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DIY Schematic with instructions for pest control

Would it be possible to get a schematic and instructions to build a dog / cat/ rabbit and ground squirrel repeller ? One with a volume adjust would be nice, so they can go anywhere outside my yard. I do have outside AC plugs... However, a battery powered with AC adapter would be ideal !! ?Here in Arizona, I have numerous problems with these pests. They eat my fruit and vegetable plants, tear up my yard, and tunnel in areas they shouldn't, like under the house foundation.Help anyone ???

Question by BDLP  

Waterproofing wood

I have painted an outdoor wooden table top. I need to waterproof it. Last summer, at the advice of my sister, I used spar varnish. That did not work in that the top layer of my table completely peeled up from winter rain/snow/ice. How do I waterproof the table?

Question by myrabowen  

How to use an LED Driver Cycle Flash Controller?

Can this device (w/o any other IC's) be used to sequence/chase LED lights.

Question by cgc  

Can anyone help with troubleshooting a tesla coil?

After working on a tesla coil off and on for a few years I finally finished building one, but it is running into several problems. The only problem that I can't figure out is that despite following the basic tesla coil diagram the toroid will not create a jumping spark; however the gap generator still produces a spark. The coil is running off of a 15kv nst with a gfi built in.

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Converting audio ouput to audio input for phone

Hello,so i did this project of a spy mic using the lm386 amplifier, i took the schematic from afrotechmods, and it works. what i wanted to do was modify this circuit in such a way that instead of letting us listen to the voices of that time, i wanted to make it work on a phone, using the 3.5mm jack, so i could record the audio in my phone, the original circuit diagram is attached. i also added my modified diagram. i just want to know if it will work, and i wont end up damaging my phone. what should i do to make this work right? the ''speakers'' in the original diagram are just earphones, no high power speakers. any help will be appreciated, thanks

Question by walee  

Course for 3D pen

Hi,everyone:I am a teacher in primaly school in china,work as teaching 3D and arduino . Do you knowing of the course for 3D printing pen and arduino for primaly school sthdent, where can I to get it? I would like to make friends with someone who works as a maker education. if you do so,please pencil your contact method to me.Thank you!

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Is my axolotl sick or hurt? Answered

Hello there, I have had a axolotl for a few months now and i have noticed he has a white patch on his side and on his head its white and sort of fluffy looking and i don't  know if something is wrong or is just color on his skin? I have added a photo of him (but its not to clear because i didn't use a camera flash on it) he is a Wild type i think and he lives in a 2 foot tank  on his own with heating around 20'c-18'c and a filter and i clean it all out very often and he eats things like worms, shrimp pellets, pieces of fresh beef or snails ( all of these i make sure are fine and healthy for him to eat) The only thing strange about him is that he has a few extra fingers on one hand (but he had that  when i got him). It would be great if anyone could help me with this question and could tell me if he's o.k and/or if you know what to to do. Thank you from, CrazyBassFisherWoman and Norbert the axolotl,

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Last year I could receive comments by Individual Question. Answered

Last year I could receive comments by individual questions after clicking that [Follow Question] button.Work-around wonders like [Flag] that comment and thanks for extended time to text.BUT.... It is useless to provide a Best Answer, if the people involved are not able to Follow a Question action !!!!

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how to make a metal detector sensor for high sensitivity

Hi everyone Could you please help me... : ( how to make a metal detector sensor for high sensitivity examples of metal objects the size of 1mm the use of these sensors for metal detection in food security

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Barackuda Internals

Alright, I grabbed some more internals for the latest version of the Barackuda. I can't believe it's already been over a year since the last time I updated my status update thread. It's sad that nothing much goes on here, but I'll still maintain activity as long as I have ideas. I bought a home in the summer and have since been doing adulty things but I've been looking for more hobbies, so I'm still interested in doing a K'nex gun building guide series for newbies. I otherwise haven't built much. But anyway. For those that don't know, which I imagine are few, the Barackuda (portmanteau of Barack as in Barack Obama and barracuda) is basically a compact bolt action repeater with a small, removable drum magazine. I believe this is the first time a magazine like this has been successfully implemented on a weapon. I spent years figuring out the design and trying to perfect it, never quite satisfied, but I really need to just throw it out there. I'll get full instructions eventually. Hopefully these will do for now. Sorry if some of the pictures ended up sideways. I was using my phone and rushing. Let me know if you'd like any other pictures.

