Washing machine motor on an electric vehicle?

Hello, i already asked a question about a car starter as a Motor for my Electric bike project. I got bad news from the answers, so I wanna use a washing machine motor.  My question is, do i need 240V to power it? Or it has like a transformator in the washing machine that makes the voltage lower? I never opened one..

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Can I hook a home theater subwoofer to my cars stereo system?

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with an aftermarket Jensen VM9512 in-dash DVD receiver. Can I hook up my subwoofer (Sony SA-W2500) to the receiver and use it successfully? I don't want to buy another sub. What I have to work with is a long enough cable to connect the sub and the receiver and a 12-volt DC - AC inverter. I'm not sure if the 12-volt plug in the back of my Jeep is turned on and off with the ignition or not, but the subwoofer has an automatic on and off mode and the power inverter is just ether on or off. Help? :]

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"Meow", the joke that never gets noticed!

    Okay, the joke I am going to be showing you is called "Meow".  It was invented by my brother in 8th grade, and it is absolutely hilarious! Oh, and by the by, you need to be able to keep a straight face for this joke, or it will not work.     So, the joke is very simple. You just insert a subtle "meow" into your sentence when you are talking to someone.  Example:     "Hey, man! How are you doing?"  "Oh, pretty good, meow."  "That's great."  "So, meow, umm, have you heard of the concert coming to town? meow."  "Yeah, I've heard of it."  "Are you going? meow."  "No, I can't."  "meow. Well, that sucks. meow. Well, I'm going to the concert. meow."  "Well, see you later, I have a bus to catch."  "Okay, meow. See you later!"      It really helps to make the pitch of the "meow"s to be the same as the sentence before or after.  My brother had to do a speech in front of the class, and he said "meow" FIFTY-TWO times in the the speech, and nobody noticed!

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Is there ANYTHING I can use old dial up modems for (other then dialing up the internet)?

Any old, or unique ideas on what I can do with them?  I have one that is fairly fast (an old cable modem) one that is medium fast (an old DSL modem) and one 56k plain vanilla dial up.

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Can I use 60ppi polyurethane to filter solder smoke?

I am going to make myself a little rig. Two fans with some kind of filter sandwiched in between. I was wondering if polyurethane filter would work because I saw it and it was extremely cheap. 60 ppi seems like the best filter quality I can find. Then again I don't really know what I'm talking about. If someone could explain to me why this is a bad or even a good idea that would be appreciated. Also any recommendations on anything else I should use instead. :)

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which is the positave terminal on a dewalt 18 volt battery?

Dewalt battery terminals are not marked, I need to know which is which

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Internal server error. I'm alone

After 4 days to try to upload a file i have always an internal server error message. How we can fix that ?

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Legal and copyrights confusion.

Hey everyone, I love instructables and I've been working on my own tutorial for the last few weeks. I am not far from publishing the instructables. Recently it came to my attention that I might have some legal/copyright issues. I built my DIY using some parts I took down from other products that are still on sale. One of these parts is copyrighted but not patented. I was wondering, due to the DIY and instructables nature if that would be an issue for me? I am not reselling the DIY or pushing people to do the same as me and even give indication to future makers about how to obtain that part legally. I cite all the sources of the original product from which I borrowed the parts. Would it be ok if I publish my instructables like this or should I avoid talking at all about the "borrowed" parts? Also, if a newspaper or magazine wanted to publish an article about my instructables, would granting them sole publishing rights interfere with using the "borrowed parts" that I talk about above? Would I even be able at all to grant them these rights, given the general terms of the CC license (Non-commercial share-alike)? Does this CC license allow anyone to publish an article about my instructables without my written consent (print and online), so long as they cite the sources? Thanks in advance for helping me out, I'm a bit confused!

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CDROM Motor as a USB Controller - Is it possible?

Thanks for the replies. Sorry, I will try and explain better...I have dismantled a few CDROM drives and stripped out the stepper motors that move the lens around. I wanted these to make a mini laser engraving machine (which I have all the parts to do now, but that's another project)I am also making an arcade cabinet and was looking to make my own 'spinner'. The spinner acts like a mouse but with only 1 axis. I figured that it should be possible to use the CDROM stepper motor as some sort of input controller, but getting it's electrical output converted to a digital signal is completely beyond me. It will require some sort of USB controller board obviously. I would be surprised if it was impossible to do.I asked the question partly because instructables was asking for suggestions/challenges and maybe I posted in the wrong place.Something like this USB joystick controller board in the images is what could be used to get a signal to the computer. It is quite basic and accepts on/off signals from microswitches in a joystick (left, right, up, down, fire etc).The bit I have no idea about would be getting a stepped on/off signal from the motor(generator) to the board when the motor(generator) was being turned. It would also be critical to know whether it was being turned one way or the other.Once that signal gets to the board (assuming the board is fast enough to read the fast on/off signals) then it is down to the program running on the computer to do what it will with that information, and that part is not what concerns me here.As you can probably tell from my terminology, electronics is not one of my strengths :)And yes Jack A Lopez, using a stepped motor as a stepped generator. Basically that's what I'm asking how to do and if it is possible to know when each step happens and in which direction. :)

