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Anybody interested in building HHO generators?

I'm keen on starting a serious discussion group of folks who share my enthusiasm for HHO alternative fuel generators. Thus far there's only been one Instructable (Serge) and loads of YouTube videos, but most other sites either want to sell you plans or sell you a retail device. I'd like to start a club of sorts with folks who want to 'roll their own' but perhaps lack some of the electronics or other material fabrication techniques. We could help each other design & build stuff (like an hho generator for you car) and then post the how-to's here on Instructables. Anybody interested?

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Please what is the name of the circled component

Please I am trying to find a replacement spare for this circled component but I dont have a clue on its name. Please can anyone assist me with its name.

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The Clinic // Get help with your Instructables!

Hello and welcome to the newest version of The Clinic! If you have an instructable that's not getting the attention you think it deserves, post it in the comments below for honest feedback and suggestions to improve it from fellow authors and Instructables staff. We want to help you create the best instructables you can! Curious about the basics of creating an instructable? Check out my FREE How to Write an Instructable Class! You can also read through our Featuring Checklist. Posting a great instructable has many benefits, including:More viewsMore comments and followersHaving your instructable Featured on the site Having your instructable featured on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)Better chance to win contests Driving traffic to your websiteP.S. While I know the goal for any instructable is to get Featured, it's not the end goal here! We're sure to hand out features, but please keep in mind not every instructable is feature-worthy. Even the most popular authors have unfeatured instructables! Don't let it get you down - you're still amazing! :D

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Cell / mobile phone signal relay.

I work in a building with a metal roof that is also in a small valley. We have absolutely no reception inside the building. Outside we have about 4 to 5 bars, inside there are none. Maybe one if you are near a window. The building is mainly one large open space on the side. I was wondering if it might be possible to passively "pipe in" cell phone reception. I was thinking of a large antenna on the roof that would be connected to a smaller antenna affixed to the middle of the ceiling of the main room. I know the antennas would need to be tuned to the correct bandwidths and I would need a little help with that. (Our carrier is Verizon in the USA btw). Would this sort of setup be feasible?

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the new knex- good or bad?

Recently after visiting a toy shop I noticed a strange new range of kits made of knex. they featured lego-like bricks and panels. so I guess the question is... whats going on and do we like them? please feel free to leave your views and comments.

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How do I build an underground room? Answered

OK, I have had this in my head for some time.  How do I build an underground room about 10'x10'?  The area I would like to build it in is in the back woods, no houses or roads for about a mile, I hit water when I dig 15" down and there are power lines in the area.  Another question is do I have to have a special permit or something to do this on when its my land?  And what about a tunnel leading to other rooms?  Any advise will help.

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How do I convert an AC device to run on a battery pack?

I have a device that runs on ac (110-120 Vac - 180w). I want to make it portable so that it can run off a battery pack such as AA or 9 Volt or even a custom battery. Is this too much of a power requirement to make it possible??? thanks in advance for your help.

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Antenna for 434 MHz ASK RF transmitter module? Answered

Hi, I have these few questions regarding aerials that can be used with a 434 MHz ASK RF Transmitter module.  (data sheet of the transmitter) 1)The recommended length for the antenna is 17 cm,which is a quarter of the wavelength. Will using a 34 cm antenna(half wavelength) enhance the range of transmission? Will it get even better for 3/4 th and full wavelength long antennas? 2)Should the antenna be a monopole? Can I use a helical one instead(picture attached)? What are the ideal dimensions of a helical antenna(with respect to its wavelength) for maximum range ? Should the antenna of the receiver be of the same type or can I have a helical transmitter antenna and monopole receiver antenna ,both of same length? 3)Does Copper traces on the printed circuit board between the antenna pin of the transmitter and the actual antenna,add to the total length of the antenna? If the answer to the previous question is yes,can using coaxial cables to connect the antenna pin to the antenna prevent this from happening? 4)Should the antenna be installed perpendicular relative to the plane of the circuit board?Has it got anything to do with grounding or anything? Should the antenna be grounded too and if so how?(I am a bit confused with this part) 5)Can having the antenna in close proximity to step down transformers and ics ,produce undesired results?

