Protect steel without paint.

I decided to try my hand at making jewelry with a cheap piece of steel. Partly, because of price and partly due to not being able to find a large enough piece of stainless. It turned out great. However I know it will rust if I don't protect it somehow. I'd prefer not to paint it l, because of the work to buff it to a high shine. Any ideas on how to protect it from rusting when in contact with skin?

Question by BernardR23  

May the Fourth - Theme 3-course dinner

Last weekend I finally watched Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So with May Fourth coming our way I decided I would cook a nice Star Wars themed 3-course dinner for me and my wife this Friday. The idea is just simple food, but made it looking like something linked to Star Wars. I've come up with some ideas, but more ideas are always welcome. Here's whats on the menu up to now:Appetizer - Galaxy carpaccio:Purple beetroot 'empty space' carpaccio with sesame seeds 'stars' and drops of balsamico 'black holes'Main course - Star Wars Episode IX: The Fast-Food Hero:Sweet 'C3PO'-tatoes / 'BB'-pot-'8'-oes'Han'-burger 'Solo'Grilled green asparagus 'light-sabers'Dessert - Cheese platter:May the Roquefort be with youRevenge of the SwissMozzarella Death StarBabybell star wars smileysSo what are your suggestions?

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"I Made It!" Madness!

Anyone who posts a new "I Made It!" between today (March 13, 2018), and April 15, 2018 will be eligible to receive a new Instructables notebook and carpenter pencil. For those new to the site, an "I Made It" is a special type of comment that you can post on an instructable to show that you followed the directions and made it yourself. You can find the big orange "I Made It!" link at the end of any instructable. Post a picture of your brand new "I made it" in the comments below and also a link to the project where you have shared it. On April 16 we will be selecting 20 people at random who shared their "I Made It!" below to receive these gifts.

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Hi, I live in Greece, can I still take part in a contest?

Question by Vagg21  

My first Free3D print

Three months ago I submitted instructables into one of the challenges, and was selected to received Free 3D print. I chose to have my 3x3x3" 3D print instead of a famous 3D instructable robot. Two weeks ago, my 3D print got delivered in the 123D box, to my door. Also included in the box are an instructables patch and stickers. My 3D print is the case for my RevIO, an Arduino compatible board. A prototype that I'm made recently. ( Thank you very much for the Free3D Print program and everyone behide this program, otherwise I won't be able to see my project moving forward to this point. Thanks sath02

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Hello, I live in Greece, can i still take part in a contest?

Question by Vagg21  

Is lap swimming an outdoor sport?

I know that lap swimming is usually indoors, but would it count as an outdoor sport?

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PLEASE HELPI am building a dc buck boost converter, my feed =back is maintained using a PI-CONTROLLER. The problem is that when am connecting my load which is 13.9ohm(power resistor) its drawing tomuch current and the is a huge voltage drop which is about 11V ,i want to know how to i limit the load from drawing tomuch current

Question by BubeleM  

How to make a MDF cube (6 sided, fully enclosed)? 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Hi im wanting to make a cube out of MDF, i plan on making the cube and then taking it to a glaciers to cover it in mirrors (all 6 sides). i seen one in a home decor shop and it cost £650!! im sure to make it myself wouldnt be too hard and a lot going to be using it as a side table with a lamp on so it doesn't need to open or anything, just literally a cube fully enclosed.i have included a picture of how i want the cube to look. the measurements i want is 600mm x 600mm x 600mmcan someone tell me how i would do this please?i was thinking of taking the MDF and having it cut professionally, each side 600mm but ive now read that wouldnt work as some sides will need to be shorter..any advice is greatly appreciated.

Question by sicliff90  

3D Printing Fails.

I'm not exactly sure why, but the BBC collected a bunch of 3D printing failures. I couldn't resist sharing the screenshots and captions, especially in light of Fungus' recent topic. Enjoy.

