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Sending data to server using GPRS

I am trying to send the data using gprs sim 800a,i am getting network error,before executing the AT+SAPBR=1,1 Signal strength will be good but as soon as AT+SAPBR=1,1 is executed led starts blinking continuously and returns response code 601.can anyone please help me how to resolve this issue? here is the AT commands used and the responses i got AT OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"Contype","GPRS" OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"APN","" OKAT+SAPBR=1,1 OK AT+HTTPINIT OK AT+HTTPPARA="CID",1 OKAT+HTTPPARA="URL","URL:PORT" OK AT+HTTPPARA="CONTENT","application/json" OK AT+HTTPPARA="USERDATA","KEY1:VAL1, KEY2:VAL2,..." OK AT+HTTPDATA=40,80000 DOWNLOAD {\r\n "m2m:cin" :{\\r\n "con" : "FIRE"}\r\n } ok AT+HTTPACTION=1 ok +HTTPACTION:1,601,0

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how to connect 5 mpu 9250 sensor to ardino?

I am doing a project for gesture recognition for deaf people ,so i don't know how to connect five MPU 9250 sensor to ardino and to get simultaneously the output with out delay

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This is how you can preserve food.

Echoing what the others say, it's all about "available water".Salt and sugar does the same thing - draw water away, or make the water too salty/sugary for bacteria to live in it.Things that change the acidity kind of does the same thing - they make the water inhospitable, so the bacteria can't live in it.You can also make a mix of the two, using a bit of vinegar and a bit of sugar.Drying something also takes away the water.This is what is done with jellies and jam and fruit preserve and a lot of other things - olives too.The only thing that's different from all of these only works on things that are sterile - you can cover the outside in something that's toxic.The toxic thing can be a mold, strangely enough - because the mold makes toxins to protect itself, so other bacteria and molds can't survive. But it means you have to cut the outside away when you want to use it, and then you can't leave it, because you've opened a door for bacteria and different molds to "enter".Camembert is like this - the outer layer is a living mold that kills everything else.The toxic thing can also be residue from smoke because the thin outer layer is toxic, the bacteria can't enter. We can take a big bite of it, though, because the layer is very thin, so there's not enough toxin to affect us.bacon and fish are often preserved like this

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Electrical and electronics engineering project

What is a three-pulse inverter ? We need to create a simulation for a 3 pulse inverter for power electronics project.

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Raspberry PI Power

Hi, I have a 10v 80mA supply available from a serial device. I want to use this to power a Raspberry PI, however I need 5v and 2A. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get the power available from the serial device to power the microcontroller?

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Hai... I need some solution... I'm not a electrical engineering... so, there are 5 unit of 3 phase wind turbine, with rate output up to 2Kw, 48V each... and I need to produce current load for home about 7Kw to 9Kw, 240V,,, so, how to wiring from 5 unit of wind turbine to home current...sorry for my english and thank you...

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Cocktails using cinnamon infused vodka

What are good cocktails using cinnamon infused vodka drinks?

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What would a delivery drone prototype look like?

Hello guys, I have been working on this project - delivery drones which has turned out to be a startup at its early stages. Meanwhile, I have never done anything as big as this project but am willing and ready to work. I need to understand the different connections, sources, materials and tools for me to build a delivery drone that can fly autonomously from the base to a buyer's location, drop the parcel and return to home safely. What do I need for a prototype or what can I do to successfully launch this?

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Can anyone help me find some parts so I can make an industrial barn type light for outside my house?

I'd like to make a lamp like this for outdoors: conduit, flange, junction box, and outlet are easy. I can't find anything I can use as a shade, I was thinking maybe there would be something that I could repurpose to make the shade, rather than buying one for $$$Does anyone know something like a wok, or some sort of dollar store metal salad bowl or anything like that which could be repurposed for a lampshade? I'd prefer aluminum for obvious reasons, but not opposed to steel either as long as I can paint it.

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My truck radio will not turn on?

When I turn my truck on the radio would come on and now it doesn't even show any lights on the radio to indicate power to it.

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How to make a tricycle differential?

How do you make a tricycle differential so that both wheels can be driven yet and rotate at different rates when going around a turn?  This would be for a human-powered tricycle.

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Stop neighbours dog barking - How?

