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Why isn't Italy amongst the Countries from which you can enter a contest? Answered

I would like to enter food contests but I live in Italy and I see it's not amongst the countries elegible for entering contests. Why?

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My first tennis ball mortar scars!

This is hilarious , i finally built my tennis ball mortar, i "accidentally" put way to much hair spray in lol. It launched well, but blew the back off so im going to have to build a new base lol. I have some pictures to show it lol. the sound was so loud that i can not hear a thing out of my right ear except a loud ringing. is that a good thing?lol heres the pics.

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LM3914 Battery Level Monitor

I am trying to make a Battery Level Indicator using the LM3914 IC. The problem I am facing is... where you see those 3 LED's my voltage increases on the pot, where as when the LED's are all the way on it decrease across the pot. I am using a 9V Battery where I want the red led to show depletion  of battery life around 5 or so volts  how can I achieve this. Can someone please help me with this?

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Knex gun ideas

Knex Gun Ideas Hello fellow Knexers, I have some ideas and concepts that I have been thinking about and I would like to share them with you all.  Please give me credit if you use any of these ideas of mine.  Also please send me pictures if you are able to create any of these ideas so that we can all help to advance the Knex community.  I know that some of you may have thought of  ideas kind of  like this, so please don't get all bent out of shape that I stole one of your ideas. And please give me your feedback and and ideas in the comments below. 1 Horizontal Knex Oodammo mag     This is an idea that I came up with the other day ago, it could either be on the top or the bottom of     the gun.  First there would be a rail that holds the ammo on top and pushes it down a ramp and then     it falls in front of the FP  and is shot out.  This may have an advantage because then you don't have a                     large mag sticking out of the bottom of your gun. 2  Oodammo bull-pup    I do not see a big advantage to this but maybe some one would like to try this,  Has any one tried             this before? 3 Rotating hammer action   There would be 4 hammers attached to a cog and the hammers would spin around in a circular          motion and hit a new piece of ammo each time they spin around.  I don't think that you could get that      much power with this, but maybe it could be attached to a motor or it could be wound up and released     by the trigger.     4 Knex magazine idea      I was watching some YouTube videos about Nerf guns and there was this one that I saw, is there a      way to make something like this out of Knex?  To load the gun you slide back the pullback and load          ammo though the top into the magazine, this is not a top loading mag but you feed the ammo into the      mag from the top and it is pushed up when you slide the pullback back over the top of the gun.    Here is a link to a video about the gun so you get the idea of how it works    http://    I will be posting more new ideas here soon so come back often to see updates and more, and please subscribe and share your ideas    below so that we can advance the Knex community to the Next level of innovation, design, comfort and power!    If you have a question or don't understand one of these ideas,  please just ask me below.    Thanks for your ideas and feedback!!    SONIC BROOM

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i want to start a small business?

I want to start a small business.. but i am totally out of ideas.. so i need help.. plz give some suggestions.. business should require little investment.. i stay at small town.. so suggest accordingly

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Charging a battery with a PC psu

I am making a boom box with a car stereo, PC power supply and a 12v battery. Is there any Circuit I can make or use to safely charge the battery. My main concern is back feed and killing the psu.

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ZVS Driver purchased from Ebay

ZVS Driver should not be heated on the copper part until you put something from metal inside the copper ring, but this ZVS Driver heated the copper part without to put anything inside the copper ring! I want to ask is this correct to heated the copper part without to put anything inside the copper ring? Fans do not stop, working all the time! It something wrong with this ZVS Driver?

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Where can I get large( diamter larger than 3 feet) plastic pipe and how much would it cost?

I need some larger plastic pipe that I can use for a tunnel. I am looking for something that is larger than 3 feet wide becuase I want to use it for a tunnel. Preferably it is not to expensive.

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Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place while working on my PC? Answered

Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place for a few seconds while working on my PC? Is it a memory problem, if so how to rectify it?

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how to make charcoal out of garbage, from the city?

I have been trying to come up with a way on how to make cooking charcoal out of dirt or garbage from the city. i burn this garbage then after use a mill to crash it into powder then mix with some little stourch from cassava flour  then put the mixture into small moulders which are disturbing because i use a very local method then drying becomes my worst enemy because if there is no sun i cannot produce , please give me an easy way on how to transform my business to come out with good production capacity.

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Aus laptop battery charger

I removed the screws for the back and pried apart the cover. The battery charging is charging again. I was able to use a special screwdriver I used on a different laptop to remove battery..

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Is there a site updates log?

