Simple Light Switch Question

Hi there. Very simple question from an idiot. I'm making a mini puppet of robby the robot from forbidden planet. for the mouth i've a simple set of cheap battery powered leds. There are 20 leds and i've got them in 2 rows of 10. I want to be able to operate them in a really simple way so that the top row comes on or the bottom row or both on to simulate robby speaking. My plan is to split the set of lights into 2 sets of 10 and have each on a circuit where i was going to make a switch for each set that is simply something you press down. Then having the 2 switches next to one another so you can press 1 or the other or both at once simply with your thumb, and i'm thinking of simply using a coke tin aluminium to complete each circuit. I can imagine someone who actually knows what they are doing thinking, this guy knows nothing! and they'd be right! but any tips or alternative methods or even confirming this plan will work are much appreaciated, thankyou.

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I need help writing a program on Lego Mindstorms EV3

Whattup y'all, I have a Lego Mindstorms project underway, but I can't figure out how to write the program. If somebody out there who is familiar with programming EV3 could help or give me some tips, that would be great!The project is as follows: I built a start/stop timer for micro drones (i.e., a Tiny Whoop) so you can measure your time around your course. Start the program by pressing the center button on the Smart Brick. The setup measures whether or not the drone is on the starting block with the color sensor (either ambient or reflected light intensity). After the drone leaves the starting block, a timer will be set. The timer stops after the drone hits the stop gate, which presses the touch sensor. The time is then displayed on the screen, where you can view it, and then the program is restarted by pressing the center button again.My problem is that I have no earthly idea of how to make a timer with the EV3 software. If you know how, then screenshot it and send it to me, and you will be rewarded with a great Instructable in the near future!Auf Wedersehen, and thanks in advance!

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Can I connect USB with old Tv(RCA cable) with Audrino and watch videos and other stuffs?

I have a CRT tv with RCA cables I/O,if i have a Arduino(with required modules) and a pen drive or something like that will i able to connect it to the TV using audrino and watch videos,songs & other stuffs with that?

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Applying modeling clay to porcelain

Hello, I have some porcelain dolls that I would like to embellish with some modeling clay for some Halloween project I am working on. What is the best type of modeling clay that will adhere to porcelain permanently?

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What's your DREAM workshop

Hello everyone!I am looking to create a local makerspace in my town and I want to know what you guys would like in your DREAM workshop. Anything you can imagine no matter how big or small. Post anything you can think of. If it's something that can be built fairly easily too, even better.

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Capacitor replacement help needed: high pitch noise with new cap and dvd tray wont open?

I just wrote this question and i pressed cancel to cancel upload images and it deleted the entire question!!!! i will rewrite this breifly. i replaced cap in dvd player and new one makes high pitch noise and dvd tray can't open. new cap was from old electronics, is it bad too? written from ipod touch

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Can You make High Pressure Water Washer with an Air Compressor?

Hey Guys, Any one have experience with fluids? Is it possible to build a device that would take high pressure air from an air compressor and from that make at least a mediocre respectablely powered washer? I'm thinking about buying a small air compressor and and looking to see if i can use it for other things as well. Thanks! JP

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Wearable that vibrates on text/sms

I am looking for a way to make a wearable (bracelet or hanger) that will vibrate when I send a signal (i.e. text message?). It's intended use is to alert players to certain pre arranged situations in a game. As coach I can not always reach my players across the field by voice so I want to send an alert signal. Also this is more discreet. A smart watch is to big and volnurable. Bluetooth does not have the range so I am thinking gsm. Any suggestions on how to build such a device?

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How can i disassemble my logitech m315/m235? Answered

Basically, my mouse double clicks instead of a single click and i would like to fix it myself since i cannot refund or ask for a replacement because i cannot find the receipt. How can i disassemble my mouse? I can't find any screws (i have checked under the stickers and other thing) and the bottom is locked on pretty tight. I found like a latch on the back to push the top cover a bit off but something prevents it from dis-attaching itself.

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Node mcu

Arduino: 1.8.5 (Windows 8.1), Board: "NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module), 80 MHz, 4M (1M SPIFFS), v2 Lower Memory, Disabled, None, Only Sketch, 115200"In file included from C:\Users\user\Documents\Arduino\siram\siram.ino:1:0:C:\Users\user\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TelegramBot\src/TelegramBot.h:11:25: fatal error: ArduinoJson.h: No such file or directory #include ^compilation terminated.exit status 1 Error compiling for board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module).This report would have more information with "Show verbose output during compilation" option enabled in File -> Preferences.

