Component identification Answered

A while back a bought a bag from a thrift shop that had all sorts of components in it. I figured for 50 cents it wouldn't be so bad especially because it had a bread board in it. I can figure out what everything is but this....I thought it was a photoresistor so i tried putting it in a circuit like one, but no luck. Light does not seem to affect if...What is it??

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Hacking a DC motor to make a generator. RPM vs. Voltage weirdness, gear ratio confusion, and general circuit questions?

I'm hacking an ancient 115 Volt DC water boiler motor to try and make a small, portable, "dremel" generator (meaning it does different things with different attachments). Doing a rudimentary test of it, with a small diode hooked to the wires, I found that it only puts out about .01 volts when being cranked by hand. So I figured I'd put my drill to good use, hook it to the rotor, and let it fly. Through this, I found that after 60 RPM, the voltage goes completely zero, even when spinning at around 220 RPM, nothing. I am completely bamboozled by this, which might have something to do with my limited electronics knowledge and my tendency to try and 'run before I can walk' in new things. I was also wondering if the low voltage could be solved by using gears and gear ratios, but my knowledge of those subjects is very limited indeed. If anyone can explain or converse with me on this, please do! I'd greatly appreciate any and all help. 

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Lately I've been into coding, so I made this cool game called MINE BATTLE. The point of the game is to collect all the coins without being destroyed by the barrel bombs or the Skeletons. This is a single player game. The avatar is controlled using the arrows. No one has ever beat this game so far! Can You!?

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Newsletter Jan 23, 2015

I make a point of keeping all the newsletters when possible; because i like to keep ideas of things i want to do for my home or small business. And today they emailed me one, but i happen to have deleted mine on accident; could someone please post the newsletter for today if possible? i will send my email address through a pm if needed

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wich is input and wich is out put? Answered

On a hand wound transformer for a joule thif wich is the input and wich is the output primary in? secoundary out?, also does it matter if the thick wire (primary) is on the bottom with the thinner (secoundary) is on the top?

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How can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board?

How can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board? I got this board frm a frnd.....I wd like to knw how can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board? Will I need a separate usbisp programmer r this is enough..... r a makeshift arrangement can b done....

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Build Night with Chibitronics at the Taipei Hackerspace

Hi! We have finished the Chibitronics December build night last week (khm, in January), and it was actually a lot of surprising fun! First of all, we have received the parts for the night about 2 months ago, and I've just put it in our storage, without checking the packing list, because it looked like everything is there, and there were plenty of things! When the build night started, imagine my horror not finding any of the copper tapes, not a single piece... Not sure when it disappeared, but there were a bunch of people who came for the hacking, so had to figure out something.... In the end, those "somethings" became our first build night instructable. People really seemed to enjoy prototyping, and learning about simple circuit ideas. Interesting experience explaining the workings of LEDs to completely non-technical people so they can get the "whys" of the circuit wiring - and they did get it very well! Since it was only LEDs for output, the projects were all light based, a hairband and a gift card. We had plenty of pieces left that people can use for projects gradually, and I think everyone left a bit smarter and more excited than they have arrived. Cheers! Greg

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How to Fart soundlessly? Answered

It is sometimes embarrassing to Fart in public, say in a lift, in a public transport and in many other public places. Is there any way to fart soundlessly in public. Of course you can't stop your fart as it is beyond your control.

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How do I stream H264 from Raspberry Pi to Paspberry Pi?

Doing a college project in which we need to stream live footage from on Pi to another over a network. We are using two Pi B+'s and the Pi Cam. We have no issues connecting the Pis, it's only the streaming that we have difficulties with. There is nothing that we've found yet that works and we have tried a lot. It would also be helpful if we input to a terminal at the same time but that all being hidden because we need to control servo motors too which are already working. All inputs and displays need to be on one Pi and the other Pi is connected to the Pi Cam and servo motors. We have heard that a common video from for the Pi Cam is H264 it doesn't have to be that if better options are available.

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What Valuable/ skills/hobbies can I learn over spring break?

My Spring break started today, and instead of simply enjoying my time off I thought I could take advantage of my extra time and learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. As a teen what valuable skills can I learn(or begin) in a week? are there any things I can learn online? for free?  