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Cataclysm Knex Ball Machine-Update

I finally finished the new lift system for Cataclysm! It uses two CyberKnex motors for the are to go up and back down. When the ball exits the arm, it pushes switches to push the arm back down and reset the mechanism. Here's a video

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Can this kind of centrifuge used to seperate fish oil from stickwater?

Each is filled with 1L of stickwater

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Inmoov project - Humanoid Robot Head: InMoov

I am having a problem creating a 3D picture of head using the stl provided. I am using Tinkercad. Can anyone tell me what stl parts to select from the project "Humanoid Robot Head: inMoov."? Just want to show student how to create the head then assemble. Thanks.

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Ground Penetrating Gadget

Hello, out there, I would like to find how to build a ground penetrating gadget. I think there are a lot of 'us' would like to have something that can 'peek' underneath the surface of the ground, not necessary very deep. For example, such a gadget that can help fossil hunting tremandously. And it does NOT have to go all the way to Ground Penetrating Radar. As long as it can detect the differences between the matrix and interested object up to say 50 cm in depth, it will be good enough. And it doesn't matter what physical principle is used: GPR, ultrasound, electrical resistance or capacitance, ... (whatever). What I have in mind in such gadget would be tied to one of the shoes (so, it must be very light weight), using wifi to transmit the signal to iPad/iPhone so that the user can just walk and know the place to dig. Any help or comment will be greatly appreciated.

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What is the ethernet port on the side of guitar hero controllers for?

Pretty damn curious as of several years ago. anybody know?

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Why multistage high pressure air compressor has different piston diameter size

I wondered what caused multistage high pressure air compressor has different piston diameter size like on the picture. also can the compressor compress air to high pressure if all the compressor piston have the same diameter size. high pressure up to 5000 psi

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Duck tape mouse pad?

 How can I make a mouse pad out of duck tape for my laser mouse. I tried just making a flat piece of duck tape but my mouse just jumped around the screen.

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Help with Aluminum powder, please?

I went to home hardware today and asked the clerk in the paint department if they sold aluminum powder, and they said no, it has been banned in Canada. I am assuming its because of the use of aluminum for flash powder =PI was wondering if anybody knows some sort of store to get aluminum powder in Canada, becasue i dont want to have to order it over the internet. (i have had some mishaps with internet ordered things before)Any help/suggestions are appreciated, Thanks ! =)

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how to tell if someone likes you?

Know if someone likes you,how to date,how to flirt

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I am making a nano satellite and I need longe range a camera transmitter and receiver of about 1000 km. Range

I will use 2 arduino nanos ,2 long range cameras,1gps, 1altimeter and a few solar cells . A few sensors. Please help me out... Please . I'm 15 years of age. I want to become youngest person to make a satellite. I have learned many things as... About VHF, UHF, XandU bands . Also, a little but detailed study about nano, pick and fermi satellites . Ple help me. You can join me here

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Help finding a way of controlling an LCD with USB 3.1 Type C?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my problem. Recently my laptop tied, sad story, and I have decided that I would like to pay an homage to its faithful service by turning the LCD display into an external display. I realise that that there are many guides on how to do this, using a controller board that sources an external power supply. However, I would like to use USB type-c to power and deliver the video signal to the display. As the idea is to make it a portable display I don't want to need an extra power supply to power my second display. USB definitely can deliver enough power to the display, but after searching for hours I was not able to find any controller board that has this capability. Either it is difficult to find due to the overwhelming amount of regular controller boards or it does not exist. Surely I cannot be the first person in the world to attempt this, or come across this problem. I hope that maybe any of you might have the knowledge of how to pull this of, or maybe tried it yourself or even better, know of a commercial hardware solution for this.Oh yeah, my panel is a B156HW01 (V3).Cheers and thank you for your time! EDIT:I woke up with the idea of maybe splitting a USB Type C cable to get the power and ground of the usb c and run this into the power port of for example:;=duckduckgo-ffab-20&linkCode;=xm2&camp;=2025&creative;=165953&creativeASIN;=B079HPRGS4 and then plug it into a usb c to DVI adapter. However I do not have enough knowledge of the electronics to tell of this is a really stupid idea of a potential solution.