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3 pin potentiometer

I want to know if there is such a thing as a plastic connector where you can “plug in” a 3 prong potentiometer without having to solder them to wire. I am connection a 3 wire connection from my mc-60 power control board to a 5k potentiometer. It would be nice if there was some type plastic(or other) connector that you could plug in the potentiometer without having to solder the wire to the prongs. Thanks zetuskid

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Can I run multiple 7 Segment 4 digit displays with an Arduino Uno?

Is it possible to run five clock displays with different times on them using an Arduino Uno? I'd like to make a wall schedule where the times are static but change each day based on the program I write, but I can't find any tutorials to help me figure out how to do this.

Question by WJJess  

Question about science of cooking finalist

I was just wandering what made not get to the finalists? I really got great feedback from the community here, any advice for futre contests

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How do I make beef noodles?

How do I make beef noodles?

Question by JoshuaZ30    |  last reply

IoT data logger for large file transfers - what protocol to use? (FTP, HTTP, MQTT, …)

Hi there, We manufacture CAN bus data loggers for use in e.g. cars, trucks etc.The logger records data to an SD card. When the logger is in range of a WiFi/Cellular hotspot, it will start pushing the data to a specified server. The files will be ½-20 MB in size and need to be transferred frequently (e.g. every few seconds). A user can have 100-300 loggers deployed, all sending data to the server simultaneously. Today, we handle this using the FTP protocol. It’s been a simple solution that most users understand.However, we fear it’s not future proof and we’d like to look into other options (e.g. HTTP, MQTT) - in particular also to enable easy transfers to e.g. Amazon/Google cloud servers.A few questions that we’d like input on:What do you believe would be the best protocol for the case described above? Do you have any examples of use cases, APIs, open source code etc. in such applications? If we switch from FTP to another protocol, is there a way to keep it simple for our “less techy” users that do not use e.g. Amazon/Google servers, but just their own PCs?Thanks a ton for your inputs! Martin

Question by MartinF124  

Unable to reply to comments

Why is it impossible for me to reply to comments on my tutorials? I tried on both firfox and google crome. Same thing.It says to ' type comment before posting' ! well i've typed...but it's not posting. Same problem even in mobile.Please help me sort it out. Thanks

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What type of LEDs are used for grow LED lights?

I've been googleing about the advantage of LED grow lights and how it saves energy and how they last longer. After looking to buy them I realized they were very expensive. However, I also found a few do-it-yourself guides which I thought were pretty neat and straight forward. The only thing I didn't see was if the LEDs they used were special or just any red/blue led lights can be used. Hope to get an answer and save a few bucks but most importantly save energy, Thanks in advance !!

Question by monchito7    |  last reply

I am looking for information on this bell Answered

I have four bells like this but not sure what they are for

Question by ffilc    |  last reply

How can i create a electronic device to push up my rocket?

I face some problem of create my own rocket thats means i need some push device of my rocket ~

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Looking for advice on LiFePO4 car battery replacement for SLA

I'm thinking of replacing my 12V lead acid car battery with a DIY lightweight battery based on LiFePO4 cells, but before I dive in I'd like to get some advice...My plan is to use 4 sets of 2 x ANR26650M1B cells in parallel, to give 13.2V output, and high output current, and about 20Ah capacity.(These cells seem to be used in commercial lightweight car batteries, so seem like a good choice.)Now, question 1: Can I just use these 8 cells as a drop-in replacement? With, presumably, occasional balancing out of the car.I think the answer is no: while my initial research suggests that some people are using off-the-shelf LiFePO4 cells in this way, a whole lot more people write about the protection and balance electronics they're using, and I don't suppose they're all wasting their time.Question 2: If Q1 = "No", would adding a balancing and protection module enable the cells to work safely in the car? There are 100A and 200A 4s modules available, so they should be OK with starting current (c. 120A in my case). I guess it's a question of whether it's OK to have such a protected battery pack constantly hooked up to c. +14.4V from the alternator, or whether I need to limit the time that the battery is charged from the alternator.Question 3: is it smarter to use super capacitors plus lifepo4 cells, to enable higher starting current while keeping battery discharging current low? (I started out thinking of combining an RC LiFePO4 battery pack with 6x400F super capacitors, but realised that I could get enough current with the ANR26650M1B cells, and fewer components should mean less to go wrong)

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Suggestion for pasta sauce to go with spinach flavoured dough

Hi, I have made a spinach flavored dough and want some suggestions for what pasta sauce would go well with it.Thanks

Question by MoafaqA  

What does "foreign receipt" mean in parcel tracking?