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Quiz Buzzer Lockout System help needed

Hi all. my church has task us youth to design a quiz buzzer lockout system type of thing to be used for a bible quiz. so the host will ask a question and 8 people will try to be fist to press their button... the fastest button will lockout out all 7 other buttons so they wont buzz... after he answered then the host will press a reset switch and continue with the next question... i did a ton of research and always end up with arduino arduino arduino... and the instructions is all for 4 or so people and its not very clear to understand or easy to do. i know a bit of programming so that wont be a challenge. i love electronics so that wont be a problem. i just need a clear set of instructions to follow and some guidelines and parts to buy... (im 14 years old... )  the quiz is end of march. it for 8 people cause 8 youths of 8 different churches will compete.  if anyone could give me a plan or guide or point me in the right direction that would be super !!! i know im gonna need some wire... allot of wire... and an arduino... thanks in advance to all you wise folk :) oh btw i live in cape town...

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where can i get a bullet proof vest like the one below? Answered

Requirements for the vest: - i want it just like the one below -has the FBI label on it (optional) -has to be real and functional      thanks for your answers

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Movable Solar Panel:- Sizing limits.

Hi folks looking to build a tracking solar panel for North and South directions. I have a few drawings made up but im stuck for the maths side of things as I have a size limit I need to stick to in. I need the panel to move by 15° towards north and towards south. So a 30° movement in total. What I have in mind if an arch where the panel will sit on which can be moved with a single piston placed on the South end of the panel. This is to contract and expand to move 15° up and 15° down. My size limit is the panel must not exceed 200mm or 20cm in real money when at its maximum positions. I have assumed a 2 meter long panel (or array of panels in a frame) So because of this im a bit unsure about how to tackle the maths side of things to work out the arch's profile to meet this criteria. Anyone got any words of wisdom? The 200mm limit is the max UK law allows me to play around with the panels maximum position.

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dust protection for computer and router?

Im the designer for a plastic/wood furniture shop. I'm having problems keeping dust from computers, even with equipment not in the workshop.  (office on the side) what would be the best design to keep airflow for computers and hardware but minimize the dust. Thansk.

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Editing a published ible

Is there a way to edit an already published ible so that it doesn't keep getting autosaved as changes are being made.  I can just imagine somebody loading one while I've got a paragraph all in pieces figuring out a better way to word something. I know you can unpublish something, but would that cause it to lose all its comments and views?

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Comments Functionality?

Your Comments Section really sucks. Actually, it's pretty much non-existent as far as I can tell? There is no way to follow up on comments you've made, (or even find them), there's no subscription, there's not even any kind of sort function. (Newest, Most Popular, Oldest). C'mon.. look at any random internet page, and they will have a more functional Comment engine. It shouldn't take much to improve this.

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Antarctica-Bound Hybrid-Electric Hummers Visit Pier 9

Drive Around the World, a nonprofit founded in the Bay Area, revealed its latest innovation, a pair of hybrid­-electric Polar Traverse Vehicles, also known as the Zero South PTVs. These two unique vehicles are bound for a history­-making expedition across Antarctica and they came to Pier 9 today to talk about it.  These revolutionary vehicles, designed using Autodesk tools, have undergone an extensive transformation from gas guzzling Hummers to open source, environmentally conscious biofuel hybrid­-electric vehicles outfitted with ice tracks and capable of standing up to the Earth’s harshest environments. Vehicle designers and leading NASA scientists discussed the expedition's logistics and the latest in climate discoveries. From the Zero South team: There is intentional irony in repurposing the Hummer H1, which many view as a contemporary symbol of gross consumer waste and inefficiency. Others view it as a remarkable multipurpose machine capable of extreme on­ and off­-road performance. But no matter which way the audience is ³polarized² by the vehicle, this adventure will appeal to everyone. Zero South Electrical Engineer Brock Winberg

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Witch is the best camera that cost less than 500Eu (689.65 US Dollar)

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How to mix music? Answered

Hi, does any of you know a free program to edit music, combine different parts of songs, etc? I have been searching for a program to "make my own music" using a combination of songs I like, but maybe you know one? Thanks!

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Help! How do I remove those 80s mirror 12 by 12 tiles off my bedroom wall? Answered

I have one wall completely done with those tiles. (house was bought that way) Can they be removed without too much damage to the drywall behind them?  How?  And  also, without too much damage to myself!??  It would be great if there were any good ideas for reusing the mirror tiles. There are quite a few of them. Crafts,or anything!? Please Help Me!! Thanks!

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Samsung pc power jack looks clogged. Need pic of clean jack lining to know if what I see is clog or part of jack?

