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Fhp motors uoz 112 g 70

How to connect to ac the motor has 7 pins wich pin2 and 3 are brushes .need some help please

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Is it possible/safe to plug photovoltaic electricity into wall socket? Answered

I have a photovoltaic panel and I want to connect it to the AC power line of my house. To  connect it to the electrical panel of the house I should use long wires. So I thought: "Is it possible to plug it into the nearest wall socket?" Of course I don't want to put straightway DC from the photovoltaic panel into the AC power line... what I mean is  to plug the output from an inverter into the wall socket. Is the inverter supposed to adjust the phase of its output current to match the mains' phase? Should I look for a particular kind of inverter? Thanks for your answers EDIT: Doing further research I found that a company sells photovoltaic systems that you can plug into the wall socket. So in theory it should be doable, but as rickharris pointed out, it seems that it would cost more than I'm ready to spend. Probably I had better resort to plan B: connecting the solar panel to an inverter, snaking wires through the walls and adding another receptacle to an existing electrical outlet. Thanks to all of you

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Subscript and Superscript in Instructables Editor?

I'm missing something glaringly obvious here, but how do you get subscript and superscript in Instructables text editor?

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I need help with remote controls.

Can any one point me in the right direction on remote controls. I have a lift installed in my van for my wheel chair. The chair and lift total is about 400 pounds. I have a guy tell my that it would take a special unit to lift that much. The lift has all the motors necessary to operate it. I only want to run the motors remotely because of the way the wires keep getting caught in the lift. Can anyony help me? Thank you in advance for any you can give.

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Will it work if I put 400kv dc input in spark gap TC

I have a ques if I put 400kv high voltage generator as an input in standard spark gap Tesla coil will it work

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How to Build a Custom Sound Effect Alarm Clock

Hey, I wanted to build an alarm clock with multiple, customized sound effects that could be chosen instead of randomized. I'm really new to instructables, and electronics in general, but I've thinking about this project for a long time and I'm willing to learn just about anything to get it done. Where can I find an instructable or link that will point me the way? Thanks!

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I want coal!

I'm a blacksmith in training and i need some coal, i want some, i don't need it but it would help a ton. my father keeps saying that i can get 1000 lbs of coal for $100 but so far, it's all 50 lb bags for $20 on, some 12 lbs for $20 on some remote website somewhere someplace in some far recess of the pixelated world of the internet!!!  ... i don't mind paying $200 for 1000 lbs, or even a bit more but the problem is, is that i'm in Florida right now. so, i don't know how to get coal cheaper than a buck a pound. right now i'm using lump charcoal and it works fine. but coal gets the metal a bit hotter. so what do i do.

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Q: does a mechanical clock heated up change speed=time?

Hi, got an old windup alarm-clock... left it sitting on the window-sill inside the cabin on a hot day.... noticed that it was slowing down.. almost by a few minutes per hour. heated up metal-parts expanding and putting a *squeeze* on time? thanks, greeting from los picos de europa, pit

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Dude, where are my unpublished, draft instructables? Answered

It seems like my Instructables dashboard used to have a button, or a link, pointing into unpublished, draft 'ibles, I might be working on. Is there a button, or a link for that, somewhere? For to show a user all of the unpublished 'ibles that he or she is currently editing, but has not published?I have noticed that an URL of the form,/editInstructable/edit/123456789ABCDEF/step/0will tell the ible-editor to open that particular draft, where "123456789ABCDEF" is a length-15 string of [0-9] and [A-Z] that, I guess, uniquely identifies that draft 'ible.Maybe we are all just supposed to bookmark, or make a note of that URL, while writing a new 'ible. Either that, or never close the browser while working on a new 'ible.

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Info on ring I found?

I found this ring while rotottilling the yard and would like to know anything about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Suggested Prizes

Stay with Amazon Gift Cards - these are great!

