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Can anyone help me troubleshoot a non-responsive RGB SMD5050 LED strip which keeps flashing rapidly in blue colour?

I have recently bought a 5m strip of RGB SMD5050 300LED strip together with a 12v controller and remote control. I have cut and soldered this LED strip into numerous small parts, as suitable for my application (as additional car lights). However on powering up this LED strip, its colour is blue which keeps flashing at a fast rate (almost a strobe-like effect). This keeps going on, not responding to the commands on the remote control. Since this is my first time working with LEDs, I am unable to troubleshoot this problem. Would anyone be able to guide me please?

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Student film problem

I've got a project I'm working on for an upcoming film where I'd like to be able to control the individual LEDs in a group of LED arrays via a usb hook up to an iBook. As I see it, this should be ridiculously difficult and time consuming. But if anyone knows a simple way to do it or some product that already exists, I'd love to find out. Thanks!

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LED Phototherapy Circuit

Hi,We are a non-profit organization ( that focus on infant and maternal health care, we are implementing our programs in the Philippines. One of our programs is all about Jaundice, we are seeking help in this community to help design an LED Phototherapy unit that we could build easily less costly and this will be donated to the hospitals that are in need of these devices.Please see attached photo of the phototherapy device that is used in one of the hospitals, just to explain it is really not phototherapy light but a simple blue fluorescent bulb has very low effect for the babies.We hope that this community could help on this matter.Thanks.Vins

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How to start poppies from seed?

I'm hoping to get info on starting poppies from seeds. Some questions are: What temperatures are best to start the seeds? Is it best to stratify the seeds first? I have been told to plant seeds where they won't be moved-for moving them can kill em. A few years ago I had to remove poppy plant because it was growing in line of septic line-which had to be replaced. So this was apparently true as to why I lost it! I think it must have re-seeded itself and kept coming back every year. Since I have been trying to start more with not much success. Thanks

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Rotary potentiometer to pulse output.

Hello everyone, I'm having a challenge!I'm working on a code for my Arduino UNO.In this project, I will be using a rotary potentiometer to emit a keyboard signal for a simulation. when the potentiometer is being rotated I want to change the speed in the simulation, this normally works with a single keypress. So when it is rotated, the output I want is only ONE press when rotated a certain value. I want the Arduino to give a single pulse when the variable of the analog input has a certain change in value.Example: If the value changes from 0 to 1, I want to have ONE signal pulse to use as a keyboard signal.Example: if the value changes from 7 to 6, I want to have ONE signal pulse to use as a keyboard signal.I hope you can help me with this :)This is the code i use to separate the value into 30 units instead of 1023:const int analogInPin = A0; // Analog input pin that the potentiometer is attached toint sensorValue = 0; // value read from the pot int outputValue = 0; // value outputvoid setup() { // initialize serial communications at 9600 bps: Serial.begin(9600); }void loop() {// read the analog in value: sensorValue = analogRead(analogInPin); // map it to the range of the analog out: outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 30); // change the analog out value:// print the results to the Serial Monitor: Serial.print("sensor = "); Serial.print(sensorValue); Serial.print("\t output = "); Serial.println(outputValue);delay(2); }

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Electromagnetic energy and electronics

I am trying to find ideas to use electromagnetic energy in my new projects I wish u inspire me and be inspired also guys ūüėä

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welding cast iron to mild steel

Welding cast iron to mild steel is for the most part done with ornamental iron such as gates and fences. the ornaments are typicaly cast iron such as spearpoints and fit over the top of what ever square tubing size ect you are working with. If you weld say with a mig welder in the normal mannor you rweld will cold roll and ball on you leaving a poor appearance that you will have to spend time grinding to make look good. Fortunatly it is not a matter of strenght or how much penetration ect. It is just ornamentation but must look good. Now take your mig welder with say 035 wire and use pure argon..(less spatter). Turn your welders heat up somewhat past what your normanl setting would be for what ever thickness you are using. Use breif spot welding like techniques overlapping as needed. You will find that this makes a good wash bead with no undercut or cold roll. The argon gas helps to keep down all the extra spatter welding cast iron to mild steel seems to cause. Larger peices such as caps for say 4by4 gate posts or fence posts, i preheat as uniformely as possibly to just under cherry red then weld as described. It welds badly because cast iron is actualy dirty, literaly with particles of dirt in the cheap castings, wich the ornaments are. Not haviong the need to be anealed or nodular for instance. If the welds are not going to show then you dont have to do this. It will still weld, just do not expect the clean perfect welds you are used to.  And NO I do not have PICS AND I dont own a digital camera nor do i know how to use one let alone put them on a computer.