My Samsung pc  suddenly is powerless.  Looks like there's a bit of dry leaf is wedged in an opening of the lining of the jack hole. What does the inside of a clean jack hole look like? 

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Need a schematic design for a simple circuit.

I was wondering if anyone here could help me design a particular circuit. The "device" would need a single button. When said button is pressed a buzzing sound would occur ( kinda like in game shows, you know that wrong answer sound?) then wait for five minutes and automatically buzz again by its self. Press once (BUZZ) wait 5 minutes buzzes again without the need to press again. I am perfectly capable of reading schematics and building prototype circuits. I just have no "nack" for design as of yet. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my post. PS: I am a little rusty on some of the symbols, therefore a legend would be great.

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Hard drive motor scavenging

Hi ! I was wondering, I saw some projects using 2,5" Hard drive brushless motors but I don't get exactly how do we manage to take them off their casing ? They seem strongly fixed and I don't see any screws holding them... Can someone help me on this ?

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No X to close Image Editor

I am working on my first Instructable, and when I edit an image (add text boxes) the "X" that's normally in the upper right corner of a window doesn't show up. I discovered after playing around with it that if I just click in the upper right corner the window closes, but it would be much clearer if the X was there.  Win 7 Chrome version 39.0.2171.95 m (64-bit)

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I need help finding a special kingd of interlocking dog toy.

My Poodle Hybrid has found this toy a challenge, the only one he has not outsmarted, or taken apart. Due to my recent fall and subsequent memory concerns, I can not for the life remember, where I bought them. Most of my Purchases are online. the balls have a nozzle on the outside, and diameter is approx. 4 inches, I included a picture of the 2 balls I have. Any advice or help is welcome. SparkySolar

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Pulse Sensing Heart Pendant

Hey Guys, I would like to create a pendant that would light up from my heartbeat, that I could give to my girlfriend for valentines day, any idea how i could do this?

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Play Blu-ray on Mac

I wonder how do you guys play Blu-ray on Mac? It's a big trouble to me for a long time. I know Mac doesn't play Blu-ray but I believe there must be some other ways to do that. 

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Well trying to get error at basic related questions

Well trying to get error at basic related questions is the place as sand that's all our during is your chest later on over this coming weekend even in the early part I'll January posting super c shield some goal-setting tight workshop so use goals and a later this year fitness goals as well as just overall length in general as well us this is only portion of your life butt’s a very important parts he had everything else in place in order to really 0 is on your fitness and basically just got that all total well balanced life that's what the folks at a three-part series and its all say workshops and not just hokey pokey reaffirmation sandwiching stuff comes true said Brett I'm sorry but real actionable steps taking where you are now and decide what are some real goals that you can cheat or I'm here and freaked out an action plan works actually cheap those goals make a reality that's really focusing onion future VR sections and they're going tactual B or C also what we live chats like this actually be pre-recorded post up but yet I'm not adjust job in OJ questions so and we have several people and I'm sure there's no question loan through. For more information Please Visit our Site<<<<<<<<

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Okey-dokey.......I've done everything right......put a video up on Youtube (god, that took a long time to upload), when I try to publish here....I get "unsupported video host".   I mean, really? That's a remarkable bug when you think about it.  I just cut and pasted the embed code.....what's the problem???

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Youtube Video

Hello, i am new to youtube and would like to get some feedback about what you think of my channel. I did a clip today and it would be nice to have some feedback :) Thank you so much :)' // Rational Eagle

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Which is the most popular high temp glue gun?

I want to start building cosplay costumes with EVA foam panels. As far as I can see, people tend to use high temp glue guns for this purpose, but dang if I can't find any posts that can clue me in to which specific gun and glue to use. There are many different guns and glue out there!  Thanks! mowgli out

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Desktop computer having issues with connecting to home WiFi network, but has no problem with other WiFi networks, help? Answered

Good afternoon. Recently--four days ago-- I installed a new modem/gateway combo unit in my home and decided to keep the same SSID as well as pin in order to decrease the hassle of going through each of my devices and reconnecting them to a new network with a different password. All was going well and I had not detected any issues. The next day, I booted up my PC in the bedroom and I tried to load up Steam and play some games. It soon became clear to me that the internet wasn't working as it should. When I looked at the icon tray to see if I was still connected, it showed I was. I launched Chrome to look up a solution to my problem and it failed to load anything. I got my tablet out and it was doing fine with anything I wanted to do. I eventually broke out an older laptop and used the Windows 7 built in ICS tool to use the ethernet cable and connect to the internet. It worked. So I grabed the old router and plugged it into the laptop's ethernet and created a new WiFi network and sure enough the desktop picked it up and it connected just fine to the internet. I switched back to the new (old name) network and it still refused to allow me access to the internet. I am running Windows 8 fully patched with a TP-Link WN881nd WiFi card. System restore is not an option unless it is 100% needed. I have looked at hundreds of forums and threads and none of them have been able to help. 

