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Soundproof Sleeping Closure

Hello fellow instructables :) Right I need some help and advice on a design brief to help fix my problem. Problem - I live in a ground floor flat and there is 1 flat above me, 2 scum bags occupy it, a couple of 22 year olds and they have obviously never been taught consideration for others and they bang and thrash around all through the early hours of the morning. When they bang on their bare wooden floor it sounds like a heavy metal dumbbell coming through my ceiling and it wakes me abruptly and its ruining my life :( I've complained to the council the past 18 months but there not interested. They have not put any carpet down in their flat in the last 18 months and it looks like they have no intention of doing so (they can afford fags n booze tho), plus they have a baby due any day now, great.. so now there making their problems, my problem. Solution - The only thing I can think of is making a soundproof sleeping closure, a large box like a 4 poster bed but all sides solid made out of a layer of MDF then insulation then more mdf, but I have some questions before I start. How would I get adequate air in and out ? Would this even stop the banging on my ceiling waking me up ? or would it still penetrate the box ? How would I control the temperature, would it be too hot in there ? Something like the image below but more solid with a door. If anyone has any experience with this or input or any good ideas I'd be ever so grateful. Cheers in advance. Matt

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Removing Broken Pin from an RCA Jack

I recieved a free, working TV the other day. The only problem with it was the pin from an RCA video cable had broken off inside the socket. I didn't want to spend money on an RF modulator for my DVD Player, so I figured out a pretty solid way of getting the pin out. 1.) Find a needle 2.) On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. 3.) heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. 4.) stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin 5.) wait a few seconds for it to cool 6.) pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

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LED red light therapy for eczema

Hey everyone, I’m new here. Just wanting to buy an LED light therapy device to use to treat my eczema. It’s only small patches on my hands (but can get very sore and itchy at times). Is there a device I can buy? Thank you everyone 😊

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Cool Free Papercraft Links

These are some good papercraft links.. at least by my standards...Canon 3D PapercraftVarious papercraftYamaha Motor PapercraftPapercraft motorcycles and such. There's also animals Professional Level.papercraft space vehiclesUm.. I don't really know anything about this one..I just found itPaper robotsI like this one. Transformers that really transform. And various other robots..3d Paper ModelsRecommended by jtobakoIceberg PapercraftsRecommended by jtobakoPaperToys.comRecommended by by SFHandyman. I believe you have to pay for some.(Some Free models can be found hereHalo 3d PapercraftGreat site recommended by Chicken2209. Requires Pepakura. (For more info on Peparuka, and how to use it, click hereNintendo PapercraftRecommended by xupower. The name says it all.Paperkraft.netRecommended by GorillazMikoPapercraft ParadiseBlog Format. Great stuff.If you know of any papercraft sites, plese list them below. Enjoy!

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What is the best way to make Aluminum powder?

I don't have a coffee grinder, or a blender that will make it fine enough, and my belt sander spins the wrong way to collect it. I have all of the aluminum. Can you help?

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Laser technology with AI for security.

Hello guys! I am little bit curious to know it is possible to create a security technology using Laser with AI.

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want to modernise attendance system in my college.

I want to make an instrument which can scan the bar code on student's id card, and put their attendance. Give me some guidance on this topic

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I recently poked a hole into my freezer while chipping away at the iceberg inside.?

No chemical smell was detected butI did hear a hissing sound and now it will not get cool or freeze. I do not believe I hit the freon source but rather some type of compressed air source. Can my unit be saved?

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Help please!! Billiard table light DYI

I am wanting to make my own billiard table light that looks like this. I would like it to be 5' long, but not sure of lengths and angles to make the cuts. I have a 4' shop light I will be putting in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand the wiring and hanging of it, just not the wood assembly. I believe looking at the side it is 60" total length for the bottom, 10" diagonal, and 50" length of the top. Thanks for help in advance.

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How can I generate cold plasma?

