Why wasn't my instructable featured?

Hi, i have read the "how to get featured worthy instructable" article, and i can't put my finger on why wasn't that instructable featured.can you give me any advice? youhadas

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FoodSaver Quick Start V825/V845/Game Saver Sport Vacuum Sealer.

We have an FoodDSaver QuickStart V825/845 Game Saver Sport vacuum sealer that will suck the air out but will not seal. I was wondering if it could be the heating element gone bad???? Tell me how to check it and how to fix it. Thanks in advance. My email is;

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I want a special rc tank

Hi, We wanted to design circuit board. The Circuit board size 92mm x 42mm. This circuit board is for small RC Tank with two wheels which has two motors. This tank is for indoor usages. RC tank properties; a) Image transfer operation with 5g wifi and android hand terminal b)take picture recording c)2.4 g remote control (left, right, forward, backward) d)voice comunication single side e)Industrial tablet; android operating system support with remote control visual comminication. sample applications;,searchweb201603_1,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=6f402017-0dcb-44ff-aa1b-8ba773277605-6&algo_pvid=6f402017-0dcb-44ff-aa1b-8ba773277605&priceBeautifyAB=0

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Technology Category: Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Data Science

I would like to see AI/ Machine Learning/ Data Science be a Subcategory in the Technology Category on Instructables. The field of Data Science/ Machine Learning is on the rise. Machine Learning is being integrated into various products & services we use on a daily basis. Below is the Developer Roles chart from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017; It shows that the field of Data Science & Machine Learning combined accounts for approximately 12% of those surveyed, compared to the combined 1.6% in 2016. A large number of Open Source Machine Learning libraries like TensorFlow, SciKit, etc have been made available to developers across the world. These libraries enable developers & engineers to integrate ML models, Computer Vision, Chat Bots, Speech & Text recognition, etc into their projects. The Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa AI both AI Assistants are now compatible with the Raspberry Pi. Android Things - An OS built for connected embedded systems which can run ML & AI programs is now compatible with Hardware Platforms like the Intel Edison/ Joule & the Raspberry Pi. Platforms such as OpenAI conduct fundamental research & provide free software for training, benchmarking & testing AI. Kaggle - a website for hosting Data Science Competitions has a large collection of high-quality public datasets. There are many other platforms & frameworks like these. With the growing number of resources being made available in these fields, it is only natural that a large number of people will be looking for tutorials & instructions to help them integrate these resources into their projects. Instructables could become the repository of ML/AI based projects. E.g: AI-based Security System, a Line following robot which uses ML algorithms to follow the line, etc. I hope we can have a constructive discussion in the comments as to how we the Instructables Community can make Instructables the best repository for AI/ML projects.

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How to finish osb boards?

Hello,I want to make a furniture with osb boards to store clothes. In order for the osb boards to be smooth, I wanted to know if the osb boards can be sanded in the same way as the traditional wood and the best finish that can be used for osb.Thanks!

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My photos wont close, why?

I'm writing a new instructable, I'm in the middle of it. I clicked on one of my photos, it took over my screen. I wont close.There aren't any X's or other buttons to close this. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the rainbow deadline.Please HELP

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SketchUp Movement simulation

Usually I'm using SketchUp 3D designs to create the models before I start my projects but unfortunately its all solid objects ..Now I need more capabilities using an easy way to simulate the movements of my models especially when it related to a Robot Project.Thanks,

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Ideal Energy/Battery Source for a Battery Powered Lamppost