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Any tips and tricks for a paper round? Answered

Hi, I'm starting a paper round soon, any tips or tricks? NM

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How to easily remove nails from pallets? Answered

I would like to use wood from pallets to maybe make furniture and a fence but it's a pain to get the nails out before destroying the wood. Does anyone have some clever ideas to get the nails out the easy way? Or other uses for pallet wood? Thanks.

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Record old electric organ into computer

Hello everyone, There is this old Farfisa electric organ lying around in my grandma's house, its probably from the late 1980s early 1990s. I've always liked playing around with it and especially with the cool drum machine is has. I want to find a way to record it not with a microphone but by plugging it somehow directly into a sound card. There is no midi or aux out on the organ as it has its own incorporated amplifier inside the body. Is this even possible, if so how? Thank you !

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Laser Engraving Under Glass.

Just put a video on Youtube about Laser Engraving under glass.A lot of people have made their own Laser Engravers using one method or another.I did the same using old DVD drive mechanism's a couple of Easydrivers an Arduino UNO and a 2 Watt Laser Diode and a Constant Current Laser Driver with TTL / PWM.Arduino has GRBL 1.1f loaded on to it and I use LaserGRBL (free program) to do the image settings, generate the GCode and burn the image.It's a good little machine, although the workpiece size is only 39mm x 39mm max.Eventually I'll build a bigger machine, but for now it does what I want it to do.Recently I removed the fan that blows the smoke away because it was whining a bit and getting on my nerves.So instead I tried using a piece of glass cut from an old flatbed scanner, on top of the workpiece.Seems to be good quality clear glass, I suppose it had to be if it was in a scanner.This stops the Laser from producing smoke and also soot.It does however produce a sticky residue on the back of the glass, but that can be cleaned off in soapy water.I was quite surprised at the results.Laser Engraving Under Glass.

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Trimmer Engine Generator

   Hello Instructables community.    I was thinking of making a 12 volt battery charger with a trimmer engine (pictured) connected to a scraped car alternator (I found several on eBay). But I have a few questions: 1. Would such a combination work as shown in the illustration?  2. Would it be best if I directly connected the engine to the alternator with no drive belts or chains, or would the high gear of the large engine gear and small generator gear be worth the extra trouble.  3. What is the best way to connect the two? And 4. Where should I remove the engine from the "trimming part". Any answers will be appreciated.                                                                                                                       Sincerely                                                                                                                  Confused DIYer

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How can I build a Slow, Rotating, Solar, Low Power LED for Mother-In-Law's garden lighthouse?

I bought my mother-in-law a couple fiberglass lighthouses (hollow interior) that stand about four feet tall in her garden.  Is there any possible way that I could manage a low-power LED light (that doesn't bother neighbors), and not only make it slowly rotate, but power it from a solar cell off of.... say an old solar light?  Thanks!

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Need tips on starting Lantana from seed?

I have tried starting seeds in paper towels dampened and directly in potting soil inside the house and no luck starting them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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How to add photos to instructable

How to embed photos to instructable?

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Woodworking contests

Why do they not do woodworking contests that often. And. Why are there always 2 or 3 electronic type contest that happen at the same time

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PC Power Supply To Power CB Radio?

I have a cb radio my uncle gave me 12v 2-4 amps.. I have an old computer with a power supply with lines for 12v 6amps and 12v 8amps. is there anyway I can get this to power my cb radio without blowing the thing? EDIT I forgot to mention, this is a mobile cb radio, I'm trying to run it in the house, which is why I wan't to use a pc power supply to run it....

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Lightbulb!!!!! Anybody up for a Rubik's MP3?

Once again, I have had an idea beyond my capability to perform (I need to get my first job soon...): an mp3 player inside a Rubik's 2x2 cube. I am not sure if it would work while still being functional, but even if it can't move, it would still be cool! Can someone PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE do this and post it? Danke schon!

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Help us decide upcoming contests!

EDIT THIS FORM IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!For contest suggestion, check out this thread: We can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!@audreyObscuraInstructables Community Manager

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Arduino Remote Control Car - can not get the Arduino to read the Infrared from the Remote

Dear Instructables Community,please help, I am working through Arduino Projects for Dummies Chapter 14: Building a Remote Control Car.i am using a infrared sensor TSOP4838 and the remote control is a Toshiba CT-90326.I have downloaded the Arduino IDE Software as instructed by the book here: computer is a PC Dell Precision M4800so, i have tried now for several hours to get the Ardunio to read the remote control as the test step called 'Coding the detector' in the book but nothing is happening.i really need help with this. if for example there is a better code I could use that will work with the hardware i have and the breadboard setup as shown in the book (image attached)please let me know as soon as possible - Thank you!

