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2000watt bulb

How to make your own 2000 watt light bulb.

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Does anyone know how to dry a liquid to make a powder?

 I want to make stevia powder out of a concentrated stevia liquid? To store it longer and to use it in dry tea mixtures and so on.

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How can i connect my car stereo to powered speakers?

I have a pair of edifier R1280t powered bookshelf speakers which sound great. They have two inputs and i use one of them with my pc. I have a car stereo lying around and would want to hook them to the other input on the speakers using a psu. But my question is, can i connect powered bookshelf speakers to my car stereo? I have rca connections on the stereo and i think i can connect them but i am not sure. Please help me. Attached is the stereo wiring diagram in the manual.

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LED text matrix strip.

Hi, I am very intressed in making a LED text strip. Any ideas how? Please see attached photo.

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IR helicopter doesn't respond, how to fix it? Answered

Hello, I have here a (G.T. MODEL 9004) helicopter that worked fine for 3 years maybe, now I just wanted to use it again in one of my projects, so I went to Shake out the dust of my old toys, and didn't respond to any thing ! I charged it, and tried again and nothing except its internal LED blinking when I try to give a command from a transmitter. So it seems to receive but doesn't take an action ! (Note that you may see that it's important : When I used to use it, I was providing it the power through a 9V power supply because batteries were very coasting and get dry fast due to its usage in the helicopter charging, but it always worked fine.) It's company link :

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Energy efficient, waterless, Copper strip based cooling system

Energy efficient ,waterless Copper stripe based cooling system:The presented Idea is based on Heat exchange principle.As per sketch there will be a conveyor belt system and some copper stripes will be connected with this belt.Each copper strip will have a moveable hook.The conveyor belt will move with a motor.Each copper strip will be separated with each other and with conveyor belt with the help of Insulation (wooden insulation).Each copper strip will be connected with the machine for 15 to 20 seconds to absorb the heat and after that this copper strip will be removed and next copper strip will be ready to absorb the heat.The removed strip will be cooled down after some time and will be ready to couple with the machine again.In this way each copper stripe will work one by one to absorb the heat to cool the machine and each strip will get cool down due to convection .What I thought is that if I use a continuous water jet to cool the motor then the motor will remain cool so if I use the copper stripes then the same effect will be occured.It will work in this way that temperature will be not increased of machine if I couple the device with the machine. It will be low cost,low maintenance,waterless solution to cool the machines. It will consume almost nil energy

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Rust on sink drain pipe

HI,I have noticed this year that the exposed drain pipe from my bathroom sink is rusting badly, turned all green. Why is this happening? Anything I can do about this? I guess I should replace the pipe, but this will be complicated cause it is going into the tile floor and the cent under it. Any advice would be welcome.Thanks

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How to make a vacuum cleaner battery powered? (Luigi's Mansion Poltergust project)

I'm thinking about making a functional Poltergust 3000 from Luigi's Mansion. The end result would basically be a back-mounted rechargeable vacuum cleaner with a toggle switch on the nozzle for at least "off" and "suck", although adding a "blow" option would be ideal to replicate as much of the functionality of the Poltergust as possible. The problem here is that I know very little about electrical work outside of basic on-off light circuits.How do I figure out what kind of power source I'd need? I'd be buying a new vacuum for this project so it should have the tolerances listed in its manual, but I also have a multimeter handy for finding specific values. Also, if I am to add a "blow" option, would it be a bad idea to try and run the motor backwards so air blows out the nozzle? Finally, how could I make it's power supply rechargeable? Ideally I want for it to be able to charge up in a conventional wall socket.

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Ca huge drinking water filtration system be modified for a fish tank?

I got a few of these filtration units:For drinking usage far too big but I was wondering if it would be possible to modify parts of it for filtering the water in my aquarium.Inside the black canisters is a prefilter (big one) and a de-scaler cartridge (small one).As they are independent from the quad filter system it only leaves the question of modifying some pipe for the inserts and finding a suitable filter medium.Would be nice as a pre-filter to keep the worst crap out of the filter pump.

