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help on mutiple steppers on arduino mega

Hello, I am hoping to get some help for my project here. I have three steppers that would like to control using an arduino mega first question is: is this possible? in other words can i connect the wires from stepper (bi-polar and 4-wire) directly to the arduino pins? secondly, is there a sample code that i can use to make the steppers sweep independently? are there specific libraries i need to use? Regards, Behzad.

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Safecracking for Everyone! New book on how to safe crack!

I just wrote and published a book on how to safe crack. It's a 48 page full color, concise and detailed book on everything you need to know to crack your first safe! Don't know anything at all about this art? That's ok! This starts from the very beginning! All you need is the desire to learn :) It's available for $15 here:

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What do you think about Electrochemical Engineering?

Hey there. I been doing some research on degree paths, and the Electrochemical Engineering degree seams relatively new. Not too new, but still, not many places in my country that seem to offer this degree.

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How would i build a cheap wireless theatre comms add-on, possibly using phones as the wireless component?

My school theatre has a Jands Ezicom (i think) comms system but its all wired. My friend and i were wondering if its at all possible to make a DIY wireless add-on. We had the idea of somehow interfacing some cordless phones into the system and using the conference capabilities of them but obviously this presents some problems with voltage/impedance/whatever else. Its also just a personal thing so A) only up to 2 wireless devices would be needed max, and B) its self funded so cheaper is better. If anyone can offer advice or ideas its all welcome.

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Why doesn't my Instructable show up?? Answered

I published an instructable yesterday, but it still isn't showing up unless I go to the URL. I can't even search for it! Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? (

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Installing twin air horns on motorcycle HELP!!!!

Hi  I own a Kawasaki ER5 and I am finding it difficult to have both horns working. I have used the original horn wiring 2 wires to a connector block with 4 wires coming out to each horn. Is this wrong? if so please give me some instructions (that I would understand) how to install correctly please  Thank you Darren

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Sennheiser audio question?

So I've owned a pair of Sennheiser HD555's for about 4 years now and while they haven't broken in any way, I'm looking to buy another pair of Sennheisers that are more portable than the HD555's (10 ft. cable and bulky 1/4 inch jack + open design -_-)   I've been considering 2 choices in the Sennheiser 400 series.  The HD439's and the HD449's While I know they are both very similar, there are big differences in my opinion.   HD 439's: I really like the detachable cable on these, and I've always been in love with the cloth ear pads from my 555's, so i know these would be super comfortable.  Also these present a bit more bass than the others in the 400 series, which i don't know if I'll enjoy, because I really only have the HD 555's to compare audio quality to. HD449's: These headphones are apparently a bit more powerful than the 439's because of stronger magnets in their monitors, which is a plus because I mostly listen to music on my laptop, phone, or zune (YES I SAID IT AND I SAID IT PROUD--ZUNE).  Also I'v e heard that they have a better range of sound quality not just regarding the bass and treble.  The one thing that scares me to death about these cans is the pleather or "leatherette" material for the ear pads.  While i know that these are better at blocking outside noise, I can't help but feel like they'd be very uncomfortable.  The only other cans i've used with the pleather are the Bose AE2's, so one question is how do they compare? also to beats leather pads? In general, I listen to a broad range of music from classical to rap to indie rock.  Pretty much anything but country.  I like to have a bit more bass and high tones than mid, but not too much.  For this reason, I think the HD439's would be better in regards to sound quality and better design/comfort.  The only thing that keeps me looking back at the 449's is the offer of more powerful magnets and better sound when playing from a mobile device or something with a low power output.  I also really like the fact that even if i do like lows and highs better, I can always put an equalizer on the HD'449's to tailor their more balanced sound to my wants.  But I'm still afraid of the comfort the 449's offer compared to the cloth pads of the 439's.   Again I own a pair of Sennheiser HD55's and love their sound quality and comfort.  I also own a pair of AKG K181DJ series, but those are mostly for listening to house, dubstep, and drub&bass.;  I've owned the Bose AE2 (second edition) and have used beats studio for a time.  These are really all of my reference points for sound quality and comfort. Anyways, I digress.  I'm very torn between the two and I've given all of the info I can.  Any suggestions/ratings/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Torch fired Enamel

How do I look up Torch fired Enameling or Tools needed? Thank You Jerry

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random 6 LED light circuit?