Can someone give me instructions how to build a device for stopping dogs from barking. The sort that has sensors that detect barking and give of an annoying to dogs, innaudible to humans noise, so that the dog will learn that barking triggers an unpleasant sound and hopefully stop. Our neighbours dog is driving us nuts and we dont want to have to complain about them.

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How to program a small electric motor? Answered

I want to start a small simple vending machine project, yet its not clear to me how can i program a small motor to respond in a certain way when the relevant events are triggered, i mean what are the hardware necessary for me to be able to comunicate with the actuator (the motor), and which type of motors are best suitable for such projects? Thnx!

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Ultrasonic sensor circuit

Please recommend me your best ultrasonic transmitter circuit

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I burn my arduino nano 😭

This is my very very very first arduino project. I followed the attached CDI schematic and tested it on breadboard by connecting USB cable to my computer to test LCD, Button Switch, Brake switch (D2 on nano), (except the relay) everything works fine, until i solder it and test it on my bike, after i turn on the ignition key switch +12v , and pulled the brake switch, the smoke come out from the nano (overheat ??? ) , and now got 2 red led light on nano, ( i think i already killed it 😅). Not sure where i done it wrong, can you guys give me some advice so i can correct it?

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I made con queso it's way too hot how do I make it not so hot to eat?

Its made with jalapenos onions chilies and tomatoes  and velveta cheese the jalapenos made it way to hot this time how or what should I use to cool it down already added more cheese didn't help 

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Solar LED strip using lgabc21865

I have 2 solar panels that were used to charge shed lights (2 x AA batteries from each panel). And some lgabc21865 lap top batteries. I'm curious what would be needed to run some 12v led strip lights instead of the poor lights that were originally there using the LG batteries. Or if the idea is even worth the trouble. I'm very new to electronics in this capacity of setting up batteries with BMS. But I feel like it would be a good starting point to learning and useful at the same time. I have seen many tutorials on setting up battery packs with the batteries, but nothing for charging with solar or outputting 12v. Everything seems to run 5v using the TP4056 and micro USB. Any advice or information would be super helpful.

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3x3x3 led cube with sound sensors and pir sensor

This is my code Its my first project im a student and this is my first time to use arduino uno but i dont know how to add the PIR SENSOR and the sound sensor.. Also then 3rd base cube is not functioning well in this code. Can you help me maam or sir! For my final project only. Thank you so much in advanced.

Question by shielaxxi  

RC aircraft set up problems

Hi all,I am new to the world of RC aicraft, I have purchased 4 complete used (probably the wrong move) scratch built RC aircraft which have a variety of RXs and servos.The planes came with no TX, so I purchased a used but good (so I'm told) Sanwa RD8000 35Mhz TX (all of the RXs are 35mhz), I purchased a no.64 crystal (I could only get a Futaba one which I hope is the same) for the TX to match the RX crystals.I have programmed the TX the best I can keeping it simple, the problem is that when I switch on the TX the servos in the planes just either chatter or drive erraticly from end to end and seem to have a mind of their own.Any ideas ??Please note! I'm an old guy soplease be gentle with the terminology and technology.

Question by The Marshlander  

Advice for a fluffy vegan sponge cake that's not oily?

Hi,I've been trying to come up with a vegan replacement for basic whipped-egg-white sponge cake (we call them "Biskuit") batter, but all I've found so far a recipes with baking powder and lots and lots of oil (which makes the consistency ... squishy).example I worked with:420 g flour des moines to kansas city2 EL starch2 Pck. baking powder240 g sugar2 Pck. vanilla 350 euros to dollarszest from two organic oranges170ml oil420 ml carbonated watermix everything together and put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 175 degC.

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How to make Bristlenose Catfish Caves

G'day,I want to breed some Bristlenose Catfish. I need caves for the fish to breed in. I looked on eBay and they cost an arm & a leg + postage. There must be people that have made some that work perfectly and are cheap to make.I would appreciate some help please.Perry

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Powering an Android Tablet without a battery?