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How to measure the distance using laser

Hi everyone, so I would like to measure distance up to 12m using Laser ..the question is how to do so ? I want to make a simple sensor that can do the job.I know that for that i would need a reflector and the basic D=V*tso the problem is how to get the "t" !?

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usb 5lb digital scale from

Link to website 5 lb scale model 510 hello might be the wrong place to ask this question but ... i have picked up a usb digital scale from a garage sale ..... anyone have a instructable of what to do with it as far as software to use with it instead of the software or dose anyone have any ideas what to do with it beside using it with the software / thanks mike m?

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Power consumption of appliances

Hello everybody,I'm new here (hopefully no mistakes yet) and I just decided to upgrade my preexistent solar system but know very little about.My first question (of probably many to come) is: how do you calculate watts hour of something like a fridge or a freezer?I'm looking to buy the most energy-efficient fridge on the market which is rated 299kwh per year.What is the Watt Hour?Many thanks.

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing Should I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?What Things do I have to take precaution on?

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Is there any way to set off any car alarm by a remote like the tv-be-gone?

Is there any way to set off any car alarm by a remote like the tv-be-gone?

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Flyback transformers and how to convert them to AC

I'm in the need of quite a few electronics for my new lightning tube project, on of them is a suitable HV transformer for high frequencies. Salvaging from plasma balls or similar is pointless as those transformers only get to around 3kV at best. With BW TV set getting really rare these days I decided to look into the modern version of the flyback transformer - the DST, Diode Split Transformer. If you ever did some Tesla stuff you will know that everyone says a modern flyback is no good as it only provides DC output. With basically no info on the net how these things look internally it was down to destorying a few until I got to know what to look out for andhow to remove the HV diodes between the secondary coil packs. I know not too many people will need a HV AC tranformer that can operate with several kHz so I though I ask first if it is worth to create an Instrucatable on this topic alone, otherwise I will just include a very short version of it with my Instrucable on the lighnig tube project. Have to say that is a quite messy and stinky procedure involving a lot of heat and the risk of burns to your fingers.

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Survey on the Workflow and Collaboration of Makers and Their Community

Im currently conducting research for my final year thesis which the aim is to identify insights gathered from this survey to understand the workflow and collaboration of the online and local maker communityMy aim at the end of this is to identify what could be beneficial for the maker community, whether it be in the form of a physical or online tool or even a set of guidelines to act as stepping stones during conceptualisation and prototyping for a user. You can answer the survey here This will be great help to get some participants and I hope my research and resources gathered will be a benefit to the online and local maker community.

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How can I build a 555 timer equivalent circuit out of transistors? Answered

I want to go old school and do things the hard way by building an equivalent circuit of the classic 555 timer. There are equivalent circuits on just about any 555 timer data sheet. Such as here...  That schematic is for a LM555.  First, what would be a good, easy to find, NPN and PNP transistors to use uniformly in the circuit? Preferably something I could get a pack of at Radio Shack just to make this project easier. Also I can't figure out what Q5, and Q6, and Q22 are? Please help. They look like transistors, but each of those ones have an extra lead coming out of it? Is that extra lead just a doubled up (collector) ? Also Q22 has no base, or is the base that horizontal line, but in the opposite direction? I am thoroughly confused already, any help would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Plastic bottle recycled 3d printer...!

Planning to design a 3D printer that takes plastic bottles as input, I mean long narrow pieces of plastic bottles are fed as the printing filament. What will the difficulties in realizing such a design?


How to convert 5V of power to 3V to power a strip of 10 parallel LEDs.

I have a set of 10 parallel LEDs that are designed to be powered off 2 AA batteries. The problem is that they eat through them too quickly, and I wanted to modify them to run off AC power. I want to use an AC to DC power adapter but it outputs 5V of power, when the battery box says it inputs 3V. So I need to turn those 5V to 3V, the easiest way is to use resistors, because they are the easiest to get around here. Which resistors would I need?, I don't fully understand all the data these online calculators give me.

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Can't login in app

Great site but I am unable to login with Facebook or email from within the app. 

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I'd like to add a photo to an instructable...

I'm trying to add an updated photo to an instructable. Can anyone tell me how to do this, please?

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I have 2000 watt motor from erickshaw can i use it in bycle to get top speed of 70 km/hr by increasing its gear ration

I want to use 48 volt motor got from ericksaw parts , can i use this in my bycle or bike to get top speed of 70 km/hr by fitting larger gear gear on it

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DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine

Can someone post an instructable on how to build a DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine? Cheers!

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License: NONE: All Rights Reserved... why?