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Solar Powered Dehumidifier Help

Hey guys. My dad, my brother and I have been pondering the idea of a solar-powered de-humidifier. So, it would charge using the sun's rays, and then use its power in the dehumidifier. This is something that could be used in parts of Africa with 100% humidity, and not alot of water. It is the perfect tool for anyone to use to obtain fresh water, by harnessing the sun's rays. We have a dehumidifier, and we really want to make it Solar Powered. We just need help in the way to power it.Would we charge a rechargable battery using the Solar Rays, or would we run it on solar power alone. The solar panel that I have been looking at is the Sunforce 50022 5 Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger. Do you think that that Solar Panel is good enough? It is 5 Watts, so how would we connect it to our dehumidifier? This was the solar panel in the most recent PopSci used in the How 2.0 section. It is used to charge personal electronics. Thanks in advance.

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Power AND Data Transfer Using Inductive Coupling aka Wireless Power?

I'm sure that many people are familiar with Wireless Power. Especially with ALL the new products out in stores that power your iPod and Cell Phones without wires! Through the air, these products raise your dead battery from the grave, and return them to full power through the air! Obviously this is an amazing feat of physics. My instructable on Wireless Power has gotten a lot of people exited about the "no-wires" future that we can enjoy. I've been working on this project for a long time, and I feel that inductive coupling has so much more potential. One day I thought of the possibilities. I though wouldn't it be awesome if I could sync my iPod wirelessly while charging it wirelessly. Here's my question: Transferring data using inductive coupling? Good idea? My goal is to make an instructable on data transfer with inductive coupling. I'm looking for motivation, so if you're interested in this please post a comment. I think it would be awesome if Powermat, or some other company would make data transfer possible. So, wire free data transfer w/ inductive coupling, good idea? THANKS

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How do I make a button panel that will change images on a laptop?

Suppose, I have 5 buttons and I want to show 5 images corresponding to it on my laptop. How is it possible?

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How do I snap? I, like many people, can't snap. And I don't know why.?

How do I snap? I, like many people, can't snap. And I don't know why.?

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Switching to LED lights for your car head lights - what you should know about it!

