how can a batch file be run fullscreen?

I need to know which settings i need to change on my computer so that any command prompt runs fullscreen...

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I want to learn coding

Who can teach me coding from the basic with the necessary tools I need?

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Why was my instructable not featured?

Https:// would like to have some feedback so my instructbale will be featured.any advice?

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Physics question? Why doesn't this work? Answered

So included I have the original "troll physics magnet car" that supposedly would use magnets for propulsion. I know that it doesn't work since the front magnet pulls the car and the car pulls the front magnet, so the energy is evened out. But if you put a stronger magnet on the front, then the smaller magnet on the car wouldn't have enough strength to equalize the larger magnet, so why wouldn't the car move forward?  What if you applied the same idea to a generator? (look at the picture with the circles and rectangles) Wouldn't the bar magnets continue to repel each other and make the generator wheel would spin forever? If the wheel was balanced and was given a little push to get things going, I don't see what the problem would be. I'm not planning on building this machine, so trial and error is out of the question for me.  Please help!

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40kHz Ultrasonic Receiver Wanted

I'm looking for a breakout board, module, etc that is basically a 40kHz ultrasonic receiver, where if it detect a 40kHz signal it puts a pin high sort of thing (volume level as a PWM whatever, I just need to know when there is a 40kHz signal near by). I was thinking of using a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder but they only receive for a very short time after the trigger pin goes high, I need it to constantly be sensing.Ideally works with a Raspberry Pi (ie 3.3 volts output, but 5v just means I add a voltage divider not a biggie)Thanks

Question by Duke Nukem  

Pimp my flip clock!

Hello dear Instructables community, I need your help:I have 2 flip clock, The 1st one is a regular flip clock, just for time that works with 2 AA batteries, there's 2 lever or switch at the back that allow me to adjust the time. The 2nd clock works with 1 AA battery.... the battery is only for the analog clock, it doesn't change the date or day of the week, I have to do it manually (there's a button for each).I would like to link them together: when the time turns midnight, I want the other clock to change date and day of the week. Both clock would be in the same frame (I know how to do that). I'm sure I can do it, but I need to know what pieces I need to use so they can work together, I need your help dear community!Thanks a lot in advance,Nick

Question by Nicolas N GenevièveC  

Where can i find all my favorites?

This might be a dumb question, but since the new update only a few of the projects that i have favorited are showing up now? Where can i find all the other projects? i go to my profile and choose favorites and there are only about 20 or so of the many, many that i have starred. Hopefully someone can help with this issue, Thanks!

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D.I.Y. Automotive Black Box, DVR, OBDII

Friends, I am a noob that is considering building a Black Box for my car, I suspect that I am not the first so please if you know of discussions on developing an awesome Black Box please direct me to it. The Black Boxes being offered are Gold Dusted empty, expensive crapware. I want added protection from bad drivers, bad insurance companies and bad cops so I want six or more 1K or better cameras and DVR with the ability to store on any size SD card and/or SSD. I also want telemetry from many sources like GPS, speed, throttle and brake pedal positions, steering degrees, OBDII and more. Two problems I suspect will be power drain when the car is parked and chip cooling. I'd like to Stink Tank this idea with interested peeps (WOW! I always wanted to use Peeps, yeah, I know Late) I look forward to hearing from you Sincerely

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How to use solar panels to power a motor?

 I have a motor that is rated at 6V. I also have two solar panels, which both "work."  However, i am unable to simply connect the panel to the motor, and either their is something i do not know about solar cells, or that i am simply wiring it wrong.  I need the motor to pull a fairly light weight, so the problem is more getting the thing running. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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How to make a model slot car drag strip timer? Answered

I want to build a slot car model drag strip in HO scale with all the bells and whistles.  I wan the electronics to run a Christmas tree starting light, catch red light disqualifications, determine who wins, measures and reports on a 'billboard' the reaction time, elapsed time and top speed.  I can do all the other stuff like making and wiring power tot he track, make competitor starting buttons, adjust track voltage to power the various classes of car but I can't do the electronic stuff.  Can anyone help?

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how to make a monumental figurative sculpture?

Use wire, hammered copper, foam, wood, fiberglass? I want to make a 30' figurative sculpture. Any suggestions?

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Crowdfunding campaign MAKER @MIT | #FromMakerToEntrepreneur

Dear MAKERs community!My name is Dmitrii, I am also known for the Grow It Yourself (GIY) projectToday I launch the crowdfunding campaign #FromMakerToEntrepreneurThe campaign is aimed to raise funds for EDUCATION @MIT I strongly believe that this huge community that we have built together can have an impact! The support & share is truly appreciated YOU in advance!

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Li-ion 5 pin, pinout?

