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Welcome to the Instructables Teachers Hub!

Welcome to the new home for all things Teacher related on Instructables. We hope you'll explore the new features and come back often to find and share projects, inspiration, and classroom resources. As you explore the new Teachers Hub, you'll see it's easy to find projects by subject or grade level and sort them to find all the best and freshest projects.Be sure to spend some time in the new Teacher Forum. It's a great place to connect with fellow teachers and make new friends! You could start by introducing yourself here or finding a topic that interests you and join the conversation there. :)We'll be working to continuously update and support your needs in this new area of the Instructables community, so thank you in advance for your valued feedback and suggestions.

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Negative posting times again in Q+A, and shifting post times

When sorted by recent, the top couple of posts in the Questions section have started showing negative post times again (and not chancing to hours after 60 minutes). As of 6PM UK time, the top two questions are showing information like this: "Asked in Technology by miamimac  -293 minutes ago    Answers: 1" This problem has appeared a couple of times before, all while running chrome on win7, and the issue persists after refreshing the page. EDIT: after looking for a bit longer, new questions are getting added to the list after the ones with a negative posting time. ADDITIONAL: recently, post times have been jumping around, causing posts to be re-ordered and Questions posted recently (with correct posting times) to be moved up, often ending up with negative posting times. Are all users seeing the same posting times, or are the faults dependent on area?

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Nuclear Reactors and Batteries

Hydrogen fusion is a promising source of energy. They have made fusion reactors already. Though they aren't going to supply our energy needs because they consume more energy than the make. Fission reactors have been already made and are good at making energy. Unfortunately they have dangerous radioactive byproducts and wastes. Please post anything you want as long as it has something to do with nuclear reactors.

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Can you freeze dry food at home?

I would like to know how to freeze dry food. Could some create an Instructable How-To,... Can someone build a machine that freeze dry food? There are essentially three categories of freeze-dryers: the manifold freeze-dryer, the rotary freeze-dryer and the tray style freeze-dryer. Two components are common to all types of freeze-dryers: a vacuum pump to reduce the ambient gas pressure in a vessel containing the substance to be dried and a condenser to remove the moisture by condensation on a surface cooled to -40 to -80 C (-40 to -112 F). The manifold, rotary and tray type freeze-dryers differ in the method by which the dried substance is interfaced with a condenser. In manifold freeze-dryers a short usually circular tube is used to connect multiple containers with the dried product to a condenser. The rotary and tray freeze-dryers have a single large reservoir for the dried substance. Thank You

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I have a pound of chicken breasts and a gas stove with plenty of spices, veggies, and rice. What the heck do I make out of this?

Hello guys,,I’m tired of eating dry chicken. I’m not that great at cooking but I really want to impress the SO tonight. chicken night always seems to be disappointing.Should I bake these things? What temp and how long? Tenderize them first? Drown them in olive oil and garlic? Wrap tin foil around them? I need some guidance and I always seem to mess up the baking times these recipe websites are suggesting me. Anyone have suggestions?

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How can I make the most of my homemade stocks/broths?

Hello everyone,,I've been enjoying making vegetable broth/chicken stock over the past month or so, and it's made for some filling soups. However, I find that whatever I make soup with overpowers the broth so much that I can't appreciate the flavors of the broth. For example, I like to make a simple Minestrone. The broth tastes fantastic, but the potatoes and green beans I add to the soup leave no room for the broth to stand out. Is that just how soups work?That aside, I'd like to find other simple soup recipes so I can use all this stock I keep making..

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SAFETY!!! How can I earth a Sinotimer programmable timer (TM618) inside a metal box ??

Hi, I am in the process of constructing a retro console timer for my 10yo grandson (for his parents really). They only want the power to the console on a predetermined times. I found an idea on Instructables which is basically a programmable 7 day timer in a small (lockable) cash box. Question: there is no earth tab on the input side of the timer and I want to earth the box because it will contain 240v!! Is it as simple as wiring the wall plug with three core cable and attaching the spare earth wire to the inside wall of the metal box? Please advice.Thanks

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4 wires fan to 2 wire

Hi guys, i need your help! I have an Enermax 12cm fan (EB122512H), i need to plug it to a 12v DC power supply but i don't know how to wire it; The fan has 4 wires (yellow, black, white, red) but the power supply has just two wires. could you help me?

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The how to of Led Christmas light repair

I have 3 strings of led xmas lights strung together. The first one and a half strings are out altogether but half of the second and all of the last string are working. But its the first string that is plugged in. I cant find any broken wires. Are these fixable and if so how?

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identify terminals of a 4 terminal battery? Answered

I have an old mobile phone with a 4 terminal battery the end terminals are labelled "-" and "+" but the middle ones are labelled as "CF" alongside negative terminal and "VF" labelled alongside positive terminal. what do these two terms mean and why are they there? battery is 350mAh 3.7V battery. i dont have a multimeter but i checked the resistances between terminals (using an LED) as terminals                      LED brightness                                             Remarks + & -                          (more than normal brightness )                  no resistance + & VF                       ( normal brightness)                                     some resistance + &CF;                        (less bright )                                                   more resistance in the image from top to bottom alongside golden color terminals labelling is as -            (in picture as P-) CF VF +          (in picture as P+)

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Choice command works in CMD but not in a batch file

I was trying to use the Choice command in Windows7 and when I tested it in CMD it worked fine, but when I try to use it in a batch nothing shows up it just stops the batch from doing anything on a blank line. So lets say my batch file was... @echo off echo Hi echo Person choice /c YN /m Will you be my friend? if ERRORLEVEL==2 goto :end if ERRORLEVEL==1 goto :a echo If you see this it failed... :a echo YAY! Pause>nul :end exit Then I would see Hi Person Then nothing after that. It would just be blinking like you have to type in something on a blank line. Any Ideas?