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Controling leds with an Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a RAK2245 Pi HAT

Hi. I have an project and would need som help wit finding a way to control some leds.It will be 2 leds, one green and one red. and i am planing on using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with an RAK2245 Pi HAT Board for some wireless communication. The leds will have 4 statespassiv- The green is pulsing Stand by- if switch a is flipped, both leds are activated. It is also awaiting and wireless signal. to chang state charging- When it revives the signal "start charging" and the switch is activated, the green led is activated fully. Problem- if the system revives the signal "problem" only the red led is activated, regardless of other signals.The signals "start charging" and "problem" are going to, in best case, be controlled by an user with an app.So my questions are...1: would my plan work. 2: How would i do the weiring3: Could make the program by just an simpel if-else4: What would i need to change if i whant two seperat led setupps. to be controlld by the same Raspberry Pi

Topic by VikBer  

Help Me with my BRICK !!

Our brick home was built in the 60's. Over the years the faces of the brick kept popping off. I was told it was do to water getting behind them and freezing. Well now we are ready to have all 200 brick removed and new ones put in. We found out the manufacture of this type of brick no longer makes them. So I thought maybe we could fined a brick that has the same texture and then paint the whole house. We have been looking and haven't found any. I call some contractors but everybody's either to busy or they will get back with me. Does anyone have any advise ? How should I talk to a contractor to get them on the job ? I've told them I have some Money !! (Retired Military Pay). Can anyone Help!!

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Look out, Switzerland!

Tomorrow*, the Kite family are going to the land of cuckoo clocks, cartoon cheese and particle accelerators. We're visiting friends in Geneva, but if you're out there and the environs, and see a chap in a leather fedora and Robot shirt, or wearing a Robot lapel badge, stop and say hello. I'll give you stickers. (*Wednesday 6th - Wednesday 13th)

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Need help on my PCB design

Hello,I am doing my first RF project. I want help regarding trace width calculations. I have to design 6 Layer PCB in FR 4 material which my first layer contains RF signals.My layer stack up is like Signal, GND, Inner layer, Power, GND, Bottom.I have a query regarding the RF PCB design.1) RF signal contains in 1st layer so which calculator used? co-planner or Microstrip?2) How RF Trace length important? any calculator for RF length calculation? Please guide me as soon as possible as this is my first project and I have to submit it.BTW I am using this free PCB software to design my own, what do you it is easy to use and there is a cooperation between visuino and a PCB company, where you can get your PCB and PCB service at an adorable price. but I want to know is there any other free PCB software for a beginner?

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Does anyone know what kind of reflective paint is used on the inside and outside of the glass on the 3D FIREWORKS BULB to give that prism effect?

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Need a way of discharging a 60v battery at around 10-20 amps

I’m doing some work on 60v lithium ion battery’s that are 16s and need a way to discharge them for testing. How would I calculate what resistor I need ?

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Deutsche Anleitungen

Hallo, hat jemand interesse seine Anleitungen auf einer Deustchen Seite zu posten? Wenn ja, bitte melden.

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knex gun contest for knex hater haters

Hi. Its me again. I am annouceing the first knex gun contest for my group. This is a challenge to people to make the best ever knex gun that they are possible with their knowlage. The first place winner will be put in for gun of the year along with a certificate personaly signed by me sent via site email (whoop de doo =( ).ALSO EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN OFFERD GREATER PRIZES THAN THESE UP HERE, READ ON TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE. The giudelines are:Cant have block trigger.Must be your own idea and no copying systems from other people ( with a few acceptions by me).Must be in a instructable by you. Not in fourums (no acceptions)You must be a member of my group to qualify.Must go 35+ ft.It must not be any older than 1 1/2 month starting May 16.So if you are done with your instructable, add it to my group. The contest starts Monday, May 14-Monday, and ends May 28. PrizesGood news, your freindly neighborhood Canida has offerd me some little extra goodies for the first,second,and third place winners. NOT ONLY WILL THE FIRST PLACE WINNER GET A CERTIFICATE FROM ME BUT THEY WILL ALSO RECIEVE: A SPY CAM,AN INSTRUCTABLES PATCH,AND A ROBOT STICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.SECOND AND THIRD PLACE WINNERS WILL RECIVE A PATCH ALSO AND STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Honerable mentions will be shown in another fourum along with winners. DUE DATEThe contest closes once again monday May, 28 12:00 a.m. I have extended it another week. The winners will be in a fourum along with anyone else on May 31 or june have fun and dont slack off. Knex hater hater.

