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Anomalous Production of Ozone at a Catalyst Surface?

Anomalous Production of Ozone at a Catalyst Surface?   Hi, I'm kinda jumping in here, so I hope I'm not breaking forum rules . . . While experimenting some years ago, I produced ozone by accident and apparently by the action of an electrical current in a Pt/Ir alloy wire. I haven't been able to reproduce the effect due to a lack of resources, but I believe that it, if it *is* reproducible, might be an 'improved' method for the synthesis of ozone. I should say I *did* try to reproduce the effect but a lack of knowledge of the physics of the PGMs meant my efforts came to naught. But if there is someone out there  who is knowledgeable in the field of heterogeneous oxidation catalysis, I'd love to hear from them . . . Thank you

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cutable laser?

I know scientist have created lasers that can cut but how much money would it take to make one? and what materials would be need? and... what kinds of materials would be laser resistance, not effected by a laser... or would that depend on the lasers stength?

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Seagate Freeagent GoFlex ultra-portable drive fail - Data recovery?

My 500GB Seagate Freeagent GoFlex ultra-portable drive seems to have failed under two weeks of using the product. The USB device was not being recognized. It states a Code 43 error by Windows. After another attempts to see if it would work on other ports or laptop devices, it began to make a noise with 3 beeps or clicks, and would still not be recognized. About half the drive is full but wasn't heavily used. It was dropped once but it did function properly after this drop. Is physical damage most likely the problem? What should I do to recover the data? Thanks

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How i RAID USB Flash drives to work as a single drive? Answered

Do any one Know how to do it? i search on the internet but i can't find any Description on how to do it.

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Anomalous Production of Ozone at a Catalyst Surface?

Hi, I'm kinda jumping in here, so I hope I'm not breaking forum rules . . . While experimenting some years ago, I produced ozone by accident and apparently by the action of an electrical current in a Pt/Ir alloy wire. I haven't been able to reproduce the effect due to a lack of resources, but I believe that it, if it *is* reproducible, might be an 'improved' method for the synthesis of ozone. I should say I *did* try to reproduce the effect but a lack of knowledge of the physics of the PGMs meant my efforts came to naught. But if there is someone out there  who is knowledgeable in the field of heterogeneous oxidation catalysis, I'd love to hear from them . . . Thank you

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Adam Savage Mentions Instructables in an interview

Albeit briefly, Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) , when asked for project suggestions for a 4.5 year old suggested instructables. Not really huge news, but I found it interesting. (He mentions it at about 26 minutes and 9 seconds in to the video). Not really sure what category this would go under, so I'm putting it here.

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LED Programming

Ok so...I want to program led lights to flash in secquence. See the attached image. I'm not good at programming and don't know much about microcontrollers...So...What microcontroler do I do I program it? Sorry for the noob questions but i need help!

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How toxic is burning wine barrels to smoke food ?

I would like to sell food smoked food that's been smoked with wine barrel wood. Ive been told that all barrels are treated with linseed oil or flax seed oil on the outside of the barrel and that burning this is toxic. Cant find any info and need some secure info so I don't get sued! Chow, Lance

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How can I make an electronic lock?

Hi guys, I'm new on this forum and I apologize in advance if I put this topic in the wrong place or anything like that. I've got access to a lot of electronic components (my uncle from Switzerland gave them to me) and so far I've made a few simple robots, LED lamps and stuff like that. Amateur stuff only. Now I've came across these guys *check the pics below* and I was wondering, maybe I can make an electronic lock from them? I apologize if this is a "noob" question or anything, I'm just curious about what could I do with them. Is it possible to make an combination lock with them and what else do I need beside this? P.S. I've also found this card reader, maybe I could make it of good use?

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Duplicated entries

Hi, I am new here and have a question. I was planning on taking part in the candy contest so I browsed the site, to find out how to successfully document my ideas. While doing so I saw, that out of the three most viewed projects in the contest, two concepts already won last year: last year: this year last year: this year: While the peppermint patties were made in a different way the Pop Rocks are basically the same. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of the contest, but I am kind of demotivated now to post something original. Is it taken into account in the judgement process, that a project has already been posted before? I have an idea on how to improve the Kryptonite Candy, would it be okay, to enter it in the contest? Sorry to post so many question, but I couldn't find out how the judgement process works and based on what criteria the projects are judged. Thanks a lot E

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Arduino Moon Phrase

Hello I am a 12 year old boy and recently got interested in Arduino. For Science fair I want to make a simple moon phrase displayer using leds, however, I could not find any projects simple enough for just a beginner. Also I only know the basic of coding giving me a hard time trying to understand complex codes. I would appreciate if there is a simple way to make the moon phrase displayer. Thanks in advance.  