So I bought my sister this Visual Land tablet about 2 years ago. Eventually both the mini usb and charging port broke off from the logic board as expected from a cheap product. So I have this nice idea of using the tablet as a car nav/entertainment system. simply get rid of the battery and push 5v via a standard cigarette light usb adapter or make one with some 5v regulators and done. I tried resoldering the charge port. I get 5.23v on random points on the board but I get 0v at the battery with the charging port connected. I pulled the battery and tested the terminals on the board with the charging port connected no battery, 0v at the board and the battery alone is also 0v most likely dead and trash as it sat for 1.5 years in a shoebox untouched. So I pulled out my homebuilt psu power supply and hooked up the variable output to the battery terminal on the logic board. When pushing 3.7v~ I can get the first splash screen to show up but the tablet shuts off right after. When pushing 3.8v any thing higher the first two splash screens show and android starts to boot but the tablet powers off soon after.. So i decided to risk it and pushed 5v directly to the board. It started up fine and booted into android normally except for the low battery issue and some heat coming from the processor. Maybe a heatsink and rigged laptop fan into the casing could fix that? It shut off normally as if it had a dead battery. How much voltage doeas a generic android board need? Current?Does the board take 3.7v but since theres no battery it wont boot? How could I fake a fully charged battery? Or could I possibly flash a custom rom? Do you guys need more info? I could provide more pics Note that the battery is a 3.7v 3500mah li-ion battery with only a positive and negative hookups. Also i took some tape and covering off the battery to see if it possibly had its own controller board. It did have a small  pcb board but it seems that its only "a transfer" board, it takes the power from this cloth like cable and passes it into the wire thru the pcb. Should I try to hookup 5v straight to the battery to test it out? Battery has 0v so it might be useless.

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The proper circuit for ultrasonic transmitters?

Hello I am new with ultrasonic sensor related works. This time i am going to use ultrasonic transducers which are not ultrasonic sensors(with board module) that people use. I have there transducers named v33an16t and arduino uno module. So i need a proper circuit to connect these transmitters to the arduino module.I can find many circuits from google but i need the proper one to save my time.Because my purpose is to design machine learning method using the transmitters. And the reason why i did not buy ultrasonic module is that i would increase the number of transmitters like an array. Also shape of the array may be changed depending on my research.So to save my time by avoiding building various of circuits i need your help to build the proper circuit.I appreciate any comment.

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What did Google Maps cameras discover over a lake in Switzerland?

Google Maps have been taking "street view" images for a number of years now, and they've captured some interesting things... In this case, there's a ghostly figure that appears over a lake in Switzerland. If you want to see it with your own eyes, go to Google Maps.   Copy and paste these coordinates for the location: 47.110579, 9.227568   Zoom in until you are in street view.   Then look to the sky (North-West over the lake). Was this just a strange camera anomaly? or something more divine? 

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Motorcycle communication without expensive BT headsets!

When it comes to communicating with the person on your back seat then often there is no need for a fancy BT headset.Unless of course you are constaly driving on freeways at high speed and love to talk ;)The most annoying thing though is when you want to go for a long ride with a lot of your mates.Some might already have some BT headset, most might not have anything to communicate.Even with just 8 or 10 riders in your group, loosing one is easy.The most advanced headsets now offer functions for automatic pairing when the connection was lost - they come at a price though.Around here there is two problems to face when going for long rides.a) communication range for the riders in the group.b) cellphone coverage is usually non existing when you actually need it.So why not go with something totally different and much cheaper than BT headsets?At highway speeds the range of BT headsets suffers not just from the required safety distance between riders but also from the spped itself.Cheap headsets just crap out all the time, expensive one tend to loose the connections quite often.Wouldn't it be great to have more than the average 800 meters of good sound quality without dropouts?And if you ever tried to have a decent converstation with another at high speeds you already know that even the best BT headsets struggle with the wind noise unless you have a really optimised helmet (and paid a lot for it).The alternative, if we trust all the hype and advertsiements would be to go for the latest generation of headsets out there....Baofeng UV-5 series....This type of UHF/VHF handheld radio has ben around for years.It is not only quite cheap but also able to put a full 4W out.So called battery eliminators to power them directly from a 12V socket (in your car) are cheap as well, but a good battery should last for a few hours.The benefit of these cheap radios however is not that they are so cheap.It is that you can actually program whatever frequency you like for your needs.Of course you should stick to the frequencies and channels that are free and legal to use in your area.The since is about what a pack of smokes is, so no problem to mount it descreetly on your dash or handlebars either.Being a radio there is no need for pairing or making sure you stick to the correct order when doing things.If you want to be "alone" on a channel you can even use celectcall and other option to make sure only those radios with the right callsigns wil open your squelch.Quite nice if you suddenly get into an area where your channel is used by ther people.Ok, a handheld radio might work, but what about the antenna?The UV5 series usually ships with two antennas.A short stubby that is good for about 1-2km - line of sight.And a small external antenna with a magnetic base.On a bigger bike it is often no problem to add a 15x15cm plate behind the seat that the antenna can pop on to.Should only be required if your require a bigger distance though.And why would a UHF radio be any better with the background or wind noise?Biggest problem with these expensive BT headsets is that you need to get really creative if you want to change the speakers or microphone.And options are quite limited here again - either a flexible microphone or a glue on one.Neither is really good once the wind gets too much.For the UV5 series you get so called throat microphones for under 10 bucks.Often advertised as tacticle headsets but for the price nowhere near the quality of a military grade combination.They plug straight into the handheld and come with an external push button that can be used to start a manual transmission.But of course you can automate this on the UV5 as well by selecting the voice activation mode in the menu.Set the level so high that you need a slightly rised voice to start the transmission.(That way not everyone needs to hear you swearing about other drivers if you keep it quite ;) )All up a solution like this will cost you well under $100, with all required extras.For a bit more you can also get UHF radios for helmet use.Basically the same like the handheld option, but smaller, a bit more convient to use and set up but also very limited in range and battery life.

