can i use permanent markers to decorate my acoustic guitar? Answered

I have an old acoustic guitar hanging around which is probably 20 years old or something like that. i was already thinking a long time about painting it, but i never had the time. now i have vacation and some spare time.  so what i did until this point is:  1 i took of the strings (don't worry about the neck bending because there wasn't much tension :P) 2 i sanded the entire body down i am planning of getting some white car paint or something like that and put on 2 or 3 layers, then when that's dried i want to draw some awesome drawings on it with the permanent markers (probably all black and white drawings) and maybe some stencil art. i hope you can help me with this question, all answers will be appreciated ps. sorry if my English isn't perfect because i'm from the Netherlands and i'm only 14..

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Creating an electromagnet as powerful as an NeFeB magnet with same size

Is this possible?So I'm working on this project on levitation using superconductor and strong NeFeB magnets. I'm try to determine the possibility of replacing the magnets with electromagnets equally as powerful and of the same size if not smaller. But I'm bit skeptic about the idea as I'm not sure how possible it will be to construct such electromagnet (or buy them preferable). Is this something that is possible? can anyone reading this give me recommendations? thanks

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My skullcandy hesh do not have a sound on the right side, how can i fix it??

My skullcandy hesh do not have a sound on the right side, how can i fix it??

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Sheet metal input

Fixin’ to make to magnetic board and need some input on what to purchase. I’m seeing several types of sheet metal. There’s plain sheet metal, zinc plated, cold rolled, weldable, galvanized, etc. Is there a particular type I should purchase? Hoping to avoid anything that will tarnish or leave marks on any paper out on the board. Thank you for your input!

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Solar Powered Electric Wheelchair

I would like to put a Challenge out there for anyone to come up with. You see, I am in a wheelchair and I would love to go hiking with my son, but my chair can only go so far before it needs to be plugged back into a socket. I hate this, because it keeps me from going most places I want to go outdoors. But it dawned on me that if I had a Solar Powered Option to my chair, nothing could hold me back from being outdoors again. Ok yah,  it would help if I could redesign the platform & wheels too, but that's not the most important part... I NEED POWER. So, if anyone feels like taking on a new challenge and you are into Solar Power perhaps you could help me in this way. Thank You for your time in reading this, I hope to plant seeds of inspiration with all of you! May Love Light Your Way, Blessings! 

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Launch Stats Not Working

11 days ago I reported that the Launch Stats on my members page was not working ... it was working but suddenly stopped. Others have the same problem too but to date there has been no response from those who manage the website.Reposting as perhaps my first post has been missed?

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Laptop won't connect to my home wireless network, but other computers can. My laptop can connect to other networks tho.. Answered

I recently just moved back home from college and I can't use my wireless internet at my house. My laptop has always connected to every other WiFi signals and still does, just not my house signal. The problem is that it says it's connected with full strength, but it just doesn't load any websites or anything else that uses the internet. When I disconnect then reconnect, the internet briefly works for maybe 10 seconds then won't load pages. This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen because my Xbox, cell phone, and other laptop work perfectly fine on my internet. I even bought a brand new, very expensive router to try to solve the problem but that did nothing. I am running Windows 7 and my antivirus program is Kaspersky, if that is any help.

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Need a USB-Controlled lock box

Google led me here, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the ingenuity of the people here! Hopefully someone here can help me. I'm trying to find a USB-controlled box. The box can be quite small, as it needs to contain just a single key. As for the USB part, I can go two ways: first, I would need the state of the box lid (i.e. open or closed) to be sent via USB to the computer. Or, the second alternative would be that the box lid would only open if a certain signal was received via the USB cable. I can do the software programming to either send or interpret the signal, it's the mechanical part I can't figure out. I would happily pay someone to build this for me. Any suggestions? Thanks! Lee

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Separate speakers different outputs from one computer

Hello everyone. I'm working on a project right now that requires me to send 3 individual tones to 3 individual speakers without any overlap. I had decided that I was going to use the program audacity, as it can generate the tones and frequencies that I need, and a 6 channel amplifier connected to the 3 speakers I'm using. However, after I played around with it, I found that I could only generate 2 tones at a time, and could only get them to play out of the individual speakers I wanted by adjusting the L/R balance on the individual settings for each tone, but I can't create more than 2 without getting overlap. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plug-in that would solve the problem that I'm having. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Looking to build my own suit from scratch.