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Will heating a zinc chloride solution made from reacting Zinc with HCl produce HCl fumes? Answered

I am going to make a solution of zinc chloride by mixing hydrochloric acid with an excess of zinc. In the experiment I want to do, I have to heat the zinc chloride. Will there be any HCl fumes?

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The course for 3D printing pen and arduino

Hi,everyone:I am a teacher in primaly school in china,work as teaching 3D and arduino . Do you knowing of the course for 3D printing pen and arduino for primaly school student, where can I to get it? I would like to make friends with someone who works as a maker education. if you do so,please pencil your contact method to me.Thank you!

Topic by 378621421  

Electrostatic flocking machine

Hello all I want to make simple and very cost effective velvet flocking machine in which velvet powder will be attracted in one box from bottom to top so that it will be applied on the object. Since velvet has its own charge it will get attracted to positive end of electrostatic field. Any simple model by anybody? Thanks Manish

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Is there any difference between Water vapor or steam? Answered

Is there any difference?

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Arduino Projects Without Any Electric Component?

So Yesterday I Ordered An Arduino Uno R3 ATmega328p So I Want To Learn Some Projects ASAP So I Can Show Someone That It Is Not A Waste Of Money.Are There Any Projects Which Don't Require Any Electrical Components?And Please I Don't Need One Suggestion Saying That You Can See A Light Turning On And Off (I'm Tired Of It).Sorry If This Question Is Already Asked (Link Me There).Or If You Know Any Article(s) Link Me There.

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How can i compress a biogas from a compost tank without risk of ignition.

I already have minor semblance of a design but, i always prefer to consult the hivemind before doing something potentially stupid(i'm missing enough fingers). so, big picture is to create basically a sealed septic tank tied into the water lines of a residential house, which would produce methane to be stored year round then used during the cold season. not so much that i could cut off the natural gas line, but enough to reduce the bill.the design so far is a gas line coming from the septic tank connected to a bladder sitting inside a large tube. once the bladder reaches a nominal capacity, it will trip a sensor near the top of the tube activating a compressor until the bladder retracts to a lower set optical sensor turning off the compressor. somewhere in this mix i have the intent to set up a large air filter filled with that "oxygen eater" stuff they use in food storage applications. as well as several o2 sensors in the main line set up to stop the compressor and activate a solenoid valve to make sure no oxygen ever get to the compressor. what i dont know, is what kind of compressor i should be using to avoid any type of possible spark. proper placement of the o2 sensors, and if a giant air filter for eating oxygen already exists or is that something im going to have to make the hard way.

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Suggestion - Allow us to edit/submit "Rich Snippets" meta-description in search engine results

Rich snippets are "the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page". In plain English, it's what you see when you search for something in google. While it might not necessarily help with SEO all the time, it does help any potential viewer know what the link is about, and whether it's worth clicking on. While the subject can be a bit more complex, all I'm referring to here is the meta-description. Currently, the meta-description seems to be, by default, the first ~300 characters of the Instructable (or auto-generated by Google). If you write any sort of intro, it probably won't be relevant to help understand the project at all (out of context). Suggestion - It would be great to allow users to submit a meta-description via a simple text box, perhaps on the "Instructable Preview" window where the Cover Image can be changed. If they want they can submit a 50-300 character meta-description that better explains what the whole guide is about, or if not they can leave it blank for it to auto-generate as is already the case.Being familiar with WordPress, this would be a trivial plugin. I'm sure a site as big as Instructables can see the potential benefits (increased click-throughs, reduced bounce rates...), while also knowing that it wouldn't be intrusive to users or particularly hard to implement.Just wanted to give my opinion. Like in the attached image, it can be a bit frustrating to have no control over the meta-description since it isn't always representative of the project. In the case above where it was auto-generated by Google, it doesn't give any incentive at all to click since it doesn't make much sense as a description of the project.