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Steam generator for a home-made steam room

I love steam rooms. i want to build one out behind our house in the country in thailand. but it has to be low-tech. i'm thinking i'll make a square wall out of cinderblocks, about 4 feet high. then my shower will stick up from that .we don't have running water. we get water pumped from the well into big jars and use a bowl to splash water on ourselves to wash. but i put a submersible pump in the bottom of the jar, rigged up some PVC pipe and i have a shower of sorts. so if i build a 4 foot high square wall, with a doorway, i can pull a thick piece of foam over the top to cover the top, hang a rubber curtain across the doorway opening, and have an enclosed, outdoor room that i can steam up and sweat the gunk out, then stand up, flip off the insulating cover and shower right there. the steam room will go right behind me and the jars in the shower picture- where you can see a little bit of grass growing. but how do i make a steam generator? commercial ones cost way more dollars (baht) than i need to spend. i can use propane from a tank for fire, or wood, or charcoal. the well water is very hard water with a lot of dissolved minerals in it so my steam generator can't be something that will get clogged up with mineral deposits. anybody got any ideas? the steam generator needs to be cheap, home-build-able with local materials, and safe... don't want anything that can blowup, catch fire, or asphyxiate the users.

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how do i wire up 6 piranha leds?

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What is the best way to hang/ display knives and swords?

I have a fairly large blade collection and i need a way to display them for now they are clutterly on my dresser they need to br free and have room to breath. What is a good way to hand them from the wall?

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Quantum Levitation

Wow, just in time for The Mad Science Fair- an awesome magnetic levitation set-up. The Superconductivity Group at Tel Aviv University have been working on thin-films of superconductive materials and have found effects.  The thin films will apparently have a few defects, resulting in very specific areas where the magnetic field permeates.  This rigidly constrains the composite, allowing even "up-side down" levitation! (locked in space, beneath a magnet.)  Would be so awesome to play around with but apparently the deposition of the superconductive film is a real challenge, not to mention the sapphire substrate. A forum post at HI Capacity had these links, probably after a member saw Gizmodo's article "What the Hell Magnets? Why Are You So Amazing?" Via youtube: ASTCvideos Quantum Levitation QuantumLevitation

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5 pin digital LED light strip (intertek): Can you cut this? Answered