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L298N - NodeMCU / D1 Mini - DC motor 12v

Hello,I am new in this area. I am struggling to make a dc motor to work forward and back with 2 buttons a L298N bridge and NodeMCU or D1 mini. I look every where on internet but i dont find a good example to help me. Please can somebody help to tell me how to connect all this toghere and if is posible the code ! I am all ready strugling for few days with this :( .

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Elementary School (K-5) Teachers

Do you teach at the elementary level? If so, this is the place for you to introduce yourself and connect with other K-5 educators. Where are you from and what grade level(s) do you teach? Say hi and share something exciting you did with your students this year or project ideas you have for next year. :)

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Has anyone ever built their own rooftop luggage or cargo box?

I have had a couple and for 2 & 300.00 bucks or more, there's really not much to them. It's just a hollow hinged plastic box, made to be a little aerodynamic and strapped to an existing luggage rack. I find it hard to believe that a home made version couldn't be created as sturdy if not sturdier, hold more and last longer. I was thinking maybe pvc, conduit, or even wood framed. Just curious. Thanks in advance for any helpful input.

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How can you divide an mp4 file into individual clips of mp4's?

I have an extremely long mp4 I need to use parts of for a project, but I don't know how to divide the clip into parts.

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Go-kart upgrade: plastic "wheels" to real tires Answered

My son received a Kettler Go-Kart (2nd hand adventure) for Christmas, and it's a lot of fun, even for the mom who crams herself into it to give chase to the kids (make great tight turns). Goal: take it a bit more off-road than asphalt and smoothish ground. Currently: Plastic, rear wheel drive wheels (think Hot Wheel front wheel material we grew up with). Where I'm at, after perusing the internet for all things pedal go-karty: I feel like the front wheel assembly will be pretty easy to replicate. The nature of rear wheel drive, which stays straight (fixed) is the challenge. Images attached. What's the answer to the rear wheel drive assembly? How to replicate rear fixed driving wheel with wheels available at the big box store, or is there another question that needs to be answered first? is the chief concern prior to fully disassembling the go-cart. And/ OR, What are the magic words for finding the "wheel" answer? Thank you in advance!

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Does any body know were I can get red phosphorus. I need it for making matches.?

I realy want this stuff for some strike anywhere matches. I know that I can get it from safety match boxes but I don't want to spend the rest of my life collecting them. I will apreciate any help people can give me.

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Does anyone know the easiest way to shake paint at home?

Have paint that hasn' been used for about 2 weeks and would like to know if there is any way to shake it enough at home that it will be mixed well to use.

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How do i determine the number of coil winding/size in a axial flux generator ?

I am building a axial flux wind turbine, i have built a small one, now want to move onto a bigger one. but i couldn't find any information on how to calculate the size of coils for the required power output. example i want to make a 48v 5kw generator, how would i calculate how many turns is required, the wire thickness, how many coils per phase. can someone please explaining the process in determining all this?all the resorces online just give me numbers, example 72 turns of 1mm wire to get 48v, they dont tell me how to calculate it myself for different voltages or different power power output.any help would be appreciated thank you

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Beer cap gift ideas? Answered

I want to give my best friend a gift that somehow incorporates a metal beer bottle cap that has some sentimental value.  Does anyone have any ideas?  It can be anything (aesthetic or practical, I have no preference).  Thank you in advance!