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Pls let me know the cheapest way to make an intercom to speak between 1st floor to 3rd floor without a phone line. Answered

I would like to make a home intercom to communicate with my brother who resides in the 1st floor & myself in the 3rd floor in the same apartment.  It is costing us more to contact via our mobiles each & every time by our house members.  So, I have 2 old telephones with me & want to know the method to connect the same to be used as an intercom.

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Code Error Problem

Hi,I was uploading this code to my esp8266 on the arduino IDE app and I got the the error in the image I have included. It also would not show that the nodemcu was plugged in when it is plugged in and shows it is on. Can someone please help me solve it. I have already downloaded and run the driver for the nodemcu. Here is the whole code with the libraries if you need it. Thank you so much!#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include /*========================================================================== IOT Weather Station By: "Anonymous" ==========================================================================*/ #define FIREBASE_HOST "#########" // Enter the Firebase Database URL Without Https and backslash #define WIFI_SSID "Enter your WiFI SSID" // Change the name of your WIFI #define WIFI_PASSWORD "WIFI PASSWORD" // Change the password of your WIFI #define DHTPIN 14 // Data Pin of DHT 11 , for NodeMCU D5 GPIO no. is 14 #define DHTTYPE DHT11 // DHT 11 DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); WiFi.begin (WIFI_SSID, WIFI_PASSWORD); while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) { delay(500); Serial.print("."); } dht.begin(); pinMode(4,INPUT); // Data Pin of Rain Sensor , for NodeMCU D2 GPIO no. is 4 Serial.println (""); Serial.println ("WiFi Connected!"); Firebase.begin(FIREBASE_HOST); } void loop() { float h = dht.readHumidity(); float t = dht.readTemperature(); // Reading temperature as Celsius (the default) int r = digitalRead(4); // Reading the Rain Sensor Data Firebase.setFloat ("Temperature",t); Serial.println(t); Firebase.setFloat ("Humidity",h); Serial.println(h); if (r == 1) { Firebase.setString("Rain", "Yeah"); Serial.println("its raining"); } else { Firebase.setString("Rain", "Nah"); Serial.println("no rains today"); } delay(200); }

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Should the labeling paint on aluminium soda cans be removed for making aluminium thermite powder ?

Would the labeling paint on aluminium soda cans interfere the thermite reaction if i don't remove labeling paint.

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please add keywords problem

OS: OSX Browser: Firefox 30.0 URL: Can't publish instructable - get "Please add keywords" even when keywords are present. Example keywords: "onstar hack privacy camaro gm". I have tried others, nothing seems to work.

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How to remove static electricity from plastic surface?

I've put PlexiGlas (acrylic plastic, I think) in my roof in my bathroom. The surface is high- gloss black and should look great. However, these sheets are huge and there is a protective film on the surface which has to be removed and when I do that, the plastic will be loaded with static electricity, which will gather dust. (When I removed the protective film on the back side of the plastic, I saw this result and it isn't good. Is there a way to eliminate/reduce the static electricity before/during/after I remove the protective film? -Because of the black surface, I'm afraid that waterstains and cleaning- solvents might leave stripes/spots that won't look good...

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what paintball gun do you have

What paintball gun do you have?

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how can I make a mobility scooter go faster--perhaps to 7 mph?

I have a pride mobility scooter that goes only 3mph--how can I make it go faster--perhaps 7 mph?

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Old Tv Speakers and Subwoofers

I have an old sansui tv, but ijust want to use its 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers, i means to convert it to only sound system, please help

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TFT display for Android

I would like to know how a tft display is used for Android apps? What is the interface used? Can I use any tft display for android? What does tft display need to communicate with android app? What protocol?

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How to follow all Instructables Projects - RSS Feed

Hey !I'd like to collect all the recent instructables project in my feedly but it doesn't work. Do you have a solution or an alternative like a newsletter or anything else ?Thanks !

