how to make simple and cheap home sound proofing?

My home is on 2nd floor,just beside a busy road . due to ts construction materials and elevation sound pollution is more and unbearable.  as its the accommodation provided by the company i cannot modify its elevation, etc, but i can upgrade its interior. i need methods, metatarsals which helps me to reduce its noise.

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What do you think of this circuit?

I made a few changes to a circuit, since it's the first time I do this I'd like to know what you think and if there's anything I should change.

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How do you attach a file to an instructable? Answered

I am working on a new instructable that you can print out something from microsoft word and use it in your project, yet I cannot find where to attach the file on the instructable...

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How to make a own 5 X AA battery holder?

Hi guys, I have tried looking around to buy a 5 x AA battery holder but unable to find one. As such, how can I make my own 5 X AA battery holder? I have a 4 x AA holder and a 2 x AA holder.. Is there any way to combine this two and make it a 5 x AA holder? Or can I use a 6 x AA holder and modify it to a 5 x AA holder? Thanks for your inputs.

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Electric Average: How do you compensate an electric bill from a previous bill when factoring in a difference in av temps

I understand the averages using billed days, total kWh, and the average kWh per day.  But, how would I account for different average temps?  I put in LEDs this fall and want to see if there has been a difference in usage.  our av. Temp this Feb was 29 degrees; last year it was 34.

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Can I use a smartphone without a sim card as an ipod touch?

So I want to buy a smartphone (samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket or something) from ebay or craigslist and use it as a wifi only device. If I dont insert a sim card(I know I wont get service or data) can i skip the activation process and go right to the home screen? From there I would turn on wifi and essentially use it as an ipod touch, to download apps, music, videos, surf the web, and stuff. I have a normal phone for talk and text. So my question really is, would this work? Does the phone need a sim card to run? How do you skip activation? Any other info would be helpful also, thanks!

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Circuitry for lighting

Hey all, I have never really done much circuitry to this date, but I was hoping to make a fairly complex lamp that may require a good dose of it. What I'm looking to do is wire four cold cathode tubes (12V, the kind that are used to light computers), as well as two LED lights with arduino based flicker control, and run them off of a wall socket? The pictures are a (very) rough sketch of the setup, as well as a supply list. Is there any way someone could explain what this might require to me in baby terms? All the best, Adrian

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Want to know how to build a waste oil pre-heater for a waste oil burning furnace.

Who out there can tell me how to build an oil pre-heater for a waste oil burning furnace. I need to heat the oil so that it will atomize through a Carlyle AF 15 oil burner. Any help would be appreciated.

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Waste Oil Heater

Hey guys, I am looking for some info on how to take an existing oil burner 'gun' (I have an extra Beckett burner) and rig it up to burn waste oil. I make biodiesel already, but I'd like to try burning some waste vegetable oil and motor oil as well. I figured since I have the extra gun, I might as well try it on that. I'm assuming I'll need to set up a pre-heating tank, and some sort of pressurized system to spray the oil since its thicker and heavier. Anyone already done this?

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Wiring 10w leds to 12 volts

OK, I have some 10 watt - appr. 900 lumen leds that I want to use for a video room.  I have low voltage wiring in the walls and have a 12 volt 96 watt dimmer that I plan to power with a deep cycle 12 volt battery.  The leds are 3.4 - 3.6 forward voltage and 350ma.  I want to use 3 of these on each side of the room and was just hoping to get away with wiring each side in series and then connecting both sides to the dimmer. Am I looking for trouble wiring them directly without any resistors?  I really don't want to get into resistors, etc. if possible. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and suggestions. 

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When can you enter/win a contest again after you have already won a contest? Answered

I was wondering if you win a contest, if you are allowed to enter another or eligibal to win another. If you can't enter another right away, when is the next time you can enter/win?

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how do i make a moldible smoke bomb?