With LED technology getting cheaper and better almost weekly now it seems to make sense to use them in your old car.People who did it and post about it make the decisions even easier.I mean who wouldn't want to switch from pale yellow candle light to these bright white litghts showing you all in great detail?Problem is the firstly the legal side of things.Many countries now allow the use of LED replacements for many older cars - within limits.Where and if allowed it means you need to use LED systems that a compliant with your local road authorities and regulations.In a lot of countries though it is still not legal to replace incandescent head lights with LED ones.Why is this?If you read this after changing over already you will have noticed a destinct difference between the two types of "globes".The filament is very compact and in a H4 lamp the reflector is quite small and perfectly positioned as well.In comparison to (mostly the non-legal) LED replacements the light emitting surface is flat and usually a lot bigger than the filament.This means the light output and pattern changes as the reflector of your lamp is not designed to work with LED's and their bigger area of light surface.Being flat also means the LED can not really produce the same amount of light in LUX to the sides as compared to directly above.Most LED lamps compensate this with an added reflector in the front area.So we have two major problems:Not really enough light going sideways while too much light goes up and down in the LED system.Too much stray light due to the bigger surface are that puts out the light.Combined they result in light going into areas where it should not go, or not go at this level of brightness.The often used statement that now even highway signs are easy to read at night on low beam clearly highlights this problem.There is a good reason your head lamps should not shine upwards ;)What can be done to allow for the use of LED lamps in old cars?If not too old than your car already has H1/H7 lamps and indiviual for fog, low- and high- beam.For those it is now quite easy to get road legal LED replacements.Not so much though for the really old H4 systems with high- and low- beam in one lamp.Don't be fooled by your local auto shop though!Just because they might sell a lot of HID and LED lmaps does not mean what is on display for sale is actually road legal.If it does not state the corresponding certifications for your country/state than you can rest assured a cop on a bad day will have field day (or night) with you sooner or later.As said, in many countries there are now tested and legal option available.Their main difference to the cheap and uncertified ones is not their higher price alone.In comparison their more powerful LED's result in much smaller COBS -the LED strip giving the light.Reducing glare and providing a much closer match to the incanscent lamps.Why is it so hard to find a common ground and provide proper LED replacement systems?You might as well ask why you can buy a $20 amplifier or a $5.000 amplifier....When the first cars came out with LED lamps China saw the potential and provided all sorts of headlight lamps with LED's in them.Quickly they not only made it to the international markets but also gained interest for basically everyone wanting more light.Regulations were non existent back then...Even today it is next to impossible to actually provide proper numbers in terms of lumen, LUX or general brightness.What a LED provides can be quite different from what leaves the head lights.Old standards only refer to Watt, so it is no problem to find a cheap LED system that provides what a 100W lamp would get you at less than 30W on the input side...And the light color is not really specified at all in most countires.France required a yellowish light back in the day.A blue tint in your head lights was no problem with Xenon lights, so LED systems now go as high 7000 Kelvin, or close to a blueish light and as low as 3000 Kelvin or what is coming from incandescent lights.You see, finding a common ground is already hard just with the light output and color alone.There is only one real test that even today defines whether or not a head light needs adjustment or in case of LED replacements makes them illegal.The good old white wall with the markers, lines and distance mark on the floor.If you compare a properly adjusted head light on these test walls you get a very destinct pattern of light to see.Clear cut off's, brightly illuminated areas within the fields and lines and less bright areas in the outer regions - again still defined by the marks on the wall.Swapping to various types of LED replacements should provide the same patterns and brightness levels.In reality though almost all of them will only give you a very bright and undefined big area on the wall.No more dark areas with clear cut off to the bright middle section, even the formerly shadowish side areas are now well lit up.Great for you behind the wheel, bad for everyone coming the other direction, especially when wet and raining.Some people in the colder parts of the world will now what I mean when I say that some LED system will only give you good visibility when it snows if you turn them off ;)How to check for yourself if your new LED lights are any good for other people on the road?I assume you did the right thing and had your headlights checked and if required adjusted before actually putting LED lights in!Nothing is worse than trying to get more light if said lights are adjusted to point everywhere except the road.With your old light still in park in front on a straight wall on level ground, like your garage or any other wall you find.Park at a nice distance to get a clean pattern on the wall that is not too big.5 to 10 meters away should do fine.Use some painters tape or similar to mark out your desgined light pattern on the wall.Don't be too fancy, just some tape to indicate where bright light turn into way less on the wall and a few strips to indicate the cut off lines where patterns of brightness change on the wall.Leave the car where it is and put your new LED lights in.Check for yourself by how much the areas differ now.Anything above your marked cut off lines means you are blinding other drivers ahead of you.Anything way brighter than before on the sides could mean you also blind oncoming traffic on the other side of the road or freeway.A pale and low light level in these areas is not too bad and can be acceptable.Anything that clearly illuminates those formerly dark areas however should not be used on the roads.Another check is to try at what distance your old low- and high- beam start to become a bit too birght too directly look in to when you stand in front of your car during a really dark night.Look somwhere drak and move closer until you reach the discomfort zone.With your LED lights you should be able to get as close as before ...

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Sears 10" Radial Saw Parts

I have a Sears 10" Radial saw that I purchased in the late 60s. Serviced me well for many years as a cutoff saw. It now does not want to run. It starts, comes up to speed and runs for about 30 sec. with no load and then shuts down. I wait a couple of minutes and reset the protector, repeat, same results. I would love to continue to use this saw. Do you have any idea where I can get replacement parts or equivalent parts? Model # 113.29440 Protector 37408 Relay 30588 Capacitor 30586

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how can i make a 2.4ghz wireless security camera hard wired? Answered

How can i make a 2.4ghz wireless security camera hard wired? i get a lot of wifi interference (and my wireless network gets blocked completely) and i just want to run direct RCA line if possible instead of buying 5 new cameras.?