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Knex Gun Contest

Hey guys! I''m having a contest, in which you guys must post (on this 'instructable') a knex pistol. I will choose the winner. It will last until Christmas Morning. The gun must be one you made yourself, and you can enter more than one. No Repeats!!! I will check on this once a week. The gun doesn't have to be a replica, just a good, solid, working pistol.

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Use LED VU meter as Tachometer?

Hi, i want to share and ask something.   Somedays back i bought a digital tachometer with dial and needle. I wanted to test it, so i connected its power terminals (12V) and connected the Tach input wire to audio speakers output (+ve) terminal and played a loud song.  I saw Tach needle going up at certain frequencies. I want to ask that if tach can detect audio signals SAME AS a VU audio meter does. So, CAN A LED VU METER BE CONNECTED SAME IN PLACE OF TACHOMETER  to detect car RPM signals.? Plz help and guide.

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USB Washing Machine

Would I be able to use my phone charger to power a USB mini washing machine?

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home built go Kart, electric V.S gas

Me and a friend of min have been wanting to build a go cart. Right now were in the planing stage and the first Question is to use an electric or a gas motor. If any one has any impute on which is cheaper, quicker, simpler, safer. A top speed of 40mph or so is good enough. My dad can weld (and is teaching us) he is an electrical engineer i have a fully working washing machine motor (most likely to small to use) also have a lawn mower enginewhen i say top i mean like best of best "top electric cart" (not my video) "top gas cart" (not my video) links]

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I tried to fix my old headset but.....

Hello. Pardon me for troubling you with this question. It's just repairing my old headset and I wanted to at least make it work again. I have a few headsets on my shelf because of the loose connection in the audio jack so I tend to buy another one instead. But now I thought I should try to fix it. Then a while ago I was able to make it work but only in the right channel. The left channel has a lower volume output. I provided some pics to show the headset I'm working on and the connections I made. The red wire is in the lower pin. The green wire is in the middle pin and the blue one is in the top pin. The ground is in the longer pin with the lock. Sorry for the image quality. Is there something wrong with the connections I made?p.s. I also wanted the microphone to work too.

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would it work to play bass guitar through a car amp/subs??

I am wondering if i could play bass guitar through a car amp and some subs meant for car seems like a shouldnt be able to, but i cant think of a good reason why are some subs i was thinking about buying... would they work?

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I need a way for my dog to climb up to my loft bed from the floor-can't find a long enough dog ramp

How can I turn my Loft Bed wooden ladder into a climbing ramp for my small 19 pound dog to climb up into the loft bed? I have a nice wooden ladder to the loft bed, but the wooden rungs are about 10" apart -too far for my small dog to climb up that 45 degree angle Any ideas? OR ideas for a long enough dog ramp/stairs  (I do not see any long enough for sale anywhere that would reach a loft bed ---and not be too steep.)  The longest ones I have seen available seem to reach from the ground to the tailgate or the back of a truck or the like.  I thought of adding a layer of carpeting to the loft bed ladder, with possibly some kind of strips for my small, agile 19 pound  Mini Eskimo mix dog. She is usually cautiously timid of unstable situations or  obstacles in her way, although she jumps easily from the floor to regular height bed.  Also, I guess i will need to be able to lift up or off whatever dog climbing material I put on it, so that I can  convert it back to something I can climb up into the loft bed too! Unless I build something (maybe from sturdy shipping boxes covered in carpet (I have plenty of carpeting that I could cover a series of large rectangular somehow strung together and that would be flexible (kind of like a roll-out fire-escape ladder is flexible) the rectangular boxes when sealed are quite strong and light weight, and  that would be light weight enough to flip up or down, but I need help on the engineering part of designing and constructing something from boxes or long pieces of carpeting or or from the human  wooden loft ladder to make it more dog-friendly.  Any ideas, or am I just an unrealistic dreamer?

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quick two wires diagram,4 wires in one blk,green,white,red,other red, blk, cell phone?what goes together?

4 wires too 2 wires how do you put them together Blk,red,green,white the other blk  ,red to get a connection for cell phone charger have to use what i have right now

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Show off your drawings!!!