I'm a tomboy who's having trouble looking for a good suit at a fair price. I'm also interested in sewing, so I decided that I'll learn to make a coat and trousers. I know that'll be a while, but I just need to know a few things for when the time comes. 1)What is a good fabric for a year round suit? 2)Where can I get canvas for the inside? and, 3)What are good colors to wear over the summer AND winter?

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Power bill sky high, hot water leaking. Is my overflow valve wrecked? Answered

I went to look at a friends house to see what was causing the electricity bill to be double the cost compared to last years.  What I found was that the hot water cylinder was (1) turned up too hot, and, (2)is constantly trickling out of the overflow pipe. This cylinder isn't vented through the roof, it has a pressure doohickey on the top that vents water direct to the drain outside.  Is there a way to check that the pressure valve is working ok, or just get a plumber to replace it?

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The feeling of waves? Answered

How do you scientifically explain the feeling of still being in the waves at the ocean or the wave pool after you've left the big blue?

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Help connecting a Led strip to laptop power source.

Hi all, I want to illuminate my laptop keyboard and since the name of the device is LAPTOP meaning it is a mobile device, the tutorials on Youtube were not that promising ... and trust me I searched a lot. I work at a lighting company, we have tons of led stips ... the lowest is a 12V 7W LED strip and that's 7W per meter ... the closest CUT-HERE mark on the strip involves 6 SMD LEDs which is enough for me, this strip doesn't overheat, I put my finger on it.  The question is it possible to solder these 6 LEDS to the 12V DC power jack of the laptop or the USB power (+ / -) port ( on the mainboard ) .... as for the strip itself, I can install it on the Laptop Chassis, not necessary inside te Chassis in a very neat way. can it be done? is there any risk on the laptop ? .... will the USB still be usable ? ( again I don't want to plug a USB cable to power the LEDs I want to solder on the USB port on mainboard) Thank you

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Friendship Lamp

You may have seen these online selling for ridiculous prices it occured to me how easy this would probably be on arduino. Do any of you know what would be the bare minimum you would need to get this to work? I would assume you'd need them to connect to wifi, and just send a simple signal but I'm not quite sure how to implement this. Any ideas from those more knowledgeable in the particulars?Thanks,

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Add a buzzer to a multimeter? Answered

Hello, is it possible to add a continuity check buzzer to this MAS830S mutimeter ? i would like to do like on this video but i cant find which resistor is the good one i don't care if the buzzer is inside or not thanks

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Toxic glue in dishwasher

My spouse washed a bunch of antique children’s china in the dishwasher. They were from a garage sale and he didn’t realize some had been glued back together. The glue must have broken down and melted during the wash. Now the dishwasher smells awful (like chemicals) along with everything that was washed in it. Do we need to replace it?

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Taking Illustrator or Freehand documents to pattern cutting machine...?

I know Illustrator (for print) my friend wants me to teach it to her so she can make clothing designs. She also needs to make digitized copies of the designs for the manufacturer's cutting machine. How would I get from A(Illustrator) to B(digitized cutting file)?

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Has anyone out there ever managed to make a rat proof/squirrel proof bird feeder or know of a commercial one that works please?I love birds but not rats!My wife will not let me shoot the rats with my Webley .22 air pistol!At the moment I'm nearly rat free by only putting round suet balls in the feeder; as soon as I put seed in the feeder they're back. I've managed to stop the rats coming down the wire (amazing agility) by having a domed lid half way down the wire that when they try and stand on the lid it just tips and they fall off.I've seen various gadgets to try to solve this problem but all of them failed in my garden.I've done the usual things like making sure I keep the area clean below the wire feeder.I've tried having a tray underneath to catch the bits when Tits have fed from the feeder and husks fall to the floor - the rats leap from the bushes onto to the tray making it tip all of its debris onto the floor. I've tried hanging it in the most remote place - 6 rats turn up doing a war dance underneath it waiting for droppings to fall down!Anyone got any suggestions pleaseDennis

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HelloI want to move a dc motor with the help a arduino and motor shield for an huor. what do I do??

Question by rezam56  

How to make a crucible capable of containing molten aluminum?