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Paracord Weave

Hey guys! I'm trying to make a guitar strap with the weave in the picture. I can't find instructions for it anywhere. Does anyone know how to make this weave? Thanks.

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How do I calculate an LED power supply? Answered

 Okay, I don't know a lot about LED's but here's what I've done so far. I bought some 12v LED strips and used them to surround a display in my shop. I soldered all the strips together and attached my bench supply.  The LED's seem pretty forgiving and I can run them at a reasonable brightness at anything between 8.3 and 12 volts. 8.3 volts draws 0.065 amps and 12 volts draws 0.65 volts. I have no idea why it seems to draw less current at a lower voltage, unless my ammeter is faulty on my PSU. I am now wanting to attach a power adapter. I have a 12v 500mA supply but am worried it won't cope. I also have a 12v 1.25 amp supply but am guessing this may up the voltage and burn out the LED's. Do I really need to buy a 12v LED driver or can I get away with a cheap non-switching adapter?  And if so do I need to go for something like a 12V 650mA? Thanks Simon

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Import from doc, markdown support, and tables

First of all, I want to say that overall, writing my Instructable was a pleasant experience. While I do have some suggestions, I enjoyed the process and felt that the site worked pretty well to allow me to build a good set of instructions. Kudos! I'm sure it's probably been suggested before or I could be missing something with the editor, but I would like to see a way to import from a word doc. I wrote up a lot of the details in a word document before writing my Instructable, and if I were able to import that directly it would have saved a lot of time. I was able to copy and paste, but it removed much of the formatting and I had to reformat sections. It would also be really awesome to be able to copy and paste markdown formatted text into the step instructions. Markdown is used by a lot of sites / software including github, thingiverse, confluence, and jira to name a few I know of off the top of my head. Finally, I really wanted tables in some of the steps to make lists of tools and parts cleaner / easier to read. If tables are supported, I wasn't sure how to create them.

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how to raise the titanic?

 From this suggestions , can the titanic be raise? 1.Fill with table tennis balls. 2.Using nitrogen , make an ice block to float the ship. 3.Make crane-boat the winch the ship. 4.Using giant rubber to raise it.

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Need arduino sensor advice! - Inductive touch vs. reed vs. touch sensative

Hi everyone - I am trying to make an elevator for my daughter's doll house - it is all set on a stepper motor and arduino - but I need a way for it to know when it has reached the bottom floor. Also, for reasons too strange to go into here though, I need it stop exactly when the elevator hits the ground floor.I am hoping the simpler the solution the better...a reed switch with a magnet on the bottom of the elevator? or a Pressure sensitive resistor? Or a push button that is really sensitive?Any suggestions would be much appreciated.THANKS!

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Toys and things you have sitting on your desk/PC

Does anybody here have toys or other funny things sitting on their computer desk or PC?I have a little Master Chief figurine that my friend gave me, it came with a Halo 3 Xbox 360 controller. He has a bubble gum wrapper for a cape. I call him Bubble Chief.The other one I have is a papercraft model of Mister Chief. Click here for a funny comic type thing involving him.Instructables has applied some nasty compression to these pictures, so here's links to both on Flickr.Bubble ChiefMister Chief

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what are the chemicals used in fart bags? Answered

I have been looking on the net for what ingredients go into fart bags, which are these fart bombs with powder in them and a liquid inside a small packet, which you squish , then they react to produce hydrogen sulfide and then the bag pops and a rotton egg smell fills the area. i realy want to know what it is that goes into those because i want to make a 10xbigger fart bage, but i dont want to have to use the powder and liquid from real ones because the only ones i can get cost $15 for a packet of 10 which i feel is too expensive when i know there may be an alternative method.

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bypass the speed pot on pride mobility scooter?

My speed potentiometer is not working can i bypass it till i can replace it

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Can you use an alternator on an axle to recharge batteries?

If you have a battery powered vehicle of some sort, can you put an alternator/generator or something on the axles to generate electricity to recharge the batteries the vehicle runs on? When the axle turns, the brushes pass over the coil generating electricity which is then routed back to the batteries thereby recharging the batteries. Please pardon the bad Paint drawing, but something like this.