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Internal Server Error Uploading Images

Upon completion of upload of image in new instructable I receive an Internal Server Error message.  Image does not upload.  I would show a screenshot of the error, but uploads will not work on this form either. HELP!

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Steering wheel microbut coding

What is the code for the steering wheel microbit game

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Where can I buy perspex cylinders?

I've finally managed to get my van which I'm converting to a stealth camper. I want to maximise roof space for solar and don't really want to fit the traditional 12" square roof hatches or side windows. A simple, basic solution to letting daylight in through a small opening is the bottle through the roof filled with water (). This looks really effective and seems to spread natural light through the room/van in all directions which is an improvement both in footprint and lighting over the square hatch. I was thinking of trying something similar but a little more high tech. Maybe a simple, solid, perspex cylinder or maybe dome lenses above/below? There are "tunnel skylights" but I really don't need a tunnel since it only has to go through the thickness of the van's roof. Any ideas?Thanks,Mike.

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Sand carving

I’m new here and just wanted to share what I do. I have been glass sandcarving for over 20 years and used to teach it.

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Axial Flux Wind Turbine

24 pole, 3 phase alternator. 18 coils of #20 wire 80 turns each, 6 coils in each phase connected in series, then wired 3 phases in star config. Put out lethal voltages at a very low rpm. Using N45 2" x 1" x 1/2" Neo Mags, two discs of 24 each attracting each other through coils. I need to know what the number of turns would be for #13 wire, same configuration for charging batteries.

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Lithium pack building?

I want to make a 4s4p pack out of 18650 cells.  I am asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of research online before buying the parts so I know it will all work when I order the parts.   My first question is, should I make the pack out of 18650 cells with individual protection or all connected to one PCM?  With protected cells all I need to do is connect the charger and the cells will charge and cut off at the right time?  This is the charger I want to get.  Maybe if I used protected cells I should charge them by taking them out of the pack and charging them in 4x wall chargers like this one.   Say I didn't use cells with individual protection.  I have my eye on this PCM . It has a balance control function.  I can see the benefit of balancing cells in a 4s1p configuration but does balancing work properly in a 4s4p configuration when 4 cells are acting as one?   Lastly I want to make the pack user serviceable so I will use battery holders.  I saw some here but it would cost over 50 dollars for all the holders.  That seems too expensive.  Do you know of cheaper ones?   Thank you for your input -Jacob

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Parabola Jig?

I want to make a parabolic dish out of wood.Given a glued-up stack of plywood (each layer being a ring cut to approximate shape) I want to use a router to cut a parabola out of its center.Does anybody know of a jig or mechanism where a person could accurately do this?If you can excuse my MS Paint graphics, above is a side-view.

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Is a brita carbon water filter in its original case with holes on both sides, is it safe to breath true?

Good evening community; my question regarding the construction of a gas mask, mask is done and my filter is a brita carbon water filter in its original case with holes on both sides, is it safe to breath true this water filter. thanks in advance.

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3 phase wind generator

I am making a generator for me wind turbine and I have 12 neodymium magnets that are 50x25x10 size and 16 gauge enameled wire if you could tell me how many turns I would have to do in each coil and how many coils to do according to the 12 magnets and how much would generate the generator

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Help identifying tool. Do you know what this is and what it it used for?

Is anyone able to identify what this tool is and what it is used for?

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Which project I want to make which can useful in future with low cost

Plz give me ans . I want to make in our school science exhibition

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Can you use a Plaster mold as a Blow mold?