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"Bug" - Issue with image importer converting .PNG files to .JPEG

Update: posting this topic further illustrated that something weird is happening with how Instructables handles images. The image as shown above shows both left and right sides with the text blurry. If you click on the image, the left stays blurry (as it should because it was) whereas the text on the right shows clear and sharp. I give up on the root of the problem, but it's frustrating how the image quality gets messed up.I put "bug" in quotations since you never know if it's a bug, unintended side effect, technical limitation or external problem. I'll let Instructables be the judge. Regardless, I thought it might be worth bringing attention to since I'm probably not the only one to have experienced it.While I use RAW images converted to JPEGs in Lightroom for my main project images, which tend to look beautifully, I normally use Canva to design my title images. Mainly due to being able to add text, shapes or any other elements in layers. Canva exports by default in .PNG format, which is probably the most popular image format after .JPG due to its support of transparencies and lossless compression. For that reason it's normally preferred for header images and graphics. I tend to use a ratio of between 4:3 and 16:9 to make things easier for the file uploader, as well as a longest edge of 1024px since that looks like it's what Instructables wants so it won't be resized. Despite trying to make things easy for the uploader, my title images have always been the blurriest, noticeably more so than the rest of the images or the image uploaded. Today I finally did some tests and found out that on import of .PNG files, the uploader noticeably deteriorates the quality of the image when converting it to JPEG, even if it isn't resizing it. A picture is attached as evidence. It seems to particularly affect portions which are highly saturated or text, greatly desharpening it. It makes a good image look like it's been carelessly edited. For the image to maintain its quality, I have to take the original .PNG and convert to .JPEG on my own (Photoshop), and then upload the .JPEG to Instructables (instead of the .PNG). As a user, what I'd optimally like to see done is: Fix the importer to properly support .PNG images without deteriorating the images. It is way too popular a format to not accept. I do realize it might be a Canva color space or other such issue, but it probably wouldn't be limited to that program anyway. Nonetheless, if this isn't possible, I'd be happy for the system to simply not accept .PNG and to throw-out an error message telling me to convert the images on my own and only upload .JPG. That would at least avoid image quality being inadvertently affected. Make available an up to date FAQ page where all information regarding images is available: what formats are natively accepted, what is the optimal ratio for images, what is the optimal resolution for images, to what sizes an image is resized on import, or any other relevant technical image details. I've researched this multiple times in the past and there are a lot of people with the same questions in the forum. Especially when it comes to sizes and ratios (cut off images, etc). Most of the information is from years ago (ex. 2010) and cannot be trusted to be up to date. Up to now I've uploaded plenty of 18 megapixel images when it is unnecessary given that the largest size shown, I think, is "LARGE" size at 1024px (I believe). A place to educate ourselves objectively on this particular site's preferences would be appreciated.Anyway, thought I'd comment this since it was a relief to finally find out the origin of the problem.

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Best photo size for upload? Answered

What is the reccomended size of a image for upload to Instructables?

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Is it possible to. Make a crossbow using 2 springs and 2 pulleys? Answered

I have this idea where you take 2 extension springs and affix them to both sides of a 2x4 and then attatch a steel cable to them which passes through 2 pulleys attatched to a 2x4 at the front of the first 2x4 the crossbow is then completed Too complicated? I will post a instructable soon Fidgety2

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strange fluid inside a rear projection tv i was pulling apart? Answered

So i was disassembling a toshiba rear projection for the fresnel lense, and figured i'd pull the rest of it apart and see what parts i could salvage, i got to the gun assembly (i think its called that) and was pulling one of the guns to bits to salvage the lens mount and discovered there was some sort of liquid between the gun and the lenses, it smelt strongly like alcohol and burnt when i held a flame to it long enough, i got some on my hands and my hands started getting a burning sensation so i washed it off and stored it in an icecream container can anyone tell me what the liquid is? why is it inside the tv/projection guns? 

Question by mammasboy    |  last reply

How to use a salvaged phone camera from Oppo Mirror 3 for other uses?

I salvaged this camera from Oppo Mirror 3 as the phone doesn't work anymore, I would like to use for other project, like creating a CCTV out of it. However, I don't how to connect to my computer or any other CPU (Arduino, Pi). How do I use this camera module?

Question by RikoH2  

Can I wire RGB LED flex ribbon with cat5?