Though there's no members at the moment I figured I'd go ahead and start a topic. In this one, just post pics or scans of some of your drawings. Here's three of mine:

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Official Instructables API

Instructable's is my favourite website/platform/community period. As an Engineer on Instructables I would really like to see a Open-Source API so that developer and engineers can access data & statistics from their Instructables easily. The main reason for which I would like to see an API is so  that I can create physical notifications(LED light bulbs) every-time someone Favourites or Comments on My Instructable. I guess you could create an IFTTT channel for Instructables(triggers like comment,favourite,inbox,etc.). I'm curious to know if there  is  a Instructables API in the making? I'm sure there are other Engineers & developers in the Instructables community who would like to see an Isntructables API. If you have any ideas as to what the Instructables API(if Instructables HQ decides to make an API) should include leave it in the comments. I'm sure they would like to hear some of our ideas.

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how to make a hybrid go kart ( i.e., with the motor and the engine)..?

I want the go kart to start with  the motor and after it reaches 20-30 speed, it should run with the engine.. can anybody help..? How the transmission will take place..?

Question by sachin jain    |  last reply

Screen lift bulid help

Got an idea, but need expert help on how to complete it.Have planned to build a desk, where a screen comes out of the desk. The screen is 27 "I have looked on youtube for the silmiler, but have not found anything that fits properly. Then I only have a screen without all the plastic around.

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Lionel Trains. How to tell what year they were made? Answered

I inherited a Lionel Train set but can't determine when it was made. The Locomotive has 027 on a Metal plate on the bottom and 2026 on the side. I'm trying to determine what they might be worth. Has several cars and a tender for the Locomotive. One car is a Baby Ruth Box Car. Has Tracks but no Transformer to test it out. Any Lionel Train buffs out there that can help?

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Bypass safeties in electronic Neon Transformer

I have a neon sign transformer that i would like to use for high voltage projects. The problem is it has an electronic safety circuit that (I believe) checks to see if there is a neon tube is attached.  Does anyone know how to bypass the safety system? the transformer box is full of insulating tar so accessing the electronics is near impossible. when turned on it sends out several short HV pulses and then the warning light illuminates, it seems to be searching for some type of load. 930CPX120 ALLANSON 9000V 30MA NEON TRANSFORMER,

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How to Clean Septic Toilet with Baking powder and Vinega

Septic Toilet can be cleaned in the following ways:Springle 1/2 cup of baking powder inside the toilet bowlAdd white vinega on it and wait before scrubbing the entire bowl. This is a safe method of for cleaning septic thank.If anyone know any other method, please feel to make your contributions.

Topic by Oniyinay  

I'm trying to make black iron oxide FE304 and using the method of electrolysis.

I'm trying to make black iron oxide FE304 and using the method of electrolysis i'm using salt water and two washers for the electrodes, however my oxide instead comes out as dark green?It is magnetic, but only with a strong magnet.Is there any way of making black iron oxide with this method?thanks? I should not i am trying to make ferrofluid.

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Help with what concrete to use for an usu ( aka a giant mortar)?

I've never worked with concrete before but I have a burning passion to make an usu which is more or less a giant mortar about 1 1/2 foot deep and 2 feet wide in the inside diameter that uses giant mallets as a pestles to pound sweet rice into mochi. What I need to know is what kind concrete will be able to hold up to hot steaming rice and constant impact with wooden mallets without cracking or chipping. My idea is to cut a garbage can down to the height I need and to use a styrofoam mold that are the diamentions of the hole I need. Do I need some kind of release agent or will the water evaporating from the concrete shrink it enough to allow the styrofoam to be taken out?

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In need of some IKEA Akurum suspension rail. There’s got to be some out there!

We bought an IKEA AKURUM kitchen shortly before it was discontinued. 9I was never told it was going to be discontinued of course). Because of some health issues we are just starting to install it now and I cannot get any of the parts from IKEA . They did not sell us enough suspension rail and we need some more. Bueller? Bueller?

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Hey there friends! Happy to announce that there's an ongoing contest for a free tutorial for a wire bracelet design. All you have to do is visit  Handmade Jewelry (Jewellery) Club Facebook Fan Page  where you can see the wire bracelet I've made. Suggest a name for the bracelet by leaving a comment and who's suggestion gets picked will win the tutorial for the said bracelet. You can also visit my  blog  and read the article,  Name the bracelet and Win the tutorial from XQDesigns  where you can find links to the contest.  I've uploaded the wire bracelet here. Hope to see you everyone at the fan page! Cheers! Jane XQDesigns 

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iPhone App?