The title basically states my question. Can the site updates be shown publicly? I've noticed small changes here in there, like that temporary one where we couldn't see the number of favorites (much like Instagram). Is there a place where we can read all of the updates from the start of instructables up to today? I was just curious, and it would be cool to see the site's development from the start. Thanks :D

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XY plotter for artistic project

Hi everyone,I am a french artist, and I am starting a new project that involves some robotics and programming, parts for which I need some help.I am planning on buying this machine : to use it as a pen plotter, trying to get the pen to behave as one of the particles visible on this site: want the pen movements to be generated directly by the code of that simulation (which was shared with me by the creator).My first question would be, does this seem feasible? There seems to be some issues working with this particular machine on a Mac, so I wanna be sure that I buy the right tool for the project before even jumping into the programming phase.Thanks!

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Connect two computers through USB to use ports on other computer?

Can I connect my main computer, (Dell E310) to my work computer, (Dell GX1) to use the ports on teh GX1? My e310 doesnt have a serial or parallel port, and the GX1 has both. The GX1 is very slow, but has usb. My current setup prohibits me from simply transering my monitor and peripherals to the GX1. I have qemu, and VMware, if those are of any help... Help?... Tyeo

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How to be able to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices?

I am trying to develop a system to monitor signals sent from a number of Bluetooth devices (maybe up to 100 devices). Each device sends information such as temperature, humidity and moisture. My question is how to be able to receive data from all 100 Bluetooth devices and store the data.

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Issues with maxim7219 drivers?

I am trying to connect 12 maxim7219s in a daisy chain and am having major issues. Right now I have 7 in the chain and random maxims just randomly don't work (right now, the last two and second one doesn't even turn on). Does anyone have experience with these chips? Can anyone share their experience with them or recommend something better?

Topic by jadenfrancis  

Tree moat digging machine need help

I am needing to dig tree moats around 150 trees in an orchard. We use flood irrigation to water them. Each tree has a sprinkler head. I am needing to build a moat around each tree to keep the water near the roots. As of right now we are forced to use a hand hoe to make them. On some spots i have to use a shovel to break the soil up before I can use the hoe to make the moat. Does anyone have any ideas on a machine or better process to make them? What came to mind was a trench machine or some kind of disc harrow. The problem with the trencher i see is they are made to go forward and not side to side. The moat are not that deep maybe 5-7 in deep. A photo of one i dug by hand as an example.

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On/Off/On Toggle switch to 2 separate power sources to power one device?

I have a device the i want to have an on-off-on switch power the device switching from 12AC adaptr to off to powered by 12DC battery. the switch that I have has a 6 terminals

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Kind of Paper used for Paper Mache

Not a silly question. What kind of paper do you use in items made out of Paper Mache? the instructions I have call for strips torn from old newspapers but when my local newspaper went out of business that kind of killed the supplier for this kind of craft. papers are different so the results wont be the same as with newspaper. Thought making paper mache models would be a great and kind of cheap way to try out some ideas.

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i have gnats all over my house no food or garbage anywhere where are they coming from an how do i get rid of them?

I took all the house plants out there is nothing for them to live on   why????

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Problems with Excel formula? (semi-related to previous questions)

Hi all, i've got a problem with a formula in my excel spreadsheet that i'm using to get the scores for NFL teams 1978 - Current i have the data ok but the problem is with matching the the specific games. i've CONCATENATED the data to provide unique data points also it's in two columns (Home & Visitor) in the format of YearTeamW/L/DScore     eg. 2012TitansW35 in the VERY unlikely event (and i've check a random selection) that the team has 2 wins at home with the same score this could cause an error. here is the formula i'm using: (version ~8000zzzzz lol) (all one formula, just added a line break to make it fit) =(IF(MATCH($A$3&$B$2&"w*",Home_Team,0)=MATCH($A$3&$C$2&"l*",Visitor,0),INDEX(Visitor,MATCH($A$3&$C$2&"l*",Visitor,0)) ,IF(MATCH($A$3&$B$2&"d*",Home_Team,0)=MATCH($A$3&$C$2&"d*",Visitor,0),INDEX(Visitor,MATCH($A$3&$C$2&"d*",Visitor,0))))) Here's a link to the folder with the spreadsheet. (NFL Stuf (test).xlsx) Sheet: Past Season Summary - what is says. eventually where the formula is going. Sheet: nfl2011lines - 92   - the data (actually 1978 - 2012 but i named it before i added all the data) Sheet: TESTING - my "sandbox" so i don't [Censored] the main sheets Semi-Related Question1 Semi-Related Question2

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Identify a Signet Ring? Answered

My grandmother gave me a signet ring a week ago, and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the coat of arms on the front of the ring. I don't know what metal it is made from, and there is no visible hallmark that I can see...