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Get growing - the Gardening Contest starts Monday, 5/6!

Green-thumbs unite! is happy to announce that we're hosting a Gardening Contest! We are looking forward to seeing a a cornucopia of seeding-skills, planters, gardens, ANYTHING that has to do with cultivating plants! Enter the Gardening Contest to show us what the plants in your garden are up to this year. Are they sprouting in fancy planters made from railroad ties and unicorn horns? Will they be cultivated via Twitter? Have you discovered a way to creatively display what you propagate? Make them yield more fruits or veggies? Or have you hit upon a way to keep them alive with minimal effort on your part? Show us what you’ve done with your garden to win an AeroGarden, watering cans, trowels and more!

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Im looking for some ideas for a knex gun to build. Sooooooo...if you have any guns you have been looking for in the form of knex post a comment. on what it is...please no fake guns...BO2 guns are the most fake guns ill build

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Playstation 2 Joystick (totally removed) connecting to Arduino UNO board...etc.

Hello all... Been working on this for a while now.  I purchased a generic playstation 2 (ps2) gaming pad, hand or controller (your preference).  I completely removed BOTH the joysticks from the unit as the native state of how they were, would not work for the project.  I DO NOT want wireless, and that first off is all I am finding online. My question is this: WHERE do I connect the SEL (My understanding is this is where the pushbutton operation of the joystick would be wired) Do I connect the SEL of the breakout board to the actual Arduino, or do I connect it to the breadboard.   To both, just give me a location as in 3 thru 13, A0 through A5, Now then, I have power, ground, left (left3), right (right3) figured out. Am I totally off my mark, I have attached my fritzing diagram as a jpg with notes to assist. For reference purposes please see these links for further info: Breakout board: Joysticks: Thanks  in advance Tony

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How do I solder wire leads to a 12v 2amp battery?

I am trying to repair my son's electric quad.  I thought it might be the batteries but the batteries are both reading 12v.  I had to cut wire leads that were soldered to the battery so that I can test the batteries.  Now, that I know it is not the batteries, I have to solder back the wire leads to the batteries.  I was soldering the wire to the negative post and I was doing fine, however, I must have touched the positive post and I got a small explosion.  It scared me so I stopped. The quad uses two 12v 2amp batteries that are wired together.  The wires then have a lead that plugs into the quad.  I need to wire the batteries back together.

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What will multiple vacuum pumps do to a vacuum system, namely to PSI?

Long story short, I'm looking to make a vacuum forming table, and have most of the thing designed. However, I am looking to use two (maybe three) cheap vacuum pumps until I have the money to get a decent vacuum pump. I know that the pumps (4 CFM) if stuck in parallel will get me roughly 8 CFM, however, what will that do to the PSI? The pumps have a 90 PSI pull (if thats the right phasing to it) and I'm unsure what grade of pip/tubing to get for this. Thanks in advance!! 

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Murphy Bed Challenge - concrete wall?

I am moving into a former jeweler's office loft. Awesome! Not so awesome:  everything was built for MAX security. This means these jewelers installed concrete on walls around their safes.  This includes my new "bedroom" which is on the other side of a 10 foot safe. I am attaching a pic with some notes on it to show you the challenge I am having. Since I wanted to  use a murphy bed, I found this tutorial here: However, I do not have a murphy bed frame with which to do this. My bed weighs about 100-ish lbs and is a queen sized memory foam bed. For the masonry/concrete issue, I am considering mounting the murphy bed to the floor, as shown in the aforementioned tutorial. Here are my concerns:  1) How do I drill into concrete and masonry? What tools are best for this job? 2) Since I don't have a murphy bed frame, how do I properly build one? 3) Can I get shocks or springs going on this thing to make it easier to fold into the wall? 4) How can I get the folding-action just right? This room is SMALL, it only really is going to fit my bed.

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Achievement link error

I happened to notice an error in my Achievement. I have won the recent Snack Food Contest here: But when I click on the Achievement in My page, it brings up this page: I have emailed, no response yet. Anybody here had the same issue beefore and knows how to correct it?

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Contest Prize Mashup!!!