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Attaching a Spur Gear onto a Motor

I want to attach a spur gear with a bore diameter of 6mm onto the shaft of this motor (6mm diameter shaft). How would I go about doing this? From what I see, the shaft is smooth so is my only option to find a gear with a set screw? Or is it sufficient to attach a gear with no set screw and simply rely on the friction of the bore? The torques will be low. Are there any websites that one would recommend for finding gears like this? I'm finding it impossible to find gears with a module of 1.0, bore diam. of 6mm, 12 teeth, and a thickness of less than 20mm to fit onto the shaft.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What can i make a frame for a dune buggy out of?

I am 17 and i am building a 2 seater dune buggy meant for offroad. Not for heavy offroading likes jumps but able to keep up with regular trails. I have acess to a decent amount of tools like a mig welder. How ever i dont have a tubing bender and i do not know enough to build my own frame from scratch. Does anyone know what i can build a dune buggy based off? So far ive heard using a golf cart frame and an old volkswagon beetle type 1 frame are the best. I am trying to keep costs low so i cant afford to order a kit. Any ideas?

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Software for Make: It robotics starter kit? (Radioshack)

I Just recently made the Arduino-based  walking robot sold in a robotics starter kit by radio shack. The software link that came in the instructions is no longer a valid domain. Can anyone help with this? Cant find the arduino software anywhere. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you

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SAFETY!!! How can I earth a Sinotimer programmable timer (TM618) inside a metal box ??

Hi, I am in the process of constructing a retro console timer for my 10yo grandson (for his parents really). They only want the power to the console on a predetermined times. I found an idea on Instructables which is basically a programmable 7 day timer in a small (lockable) cash box. Question: there is no earth tab on the input side of the timer and I want to earth the box because it will contain 240v!! Is it as simple as wiring the wall plug with three core cable and attaching the spare earth wire to the inside wall of the metal box? Please advice.Thanks

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Injury prone people

Share your scars here! Injury pics are awesome! Are power tools involved? Is glass involved? How about metal? Knives? Beware, I have no control over what people post, there might be some graphic stuff.

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Tv antenna combiner

Does anyone know how to make a tv antenna combiner? The ones available for purchase do not work with my application.I have two digital antennas, one on the eave of the house and one on the gable. The one on the eave picks up 23 channels, the one on the gable picks up 30 DIFFERENT channels (mostly, some overlap) . I would like to be able to connect both antennas to my tv to get the maximum channels. Currently I have to go out and switch antenna cable at the box to watch the channel with the best program. Both antennas require 5V dc. I have tried multiple "combiners" from local sources and again they do not work, at best I get the mid range frequencies which is about 15 channels. Yes I could drill holes in the walls and put more cable in and us an A/B switch but not only is that a lot of work and costly, its no fun and I cant use my soldering iron :-)Thanks David

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Where start to make robots without money?

Hmmm... yep, jajaj I don´t know, anyone can help me with this please, what I really want is to build robots and developts them, but I don´t have money for sensor and those things, what I have is just old electronics like motor and some things, but the qustion is, where start?

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Table clock

I want to make a table clock which have alarm,show temperature,humidity and other weather conditions. Pls help.

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As if I didn't have enough stress!

School sucks right now, have an A,B,C,& D, I'm stressed about that. But I come home today and I check my bank online and see that someone's used my debit card # to purchase $300 worth of soccer jerseys (WTF? SRSLY). SO I immediately call the bank (india) and tell them, guess what, since it's only pending they can't do anything, even though I alerted them, I have to wait until the money is stolen out of my account to file a fraud dispute, ridiculous. At least, I limit my liability to $50 by reporting it within two days (per, but it's a damned ass backward way to do it. BTW the banks solution, call the merchant,sigh, well their 800 number rang and rang, the other contact number went to voice mail, so they got a long detailed message. And of course, I cancelled my card, not at the banks suggestion. I has bad feeling about what a PITA this is going to turn into...

