Extending Servo Wire

I need to make a servo wire that extends approximately 4 feet and then retracts to a length of 18 inches or less. There is a risk of entanglement, so the less sag and less loose the wire, the better. One option would be to use coiled wire of the appropriate gauge, but a product such as this is expensive. What are some other options?One idea that I had was to build a wire spool mechanism like that of a tape measure. From what I understand, a tape measure uses a constant force spring to somehow apply a retractive force to the actual measuring tape. Can anyone provide a more clear explanation of how a tape measure retracts? Does anyone have any ideas of how to implement this into a wire spool? Other ideas on retracting a very long wire?Thanks

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How can a sonar/ultrasound pest control unit be DIY? Answered

I've seen ads for pest control units that transmit some sort of signal that drives bugs &rodents away... friend had one & she didn't even get flies... but not sure which ones really work, and so expensive..... Would love to find a DIY Instructable on this! It would save money, the environment...etc...

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Ways to hold screw with something without using nut?

I am trying to build a holder, that will hold onto a pipe. So apparently, it will be cylindrical in shape. And from 1 end it would be cut and curved at 90 degrees. And 3 holes would be drilled into that space. So like i can lock the holder onto pipe and take it off whenever i want, just by screwing or unscrewing. However, as you can see screwing every time would suck. Very inconvenient. And there is no need to screw 3 screws. 3 are for support, screwing 1 would be enough to keep in place. But if i dont screw all three screws 2 may fall off.  How can i do it so screws stay stick to the base. Use glue? of some sort. Use some sort of washer that holds screw(difference only that nut would be thick.) i need help. :D 

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Can anyone give me a 100w inverter circuit?

I need to make a 100w or above inverter for using the soldering iron and another things.

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Wire a RCA Cable To A USB Connector Answered

I am wondering if there is a way to wire an RCA cable into a USB Cable, for Video Signals. I know they make adapters for VGA to USB but what about RCA or AV. 

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Contests not being added anymore??!

I have noticed that in the last few weeks no new contests have started. Is Instructables going to quit contests? Or can they not decide what contests to add..?An explanation would be appriciated!

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Arduino Wi-Fi shield

It is the second Arduino Wi-Fi shield board that i buy it and I have the same problem, after a period of work the shield stops working and shows a phrase " Wi-Fi shield not present " i don't know if it is hardware or software problem, please if anyone can help me because it is an important part in my master thesis.

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3000 watts inverter

Anyone knows how to build or make an inverter? a 3000watts inverter? can u give me the list of parts and picture diagram or schematic diagram? thanks guys

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Open Source Banquet hall

I want help in designing and architect map of Banquet hall.I have provided sketch that I have made but I think that sketch is ordinary so need support from enthusiasm people who want to work on open source project. I am inviting everyone from computer to electronics to architect that is every one is invited to join the project.All the dimension are in foot in the image.Main requirements for Banquet hall are as follows:1:Hall for main ceremony,capacity for at least 300 people and it will also have stage.2:Rest room for at least 200 people separate for men and women.3:Two extra rooms for bride and groom side or for main peoples.4:Kitchen for food production.5:Parking for at least 150 vehicles.6:Separate toilets for men and women.7:Pace for people to eat.8:Building can have 2-3 floors.9:All of the above will be interconnected (IOT) for example: smart water taps,smart parking,led light show,decorative walls,led light screen passage, whole building will be wrapped in LED for great light show,inside lights will be sync with songs floor will or ceiling will be wrapped with gaint led screen for different patterns and motions, flammable fireworks outside and non-flammable fireworks inside during ceremony, led dance floor.10:All of led projects will be diy,taps will be diy,parking will be diy and everthing will be diy.I think this will be largest open source DIY project.Everyone feel free to contact me at: ping me on whatsapp: +91 9616481277 Also need people who can render our ideas from paper to VR and 3D design in any software.

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How to connect a drone remote to a PC

I have a drone controller that I don't use anymore and I was wondering if it is possible to tur it into a controller for PC(for games). It's using 2.4 Ghz band.