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Need Idea of what to do with this?!?!

I bought this "FLUX capacitor" at a closing antiques/random oddities place a few months back and am now being pestered to do something with it. If anyone has any ideas as to what someone (with beginer experience in most areas) can create with this as a base, please drop a comment, if better pictures are required, just ask and i will try and get better ones. Thanks, ~bIrD P.S. Sorry for the rotations on the pictures, don't know how to change it in instructables...

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Anybody know how to wire up this IR ON/Off Board?

So I bought this 12V IR Control Receiver Board 1 Channel Relay With 2 Key Remote Control here:;_source=google&utm;_medium=shopping&utm;_content=ruby&utm;_campaign=Electronic-xie-us&gclid;=CjwKEAjw5ZKiBRDhqa-Yjcml9kYSJABia-RnbvWTZ1n8jFGeBpzKi0nt-SCNMEzh-UVp5sTF4ulsqhoCuInw_wcB Does anybody know how to wire or set one of these up?   It came with no instructions.  I've looked at a couple similar boards and thought I knew how to wire it up, but I am not having any luck.  I can't figure out how to wire up the power and the led light strip I have to get the IR remote to turn on and off. I thought it was a gate sort of thing where you put the positive and ground on either end for the power and then wire up the ground of the LEDs to the same ground as the power but the positive to the center post.  But using my multimeter I can't see it turning anything on and off.   I used my phone camera to see if the remote is working and it is at least IR blasting, I can see the light. So does anybody know how to properly wire one of these up? EDIT: Ok, the two pin terminal by the LED receiver is the power in.  The connector I was using before was bad.   But still trying to figure out how to turn on/off the strip now.  The gate is working as expected with the left and right always having power but the center and ground only have power when the unit is on.   But it's only getting about 1 volt out when on.   My power source is putting out 12v, 2 amps.   Is that my problem?   I have to say I'm not very good at this yet, and I can't really tell what the numbers on it are telling me.   I thought it could do 12 volts out though.

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I need some help on programing the vixen bin trying but not geting there thanks

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what do i do with 420 meters of adss optical fiber cable

I have recently purchased 420 meters of ADSS fiber cable from a local utility company. Why you ask? Cause it was cheap. It was manufactured in 2008 by Alcoa Fujikura.  Here are the specs that I have .701" diameter 144ct fiber Single mode 8 buffer tubes 18 fibers per tube Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do with it? Or just any ideas on who's hands it should end up in?  Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Solidworks shows Mass Different from Reality?

Hi, When I check the mass properties of a model it gives me some weight (mass). When I weigh the actual product the mass is radically different (about 10-15 grams). Anybody had this problem? Can Solidworks be trusted regarding mass properties? Thanks, Yair.

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I need help with arduino

Hi everyone,  I am playing around with arduino, and I got in trouble with the push button. Is there any possibilities to switch in between the LED patterns. I got the coding for three difference LED pattern here. I want to switch from 1st to the 2nd , and from the 2nd to the third by pressing the button. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. These are my LED patterns

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How would you make this? Laser Cut? 3D Print? CNC?

I'm a photographer and want to create incredible pieces for the female models I work with. How would I recreate the headpiece portion of this? I don't need it as detailed or a replica. I'm asking about the concept itself.

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Applying the right finish to a wooden knob? Answered

I was wondering what finish i could put on a shift knob i made out of purple heart. It is something that i will be touching every day, and it isn't light use. At first i was thinking linseed oil, since i heard people use it on gun stocks and stuff that people like to keep natural looking. But my father suggested some sort of wax instead of an oil. He's got some goddards cabinet wax i could try. Also i sanded it smooth and went to 800 grit sandpaper so it is very smooth. I was even wondering if it is possible that it is so smooth that it doesn't accept a finish well. Any and all advice is welcome, 

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4x4 Issues Nissan Pathfinder, '93

4WD acts like it isn't 4WD, but only rear wheel drive.  Not good on snow and ice. Sometimes 2WD on dry pavement feels like 4WD when taking sharp turns. I've tried the trick of reversing for a few feet when switching back n forth.  Sometimes seems to work, sometimes not. Suggestions?  Appraisals?  Guesses?

