enter my instructable in a contest

I have tried to enter my instructable in a contest but I do not know how to check if it was sent in

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Cutting Hardened Steel

So here's my situation... I've lost the key to my U-lock - I'm fairly certain it fell out of my pocket while I was sitting - somewhere :/... Any recommendations on how to cut it? After chewing up 1 hacksaw blade to it's dull tomb, I'm fairly certain it's made from hardened steel. Bugger. From past expirience, bolt cutters don't play nice with hardened steel :p Recommendations? oh, and it's a decent lock - picking isn't an option :/

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Stained pavers

Self installed sidewalk pavers but hired hand added finish sand incorrectly and stained them. What can I do to refurb them.? Tried acid but only worked partially

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Help in coding for adruino of code from net

Hi i have downloaded following code from net the problem is it is diy project so thought it interesting and bought all the materials i dont know anything about adruino coding and thought code was what i required but know when i am uploading script by copying text code file it is showing error please someone help me and explain what has to be done as all my money is going to waste the code is#include#include "Arduino.h"#include //Include libraries: SoftwareSerial & WireSoftwareSerial ESP_BT(0,1); //Define PIN11 & PIN12 as RX and TX pins#include #include #include #include #ifndef PSTR #define PSTR // Make Arduino Due happy#endif#define PIN 5// MATRIX DECLARATION:// Parameter 1 = width of NeoPixel matrix// Parameter 2 = height of matrix// Parameter 3 = pin number (most are valid)// Parameter 4 = matrix layout flags, add together as needed:// NEO_MATRIX_TOP, NEO_MATRIX_BOTTOM, NEO_MATRIX_LEFT, NEO_MATRIX_RIGHT:// Position of the FIRST LED in the matrix; pick two, e.g.// NEO_MATRIX_TOP + NEO_MATRIX_LEFT for the top-left corner.// NEO_MATRIX_ROWS, NEO_MATRIX_COLUMNS: LEDs are arranged in horizontal// rows or in vertical columns, respectively; pick one or the other.// NEO_MATRIX_PROGRESSIVE, NEO_MATRIX_ZIGZAG: all rows/columns proceed// in the same order, or alternate lines reverse direction; pick one.// See example below for these values in action.// Parameter 5 = pixel type flags, add together as needed:// NEO_KHZ800 800 KHz bitstream (most NeoPixel products w/WS2812 LEDs)// NEO_KHZ400 400 KHz (classic 'v1' (not v2) FLORA pixels, WS2811 drivers)// NEO_GRB Pixels are wired for GRB bitstream (most NeoPixel products)// NEO_GRBW Pixels are wired for GRBW bitstream (RGB+W NeoPixel products)// NEO_RGB Pixels are wired for RGB bitstream (v1 FLORA pixels, not v2)// Example for NeoPixel Shield. In this application we'd like to use it// as a 5x8 tall matrix, with the USB port positioned at the top of the// Arduino. When held that way, the first pixel is at the top right, and// lines are arranged in columns, progressive order. The shield uses// 800 KHz (v2) pixels that expect GRB color data.Adafruit_NeoMatrix matrix = Adafruit_NeoMatrix( 32, //Select LEDs of each row (15 in my case) 8, //Select amount of rows (7 in my case) PIN, NEO_MATRIX_BOTTOM + NEO_MATRIX_RIGHT + //Define first data pin (right bottom corner is my first pin) NEO_MATRIX_ROWS + NEO_MATRIX_ZIGZAG, //Define the type of connection (in a zig zag connections and divided by rows not columns) NEO_RGB + NEO_KHZ800); int Red=255,Green=0,Blue=0; String text="Easy Tech"; String RGB; int pixelPerChar = 5,RGB_Completed=0; int Delay, Brightness;const uint16_t colors[] = {matrix.Color(Green,Red,Blue)};// matrix.Color(255, 0, 0), matrix.Color(0, 255, 0), matrix.Color(0, 0, 255) };//matrix.Color(Red, Green, Blue),void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); ESP_BT.begin(9600); EEPROM.begin(); initdata(); // Serial.println("Start"); const uint16_t colors[] = {matrix.Color(Green,Red,Blue)}; matrix.begin(); matrix.setTextWrap(false); matrix.setBrightness(Brightness); matrix.setTextColor(colors[0]); //matrix.setTextColor(matrix.Color(Green,Red,Blue));}int x = matrix.width();int pass = 0;void loop() { while(ESP_BT.available()){ char ReadChar = (char); Serial.println(ReadChar); // Right parentheses ) indicates complet of the string if(ReadChar == ')' ||ReadChar == '}' || ReadChar == ']'){ if(ReadChar == ')' ){ RGB_Completed = 1; } if(ReadChar == '}'){ RGB_Completed = 2; } if(ReadChar == ']'){ RGB_Completed = 3; } } else{ RGB += ReadChar; } } if(RGB_Completed!=0){ if(RGB_Completed==1){ Light_RGB_LED(); RGB_Completed=0; } if (RGB_Completed==2){ text=RGB; int _size = text.length(); int i; for(i=0;i<_size;i++) { EEPROM.write(50+i,text.charAt(i)); Serial.println(text.charAt(i)); } EEPROM.write(50+_size,'\0'); //Add termination null character for String Data RGB_Completed=0; RGB=""; } if (RGB_Completed==3){ int val=RGB.toInt(); if(val>0 && val<=100){ if(val==0){ val=1; } Delay=(100-val)*2.5; //scroll(Delay); EEPROM.write(0,Delay); } else{ val=val-100; matrix.setBrightness(val); EEPROM.write(5,val); } RGB=""; RGB_Completed=0; } } if(RGB_Completed==0){ //. Serial.println(RGB_Completed); scroll(); }}void scroll(){ //Serial.println(text); int maxDisplacement = text.length() * pixelPerChar + matrix.width(); matrix.fillScreen(0); matrix.setCursor(x, 0); matrix.print(text); if(--x < -maxDisplacement) { x = matrix.width(); if(++pass >= 1){ pass = 0; // matrix.setTextColor(colors[pass]); matrix.setTextColor(matrix.Color(Green,Red,Blue)); // matrix.setTextColor(matrix.Color(Red,Green,Blue)); } }; delay(Delay);}void Light_RGB_LED(){ int SP1 = RGB.indexOf('.'); int SP2 = RGB.indexOf('.', SP1+1); int SP3 = RGB.indexOf('.', SP2+1); String R = RGB.substring(0, SP1); String G = RGB.substring(SP1+1, SP2); String B = RGB.substring(SP2+1, SP3); Red=R.toInt();Green=G.toInt();Blue=B.toInt();// Serial.println(R); matrix.setTextColor(matrix.Color(Green,Red,Blue)); EEPROM.write(10,Red);EEPROM.write(15,Green);EEPROM.write(20,Blue); RGB="";}and 1 more file is ther as function of code which isvoid initdata(){ int; if(Speed==NULL || Speed==0){ Delay=100; } else{ Delay=Speed; } int bright=; if(bright==NULL || bright==0){ Brightness=40; } else{ Brightness=bright; } int r=; if(r==NULL){ Red=0; } else{ Red=r; } int g=; if(g==NULL){ Green=255; } else{ Green=g; } int b=; if(b==NULL){ Blue=0; } else{ Blue=b; } char data[100]; //Max 100 Bytes int len=0; char k; String Text= "";; while(k != '\0' && len<500) //Read until null character {; data[; len]=k; Text+=k; len++; } data[len]='\0'; if(Text==NULL){ text="EASY TECH"; } else{ text=Text; }Serial.println(Speed);Serial.println(Brightness);Serial.println(Red);Serial.println(Green);Serial.println(Blue);Serial.println(text); }how do i make the script please please help