Question by HQVL  

Problem - Reusing an image from the Library and editing it's tag edits all Instructables using that image

I don't know if this has always been this way, or it might be new, but I just noticed something that for me is a big issue.Sometimes I reuse images from my graphic library of images I've previously uploaded to Instructables for use in other tutorials. That sounded like a great feature. However, I just noticed that if I use the same image in two or more instructables (selected from the library), if I edit the text boxes in one, it modifies the text boxes in all of the images. What a disaster! Now I have no idea of what Instructables I've screwed up in the past thanks to this. Sometimes I might want an image for one reason, and later I might want to use it to call out a whole different issue.Please consider correcting this. I thought the point of the library was to avoid uploading duplicate content to Instructables servers. Now I'll have to upload the same image as many times as I need to reuse it, since by default I intend to use different call-out boxes (or however they are called on them).If I'm getting this wrong, and this bug is actually a feature, please let me know how I am interpreting this issue the wrong way

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Out of range alarm

I'm working on a project where I need to have a transmitter and a receiver with an alarm, so when they are apart a certain distance the alarm goes off. I need the alarm to be attached with the transmitter not the receiver, where it will be attached to a valuable stuff for example.

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Batch Coding

I need an interactive advanced batch and visual basic scripts course.

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Amazon $1000 gift card wtf!

Why am i getting a scam amazon pop up every time i open the intructables web site?

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Could one insulate their attic and/or walls with those stupid plastic grocery bags...safely and effectively, that is?

I have switched to some awesome reusable bags I bought at Office Depot that have a little bag that clips onto your purse or belt-loop. But I joke to the grocery clerks (when they look at me funny when I hand them the bags and say no more plastic) that if I bring home 1 more plastic bag I'm going to drill a hole in my wall and start stuffing them in for question is...Could I Do That? Safely first of all, but also effectively? This would be a HUGE find if it is...We could hit a planetary Royal Flush...Reducing our energy consumption by cheaply over-insulating our homes (an option that would make it possible for poor folk to take advantage too) AND getting those pesky bags off our streets, out of our oceans thereby reducing pollution and halting the devastating effects they have had on the sea life, AND reduce the space they take up in our landfills, PLUS with this as an alternative to having to turning them in, the current backlog of "recycled" bags piling up because this economic down slide reduces the amount of these goods that China is importing to turn into future landfill occupants. So can it be done?

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How to increase relative humidity and temperature in a box ? Answered

Hey,I need to increase the relative humidity of a slightly ventilated box up to 60-90% and to set temperature to 20°c (the outside should always be colder than 20°c). The box is closed (only two holes for the fans) and its dimensions are 1000*600*300 mm³. I only need to know which "hardware" to use. They will be switched on and off by a relay which is controlled by a humidity/temp sensor.Thanks for your answers :)Best regards,Quentin

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Powerbank for small load

What powerbank keeps supplying current and does not turn off if the load is only a few mA ? All the ones I have tried turn off automatically after a few minutes.

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How Sharp are Carbide Insert SHIMS? Machinists, never used these so I need help! Answered

I have a few secret upcoming projects in which I plan on using carbide turning inserts. Both for woodworking and metalworking projects, but not machining - their intended use.I was wondering if anyone has any experience using these. I was looking at buying square inserts, but I can find only shims like this: . Do you know if these are even slightly sharp? I mean, can I scrape wood with them with my hand, not in a milling cutter? Will they cut wood?If not, I was thinking about getting something like this: or sharp actually are these actual carbide inserts? Will these be able to scrape hardwood if I for example, hold them with pliers and scrap them across wood?Thanks!

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Marking photosensitive film

Can I use scratch pads and permanent marker pens to place hole pads and make traces on a photosensitive film? Can I use UV lamps?

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Help to change the potentiometer of a Voltage Regulator Module Answered

I get a Voltage Regulator Module but the potentiometer of 10K has a small rash between 5V-14V and I hope to can change it with another one of 1K.

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Problem with 8x8x8 led cube ?

I made a 8x8x8 led cube , i had finished all soldering  all leds works properly   but now i have a problem some of the glows(lightly) when ground is given to the +ve leg of the leds  or when 2 when +ve and -ve is given to -ve  of different layers Is this problem negligible ?? will the cube works ?? 