I made 4 custom light boxes using rgb led flex ribbon, can I power and wire these using cat5 cable or is that too thin for 6 amp 12v power supply these things are going to? the longest run from one box to the powersupply will be 20 feet

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Did anyone can slove this ????? You are going to make an item that's about time. You are free to interpret the term of time as you please. Examples may be special moments, repetitions, everyday events, or major events. Think about what expression the item should have. You can use shapes, colors, moving parts, technologies, humor, and the like. You can use the materials and techniques you want.

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can anybody ansewer ?s about howto direct wire or bypass the microphone jack on a gaming headset

a friend of mine gave me a afterglow headset that has a plug in mic that is broken. they sell replacement mics for 10 $ a pop but that's not happening here(not cheap just poor!).i need to just bypass the jack and hardwire it directly, an i would be grateful of any help slung my way! the jack on the headset only has 2 wires going to it with 3 contact points the plug on the mic has been bent over so far it came off, where there are what looks like 4 different colored bundles of wire which are paired together in 2 strands! so i kinda need to know how 2 wires(the headset) connect in 3 places to 4 wires(the mic)? my cam aint workin or id supply pics

Question by ripit  

My desoldering iron wont work on some pc boards Answered

I have a radioshack 45 watt desoldering iron, and it wont work correctly on the pc boards out of a sony television, it will melt and suck up some of the solder, but not all of it so I can't get the parts such and sockets and such out correctly.  However it works perfectly on a pc boards out of things such as power supplies. It wouldnt even work right after i put a brand new tip on it. Any ideas? thanks in advance.

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How to remove solder (my country don't sell desoldering pump or copper wick)? Answered

I found some old circuit and it's full of useful electronic components, but I have no idea how to remove them. I will be thankful to anyone who can help me remove without using desoldering pump or copper wick (I tried to look for them but I can't any, buying online is to expensive because of the shipping cost).

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is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? Answered

Is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? i cant get to a Radio $hack and my local hardware store doesn't carry them. thanks for any contributing thoughts!

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Arduino Bluetooth Gamepad

I wanted to make a general purpose VR game pad and I thought that if I made a Bluetooth mouse using an HID module then I could get it to press a specific coordinate when a button was pressed. I run into the problem, though, of multiple button presses. The best solution I could come up with was to have it quickly switch between the coordinates but then I can't have it hold down the buttons. How do commercial Bluetooth game pads work and how could I replicate this using Arduino?

Question by slaveboy2000  

How does a computer "write" something... to memory, a registry, etc...? Answered

I know that every computer has a CPU. I know that every CPU has it's own Instruction Set, or... set of things that it can do: CompareAddJump toInOutetc...I even know a fair amount about how a CPU interacts with RAM along the Data Bus and the Address Bus with Set wires etc, and how a CPU's ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) stores data temporarily in "registries" and uses "flags" to send things back to the Control Unit if the CPU. So, I know a fair amount about "How a computer works." But... it is all theoretical. I have memorized words and ideas like "ALU" and "Registry" and even RAM. But there is one thing that I do not understand and cannot seem to find anywhere on the internet. The verbs "write" and "store"...??? I know that a record cutter uses electrical current spread across metal plates with magnets that push a scoring tool into a soft "scratchable" medium to cut a long groove to make a record. Then a phonograph has a needle that that is likewise suspended between electrical currents with magnets that telegraph the grooves up a wire to replicate the sound through a horn (later a speaker). But as far as I know... RAM or a CPU's registries can have binary "words" somehow written to them for storage. I know it is happening at 3-4 billion times per second, but even if you slow it down to one time per minute... how does a CPU "write" 00110100 to RAM? There are no magnets in RAM like on a hard drive. RAM has no physical material that can be changed to represent a zero or a one... like... wax, or vinyl, or magnets. I don't even know who I can ask this to... so I'm asking here.