Good Day Fellow TinkerersI have a battery that came out of a Android Tablet that i want to use for another project.It has a cuircuit board attache to the top which i would assume is a over/under charge protector and it has 5 wires coming off of that. 2 x Red, 1 x White and 2 x Black.The two black wires are connected to the same pad on the "protection circuit" and the two red are connected to the same pad. The white wire is on a separate pad i.e. 3 pads, 1 with 2x red, 1 with 2 x black and 1 with 1 x white.I figure the Red would be positive and the Black negative and then i would assume that the white is the Thermistor connection.My Question :How do i connect this externally from the tablet to charge? I figure red and black are the usual, but how do i connect the white wire?Thanks in advance for any help :)

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how do you make an EMP? Answered

How can you make a little EMP, only strong enough to disrupt (not destroy) electronics? i would be nice if re-usable, or pocket size.

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How to monitoring of arduino controller's real time output on pc

Kindly suggest the name of the apllications and procedure to connect it to the pc

Question by arunwarkar7  

I would like to build a simple toy barn and stable for my 4-year old's toy horses. Tools and budget are limited.

All of the plans I find onlline are expensive and complicated, and IJ don't have a band saw or router. I just want to build a simple, open-roof barn and stable, maybe a small table as well, for my little one's toy horses. I have a drill and hand tools, and some woodworking talent. Any ideas?

Question by bigpapachiop    |  last reply

Favorite button not working

I seem to have lost the ability to favorite anything on instructables. None of the buttons below the title of the instructable are working. Anyone else with the problem, anyone solved the problem & can offer a set of instructions as to how to make the favorites button work?

Question by haroun  

Bonding hydrogen and oxygen to make water? Answered

Ok, so I got how to get water, but how do I condense it without losing much, and would it be at least a semi-efficient and/or fast way of obtaining around a cup of water? So, I have another question. I know, I've been posting a new question at least once a week for a while now and you're all probably like "Dark Master87, Y u no shut up and stop trying to do impossible things?? w(O;O)w" Most people on here probably know about electrolysis and seperating water into hydrogen and oxygen with electricity, but it's simple and I don't currently have a use for it. But does anyone know how to bond hydrogen and oxygen to create water? I'm expecting there to be heating or cooling involved, probably more likely heating. Would you light the two gases on fire? Or would they just automatically bond with each other at the point of contact? More importantly, would this be possible to acheive on the limited budget of a 14 year old hobbyist who *may* have access to *some* lab equipment, but probably not? Thanks for paying attention, if it's not feasible/possible, I won't mind if you nag about me never doing any reasonable projects. And also, how hard would it be to get the hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis with losing too much of it? 

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Homemade band saw

I am looking to see if anyone knows how to build a homemade band saw. I do not have a saw to start with so I was looking for a way to build one with a electric motor somehow. Would it be possible for someone to create a set of planes somehow for a beginner to put one together? I would appreciate any help anyone can help me with.Thank you D

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avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding?

Hello, I have an Arduino uno with Atmega 328 pu and arduino ide 1.0.6programming language. I am using a Mac10.6.3. Whenever I try to upload a program, It tells me avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding. I have downloaded all the drivers and normally the port that the Arduino is on starts with  /dev/tty.bluetooth, but that does not show up. I have tried on a PC also and it doesn't upload either.please help me. I

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Help identifying old magstripe reader IC 5C05 6D1 61

I’ve been working on a homebrewed magstripe reader circuit for a project and it just came to me that using an IC from an existing reader circuit would be a ton easier than amplifying the tiny signal and making my own circuit to interpret the signal. The trouble is, I have the chip but there doesn’t seem to be any datasheet for it available online (that I can find, at least). Hoping someone else might have some info and would be willing to share~ The only labelling on the chip is in two lines, the top with “5C05” and the bottom has “6D1 61”. There is also a manufacturer’s label on the chip the IC is on, “SR&D”, which appears to be an audio equipment company but didn’t help my in my search. Preemptive thanks!

Question by Dakky  

Lighted Wand

So, I've had an idea I wanted to try and make but i have no experience with electronics and was hoping to do it all with hardware only, no software. The idea is this, I have a wand which has an LED strip (like a lightsaber, but a lot smaller) which connects to two buttons/switches. First button/switch if held down it will pulse/glow the LED at the base of the wand (charging up spell) and when you release it "shoots" up the LED strip (like you're firing a spell). Second switch just lights the LED at the tip of the wand, making it like a torch (LUMOS).Any ideas on how I could achieve such a feat? Point me in the right direction? I have knowledge on how to solder and such and have taken very basic electronics. Currently trying to make a lightsaber, hoping to get some experience so I can make my eventual goal, the wand. Most of the instructables I've seen so far have been very simple with a single LED at the end.Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Question by MastaAzumarek    |  last reply

How to make a wick for an oil lamp?