Hello Instructables community forum readers, I'm not sure if this is the 'best' place to speak my mind, but here goes.  I mentioned this to Scoochmaroo one time, but that was shortly before she moved on... I was thinking that it would be AMAZING if there were some contest prize mash-ups. People who can sew amazingly and win a sewing contest...probably already have a sewing machine...but might REALLY try harder if they could win a Kitchenaid, that they don't have!  Or a chef that has the chance at winning a dremel tool or tool of some get the idea right?  Is there anyone out there with me? I don't think there would have to be a rhyme or reason to the prizes, but make it fun for people quite skilled in an area to try for some prize they might not be so adept with!... Okay, maybe sponsors and prize fronters want to see some fabulous things created with their line of equipment...but maybe there could just be an occassional "mash-up" prize like a judges prize??? Please take some time to consider!  :)

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i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Hello i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

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How do I enlarge an image that's been projected onto a screen? Answered

Hey, I made this device that shines light through an LCD screen to project the image onto a window, which then reflects back to me, forming a sort of heads-up display. The LCD screen is about the size of a credit card, and I can't move it any further than ~40cm from the window. Another restriction is, any lens I use can't make the device any more than another 5cm thicker. (that includes distance between the lens and the screen) Is it possible to make the image appear any larger using any lenses? I've tried those plastic magnifying sheets and a lens from a projector tv, but they don't seem to make much difference. Thanks

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Can't access files

Whenever I go to download my files from my instructable How to play story slams, I get this error. I've tried chrome, Firefox  and internet explorer, on windows 7 and chrome and internet explorer on windows 8.  Any ideas? I will love you for forever if you fix this, Milkywaybar

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Can I use a fan to make a compressor? Answered

I have seen many centrifugal compressor designs on the net, I was wondering if a ducted fan can be used, duct's diameter at the intake of the air would be smaller, and after the air passes through the fan and is accelerated, the diameter of the duct would increase, I think this should lower the velocity of the air and as a result the pressure should increase, according to Bernouli's princinple, I am not asking like which one is efficient, the usual type of fans used in centrifugal compressors (don't know what they'r called) or this one, just asking if this would work and increase the pressure of the air.

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Electric Motor Tricycle 6V4.5Ah

I bought a riding toy for my son and it's cool, but it doesn't have enough power sometimes.  It's fast enough in the house, but it gets stuck outside.  The plastic wheels tend to slip on rough surfaces and inclines, but I can address that issue at the wheels/tires to some degree.  However, the battery that came with it is a 6V4.5AH/20HR sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery (It has F1 contacts, so unless I change or adapt the wires/connectors, I think I need to stick with a battery that has these).  The AC-DC adapter has 6V DC 500mA output, but I think I could get a UNIVERSAL AC DC ADAPTER {1.5V 3V 4.5V 6V 9V 12V 500mA} that would work with a new battery. I'm hoping that I can increase the power noticeably but safely.  One constraint is the width of the battery area inside the "engine" compartment.  It fits the present battery (1.75 x 2.75 x 4), but I'll have to mod the compartment to fit a replacement that's more than slightly bigger. I've seen some 12V4.5AH batteries online, but most are larger in every dimension. Am I even on the right track thinking a higher voltage battery is what I need?  Could I use an NiMH or Li battery/batteries instead? What's the easiest, safest, cheapest route for this mod? Thanks, Dan

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I need to build a light sensing circuit for a class project.

Hi, I need to build a light sensing circuit for a class project. I have already built one circuit using a 741 opAmp chip, a 1 meg ohm photo cell, a 1 meg trimmer, a 1k, 100k, and a 47 ohm resister, and a 2n2222 transistor  as well as a 12vdc relay.  The circuit senses the light and the sensitivity can be adjusted by the potentiometer.  It works great for tuning it in to need a certain amount of light intensity to trigger the relay. The problem is i need to be able to put limiting factors on it.  I need to be able to set it to turn the relay on if a certain intensity is reached, but not turn on if the intensity gets to great.  Is there anyone who can help me with the schematics on how to achieve this?

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The Italian Food Contest is starting on Monday, 4/29!

We want your best Italian recipes! We're looking for appetizers, meats, sauces, desserts, candies, pastas, beverages, or anything else that is both edible and Italian. It is important to note that we're looking for creative and traditional recipes - keep in mind that just because it has pasta it doesn't mean it's Italian. ;) We're giving away a Kindle Fire, Bialetti Espresso Makers and cannoil forms - check out the official contest page for more information. The contest will be open 4/29 - 5/13 so get to cooking - this one will be over before you know it!

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i need some money and fast Im just teen how can i do it?