Hello everyone,First time posting, so, thank you ahead of time for all your help!Project:I was tasked with creating an outdoor lamppost for an event at a campground (IE: no immediate electricity source). At first, it seemed quite simple, but, looking at the necessary requirements, it seems to be more complex than I thought. Requirements:I need to find a way to power a high-powered LED light bulb (ideally 12W equivalent) for 10 hours a day (for 3-4 nights - for a total of 30-40 hours) without immediate access to an electrical outlet. So, it would be around 20 watt hours a day. This battery source needs to be able to be outdoors, and face rain/weather. There may be a tarp, tent to cover it. I may have access to a generator to recharge my battery source at another location if need be.I currently have a bright DC 12V light bulb that would be ideal for this project, but, I could also use a AC light bulb if need be.Potential Solutions: Connected 6V Lantern Batteries: Connecting multiple lantern batteries together, and swapping them out on a daily basis. Walmart has a set of Rayovac Heavy-Duty Lantern Batteries for around $2.50 each. Pro: Connecting these batteries in parallel and series would give me the 20 ah, and 12v specs needed. \ It would come out to around $15 a day. Would be easy to put in a large water-proof container and connect to the lamppostCons: Bit wasteful - I'd burn through around 20 of these batteries, and would have to recycle/dispose of them Sealed? - Unsure if I could put them in a waterproof container. Do they need venting? Mid-range cost: Would come out to around $50-60 due to the number of batteries needed12V Deep-Cycle 20Ah+ Battery: A simple 20ah+ deep-cycle battery would provide me the DC power needed on a daily basis. I would then detach it during the day, and bring it to the generator to charge. Pro: Cost - Relatively cheap, at around $50, this battery option would be affordable Set it and Forget It - No need to connect multiple batteries together. This would just be an easy wiring job.Con: Venting - Unsure if I could place this in a simple waterproof container outside. Does it need to vent? Or, would a AGM deep-cycle battery be ok in a vent-free container? Recharging - Unlike the lantern batteries, I would need to bring this to a generator on a daily basis to recharge. Not the end of the world though.Ideas:I am vacillating between both options. Ideally I would like to go with the deep-cycle battery, but I am quite concerned with the venting problem. I don't believe the 6V batteries need to vent, so they could be placed in a simple container.Question(s): Does one of these solutions stand out more to you as the better fit? Are there other battery solutions that you think would work better? Do I need to use a deep-cycle battery, or would something like this battery work?Again, thank you ahead of time for any guidance you could provide!

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How to setup IP phone network?

I want to know what is required to make IP phone network. I mean what software? what type of Phone? how to set up parameters in software. thanks

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Can a normally open on/off pushbutton switch close without the button being pushed?

Hi all,I'm not an electrician, now it's said.I'm building a device containing a small on/off (latching) switch. When the switch is pushed, the device is activated and remains active until the batteries run out. The device will only be activated once, and afterward it's discarded. This means that the switch will only be pressed once in its lifetime.The use of the switch is to press the button to make the spring drive the contact point to rotate and close the circuit.The device must not be unintededly activated as it could have severe consequences. The button is protected to prevent from this, but I need to know the probability that the switch itself closes, due to a failure.The manufacturer (Chinese) just tells me "don't worry" so I need a second opinion. Is there a way to estimate the probability over a 3 year period? Because if there is a risk at all, I might need to add an extra switch to create a "double commando".Thanks for your help./Karolina

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Launch Stats appear to have stopped ?

My launch stats appear to have stopped working. All I get is a white rectangle with a spinner. Does any one else have this problem? Screen shot attached.If it helps there is no URL when you hover over the launch button.

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No option to make comment appear at top and setting promoted items does not work

I have a couple problems: 1. No option to make comment appear at top. There used to be a little checkbox saying if you want your comment of your instructable to appear on top. Now, I don't see one. 2. Setting promoted items does not work. Whenever I set promoted items, it just says 'saving..' and does nothing Also while i am at it. Instructables needs a undo and redo button. ctrl-z removes paragraphs, not characters, ctrl-y does nothing. I have had to redo paragraphs because ctrl-z messed it up. Also, i don't want carriage returns to be deleted in my intructables. I am using windows 7 and chrome. Instructables is honestly the buggiest website I have ever seen.

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"Set Promoted Items" still not working

Latest Firefox in Windows 10. "Set Promoted Items," after being totally nonfunctional when the new profile pages launched (I could click the button but the pop-up window would just show the 5 items that were already there, not give me an option to change them), still isn't working for me. It lets me drag and drop to rearrange the items but then when I hit "Save" it just gets stuck on "Saving...". It's been like that for at least 10 minutes now. I think I read in another post somewhere that it could take an abnormally long time, but it seems like that should be resolved by now.

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Set Promoted Items Saving Not Saving

After rearranging the items for "set promoted items" and then pressing Save, "saving" occurs to which occurs for an infinite amount of time ie it does not appear to work. Best wishes and all, thx. 

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Deleting Competition Entry

I have entered my Arduino Word Clock Mini the Woodworking Competition by mistake. How to I remove it so I can add it to the correct one?Thanks.oliverb

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Help me design a table like this?