Does anyone know how to make a wick for an oil lamp?? I don't really know how the wick works, so I don't have ANY clue on how one would make it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Question by seawee65    |  last reply

Makerspace 2018 : commencement date??

Is makerspace competition conducted this year??.Can i know when does it start??

Question by  

Is it possible to stick vacuum base vise onto a plastic table.

Hello, everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to make a vacuum base tool (bench vise) to stick to a plastic table? Tables like the folding portable types that are use for outdoors event, hobbies, work bench or any other useful project or jobs. Let me explained; I brought myself a bench vise (from eBay) which is the type in which it is a suction base or cup that suppose to stick onto the table when the lever is push either up or down. My work bench or table is an portable 4 inch folding lifetime (brand) item. After buying and receiving the tool, I tried to stick the vise onto my workbench, but was not able to make it stick at all. I have tried all kinds of methods that I have google. methods like the water method, oil method, tapes and so on, but could not get it to stick at all. This is my very first time I have work with a tool with a suction action to mount the tool to a surface. When purchasing the tool I was under the belief that all suction cups or suction methods works on all kind of surfaces. I did manage to stick the tool onto a glass table, but this is not an alternate solution for me, since the glass table is my dinning table. If anyone has experience this kind or similar problem with a suction device and had solve the problem I would be very grateful for a course of suction basics 101, because if I don't find a solution, it is either buy an new work table to work with the tool (not an option) or abandon the whole idea. Really could use help. Thank you

Question by RamonC2    |  last reply

Gate opener with bluetooth

I wish to use a raspberry pi3 to detect when a paired smartphone in a vehicle comes in range to open a sliding gate. All the gate opening electronics is in situ.What are the pros and cons of such an idea and are there any instructables already using this method. I noted an in/out board using bluetooth detection here. Also how many devices can be paired to a RP3. I have not done any programing of a RP before.Thanks Paul Andrews

Question by illinbah  

Creating a Wifi mobile hot spot (Arduino + Raspberry)

Greetings, I've been wondering whether or not it'd be possible to do this.Use the Arduino as the device that can basically connect to a wifi connection just like a laptop can and have a function that turns on a separate mobile hotspot/create your own)Use the Raspberry Pi as the device that broadcasts the hotspot.I know it's blotchy, i'm trying to organize my thoughts at the moment and felt there's some decent discussion material here.

Question by xDresch  

alternative ignition of thermite

Allright im looking for information on a number of different ways to ignite thermite. sure we've all heard of magnesium and yes it's usually third or fourth time is the charm also potassium permanganate which is pretty cool too and the ever popular sparkler of course lots of companies have taken out the magnesium chlorates and perchlorates from these sparklers and are now selling crappy ones without hazmat fees for them so they don't work worth a crap. i read an article from a guy stating he used simple visco fuse to light it even though ive heard it won't work but perhaps it depends on the mesh as in much finer. i use the dark german aluminum about 625 mesh and it will coat any and everything it touches. really though guys let's come up with some ways to lite thermite outside of tradition and share these methods of doing so along with how to obtain materialsin conventional and unorthodox ways because without frst time reliable ignition it's just no fun. also the first fire mix, much like the thermite ignition mix at united nuclear what exactly is it made of and how are some ways the monetarily cahllenged can obtain it and of course the not so challenged.

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Credit Card Offers and Free Credit Score Reports: Help RocketScientist2015 go to college by doing something you were gona do anyway!

Well, I've fallen from from the ranks of mostly unemployed to be an affiliate marketer:Next time you are looking for a credit card, or a credit report, mosey on over to and browse my selection of offers from major credit institutions. It's secure because I don't take your info, you just tell me what you are after and I show you offers from financial institutions (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, HSCB, the works). All you gota do is find the credit card that you need, and click to the issuer's site. I don't cost you anything, I get a commission for hooking you and the financial institution up. Also I've got links/offers for financial counseling, debit cards, pay day loans, credit repair, and all sortsa junk like that. Don't worry about them to much, they don't pay me as much so screw 'em. So yah, that's the scoop. And yes I'd appreciate it if you mentioned my website to friends and family, 'cuz I've got college to pay for in a year or two. And they say what goes around comes around. I don't know how that applies here so... err... Live Long and Prosper Y'all.... and recklessly apply for credit cards brought to you by:'d really appreciate it!!RocketScientist2015,not a spam'in robot, but in fact the real him

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I no longer have a Favorites Button.

Instructables pages appear to have a new layout (at least the header) and I no longer have a Favorites Button. I use the latest Chrome. Maybe I missed a update or feature change; so, I need to know have to Favorite something.

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Does anyone know if speed cameras have Infrared Filters?

Just curious, do speed cameras have IR filters.. is kind of a hard one to test this one, it would involve me driving through them and copping fines to see the pictures. I have a project in mind that relies on them not have a Filter or a slight filter....