Im saving up for art supplies and need about 50 dollars more by the end of May 

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HERE IS HOW TO ENTER show me your best nail desighn you posted on instructables....i need a how to on how to do it or your not eligible to win. videos are welcome. prizes: there will be a first and second prize winner....first prize is a one year membership code...second winner will recive nothing,but your nail desighn will be advertized next to the winners. the contest ends march 28th at 12:00 midnight. the winners will be shown on march 30th. every one who enters will recive a message that shows them were to look to see the winners so dont worry. the prize for the winner will be given in about a week or sooner after the 30th of march.  IF YOU ENTER SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE SAYING( IM IN !) if you have any questions just send the question through a private message to me  

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How do I find out # of downloads of my Instructables

Cant seem to find a wa to determine how many viewers have actually downloaded a pdf of my Insturctables. Doesn't seem to be an option in Stats.

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Instructables Podcast Update...

I wanted to take a minute to thank the people here in the forums who listened to the podcast Jake and I put out, for giving us feedback and sending us questions. It was really helpful and a lot of fun. Unfortunately the response from the community here doesn't seem to really want a podcast, and that's okay. To the four of you who might have enjoyed it, Jake and I have set up our own space for the podcast, and will continue publishing them outside of Instructables. We both love Instructables, and we'll still reference it a ton in the podcast, but we felt that the podcast might be better served by venturing out on its own. I also don't really want to clutter up the forums with my nonsense. I didn't get a chance to post last weeks episode here, but it was a really good one that pulled questions from the forums on Makezine, and this week we ventured into guns and 3D printing. You can find all of our current and future episodes on our website, subscribe to our rss feed, through iTunes, and I'm sure there's a couple other places you can find us (Zune marketplace anyone?). It was a lot of fun testing the waters of our podcast here, and we really appreciate Instructables staff letting us do it. I hope those of you who enjoyed the podcast will follow us over to the new space and keep listening. Thanks for the support, and have fun!

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Please help me with my T8's

Hey, I am a complete noob to wiring diagrams and I have a few questions. Here is the wiring diagram on the ballast and I would like to know how to add the extra bulb to it as at the min it is wired up to power only 1 bulb. The make and model is "HELVAR L30A" 1. Where do I put the (I think its called) start plug? Currently it is connecting the two end caps that power the one bulb. Also do I need two start plugs to power two bulbs or only one? 2. Which wires and where do I plug them into the ballast? Currently it looks like this. I would be really greatful if you could explain how to do this and it would help me alot if you could translate the Wiring Diagram into a more child friendly version like I used for the current setup :) THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!

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Suggestions for a sensitive, hall effect sensor to be used with an arduino?

I'd like to find the an inexpensive, highly sensitive hall effect sensor.  One that could possible sense a strong magnet from several inches away or within someone's hand if they were holding a strong magnet in their closed fist. I am looking for a non-latching sensor that would trigger when a magnet is in the neighborhood - say at least 6".  So the range and shape of the field of detection is important. Imagine that we're playing a game of "which hand is the strong rare-earth magnet in?"  I have a small hall-effect sensor hidden on my palm.  What type of non-latching hall effect sensor would pick up the field through the hand from a distance of about 6 inches or more?

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Can you put a key on a pocket bike?

Hi i was wondering if i could still keep the pullstart on my pocket bike, but make it so the key has to be in inorder for the bike to turn over, kind of like a kill switch any help would be much apreciated.

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Every last Friday of the month is Build Day here at the office. Sometimes we all get bogged down with emails and spreadsheets and bugs and stuff, so it can be kinda hard to make something. Today I'm gonna spray paint a new robot on the door a la Amanda: The yellow might have to wait- I cant find it! I did find this great orange acrylic color so maybe I'll use that! update: RANDY HAD YELLOW ACRYLIC! 

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What kind of bug is this? Answered

If someone could be so kind to help me identify this bug. Thank you

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home page bug

As i scroll down the home page to view the builds, the page keeps going bace to the top of the page.  it seems that when the large banner refreashes it does the whole page and starts back at the top

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Variable 0V-24V, 0Amp-5Amp DC Battery Pack ?

I am building a portable battery pack of 21000 mAh and 25.9 Volts. I need a circuit to vary its voltage from 0 volts to 24 volts, or maybe 1.25 volts to 24 volts and a circuit to vary its current from 0 Amps to 5 Amps. Basically i need a Voltage and Current regulator. for varying current, i was thinking of attaching a potentiometer in series with the output of battery. As the resistance would vary, the current will vary. Will it work? Now i need something for varying voltage..