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Toshiba TLX-711A-E0 Display Help please !

Ajuda por favor. Eu ganhei, encontrei um Display Toshiba TLX-711A-E0. E quero ativá-lo para ver se funciona se é bom para mim usar em qualquer projeto. Mas não sei como conectar os pinos de 20 pinos no total no Arduino UNO. Alguém pode me ajudar, por favor. Desculpe por alguns erros eu sou do Brasil e traduzi este texto pelo Google TranslateQSL do BrasilQSL do Brasil

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Movie Question / discussion: the new Sherlock Holmes (2009) (possible spoiler alert if you intend on seeing it)

Mostly I am wondering what  you all thought of the movie (those that have had the pleasure of seeing it, of course). Some things I found interesting/disturbing/unsettling/perplexing: The movie is either set in a time period where Holmes is much younger then is portrayed in the original series, or he has been "remade" into a younger character. I noticed that NO mention, nor even hint of Holmes'  "opium" use  (his greatest vice) was in the movie.  However,  there is a reference to cocaine (even if not "by name" early in the movie - i.e. "liquid that Holmes was "drinking", Watson refers to its use in eye surgery). As true to the books,  Holmes refers to his form of reasoning (incorrectly) as "deductive", and does so when speaking to Dr. Watson also.  The correct "label" for this type of reasoning is "inductive". My life partner and wife found it difficult to follow a story line that kept recursing on itself:  In several  scenes, Holmes describes how he was going to accomplish something (taking down an opponent, for instance) and they would show what he was describing;  then they would show it actually happening.   A few scenes recursed from different perspectives (one example:  when Irene leaves Holmes' residence for the first time after making her first "proposal" to Holmes, is shown getting into a carriage and a beggar stumbling into the scene;  moments later, the scene is shown again, this time from HOLMES' perspective, what happened (when He disguises himself as a beggar) . I do not remember reading in the books and short stories much about Watson's wife, although, brief mentions here and there are made (in the books and short stories) they are almost all contradictory in nature. I thought his "inability to always remain focused" and able to sort out the "information overload" quite intriguing .

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Relay causing noise

I have an Arduino Due switching some relays and one display lcd 20x4 connected on Due I/Os too, and when the relays are switched shows some noise characters in the lcd, how to reduce or to end with it? I tried to use 100nF but didn't work.

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Java .jar file not running.

Hi Everyone, I developed a PC app in java using Eclipse IDE with JDK 14.0.1. Then i export the project as runnable jar file. This .jar file runs in JDK 14.0.1 version but not run in any of below JDK versions. Then i again export the same project as a .jar file using JDK 11. Again .jar file runs in JDK 11 version but now run in any of below and above JDK versions. Then in another PC i installed java 8 JRE and try to run .jar file developed using JDK 11. Then also it's not running. Why is this happen?

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Worms in dog water dish Answered

Little black worms in dog water dish

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Technology Makes Cheap Drinking Water from Air