Question by grimgroper    |  last reply

Cheap high voltage capacitor chargers

Could i use cameral flash circuits to charge a 2100v capacitor? If yes how, if no could i make a cheap and very simple one to do it? I dont have alot of knowledge with arduinos or electronic components that require programming but im ok with most other electronic components so if i have to build my own i need a way without those parts or i guess ill just have to learn them.

Question by Supersonic415  

Why can't I enter a contest?

I wrote a new Instructable and wanted to enter it in the Flower contest but when I click Enter now! the only eligible entry is another one I have already entered.

Question by Creative Mom CZ  

It would be nice...

It would be nice to see the full name of an instructable when you hover over it's title. Just an observation. Thank you.

Topic by Lord_Vek    |  last reply

Are there any instructions available to making your own Chinese musical instruments, namely the Guzheng?

Although I don't know how to make one myself, I just love the sounds the Guzheng produces and I was thinking of learning to play one but... the instrument titself seems expensive to even purchase so it kinda made me think and am now wondering whether anyone could simply make their own Guzheng? If is anyone has built one from scratch and for themselves can you share the instructions, on how to build one, with others?

Question by LittleRedDragon2386    |  last reply

Mic convert

How to convert laptop mic to usb is that possible????

Question by Mr Qatanani  

Web Site Improvements

Thank you for adding the "More by the author" profile banner to the top of each Instructable. Three author-instructable images used to appear in the right-hand panel along with some recommendations but disappeared with the last site upgrade. The new location at the top of each instructable is a nice touch ...Thanks also for restoring the graphical "Launch Stats" ...

Topic by lingib    |  last reply

How can describe the function of this circuit? Is there any application of it?

I found a circuit for control a DC motor ( as show below), but I´m not sure of how works it. Could you help me please?

Question by EliasD19    |  last reply

How can I wire (4) white leds to a on/off switch with one resistor all power to (3) 3v cell coin batteries? in a circuit

I seen a few youtube videos but none show how to wire four leds in a circuit ! will one resistor be enough? how to wire the main power switch to resistor & power source & led? anybody knows how to make this work

Question by GNOEL82    |  last reply

Serial monitor to LCD

How do I get the LoRa send and receive examples to go to lcd. I have checked the LCD with hello world and it's OK but I can not get the LoRa hello on the example to go to LCD. It will go to the monitor but not the LCD and if I can solve this then I can finish my project that I will post for everyone to see, use what ever.Thank youSteve

Question by laidlow7  

How to safely remove led from my humidifier?

Bought tiny humidifier, big enough for bedtime but not so big as to ruin my electronics. It comes with a blue led behind the button that comes on when it’s on. The problem is that it’s very bright and disrupts sleep. I tried putting electric tape over the button, which helped some, but it continues to light up the water behind it. I want to remove it, but it looked like it is attached to a tiny circuit board, of which I have little experience. It is only one blue led, how do I remove it without destroying the circuit board and thus my humidifier?Note: I do have a soldering iron, but I'm afraid I'm gonna get solder everywhere and mess it all up because the push button part and the led are so close.

Question by Nekkyo    |  last reply

220v led bulb array delay

I made a makeup mirror with 15 holes for lights, now iwouldlike to have a slight ON delay from one to the other. I was thinking maybe a capacitor after each bulb or just a relay? ( figured the relay kind of has a 0.1 second delay)

Question by turbiny    |  last reply

How to construct a small battery powered immersible thermal element.

Hello,I am doing a project and part of the project is construct a small battery powered immersible thermal element. The thermal element has to be small and portable, capable of heating 6-8 ounces of water to 95-100 degrees F and hold at that temperature. I plan to use a nine volt battery or a couple of AA batteries. The thermal element has to be small enough to fit in a small 8 ounce bottle. Any suggestions as to how I would go about constructing such a device would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help

Question by james4420    |  last reply

How to close out of instructables

How do I opt out of Instructables? Is there a phone number?

Question by ljcarroll    |  last reply

How to bookmark a project

Does anyone know how to bookmark an Instructables project so that I can come back to it? Thanks. Scott U.

Topic by sumphrey    |  last reply

Adapting LCD Active Shutter Glasses (3D Glasses) possible?

Can you take a pair of Active Shutter glasses, ie. Samsung and adjust how fast the glasses are flashing (They usually flash around 92hz (48hz per eye), I was wondering if you could drop that down to 4-6hz per eye(8-12 hz overall)Is this possible? With a the circuits and timers?Any ideas on how to do this?Thanks

Topic by bethekind    |  last reply

Someone help me to unlock my digital safety box

I can't open it since i forgot the code and don't have a key as well. the safe box don't have any brand name in it

Question by WyllordeS