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How to Solve the Problem of Stepper motor only turning in one direction

I've finally had the time to start putting together the electronics package for a CNC machine, and already need to do some debugging. ;)I'm trying to get one stepper motor going with the v2.58 board, a RPi 3, Popolu DRV8825, and one of these stepper motors.I've used the Pololu FAQs to tell me how to hook up the stepper to the RPi CNC board. On my stepper motor A is black, C is green, B is red, and D is blue. I'm getting this from examining the documentation that came with the stepper motor, and I used an LED to verify which wires were connected to each other. I examined the traces on the underside of the board to tell me how things connected to the stepper driver through the screw terminals. The green connector should go to 2B, 1B, 1A, and 2A in that order if you're looking directly at them.I can get the stepper to turn in one direction, but not the other. It acts like it's trying to move by jerking around, but doesn't actually start turning. If I move it in the other direction there's some jerkiness at the beginning, but it'll start spinning, jerk a bit more near the end, and stop. I've put a short video of this on YouTube.I've tried using another stepper driver, and gotten the same results. I've tried various different wiring options, but all I've managed to do is change the direction of the issue. I've also tried moving everything over to the Y-axis, and gotten the same result. I'm convinced this is something to do with my stepper motor wiring, but I'm needing some help on figuring out the right way to do it.Any help?

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Slot car Lapcounter/timer

Good morning wise folks, Looking for ideas for a Slot car lap timer. I have a great set up using an old PC,but we are going portable and moving all that stuff is a pain. What would be cool is a stand alone for 3 lanes that could count laps,display lap time and remember fastest lap time. Oh and it needs to cost less than $20 per lane. Have some ideas?

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Can you help diagnose my Seal-A-Meal?

I have a Seal-A-Meal brand vacuum sealer, that all of a sudden stopped working properly. It has no On-Off switch. You simply plug it in, and then put the bag up to the vacuum area and then press down and hold the lid when its vacuuming the air out and then seals the bag closed. When it stopped working, a vacuum bag was placed (as we normally would) and then the lid was put down and pressed. The motor is still running, but normally it makes a louder noise as its vacuuming the air out, and this time it didn't work. (No vacuum). Since it wouldn't vacuum the air, it then wouldn't also seal the bag. Oddly, when I remove the bag and close it (with nothing in there) it DOES make the high pitched-noise, the green light comes on (hands free) and then does the sealing, even though there is nothing to seal.  But when I put the bag in - nothing but the motor running consistently with no change in intonation of the motor and the green light doesn't come on and it doesn't seal. So with the bag - not working.  Without the bag, it seems to work. I"m using Food Saver brand bags but those have always worked in the past.  Any ideas on what to do to service it and hopefully get it working again?

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Does the sailor uniform collar have any purpose?

OK. I know the reason for bell bottoms. I know the reason for the button flies with the button holes at odd angles. But I've never figured out the big square collar down the back.  Anybody know?

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Why Sub c batteries used in battery packs for drills?

Is this somehow related to discharge rate? I'm trying to replace existing sub c batteries, but their price is put me off. Can anyone provide some info? If use equal capacity aa, what the difference gonna be (once again discharge rate)? I would  really appreciate any info about this.

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Car wouldn’t start

I have Ford Focus 1.6 diesel. I left it for a week in airpark and when I came back trouble happened! Once I started the engine the battery light turned on then after driving for half hour ice light came on, soon after the airbag light and steering wheel light turned on too! After this the stereo turned of lost power and the light were getting shortened. The steering wheel got stiff and could only steer very little, I was in big trouble so I went on to low speed lane and had to drive for another 10 km in dark and in danger because whippers stopped working while was raining a little! I managed to bring the car home due to a luck of time and no cars because it was 2-3 am. Later on the car started but switched of in 2 min and doesn’t start after that! Can someone help what is going on with it please thanks.

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Speaker problem - surround sound not working

Hi guysI have a Panasonic SC-HT 990 system with four speakers (minus the centre and subwoofer).The subwoofer works perfectly, however, if i plug in the four floor speakers (2 front, 2 surround) only one will work.But, if I plug them into the same two speaker-wire ports in the main box, all four work. However, they wouldn't work as proper surround sound.Why is this? Why don't they work separated. I would imagine there is a problem with the connectors at the back of the main box, but can't see any issuesThanks

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Building a golf cart. How fast would a golf cart move with 2, 1 hp engines pulling around 250-300 lbs?

Thanks! Also, where can I find a huge battery that has an output of 115v ac and can run at 5 amps for over 2 hours?

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Im out of .1uF capacitors! Can I replace them with a different value?

Im building a FM transmitter and the project requires (3) 0.1uF capacitors. But i have none left! Can i replace them with a different value?∫

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What is this

Need help identifying this tool

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What kind of switch to operate and bypass motion sensor security light?