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How to make a Dead Space helmet/costume?

Hi, I want to make the costume from the video game Dead Space. I want it to be durable, and good quality, but not too expensive. I would like to ask for some hints, as to what materials to use. What would be the best and the easiest material. Also, Im starting with the helmet, in case it will turn out to be too expensive, ill just stick with that and make the rest of the suit on another occasion. thank you for all your help ****note about the picture***** my helmet will have a blue film instead of the mesh and will light up like in the game. also, i plan on installing two pc fans into it, for ventilation.

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Is it possible to do a transmission swap auto to manual on Lexus is250?

I have a 2007 Lexus is250 and was wanting to do a transmission swap to make it a manual it is rear wheel drive car and just figured it would be fun to make maunal

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Can someone walk me through the math of not exploding a 12V rated motor with a 48V battery?

I have a machine with a 12V motor. I have a battery that supplies 48V. I want to run the machine with the battery and NOT have the machine explode.If I get a speed control that can handle 48V, is it a simple as making sure I don't run it higher than 25%?

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Electrons flow from positive terminal to negative terminal inside a battery? Answered

If a bulb is connected to a battery, then in the bulb the direction of current is such that it flows from negative terminal of battery to its positive terminal. Whereas inside a battery electrons flows from positive terminal to negative terminal. How is that possible? If this is true wont it look like saying that a battery has infinite life time as battery discharges via bulb but charges inside by itself.

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How do you make sodium chlorate? Answered

I want to make some sodium chlorate.Is there any way to make it?I have heard there is some way to make it through electrolysis.I have a wall wart.

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Does a tesla coil need to be DC? Answered

Just a quick thing that I am not sure about for my tesla coil, does it need to be powered with DC current?

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Hijacked by ads on mobile site

Lately the ads on the mobile site have been redirecting me away from instructables. It’s become such a problem that I won’t use the mobile site anymore. It’s a hassle to go get on my computer when I just want to skim through projects and get new ideas. I’d very much like to see the ads changed.

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Banking capacitor for household electricity

Anyone here knows how to make a banking capacitor for residential? what is the right capacitor and value for the electricity banking?

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I am a new member with a basic question

I can't find an app for instructables for my iPhone?

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Hey guys i was interested in making a go kart but i dont know how fast my 6 horse power engine will go. How do i determine how fast 6hp is, infact how do i determine how fast any amount of horse power is. p.s. : i dont care if it is in mph or kl/h.

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How can I power 16 LED's with 2 AA batteries? What type of LED's do I need for this? Answered

I found a website that boasts a safety vest with 16 LED's powered by 2 AA batteries (see link at bottom). This confused me because I have a setup of 16 LED's in "series", but my setup requires 18v to operate. Is it the rating of my LED's? What "size" LED's do I need to get to minimize the voltage requirements?If you're curious, I set the LED's up for my daughters Power Wheels for headlights and tail lights.

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dead TV remote control

On my new viore tv remote control my kid spilled milk over it ,what to do? It is plasma 32 inch tv, purchased in may 2009. Can anybody help me in getting it repaired. I am not in position to purchase another remote control for 25-40 bucks.

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What battery

Hi I have just bought a 60a esc and 5200kv set up. I have tried my 11v Lipo and it is so slow. What battery do I need to power it ?

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How to exactly duplicate rubber parts?

I have a few old sets of unusual mountainboard trucks and spare parts all made by a company that went under about 13 years ago so no chance of getting new parts, all the parts are used but usable except for small rubber non ribbed gaiters/seals that have cracked and split except for most of the ones on the complete trucks. is there somewhere i could take one of the surviving rubber bits to have it duplicated as inexpensively as possible or is there some other method of duplicating them exactly?Edit: I'm in the UK

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Guidance needed - Need idea for elementary school Maker Faire - physical science station

Hi.Last year, I had the students build a scooter, create an obstacle course, run it through for our Maker Faire physical science station. It was fantastic. I'm looking for ideas for this year's activity. Criteria:- students must build something- students must physically do something with the built item- groups of 3-5 students- 30 min including disassembly All ideas are welcome!