Howdy, I want to either make from scratch or purchase as a kit, a 6 LED, random generator.   What I need it to do is circle through the LED's randomly for 5 seconds or so , and then finally light 1 LED up for 10 second or so.  Any help would be much appreciated.  

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Right mouse menu acting weird? (windows 8)? Answered

Hi there, Today, I've been experiencing a weird 'bug' on my laptop. Whenever I want to use the menu that comes up when pressing the right mouse button in an explorer-related location (documents, music, windows media player etc.), the menu is empty, The menu starts out as completely blank, and the options normally shown appear don't appear until you hover over them with the mouse. When I click the right mouse button in, for example, firefox, it works normally. Does somebody know what causes this, and how I can fix it? Thanks in advance. System information: Lenovo G500-20245 laptop Windows 8 64 bits Intel Core i5-3230M processor. GeForce 720M

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Congratulations to founders Christy and Eric

  Congratulations to you both for the creation of such a wonderful site ! I look so forward to each new batch of creative ideas and I eagerly look through them to see what I can learn . Exploring Programming is my main goal , but there are so many ideas on Instructables  that I find myself reading many different subject just to see how the authors do their problem solving.    I wish Instructables all the best and I am proud to be part of this community . Build_it_Bob  

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related to electric vehicle?

I am going to make an electric vehicle so my question is that how to calculate cost per unit,cost per mile for an electric vehicle? and ways to overcome weight issues so that when a person sits on the vehicle, the speed does not reduce or less.  I am asking this because i want to make a vehicle that will cover many miles with less battery efficiently. I hope that everyone understands that what i am trying to ask

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How can I build button panel that produces sound clips? Answered

I am tying to build a panel with approximately 30 buttons (I would like the buttons to resemble door bell buttons). When a button is pushed a sound clip is played through a speaker. I would like one sound clip assigned to each button rather than a random sound clip. If the sound clips were randomized there would be no need for all the different buttons. The large panel of buttons is an esthetic that is important to this project. Thank you for any advice.

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Zip Review

Alright, so I just made JonnyBGood's Zip Mk1 today, and decided to do a review on it. I recommend that before you make this gun, please read my review as some of your questions may be answered. So without further adieu, let's start. @Range- Not Bad, but cannot be termed as good. It is VERY inconsistent as well. The range that I got with one rubberband on this gun was  5-20 feet. It is quite good for its size though. 6/10 @Looks- The looks of this gun is awesome. It looks really 'sci-fi'ish. 9/10 @Durability- Really strong and well built, does not break easily. Point to be noted that the handle-stock(ish) connection is flimsy, needs some work, but I can live with it. 9/10 @Pieces- The piece count of this gun is a bit too high for its size. And not to mention the 3 broken rods. 8/10 @Comfort- This gun is very comfortable to hold and will not hurt your hand. 10/10 @Rate of Fire- Well, a 3-4 shot gun can not have a true ROF but if the hopper was extended, it would have a helluva ROF. No marks as stated above. @Functioning- Almost perfect functioning, but I guess the blocking mechanism fails sometimes, but rarely. 9/10 The Verdict- 51/60 (pretty solid) It is a well built gun that could use some polishing but in the end, it could be one of the BEST secondary gun there is or even a nice primary. The gun overall is cool and I would suggest you to build it! Also check out JonnyBGood's page and his other stuff! Note- These are my views of the gun and if you think that I am wrong at some point, comment or PM me! Hope you enjoyed the review!

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The parts needed to build a solar powered light?

Hello everyone, I'm trying to build a solar powered led (2nd part would be to add a USB port) and I'd like to know all the parts I need to get it working nicely. Apart from the obvious things like an led, battery, on/off switch, wires and solar panel will I need some sort of controller for charging the battery as well as not overcharging it?  I'd like it to have a 1W panel, a 1W led and battery which can run the light for 5 hours (so 5Wh right?) If it is easy enough I would like to build one which has a USB port as well so I can plug in my USB fan. Thank-you for reading.