I have long dreamed of building a capstan table for my home like DB Fletcher's beautiful designs (google it if you aren't familiar). I have researched various jupe tables and similar expanding round tables with none that satisfied me - either they were designs I was afraid to try and recreate then build, or the product was not what I wanted for my home.But I now have found a very satisfactory compromise; something I feel is possible for me to design and build myself, and which would look great in my home.I just don't have enough time in the day to do all of my projects... so I am hoping to find some collaborators here who will contribute time to help me design a knock-off of this table. Here's a link to an swf demonstration of the table in action... who wants to help me out?

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Is it possible to modify a Bluetooth Receiver to use inline microphone of stereo earbuds instead of unit built in mic?

For years I have been using Bluetooth Receivers such as this Sony : The problem is they all have built in mic which I don't like, I prefer to use the online mic on my wired earbuds headset. So question is if I were to disassemble the bt receiver device and disconnect the built-in mic would it then let me use the inline mic on my on my earbud headset?

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3.7v to 4.5v how ? Answered

I have an wireless game controller which runs on 3xAAA(4.5v) battery... i also have plenty of spare li-ion 3.7v batteries upto 1000mAh.. so what i'd like to do is install that rechargable li-ion battery into my game controller... so i dont hv to buy AAA batteries every time...pls guide me how... and pls tell me as simple as possible... because i live in india..n small electronic parts like resistors,regulators etc. are reallyyyyyyyy hard to find here... thank you in advance...

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How does competition voting work?

I want to enter a competition but it's only 3 days till the deadline. How does voting work? Do people who post their entry early on have an advantage since more people get a chance to vote on the instructable? Do I even bother writing the instructable?

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing do I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?what Things do I have to take precaution on?

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how do i hack pc time limit? Answered

I want it off and i dont wanna install any other programs than resource hacker.

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Windows 9x Clouds Remake

After searching and searching the internet, I could not find one single remake of Microsoft's signature wallpaper, "Clouds". So I set off to make one. The original picture was a 1024x768 grainy JPEG file. It was included in both Windows 95 and Windows 98 as selectable wallpapers, and it was the background found in the cover art of both releases of Windows 9x. My remake is a 1680x1050 PNG which I made fully from scratch, using Microsoft's Clouds.jpg as reference. Here on Instructables I have included my remake, as well as Microsoft's original. Deviant Art My Blog

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How difficult is it to Increase the intensity of a plasma ball?

I just bought a cheap USB (5v) plasma ball. Quite frankly, the intensity of the streams is pathetic. You can barely see it when the lights are on. I wanted to use it for a decorative project, but need to increase the intensity of the streams. Would increasing the voltage (say from 5v to 12v) work? Or is it more complicated than that? I can do basic electronics, but mostly just simple stuff following circuit diagrams etc.

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Arduino coloured ball counter PLEASE HELP FOR SCHOOL PROJECT!!

I have a school project where i have to make a colour sorter with a arduino i got it far enough that it sorts it phisically but I also have to sort is digitally This is how it's supposed to work:1) the laptop where the arduino is connected to has to show "press button to start colour sorter" 2) you put in the balls and it sorts it 3) then the laptop shows "press button to stop sorting"4) you press the button again the machine stops and shows-total amount of balls -the amount of red balls,blue balls and white balls (only colours I need to sort)-and show "press button to restart again"this is what it's supposed to look like

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Soldering copper to copper?

I'm just starting out but most of the instruction I've seen on soldering (jewelry) talks about flux, the solder itself, and a torch or soldering iron. When soldering copper to copper is there a special flux and solder to be used so that the solder doesn't look "silver"? Does it matter whether you use a torch or a soldering iron?

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Do Gases Get Heavier or Lighter as Their Temperature Rise? Answered

I know that as the temp. in gases change, their weight does, but I'm not sure in what direction.

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What is the best way to create a Code-a-Pillar copy?

Greetings! I'm trying to understand how to make my own Coda-a-Pillar copy functionality can be reduced to basically the "head" being able to tell, what is the sequence of rings that are connected to it.How do I do it with an Arduino or Raspberry pie? What has to be inside each ring?

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Will it work if I use a guitar in the microphone input

Sorry, can't really think straight today I'm just wondering if I got an adapter for a standard guitar cable to fit the microphone input in my sound card, would it would it work as a microphone and record off my humbuckers?

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Overdriving led panels

Having trouble finding a 250ma 100w constant current led driver, has anyone had experience overdriving led panels, i was thinking of trying a 350ma

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Scooter blowing all bulbs.