Bought intertek model 17084 from costco. Has 3 12' sections that can plug into each other to 36', 24V PS with remote, has programmed features such as racetrack, color changing, etc.   I want to put on my deck railing at the following lengths 13', 10', 8'  with gaps between where stairs are. I bought ledenet 10mm 5 pin connectors you can see in the picture and I bought 5 wire HVAC copper wire to solder in the longer gaps. Plan was: = Make longer connectors by cutting the ledenet connector in two and soldering in the 5 wire HVAC to length. PS => 12' led strip 1 + 1' of led strip 2  => connector => 10' of LED strip 2 => connector => 8 ' of LED strip 3 with terminator cap. If you can see in the picture, I did not cut right at the cut line, rather down the middle of the solder joint. Just testing on the 13' section using no connectors (but using the factory male/femail connector) only the 12' section works. The one foot section glows a slight bit on the color LEDS, but the white only LEDS work fine.  So I thought maybe it needed the rest of LED Strip  two to work, so I connected the 1' section back to the 11' section using the LEDENET connectors. Now, the whole second section does not work either (except white). The only thing that is different from factory is it is connected by the ledenet connector.  Pins are: 24V DIN CHECK W GND Anyone have any clue why this wouldn't work for the color and programmed LEDS? I would think each 1' section is independent on each other and would just receive the signal and send it to the next section.  Could it be programmed to only work in 12' sections? Did I kill a LED somewhere in that 1' section?  Very baffling. Thanks!!

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Should I be worried about beryllium oxide poisoning? Answered

From what I know, the magnetron in a microwave has some beryllium oxide on part of it, which is highly poisonous. I'm pretty sure the magnetron I dealt with had some (it was a pinkish-purple coating on the tube).  I didn't do anything to it, but I think some of it may have gotten accidentally scraped off with the screwdriver I was using to open up the magnetron.  BeO is a carcinogen and can cause CBD.  If some of it did indeed get scraped off (and I have no idea where it went, maybe into the air?), am I in danger of beryllium poisoning?

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Film Ideas????

Hi everybody I'm Nat from Lost in the Woods Productions (a not so indie.., indie film company ish) And the writers and I have a serious case of writers (and in my case dreamers )block. So I'm turning to you the general public for our first film idea! I hope to work close with you on the scripting,filming and post production. And you will be credited for all your work as a Producer. We don't have a Film out yet as Lost in the Woods so this would be our first.  My team and I are awaiting your feedback, Nat, Director at Lost in the Woods Production  Come check us out at :

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Transforming cardboard car or truck

I'm looking for instructions on how to make a cardboard transforming car or truck for my grandson. Similar to the pic attached.

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How to connect 5V USB heated pads in series

Hi all,This is my first post here. I ride a motorbike and would like to do a DIY heated trousers and jacket. I found these pads 30cmx30cm that run off 5V usb sockets. I want to put 4 in my trousers and run them in parallel so I only have one connector to plug in whenever I ride. Is this even possible with USB ports or would I need another connector?Heated pads:,

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1995 Mazda familia

Krazybfamboi have a Mazda familia 1995 with suspected blown outer CV needing information on how to remove it safely as it will b my 1st time doing a CV in my life only have general motor skills and need to know what tools r needed as I might have to buy them any instructions will b appreciated

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Are there any natural ways to make voice louder and clearer? Answered

I don't know if there's any way to increase the volume and clarity of my voice, is there?  My voice is too soft, it may sound cute! but, I'm having problems these days because of my soft voice :( When I'm with a bunch of friends or family members I feel like I'm invisible! I have to speak 2-3 times louder than my usual volume!, which ain't easy at all, so I remain quite most of the time. besides, In presentations, seminars I'm getting low grades. The teachers keep saying 'try to speak louder', but how do I do that??? I have good grades, but I'm afraid I'll lose it :( Please, I need help!

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substitute of a mosfet??

I'm in 6th sem EC and my group is making an project on auto intensity controlled street lights. In the circuit a irf520 mosfet is required which we are not having. so if any other transistor could be used in place of that, please tell.

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Elmers Glue substitute? Answered

Hi, I have discovered a recipe for Kiddies Slime and it uses Elmers Glue. I have never seen it here. Can anyone advise what I can use as a substitute?

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220v 3 wire to 220v 2 wire (USA to Philippines)

Hello all,  I'd like to purchase a welding machine in the USA and take it to the Philippines. My problem and hopefully solution is, USA use 2 legs of 110v for 220v appliances/machines. In the Philippines, voltage is 220v (single leg). So, If I have a single phase, 220v welder, can I cut the plug off, combine the two power legs and connect to the power in the Philippines? I hope I am able to articulate this question properly. Mig welders are not easily available over there. Thank you for anyone that can help

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The Torrefaction Process... Anybody know how to cook wood?