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Why is the core of a transformer is laminated?

Hello,This question is regarding one of my school projects assignments. I would like to know why core of transformer is laminated? Does it also depends on the size of core?Thanks.

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Cant enter instructable in contests

Help I cant enter my instructables in contests. I have just published an instructable. For some reason when I click on any of the contests to enter, I get a pop up about "In order to enter this contest you must be logged in and have published an instructable since the launch of this contest." and I have no way to enter. The instructable was just published. Some of them close tomorrow that I want to enter. Can I get some help

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How do you fix a sewing machine that won't stop running?

I have a great old sewing machine and it would work fine if i could control the needle with the presser foot. It is a Zig Zag model E-388 Precision Made in Japan.

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Bad stereo ground/fried alternator

After reading the instructions I installed an aftermarket stereo in my 1999 Toyota Camry. I'm confident in that I made all the proper connections correctly, but I think my ground wire is bad.a few day after I heard a high pitch whine that got louder when the rpms got higher. Then the power would cut off from the stereo but only for a split second, then my car would do the same thing until ultumitly it was completely DEAD I couldn't even turn on my hazards. I'm pretty sure my alternator is fried. And I think it's the ground wire. Now my question is can I run a direct ground from my stereo to the car or do I have to chase this wire down?

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How can I make a USB to 56k Modem or Ethernet to 56k/fax Modem?

I'm trying to reconnect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet, the trouble is that it only has a 56k phone-line modem. How can I "slow down" my internet for it, without spending $30 on a store-bought ( or editing my computer's registry and using its internal pci modem. (;=1956).  What would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance. :) Edit: As far as I know, Dreamcast communicates like a PC does on dial up - though sometimes there's not enough voltage through the line. Could a spare dsl modem be reversed, providing a dail tone and 56k? This is a better option for me than all the other methods mentioned because its automated and more like using actual dial-up. (No registry edit, no manual line swap, no voltage line regulator

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What should I use for crossbow limbs?

I'm thinking of making a small crossbow, but I'm not sure what to make to limbs out of. Right now I'm either thinking some sort of wood, not sure what type, or fibreglass. Any ideas?

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Does anyone know what gauge aluminium is used for beer can walls? Answered

Hello,  I do not have any measuring equipment apart from my Helix shatterproof ruler. I've looked on the net for an answer and found : 0.025mm 0.10mm 0.00445mm 0.005" They vary so much that I would rather trust the opinion of an Instructable's type. Has anyone ever measured their can (especially Red Stripe) in an idle moment? Thank you. I did learn that they are ever so slightly thinner in the middle, though.

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What kind of rooms should I put in my Minecraft mansion?

I am building a large mansion in Minecraft. The perimeter will be 24 by 72 blocks, and it will have two floors. I don't really know how to use all that space. I plan to have a lounge, a library, a dining room, a kitchen, a trophy room, and some bedrooms, but I don't think that's enough. Could you suggest some room ideas?

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Hi guys I am on a little project (ecg with an arduino) I followed all the topics , the diagrams to wiring , electrodes placement.... But never I can get an classic ECG GRAPHIC Please help Best regards

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Deactivated Bone Growth Stimulator

I have a CMF bone growth stimulator that no longer works. These devices are set to die after so many uses. Does anyone have any ideas on how to reactivate these units? Or, hacking these things for another purpose?

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Linseed oil health dangers? Answered

 I frequently get linseed oil on my hands when I finish my woodworking, is it a health hazard? I sure like the smell! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm told that linseed oil is edible until boiled. After it's boiled, it becomes hazardous if eaten (that's why you don't cook with flax oil, heat alters it). Is it a danger to the skin? Thank you!! `Neph P.S. I'm using genuine, pure boiled linseed oil. It's not synthetic. I added a totally random picture, for your enjoyment. :D

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Has anyone ever created a full-sized windup (clockwork-powered) car? Answered

I understand that it would be a monumental undertaking for most of us here, but still I was wondering if anyone on the high-school engineering level or higher has ever attempted to build a vehicle that could carry a minimum of two people sitting side by side, travel for 50 miles at a speed of 35-40 mph over undulating terrain? How practical would this be? How big or heavy would it be? How would you go about rewinding the mainspring so that you're not tiring yourself or your teammates out AND not contributing too much to the current pollution levels? If someone has attempted this, have you posted your results? I would love to see them.

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does anyone know how to make a truncheon without using a lathe? Answered

Hi everyone i need to know how to make a thumper

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how to embed an image in the instructable?

Hi, i cant figure out how to insert or embed a photo in an Instructable , i can only add them to the top . i already tested the HTML code : but it only appears in the editor , when i preview the instructable  it does not show , and when i reload the editor page ,even if i save the instructable,  the embed photos disappears. please help if you have any idea  thanks

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Oil Filled Heater controlled with ESP8266 and Homekit

Hi.I have been reading here but this is my first topic.Does anyone know how I can control one Oil Filled Heater using one ESP8266 with one DHT22 Temperature Sensor and a Relay or anything else.Usually they have a control and 2 buttons so we can raise the temperature but I'm really out of my league here.I'm thinking on using this tutorial but I would like to be able to regulate the temperature (the strength on the heater)If anyone have some idea as to accomplish this I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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Pirollo jewelry box

I downloaded plans for the jewery box exactly 2 years ago. I decided to build it but now noticed there are no dimensional plans. Do they exist?