What can I use to generate cold plasma and play with it using magnets

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Fishing Lures

After seeing this, it has me wonder if anyone has anyone else experimented with making fishing lures? Particularly, has anyone tried making any unusual fishing lures? With any success? I recall, when being dragged on fishing trips as a kid, that outdoor stores would often have some crazy gimmick lures that never seemed like they would work, but claimed to be the greatest thing that ever happened to fishing since the beer hat. I think it would be a fun challenge to not only make an incredibly bizarre fishing lure, but to get it to work.

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What is this tool used for?

?? Some kind of pliers.... have 2 .... one open one closed

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Waterproofing Acrylic Paint

Hi there,I need advice. I'm currently customising my FIELD HOCKEY MASK (not ice hockey) and I'm using acrylic paint.I need to waterproof it as it rains a lot. What is the best/cheapest way to varnish the paint once finished?

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Knex is better than Legos!


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Soldering iron smoking? Answered

Hi Guys, I just bought a new soldering iron for the first time. When i plugged it into the wall outlet it started smoking (not alot) well that scared the living crap out of me, so I turned it off. So can any of you guys tell me that should I just dump the iron or is it normal. Please guys help (and there was a bit of smoke near the handle too). Oh and another interesting thing is that after 10 seconds of plugging it in it started melting solder ( its a 35 or 30 watt iron ) Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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Copper chloride without H2O2-adding?

Hi! I think i will see some PCB-Etchin in the future... So i will need an etchant. Aequous copper chloride was the choice i made since it is a regenerative etchant according to several sources. Now if i understood the chemistry right (Sorry... electrotechnician here), the reaction in theory only needs the oxygen from the peroxide (H2O2) and the hydrogen isnt used at all? Since i only have relatively weak peroxide, i plan on using a bubbler to introduce the oxygen to the copper-HCI-mix. This because i dont want to dilute the acid too much... Will that work? I know that if i use normal air (which has only around 20% oxygen in it) it will take some time... But would it work in the first place? I read somewhere that copper and muriatic acid dont really react in the first place... So if i also understood that right, it needs the oxygen present in the beginning to START reacting... So i think i may go with a contraption like: Plastic container with a bubbler installed (Pumps normal air) Add Muriatic acid to the container Add copper to the acid let it bubble till the copper is disolved Now i have a copper chloride-solution which i can regenerate by adding oxygen (By bubbler or H2O2)?  

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hydrogen peroxide plus aluminium equals ... what? Answered

I know that hydrogen peroxide and alcohol equals well"whoomph", but what happens if I mix hydrogen peroxide and aluminium?

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Multimeter DIY Repair?

I have a Radio Shack digital multimeter, Model 22-174. Since the 10 Amp measurement circuit is not fused I blew this circuit and that part of the meter does not work now. I like this meter and would like to know if I can DIY repair it and what I need to do. I have looked around the Internet and have not found any information including the Radio Shack site. Was looking for the wiring diagram only found a parts list. I hope that I can fix it. If I can fix it I will fuse the test leads (black lead) or work out an internal fuse for this circuit so I don't repeat my mistake. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

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CO2 land mine.

I have a great idea for a paint mine. If anybody has suggestions please tell me. Its my first. The reason I need help with this is because I have people Sneaking up in my tree fort at night and either want to shoot them with a BB (preferred) or soak them in paint. I like both. But I just want some suggestions on this. I am including the mine sketchup file in this post along with a pic. Thanks, Mike

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Given an old camcorder without charger, how do I charge? Answered

Ok, so I was given an old Sharp Slimcam without a charger. Any ideas on how to charge it without finding an old one on ebay that may not work, for a somewhat crazy price? Would something like a 6V Battery Tender work?

