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220v 3 wire to 220v 2 wire (USA to Philippines)

Hello all,  I'd like to purchase a welding machine in the USA and take it to the Philippines. My problem and hopefully solution is, USA use 2 legs of 110v for 220v appliances/machines. In the Philippines, voltage is 220v (single leg). So, If I have a single phase, 220v welder, can I cut the plug off, combine the two power legs and connect to the power in the Philippines? I hope I am able to articulate this question properly. Mig welders are not easily available over there. Thank you for anyone that can help

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The Torrefaction Process... Anybody know how to cook wood?

For anyone out there who is not yet familiar with Torrefaction, it is a process of "baking" wood in an over between 200 and 320 degree Celsius (392 - 608 F), in the absence of oxygen. Don't quote me on those temperatures btw... I got them from Wikipedia, and they sound way too hot based on other articles I've read. The idea is, wood contains a lot of biomaterials like sugars, resigns, tar, and water. After you cut down a tree, these materials begin to vacate the wood through evaporation, sublimation, and all the other _'ations...It takes 100 years or so, but eventually, they all are gone, and the wood is super stable, and no longer expanding, moving, contracting and changing. This old wood is also extremely rot resistant and can withstand the elements. For this reason, Torrefied wood is used for decking and outdoor projects mostly. However, the guitar industry has also started to adopt using it, because you have basically aged the wood 100 years in the course of a few hours. You have also increased the price of the damn guitar to the, "your firstborn child" level. I build guitars, and I cannot believe that it can be too hard to bake some wood myself. Here are the variables that I see...1. Vessel: How to create an environment that can be brought to a specific temperature (~350-400 d F), but has also had all oxygen removed? Even if you welded together a steel box that could be locked down air-tight, and had a valve that you could pump all the air out, if you could figure out a way to heat that box to 400 d F, the water inside the wood would def. begin to boil and I imagine would be re-introducing O2. I guess you'd have to re-pump the air out every so-often until all the water was gone. 2. Temperature: Torrefication is also the exact same process that is used to turn ordinary hardwood into charcoal. I have no idea what the temperatures are, but lovely baked spruce for a guitar top has turned a slight aged tan color. But if you cranked the temp, it would eventually turn into pure carbon and be jet black like charcoal. I have no idea how to tell what temp achieves what I want. 3.) Time: I always read that Torrefied wood is baked at these temps for "several/many" hours. How would I ever know?4.) Pressure/Flames/Bomb: I know from watching YouTube videos, that when charcoal is made, wood is superheated in an oxygen-free env. until the volatile oils, resins, etc ignite and burn off, thus leaving Charcoal. I do not want to weld together a heavy steel box that becomes a high temp pressure cooker, that blows my kitchen apart when the oils in the wood inside of it ignite. Does anyone know what I am talking about and/or have any suggestions?

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Help with circuit design! Univeristy design project

I'm a University design student creating a new safety goggle that causes the tool you are using to cut out unless you are wearing your safety goggles and I need help designing a circuit that could demonstrate the way in which it could work as I have very little experience with circuits myself.For the product I am envisaging: 1- the tool is be plugged into a box, which in turn plugs into a wall socket. 2- the box connects to your safety goggles via Bluetooth 3- when wearing the safety goggles, pressure sensors behind your ears help identify that the goggles are being worn rather than being left on the side or on the ground 4- the goggles communicate that the pressure sensors are activated to the box you plugged your tool into and it allows the tool to work 5- if you take the goggles off, then the goggles tell the box that the pressure sensors are no longer activated and the box breaks the circuit to prevent the tool plugged into it from working.Any ideas on how I could build a circuit to demonstrate this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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TV cameras

What do I do if I find out that the TVs in my apartment have cameras?

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Circuit-design Peltier Element

Hi. I need a little help from experienced people. I want to control a Peltier element with a microcontroller, with PWM. May? The peltier element has the following parameters: Imax=8.5 A, Vmax=15.4V.Ok... I have a 12 volt source,17A for example. How can i design the circuit so that i can control the peltier element?I use TEC-40-33-127. A link to the peltier element data sheet is:

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What adhesive should I use on glass and be sure alcohol won't break it down?

I want to reuse beer bottles to make drinking glasses but am going to have to glue glass to glass. I don't want the alcohol in the beer to break down the glue and either a) poison someone or b) have the glass come apart while drinking from it.  Any suggestions?

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Scorbot Bot III software?

I am a high school drafting and engineering teacher.  I have been given a ScorBot III robot (cool) without software. So if anyone knows where I can get my hands on it let me know. If is cheap!

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Energy medicine

Are you familiar with any form of energy medicine

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is oobleck edible?

Is oobleck edible ?? just wondering because of what its made from.

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Dead quad

Have 12v quad that has just diedNew battery fully chargedLooked after kept in sealed carport used rarely by grandson Only perhaps once monthBrought about 18months agoTested everythingCan i buy the sealed unit for this or does anyone have sugestions Seems shame to dump it as it looks like new

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I am looking for plans to build a 6' home bar with a back bar. Does anyone have a set of plans? Thank you!