I am working on melting aluminum/copper and i have enough power to melt them...only problem is something to contain it...I do not have acess to welding equipment/ceramics and any advice on how to make/obtain a crucible without special order would be nice! Even if its not a real crucible but can serve as 1!

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The Living HELL of BED BUGS, does hydrogen peroxide kill bed bugs on contact É

Apartment living, (1st time), has introduced me to variety of insects that I never even knew existed , & wish i never knew. Therefore I have a theory on the maiming or killing, and hopefully blowing up BED BUGS !!Putting hydrogen peroxide on blood stains, takes the stains out. If you have a wound, putting hydrogen peroxide on it, will bubble the infection, dirt & blood. Therefore cleaning the wound. So, if we get a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide, we could spray on, around & or in where the bugs are, and the theory is that the bed bugs would sizzle up or explode like it does when you put hydrogen peroxide on a wound.If anyone has the chance to spray hydrogen peroxide on a bed bug, ( make sure not to spray yourself because h peroxide dries out the skin ,Major wise )!! Please let me know. I pray I never see one anywhere near me. I get all `Buggzy wuggzy` Not a nice feeling,.... paranoid about every little itch, every little mark, terrible, terrible !But again, this is my theory about Bed Bugs. Maybe I`ll get my doctorate on Bed Bugs & Hydrogen Peroxide. lol

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Question about electrical safety for a project with a 60V Power Supply and a Nema 34 Motor?

Hi Instructables Community,I'm working on a project with someone where we are making a VR game that uses a stationary exercise for interaction. For example, if you turn up a hill in the game while exploring a map, it gets harder to pedal. The resistance on the exercise bike is controlled by turning a knob.The knob just controls a brake-like device that adds friction to the flywheel. We're just going to use a stepper motor to control the knob with a belt. We, somewhat unscientifically, compared the torque required to turn the knob on the bike to how much torque Nema 17 and Nema 23 motors require to pull parts of a 3D printer back and forth and decided we probably need to use the bigger NEMA 34 motor. The stepper motor driver and motor we are going to require a 50V or 60V, 5A DC power supply. The motor will need to be attached to the frame of the bike near the resistance knob.This is the stepper motor and driver we are planning on using. This is the power supply we are planning on using.The stationary bike we are using is made of steel and very heavy and will be moved around a lot when people want to try it or move it out of the way. I'm a little worried that since the bike will be moved around a lot and since the motor will be connected to the bike, that if a wire got pinched or damaged it could lead to an electrocution hazard. How can I make the electronics on this project as safe and fool-proof as possible?My plan for safety right now is:Use a GFCI power adaptor to power the power supply (link)Keep the power supply and driver in a metal, grounded project enclosure (link)Ground the steel frame of the stationary bike.Keep the project enclosure fixed to the stand of the bike so that it moves with the bike when the bike is moved out of the way.Put the wires to the motor in some sort of heavy-duty insulation or conduit that's securely fixed to the frame to avoid any pulling/s shearing. Any advice/feedback/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.I don't have any photos of the set-up right now since this project is still in the planning stage.

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Make battery supply for 9V synthesizer

I have a Roland D2 Groovebox that I'd like to use portably. It uses a 9V 1000ma AC adapter that I've misplaced. I prefer battery powered stuff so figured I'd take this as an opportunity to try to make it so. I'm comfortable with some soldering and cable splicing, but definitely lack the electrical knowhow to even know what questions to ask. I'm interested in either buying a battery housing for disposable battery power (AA thru D cell) or making a wire that can plug this into a rechargeable power bank. I assume this may be an existing product but, again, I don't know how to search for it (and, again, would also be happy to whip one up).

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Help finding an old flash game?

Hey, Its been a while since I played this game but I hope one of you will be able to find it. From what I remember, its was an old, flash based game, online, centered around drag racing. You could race in different events against different cars, and if I remember correctly you could also bet in it (no real money involved). Is was an early form of 3D, and not 8 bit (so not streetrod, but along the same lines). I remember being able to upgrade the car, and peing pinkslipped multiple times. I think the name started with a B. If someone knew what this is it would be awesome, been looking for it for around 3 years..

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Im looking for a two man go kart fram reitivly big just frame and wheels is all i want cuase it wont look the same when im done withit any way im only 13 so i really dont have a big budget.