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What is the solution recipe for reverse electroplating gold??? Answered

I have ALOT of pins and boards so I need the ratio of chemicals for the bath of electrolytes

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50cc 2 Stroke Tuning? Answered

I have an old moped that I got for cheap and I am trying to fix it up. I replaced the carburetor and the new one is a little bigger even though it is off of another 50cc. It insisted on running extremely lean, but I was able to get the fuel/air mix balanced by putting some foil tape over part of the intake to get more vacuum behind it. It will only run right if the exhaust is on so that it is not lined up perfectly with the exhaust port on the cylinder. If the exhaust is taken off it will start first kick, but if it is lined up the way it should be it will not start. I took it off today and when I put it back on as close to the way it was before it would start but is now running very lean, beyond what I can tune out with the carburetor. If I give it full throttle it bogs and has no power, but it has fair power at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle. It also is getting really hot and has absolutely no power once it gets very hot. Yesterday I hat it all just right and it ran with none of these problems except that full throttle was still not where it got full power. Does any one have any ideas about what I have to do to make it run right? Maybe there is no option but careful misalignment of the muffler? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It turns out that the problems were that the muffler was clogged, and that it was running too lean at first, but too rich once it warmed up. Thank you for you suggestions.

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Anyone have pandora 2d 2400 arcade and?

Need micro sd image for the 2400 2d and 9s+ .they sent me 3d not the 2d. And my 9s+ is corrupted . Help please email

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Missing a charger for a Rockwell Shopseries cordless drill - charger RS2800K

Can any body help? I inherited the Rockwell with 2 batteries but no charger. Does anyone know where I can find one or make one. It is  18V with 3 pins:  a + and a - on one side and a - pin on the other. Have contacted Rockwell and searched the net but unable to locate.

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which is the positave terminal on a dewalt 18 volt battery?

Dewalt battery terminals are not marked, I need to know which is which

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How to remove the metal in a CD or a DVD in a simple and ecofriendly way? I want to use the clear plastic.

I would like to upcycle the clear plastic  (polycarbonate) in CDs and DVDs to Make all sort of things like smartphone supports, boxes, structres, and so on. I have already bent, cut, polish the plastic by I haven't found a satisfactory way to remove the metalic layer. Thaks to you all. 

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Best way to make a K'Nex sight?

I don't have bendy rods, but I want you guys to tell me what your favorites are and ones you've made. I don't mean green rods, or black Y connectors, I mean like things that required some thinking to make. No, I don't want a scope. A simple but effective, possibly even adjustable sight.

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is it legal to sell potassium chlorate and perchlorate in Australia?

Hello i am starting up an online store, and two of the products which i wish to sell , are potassium chlorate and perchlorate, however, i do not know, nor know where to find out, what the restrictions are on selling perchlorate, and what licensing ill need  to ship potassium perchlorate, by courier. i have already checked, and i am allowed to ship them, however im not sure about the restrictions on selling them and if i need permits for them, since they can be used for rather naughty things! also, what restrictions apply to iodine crystals, as i plan on selling it too, or must i just report every sale to the proper authorities?

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Is it possible to use an SCR to make a small solid state tesla coil? Answered

From what I understand, an SCR is like a diode that can either be turned on to act like an everyday diode, and it will only turn back off when the power is cut. With this understanding, will this circuit work? if not, can you explain? even if it doesn't work as a tesla coil, will it work as a fence charger (with a trigger transformer or ignition coil?)

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Pandora' key 5s

Hello, I have a pandora's key 5s and I would like to have the clone of> the SD card or other that does not work anymore, where I can download it,> please?

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Input on 3D-Printer controller-Config with MKS Rumba32, TFT35, TMC2130 SPI-bi

Hi togetherI want to mod an existing printer (TevoTarantula, non-Pro with a 8bit-Arduino Mega) to a new "brain". My plans on using: Board: Rumba32 (Makerbase MKS Rumba32, Drivers: TMC2130 in SPI-Mode ( Display Option 1: TFT35-E3 V3.0 ( Display Option 2: LCD 12864 ( I know, that i maybe have to mod the board to make the bidirectional SPI work. from Aus3D seemed to have a problem. Unsure if Makerbase has the same problem. Will see.Anyway: I am unsure if i can get the TFT35 V3 to work with the rumba32. All sources i can find have examples with the Rumba+ which is 8bit (Atmega2560).So...What would be your suggested approach to make it all (MKS Rumba32, TMC2130 SPI bidirectional, TFT35 V3) work?