I have some limited wood working skills. Looking for something that looks good but is easy to build.

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Instructable idea?

Hello this is me Noah again. It's been a while since I have posted anything on here but I decide to do so anyways because I feel this is a relevant question for this community here. So I love to build things. My favorite things to make are arduino robots and 3D printing related stuff/3D printers in general. I want to make a robot for this years robotics contest but not sure what to make and if not whether or not something is worth writing an instructable in the first place.I recently built a laser cut sumo robot. The robot is compatible with arduino and can be built in 20 minutes if you know what you are doing. I was thinking of writing an instructable for it but the more I think about it the robot is not that unique to write an instructable for. Yeah it's cool but compared to all the other sumo robot tutorials on instructables it doesn't really stand out and will be a repeat of a bunch of other tutorials minus a few things. The robot is autonomous, completely made of hotglue, electronics, and wood, and is completely able to detect and attack another robot autonomously with some minor reliability issues. My question is how to make a this tutorial stand out and if not what else could I possibly do for an instructable? Thanks in advance!

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how to shut down security camera

I live and work in china, how can i shut down the video security system-hardwired, in my apartment block without being recorded

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Boosting Fm transmitter range

I bought a FM transmitter for an ipod. I would like to boost the range of the device. (I know it is illegal but would like to get more range than 2 feet.) I think I need to build an external antenna but need to know where to hook it up to the thing. The transmitter I have is a ge FM transmitter for ipod.If anyone has done anything like this or have any useful links it would be great. I don't know anything about circuit making so help would be great on that as well.

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How would i compress hydrogen gas into a propane-type bottle? Answered

Im trying to store hydrogen into these propane bottles so i can use that instead of propane to fuel my foundry furnace.

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Make odd-shaped gears

This tutorial by Clayton Boyer covers how to make some really funky looking gears. Start with one odd shape and make a second gear that matches it. Really cool and great for anyone entering the Woodworking Contest who wants to add a special touch. via MAKE

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Differences of Tcs3200 and tcs34725 colour sensors?

I wanna buy some cheap colour sensor, but i dony know the differences of any colour sensors, which one is better And some pros and cons about this two colour sensors? (Tcs3200, tcs34725) ? Thanks

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Is it possible to filter Instructables questions? Answered

There are a few folks who ask questions that I'd really rather not be tempted to answer, since I would have trouble holding to the "Be Nice" policy. It would be better for both me and them if I could tell Instructables not to show their questions to me at all. Call it a killfile, or an anti-subscribe... Is there such a mechanism? (I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.)

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How to make google assistant robot?

I want to a robot which can control a college datas etc..

Question by fahis.skazi  

Instructable Not Entering Contest? Why?

I posted my "The Exploding Box" Entry about 30 minutes ago and entered it into the hot glue contest. Every time I reload entry page it still hasn't been posted. The contest ends tomorrow and I am not sure if it will be posted in time. Is there anyway this can be posted in the hot glue contest sooner?

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B.S.R. 75 bolt action spud gun

This is my latest creation a breech loading bolt action spudgun. video at.....

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Dog boots

Where is the link to download the instructions to make dog boots?

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Want to hide cords in living areas

Live in old house few outlets. Wish to hide cords in attractive manner

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how can I wire my starship coil and make it work?

My starship coil is  cool but I have yet to wire it to a fan motor to make it spin magnets at high speed how can I do this I have seen it on youtube but I havn't been able to wire it up please help and please research starship coils instead of guessing first google it.

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Tesla coil secondary coil Answered

Hello! I have been trying to make a tesla coil, and made a secondary coil but ran into a problem. Or rather, what could be a problem. The wraps overlap each other often, and I don't know if that is OK. it is mostly smooth, but I was just wondering if it will still work. Thanks!

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I can't enter a contest. Why?

I fulfill the requirements but it does not let me enter the contest. I tried for an hour

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How to control a servo with a switch?

As above i was wondering how to fully turn a servo and turn it back just with a switch It's for a dashboard sat nav box that flips up (Might add it on here) Thanks 

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To repair Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphone jack

Good morning, I'm a new member of this family:)I'm trying to replace broken jack4 Pole connections / colour of wires on broken headphone jack on Razer Kraken Pro V2. the old one has (Red, Green, yellow and white with shield to solder on new plug.Hopefully, someone provide the correct connection locations with colour of wiresI appreciate your time and efforts.Thanks in advancePardeep

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Can decomposed granite be mixed with cement for use as structural concrete?

We have a mountainous property with no sand and very little rock other than granite. Can I use decomposed granite (as fine as sand and small pebbles) as aggregate, instead of river gravel and or sand?

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I have been instructed at the gym to eat only the egg white. What do I do with the egg yolk?

I have been instructed at the gym to eat only the egg white. What do I do with the egg yolk?

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How to make files show as Download at the bottom of an instructable ?

Hello everyone,I made an instructable recently which contains STL files for 3D printing. When I click edit instructable I can see the files there but when I go the instructable, I don't see a Download section where users can download the files. Can you help me with that please ?