Question by kool.mukesh  

arduino 8 (eight) 74HC595

Need help for making running led matrix using 8(eight) 74HC595 and 1(one) 4017.also i need the code....thanks a lot for your help.

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Orbotix wants to see your hacks - you could win a Sphero!

If you're not sure what a Sphero is, check out their YouTube channel - you need one! From their official contest page: Show us your hack, and we’ll show you ours! Send in photos or video of your coolest invention every week via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we’ll pick our favorite to win a free Sphero*. Your hacks don’t have to be related to Sphero (bonus points if they are), and can have anything to do with inventions and  gadgetry in general. Got a souped-up alarm clock? A tricked out trike? We want to see your coolest creations and modifications, no matter what it is you hacked. Below is a good example of what they're looking for! I know you guys have some amazing entries all ready to go.

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Where in Canada can I get a lot of bolts cheap?

Hi, I need a bunch of 1/4 x 2 inch bolts (30 plus) for a project, but I have no idea where to get them cheap. Anyone know any places online or stores with really cheap bolts? 

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external hard drive cases, what to do with them?

My office is throwing out the aluminum cases from hard drives. Does anyone have any cool ideas what I could do with them? Besides recycling. Thanks.

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Second Semester Car Drawings

Well, the second semester is pretty much over and I'm getting hit hard with last second work so I figured I would put these up now for some input. If you didn't see my first semester drawings please do, but if you did you know that my company that I band all these designs to is called Veloci. Veloci is the name of the car company I would own someday in the very far future. If you like what I drew and are going to make one of these, tell me. I don't really care if you do make one but I would like to see how it would look in real life or scale size. As far as the cars here I designed: A pickup truck designed like a Bugatti Veyron, Dboye82 's H-pulse concept, Ford Focus ZX3 with Lambourghini styling, a semi-truck, and my company's first golf cart! Please tell me what you think of my cars and if you have any suggestions for cars feel free to comment. I always like new/unique ideas.

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Laptop battery to charge cell phone or tablet

I have a couple of L11S6Y01 Lenovo Lithium Ion batteries 10.8V nominal, 48WH, 4400mAH batteries and a couple of their AC adapters lying around the house. I was looking up the Minty boost DIY battery back up and I was thinking of making this battery back up kit to recharge my iPhone and Samsung tablets, both of which can connect to USB power sources. My idea: 1) Get a 7 pin connector that will connect directly to my AC adapter. For example:;=item1c319c8aec Maybe I can scavenge one such connector from this place:;=item51aba9a93b 2) Build a circuit similar to Minty boost : Except in this case, my source is a Li Ion rechargeable battery instead of 2 AA batteries. Any ideas and thoughts would be appreciated.

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Where do I go to get Instrucable books to download? Answered

I'm lost in the new format.  Where are the Ible books to download now?

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Linear LED ammo Counter? Answered

So, my friend and I are building a Coil Gun!  Nothing super powerful, but it will punch a nice hole in a cardboard box.  Here's the problem; we want to add an ammo counter to it.  We were thinking of using an IR LED, a Photo-transistor, and a voltage comparator circuit, kind of like the one here ( , first photo, right circuit)) .  The circuit would send a pulse when the projectile interrupted the IR beam. Now what?  The magazine holds 6 rounds, so maybe 3 green LEDs, 2 yellows and 1 red to count the ammo.  We were thinking of maybe using a 4017 counter IC to advance down an LED after each pulse, but doing it this way means only one LED is lit at a time.  We would really like it if somehow we could have all the LEDs lit, and after each pulse one would turn off, but I'm unaware of how to do this.  Oh yea, we don't have access to a micro-controller, which is why we have this problem.  So to recap, we need a circuit that will light 6 LEDs when powered on, then shut off one LED for each pulse received.  Is there any way to make a circuit that does this?

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Starry night

For art class I have to paint a famous painting. I'm thinking about doing Starry night and writing an ible of the process. What do you think??? The original painting:

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Why is it important, to unplug your computer from the power strip?

You see im trying to do my tech hw, and one of the questions is. why is it important, to unplug your computer from the power strip. what could happen if you dont unplug it?

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12 volt leds

I work at a custom motorcycle shop and use led lights in our fenders. I'm having trouble finding a constant supplier of 1,2,3, sequenced led lights for run light,turn,and brake. Any one can help that would be awesome!

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why is my instructable tacking so long to show up? Answered

I uploaded a tutorial with a few 16mp photos on it and its not showing up in instructables or in recent. is it jus taking a while to upload?

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