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GIBBERELLIC ACID MIX? When using gibberellic acid for miracle fruit tree,what is the concentration mix ? Answered

I recieved my gibberellic acid kit from united nuclear and the bottle say's 1 part acid and 1 part water to make 50% stock solution.the mixture sheet say's how to mix for 250 ppm and 500 ppm, which is the right mix? the spray bottle is marked for the 2 different concentrations of 250 ppm and 500 ppm.Which is the right mixture of these 2 or is the 1part acid and 1 part water the right mix? i am not good with numbers or measurements, so please be spcific! thankt you !!!! As requested here are the instructions for the mix.The mix is to be used on seeds from the miracle fruit tree!

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Instructable editor - HTML tags filtering

Hi,I try to write an instructable to the math contest, but it is real hard to put inline formulas into the text. Even the simplest things are filtered out.I would like to make it with style and not use pictures for a simple power equation (you know the y=x^2 thing), but without the "^" symbol, just the number with superscript style. In HTML there is the tag to this or you can achieve with inline CSS as well (2), but while the editor show these correctly, these tags are filtered out at the saved instructable.What you think, what is the best solution to this problem? Do I have to use pictures? Or do I have to stay at the "^" symbol?It would be really nice when we have math contest, that this board could understand math styling as well (am I asking much with MATHML language?).

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Need a Modification To Tally Counter For Assistance During Surgery

I am a surgeon and looking to make a device to assist me with my surgeries. I am looking for a device that can do the following:Have a lead that attaches to a needle and anytime the needle touches the patient, it counts.I have seen a Robic M367 Tally Counter modified to perform a similar function but I cannot figure out how. I am thinking it needs some kind of lead attached to the patient with lets say 5V DC current and then when the other lead touches the patient it creates a circuit and sends a signal to the tally counter.If someone can reach out to me regarding this it would be great

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Giant Lazy Susan for acrobatics.

I do something called Partner Acrobatics. If you want to see what it looks like here is a video.This is me and my girlfriend. I got my Mavic Air to rotate around us which was pretty cool but for my next project I want to put her and I on a motorized lazy Susan. Then I could have a stationary camera and Debbie and I spin. I have looked for some sort of large lazy Susan which I could just buy and use right out of the box but so far have not been able to find anything. I will have to make something and I don't have a lot of fabrication experience. I was hoping people in the instructable community could put me in the right direction. I have tools: table saw, skill saw, routers, hand tools, etc. I need a finished product which can hold at least 400 lbs. I want the lazy susan to be turned by an electric motor. The speed needs to be variable because some moves and slow and others fast. I want to get an effect where the base spins and the flyer is still.

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Problem with arduino PS2X livrary receiver

Hi! I' ve been using a ps2 wireless controller with arduino with the PS2X library for 3 days and it worked fine. After that i've tried to move the wiring to an arduino nano instead of the uno and it didn't work. Then I went back to the uno and realised that the receiver doesn't work anymore with the code. Cand someone help me? It says in the serial monitor" controller not found" . The receiver works fine on PC.

Question by SorinM12  

Using a solar panel as a dusk til dawn sensor?

Someone on my youtube channel commented that you could use a solar panel as a dusk till dawn sensor. Let me explain the scenario. I used a solar panel to keep a battery topped up, which was wired with a digital timer switch to operate an automatic car antenna. At a certain time of the day, it would extend, and then at night, it would retract, according to the timer I programmed. So enter this person's comment:Can I just say, you don't even need the timer. Use the load outputs from the charge controller and the door will open as soon as sun hits the solar panel and close again at sunset.. The charge controller has the timer function already built in.Now he is obviously referencing a charge controller, which is NOT part of my set up. The solar panel I use has built in overcharge protection, so no need for a charge controller. Can someone tell me what he's referring to, or how to wire it? Would I need a different solar panel? Because the one I use doesn't play well with a charge controller. If I attach the solar panel to it, it doesn't charge the battery.Thank you to anybody that can help.

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Can I use a AC switch in my DC project? Answered

I'm trying to install LED lights in and around my car. Can I use a AC switch in a DC circuit/system? The AC switch is rated as 10A 125V AC / 8A 125V / 4A 250V AC / 1/3 HP 125V AC. I plan on putting the switch between the 12v DC car battery and the 12v DC to 5v 5a DC regulator (which then powers the microcontroller and LEDs). Is this doable and safe?