INTRODUCTION:   How can we best apply basic technology to help the underprivileged and/or disaster-hit countries like Haiti? Daily hygiene and nourishment are among the top needs for disaster ridden regions!  Simply put, no water means no hygiene. The Romans understood that over two millennia ago and created their complexly beautiful aqueduct networks for handling both fresh and wastewater! Other ingenious water systems like “air wells” have been found in the city of Theodosia (cf: discovered in 1900 by Zibold, see Zibold’s Collectors/Dehumidifiers) dating back to Greco-Roman times during the Byzantine Empire. These were strictly passive systems that naturally dehumidified air, collecting its potable water in underground basins. All air, even in relatively dry desert regions, will precipitate or release its natural water content (initially in the form of vapor) through condensation when it hits its dew-point temperature and below. That means you “chill” it to an appropriate level that is anywhere from 5F to 50F below its current air temperature, depending upon how much water content (relative humidity) it has locally absorbed. The condensation of the water vapor releases its internal latent heat (reheating the cooled air) which must be constantly dissipated (absorbed by something) in order for water formation to steadily continue. So how do we dissipate this resultant vapor-heat and chill our air without any infrastructure or electricity, in an underprivileged or disaster-ridden region? We simply bury a long cast-iron or any metallic drain-pipe sufficiently underground where the temperature of the earth is naturally held to a constant at around 45F to 55F. That’s our “free” chiller gift from nature. One end of the pipe, Figure-1,  sticks out of the ground to suck-in local outside hot air, and the other end dumps cooled dry air and water into an underground cistern where it gets collected and is piped to the surface to both exhaust the cooled dry air and connect to a water pump. We need a hand operated water pump to lift up the water above ground, and we need an electric fan to constantly pump air through the ground-chilled piping system. We can even force the cooled piped air to exhaust into a tent-like structure where it provides air conditioning as an added bonus, but this adds the penalty of both power and the increased fan size necessary to drive our required airflow further into an enclosure! While this concept is not “passive” (requiring electricity to work) like those clever Byzantine air-wells, it will produce much more potable water and within a smaller volume than those elegantly passive historic devices. The electricity for our fan power requirements can be produced by any one of four ways using either “active” or “passive” techniques: 1) An active playground or bike-pedaling-person or oxen-driven mechanism-generator, 2) A passive windmill generator, 3) A passive solar energy collection system that directly generates electricity, or 4) A passive thermo-electric system that directly generates electricity using the Peltier effect, operating solely on temperature differences between the cell’s top and bottom surface (we jury-rig the cool pipe and hot ambient air to contact separate sides of the cell). Depending upon how much water is needed, the required air volume plus pipe length and diameter, together with the fan will be sized accordingly. We can also configure groups of parallel fan-driven air pipes that are radially fed into the cistern. The sizing of this underground network depends upon the ambient air’s local average temperature and relative humidity (how much water gets absorbed into the air) plus buried pipe depth and effective underground temperatures achieved. The basic concept is one where we “wring” water from air at some given humidity content. The higher its relative humidity the more water is recovered from the air. The air-wringing process simply chills the air as it scrubs along the cooled internal pipe surface until it starts to rain inside the pipe from condensation onto its surface. The condensation is like the dew that forms on car windows, grass or any cooled surface in the early morning, before the sun comes out and evaporates the dew back into the heating air. A further bonus is that our dew-formed water is naturally distilled and very clean. It is potable water ready to drink without the need for additional sterilizing agents. Of course, we must make sure that the interior piping and cistern network is biologically cleansed before burying it underground. The hand pump with its 10 to 15 foot extended piping to reach the underground cistern must also be cleansed. The beauty of this constantly replenishable water supply is its convenient underground installation anywhere! After the in-ground installation, we have a virtual, partially passive, no moving parts, non-breakdown system containing above ground total access to all moving parts that could breakdown, namely the water pump and electric fan. Also, it is easily maintained, with few moving parts (water hand-pump and electric fan) and basically lacking any technical complexity which makes it ideal for technologically backward regions. The example below uses a relatively small industrial fan moving air at 1500 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) with a DC motor rated at 1kW. This fan together with our underground piping system will conservatively generate 12 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) of potable drinking water without need for any purification chemistry. Based on an average electrical cost of 14-cents per kWh (kilo-Watt hour), the typical commercial distillation of one gallon of drinking