I wanted to make a hollow plastic shape & not able to afford a metal blow mold. Can I use a plaster mold with wood reinforcement as a substitute for the metal one?The Idea is to heat up a plastic bottle that can fit in the mold cavity & slowly blow it up with an air compressor.You think this might work, or do you think I may need more reinforcement in the plaster?

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Which is less in price and best

Insted of Raspberry pi we can use ardunio nano

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Server Errors Prevented Publishing (and therefore missed contest deadline)

Last night about 15 minutes before the contest deadline, I began to submit my Instructable, but was getting errors saving & publishing. I kept trying past the deadline and it finally worked at 12:12am, at which point, the contest was no longer available.I have a screen recording as well as some debug screenshots using Chrome's Inspector.

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Why should perpetual motion be impossible?

Our laws of physics are quite clear when it comes to the impossible.You can not produce more energy within a system than what actually goes into it.And since friction will always be a thing in our real world perpetual motion is simply impossible.With this or quite similar reactions all good scientists end the conversation.We know it is not possible, so why bother...If all that is stopping are laws of physics, then it is time to redefine "perpetual motion".Another term for it would be "free energy" as we would have to draw energy from nothing to keep it moving.Solar cells provide free energy the same way as wind- or hydro generators, we even use waves on the ocean to produce electricity...Perpetual motion seems to be defined by mechanical things and motion only.And free energy seems to be defined as bogus only while ignoring the realities.We simply can't use the same terms for everything if they are in fact totally different things....A motor running off a solar cell would be a perpetual motor if you widen the energy term a bit here.The impossible energy to run the motor comes out of nowhere - our solar cell generates electricity from sunlight.And a simple water wheel in a stream will power a mill for as long as water runs down the stream....Humanity and science say this is not free energy as we take energy from other system to make it move.And of course it is a dead simplification anyways.You get the picture though.So far humanity has only managed to tap into a very few forms of energy out there in any direct form.Solar cells come to mind first of course.In a way they utilise radiation to transform it into DC electricity.Then we have all sorts of mechanical energy transfer, from generators over windmills to the modern recovering brakes in electric vehicles.Last but not least we have heat, steam engines, nuclear reactors and so on.The laws of physics however know a few more forms of energy....We seek out new ways to "generate" more electricity than ever before, like fusion reactors.What we don't seek is understanding what we always had already.All we do it to try to "generate" electricity.It is what powers our world but it is only a tiny fraction of what is possible.We burn fuel in a comustion chamber to make piston go up and down.Only to transfer this motion into a rotary one to finally drive our wheels.Most of the energy available in the fuel is wasted this way.Making it slightly more efficient took us over 100 years....Thinking about using the fuel more directly does not even come to our minds.So why bother to consider any other possible form of energy to drive our world.We are stuck in definitions no one really understands because most of the used terms have more than one use and meaning.We fail to open our minds to other possibilities just because "that's how it is and always will be".Flying to the moon?? Impossible!We did it anyway....Using batteries to provide electricity to entire towns? What a joke!In South Australia they do it anyway and with great success as well.Powering entire cities just from wind and solar energy? Are you joking?Well, companies invest an awful lot of money here and they wouldn't do so if it would not make massive profits...So why again should perpetual motion be any different?At some stage it was hillarious to even think our world would spin around the sun.....

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Lvds help

So this might be a bit of a strange one i have a LE-375 single board computer nothing to fancy but im planning a little project for it and i got given it and would love to get it up and running on Linux as its not the most of powerful of devices. Iv contacted the company who make them but not getting much help from them unfortunately (shame really), Iv asked around and im not getting any replies or im asking in the wrong places, few people have said they dont know but would be interested if i find out the answe. So as you can guess im totally stuck. So my first problem is the board only has LVDS output, i have a HT185WX1-300 panel im trying to connect to the LE-375, im really hoping i can get this working. Connections are as followers 5v Atx0- / Rx0- ~ Atx0+ / Rx0+ ~ Atx1- / Rx1- ~ Atx1+ / Rx1+ ~ Atx2- / Rx2- ~ Atx2+ / Rx2+ ~ Aclk- / Rxclk- ~ Aclk+ / Rxclk+ ~ Atx3- / Rx3- ~ Atx3+ / Rx3+ But im only getting 3 horizontal lines and im at a loss, i know the panel is 1366*768 and the LE-375 runs at 1280*1024 but i would of thought i would of got some sort of image or dose it have to bed the same? Iv been looking about for a monitor with the same spec but not got the spare money at the moment. Or is there any other way of getting a display for this little device? I was thinking of just adding a vga or hdmi port but the ic only supports LDVS. So any help or advice would be appreciated thanks.