It can be molded into any shape then you put a fuse in it and light it and it turns to a big cloud of smoke and you can make it from stuff at your local walmart

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I need capacitor help? Answered

I have an issue with some bad capacitors and I have read conflicting information on the matter and hope someone can help me. I have 2 different caps that have to be replaced one is 10v 1500 microfarad and the other is 6.3v 1500 microfarad. First can I use the capacitors that are all silver in color with no plastic sheating (not sure of the name; pics included) because I have a bunch that are 6.3v 1500 microfarad? As for the other capacitor I do not have that exact value, I have 10v in 1000 microfarad, 1200 microfarad, and 2200 microfarad, but I have one that is 16v 1500 microfarad, what I'm mostly wondering is what can be changed the voltage or the capacitance? And would one of those work for the 10v 1500 microfarad capacitor I need or should I just ebay it? Due to a postal strike I may not get it for a while and like most I needed it fixed yesterday. I am fairly new to trying to learn electronics and hope someone can shed some light on my problem.

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Arduino EPROM Programming?

Ok, so I have decided to make an EPROM programmer so I can upload NES games to cartridges ( home-brew, not pirated. ) Does anyone know how to do this? I am a novice at coding, and, when it comes down to wiring, I can't really discern which resistor goes here and there and what value it should be, things like that. When I google "arduino eprom writer" All I get is EEPROM writers. I just want to know if someone on instructables has done it, and how.

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Code writting?

I'm trying to build a line follower robot and I don't know the first thing about writing code.  I like to play with electronics but have never attempted building anything that requiered programing so I thought I would start simple.  I have an Arduino Uno R3, Pololu QTR-8 (only using 6 of the sensors) and an Ardumoto Motor Shield based on L298 H-bridge logic (not even sure what that means) Are there examples of codes existing on how to connect three componetns together?  What do I need to do next in order to connect these three parts and imput a code so it will smothly follow back tape on a white surface?

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Date or No Date?

Okay so here's the story.  I've known this girl for about a little over a year. She's nice, but we barely talked last year. Now this year, we're talking more together during lunch. She dated this one guy who can be a jerk sometimes but sometimes is also cool (he's kinda my friend but sometimes when he acts like a jerk he's annoying).  2 weeks later she broke up with him. Now lately I've been talking with her, and we joined the same club. The First meeting, she hugged me TWICE. Then, we kept talking a bit more, talked during lunch about things we like, and when it was cold (waiting for the bus home), I gave HER a hug to keep her warm.  We chatted on the bus home, but now she won't sit near me anymore or talk to me. So this is what I'm asking.  You guys think she likes me, and you think I should make a move? 

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The Bacon Contest starts today!

It's time again for the Bacon Contest! Click through to get more info and see the breakdown of prizes. We want to see your most amazing bacon recipes and bacon-themed crafts. :D The contest will be open March 18 - April 25 - so get to making! You could win all sorts of fantastic bacon-y things, including a Wolfgang Puck griddle, towels, mugs, and salt samplers.

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republish "cheat"

Is it acceptable to unpublish your project and publish it again to enter a contest?

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im 15 tears old and iv never had a girlfrend what should i do?

Ialways seem to like girls out of m leage but im to saired to ask i mean i dont evin know how to aproch girls in a more than friend way without creepiin them out....plese help me

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True trigger full auto/burst fire knex gatling gun

True trigger, allows control of firing rate. Vids show full auto and burst fire. *note* my motor is nearly out of batteries in the video, so on full auto it's rate of fire was pretty slow.******* Pic 3 & 4 - New and improved yellow rod firing gatling gun. Uses grey rod barrel and grey rod firing rams. Also because it is so huge, to prevent sagging in the support beam, I made a new support system which doesn't bend at all ( you can see how thick and straight it is), so it spins faster and steadier than before. Each bullet gets about 35+ feet. All thx to having more pieces.

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Can I spice hdmi cabes together to run 2 devises throught 1 monitor?

Hi, I have both my xbox and raspbeerry pi runnning through the same monitor. I am sick of swapping cables everytime I want to change devise. Anyway can I connect another HDMI cabe to build a Y lead so that I can connect both devises to a monitor (only 1 devise will be powerd on at a time). Will this be likley to damage either devise?