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What to do with an old A/C unit?

I have recently purchased a new window-mount air conditioner, and now I am looking at the crappy old one saying "I can't just throw this away after having read the Dumpster Dipping instructable!" Any ideas on how to reuse/recycle this horribly used (purchased ca. 1988) A/C unit that hardly puts out cold air anymore?

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PIR motion sensor LED control with Arduino.

Hello, I have one PIR motion sensor, Arduino nano, 12v LED strip, 12v Power supply, 5v - 4 channel relay. I want to make a circuit which is when motion i will be detected My desk led strip will turn on. And It will turned on until I left my desk. So Led should be turned on constantly when i am present in my desk. I hope you guys understand.

Topic by tanjin.affiliate  

Self Made / DIY electric Vehicle

Hey, I want to build my own electrical car / velomobil to drive to work.Here is the "Go Fund Me " Link:;_medium=copy_link&utm;_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1Thank you very much for your Help

Topic by gorillagamingemail  

Freezer panel home build

Some time ago I was approached by an old friend who got very lucky money wise.He wanted to build a really energy efficient house for himself - in terms of being well insulated.Should be easy to build as well he said...So with a few beer we got together one day and tried to figure out what options are available that the usual building companies won't or can't offer.Quite soo we realised that freezer panels seem to be the ideal solution.Sturdy, ralatively high load rating and additional supports, mounts and all are readily available.Funny enough there are even the right thicknesses available to be a perfect match for EU style tripple glazed windows and well insulated outside doors.And as always the initial euphoria meant we totally went over board here.Getting dimensions for selected doors and windows, calculating how many freezer panels are required to make the outside walls and roof...Even starting on 3D models to design the whole thing.Needless to say the dreams ended with an equiry at the council for a building permit for the dream home.Turns out that despite proper ratings on overthing a house can not be built with freezer panels for walls.Only bricks, wooden/steel frames and approved building materials...Either way we kept going as a theoretical game for the hope in a few years regulations around here might change.And you might be lucky to have your property somewhere with no such stupid regulations.One of the biggest problems we realised such a well insulated home would have is moisture and fresh air.Possible solution here is to use a heat exchange system for basically everything inside and outside the house.Options for this already exist for purchase and installation so nothing would need to be designed or developed from scratch.These system combine airconditioner, heating, hot water and air exchange in a quite compact unit size.The required ducting is a different problem though that should be included in the early design stages already.Solar panels double up as additional heat shields so to say and with enough roof space left it could be turned into a green and living roof to help with the carbon footprint and inside temperatures during the summer.So far for the easy part...All this would be impossible without home automation and integration.Sensors monitor conditions, a computer system decides on the right operating parameters and allows for user adjustments.Home automation isn't a new thing either, so called smart-homes are already in the portfolio of most good builder out there - at a price though.Using this technology to our advantage means the smart part now doubles up for the required input and sensor data.For a smaller home you would ideall opt for a rotating home that follows the sun...For a really big home you would aim for enough solar and wind power to make it self sustaining...Battery technology is on our side here and using Li-Ion tech is almost affordable as old style lead-acid batteries for this purpose.So why are there only so few people going this route?Would be very easy to create freezer panel styles that look like wood or bricks to be conform with local appearence...The real problem seems to be that it violates what we are used to.For starters it would be hard to explain why you should live in a big fridge with windows.The next problem is that such homes would be very easy and quick to build.You select your style and design features, pay for it and production starts.In time for the finnished foundations, plumbing and such the parts arrive and come together in a day or two.Connections are finalised and can move in within a week of commencing to build the actual house.Thausands of tradies would be jobless if this would be the general way to build new homes.Same for all those companies that currently supply the standard building materials, frames, roof tiles and such...Just imagine a tornado just turned your home into dust.Wouldn't it be great to be able to move into a new one within a few weeks instead of months?Even better if the new one would still be mostly unharmed after the next tornado....Living in a possible flood zone?Nothing easier than to add some barriers for doors if the house is fully sealed otherwise...Stay dry while the water is right under your window, just don't open the door...In other parts of the world so called kit-homes are already widely available but mostly only in mild climates.The benefit of using freezer style panel for homes in desert or cold climates seems to obvious though.Same for possible disaster zones like tornado alley.Is it time to re-think how we define a home?