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My Chihuahua doesn't like the new puppy. He's been being aggressive, please help!

 we just got a new Chihuahua puppy ( a little girl) yesterday. She is spastic and literally the definition of hyperactive. we also have another Chihuahua, my 2 1/2 year old boy, who had taken a very big liking to me the day I got him. every thing was fine yesterday, he sniffed the pup and even licked her face a couple times. he growled a little when she played roughly with his own two pups ( both boys), but that is all that happened. until today: I was trying to get the pup to go to the bathroom and she kept bounding all over the place, especially on me, but my boy didn't seem to like that at all. He was suddenly very aggressive and made many sharp movements as if he was going to bite the little pup ( he didn't). Is he jealous? afraid I like the pup more? or is he just trying to be protective?

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Looking for instructions for reflex Sights on Rimfire Cartridge Guns

I recently started a project to make a takedown bow , and was looking at different Ideas to make my own sights for it.  I saw that people had made Reflex Sights for Airsoft Guns and Nerf toys, but I was wondering if these would actually work for a shotgun or Rifle. I didn't see any instructables for them specifically.   If anyone has any experience using these on a rimfire cartridge gun I would love to hear about it.  

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Do cheap pH meters work?

I have seen $10-20 pH meters for testing soil in garden stores, home improvement/hardware stores. I was wondering do these give accurate readings? I am looking for a cheap and accurate way to test pH. Any suggestions even for other ph testing methods are appreciated. Thanks!

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Redwall: Molespeak.

This is a test to see how ell you are at molespeak. Okee, Hyurr are 'ee roolz. You'm must commeent aneethin', as long as eet eez ritten een molyspeak. You'm can roite puggles an' rizzles, randoom seetences, ur aneethin' you'm loike, as loong as eet ain't rood ur meen.

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PCB etching left over paper

Hey everyone! I'm in the process of etching my first PCB. I have a few questions. I'm using the toner transfer method, with hydrochloric acid and a little hydrogen peroxide as an etchant. Anyway, I transferred the toner to the board, but I believe the glossy paper I used may have been a little too thick. The toner transferred correctly, but i can manage to get all of the paper off. I've tried a tooth brush and a soft towel. My question is, if I just go forth and etch the board will the paper dissolve with the copper on the board and give me a clean result anyway? Will the copper covered by the paper not be removed? are there any cons to this? (such as not being able to reuse my etchant) Thank you all, your help is appreciated Ken

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Anyone Still Make Anime? If so, please post it! (:

I was wondering if anyone still draws anime... I just LOVE looking at the japanese characters! If you draw Anime a little or alot, please share it with me! Thanks! :D Here's one of my quick-sketchings:                                                              

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Android program menu

Hello, I am trying to program my electrify M to Pageplus. I have seen no flashing tool that supports the phone. Can I program my phone with program menu like this? P.S. my phone is unlocked.

Question by jbaker22  

A Bit of Circuitry Advice!

Hey all! Me again :D.  So I was messing around with my electronics and decided to make a pulse sensor, but I ran into a couple of problems along the way! My project is based off of this,, but I didn't have a LM324, so I was trying a workaround.  So grabbing my infrared light detector, and new multimeter, hooked my IR sensor up between 5V and and A0 and a 10k resistor from A0 to GND, just like with a light sensor, but obviously, it wasn't sensitive enough, so I kicked it up notch. Since I didn't have the specific amplifier that MAKE used I decided to use what I had, which was a LM358. After visiting the datasheet and finding a schematic, I came up with this circuit (image below). Now it's not sensitive enough yet to measure pulses. The circuit from MAKE makes use of the the 2 of 4 internal op amps in the LM324, and I thought I could make the same circuit on my LM358, since it had two op amps inside of it. So basically, replacing the LM324 int the circuit with a LM358.  The image below is a circuit I made up using just one of the LM358's op amps. Tonight I will try to use both just like in the MAKE circuit.  If you guys could just give me a few pointers and set me on the right track that would be great, or if I even need two amplifiers! Why can't I just make the first one more powerful?  And the capacitor between the - and the output varies. I'm still trying out different caps. The 0.1uf is too much, so I'm experimenting.  Thanks!

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