water costs roughly 35-cents as compared to our cost of only 1.2-cents. Furthermore, if we decide to go green and use solar energy for generating our water, it would effectively cost us nothing beyond the initial installation! USING A PSYCHROMETRIC CHART TO SIZE OUR WATER SUPPLY: The following gets a little technical and is only provided for those die-hards who are truly interested in how the science works. Those non-technically schooled may skip this part and not miss the basic concept. Figure-2 shows a Psychrometric Chart for air. This chart summarizes some of the basic thermodynamic properties of air throughout its typical range of operating temperature. The chart uses six basic air properties that defines the physical chemistry of water evaporation into air:  (1) the enthalpy or total energy contained within a unit of air which is a combination of its internal and external energy, expressed as the amount of BTU-energy per unit mass of reference dry-air, (2) the specific volume or the ratio of a unit volume of local air to its mass of reference dry-air, (3) the humidity ratio or the amount (mass) of moisture in a local unit of air divided by its reference mass of dry-air, (4) the percent relative humidity per unit of local air, or the mass ratio (expressed in percentage form) of the partial pressure of water vapor in the air-water mixture to the saturated vapor pressure of water at those conditions (the relative humidity depends not only on air temperature but also on the pressure of the system of interest),  (5) the dry-bulb temperature or the locally measured air temperature, and (6) the wet-bulb temperature or saturation temperature which is the local air temperature experienced during constant water evaporation (a wet-bulb thermometer is typically used:   a thermometer that measures resultant temperature while wrapped in a water wet-gauze and spun to generate local air movement and max-evaporation)  1.0   The Process and A Sample Calculation Our Psychrometric Chart uses six thermodynamic properties that help to determine the amount of water available for extraction from the local ambient air as a function of its temperature, pressure and relative humidity.  Let’s assume the following local ambient conditions for the region we plan to construct our water system at:  (1) Typical daily air temperature Td = 106F and one atmosphere pressure assumed at sea-level, (2) Relative Humidity, RH = 55%, and (3) Typical underground temperature down at six feet is measured at Tu=55F (at 12ft. it drops to ~45F). This yields the following calculated results for obtaining a steady-state supply (changes at night) of water to fill the cistern:      1)      In our example, the “local” air (dry-bulb) temperature is Td=106F, at a relative humidity of RH= 55%.  Fig-2 indicates that the resultant Humidity Ratio is HR= 0.0253 Lbs-water/Lb-Dry-Air (intersection of Td=106F line and RH=55% line, then horizontal to HR value).  We then determine the “gulp” of air volume containing the HR Lbs-water which corresponds to the point of intersection of Td and RH. Interpolating on specific volume “mv” yields mv=14.7 ft3/Lb-Dry-Air (this value sets the optimum unit airflow for our given ambient conditions, and creates a ballpark pipe length to diameter ratio needed later). It represents the basic unit of air volume that will enter our underground pipe per given time, and ultimately defines the size of our fan and piping network. For increased water creation, multiples of this unit volume will scale up the additional amounts of water that can be collected. 2)      As the inlet air cools down to a temperature of Tu=55F, from contact with the relatively cold underground pipe, we follow the constant enthalpy line (red upward left-diagonal) from the intersection of Td and RH to its saturated air temperature condition of Ts= ~88F, which is its dew-point temperature where the corresponding local RH=100%.  At this temperature or under, the air precipitates and releases its moisture content, resulting in water condensation onto the pipe walls.  Since our air will chill to a final pipe temperature of Tu=~55F, we follow the RH=100% saturated curve (green) down to yield an HR=~0.009 Lbs-water/Lb-Dry-Air. This is how much water is left in the air when it gets to 55F.  Therefore for every pound of local outside air that enters the pipe, mw=0.0253 – 0.009 = 0.0163 pounds of absolute pure, distilled potable water precipitates onto the inside pipe wall (per pound of dry air that is cooled and dehydrated) to gravity-flow out the pipe exit and into the cistern. 3)      We now convert pounds of air per unit time into a unitized volumetric airflow that yields gallons of hygienically pure potable water production per unit time. For every Va=100 ft3 of local volumetric air movement per minute (CFM) through the pipe, which translates into ma=Va/mv= 100/14.7 = 6.8 lbs. of dry air per minute or 6.8 * 60 = 408 lbs. per hour (PPH), to yield a water-flow of mwf=ma * mw = 408 * 0.0163 = 6.65 PPH or 6.65/8.345 = 0.8 GPH of water.  An industrial fan rated at 1kW DC will typically move 1500 CFM at a pressure of 8-iwc, to continuously produce 15 * 0.8 = 12 GPH of pristine potable water. 4)      Not shown here are the design details of sizing our pipe, fan and solar collection system for electric power requirements using heat transfer principles coupled with a thermodynamic heat balance, and aerodynamic fan performance assessment. These details help to size the electric power generation requirements plus margin used to properly size a solar collector containing further margins for overcast days. The engineering involved here is straight forward but beyond the scope of the current project.