I've seen this on numerous recipe Ibles.  What purpose does this serve?

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Voltage from 4 wire bipolar stepper motor!

I've stripped a 1.8 deg stepper motor out of an old fax to make a bike generator but I can't get any juice from it. I'm spinning it using a multi tool so I should get something, right?! I did do some research and found out that 4-wire bipolar stepper motors are controlled differently from 5+ wire ones. I guessing then that generating power is different also. I'm reading 2.1 - 2.3 ohms off each coil. Tried wiring the coils in series but still nothing. I need a long serving instructablator to help me!! The label reads: STP-42D1020 1.8deg/STEP 2.1 ohms 33.5 V D.C. 0.7 A 17845G SHINANO KENSHI CO LTD. CHINA

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how do you make an electric motor more powerful?

I am making a battle robot and need to upgrade it to get more torque out of it, in order to lift a 10 pound robot.

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How good is the steel 4Cr13MoV ??

I've got a knife made out of it, and I was wondering how good it is, I know its some sort of Chrome-Molybdenum but this one has got a hint of Vanadium which I know some tool steels are made out of, Could someone please shed some light on my question??

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CR-10S 500mm x 500mm printing issues?

I am printing with a CR-10S 500mm x 500mm x 500mm heat bed printing surface. I am printing a 300mm vase. The base of vase looks perfect, smooth and without flaws but the upper portion is printing with gaps, separation between layers and the fill looks thinner and shreaded. How can I adjust the printer settings to print the entire vas as the bottom portion appears. Thank you, Tony.

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Wire a RCA Cable To A 5 pin mini USB Connector?

Wire diagram to Wire a RCA Cable To A 5 pin mini USB Connector

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Can you change laser diode for LED to produce white light?

Hi All,I have an existing circuit that I'm removing from a donor device that currently uses a class 3R / 5mw laser diode running off of two 357 batteries (1.55v, I believe). The functionality of this module is ideal for my application (has an on/off button positioned exactly where I would like it), but I want to repurpose it to produce white light, not a focused laser beam. I know next to nothing about circuitry, so pardon me in advance if this is either a dumb question or just not feasible: Is it possible to just de-solder the 5mw laser diode and replace it with a white LED, and if so, what specs do I require for the LED? The existing circuit is tiny, so just making a new module is beyond anything I could do, despite simple LED circuits being relatively easy to put together. Thanks in advance to any answer I might get.

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Homebrew trench-digger?

(crossposted in, ummm, not sure what other forum yet.. lol... in case no one reads it here) I've been thinking of several ways to build a device similar to a Ditch-Witch©™ for narrow/shallow trenches - like for coax cable and antenna radials etc. but keep coming up with examples that don't look they would really work - things like a modified chainsaw (running at low RPM) or a high-torque circular saw with a modified digging blade.  The problem seems to be *how to dump the dirt next to the trench, not back into it* Sure, I could rent a *real* trencher for a couple hundred dollars for a quarter-day, but that's not really feasible as I'm on a fixed income. Any guidance from the collective genius of the group? Thanks bunches!!! Tom

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Instructables RSS Feeds vs. Questions RSS feeds... Does anyone have the address to only the instructables? Answered

So, I pointed my RSS reader at and it picked up and the Title "Recent Instructables" . It gives my what I want and More, Way more. Does anyone know the address to the feed of ONLY recent Instructables and NOT the questions?I do realize I can add each Category separately from the feeds at the bottom left of the category page, but I don't want Tech separated from Outside separated from Workshop. Granted most of the questions are cool and give me something to think about. Some questions make me think it was easier for them to post it here rather than goggling it themselves. I had about enough of the questions when I read the one about trying to get Positive and Negative out of a 3 prong AC cord.... God keep this person safe as he/she plays with house current. Anywho I'm sure this will post on my feeds as well, but I am only interested in the Instructable posts. Thanks Matt

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Trouble out putting a DC current to AC current?

Im looking for a way to use a 9v DC current to regulate an AC current.  I have a set up a diagram of my problem: I thought of using a relay but i would like the light to be able to dim not just either be on or off, then i thought of a transistor but im not sure if that will work with both ac and dc at the same time.  I could really use some help here.

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Laptop Style Keyboard to Use with Desktop Computer

How hard would it be to remove the monitor from an old laptop and configure the keyboard to be used with a desktop computer?I am a touchpad user. I recently purchased a all in one computer. Now I am having to use a mouse. I love the computer but my arm makes it very difficult to use the mouse. I just knew there was something like this out there that I could purchase but I cannot find one anywhere. Any suggestions would be great.

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