I have a 50cc 2t CPI r scooter that blows all bulbs on low revs.Have changed the stater,regulator and no avail.anyone got any answers please.

Question by NormanB26  

Overdriving constant current led panel

Having trouble locating a 250ma constant current 100w led driver and was wondering if anyone has had experience overdriving led strip panels. Smallest i can find at that wattage seems to be 350ma

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Controlling degree of multiple Stepper motors using one push button as a counter Answered

Hello everyone,I am having 3x 28BYJ48 stepper motors and ULN2003 driver equally.I want to control the stepper motors to a pre-defined degree based on the number of pushbutton has been pressed.For an example,i have motor x, y and z.1) When the button is pressed zero time, all the motors need to be in zero degree.2) when the button is pressed for the first time, motor x need to move to 90 degree, motor y to 120 degree and motor z to 180 degree.3) when the button is pressed for the second time, motor x need to move to 110 degree, motor y to 150 degree and motor z move to 210 degree.4) when the button is pressed for the third and last time, all the motors need to move back to zero degrees.Can anyone guide me on this control?Advance thanks to all

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Stamp drive a NeoPixel ? Answered

Has anyone driven a NeoPixel with a Basic Stamp ?Regrets, the NeoPixel data neatly specifies timing cycles as short as 400 nswhile the fastest Stamp Compiled Basic can only do 800 nsSo No Go ! except for the ML option.

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Is it Illegal to make Smoke bombs in Canada (Quebec) or US?

I am curious about adding a ratio of sodium nitrate to sugar and some additives (maybe sulfur) to make smoke bombs as a hobby. I am not interested in making explosives or Rockets just smoke bombs. I want to know before even doing this is it Illegal?

Question by SHOE0007  


How would you make this?

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What material are most modern shoe soles made of and where can I buy it? Answered

I am going to try to make my own shoes (and yes,if it works there will be an instructable) and I would also like to design custom soles. If you can get the material in pellets instead of sheets please tell me. One more thing, don't just say "rubber" 'cause that's not witty that's just dumb. There are LOTS of types of rubber.

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Building Touch Sensors from Scratch?

I am very familiar with velostat and conductive fabric and how to combine them to make textile touch sensors. I would now like to make a touch sensor that's more solid, and made from a firmer resistive substance than velostat. I've been looking up the resistivity/conductivity of different metals here: In theory, as long as one metal (or other material) is more conductive than the other, it should work the same? I've read on silicon and carbon fiber, but I'm not sure if what I'm researching is the solid kind, or the flimsy/squishy/bendy kind.

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Left handed drills? Answered

I recently came across a youtube vid showing removal of a broken bolt with a left handed drill bit. Other than the removal of stubborn bolts and studs  why do they make left handed drill bits? Both my rather old mains drills and the pillar drill all turn clockwise for right handed drill bits. Only the cordless drill has a reverse function.

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Metro Smart Watch

I had an idea the other day whilst playing Metro: 2033, I imagined a smart watch made like Artyoms watch but instead of having an LED come on when you're visible, having an LED linked to your phone that comes on when you have a message like an external notification light and wondered if there's any way to make this a reality?

Question by Haffnium  

Wiring diagram of B0505S-1W 5V to 5V converter DC DC power module Isolation

B0505S-1W 5V to 5V converter DC DC power module converter 1000VDC Isolation. Need the wiring diagram of this component.

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I get the message "replace the emergency stop switch" in my treadmill.

Hi. The treadmill is a Life Fitness T7. I would really appreciate any help on how to solve this problem.Thank you very much in advance.

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Setup Cable Management. Convert to Wireless.

A while ago, I dropped my laptop and shattered the screen. Because it was less expensive to just buy an external monitor, I removed the entire upper half of my laptop and am using the external monitor. The problem is that this leads to a really clunky setup since I have to connect all of my wires to the laptop base which I'm using as a keyboard. My idea is to instead connect all of the cables to a hub I'd build into my desk, and that hub would transmit the signal wirelessly to wireless converter dongles in my laptop's USB ports. Any ideas on how to make this work? Is it even possible? I couldn't find any female Bluetooth adapters. Any advice would be appreciated

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Gap measurement using a sensor

I want to measure a very tiny gap of about 20-30 microns(0.02-0.03 mm) using a sensor with the help of arduino and then display it using a 16x2 Digital LCD Display. Can someone help me out with the sensor that I will need for this purpose with exact name and its working.The gap that I want to measure is the gap between the the joints of a healing fractured bone.(the joint where the tissues develop to join the broken parts together.)Since this is a leg bone any person walking with such a fractured bone will put pressure on the bone and the gap present in the bone will reduce. So that is what I want to measure using a sensor and arduino. Since this gap will be too small (20-30 microns) I am unable to find a suitable sensor for the same.PS: Main issue I am facing is the measurement of gap using a sensor and arduino since I can find a suitable sensor for the same.Please find the attachments of the bone and the gap I want to measure.Also the thing I am doing is a close case of greenstick fracture. refer to the attachment of greenstick fracture.