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I Need a proper Datasheet of a High Power COB LED rated at 20W with operating voltage is near 10-12V mark

Well, when I purchased a 20W COB High Power LED Chip Module for less than a dollar, the manufacturer promised me that it will work well by just connecting a 12V adapter of 2A to it, but the first one I tried powering, worked for like 2 hours or so and then it was dead (I did used a PC heatsink for this). The second time, I hooked it up to a Variable Constant Current Source and slowly varied the current to get the 20W of power across it but since I don't have the current rating of this LED, I am stuck since I am planning to build a Switched Mode Constant Current Source for this LED to drive it efficiently. Can anyone provide me with its datasheet like all other LEDs have or even better, provide me with its Maximum Current Value? I know that suitable Voltage is around 10-11V but confused. Thank you.(I have uploaded the Photograph of that LED)

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How can I block wifi signals? Answered

I'm doing a science experiment to see what wifi does to health, so I need to block it. I want to make a box holding cell cultures or something to see what happens. 

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What is the best air dry paint to permanently paint details on a stained glass project?

I am a stained glass artisan.  I am working on a project where I need to add some detail to a few of the pieces on the panel I am constructing.  The detail I want to add to 5 of the pieces cannot be added using traditional stained glass techniques.  Specifically, I need to draw a few short black lines on the 5 pieces.  I want the lines to be a permanent part of the stained glass panel.  Also, I cannot bake the pieces to cure the paint; hence, the paint must be air dried cured.   What type of paint should I use?  Are there special techniques in applying the paint? How long, after application of the paint, does it take to completely cure the paint? I really appreciate your help.

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12vdc solonoid on/off by sensing the signals from EMG sensor the

Hi, I am katikam Uday,I am doing a project called upper limb exoskeleton which works with the help of EMG sensors ,12vdc solenoid valve,air reading on and off signals I want to know the circuit diagram of solonoid valve activates by sensing signals from the EMG sensor.could you please help me .I just want the circuit diagram how solenoid valve ON /off with help of EMG sensor , please tell me , circuit diagram requirements ,and code for it

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Disinfected made it home hypochlorous acid how could it be done does anyone know how ?

I have been researching hypochlorous acid and see great value in the production of it in these viral times.

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How much psi can an average 500 ml water bottle hold?

I'm making a soda machine with the "Carbonating: The cheap and easy way", and I would like to knwo how much pressure it can take, as I would prefer that my soda doesn't blow up in my face :)

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I am interested in making a 20 x 24 inch shopping bag/hand bag/tote bag out of cardboard. I need help.

I am interested in making a 20 x 24 inch shopping bag/hand bag/tote bag out of cardboard. What kind of tape, glue and other materials can make the cardboard bag really sturdy and strong? I need heavy duty stuff.

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ECO COUNTER BRICKS a counter to collect materials in a container, through MakeyMakey, and programmed with scratch1. prepare a container to collect materials in this case eco bricks2. create a switch and sync it with makey makey and scratch,3. program with scratch so that when you press the switch you can count each bottle that enters the container

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Did you started play Tennis outside?

I and my cousin was playing tennis outside of the house so a neighbour stops us to play outside and it was very annoying me.What about you? Serena Williams net worth

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How big HHO Cell would be needed for a 12 hp gas engine? Answered

I would  to  run  my  power generator  off a  hho  fueld  cell  . Can any one  tell me   how  big  of  one   woudl be needed  for  a 12 hp  gas  engine?

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Suggestion - Teachers section

Hi :)I think that often an instructable should be categorized under 'Teachers', but that it can fit for more than a just one 'Grade'. I think it would be useful if you added something more general.For example, if someone made an instructable about how to write on a whiteboard so that students can read it, that would be useful for all grades, so categorizing it under a specific grade is artificial.Thanks in advance!

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