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Where and How to approach my ideas to advertisement companies? Answered

Where and How to approach my ideas to advertisement companies without taking patent or copyright on them?

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is this KGB Archiver will crash my pc while it Decompressing?

I have some highly compressed file .i'm now afraid to extract them because of  my ram and cpu goes 90%-100% it shows remaining 160 hours-- file size is 2.7MB and the size before commpression was 700mb. It will crash my pc ?

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oxygen percentage in plants

How much percentage of oxygen a plant produce in one day ? my project is here

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How do I make custom tablet nibs?

Back in October, I purchased a Genius EasyPen tablet. It only came with one tablet pen nib. It has lasted quite a bit, I guess, but I have noticed it is starting to reach its end. I have tried to buy some tablet nibs from the Genius website, but I couldn't purchase them for some reason. I guess the website's down or something, but I really can't wait much longer. I use my tablet quite a bit, so it would be a HUGE problem if I couldn't use it because I couldn't find nibs, so I thought I would make them. I heard you can make them out of toothpicks, but I don't know how to do it properly. Does one have a tutorial, especially focused around Genius pens? I would be forever grateful if someone would help me!!

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Pin it Button! Did you see it!

The Pin It Button is back!  You may not have noticed, but it is there. It is pretty simple to use. To see the button, hover over the image you want to pin.  Don't open the image.  You can pin the big images, and the images that are in rows of two.  Any more images in a row than that and it doesn't look like you can pin them. Click the Pin It button. This will open a new tab the same as the bookmark bar Pin It button works. Pin the image. Close the separate window. You are done! Please, PIN AWAY!

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4-Leg Walking Robot Developement

   The video basically describes my project, I want to make a rideable mechanical horse and a full size mechanical mountain lion. Right now it is in the early stages. I am just designing, building, and testing parts for a small scale prototype.

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Private message me any questions you may have!

Okay so just message me okay? and also look at my other instructables.

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Kitchen Equipment Hacks

Hey everyone. What are your favorite kitchen hacks- alternative ways to use your kitchen equipment to make, bake, or cook?

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12v LED lamp+ Solar panel+ 12v car battery? Answered

I am new to electricity beyond a basic circuit, so I am at a point of being unsure about my current scheme for a relatively bright light that runs off a battery which recharges via solar power and doesn't go dead due to the continual recharging during the day and effective use of electrical energy. I do not know whether resistors, transistors, power inverters, or any other equipment is beneficial or necessary. I am also unsure of a high quality, relatively cheap solar panel that is compatible with the 12v battery and the 12v LED bulb (if anyone has any advice for that). I drew up a diagram of my possible setups, labeled 1, 2, and 3. Option 1 is the basic setup without any additional hardware. Is one of these setups correct, and the most effective way to go about my objective? If not, how can I modify it to be the proper setup? Thanks :)

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Why can I not post! Answered

How is that for 120 words?  It took me 15 minutes for it to accept the above. I really wanted to say I am so pissed.  I can not post my first instructable because I can not get the steps to work.  I have spent three hours and 4 attempts to simply post the language to the pictures.   I also can not get the pdfs to download. Instructables appears to be falling apart.  It is frustrating. I am so ready to just flush this whole thing.  I think I want my money back. Peter

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how to power multiple fans from a laptop? Answered

I'm currently working on a laptop to somewhat of a desktop conversion.  The laptop has really bad cooling so i have drilled into the case and added some big fans.  Its probably overkill yes, but if it works then who cares.   I've added two fans.  One is a 24V DC .20A fan and the other is a regular DC motor.  I'm wanting to power them from the laptop.  I'm not sure how to do that though.  I've tested them both separately on a USB and they are very slow and almost useless.  Is there a way to combine two USB ports for more juice?  Any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks.