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i need more amps for my hho generator.......HELPPPPPPP

I've built a hho generator (the spiral electrodes kind) and am trying to use it as a welder i use salt as my electrolyte (should i use something else???) THE PROBLEM IS THAT WHILE I DO GET A CONSTANT FLAME, I DON'T GET A BIG ENOUGH FLAME (it melts metal but it takes ages to do so) does anyone know of a way how i could get more amps to speed up gas production or of any way i could get more preasure (+maybe my gas isn't pure enough because i use salt as an electrolyte, could that be it?)

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Non-toxic, natural, cheap and WATER-PROOF adhesive or glue, is this impossible?

I'm a quality engineer working for a company in Turkey, the company collects the coaldust ( powder form of the coal )  from all the cities of Turkey and makes them briquettes by pressing with very powerful machines. Of course we use some adhesives for mechanical strength of the briquettes. We use CMC (a kind of cellulose) and this material is soluable in water. So our briquettes are not very durable under rain or moisture. Now I have to change the binder or adhesive materials in order to produce waterproof briquettes. I dont know how it's possible. I have to use nontoxic natural materials, and cheap as well. Last week I tried to do something but we were unlucky maybe. I tried to use Technical Gelatin and Alum (Al. Sulphate ) together, the briquettes seemed very good after production but they were not durable when I left them in a cup of water. So I have to find a solution now. Can you help me about that? I'd be very pleased. Thanks.

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How to delete a video from the inernet URGENT

My ex boyfriend but an inappropriate video of me in the internet on a bad site, it wont let me remove it. i need help urgently.. does anyone know how to hack into such sites?

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do I need to isolate a negative ion generator?

I am looking to build a negative ion generator based spark gap... I need to limit dielectric loss, and need to use 8" of small gauge wire to and from the switch to turn it on. do I need to isolate the switch electronically from the rest of the circuit? if so, would a reed relay do the trick? if I use a reed relay, could I run it from the same power source, in parallel, or do I need to isolate power sources as well? my setup will be slightly similar to the Electrifried shoe diagram below. (no, that's not the project)

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Is it possible to make a PIR sensor turn a small electric motor?

I need to have a PIR sensor turn a modded servo, but i can't get it to work. The servos electronics have been taken out, so its just a gearbox, and works like a normal motor. I have tried using a transistor as a switch for the servo, it works for an led, but when the motor is put in the leds place it just spins non stop. I have no clue what else to try, or why its acting to erratic. I have also tried just going straight from the PIR sensors output, but no luck there either. Does anybody know how to do this without a micro controller? and could you provide a schematic. Thanks.

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Video Game Ideas Wanted

A couple of friends and I are planning on making our own Video Game. I thought it would be cool to ask others for ideas. Our game is a mixed genre (we are attempting to put as many game types into one as possible, but still keeping it somewhat reasonable) sci fi game based a couple hundred years into the future. Humans have colonized mars, but their is a war between the two planetary alliances. Meanwhile there is an underground organization that controls everything going on in human society. They prepare for the return of the true martian race who left behind some ancient relics which were discovered and kept a secret. The main character is a super soldier created by the underground society. You unite the human race and fight against the aliens. We have story ideas but would like to hear ideas from other people. All suggestions are welcome. Suggestions could include, but are not limited to: Characters Events Weapons Technology Genre types Plot ideas and twists Side missions One other thing is that we were thinking that the aliens could be human based, and be like a sub-species of humans. Yes or No? Any other ideas are welcome. Thanks to all who help.

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What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

So then, what do you do when you are bored? Or to just past the time? Hobbies? On Instructables of course, but what else do you guys do in your day?