I have been waiting for a package of lootcrate and this has not arrived. for about a month to been with the same status: "foreign receipt"P.S: I'm from chile, and the package its from USA

Question by Forcegame24  

Has The Clinic been abandoned?

Hello all,Recently I've been visiting The Clinic for advice about some of my 'Ibles. It's been a couple of weeks since the first visit, and none of the posts I made have any responses. Scrolling through some of the comments, it seems as though there are plenty of people asking for tips, but almost no replies. I reply to some of them where I think I can help, but the lack of responses to many of the requests make me start to wonder: Has The Clinic been abandoned by the "Seasoned Authors" who are intended to be helping out and giving advice? Also, on a side note, when I go to the Community page and search "the clinic" nothing comes up, and when I put in "clinic" I have to scroll through a couple entries until I find The Clinic. This is problematic, and representative of a huge problem I've noticed with the search bars on the forum: If you search for something very specific, nothing will come up, even if there is a post / topic / 'Ible with exactly those term in the title. Not sure if this is a bug or just bad programming, but it needs fixing.-D.E.

Question by Dangerously Explosive  

Lighting a 12v RGB LED strip with 300 lights

Hey guys, so I am trying to make tails for a nine tailed fox cosplay and I wanted to make them light up. So I got this 16.4ft 12v RGB LED strip thatt has 300 LED comes with a power source but I wanted to use a battery holder to power it insteadI have a battery holder that hold 8 AA batteries.I tried it out and it works but I was wondering if this is the right amount of voltage I need in order to safely/efficiently light these.I plan on cutting them into nine 21inch strips so I have one for each tail and then just wire them all together. But I just want to make sure that 8 AA batteries is a good enough power source for it.

Question by TooMuchIceCream.  

Lighting a 16.4ft 12v RGB Led strips

So I am making tails for a nine tailed fox cosplay and I want to make them light up. I have 16.4ft of rgb led strips. They are 12v and have 300 less. I plan on cutting then at 21 inches so u have enough fr all nine tails. But my question is how many volts my battery should be ? I have a battery holder that holds 8 AA batteries with a switch. It lights it up but I'm not too sure if it's the right voltage or if it would burn out my LEDs at some points. Basically I'm winging it off of what I researched but I just want to make sure I'm doing it right and not going to end up with smoking tails lol

Question by TooMuchIceCream.  

Can I use a multimeter to ground/drain charge from IC?

I need to ground a FlashRAM chip to clear it, and I'd like to use a multimeter to do it, but not sure how. Red probe or black? What setting on the meter?It would be great if I could see if there is a charge on the IC and watch it dissipate in real time.Any advice would be most appreciated.

Question by Last_Liberal  

Cannot download

Can anyone tell me why i cannot download instructables any more ?I keep getting error message :{"error": "You are not allowed to look at that."}

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Is the Prusa i3 MK3 a good 3D printer for my school? Answered

I teach a 3D animation class and have been tasked with finding a 3D printer under $2500 to be used to print the models my students make. First of all I want something reliable. Second I want ease of use. Finally I want the most bang for my buck as it were. I'm leaning toward the Prusa i3 MK3 based on the reviews I have seen, but I want to get several quotes.

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Landline and mini speaker & microphone : can one use bluetooth mini speakers ?