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Number of Instructables Allowed In a Contest?

Hello, Instructables Community! I have often wondered, how many Instructables can I enter in one single contest? Originally when I was puzzled, I googled for an answer and found a few topics from a few years ago that said you were allowed to enter TWO Instructables in ONE contest. So, if it was a contest for, say, "Best Use Of a Soda Can" (I made that up), I would be allowed to enter only two Instructables. However, from looking at contest entries, this is apparently not the case. I have seen members post three entries in a single contest. So, is there a limit? If there was a 'Fishing' contest and I had tons of great tips and diy's, could I enter as many as I darn well pleased? Or would I get told "Nope! No more entries for you!" after having entered five Instructables? Part Two: Question Two: Is there a limit to how many contests I can enter at one time? Can I enter DIFFERENT Instructables in as many contests as I want (I understand that you can't enter the same Instructable in different contests). Thanks for the help!

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Drill with wheel head instead of (dremel) rotary tool?

(new member) quick question: Instead of buying a dremel rotary tool, couldn't I just buy a drill head that mimics the wheel-cutter attachment.... that you would normally use on a dremel?

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Directions to Make an Airsoft Halo M6G Magnum?

I was playing Halo, and was wondering if i could modify the appearance of an airsoft pistol to match that of the M6G Halo 3 pistol.  Are there any instructions, that are easy for a newbie on this stuff to follow, on how to modify a gas blow-back airsoft pistol's appearance?  Thanks, bye. NOTE: It needs to still work

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How to create wings for human flight?

All of us have seen humans fly in those triangle shaped gliders. How about creating wings that will do the job? Understood that it requires more than wind to propel it so flapping power could be harnessed.  I need designs and the physics(i.e How much area of wing is required to lift what mass of body and etc.) Please suggest solutions ASAP! My e-mail id is Thank You :D

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How To Unscrew Three-Pronged Screws Without a Three-Pronged Screwdriver?

I have a Gamecube controller I want to take apart, but it has triangle screws. They're like Phillips (four-pronged) but only have 3 prongs instead. I don't have a screwdriver for this, so I need a way to unscrew them.EXAMPLEUPDATE: Not trying to be impolite, but I am NOT looking for a place to buy this kind of screwdriver. I am looking for a way to unscrew them WITHOUT the specific screw driver.

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ATMega328-pu not responding on stand-alone PCB? Answered

My ATMega328 based circuit is similar to the stand-alone Arduino design shown here. However even when I run a simple blink program the LED at pin 13 does not blink and I get no response from the microcontroller. I have tried the same circuit on a breadboard and it worked well. However when I transferred this on to the PCB there is no output. I've checked the continuity and all the coppertraces seem to be fine. I program the chip using my Arduino Uno board and place it in the circuit. This works on the breadboard but not on the PCB. I have attached the pictures of the PCB and a schematic diagram for reference. I'm completely stumped as to what the problem might be and would greatly appreciate any help.

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Need help removing weight off a motor

Hey guys i'm currently trying to make a very simple robot (2 motors, a battery and a switch) and everything is fine exept for the fact that the motors i'm using are from a PS2 controller, so they are vibrating motors. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the weights (half metal circles) that make tthem vibrate when rotating and that's going to be a problem, since i want my motor to have wheels, not vibrators hah... So if any of you have advice on how to do it i'd be glad to hear it. PS: i joined an image of the motors so you can see the half circles i'm talking about.

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How to make an iris diaphragm?

Hey there!I've been scouring the internet, and I still can't fin anything to help me, so I'm hoping someone here will have the knowledge to give me some assistance.I would like to build an iris diaphragm. Yes, those things inside cameras. But bigger.But I can figure out the size thing on my own.What I'm hoping is that someone will understand the mechanics of it.I've included a basic picture of one. Google image search might reveal other examples.Basically, I'll need to be able to slide the leaves with some sort of handle so that they form a larger hole and then can close up again. Here is a link to the entirety of the useful information I could find.I would be incredibly grateful! As would, I'm sure, several other people on the internet that are apparently also trying to figure out how to do this.Hopefully thanks in advance!