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1ns Impulse generator Answered

I want to develop and 1ns impulse generator. It should be variable down to 1ns and a variable amplitude up to 32V. There should be buttons to increment or decrease the amplitude and frequency. Any IDE to develop the box. I have tried to use a fast witching circuits with MOSFETs as a foundation to the project but it was not fast enough i could only achieve 100ns. Please Help

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Looking for Help! 120v ac to control variable speed 90v DC motor Answered

I'm at best a novice when it come to electrical and circuits so if what I've put together is a total disaster maybe you can inform me on a better solution. I've taken a treadmill that was given to me and salvaged the motor control board along with the 90v DC motor the control screen on the treadmill was smashed so i didn't bother to keep it. After a few days of googling and YouTubeing I ordered a scr motor controller but it was only single phase 220v... we here in Canada run a double phase 120v.. so to the best of my ability I wired up the single phase with a rectifier also purchased online. As I would flip the switch the motor would come on full tilt at what I'm assuming would have been 160v DC..I decided to scrap that idea. So after more googling and youtubing I found a page where someone had cut parts out of an old circuit board and just used the main circuit that took ac power in and DC power out.. so I figured I'd give that a try... and of course that didn't work either hens why I'm here writing this now. so I thought to my self, well what if I take the main components like the transfomer (tested the transformer to 120v on primary and on the secondary i was reading 18v av onmy multimeter) to step my power down the bridge rectifier to convert to DC along with a capacitor to clean up the ripple and a potentiometer to control the voltage. I wired these items up roughly then pluged it into the wall and when I flipped the switch nothing caught on fire so I figured I'm off to a good start, but as I started to turn the dial on my pot nothing happened.. until it was turned to the very top that was. then the motor started to turn probably at about 14rmp now I plan on using this set up for a wood lather. Am I going about this like a total buffoon? any help would be greatly appreciated

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Anybody seen ? Can anyone help ?

I know this is vague but you never know stranger things have happened on the World Wide Web I found an instructable a while ago but due to the app not updating I seem to have lost it from my favourites Can anyone or has anyone seen this Instructable for a floating bench on a Circular foot. The maker had clamped lots of bits of timber to form a ring. See pic from My vague memory sorry about my artistic skills.

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Cleaner lawnmower?

Http:// Small engines typically burn dirtier than cars do. Can this adaptation make them "greener?"

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Help, i want to work with IEC60870-5-104 in Arduino

Hello ,im working on a project to send data from an arduino to a scada wich works with IEC60870-5-104 I made a web server with my ethernet module ENC28j60, but to make it works on scada i should use the protocle IEC 104 so , im wondring if there is any library or something like that cause i didnt finde much in the internet :/ ,Im waiting for your help

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Can I get I get a HC SR04 sensor that can measure up to 100metres and what type of microcontroller can be used for it?

Question by Miccokams  

what resistors do i need to step a 12V battery down to 3.25V to run a LED light?

I have a 12v battery that runs my fishfinder on my kayak.  I am making a LED 360 light and want to use the same power source so I don't have to keep using AA or rechargables.  I need to know how to step down the battery.  I no longer have my electronics books to look it up.

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Gifs just run once

On the drafts I am writing, I have noticed that the gifs I add run just once when I click on "Full preview". This is the case for the gifs added in the "regular" photo frame, but not for the gifs embed in the text (they are run in infinite loops). And I have the same problem with the last Instructable I have published (, it looks like the gifs are played once then they stop.Is that a bug? I really like to add gifs to my articles to give a better overview of the project, but if they stop after few seconds or even less, I guess no one can see them...Thanks!

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How do I go about connecting speakers with different wattage & ohms to the same source?

I have a bunch of old speakers that I wish to use for a project but I'm unsure if they will all work together. I have: 4 x 60W 10Ω 2 x 20W 6Ω 2 x 25W 6Ω 2 x 5W 16Ω with DC in & component input (out of old computer monitor base) Will I be able to connect all the speakers to the circuit board with the power & input? What will I need to do or obtain to make them work together?

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120v Motorbike???

Hey guys... so i managed to snag a 120v motor from a ryobi leaf blower... how would i need to go about making a battery pack for it? and how would i mount it??? i was thinking of relaying batteries with wire and tape.... but i DONT want it to be a bomb on wheels!!! XD and for the mount i was thinking of welding some bolts into the motor and then onto the bike near the sprocket.... even then.. how am i supposed to attach it to the axle to make the wheel spin?? weld in a rod or something i suppose?? i also made sure to grab the switch cause i dont feel like making one and it has three settings... off, 1(slow), 2(fast).

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18v lion battery charger

The charger for my 2.6AH Li-ion 18v cordless drill battery stopped working and I can’t find a replacement one for sale. The battery has +, - and T terminals.Would a different make of charger work, or are there any other solutions, please? It is an excellent drill with two batteries and I don’t want to have to throw it away.