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Water bottle submarine?

Is it possible to make a submarine out of water bottles by allowing them to fill up with water to increase weight and make you sink? I am going to the beach soon and want to know.

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Audio reactive stepper motor control

Hello, i'm new to the instructables-comunity and i just started to work with arduino some months ago. I've already made some small projects with a stepper motor and a project with a SD-Card-mp3 player for arduino. For my next project i would like to work with audio reactive stepper motor control. To do that, i already bought the SPARKFUN SPECTRUM SHIELD , an Arduino Uno and a hand full of the wellknown 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors (5V) and the matching ULN2003APG shields. In the description of the SPARKFUN SPECTRUM Shield it is mentioned that it can also be used to control motors (audio reactive). Unfortunately I couldn't find a code or a manual for it yet. The SPARKFUN SPECTRUM Shield divides an audio signal into 7 frequency ranges (bands). I would like to drive 7 stepper motors in combination with the Shield. Each of these motors should move in one direction with constant speed as soon as the respective frequency range reaches a certain sound level.Does anyone know the SPECTRUM SHIELD and can help me? Or has someone already carried out a similar project and can give me some advices? Maybe an Arduino UNO is not enough powered... and I should rather use a bigger microcontroller? I am grateful for any advice. I'm looking for hints on the coding and the wiring.I attached a rough scheme of my planned project.And here is a PDF for the MSGEQ7, of them two are used for the SPECTRUM SHIELD.Would love to get some help from the community!

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induction "furnace" from microwave transformer?

Hey guys I've seen around the net that it's fairly easy to make a spot welder from a micro wave transformer /micro oven transformer. So I was thinking if it's possibly to use the same idea to make a induction furnace? I would like to use it for melting/ casting aluminum (...and possibly metals with a higher melting point... if possible) any idea if it's possible.. and how to?

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How can i make a DIY cheat, small tracking device?

I want to make a tracking device that could potentially connect to a smartphone. I don't need it to do that many things. I want the device to understand borders, and when my phone leave that device for a certain (custom) distance. My phone should receive some sort of alert . Most likely i am going to make this device a sticker device, so i want it to be flat, or almost flat, and as thin as possible . I want this device to use very little energy, so i battery could last a very , very long time.  Also i don't want the device to be too costly, ( if possible 5-10 dollar for one )   Also, if i would to add gps feature , what module should i use, and would it increase the size by a lot? Thank you in advance.

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Some advice on hacking old phone parts

Hi there. I've been playing around with repurposed items for a while now. But, I've come to a standstill on my latest project. I have a few old smartphone spares. I live in a commune and my room gets looted often. I dont have a pc, but i do have a tv. Im looking for a pinout diagram of a phone cam, so i can wire it with some cat5e cable, into rca, and into my tv, which in turn, is hooked up to an old vcr that can still record. Can anyone help me with a diagram please? My food goes missing. I lock my door, but someone keeps breaking in. Thanks

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Can anyone reverse engineer or create a simple 1Ch 12V DC RF Delay Relay?

I am an entrepreneur who was just granted a patent by the USPTO for my product. I am looking for help in creating a proprietary 12v DC Delay Relay controller Gerber & Bom file for mass production. The 1 channel RF Delay Relay with remote control I purchase from China works well but needs to be reconfigured to fit into the charger shell. I have very little electronical knowledge however I was able to create the function I needed by configuring component I purchase online. If interested in helping, please reach out to me for more details:Thank

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White particles in water?