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Looking for codes for arduino and some info on how to power 5m of 5050 rgb light strips?

i have 5m of 5050 rgb light strips that id like to put on my car and id like to make them flash like police and fire lights. and id like to try not spend any more money than i have too. any help would be nice, this for off road use.

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Idea for a new game

Hi I have an idea for a new game, where do I post this please? x

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can you turn a chicken into gold

hi their i was wondering can you turn your chickins bones into gold using displacing metals because gold replaces calcum i cant remember why but it does

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Some instructables force you to login again and then do not acccept your login. Why?

At the top of the page there is a YOU, after a search, you select a topic (e.g fixing antique sewing machines), and you get thrown out of YOU into LOGIN, and then get told you have to go PRO, so you select PRO even though you are already a PRO member, and then the whole stupid process starts again.

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Say Hello at the Maker Faire Sat May 17

If you are a published instructable Author going to the San Mateo Maker Faire ....  I would like to meet you. Just sign in here, Seek me out there, Say Hello and I will hand you a Lucky-penny like This offer lasts as long as the first fifty Authors to meet me on Saturday. A

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Radio Mod?

I would like to mod a handheld radio (or even a analogue tv but radio would be better) to get to listen to higher frequencies than normally available. I'd Like to hit the 1420Mhz mark approximately but with little electrical engineering or architecture experience, I'm not certain how? Which might make a TV easier to get there as UHF covers that right? (still safer to play with a battery powered radio than a 240V powered one) I figured there is someone out there with the ability to figure out what components need changing? The variable resistor that tunes it perhaps? If you'd rather post an instructable I'll follow that or just tell me what needs replacing with what? Any Ideas?? Thanks

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Connecting Two Water Storage Tanks

There was a similar post to this one a couple of years back, the difference being that both my tanks are filled from separate branches of the same supply using a ball valve in each tank to stop them filling. I then have an outlet from both tanks connected together that then goes off to a pump. One tank is 5000 litres and the other is 3000 litres, currently the larger of the two is redundant and its outlet valve is off, but come the summer i will need to introduce the second tank. I am located in southern Spain and in the summer they turn off the water supply to save water hence the tanks. My question is as the tanks are of a different size, if i were to fit the smaller tanks outlet with a non return valve so that the larger tank can not fill the smaller one via the outlet pipe, would this work i.e. would the joint outlet pipe still feed the pump correctly or would it have more or less pressure. I appreciate that i could balance the two tanks, but i would much rather be able to use all the volume i can. Many thanks.

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Pdf Download ... make a butonniere Server error

I have tried to download the pdf numerous times today ... (how to make a butonierre) ... process starts .. asks for a location then craps out due to server error. Noticed the same thing last week with the Vietnamese preserved lemons ... thought in that case it was the presence of non latin characters.....

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questions about homeschooling

1. Where do I find curriculum? There are several options for finding a homeschool curriculum. One of the best ways to find out about what curricula are available is to ask other homeschooling families. Each will have their own favorite curriculum or combination of different curricula. Some families go to homeschool conventions where curriculum vendors present the best of their wares. Other families search the internet for all or parts of their instructional material. In states where a free, online public education is offered, the department of education might even provide books, materials, even use of a computer. Libraries are a great source of educational material, especially where literature and history are concerned.  For early elementary students there are many sources for basic math, spelling, and penmanship worksheets that can be printed from the internet.  Don’t forget to include educational games as part of the curriculum for everything from multiplication tables to spelling and keyboarding games. 2. What if I can’t teach a subject? Not every parent will feel comfortable teaching every subject.  While most parents will feel comfortable teaching the basics to younger students, when it comes to advanced composition, calculus, or chemistry many parents feel like they are not qualified to teach their students. Other courses such as foreign languages or music instruction often require more teaching than a parent might feel comfortable with.  The answer to this dilemma is to out-source.  Check with local homeschool support groups to see if a co-op offers group classes.  Check with the library to see if they offer courses.  Many times college students earn money through tutoring so check with your closest college or university to see if tutors are available.  Often checking with fellow homeschoolers will show a need and you might join with other families to fund a course.  There are always people who are willing to pass on their knowledge, some for free, some for a fee.  Ask around! More questions about homeschooling:;=5445763&do;=blog&id;=633767

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Arduino programming loop help?