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Following groups

We just had a site update, with this you can now follow a group! How is this different from joining? well if you want to just get updates from a group without being listed as a member, click the follow button, you'll get the same updates as people who are a part of the group. we also changed how groups are populated, and you'll see that the recent sort now shows you last added to a group. wayyyy cooooollll! We have an extra special surprise for next week, hold onto your pants!

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Birds! a little challenge/contest

Can I do it?      Thank you! I will give away some of my backlog of pro memberships as prizes Here is the contest:  birds Some bird music to get you motivated

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Have I been blacklisted?

It seems unless I get featured, my Instructables don't show up in the "Recent" feeds anymore.  Although spammers show up there. Thanks for any info -Julie

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How do I clean my Aluminum Oxide bit for my Dremel? It has a coating of metal on the side.?

I was probably using my dremel wrong, but my 932 bit has a coating of metal on it after I used it to enlarge a hole. (I ground using the side of the bit). How do I remove this coating of metal?

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Job Opening: Instructor & Teaching Assistants for BlueStamp Engineering

About The Program: BlueStamp Engineering is a summer program in New York, NY, Houston, TX, and San Francisco, CA where high school students individually build engineering projects. Students select and build a project of interest (e.g. solar powered electronics, robots, GPS devices, mini wind turbines, etc.)with a motto of "learning by doing". Students go through the entire process of making the devices and support their work with full documentation. Projects have a wide degree of difficulty, from electronics kits customized designs. Please visit our 'Meet The Students' page  to see what previous students have built.  For detailed information about the 2013 program, please visit our 'Info' page. BlueStamp is looking for independent, motivated, kind, and technical people to join our 2013 staff.  We will hire one 'Lead Instructor' and two 'Teaching Assistants' in San Francisco for part-time summer work. Strong performers may be offered the opportunity to take on a more prominent role as the program expands. Position Responsibilities: -All staff will assist students in creating their projects.  This will include teaching engineering techniques and concepts, tools and safety, technical documentation, and troubleshooting methods. Instructors/TA's will guide students to ideas, approaches, and sources of solutions without "just doing it for them". -The Instructor will be responsible for guiding class everyday, ensuring students meet project requirements on time, and supervising the TAs. The instructor will also engage students a month before the program begins, spending 2-8 hours per week over phone/email to help students select a project and order the required parts. -TAs will supplement the instructor's experience in guiding students as all 3 staff members will come from different engineering disciplines. -Where qualified, staff will give lectures and lead discussions regarding topics of student interest (e.g. Alternative Energy, Electronics, Automotives, Entrepreneurship, World Challenges, etc.) Candidate Requirements: -Education and practical experience in one or more of the following three areas: (1) Electronics Hardware, (2) Firmware/Software, (3) Mechanical Design and Drafting. -Extensive experience with building, designing, and troubleshooting devices or prototypes for school, work, or as a hobby. Applicants should be able to showcase and discuss, in depth, any of their projects. -Skilled in troubleshooting problems and using the engineering tools of their discipline. -Experience teaching/leading students (e.g. instructor roles, youth camps, tutoring, mentoring, etc.). -Ability to think and act quickly on a project to identify solutions that can meet goals on a rigid, aggressive schedule. -Desire to share the excitement of designing and engineering with high school students, while motivating students through the challenging and frustrating stages of prototype construction. -Excellent communication skills, unfettered honesty and integrity, and the ability to work with minimal supervision is a must. -Be the type of person that can "Get Things Done" Program Logistics: -Class meets Monday-Friday for 6 weeks for 4 hours per day starting in San Francisco on 6/10, Houston on 6/17, and New York on 6/24 (excluding 4th of July). -TAs will be paid $13 - $16 per hour, Instructors will be paid a stipend of $4,000-$5,000.  All staff are paid as a contractor and are eligible for a significant performance-based bonus. -Each class will be made of 10-12 motivated students who have passed a rigorous application process. -All staff must pass a background check. To Apply: Submit a resume to our 'Contact Us' page.