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Can I use a fridge as a freezer? Answered

I have a two door fridge with a top freezer that I would like to use in the basement, but crank the fridge part down to use as a freezer, and turn up the freezer to use as a fridge. Do you see any problems with this?

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Need to organise your exams?

Hi all, I'm back with another piece of software and as always I'm coming to you guys for feedback and support, The software allows you to list your exams with their details so that you can easily load and display them again. You can download the software through this facebook page: Features I am working on: Colour Coding, Sorting, Editing. May I ask you only post constructive feedback, Thanks again, PREDATOR

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I've been under a great deal of stress lately. First off, there's the new school schedule. It cut lunch in half (By the time you get out of line with your food, lunch is over), doubled the amount of homework, and cut the time you have to do that work in half. (It basically scr*wed everyone) This schedule was supposedly based on a school vote (I guarantee at least 90% of the student body voted NO), but those "votes" went strait to the shredder. I've been doing 5-6 hours of homework every night. To add to this stress, I had my driving test, which I thankfully passed. That isn't the worst of it though. A few days ago we found a bloody lump on Mazee's neck, and we are worried sick that it is cancer. She went into surgery yesterday to get it removed, and we are anxiously waiting for the test results. Mazee has been crying and moaning all day, and I feel really bad about it. IT'S NOT CANCER! :DIt was Benign Hemangioma, a non-cancerous tumor.

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Moving Back In With Your Parents?!

Is this a good idea? Who ever thinks moving back in with your parents is a GOOD thing? Perhaps when it comes with free room and board and helping you pay back your college loans. Here's the deal:I move States and help work at my brothers' store in exchange for not having to stress about rent, paying back college loans - basically about life. But is it truly stress free?What about the stress attained after reverting back to your childlike role? Granted, I'll have more time to plan on grad school and writing on the side...I can't stand my Dad. He's going senile and has a short temper after he gets into your business and doesn't understand - and I lack the patience.He'll start yelling and reverting back to his "I'm the tyrannical boss" mode one moment and forget he wasn't as gentle as he is in the next.I see my brothers - they're both in their 30s and technically, it's their house they want me to move into, but they don't date, they don't have time what with working so much. And my mom cooks all the time and I've already gained 10 pounds from the Christmas break visit.I'm just wondering if life will ever be stress-free or if it just transcends...

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led light? Answered

I would like to build a led light that has 5 white, 2 red, and 5 blue leds in it. i would like it to have a 3 way switch but it can have what ever you can work in to it. i am very new at doing this so the instructions would have to be very easy and simple. please try to keep it small and cheap please. thank you

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How do I stop our bigger dog from eating our smaller dogs food? ?

I have two separate area's of food for each of my dogs.  The bigger German/lab mix will eat the smaller Chihuahua's food even though the food in each bowl is the same.  The larger dog has a larger and taller bowl stand but will still eat from the smaller and shorter bowl of the smaller dog with out eater her own.  I'm sure it's a dominance issue but never the less, I would like to inhibit the larger dog from eating the smaller dogs food. 

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Finished building Low Level Laser Therapy Helmet using #38 3v and #69 5v diodes. The helmet will be used for hair loss prevention. Due to zero knowledge of circuitry, what's the safest and right way to power device? Answered

There are similar projects on this website but all using less diodes. I'm also not convinced that wiring all the diodes in a parallel circuit is the best route. If it is, then great and that will make my life easier.As you can see in the photos, I've soldered the diodes into bundles. However, each bundle either consists of only 5v or 3v diodes. If I need to desolder anything, so be it. Right now there are bundles of the following:5v = 20, 15, 22, 123v = 9, 9, 9, 11The diodes were purchased from Amazon and displayed the following specs:3V Output Power: 5mW Wavelength: 650nm Working Voltage: 3V Operating Current: less than 20 mA Laser Shape: DotWorking temperature: -10 degree~£«40 degree housing: CopperDimensions: 6.5 X 18 mm5V Output Power: 5mW Wavelength: 650nm Working Voltage: 5V Operating Current: less than 20 mA Laser Shape: DotWorking temperature: -10°C to +40°C Housing material: High quality Copper Dimensions: 6.5 x 18mmWire connection: Red wire connect to Positive, Blue wire connect to NegativeOther purchased materials2 x 4.8V 700 mAh Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Item Name: Ni-Cd Battery Dimension: 2.16 x 1.97 x 0.59 inches Plug: SM 2P Plug Charging time: About 2-3 hours Working time:About 20-30 mins5 x 4 Cell 4.8V AA Battery Holder W/ JR Style Connector ReceiverUltimate Goal: Simplify powering of helmet for 20-30 minutes / 3x a week by using on/off switch or plug.*This is my first time on this website and I apologize if I entered into the wrong category. THANK YOU in advance to anyone who helps. Greatly appreciated!!