Ok, this is now driving me crazy. When I pour a glass (empty glass, no ice yet) of water (filtered, old filter) the water is clear. Pour over ice and big puffy white flakes appear. At first, I think that there must be crap in my ice. So I buy a silicone ice cube tray and use filtered water to make ice cubes. Second iteration: filtered water over filtered ice. Results: BIG FLUFFY WHITE FLAKES. So, that didn't work. My next thought was that maybe I messed up with the ice cubes. So, I switched to distilled water for the ice cubes. Third iteration: filtered water over distilled water ice cubes. Results: BIG FLUFFY WHITE FLAKES. Again I found myself with nasty debris floating in my water. What's next? Oh, maybe it's the detergent I used to wash my glasses. So, I wash a glass by hand with Dawn soap. Fourth iteration: filtered water over distilled water ice cubes. Results: you guessed it... BIG FLUFFY ****** WHITE FLAKES. Gotta say, it makes me want to pull out my hair! I just don't get it. So, here's my question: what's causing the white flakes? I read somewhere that cold temperatures can cause certain salts (not table salt) to precipitate out of solution. This can also be the case with Magnesium and Manganese. Does anyone else have a solution? I just want to drink some nice clear water. I thought for sure a Brita filter would do it for me.

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Oxygen concentrator on power inverter in car?

Can I run an O2 concentrator on a power inverter in my car? How do I figure it out?

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What glue can I use to stick silicone to plastic? Answered

Plastic is easy, lots of stuff sticks to plastic, but the only thing that seems to stick to silicone is more silicone. Hot glue, super glue, Elmer's glue, Gorilla glue, and liquid steel epoxy all fail. Any suggestions? Maybe something marine related? (Background: I used some left over silicone molding compound to make a comfy handle, but it doesn't want to stay on.)

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Hyi 090-02180-i3 no power out put to the tv

To tell you the truth cant afford a new ac adaptor any help on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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Wiring diagram for connecting alternator to vehicle.

How do I connect my alternator to my vehicle?

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What is this tool and what is it used for?

Does anyone know what this is and what it is used for?

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Connect two transformer in parallel? Answered

Hi... I want to know that can we connect two center tap transformers in parallel? both are same rating of 24-0-24v, 5a. I want dual supply (plus, minus 24V) for audio amplifier that I am planning to build. Can someone explain me all the risks, cautions, etc.? (I am new in audio amplification circuits)

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Bug report

I'm logged in but when I click to follow an author I get "You must log in to do that" which is somewhat frustrating...

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Sound driven servo motor using rpi

I would like to drive the servo motor using sound frequency as input.Something similar to this, i need to drive servo motor using raspberry pi 3b. It would be so grateful if could help with this.

Question by sindhurraju.27  

First time Author

I am refering here: previous answers in the post are quite confusing. What are the criteria to be a first-time author in a contest which gives a special prize to first-time author instructable?

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Convert AAA Battery power Headphones to become rechargable?

Hi,Im wondering if its possible to convert Beats Studio 1.0 Headphones (that use AAA batteries to charge them) to become rechargable?Are these the circuits i need?3.7V 300mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery5V MICRO USB 1A Lithium Battery Charging + Protection in one Board ModuleAm i missing anything else? thank you for your help and time

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AT28C64B Answered

I am really having a big problem with that EEPROM AT28C64B how i can load the data from this IC ? .. i am not sure if i programmed it right ? .. i tried to connect the output to LEDS but none of them worked .. can someone explain how to write into the data ?! .. and the important thing how to read the data i wrote ?! .. how to use them ? .. thanks in advance

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Contest entry

Hi There,I created an instructable for the Assistive Tech Contest, however it seems I am unable to enter into this contest. Everytime I click "Enter", its asking me to create a new instructable.Please would you confirm if I may have already entered this? I'm thinking this maybe already in a que for review, possibly.Thanks for any help :-)

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Do I need another powerbank?