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What motivates you to upload online guides/instructable

Hi there, hope you can all help me for my dissertation...I'm looking at motivations to uploading knowledge/online guides for projects on an online social community for free. I have a short survey and if you have uploaded an instructable/project would you please please please take a few minutes to complete it? Would be such a big help! Thanks very much! Kat

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i am looking for barrels do not care if they are plastic or steel any ideas where to score a free one?

Okay i am using them to store waste oil so i do not care what they had in if you have any ideas let me know also any ideas where to score free or cheap 275 gallon totes thank you

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Can I turn a laptop LCD into a VGA monitor? Answered

My old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop's monitor stopped working. I figured out that it's not the LCD itself, it's the connector on the motherboard of the laptop. So I took the LCD off and kept the bottom half to hook into a VGA monitor and use like a regular computer. BUT: I got to thinking- could I somehow convert the LCD to have a VGA hookup and then just plug it into the VGA port on the laptop somehow or would it be so expensive and complex that it isn't worth it?

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Mimiga Doll?

Hey, I am addicted to the game Cave Story and I would really like a stuffed version of one of the characters. I suck at sewing, and any help on how I should do this would be awesome. Thanks!

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way to make power on a camp out

I am looking for soming alteritive to solar panoles to run a laptop  on and is fally small in size ideas plans, non gas thou i need some help with this 

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how do i recruit people to my group? Answered

I've had a group for awhile now, and i am the only one in it. BTW it's a patapon3 group.

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How can i make a good instructable which will get lots of views.?

I want an instructable which gets lots of views.

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LM7805 voltage regulator output 4 volts?

I have a LM7805 voltage regulator hooked up to a saltwater battery that outputs 16 volts, and the output is either slightly above or below 4. When I wire it to a 9v battery, it outputs a steady 4.98, but still will not power a USB port

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Batch: How do you search for a variable(text) within another variable(text)? Answered

I want to use a batch file that based on user input, searches for a variable (already set) within the user input. eg. I figured that this would work: @echo off set var=A set /p var2=Choice:  (USER TYPES "A B C") findstr /i /c:"%var%" %var2% OR findstr /i /c:"%var%" ^ if %errorlevel% equ 0 echo.%var% is in %var2% pause >nul Exit

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Prop Building Guidebook

I have a new book out that should be of interest to prop makers, cosplayers, and anyone else interested in learning more about this type of fabrication. The Prop Building Guidebook covers materials and methods such as carpentry, metal work and welding, plastics, molding and casting, sculpting, fabric and sewing, painting and more, along with safety procedures, shop setup, planning and budgeting. At 383 pages, with over 575 color photographs and illustrations, it is the most comprehensive guide to prop building ever published, and it does so using professionally-produced props from well-known films and theatre productions. Nonetheless, it presents techniques usable for all skill levels and budgets. The book's webpage,, has information on where you can buy it (you can get it online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most other major online retailers). The website also has how-to videos and bonus chapters, all of which is free to view and read even if you do not buy the book.

Topic by Eric Hart  

How to use a nc switch to activate a buzzer when pressed Answered

Hi there i don't know if this is possible but, i want to be able to : have a buzzer come on when a nc switch is pressed, for example, i have an emergency stop switch which is nc, so when pressed the circuit is broken, i would like it so when i press the switch ( ie it breaks the contact ), it makes a buzzer sound and an led come on to notify that the emergency stop has been pressed, i am using 8 core Ethernet cable to connect the emergency stop switches so if i have a circuit in every switch , i can do the same in every stop switch with the cable i am using, i want a buzzer and an led in EVERY emergency stop switch, i will have 3 in total, is it just the case of wiring the circuit in the one emergency stop and connecting the leds and buzzers from the others in Parallel at the other stop switches ?, or do they have to be wiring in series ? i have got 6v and 12v buzzers and many value of resistors so the source voltage for powering them really wont be a problem, the biggest problem is building the circuit, because atm it is a nc switch so if i connected an led and buzzer, it would be connected all the while, i need to somehow use the nc switch to break a circuit but also use it as a no switch for the buzzer circuit, if this is possible please leave a comment and help if you can, i have looked on google but cant really find anything, thanks EDIT !!!! hi also ad an addon to the question, the nc switch will be switching 230v, so the live cable will be cut and put accros the nc contacts, will this still work with iceng circuit or is that a big nono ?