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How to fix frozen logitech mouse? Answered

About once a week the cursor/mouse on my computer at work freezes.  The only way to get things working again is to shut off the power to the harddrive and reboot everything.  This is REALLY aggravating.  Is there a less drastic way to fix this?  I am using a Logitech wireless mouse and running Windows XP.

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Custom LED Lights

I have a simple circle led light. I has multiple lights that add up to make a certain color. It comes with a simple controller where you can chose a color, which will then be transmitted to the light. I want to see if I can use one of the buttons, so that when I press it, it shines red, white, red, white repeatedly. Instead of me to have to press it manually repeatedly.

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Where to get piezo igniters?

I have several lighters that I still like, either for their design or intended purpose. But over the years some failed to produce proper sparks with the piezo. For some I could salvage replacements from cheap lighters but not so much for the longer ones - the type to get your bbq or oven going. Here the wire from the igniter is in ne long piece going all the way from the piezo, through the long neck to the flame outlet. As the wires in those piezo igniters are aluminium it is next to impossible to attach a longer wire as usually there is no room for crimped connections and the isolation is a problem too. I also have one particular lighter that uses a slightly longer and thicker piezo igniter, the common ones don't work here as they are too short. Adding more support underneath is a no go as the shorter ones have less travel when activated. Last but not least is one lighter that requires a piezo with not just the little metal cap at the end but with a full metal body for the stationary part. The lighter in question does not work with standard types even if I add a little metal strip to make proper contact. Problem is simply put that like this the standard ones arch over and no spark comes out of the wire. So big question: Is there any supplier or Ebay shop where one could actuall see the various types of piezo igniters and order them in small or single quantities? So far I already struggled to find a source for the crappy standard ones and the only one I found wanted to charge $ 2.95 US per igniter plus postage. Sounded a bit greedy to me considering I can buy a complete lighter with it for around one single buck...

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Have solar street light, want to use it at Home for LED lights - Help

Hello guys!I am a bit curious if I can do this. So here is the scenario;We have been powering the cow shed - store room from a regular electricity source (220v 50hz AC, India). Recently somebody told us that this is actually illegal as the shed - store room is treated as separate house in itself.The good part is, we have a solar street light (subsidized by govt of India - costed around 5000 INR/ 70 USD). This is before LED's gone viral. So we have a 2g11 CFL (18 watts) bulb. It has worked quite well so far.Its August, it rains heavily in this part of India. So i have been monitoring the time for which the light stays on. In an overcast day (with no rain), the CFL will power up for 7-8 hours and in sunny day its for 12 hours as there is auto cut-off for the street light once its morning.The battery: 12v 75 Ah solar tubular (Its a C10 battery, nothing was mentioned on the label, had to confirm with customer care). I checked voltage using multi-meter; it was 12.33 volts (I think thats 70% charge??) The solar panel: Max rated power (Pmax): 75 watts; Rated operating voltage (Vmax = 17v); RO Current (Imax = 4.42A); Open circuit voltage (21.5v); Short circuit current (4.65A).I plan to add following load;1) Part A: 2 x 7 watts LED AC bulb (B22 connector, standard Indian) - This will remain on the auto-on-off circuit (as the CFL is now) to replace the street light.2) Part B: 3 x 5 watts LED AC bulb (in the shed) + Emergency 3 pin socket for charging mobile phones (Reason: once it happened that my village had a power issue which took a week to resolve! So no charging phones, which means the other people in city were worried as they couldn't talk to their loved ones back home). LED's for couple of hours. and Emergency socket will run rarely. Here I would need an Inverter circuit to convert 12v DC to 220v AC.Queries;1) Is this doable? My battery will be running out of warranty in another month, is it worth the adventure? ( a new battery costs 75 USD in open market :p)2) Is it technically feasible to have this load for the shed? Is the solar panel enough to charge the battery to support this load? I think it can pull it off. But still need an expert opinion. 3) Any recommendations for the Inverter circuit? I will search its equivalent on Amazon India. I also have a car inverter (200 watts) which i used on long drives to charge laptops and DSLR camera - hence this idea of adding an additional inverter circuit. Wont be sacrificing this car inverter, hence a new circuit. Is this feasible?4) Is there any way to power Part B from solar panels in day and battery at night?5)Any other thoughts/ inputs for this project? Thanks and Regards,Vikas M.