I am making a tic tac toe game. I have two sets of 9 leds. one set for player one and another for player 2. I have 4 pushbuttons 2 for each player. when i push 1 of the buttons i want the first led to light up then when i press it again the second led would light up ant the first would stop then if i would press the second button then it would keep the second led on and then i could choose another led while the first led i chose is still on. this is my code so far but ineed help on my loop any help is appreciated also in my code pbcp1 means pushbutton cursor player 1 and pbsp1 means pushbutton select player1. if it ends in 2 instead of one then it is just for player 2. Thanks in advance. Code: int pbcp1 = 13; int pbsp1 = 12; int pbcp2 = 11; int pbsp2 = 10; int greenled1 = 22; int greenled2 = 24; int greenled3 = 26; int greenled4 = 28; int greenled5 = 30; int greenled6 = 32; int greenled7 = 34; int greenled8 = 36; int greenled9 = 38; int redled1 = 23; int redled2 = 25; int redled3 = 27; int redled4 = 29; int redled5 = 31; int redled6 = 33; int redled7 = 35; int redled8 = 37; int redled9 = 39; void setup() {                  pinMode(greenled1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenled2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenled3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenled4, OUTPUT);    pinMode(greenled5, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenled6, OUTPUT);    pinMode(greenled7, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenled8, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenled9, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled4, OUTPUT);    pinMode(redled5, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled6, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled7, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled8, OUTPUT);   pinMode(redled9, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pbcp1, INPUT);   pinMode(pbsp1, INPUT);   pinMode(pbsp2, INPUT);   pinMode(pbcp2, INPUT);  } void loop() { }

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Will a glued acrylic structure hold for a 3d printer ?

Hi,  I'm designing a delta style 3d printer from scratch while trying to use only laser cut acrylic sheets and aluminium extrusions. The entire design is based on the T Bolt construction idea. But there are a few parts that simply need to be glued together. I'm trying to avoid using such joints in load bearing areas but there are a few areas where this is becoming difficult such as the carriage. I'd like to know if i can safely glue the laser cut parts together with out the entire thing falling apart and if yes what kind of glue should I look for? Blckthng

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What's the best way to sand and spray paint particle board?

Hi All, Trying to make replacement bases for my floor-standing speakers.  The originals were made out of particle board and appear to have a black spray-paint finish.  They were destroyed in the post when the person sending me the speakers failed to package them properly.  I now have the particle board cut to the right shape and I have begun the process of sanding.  It is my intention to spray a primer on, sand, spray a top coat, and then spray some sort of finish.  so here are my questions: (1) I have sanded the board down with successively finer sandpaper and finished with 1500 grit wet and dry.  This is a very smooth finish until you wipe away the dust at which point it becomes rough-ish again.  Having done a bit of research I am now concerned that I have sanded the board down a bit to much, some forums suggest taking the board down only as far as 250 grit before spraying on the primer.  What should be my finishing grit before spraying on the primer?  My assumption was the finer the better but I'm not too sure now.  If the finish should be fine then how do I remove those stubborn fibers? (2) what type of spray primer works best with particle board?  There seems to be a multitude but most of the information related to car/auto body work.   (3) what grit of paper should I use on the primer? (4) what should I use as a top coat? Much thanks in advance Ross

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Help for some good project topics for engineering, 3rd year.

I need some really good project ideas which are simple yet covers pretty amount of concepts. I am a student of third year electronics engineering. I need 95% hardware and 5% can be software. please its urgent. 

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any electronics or robotics project

I'm getting bored these days so I want to try something new. I saw the winner with the intructable about the motorcycle signals sewn on her jacket, or something. I was inspired at how creative that idea was and since I'm not doing much nowadays, I want to make a project about electronics or robotics. The truth is, I have no experience in this topic, that's why I said something new. So, any of you who got any ideas about these topics and if you're really that generous, provide me an instructable on how to do it. I really want to prove myself that I can also do something in this field, not only in Biology. Well, that's all. I'll appreciate anything that you'll suggest. Thank you very much.