Topic by Downunder35m  

Did you notice how the internet and mobile phones totally changed our culture?

Go back just 20 years and on a busy shopping street you saw the poeple walking around as they do today - or did they?I remember poeple talking to each other, standing in front of the shop windows and checking the offers.People greeting each other or stopping for a chat.Now all you see it zombies staring at their phone screen or texting.Even the dreaded "self talker" with a BT earpiece seems to die out.You like fast food don't you? ;)But did you ever bother to waste some time watching people going through the drive through?Back in the days they mostly tried to keep their cigarette going or the girls were busy with the make up.Today it is almost impossibe to spot someone making it through a drive through without playing on his or her phone.The shopping is finnished and all you want is to pay once your trolley was emptied onto the conveyor going to the register.If it were not for the person in front of you...On hand holds the phone to the ear, you hear the latest gossip you don't want to know anything about...And then painfully slow one hand tries to load the trolley again and then finally tries to find a credit with still some money left on it.My favourite are however all those people who are fully addicted to their phone and go mental if you try to tell them.You are having a cold beer with your mate and just want to reflect about the great day fishing.Hold on a second....Oh, did you see this today? ....Ok, just quickly checking FB...Your beer is already number three while your mates beer went warm and stale.Fair enough, was a long day...Then you knock at his door at 3AM to take the boat or or go on a trip.Still half asleep but the phone and all social media must be checked before even making it to the toilet...You get the picture, hopefully not by looking in a mirror now ;)When the "internet" started to be a thing I was already long on the wagon of "online".And back then some big players in the game said "One day we will all be connected in real time!".Of course everyone had a good laugh and moved on.No chance "everyone" could afford a computer, let alone get the skills to go "online".But look at today:You call your provider, tell them you need internet at home and you just plug a box in and have it.Oh, moible is prefered?No problem, just pick the phone you fancy, add a sim card and off you go minutes later.I remember libraries not just as a place to read books but also as a place to learn new things.Explore the world, see other cultures...If you could afford it you might have seen it all for yourself and in real.Today all this is replaced by a single term:"Google it!"What we have today is a simple money scheme created through the totally useless "need" to be connected.So how do you know that you are already addicted to you electronic friend and failed to realise it?Quite simple actually and in the same way as maybe your grandparents did with your parents - if they are old enough ;)Yes I mean the goggle box, the good old TV.Back in the day we said that 4 hours of TV time for a teen is already quite much.We can't escape screens for work or school needs anymore.What we can though is ask:How many hours per day do you spend on yo phone? The time that is not work or school related...How much of your daily life do you organise through your phone by texting, social media or just notes, reminders and so on?Do you complain that even the newest phone newer has enough charge for your "needs"? ;)Do you get cramps in your hands or fingers? ;)Or just plain simple: How long could you really be totally without mobile phone, computer and internet?The answers you give yourself might shock you ;)What are your thoughts on the mobile phone zombies of today?

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Bomb Defuse Game?

I am somewhat new to Arduino, and I wanted to create a project, but don't know where to start.The project I am looking to create is a bomb-diffuse game that uses a 4 digit 7 segment display that will count down from a variable amount of seconds.It will be activated by a 2-position key switch, and deactivated by a code. (10 input buttons).Once four buttons are pressed, it needs to check the order and the numbers pressed and subtract five seconds if wrong. I may also want it to beep every second once it reaches 30 seconds, and flash a red LED every second from start.Any pointers, suggestions, or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Pixlr Photo Editor Not Working - is it only me?

This post is not about the Pixlr editor that was removed from the site. I use Pixlr express several times a week, and now it doesn't open up on any computer that I try.  Is there a chance that you could try to access pixlr express and let me know if it works on your computer? I've tried a few so far on all browsers, updated flash, restarted, etc. I just get a gray screen :( Thank you!

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Issues with maxim7219 drivers?

I am trying to connect 12 maxim7219s in a daisy chain and am having major issues. Right now I have 7 in the chain and random maxims just randomly don't work (right now, the last two and second one doesn't even turn on). Does anyone have experience with these chips? Can anyone share their experience with them or recommend something better?

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Eco-Tax in SADC and the economic gain of Bio-diesel engines

I am assuming we are all aware of what is ongoing with the whether. I propose we put our minds and resources together to switch every car and auto-mechanic in SADC into renewable energy. I have not yet worked out what would happen to all the fossil fuels that may be left untouched because of this probably send everything into orbit or outer-space with all of the Landfills. Then terra-forming it into a Tropical Jungle.