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help me out to get 12V output for battery charging from this UPS transformer (600VA)(240Vac)?

The following images . I'm not able to get 12V output, but is supposed to provide 12V+ to charge the battery(12V). how to find the input to ac 240v  and output of 12volt to charge a battery  plz help me i will tell u primary section 3  wire and colour  one is  (red) ,middle one brown and last one blue and secondary section there is is 6 wires first is yellow wire ,blue wire , third is green wire  4th is brown wire , 5th is red wire and last is black wire plz help me find input 230v wires in primary and find 12volt for battery charging  wires

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4 hours on 20 hours off timer Answered

I have a simple Arduino Nano powered 5x5 led matrix that requires 5v at 0.05amps and I will power from a 10400mAh battery pack.On many cheap Chinese led products they have the facility to stay on for 4 hours (from the time of switching the device on) and then turn off for 20 hours and then repeat. This essentially means the device turns on at the same time daily and remains on for 4 hours.How could I implement such a repeatable timer?Any help is much apreciated.

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ATTiny85 programming error

Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with programming an ATTiny85 using an Arduino Uno.  I've previously been able to program them quite easily using the method shown here;   I've tried using both a homemade programming shield and wiring a breadboard, but I get the same error each time; avrdude: Yikes!  Invalid device signature.          Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override          this check. I don't know what this means or how to fix it.  I know my wiring is good, the breadboard is at least quadruple checked and I have used the shield many many times before.  Any suggestions or ideas? ~Dudes

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Can anyone identify this jigsaw? Answered

I have an old jigsaw, but I can't find its specs. I lost the box, and Googling it failed too. Does anyone here know anything about this?

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Remote connection to an underwater solenoid and air canister

Hi and thanks for welcoming me to instructables. I need to develop an idea by remotely connecting to a solenoid to allow the inflation of an air bag that will be sitting on the ocean or river or lake floor. No greater depth than 20m. The size of the air bag will be the volume of a basketball to be able to lift no more than 2-3 KG. I would like to know how I can communicate remotely to a control unit on a basket and air bag.Thank you Terry Gillam

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Need help in identifying connections for CNC board?

I need help please anyone. I have bought another CNC shield recently, goes by the CNC Shield ver 2.7 name. The board has printed on one corner. There are 8 optical isolators on the board for the limit switches and a socket for a Nano. Also there is a heavy duty hexfet near the laser connections. I am not able to find out much about this board, even though I have asked the seller and even a few other sellers that are on ebay. I went to the website as shown on the board, but it is all in Chinese and after trying to use Google translate was still not able to find out any further information. The board looks well made and seems to have a lot of good features, but lacks the needed info to be able to put it to good use. I am not sure if the board has a laser TTL built in or not, it is possible due to the hexfet being there,  There are two heavy duty connections (two pin each marked + - ) and a small connection with a xh2 socket that could be for a laser or maybe a fan.  Can't get any further info on it. If anyone can help with info, please let me know so I can start to use the board with my machine build. I have managed to program a Nano with GRBL 1.1f and it works OK when testing the board on a dry run, no motors connected or laser.

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how easy is it to make a hho cell for your car or truck?

i know that using a electrified cell you can separate the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen to produce a more concentrated mixture for combustion, is this simple enough or safe enought for a hack to do???

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