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How do I track internet usage? Help Protect A 12 Year Old

So I'm not completely ignorant when it comes to computers but i'm far from a "geek". Wondering if any of out there knows a way to track a computers internet usage outside of viewing the history and without purchasing software. Trying to help out a friend who's daughter is pontentially viewing websites and chats that are not appropriate for a 12 year old. The daughter is well aware of how to delete histories and cookies therefore its not as easier as viewing the history. Is there any way to automatically copy the history to a hidden folder that won't be deleted when her daughter deletes the history? Would really appreciate any help here.

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3 wheeler small radio control unit help please

I am adapting a 1:6 scale motorcycle and sidecar for one of my GI Joe/Action Man figures.     I would like to put a 3 wheel radio control unit in the sidecar base so that when attached to the motorcycle it drives the combination.     I expect someone has made or adapted a 3 wheeler for this type of use but I can't find one anywhere.     Any help will be very much appreciated.    I've attached a picture of the motorcycle to show some of the upgrades I have already made (the lights are LEDs with an on/off switch in the side panel and coin cell in the pannier).    Thanks for looking, Bern

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laptop graphics card, custom heatsink or other compatible heatsink? Answered

OK, I have a Dell XPS M1710 that has an overheating issue.  I have done the oven re-flow around six times and it works, but it will eventually keep dying.  I'm afraid that the card has finally come to its end but I'm willing to give it one last attempt.   I'm going to attempt to convert the laptop into somewhat of a desktop.  I'm going to get a large heatsink for the CPU and hopefully find one that will fit the graphics card.  I'm hoping that with better cooling the graphics card will stop going out on me.   I have found a heatsink that i believe will work for the CPU but I'm not exactly sure I can find one for the graphics card.  I'm not even sure if it's possible.  If it is, that would be awesome if anyone could find one.  If there isn't, however, does anyone know another option?  Maybe, 3D print an adapter and connect it to a heatsink and then throw a fan on it?  Any suggestions?  The problem I have is that the screw holes on the graphics card are in a rectangle rather than a square.  I'll try to provide pictures to show what I mean.  If you need anymore I can get those to you.

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Can't see comments, can't make comments

Some days I can't see the comments on the instructables.  Sometines that's the best part!! Today is one of those days. HELP!!

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My wind mill doesn't produce enough voltage can I use a series of capacitors to make it run a bulb or LED? HELP!!

I originally thought it would be simple to get this to work but I was sure wrong.  I bought a small hobby motor and had the guy at the hobbie store fit a propellar to it.  Thought it was just that simple.  I put a volt meter on it with it in front of a fan and found it only produced a 0.5V signal with the fan on high.  The smallest bulb I could find was a 1.5V incandesent bulb.  I finally got it to barely fire when I had this thing in the 20mph wind.  This is a science project for my daughter. So I'm asking does anybody have any Ideas on how I could make this work?

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Poor man's slow cooker?

Hello all, I tried to search an instructable down but I haven't so far.  Has anyone done something on doing a poor man's slow cooker?  I don't really want to buy a slow cooker cause they are mostly used for cooking meats, and the last thing me or probably anyone needs to do is eat more meat.  I just have a few recipes that call for a slow cooker and would like to try them out.  I'm thinking I could just cook in a regular pot and keep the temp or flame really low.  Is it really that easy?  Inquiring cat would like to know!

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more than two stepper motors using Adafruit Motor Shield, possible?

Hello, I have three stepper motors (Sparkfun ROB-10848) that I wanted to control. I have already had an Arduino Mega 2560 and an AdaFruit Motor Shield V2: How could I connect all these steppers so to control them using Arduino Mega? Thank you, Karim

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oxygen percentage in plants

How much percentage of oxygen a plant produce in one day ? my project is here

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Scroll Saw Art

Hi Everyone here, New here I have some pictures in my photos of works that I have done in the past and present of scrollsaw woodworks , I welcome feedback so feel free to comment,

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