If I have 2 devices that are rated for a maximum current of 4.5a and a powerbank which puts out a maximum of 4.5a, would both devices run off of the powerbank at the same time or would it need a 9a output for that to work?

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I Need Measuring & Marking Help

I have a plastic ornament that I want to mark out with a measuring grid. I have a compass, which I can mark the sphere out in fourth's, but my measurements are always off by an 1/8th of an inch. How do I measure this sphere with accurate marked grid? String, paper, scotch tape, laser cross-hair, T-Square & yard stick?

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How do I tell if an 8th grade boy likes me?

Hi. I'm in 7th grade, but I like this guy and he's in 8th. He and my bestfriend, who is also in 8th, used to go to a different school together in 5th grade, and they dated. She likes someone else now, btw. But he had asked her out again the first week of school and she said no. Anyways, a few weeks ago my best friend asked him (with my permission) if he liked me. He said maybe. Oh, and we hang out in a big group at school (like during lunch) in a big group of 7th-11th grade people. My bestfriend and the guy I like both hang out in this group. But later him and my best friend talked again and my best friend said that he said he did like me. So my best friend told me that and said that he wanted to talk to me, so I went up to him and he nodded and me and walked away from the people he was talking to and walked with me across the field at school. I honestly cannot forget the way he looked at me when we were walking. I just wanted to melt. But then when we got somewhere by ourselves in the field where nobody would hear what we were saying, he just stood there and didn't say anything. The only thing he did say was "I guess she told you." and I was like, "yeah." So we walked back over to everyone else together and then the bell rang so we had to go back inside.  After school I talked to him again and asked him if it was true about what he said, and he said "maybe" again. Then he had to leave, but he was acting all cute and stuff before he left. <3 The next week we sat on the bus together and he was being really nice to me and all that. And he watched me put on chapstick, lol.  And then last week someone was like, "I think you guys are gonna get married when you're older!" we were laughing together at the time, so the kid that said that (we both know him)  made us shut up as soon as he said that. Then he kinda got awkward during the rest of the day... Sorry that was so long! Anyways, what do you guys think? Should I keep trying to win this guy over? Or what do you think?  Thanks!

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CHUCK help please.

CHUCK help please.Im searching for a chuck replacement for a 1944 Delta drill press. It has a Jaobs Supreme 5/8". Arbor is MT2 shank with JT3 small end. The supreme has teeth missing on the gear, the key holes are egged out and it will not open or close smoothly. Can't afford a new Jacobs so I'm looking for an Taiwan import or any ideas you may have.thanks

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GY6 50 cc chinese scooter won't start. What could it be?

Hi. I bought a 50 cc scooter that was sitting for some time. It's 2008 model and it had around 400 km when I got it. That's pretty low in my opinion. Well at first it was running fine. I mad around 100 km on the first day. Well the second day it didn't start. Thankfully my friend helped me and he said that my carburetor is dirty. He celaned it and scooter started up. I made around 60km on the same day with no problem. In the morning the next day my scooter wouldn't start. I tried to do the same as him. I cleaned carburetor and fuel filter but scooter still wouldn't start. It doesn't start electrically or kick start. It's like 5th day and my scooter still won't start. What happens when i turn it on:  - sometimes it sounds just like a dc motor spinning but nothing happens (there is no cranking sound)  - usually it makes cranking sounds but doesn't start  - when I let it sit for a while (for 30min, 1h, day ...) it makes a sound like it almost started up but then dies Thank you all for help! I would like to apologize for my lack of english words in engines and bikes field (not a native english speaker and I'm not specialized in those fields).

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How to return to 'ible in progress?

I started creating an instructable in the new editor, saving as I went. I shut down my computer and went to take pictures to add to it. When I returned and opened up Instructables, I can't seem to find where my instructable in progress is. Any guidance is appreciated. And, yes, I feel a bit stupid.

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cheapest way to convert dc to ac?

What is the cheapest way to convert dc to ac.i need a cheap an simple solution.i don't need a circuit that convert 12VDC to 220VAC i need a 12VDC to AC circuit

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Automatic water level control system with alarm

Construction of water level control system with alarm

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