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Is writing an art form?

Is writing considered as an art form? I think it is. You create highly emotive pictures using pen and paper instead of paint or other mediums. Your opinions?

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Rescue a defunct phone charger

I have an old cell phone charger that is very handy for charging my Kindle Touch and a set of Bluetooth earbuds. It quit working one day after someone used it to charge a high demand device. I read that the capacitors in these often fail. I got two electrolytic capacitors at a surplus store for less than a dollar total. I had to use a fine saw to open the plastic case. The new capacitors were the same electrical size, but not the same physical size. Closing the plastic case was not an option. I covered all exposed electrical contacts with hot glue, which is an excellent insulator. It looks ugly, but I have a good versatile charger again. (The high voltage connections are buried deep down where my fingers can not reach. As best I can tell, the terminals covered with hot glue for insulation are all low voltage.)

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Foam Board/Cardboard Shoes

Hey, I was walking past my little sister watching PBS Kids and on one of the shows this girl was trying to make her own shoes. Out of cardboard. Lightbulb. The only reason that they didn't work is because they got waterlogged. I am thinking that with good enough sealing and strong enough glue, useable shoes made from cardboard are a possibility!The only problem is that I don't have foamboard or time to spare or a working camera at the moment. If anyone could carry this idea further than me, have at it!

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Rechargeable led light power system

, any ideas on how i can make this unit rechargeable? and by that i mean to where u plug a cord into the unit and it charges the internal battery for the battery is not removable in the unit so its kind of same idea as charging your cell phone. below is a drawing of the unit.

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Arduino project question

Hello all smart Instructables community. I'm trying to find how to make a simple pipe locator. I'm thinking it could be done using an Arduino but not sure. I don't know how they work to be honest. My theory: The basic idea is one transmitter attaches to the pipe sending out electrical current, the other piece is a receiver to pick up that current beneath the ground. Am I in the right place to try my luck here or would it be more difficult and costly than to just buy one?

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Powering sensors and wearables

Hi Makers :)I am working on a project that aims at substituting batteries (or increasing their lifetime) to power embedded systems, sensors and wearables by exploiting body movements.I would love to know about some of your experiences with creating and experimenting with such devices i.e. embedded systems, sensors and wearables. let me know what you think on the link above.Thank you!Hans Paul

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How can I determine if my LM386N amplifier chip is defective?

I'm following the National Semiconductor datasheet for an approximate 200X gain (very minor modifications), but I get no gain at all. I do get sound though, which makes me believe the chip may be working just fine. The reason I know I have no gain is if I hook the audio out directly into the speaker I get the same sound volume/quality. I'm using a 9V battery for power, a 10 microfarad capacitor to connect pins 1 and 8, and a 220 microfarad capacitor between the 5 pin and the speaker positive input. Here are some differences in the modification: 1.) I'm using a 4 Ohm speaker and not an 8 Ohm speaker, but from what I understand that shouldn't matter since this is just a matter of less resistance and not more. 2.) I don't have a bypass or a .05 microfarad coming out from pin 5. 3.) I'm using a standard RCA cable from my computer headphone jack to test, and clipping a 20 gauge wire to each to run into the breadboard. I'm really new to all this, and I've tried like 3 or 4 different configurations, but they all generate the same sound volume/quality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Fan needs 12 volts at .44 amps. How can I limit the current to .44 amps from 2 amps, without losing the 12 volts? Answered

I am trying to power a fan that needs 12 volts at 440 milliamps. I have a wall-wart transformer that is 12 volts, 2.0 amps, and I many components. I have thermal compound,  heat sinks, resistors, 12 volt and lm317 voltage regulators. So, how can I limit the current to 440 milliamps from 2.0 amps, without losing the 12 volts? Also, I tried a resistor at 33 ohms and it burnt out. Thank you, Jeremy (Please note: I am teaching myself electrical engineering, I have not taken physics yet. My knowledge is based on sever books, web resources, and hundreds upon hundreds of youtube videos)

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How to Boost Voltage from 1.2 (or 2.4) Volt to 12 Volt?