It seems the iPhone app for Instructables doesn't work for me on my iPod Touch. When i try to download it, a message pops up saying "The item you tried to buy is no longer aailable." Any ideas on how i could get it to work.

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I accidentally poked small hole in freezer cooling line, can I patch it with flex seal or something like it?

Was de-icing my haier mini fridge, when I accidentally punctured a tiny hole in  freezer wall cooling line, it hissed for like 2 seconds. Is it safe to plug back in? and can I patch the hole?

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Best Way to make uniform crushed glass at home

I obtained an abrasive blaster and I decided to use crushed glass as the media. I have a steady supply of beer an wine bottles that I can crush but have a slight problem. I am currently useing a capped steel pipe and a baseball bat to crush the glass. The results are anywhere from large quarter sized chunks to dust. I want to have crushed glass roughly uniform in size as well as to be able to make larger or smaller sizes depending on the application (rust, paint, etching, etc). Does anyone know of a way a DIYer could make a uniform crushed glass abrasive to use in a blaster?

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What kind of code or cipher is this?

I'm working on a puzzle and can't identify the type of code this is.  I'm not looking for somebody to solve it for me, I just want to research it and learn how to solve it myself.  I can't really do that until I know what I'm dealing with and various Google searches have turned up no information of value. This is a small portion of the code and I have no additional information or clues: BT RK RV YC NP GZ YY AA LS HZ NL RR ES IC AN BF RG SS EU VD NF YC SS RH MH MH MH MH MF HN LS HO GY YV UG IC AS GK BT LS HG AD LS HP CV NT There are 95 groups of 2 letters each.  I have tried a couple of things which have not given me any result. I'd really appreciate any kind of information as to what I'm looking at.  Thanks!

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Substitue for box fan legs.

I'm trying to think of something to use in place of the plastic feet on those Lasko box fans. Any ideas? Thanks.

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How do I paint something but still keep it transparent? Answered

I've got one of those clear plastic balls used for making Christmas ornaments. I need to make it pink but it still needs to be see-through, like a bubble. Is there a certain sort of paint I should use or is their just a trick with regular ole acrylic paint that'll do the trick?

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Should I ground my amplifier? Answered

This needs a bit of background info. I found this amplifier a year ago in the streets, by the trash, and I took it with me cause I like to open up things and see what I could get (it was obviously broken). I opened it up, and started looking at the parts. The connections are old-school, first time seeing those. I noticed that one cable was not connected, so I took care of it, and tried to power it up. For my surprise it worked, and I had to secure the plug, which had only red and black (+ & - I guess). Fast forward to now, I heard or read that anything connected to a plug should have the ground as well, especially if it had something metal. The amplifier is made of metal on the sides. I'm giving it to my uncle, but I don't want to give him in a dangerous state, so, should I change the plug again and put one with the 3 wires? How or where do I connect the ground? (I saw one connected to a screw in the metal part once) And most important, why? Thanks a lot, sorry for length and for possible grammar or vocabulary mistakes. TL;DR: Found an amplifier without plug, should I put one with ground? How? Where? and Why? THANKS!! I've got answers saying that ground on audio systems are complicated and I've been reading but it's so confusing, and I don't understand it pretty well... THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE GIVING ME SOME INPUT, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! :D

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How can I manufacture a bike trailer coupler to replicate this one? Answered

We recently bought a secondhand InStep brand bike trailer to haul the kids around in.  It came with one coupler.  I'd like another one that I can attach to a second bike so we can easily move the trailer from one to the other. The couplers are available online for around $10, but for various reasons I prefer not to buy that way.  I'd rather try to make something that will work, buying materials locally.  I've looked at several trailer coupler Instructables, but none of them seem like they'd work with this trailer"s tongue, and I don't want to modify it, since it works just fine with the existing coupler. Any suggestions for a way to make a good, strong, secure coupler?

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i need help to make a video game can anyone help me?

Hi my name is arshya and i want to make a video game but i do not have the experience because i am 13 but i already have a idea i just want to see if it is possible to make it so if any one can help we can work as a team if its possible to make my idea, we can get it together than maybe we can split everything 50, 50. so if anyone is interested just email me at

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