Hello,Is it possible to use one of those small bluetooth speaker + microphone sold everywhere with a corded phone (cordless but wired to rj11 modem-routeur) to achieve some kind of JABRA-like system ?This is intended for me (light hearing impairement) and my parents.Of course the Bluetooth would not be used as bluetooth but as a "wired" speaker+mic to the phone base (with 3.5mm audio cable as for headset used by gamers..The idea is to get a louder volume than the handset or base of a corded phone can provide.and the problem of sound quality + cuts that arise from this mode of use (listener cans speak but with a delay ...) Please, don't answer me to buy "Jabra" or buy "amplified" dect phone.Just in case, I dream of a mini speaker not bigger than a glass o water connected with a lapel microphone (or replacing the microphone + speaker of my GIGASET handset ...)Any answer and/or suggestion would be appreciated.

Topic by InZo  

A hot box full of Satan!!!

I'm already preparing for Halloween. One of the props I would like to build is a box to hold "Satan." I'm not yet sure what I want it to look like (rock? metal?)... but I do know that I want it to be warm to the touch. Not HOT... nothing that would actually harm anyone... but obviously - and devilishly - warm. My first best thought is to take something like an old-school metal lunchbox, create false walls on the top and bottom, and then put SOMETHING in the in-between spot. But what? Chemical hand warmers? Something battery-operated. Your ideas are welcomed. And if a little bit of smoke could come out, all the better. Please shout if you need any clarification!!! Thanks!!!

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Question: Best materials to build a meter height elevator (3 floors)

I have a challenge, and that is, to build a 3 floor elevator. The main frame was built using 2mm carbon steel sheet and rivets, and painted blue. The frame, 950mm height, 250mm width. I thought of using doors (two halfs, opening to opposite sides). What I'm lacking is: • the motors to open the doors (already have one for the cabin, which is more sheet); how strong they need to be• the doors; more sheet? They will be on the main frame. And, should the doors slide on a U like tube to prevent them from woobling? or use gear racks weld to the lower part of the door? And, how would I join the doors with the motors, pulleys and belts?. I'm having stupid amounts of difficulty to view how I am to make the doors work. This will run on grafcet, already done too. Just really only need to assemble the doors and its motors.

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WTV020M01 sound module need help

Hi I recently bought a cheap WTV020M01 (WTV020SD) sound module from china. i know you get what you pay for but i cant really afford to spend big on that kind of electronics or else i would have. Any ways my problems is i have wired up the component as instructed, loaded up the audio files as per instruction on the micro SD card and connected it to power and hit the play pin. And NOTHING happened. i then tested to see if it was getting power and yes the power was fine. After being frustrated i tried moving around the power connector and discovered that if i placed the power in the reset pin the module lit up as if it was working and all the buttons worked but still no sound. i am not sure that as its a cheap component its a dud or have i just wired it up up wrong, or an i missing something like an amp. any help would be good thanks. here is some links to the component specs;=ETC⟨=en

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How long does it take to get an instructable featured?

Hi!I just published an instructable yesterday, and I know it was a Sunday, so Instructables staff weren't at work. On top of that, it was late at night as well, so that wasn't the best time to get it reviewed. However, now it's up, and I'm wondering, how long does it usually take for someone to get around to reviewing a newly published instructable to deem it worthy of a feature?Thanks!38ren

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Flamingo pondering

I want to paint lawn flamingos wacky colors. But with th heat and cold affecting the plastic makes the paint or various forms of coloration to chip off. Any thoughts on either making the plastic less prone to expansion or shrinkage or a type of paint that can breathe shrink like the flamingos do? I thank you

Question by gothking85    |  last reply

Charging 330V 110uF Flash Capacitor With 2KV

Hi there, I have a capacitor which is 330V 110uF and I have a inverter which converts 3V to 2KV DC. I know it is wrong to charge capacitor with it but I used it to charge the capacitor many times and it still didn't explode. Please explain me

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Can I Use H2O2 As A Solvent An Dmix It With Aluminum Oxide?

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Help With A Mouse-Trap Car

Okay, for physics class, we need to make a mouse-trap car, and I need some help. Basically, the only thing we can't have any electronics, or another mouse-trap. I've seen the ones on ibles here, and lots on google. The basic idea, is to have two CDs, each with a rubber band, or balloon around the edge for traction. But I am asking you, if you were making a mouse-trap car, what would you do?