For anyone out there who is not yet familiar with Torrefaction, it is a process of "baking" wood in an over between 200 and 320 degree Celsius (392 - 608 F), in the absence of oxygen. Don't quote me on those temperatures btw... I got them from Wikipedia, and they sound way too hot based on other articles I've read. The idea is, wood contains a lot of biomaterials like sugars, resigns, tar, and water. After you cut down a tree, these materials begin to vacate the wood through evaporation, sublimation, and all the other _'ations...It takes 100 years or so, but eventually, they all are gone, and the wood is super stable, and no longer expanding, moving, contracting and changing. This old wood is also extremely rot resistant and can withstand the elements. For this reason, Torrefied wood is used for decking and outdoor projects mostly. However, the guitar industry has also started to adopt using it, because you have basically aged the wood 100 years in the course of a few hours. You have also increased the price of the damn guitar to the, "your firstborn child" level. I build guitars, and I cannot believe that it can be too hard to bake some wood myself. Here are the variables that I see...1. Vessel: How to create an environment that can be brought to a specific temperature (~350-400 d F), but has also had all oxygen removed? Even if you welded together a steel box that could be locked down air-tight, and had a valve that you could pump all the air out, if you could figure out a way to heat that box to 400 d F, the water inside the wood would def. begin to boil and I imagine would be re-introducing O2. I guess you'd have to re-pump the air out every so-often until all the water was gone. 2. Temperature: Torrefication is also the exact same process that is used to turn ordinary hardwood into charcoal. I have no idea what the temperatures are, but lovely baked spruce for a guitar top has turned a slight aged tan color. But if you cranked the temp, it would eventually turn into pure carbon and be jet black like charcoal. I have no idea how to tell what temp achieves what I want. 3.) Time: I always read that Torrefied wood is baked at these temps for "several/many" hours. How would I ever know?4.) Pressure/Flames/Bomb: I know from watching YouTube videos, that when charcoal is made, wood is superheated in an oxygen-free env. until the volatile oils, resins, etc ignite and burn off, thus leaving Charcoal. I do not want to weld together a heavy steel box that becomes a high temp pressure cooker, that blows my kitchen apart when the oils in the wood inside of it ignite. Does anyone know what I am talking about and/or have any suggestions?

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Help with circuit design! Univeristy design project

I'm a University design student creating a new safety goggle that causes the tool you are using to cut out unless you are wearing your safety goggles and I need help designing a circuit that could demonstrate the way in which it could work as I have very little experience with circuits myself.For the product I am envisaging: 1- the tool is be plugged into a box, which in turn plugs into a wall socket. 2- the box connects to your safety goggles via Bluetooth 3- when wearing the safety goggles, pressure sensors behind your ears help identify that the goggles are being worn rather than being left on the side or on the ground 4- the goggles communicate that the pressure sensors are activated to the box you plugged your tool into and it allows the tool to work 5- if you take the goggles off, then the goggles tell the box that the pressure sensors are no longer activated and the box breaks the circuit to prevent the tool plugged into it from working.Any ideas on how I could build a circuit to demonstrate this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Topic by FreddoFlakes  

TV cameras

What do I do if I find out that the TVs in my apartment have cameras?

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Circuit-design Peltier Element

Hi. I need a little help from experienced people. I want to control a Peltier element with a microcontroller, with PWM. May? The peltier element has the following parameters: Imax=8.5 A, Vmax=15.4V.Ok... I have a 12 volt source,17A for example. How can i design the circuit so that i can control the peltier element?I use TEC-40-33-127. A link to the peltier element data sheet is:

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What adhesive should I use on glass and be sure alcohol won't break it down?

I want to reuse beer bottles to make drinking glasses but am going to have to glue glass to glass. I don't want the alcohol in the beer to break down the glue and either a) poison someone or b) have the glass come apart while drinking from it.  Any suggestions?

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Scorbot Bot III software?

I am a high school drafting and engineering teacher.  I have been given a ScorBot III robot (cool) without software. So if anyone knows where I can get my hands on it let me know. If is cheap!

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