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Is there an instructable to making a guide? or book?

Clicked on guide and added instructables now what happens?

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Any ideas on an in-ear white noise device to help stutterers/stammerers?

Hi, This is my first post. I don't know much about this kind of tech but am eager to learn.  I want to build a hidden/discrete wireless earpiece which can play a short burst of white noise (1-2 seconds) when a button is pressed (see below for an explanation of why on earth I want to do this). The button would need to be able to trigger the white noise from a range of around 1 metre so that the controller can be kept in my trouser pocket. There are earpieces around which play white noise (to help people sleep in noisy environments) but I want to be able to control whether or not the white noise is playing. I thought about using a wireless earpiece (e.g.) with bluetooth, however it seems like the maximum range for this would be around 40cm. Anyone know of alternatives?  WHY WOULD I WANT TO?! Individuals who stutter/stammer often experience blocks. It's not that you'll hear them repeating sounds or anything - their speech just totally freezes up. For reasons which aren't entirely clear, listening to white noise can help stutters who block to start talking. White noise can be played before trying to speak, disrupting our auditory feedback - resulting in less blocks. Some devices have made use of this, e.g. Edinburgh Masker (, but were ugly, bulky and didn't allow you to manually control when the white noise was playing. Other devices, like SpeechEasy make use of Delayed Auditory Feedback ( - which can help some people but is of no use if you aren't already making some kind of noise. Is this impossible?  Many thanks for anyone with ideas on this! Cheers Oli

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can u iron money straight Answered

Okay in the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" it shows 50 ironing some money. is it possible to iron bills straight if so on what level(cotton,ETC)?

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Air Brushin'

Various shirts that I airbrushed for friends and family. 

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knex ideas

Here are some ideas that you can use if you give credit to me. NOTE: use the honor system, if you really did get these ideas by yourself then fine but be honest. Also if anyone wants to start one of these projects with me then send me a pm. lawn mower--------------i already tried but i failed cause i'm not good with gears :( full sized fan--------------same not good with gears rubix cube-----------------may not be possible mask skateboard TIME MACHINE (jk, but you could try) dog tennis ball thrower----------my dog is awesome backpack boat trimmer door basketball hoop scooter gun with gears like an airsoft one glasses (i think this is already done) picture frame jet skii elevator gum ball machine with tracks for the gum ball (like ball machines) full sized bike flamethrower (might need to use other stuff like FIRE YEAH I LOVE FIRE) hat bb easy loader for airsoft guns blowback gun There you are!

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Send and receive an electric signal...? Answered

Hi everyone,I just wanted to know how I can send a small electric signal over a distance(not more than 10 meters)wirelessly and receive it at the other end to trigger a relay which in turn of course.. switch higher voltages and do something say...light a LED.I don't know much about frequencies,oscillators and FM/AM or anything.So please let me know how I can get an idea about these and most importantly accomplish what I just mentioned above.

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How to make a chocolate cake?

I was not able to make it! Could you help me?

Question by chrustik83    |  last reply

handmade git ideas for mums baday??

Its my mums birthday soon i have n money and i hae to make her some present out of household items please help!!

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My angle grinder gets very hot. How do I fix it?

Hello there, I have a 2 years old Bosch GWS 8-115 angle grinder. It gets very hot quickly, a few seconds after powering it. If you wait a bit more even smoke comes out from the grinding wheel area. The rotor doesn't sound very consistent too. Any advice on how to fix it? Thanks, Shamir

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