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Nikon D3100 error press shutter release button again

My camera shutter is stuck weirdly. Im posting some pictures please any leads to fix it up?

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Phone projector to vga

So I have a 16 pin projector that attaches to my phone and I also have a HDMI to vga cord I want to use my projector with other items other than my phone and not have to have it attached even if I have to solder or any means thanks

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fluorescent emergency lamp convert to LED

I have a fluorescent lamp input220v,6.5w, its battery is 6.9v. i want to convert this to led lamp. so pls provide the proper circuit diagram for this. and how many LEDs can handle this battery for 4hours 

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anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid .

Anyone out there know the specs for building a russian pyramid . py

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Why are all my comments colored red?

I was looking at an instructable and I saw that all the comments that I made on it were now red. Why is this? I guess it's supposed to help you find comments that you made a while ago, but it doesn't seem helpful to me. It makes the whole comment look like one big link. If you put a real link in your comment, how is someone going to find it if it's all red?

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Shock absorbing fabric

I'm doing some research and trying to see if there is anything out there that's a shock absorbent fabric type material. Unfortunately, i've only been able to find sorbothane (which isn't a fabric type material). The usage is going to be an adjustable cover that can wrap around whatever i'm covering and allows impact protection.

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Preventing Lockpicking?

(Please forgive me if I'm in the wrong category.. Fairly new on the forums) Hi, I'm quite a lockpicker in my life time but word spreads through out my "Friend Network" And most of them attempted on my door. I never do it to anyone without a damn good reason, but they do it for fun and pleasure.. So i always wondered cause i have a Keypad lock with a key hole. How do prevent them from picking my door to my valuable stuff while I can still use my key? Please help me out! (And i know ill get some replies saying to jam the key hole and use the number pad to open the door, what happens when the batteries dye out? I'll be stuck outside my room!)

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How does this CCFL inverter work? Answered

Hello, I have this CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) inverter from a scanner. it powers the scanner light. That's the schematic, but I can't see all the components very good, I'm sure about everything that's noted in the schematic, but I don't know the value of that capacitor between both collectors. It's that brown one from the picture. So the question is: How does this circuit work? I'm still trying to figure out how the transistors switch, it's really weird, because when I try recreating this on my breadbord it doesn't work. And why is the first coil shorted out? What I do know about this is that it has an output voltage (very low current, serveral micro amps) of 2 to 3kV. It also works at a very high frequency, about 30kHz I think, and it has a ferrite core transformer. The primary windings are very thick, and there are about 10 turns. the secondary has Many windings, a few thousand. The primary current is limited by the frequency (Xl = 2*Pi*f*L) so high frequency means high resistance of the coil, and that means a low current. now  how does the switching process work? and what's the use of the brown capacitor?

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I want to manufacture radiator coolant for vehicles. Pleae tell me the process.

In ur ans in yr 2010 u ve mentioned about the dye.. what kind of dye is requierd ?? 

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Ahhh, Couldn’t Enter Halloween ‘Ible! Answered

I hit Publish or my ‘ible at 11:56 Pacific, it asked if I wanted to enter a contest, but didn’t show Halloween.Went to main page, went to contests, clicked on Halloween. I got the pop-up that said I could enter with a new ‘ible. (I know 11:56 is pushing it hard. I started putting in my text at 9 PM. The editor ate my steps repeatedly!)Can someone sort me?I worked really hard around daily obligations to enter the Halloween contest!Thank you!

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Nintendo switch

I have a faulty Nintendo switch, temperament at booting and when it does no wifi. I thought it was the wifi chip however after taking it to a repair service, I'm told it's the cpu. I believe the cput is tied in to the mainboard and other chips so a straight forward replacement wont work? Please help or advise. Kind regards MR A AZIZ All praise be to the Source

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How to connect tone control stack switches to amplifier

I have a late 50s general electric am radio it doesn't work I've replaced all of the capacitors and a rusty transistor and still nothing so I've just decided to completely remove all components from the board and mount a daughterboard in the center of the board but I'm not sure how to connect tone and volume control to my circuit it's a stack switch with volume power and tone combined into one knob

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How do I wire a three-terminal piezo buzzer to make it sound?

I salvaged a piezo sounder from a CO detector.  The sounder (EFM-290ED rated at 9V) has 3 pins rather than the two I am more familiar with.  The pins are labled G, F, and M.  I have tired applying 9V across all combinations of the pins but haven't had any luck maiking it sound.

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I built a 30kv static electricity generator with nighthawkinlight’s instructable.But everytime I use the switch I get shocked.My 20kv generator doesn’t do it though.The switch i am using also doubles as the battery holder.Can you guys help me find out what i can do to stop it?It is the “Elpa battery case”.It looks kinda like the case above.

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How to enter contest?

I want to enter my ible in a contest.The ible is published but when I press enter now It says to log in (which I am) or create ible (which I did).What to do? Only 4 hours left!Please anyone help me!

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Ok So I tried to get into instructables today but instead got this crazy robot game. As you can see my high score is 0, 1 can you beat my score?

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