I want to Build a flashlight as small and bright as possible but it doesn't need to last long. I allready got a case i want to use, it has enough space to fit 2 rechargeable AA's and 2 1000mA LED'S + cooling thingy. But to build it I need at least 7-8 Volts (12 woud be better). I only need it for like 10 Minutes between recharging so I don't really care about efficiency. Every schematic and formula will be helpful :) Oh and it would be nice if it's cheap ^^ Thanks from Germany :)

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Any idea how to build something like this Blood flow restriction device?

I saw this now im thinking about building one, but i don't know what parts i should or can use for it. Any suggestions?

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Pro woodworker seeks advice fro a machinist - I think?

So, I have 5 young nephews (5 - 12) that are super into Harry Potter. I want to make them individual, unique wands for Christmas. Not so much “traditional” HP style wands, but ones geared to each of their individual personalities. I am highly skilled with (and own) all major wood working hand tools and stationary tools, except (crucially) a lathe. Plus a lot of basic metal working tools. The goal - I would like to build a lathe like appliance, that would hold small wand sized branches / sticks, and execute assorted procedures on the branch... 1st - allow me to turn the workpiece at variable speeds (because most will not be straight). A sliding router jig would allow me to rough round theme most irregular pieces at a low lathe spin rate. I’m not so worried about achieving this goal. 2nd - I need one mandrel to be lockable (so I can inlay details with my router, for example). 3rd - I need to be able to INDEX and LOCK the mandrel at least at 6 to 12 positions (or 60 degree to 30 degree positions) - preferably the 12 position so I can make 90 degree faces, too). Unlimited stop options would be ideal, of course. This allows me to create all kinds of faceted surfaces and textures with different bits or tools. So, the obvious answer is go buy a wood lathe with an indexable and lockable mandrel. But I can’t find a cheap one, and I am a touch cash poor right now. I assume there must be a machinist mandrel head that will index like I’m describing, that I could build into my homemade appliance and power with a variable speed motor. But my main problem i have found is that I do not know the correct terminology. Any help? Thanks! Colin

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Is it possibe for a device to be 100% effecient???

Is it possibe for a device to be 100% effecient???

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Music from Deezer ?

I need help.I am looking for a good software to record some music from Deezer if possible on my tablet. Any  help please ? 

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How do you fool a vehicle in to thinking it has a trailer with electric brakes attached? Answered

I am working on a vehicle and trailer testing box. I would like to have a circuit built in to it that makes a truck think there is a trailer attached and will send out voltage on the wire for the electric brakes. This is so I can have a volt meter measuring how much voltage the truck is sending and make sure it is linear. Would hooking up two 6ohm load resistors in parallel to the blue (brake) and white (ground) wires off of a pigtail plugged in to the 7way plug on the truck make it think there is a trailer connected and therefor send voltage, or does the truck sense a trailer hook up a different way?

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High school teacher, new to wireless connections, looking to make a classroom app.

I'm looking to create a classroom app that will require some hardware creation as well. I'm hoping to take data from multiple of the same apps from each student's smartphone, and have a "teacher" app which receives that information and displays it in real-time, probably on a tablet or computer. I have a few questions to get started, as I am starting from about as square one as anyone could start.1) I'm envisioning a bluetooth connection, as I would love for the information to be sent from various student smartphones to a tablet device controlled by the teacher. What is the maximum number of bluetooth connections one device could receive data from at the same time? If the number is smaller than your standard high school classroom size, is there any way to get there?2) If bluetooth is limited to a small number of connections, is there an alternative wireless method that could work?Thank you in advance for the help, I look forward to getting started on this and putting my education experience to go above and beyond to help out in the classroom!

Question by calmlamity  

Locker Speaker for School

For school, I want to make something that plays music when the locker door opens but pauses when the locker door closes and doesn't use much battery power. Would prefer if it could last a month without replacing batteries, but I understand limitations. I have an idea of using a switch that gets depressed when the door is shut and turns the power off on the speaker, but I don't know how to turn the speaker off with the switch and I can't find one that is wired and doesn't seem like it doesn't have a start up or shut down sequence. I also don't know what I would have holding and playing the music. I would be fine if I had to shut the whole system down when I leave and turn it back on when I get back the next day. If anyone has some ideas and can explain this easily enough for me to do it, I would be very thankful!

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Extracting lead from car batteries?