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CO2 breathing animals?

Obviously from what we see today, evolution branched off into two sides, the co2 producers, and the co2 users.  Now all animals that walk or swim the earth today breath in oxygen and out co2.  It may sound crazy, but have we not even attempted to produce oxygen making creatures.  Evolution just didn't really branch off to this kind of creature and it would be very difficult to create.  Todays Autotrophs don't produce enough energy for a large animal.  Trees and small single cell organisms use tiny amounts of energy, but could a hybrid allotroph, which gets the majority of its energy from eating like a normal cow, but then it also uses co2 and sunlight maybe, and then you can eat it.   Just a crazy thought that has always bugged me.

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What are all those pipes coming out of the compressor?

Hi all, I scavenged a compressor from an old fridge, and I have a couple of questions about it. It's a Tecumseh AE4ZF11 hermetic seal compressor.  If you google it you can find a servicing manual, which didn't help me much but maybe you can find something useful. I basically want to use the compressor as either a vacuum pump, or an air compressor. Now for the questions: 1) This compressor has 5 (Yes, five) pipes coming out of it.  One is a port for topping refrigerant, but I have no idea what the others are.  They all went into the fridge.  Any idea why there would be more than just one pipe going in, and one going out? 2) The control unit has been broken off before I could salvage it.  According to the manual, the tree terminals are Common, Start and Operate.  Is there a way to make the compressor work without buying a new control unit, or building something too complicated \ expensive?

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Herbst Appliance

-update-cant believe the attention this has got. either way i got my braces august of 2008. Wednesday before school started. Finally.straight teeth finally, and i can eat! so great.either way it still took like 5 or 6 years, too long.Im just wearing an invisible retainer(behind my teeth, its glued in, its just a wire). Cant even feel it.Just think- if you have braces- how good it will feel when you get them off...OK, I have braces, meant to correct the spaces that were in between my teeth, and also, to move my lower jaw forward. I've had them for...5 YEARS! Needless to say, they JUST finished closing most of the gaps(again, after 5 years), and are working on moving my jaw forward. So, like almost every person I see with braces (well, some), I got rubber bands. I actually had a choice between them and the Herbst appliance. I picked the herbst-y thing, but they didn't have a, blah blah blah, long story short, I got rubberbands until the part came in. So the part came in today, and I went for them to put it on, and after about an extremely boring hour, they were on. Anyway, It wasn't until then that I realized what (Insert bad word(s) here) things these were. I can't eat ( more specifically- chew), talk (clearly), or EVEN FULLY CLOSE MY MOUTH!.i hate them...................SO... ...on a lighter note, does anyone here have/had that herbst thing before?Update- I got them off, and I'm wearing rubber-bands now.

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Magnifier lamp base broken - how to make replacement?

I have one of those handy articulated-arm magnifier lamps but the TOTALLY CHEAP INADEQUATE CRAPPY clamp base not only broke but gouged my desk as it did. I have beginner woodworking skills and tools; can someone make an Instructable on building a better replacement? The lamp and the arms and everything are fine, it was just the cheap plastic clamp that broke.

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How do I control 3 stepper motors and 1 servo motor on arduino

How can I control 3 stepper motors motors (28 BYJ 48)and 1 servo motor with arduino uno on my robotic arm. If possible, I need circuit diagram, can someone help?

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Manual flattening a washer with rolling mill

I’m trying to use washers for a project but the largest I found is 1”. Ideally I’d like them to be 1 1/2 or 2 with at least a 1/4 space between out and inside. I thought of using a manual flat rolling manual mill but will it distort the shape?

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Homemade Bondo? Answered

Is there a way to make something like Bondo from common houshold products?

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Instructables Editor

The instructables editor has two annoying bugs:(1) Text high-lighting does not show when writing an Instructable ... it only shows in the preview screen. It should be WYSIWYG.(2)If you decide to take a break, before publishing your instructable, and click the "You" button, your only option is to "Logout" ... all of the other options such as "Instructables" are masked by a floating window. It's a real pain to have to log back in ... is there a (hidden) screen option that I can't see?

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HHO generator with iron electrodes

Hello Everyone, I recently found out about Sodium Hydroxide as an electrolyte. I have read that it does not affect the electrodes like salt or baking soda and it does not create any weird gasses like chlorine. The main reason for using stainless steel electrodes is to prevent this corrosion, but since sodium hydroxide does not create this corrosion, can I just use the much cheaper iron or regular steel as the electrode plates? Thanks in advance  

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