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403 forbidden admin

I have the instructables app on my phone and i cant sign in yhrough the app with google+. I came to the google app and works just fine. I can sign in on it (but not the app). I cleaned the phone from cache and stuff but it dont do any good. What should i do? Y does it not work?

Question by CalebB10  

Simple homemade clutch for a flywheel toy?

I love those old flywheel toy cars and pump tops, but they are getting too rare to disassemble and I'd love to know how they work! I understand the push part, like in a push drill. What I can't seem to find is how to get the wheel faster and faster with repeated pumps. There must be some sort of clutch that somehow doesn't need to match speed with the spinning wheel, and it must be simple, or they wouldn't have used it in those (originally) inexpensive old toys, I do remember that there was no ratchet noise. But I can't figure it out. I know this sort of thing used to be quite common, but I'm drawing a blank on the internet. Any help will be appreciated! Many thanks!

Question by eruger    |  last reply



Question by JoshuaZ30    |  last reply

Best LOCAL Places/Stores For Electronic Parts.(Besides Radio Shack)

I cant buy stuff online as of right now because I dont have a credit card (I am 15 gimme a break) BAsicly I am looking for the equivilent of Radio Shacks electronic componets section but a different store because Radio Shack doesnt have a good enough selection for me.I am looking for stuff like switches ,capacitors ,potentianometers ,rectifers ,LEDs stuff like that basicly.

Topic by jackillac92    |  last reply

How to make a app and program that triggers 3 led modes... on/Off , Blink , Fade ?

I have makes an Avengers Infinity War style Iron Man Arc Reactor From Arduino Uno R3, 21 Blue LEDs, Some Cardboard , Acrylic Glass/Plexiglass (To Make An Glowing Arc Reactor , And I Am A Noob and want to make an Android app that Control my Arc reactor in 3 ways Blink,FADE,On/Off via Bluetooth Please Help And I Have All 3 Codes To Run Individually (Blink/Fade/On/Off) but I can't figure out how to run them from android appAndroid app can Be Made With MIT App Inventer

Question by ANIKET JOSHI  

How to make Arduino triggered still camera?

I'm looking for a simple way to make a camera using Arduino with the following properties and behavior: -when a certain signal from a sensor or switch gets to the Arduino it takes a single picture and sends it to some kind of memory, preferably a large one that can hold a lot but is small in form factor like an SD card or USB stick. -the camera is always on and waiting for input, allowing the image to trigger immediately upon sensor trigger -the whole thing would work with a fairly small form factor Arduino board, shield, and camera module -obviously camera quality is important, something that would give a reasonably clear image within a fifteen foot distance and in a variety of lighting conditions without a long time taken to focus would be ideal. It seems like most guides I've seen are for video cameras with a ton of options or other inputs. I just want a stupid simple camera that only returns one picture for one input, with an on off switch. Looking for product suggestions or pointers to guides to do this. I'm pretty inexperienced with Arduino. thanks so much!

Question by ilpug  

HM-11 Bluetooth module: How to change the baud rate

I'm writing some code to use an HM-11 Bluetooth moduleAfter switching on it responds to AT, AT+BAUD? etc. commands - the default baud rate is 9600, 8N1I now want to change the baud rate to 38400. The procedure is:1. Send command "AT+BAUD2" at 9600 baud2. After the last command character has been sent change the baud rate of the receiver (SAMD21J) to 384003. Wait for the response, which should be "OK+Set:2"The response never comesWhat am I doung wrong?Thanks for any hints,Jerry

Question by JeremyR85    |  last reply

Where can I find colored styrofoam?

I'm trying to make my own plastic using acetone and styrofoam; however I would like to create colors other than white.  Is there anywhere I can find black styrofoam, or any other color besides white?  Also, if anyone knows a method for creating colored plastic using the traditional white styrofoam, and some other ingredient(s) that would be great as well. Edit:  Meat trays/plates come in colored varieties; where can I find these?

Question by Spaceman Spiff    |  last reply