I have a couple of battered old car batteries. There is no local scrap dealer that will take them so I was wondering if it would be possible to extract the lead myself and sell it for scrap. I have searched on google and cannot find anything about this and I suspect it would be dangerous and impractical. However I thought there's no harm in asking here. I was imagining that I could open the battery up and pour the acid into some kind of strong alkali, neutralising it to make it safe for disposal. But then, I certainly wouldn't like to try this without some advice first. Cheers! Pete

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Need help designing 18650 battery pack.

Hey guys, I'm trying to transform my JBL iPod deck which uses 13v 2.5Amps into a wireless bluetooth speaker for a better use. I have a couple of 18650s which has a capacity of 2500mah so i tried to connect 6 batteries in series and got 12.8volts but the issue is the battery capacity doesn't increases. Also some of the battery are 2.3v and 2.89v when fully discharged and has voltage of 3.6v as usual. So my doubt is can i connect 3x2.3v + 2x2.89v battery in series and 3x2.3v and 2x2.89v battery in parallel with the series ones to make it achieve more battery capacity?? If not how do i make a battery pack for 12v with better performance. The battery i have is Panasonic CGR18650C.

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Epoxy over oil based stain Answered

So i recently made the mistake of staining a piece i want to later apply an epoxy coat to, with an oil based stain. I’ve been reading around online and fully understand now that applying the epoxy to this would be quite the no no. Looking for some guidance on how to correct this mistake. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The stain was minwax oil base and the epoxy is famowood glaze coat.

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Receive arduino midi controller notes with android

Hi, I've made a midi controller follow this: works fine on my computer and all of my DAW like Cubase, Mixcraft and...But when i connect my Arduino Usb cable to my computer (Only for power cause i'm not using batteries) and my Usb to midi cable to my phone, My midi keyboard does not produce any sound, I use many different apps like Midikeyboard, Perfect piano, Midiscope, Walk band and etc... But it doesn't works...What is the mistake?Note: When i connect my midi cable to my computer the red led on the midi-to-usb cable switch On only when i play a note but when i connect it to my phone the red led always stays On! [See attached image]Note: My phone supports midi keyboard and running on android 6.0.1.Thanks.

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Help me with my 3D printer

ISSUE: Stepper motors are not working when connected with RAMPS 1.4.OBSERVATION: The LED lights(LED 2,3,4) in the RAMPS 1.4 and Stepper motor are not powering up.PRATICES: I use Arduino mega 2560 and installed marlin firmware in it. And I bought a RAMPS 1.4 in a local electronic dealer. I placed the RAMPS over Arduino mega 2560. For testing I just connected 2 NEMA 17 stepper motors with RAMPS. When USB port connection is given from laptop to arudino board, a LED light is ON in Arduino board(L) and in RAMPS(LED 1). I use SMPS 12V 20A as a PSU for RAMPS. But in RAMPS the LED 2,3,4 is not switched ON. I checked the input voltage to the RAMPS using micrometer and it shows 11.75V. But there is no output from the RAMPS.Also I installed and tried Repetier firmware and grbl but it doesn't work.When I flashed Arduino with grbl, in this case all the LED lights in arduino and RAMPS 1.4 is switch ON. I use Candle GRBL software to test the stepper motors.And I replaced and tested with another RAMPS which is bought from Amazon but the problem remains unchanged.Hereby I attached images of circuit connections. kindly give some suggestions at the earliest.Thanks and regardsBaalaji V

Question by Baalaji V  

Lipo battery cut off

I'm using a couple of Lipo batteries to power a speaker on a trailer, I bought 2 low voltage alarms that plug into the balance cables but upon testing I found it to be unlikely that I'll hear them over the speaker. So would it be possible to modify the alarms so that they activate some kind of cut off device attached to the power cable instead? Each battery is 4s 10000mah.

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USB extension cord not working

I needed to extend my USB port from behind my TV so I used an old phone charger cord, cut off the phone connection end and soldered a female usb port to it. I now had a cord with a male USB connection on one end and a Female USB connector onthe other. I double and triple checked the wire connections. (red, white,green,black). I even tested each cable end to end with a multimeter to ascertain that the were no short circuits or breaks in the wires. The extension is less than a meter long and it does not work when I plug it into my pc with a flash drive. What could possibly be wrong?Any assistance would be appreciated.

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