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Electronic repair after a voltage spike or power surge

So far I was lucky and never got a lightning strike or other power failure to induce high voltages into my house and equippment. But over the time I got several requests from friends to take a look at things after literally all connected electronics in their house got fried. In some cases there is only a total write off as due to a lack of surge protectors inside all unwanted juice made it's way into vital components. Like a brand new Samsung TV where the replacement of the power board was the only option - which makes you wonder... But in other cases, like microwaves, induction cooktops, computers and such I had some good success with the repairs. Guess it comes down to purs luck on both sides, power surge was not too bad and simple components on the input side failed quickly enough to prevent damage to microprocessors or other sensitive parts. Right now I have an induction cooktop here again that failed after a mains transformer in street blew up during a thunderstorm. I can tell it was bad as everything in the area of fried parts has a vaporizsed metal film on the surface and not much is left that was a surge protection. I cleaned all up, replaced the varistors and missing parts of the traces on the circuit board but the cooktop is not performing the way it should anymore :( At some stage during cooking it turns off with a meaningless error code stating the input voltage was out of bounds. So my next attempt was to literally remove every single component from the filter and power supply board to measure for any possible connections between the traces. By doing so I noticed several points where I had a quite high but measurable resistance in areas where there should be none. Mostly on the direct input side where the varistors tried to save things. So I used my Dremel in a tin drill press to cut the circuit board aourd the affect areas (where possible with a drill, otherwise with a thin grinding disk).. Sure enough I was greeted by charcoal colored dust in several areas. After removing all material until the dust was "clean"  tried again and this time all seems to work fine. I would like to use this topic to offer some help and guidance in case you have devices that suffered a severe power surge of some sort. Many of us either have no insurance to replace those items or even if you do the device might be expensive enough to try a repair despite getting it replaced. Trust me, even it went up in smoke there is still a chance to fix it in some cases and if proper protective circuits were in place the repair could as cheap as a few Dollars for replacement parts. To get useful advice the following things should be included in your request: Some clear pictures showing a close up of the affected parts - if there is visibale damage to be seen. A brief description of what happened, e.g.: lightning strike directly into the house or outside power lines, generator or inverter failure or simply that the power company stuffed up and your entire street was affected. Of course you will need the means to take the device apart for investigation and also some basic soldering skills or somehow how has and can assist you. But if you are up to the challange I am willing to help if possible.

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Arduino: using push button, Increase/decrease Delay time?

Arduino: Is it possible to Increase/Decrease delay time using push button?

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If you place a 1 ohm resistor across a 12 volt car battery, how much power will it dissipate? Answered

This is one of the exercise from the book, "The Art of Electronics." They do not give answers and i wanted to know if i did it right. I got the answer of 1.44 watts, but i am not sure if this is correct.

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movie ideas anyone??

Hi I'm a filmmaker (i work for Stop Motion Pictures) and am really looking for movie ideas because right now I have nothing! I have movie making block. Any idea I choose to use you will be credited. It will probably not be made in a while I'm working on getting my camera and tools. Please share any ideas! Even stupid ones!

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how much load can a 12v 100RPM DC motor can take?

I am making a rc car using four 12v 100RPM dc motor i want to how much load can my car withstand

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Connections on Lithium Battery Pack.

I have a battery lawn mower which runs on a 40v (36v) 4Ah lithium battery pack. I would like to charge it using a Solar Boost Regulator. Does anyone know what the multiple connections are on this pack? It has 5 connections marked -, S,D,C+,+The battery voltage 36-42v appears across + and -. the only other terminal with a voltage is C+ but it drops quickly when my multimeter is connected to it and -.I can only measure the charger terminals when no battery is inserted and then I get 5v from - to S and 2.6v from - to D and nothing on C+ or +I'm wondering if I should be charging the battery directly or via C+.

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"walking man" measurements

I see this beautiful lamp on aliexpress. now i want to make these myself and am looking for these there anyone who has already made these?

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Make your own "Memory Foam"?

Can we make our own "memory foam"? I'd like to buy "memory foam" in a spray can - but I don't think that product is available. I was hoping to find something like "tempurpedic" in a spray can.    I'd like to replicate the really soft top layer as seen in those mattresses. The "great stuff" foam spray cans come to mind.  However, the end result of those is not a flexible soft foam. Would like to fabricate my own custom foam inserts with the material.  Any ideas about making or sourcing materials? Thanks!

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How on Earth do you make a china ball paper latern?

I have searched all over the internet for a simple how-to when it comes to making those sphere-shaped lanterns , and no one seems to have bothered to do any. I'm interested in making some large ones but the first attempt didn't have that clean round look. Has anyone made one or know of a tutorial? Hopefully one with pictures or video.  thanks!

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Best motor suited for a diy generator that can provide 48V?