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Refurbishing machine components

If you are in the maintenance and repair business job wise, then quite often comes the question:Buy a new replacement or refurbish the broken part.In many cases it simply makes so sense to refurbish as there is no time to do this sort of work.However, once replaced you are left with a part that might only have a minor defect that is supposed to go in the bin.Quite annoying if we talk about costs in excess of $400 for those parts.When it comes to electronics it can be as simple as a blow fuse that is hidden inside a controller or a cheap varistor, relay or such.For example, we had big issues with failing control panels.The most used button simply did not make a contact anymore - $2000 a hit to replace.With the faulty ones piling up I decided to have a look.20 bucks later for some tiny push buttons and a bit of soldering all up $12.000 were saved for future panels.Another good was a drive assembly for a valve.Over $500 for one and it turned out the only thing that really failed was a $15 DC motor of the 555 type.Well, and about a spoon full of grease to lube the gearbox again.Back in my younger years there were lots of companies offering refurbished and tested spare parts for machines.Now this seems to be reduced to car wreckers only and even there you often struggle now due to the recycling crisis.Are we really already that far advanced that it is no longer financially viable to repair things in other ways then by replacing them?All those costs cut the profits and with that either increase prices or reduce hours of work.Recycling is reduced to exporting our waste or sending it all to landfill sites.Is that really the future we want to leave for our kids?

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Heat Transfer Project

I need help with this project!!!

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circuit board

 Hi guys, I am looking for a high quality circuit board manufacturing  that can deliver high quality  circuit board ASAP and with fairly reasonable cost .  any suggestion?

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Old German tool, what was it used for?

It is German, I'd guess from the early 1900's. Only visible markings: the text "geschüzt" on one handle Diameter of round plate 70 mm Kinda functions like a garlic press What was it?

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Amazing Light Shows

Favorite light shows or props that are inspiring?  Lasers and LED's.... I just saw Squarepusher's latest "Dark Steering" and was impressed, and Pink Floyd's shows were awesome.  Any others?

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Light Up Snare

Would it be possible to assemble a circuit using a piezo sensor and a string of LEDs so that a snare lights up when hit? My knowledge of stuff like this is extremely limited (read: non-existent) so any help would be appreciated! Also, if my idea is useless, it'd be great if other ways of doing this were discussed. Thanks!

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Problem with too much window condensation

I have double pane, insulating glass house windows that collect condensation during the winter heating months. The condensation is not between the panes, it is inside the home. The water builds up and runs down onto the wood frame causing rot. It occurs only on the bottom inch or two of the window. The home is in Northern Wisconsin where it is commonly 20 deg F outside and 70 deg F inside. The interior humidity is controlled and not excessive. Aside from setting the interior humidity to desert-like conditions, how can I remove the moisture and prevent further damage to the frame? Desiccant bags? Solar powered fans? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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what happens if I put compressed air instead of N2O in my car? Answered

I was thinking, if I put compressed air in the intake coletor, the improve of power ins't the same? as the nitrox sends nitrogen to make the comb. chamber cooler, and oxigen to burn the fuel, wich is the same elements that had air, the effect doens't had to be the same? thanks for aswering. have a nice day!

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How strong is JB weld compared to real welding? Answered

I want to build a recumbent bike, but I can't weld. Any other ways to build one. Mabye make one from hockey sticks.

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