Question by ScillySkipper  

Good bye my friends and subscribers

Due the still ongoing problems with the last site update I decided to extend my "holidays" from this website.Those who know me will also know that I always tried to asnwer questions to my projects quickly.Same for all those seeking help in the community forum but I am simply not willing to waste more time searching and fixing than actually answering.If things here change back to a usable forum and once user requests are at least considered by Autodesk feel free to ask me to come back.Until then I will have to find other things to do with my time.In the meantime I might still check on questions to my Instructables but not on a regular base.

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Can you help me brainstorm a better way to make a vaulting barrel?

Hi, Thanks for your interest.I want to find someone to make a vaulting barrel. What is a vaulting barrel you may ask? It is a "fake horse" used in the sport of equestrian vaulting , which is gymnastics, essentially, on horseback. There are lots of instructions around involving the welding 55 gallon drums, etc. The problem is these barrels are very heavy and unwieldly. I am not persuaded this this is the best design. I am wondering, for example, could they be made from PVC or something else? Is there a better way to attach the padding? Can the handles be removable easily. The legs, adjustable. I would love to figure out a better approach. Here are the specsspecs (PDF) from the American Vaulting Association and here are some picturespictures.I would appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!muggle

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Pin-pointer metal detector front end not working.

Hi,I breadboarded the pin-pointer metal detector and am having trouble with the front end. pcounterA reads 11-14 on the serial port monitor.See previous question on instructibles reproduced below:_________________Asked by jont4e 2 days ago Hi, I bread-boarded your circuit for just the end coils to start, and loaded the sketch. It seems to be pulsing the coil OK but the leds aren't responding nor the buzzer. I uncommented the serial port code and it shows ledthreshold1 always at .97, pcounterA at 12, and calav1 at 81. Is this OK? (The other reported variables are always 1000.) I wound the end coils with some bifilar wire I reclaimed from a microwave HV supply transformer. I assumed that was OK? Do you have a flow chart or description of how the code works so I can troubleshoot? Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated. Jon T 0 Answer from TechKiwi... 2 days ago The pcounterA value should be much higher 200 to 800 at least. My advice is to focus on one channel. Try reversing the polarity of one of the coils as this often is the problem as the pulseIn function needs to have a clean leading edge to trigger the timing process. Ensure your breadboard connections to the coil are short and well grounded. If this does not work direct message me with a link to some photos of your setup and I will try to assist. I'm just building a second unit so your timing is fortuitous as I can provide some test measurements._______________________________Attached are images of the front end scope traces and a shot of the breadboard. Coils are off screen to the left.Swapping coil polarity did not seem to change any waveforms.Hope someone has some suggestions I can try.JT

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I am not able to enter in The Microcontroller contest.

I have published and instructable in which I show you how to make a smart speaker with alexa and gooogle assistant in it. I want to ener it in the microcontroller contest. but when i click on the Enter button, it doesnt show me my instructable. Please HELP!!!

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How do you climb trees really fast?

I want to know how to climb trees really fast, but without making much noise.

Question by Boom!H3adshot    |  last reply

Longboard sliding gloves material?

I already have a longboard, but I'm making one this summer... (new instructable.. stay tuned!) I'm now making a pair of longboard sliding gloves for palm-down slides... what is the best material for the palm disk.. ABS, teflon, PVC? ( The thing in the back of the gloves is my homemade flattened ABS pipe.)

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Help needed for a diy bluetooth speaker

Hi,I have 2, 10 Inch JBL speakers from an old music system. I dont have a photo right now, i will post i later. i am not sure if its a woofer or a speaker coz it have 2 magnets below. one over another and inside there is also a small speaker in the box. So i got 2 big speaker(or woofer) and a 4 inch woofer driver from a jvc multimedia system.I am kind of an audiophile and i want help to build a good boomboX with whatever i got. i am familiar with wiring and soldering and that kinda stuff. but i dont have anything to fabricate any circuit boards. So pls suggest me parts with low cost and those which can be bought inside India. I also have a bunch of 3.7 V rechargeable batteries from powerbanks and rc helicopters. But dont have a way to recharge them or use it for a regulated supply

Question by Syst3mburn3r.