I would like to be able to manually operate the light for when I need it to stay on continuously, and then have it operate on the motion sensor when I am away from it. Basically I have a motion sensor light mounted above the entrance to my shed/ workshop, and sometimes I need to set up my sawhorses outside of the shop to do work at night and the light is sufficient, but when I have been still too long, perhaps doing some figuring or whatever, it goes out. I don't want to have to continue to wave my hands about to get it to come on every time it goes off. Do I need a double pole single throw switch, or a single pole double throw, or what(is a three way light switch a SPDT- [single pole double throw] switch)? Is there a way to wire it to a single switch where I could flip it over to one side to operate continuously, and then flip the switch to make the light work off of the motion sensor when I have gone in for the night? Please forgive the ignorance. I just can't envision it in my head. Thanks.

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Shock Collar activated by mobile phone call/text?

Hi,  I want to convert an electric shock collar to be activated by a call or text sent from my mobile phone. It has to operate long distance, so I assume some sort of stripped-down mobile device will be needed that can receive a mobile signal.  I have no idea how ot go about this, anybody have a solution for me? Does a device like this already exist, here or on the market?  I tried shopping about but could find no commercial device of this nature, only 'long range' RF shock collars with a maximum range of 1000 metres. 

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need help with knex roller coaster

Can a knex coaster expert make an 'ible on making custom coasters plz the guillotine

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magnetic bike pedals DIY? Answered

I'm Brainstorming a better magnetic pedal .   I know Proton and Mavic already make them But I'd like to have a Mag-Pedal that can be used with any shoe .    ... IDEA:  Using recycled neodymium magnets glued recessed into a gel insole  and magnets on pedals I'm hoping to make it easier than cleats on special shoes.  Of course you won't get the locked in power of straps or clippless cleats .This would be ideal for mud,gravel, quick commuting on regular bikes,bmx,mtb,people who what some full leg power on the up stroke but want to put your foot anywhere on the pedal you want.  Question: Might there be extra bearing ware from magnets?  Will there be enough magnetism through an inch of rubber to work??   Please critique my idea . 

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Making a "flexible" fibreoptic laser pointer

Dear knowledgeable peopleI am looking to put together a laser pointer connected to a some sort of a fibreoptic cable to allow a clean projection of the beam at the end of the cable. I have looked at visual detector devices but are they suitable in giving a "clean" and focused beam that can project for at least few metres? The other limitation is that I am looking to work with a class II laser to make it as safe as possible (sneaky kids etc..). If a VFD is not suitable for this purpose how can you connect a simple laser pointer to the cable (?possible ?practical).Finally is the green laser more focused by its nature?Many thanks in advance!!!!

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WW1-WW2 German Bayonet help

I was wondering if anyone can help me identify a German bayonet I have. I’ve done a bunch of research with my friends and think it was made during ww1 and reused in WW2. Some details are there’s a letter “J” on the spine and a filed out “3183” on the tang and scabbard I think those are the numbers I’m not completely sure but from the scabbard it seems to be “3183”. The tang serial number was filed out except the last number “3” and on the scabbard “813 (blank)”. And stamped over the scabbard is “3837” and on the guard “3887”. I believe it’s around 10-14 inches. I don’t know if this might help but just wanted to include it just in case, thanks.

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Add a photo on the instructable step area

Hi Instructable Community,I have a very important question..... I saw some instructables with some pictures on the text area, not on the top of the instructable steps. I do not want add a link to an URL, I would like see the photo.Do you know how to do that ?Thanks

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Where can i get LEDs?!?!?!?!?! i see all these awsome projects but i cant find LEDs website. please recomend a american store or send me a link. thx!!!!!!!!!!

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How to repair autofocus on Nikon D40?

Hello - I have a Nikon D40 with two lenses. The auto-focus works on one lens, but not the other. Suggestions I've already tried are to clean the lens thoroughly and clean the contact points. I'm not sure if I cleaned the contact points correctly, and I'd really like to know if anyone else has had this problem and been able to fix it. Thanks!

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Need help find schematics for a Eberline E-120 Giegercounter

Hello All, I have a Eberline model E-120 Gieger Counter that did work but now stop. It lost it's B- to the meter. When I turn to Batttery test or any function nothing happen. if I give it a b- to the meter the meter pegs out. There must be a resistor in the circurt. Any helpfinding a ptint would be helpful. Thanks.Joe D

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X is always happy Y is sometimes sad