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Questions about the new UI Answered

I haven't logged in for a while, and now am having trouble finding things. specifically, I'm not seeing the favorites button. I'll be the first to admit that there are times I'm completely blind, and miss what's neon and blinking right in front of my eyes, and this may be one of those times. Could someone please explain how I favorite things now? Thank you!

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Whats the best way to control servo timing

So I am trying to run a servo with a time delay i want the servo to turn 180° then back to 0° off 1 second repeating additionally with a 3 second delay and 6 second delay (its a 4.8v system running off 4 AA's) I want it to be an independent system that can run on it's own with the flip of a switch. Can i do this with a 555 or multiples and what controls the time delay on the circuit?

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Photos not showing

I am trying to figure out why my photos are not showing when previewing instructable. I also cannot get it to format where I have separate pages of instructions. Please assist.

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strong electromagnets that repel each other?

I have two electromagnets already but they aren't strong enough to really push each other. I've read mixed things online about electromagnets that repel being very weak. I would like to build something like a shock absorber with a electromagnet at each end so when their is a load on the shock absorber the electromagnet can push back and stiffen. Any ideas on this would be awesome, i've spent a lot of hours researching online already but cant seem to find good info.  Thanks

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Need help with choosing battery and fan for air conned shirt instructable

Hi, I'm new to this site and pretty electronically noob and very sleep deprived so please bare with me haha. I was looking at completing this project- an airconned shirt . But I didn't know whether I am buying the right fan for the project. It is a 12v 92mm fan with "2 pin?" which I'm looking at on eBay. I'm not sure how the "2 pin" will affect the wiring- can I still follow the instructions on the page withh this specific fan? And yes 92cm is my preferred size, just a little smaller than the 100mm one on the instructable page. And also, comments state that I can save money by buying a 9v battery, but the fan will just run a little slower. My fan is 92mm and goes 3500rpm which (comparing the size and rpm of other fans in my local electronic store) is quite fast. I'm assuming that using the 9v battery it will just run a bit slower. Is this accurate or will it also ruin the battery/fan's life expectancy, or drain much faster etc? Comments have stated that the batteries used in the instructable would only last a very short time (and batteries being expensive) so I thought to use rechargeable ones. Its going to be a gift for someone who works outdoors in construction in summer heat so it should at least be able to go for 9 hours before recharging. Ps. Any ideas on how to make it cooler via an ice container or cube without wetting the whole setup? Thank you heaps in advance!

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i need to make a metal ball mold for melted aluminum Answered

Steel needs to be used and it needs to be able to be taken apart with ease the mold not the ball

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X-CTU not detecting xBEE?

I am trying to communicate between two xBEEs. one xBee is connected via the xBee explorer shield to COM9 in to my laptop and the other is conncected to the arduino uno via the xBee shield ( ) to COM 17. I am using xBEE Series 2. Now the xCTU detects the xBee connected via the explorer; however it doesnt not detect the one connected via the shield to arduino. It just says Arduino Uni (COM17) in xCTU. and whn I try to rest it it says 'Unable to open com port'. I have moved both the jumpers on the other pins on he USB side, but still no luck. I have tried all the combinations but it doesnt work. Can someone help me with this problem please? :(

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is the daisy red ryder bb gun anygood for shooting targets and cans?

Does it work on air or spring? can it shoot pellets aswell? and will it puncture a can or a cardboard box?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Rc airplane fuel for 2 and 4 stroke engines

I want to make my own home brew nitro rc fuel

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Finish for Bowl

I am wondering what finish is good for a bowl other then mineral oil.(It has to be food friendly)Will polyurethane work?

Question by MatthewGal    |  last reply

Magnifying Lens and Solar Panels! Answered

 Would a magnifying glass/lens increase the amount of solar energy to a solar panel/cell? or would it just block the rays? i'm a bit confused because people haven't done it before and because people put glass (and silicon) in front of solar cells all the time.

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Laser cutter

What is the best laser colour to cut balsa,lite ply,and bass wood for a CNC

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Alpana Bhartia wants to know how to create a Dog House at home?

I was thinking of creating a new Dog House for my Labrador, is there an easy way?

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