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Hello looking for some RFID help on a arduino uno

Hello I'm s bit new here so I apologize if I have this in the wrong area.Im using a Uno connected to the 8:1 atlas connected to 6 rdm6300. What I'm looking to do is have the ports on the atlas switched to active for a few seconds then switch to the next port until the readers have read all 6 correct RFIDs. Each reader will only accept a certain RFID and when all have been detected at the correct location a relay is to engage opening a lock. help and suggestions are appreciated.

Question by Flogy  

Pallets for Kids

I have a whole bunch of kids - roughly 11yo - doing an upcycling project. We'll be in a workshop but obviously don't want them using too much that could hurt them (and get me sued). I have two hours. Ideas for simple but not rubbish pallet (or pallet wood) ideas?

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Suggestions for airplane window

I have an aircraft window off of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 720. Trying to decide what to do with it. Any suggestions? I already have three other windows (from 737s) that have been turned into picture frames. So I'm looking for some other ideas. Also, I would prefer to keep the item intact, since the research with Boeing leads me to believe there are no others of this interior.Thank you!

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Lost embedded images when editing as non-premium member

So i went to edit an old ible which had a lot of embedded images, just wanted to change one or two lines but because I wasn't a premium member when I edited it, I lost all of the embedded images. I have now redeemed a premium membership and in the process of fixing the images, just wondering is there a different way to embed images other than how is described here so this wont happen again?

Question by Roboro  

Arduino-Based Solar Heater for My Above Ground Pool

A few weeks ago I grabbed the garden hose to top off the pool and noticed how hot the water was as it came out. (the hose had been lying in the sun). So, I decided to put it to good use. We've been looking at solar heaters for the pool but found the prices prohibitive, and being a DIY'er I decided to build my own. I have 50' of black, tangle-free hose coiled on a 2' by 4' piece of Wolmanized, 3/4" plywood. This is perched on top of an 8' 4by4 post which I sunk into the ground near the pool's filter. To feed the hose I installed a faucet in the filter's return line which is under sufficient pressure to travel up and into the hose. The other end comes down to an electric valve before emptying back into the pool. The Arduino portion of the project consists of an Arduino Uno board, a DS18B20 temperature sensor probe, a 12-volt, 3-amp power supply, A small prototype board that holds two 12-volt relays and two 2N3904 transistors which the Arduino triggers, two 12-volt car-type relays which are triggered by the smaller ones, and a Mallory Sonalert. My idea was to have the Arduino monitor the temperature in the return line from the solar hose coil, and when it reaches 80 degrees F, the Sonalert goes off for 5 seconds to warn swimmers that hot water will be coming out of the return spout in the pool. And after the warning sounds, the electric valve then opens for 2 minutes, flushing the warmed water into the pool. Since the system is driven by the pool's filter, the solar hose is replenished during this flush period, and when the valve closes, that new water is then heated, and the whole process starts over. The Arduino code consists of a couple libraries to incorporate and read the temp' probe's output, a subroutine which tests both the Sonalert and the valve when the system is first plugged in, and then the necessary code in the Void Loop section which simply waits for the temp' to reach a preset level and then sound the alert and then open the valve.The system is built into an 8" by 6" electrical box that mounts on the 4 by 4 post just under the solar hose panel.The systems been up and running for about a week now and I've averaged about a 2 degree rise in the pool's water temp' per day.If anyone is interested in seeing photos of the project, or the Arduino code, I'll be happy to provide. UPDATE: Here are some phots of the project...

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14-16V to 12V stable 20A max

Hi,I am looking at stepping down from (14 to 16V) to 12V drawing at max 20Ais there any efficient way to do so in a very very small package?Thank you

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Best vedio game

What do you think is the best video game in the world? What console do you think is the best? 

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