Hi One and All, New here and new ish to electronics. I have put together a physical test environment with a 450watt psu from a PC, an Arduino UNO R3, CNC Shield v3 - this is driving 3 dvd/cd rom drawer stepper motors via 3 A4988 drivers. Firmware uploaded as gbrl v09 using XLoader and running some test g-code using UCG. I have set V-ref on the drivers using a multimeter balancing motor function and heat. Well, there is in fact a very small voltage window where the motors work (.75 or thereabouts) the coils test at 10-11ohms.The issue! X, Y, and Z axis all work perfectly when run individually. However, from a blog (can't recall which right now) I have created some polygons for the 3 axis to draw/print. X and Y motors won't run at the same time when the code dictates. X always runs and Y just shudders but when the code within the same file dictates motor Y to run alone it works fine. Z works fine irrespective of what X and Y do. I have tried adjusting v-ref to no avail. Does anyone here have any ideas how I can get Y to run alongside X? Thanks in advance.....

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Any ideas for a printer that can print onto a bound notebook's pages?

Hi, I've been wondering about this for a while. I would like some sort of machine that can print onto the pages of a book that is already bound. For example: If I have a leather notebook and I want to print a poem or some such onto a page I would then load the book into the printer and the printhead would move around the page to print the required text (as opposed to the page being moved in a normal printer). I was wondering if anybody knew of an existing tutorial, product hack that might allow me to do this? What I have found is the following: -Axidraw - this is probably the closest to what I want but it is quite expensive. -Handibot - this does what I had in mind but for cutting. My ideal would be something like this that prints. -Printer modification - another step in the right direction but this only works if the material being printed on is of a fixed height. The constraints I foresee is the fact that the pages in the book need to be kept flat and that the height of what is being printed on can vary. If there is a solution out there I haven't been able to come up with the search terms to find it. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Marcu

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Is this gonna be big enough for an electric bike?

I have a complete, motor/wiring harness/controller/charger  out of a wrecked Spirit Scooter it has bad batteries but the motor runs.  I would like a 20/30 mile ride between charges 50 would be even better. The motor is 24v   250w  14a  How much of a battery system will it take to get the numbers I want or is it feasible?   I have a second one that is in great condition that just needs batteries. I don't want to molest it just yet.

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E coli incubator

I am building an incubator for ecoli.  Any comments or improvements?

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Problems with setup for RC plane ESC, motor and battery

Hi I'm fairly new to RC world and i just ordered some parts for my first plane.I ordered Nano Tech 3S 11.1v 1.3Ah 45-90C battery, 30A Brushless ESC with BEC and BR2205 2300KV 2-4S motor.As i understanded from internet continuous battery discharge load is suposed to be higher than ESC amperage which is supposed to be higher than motor current load.I expected this setup to function properly and to control it with fly sky FS-I6, but when I hooked ESC to battery(still didnt connect motor) I saw that ESC wasnt supllying 5v from BEC for my receiver. Later I tried running motor with Arduino which would send PWM signals, but motor didnt run and esc on all three wires was giving out ten volts.Is ESC fried somehow? Did I choose compatible ESC,motor and battery?Again begginer here, just trying to make his first plane fly .If anyone has any tips or suggestions on why I have these problems please try and help out.Thanks very much!

Topic by luka.zrnic2004  

Advice on building a RC projector enclosure

I have a video projector mounted on the underside of a moveable wood panel on my patio ceiling (see pic, the yellow plastic would be removed) that I'd like to build an enclosure for that won't break the bank. Since it is too high to reach, ideally (with some help) I can construct an enclosure for when it is not in use, that I can remotely adjust to use the projector (for example; via linear actuator or screw drive, etc.). The challenge is the projector has fans and cooling vents on the sides which need clearance to be effective, so three sides of the projector must be clear (the third is the front w/ the lens). All told, the vertical distance of movement for this clearance would be about 4-6". While I'm not well versed in this kind of small motor/arduino/circuitry construction, I'm pretty handy and am confident I can figure it out with some help. I have found many examples of RC box openers with hinged lids, but in all these hinged designs there would not be enough side clearance for the vents. I hope my description was not too confusing, I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!

Topic by STRobo  

Simple 3 button LED light switch.

Hello!I am trying to create a USB, 3 button switch. I can't find any helpful info out there. Can someone please help me build the circuit? The photo is what I want it to look similar to.

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how do you build a twirly bed?

I'm remodeling my house and fell in love with the "twirly bed" concept. i have a limited space, and this contraption seems perfect for my situation. how the eef do i make this without spending upwards of 3000 bucks? i now it's possible, lead the way. and thank you. when you have one too many, you can crash on it. 

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has any one cried in a dream and then woke up and had tears in real life.?

Like some one die in a dream  and cried and then woke and they were crying in real life.

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