Ok, out of all places, I've seen this particular question be asked once and the discussion trailed off topic somewhere. Before we start, Yes it's a bit of a backwards thought but it's still a project, experiment and I'd do it for the sake of doing it. I have an electric scooter - lack of knowledge for proper battery care during winter lead it to 4 dead batteries. In my area, as long as the scooter is moved by an electric motor and makes less than 40km/h it's a street legal and non insurance or license requiring vehicle. Only issue for me is the limit of the battery capacitance and the eventual depreciation of the battery capacity. So I want to try an experiment of strapping a small weedwacker motor or even a hobby airplane fuel motor to an electric motor to act as a power source for the scooter. Don't laugh, It's an experiment. Yes, I'm aware I can just buy batteries. they are 50 bucks a battery + 12 bucks shipping and mine ran on 4x of these suckers. Buying batteries would work but would not satisfy the curiosity of an experiment.. Now then: ============================================== My scooter, when bought, could do about 12 blocks (1 block = 2km ) trip on a full charge. Before this winter, it could do 8 barely. It ran on 4x Lead Acid 12v 18Ah batteries. Now the batteries are connected in series so that's 4x 12v 18Ah making it 48v 18Ah. At this point we can drop the need to have the generator produce exactly 18Ah of current because that originally is the total battery capacitance, determining how long we can ride before draining of the batteries. So with a generator, all we need is to draw sufficient Current at the moment of generation. Which motors are best suited for generating 48v. I'm obviously missing some que variables here but I just want a point in the right direction. I'll most likely need extra head room and make a Step Down Buck Converter. Every time A talk of a diy generator comes up, people seem to mention Stepper motors. Seem like good choices? Brush-less, multi lead motors, yes - no?

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where can I buy sulfur?

Pure sulfur and please dont say an internet source i cant buy it of the internet say the hardware store or the drug store or something thank you

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Can you dye fabric with wood stain?

I'm just curious, i know it will stain it pretty much permanently (my pants found that out the hard way). but is it a way to acctually dye things? how well would it wash? anyone know?

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who do I contact if I have a video game idea? Answered

I have several ideas that I think would make good games.

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Alternate forum to ask questions

I can fully understand that closes the boards here. However, i still think and believe that a place to ask questions is valuable and beneficial to DIYers. Thats why i stood up and did, what a DIYer does in such a case: I made something by myself: https://DIY-forums.netWe have no ties to but a lot of us came from here with questions, answers, stories and on the lookout for a place to talk.Feel free to drop a not in out "welcome" thread. :)See you over there

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If I were building a pottery wheel, what would be the ideal situation in terms of motor specifications? Answered

Would the motor from a belt-drive circular saw be sufficient? Is there a simple way to regulate speed reliably and safely? Thanks for your time!

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Best way to make a knex silencer for a sub machine gun

Im wondering how to make a knex silencer cause i aint got any ideas

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How to magnetize new refrigerator door gasket????

Refrigerator door gasket came unmagnetized. Very expensive, and, royal frustration thus far. Got the thing installed okay, but there is no 'seal'. Supposedly, according to Whirlpool, they don't need magnets in the fridge door gaskets to seal.....(Yeah, right) Any way to make a gouzer? Figured I could depend on help here. If I had enough magnets, I'd make my own. Also, why are the gaskets on the door?

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Soundproof Sleeping Closure

Hello fellow instructables :) Right I need some help and advice on a design brief to help fix my problem. Problem - I live in a ground floor flat and there is 1 flat above me, 2 scum bags occupy it, a couple of 22 year olds and they have obviously never been taught consideration for others and they bang and thrash around all through the early hours of the morning. When they bang on their bare wooden floor it sounds like a heavy metal dumbbell coming through my ceiling and it wakes me abruptly and its ruining my life :( I've complained to the council the past 18 months but there not interested. They have not put any carpet down in their flat in the last 18 months and it looks like they have no intention of doing so (they can afford fags n booze tho), plus they have a baby due any day now, great.. so now there making their problems, my problem. Solution - The only thing I can think of is making a soundproof sleeping closure, a large box like a 4 poster bed but all sides solid made out of a layer of MDF then insulation then more mdf, but I have some questions before I start. How would I get adequate air in and out ? Would this even stop the banging on my ceiling waking me up ? or would it still penetrate the box ? How would I control the temperature, would it be too hot in there ? Something like the image below but more solid with a door. If anyone has any experience with this or input or any good ideas I'd be ever so grateful. Cheers in advance. Matt

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