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List of Upcoming Contests (updated 9/10/19)

Hello everyone! Below is a partial list of the 2019 contest calendar. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change and contests will continue to be added throughout the year. The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. The months indicate when the contests will be launching. All contests will launch near the beginning of each month. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. All contests and dates are subject to change!AugustFlying ChallengeIf your project flies, we want to see itSpicy ChallengeFeeling hot, hot, hot... when it comes to these recipesClassroom Organization ChallengeShow us your favorite solutions to tame the craft and work supply madnessMetal ContestUse metal in your project - head banging optionalIndoor Lighting ContestWe love lampTeacher ContestTeach us your ways, oh educators!SeptemberMaps ChallengeMake cartography great againMake it Move ContestIf it moves, it's eligible!Kitchen Skills ChallengeShare your kitchen knowledgeCNC ContestBuild a project using a CNCArt Skills ChallengeDrawing, painting, sculpting, animation and moreSkateboarding ContestBuild a board, share tricks, wax every ledgeHalloween ContestCostumes, props, decorations, food and moreOctoberMultidiscipline ContestOpen to projects that combine two or more disciplines, like woodworking AND sewingAfter School ChallengeAfter school projects and activities Book Character Costume ChallengeLet your imagination run wild and bring your favorite book characters to lifeCandy ChallengeSugar and spice and everything niceMade with Math ContestCombine math with makingRobots ContestMake yourself a robotic friendNovemberMeal Prep ChallengeGet a gold star in being an adult and teach us how to meal prepFashion ContestIt's called fashion sweetie, look it upInvention ContestSolve everyday problems by creating something newAssistive Tech ContestUse technology to make life easierHome Decor ContestRefresh and restyle the DIY wayReuse ContestWork with what you've got instead of buying newDecemberPCB Badge ChallengeCreate custom PCB badges using EagleCrazy 4 Coding ChallengeShare fun coding projectsCookies ChallengeC is for cookie, and cookie is for meFiber Arts ChallengeThe challenge for all textile arts: weaving, crochet, embroidery, sewing, etc.Instrument ContestMake some noiseMad Science Fair ContestOpen to all science fair projects and experimentsShelving ContestGet creative with shelvingMake it Glow ContestAdd LEDs to all the things! *All contests and dates are subject to change. Please leave suggestions for prizes here. You can also leave suggestions about contests here. Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!

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Rate My Drawing!

This is a portrait I drew of a friend of mine. It took me about 2-3 hours to complete. Please tell me what you think, thank you :)

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The Clinic // Get help with your Instructables!

Hello and welcome to the newest version of The Clinic! If you have an instructable that's not getting the attention you think it deserves, post it in the comments below for honest feedback and suggestions to improve it from fellow authors and Instructables staff. We want to help you create the best instructables you can! Curious about the basics of creating an instructable? Check out my FREE How to Write an Instructable Class! You can also read through our Featuring Checklist. Posting a great instructable has many benefits, including:More viewsMore comments and followersHaving your instructable Featured on the site Having your instructable featured on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)Better chance to win contests Driving traffic to your websiteP.S. While I know the goal for any instructable is to get Featured, it's not the end goal here! We're sure to hand out features, but please keep in mind not every instructable is feature-worthy. Even the most popular authors have unfeatured instructables! Don't let it get you down - you're still amazing! :D

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Self-Contained Laser Trip (All in one unit)

Hey y’all, I have been searching for a way to create a laser trip wire that doesn’t involve two units that line up to have the beam broken. Is there a way to emit a laser that triggers LEDs or buzzers just when the laser is broken, all coming from one unit? I’ve read about the LED/IR type projections and that’s the closest I’ve found. Any help is welcome. Thanks!

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Zombie hunter - a game for long car trips

For as long as I can remember a long road trip with the kids meant playing some games to kill the time.For years we tried spotting special cars, like original beetles or a rare color like yellow.Then came phones and tablets and the kids went silent.We now found a quite entertaining game we call Zombie Hunter.A zombie in this game is a person using a mobile phone.Points we tried to keep simple in the beginning but now that little ones are getting batter at math we advanced.Here is a little points list:1 For every pedestrian on the phone or a passenger in a car.2 If said pedestrian ran into something or had a fall because of the phone use.5 For someone on a bike using the phone.10 points for a driver using the phone.15 points for a policeman using the phone while driving.Half an hour stuck in city traffic can get you well over 100 points even with 4 people playing LOLMy favourite areas to make quick points:Stops at the traffic lights - always some good points to make.Stopping somewhere near a drive through and you are certain to get 30 or so points if you are quick.If the kids are still little and you go often to playgrounds there is another nice game.I call it Lost Child.1 point for every parent who obviously lost sight of their kid(s).2 points for every parent missing to realise their kid(s) is about to have an accident of fall.3 points for every parent just sitting there and staring at a screen instead of interacting with thier kids.5 points for every parent running around in panic trying to find the missing kid(s).An additional point for every kid you can collect and keep out of harm until the parents notice they are gone.Have fun playing but don't become a point yourself...;)

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HAM radio repeater controller arduino

Is there anyone who can help me with a repeater controller, i need a little program which will switch according to input + 3 sec (or something like that) also i want to decode 4 bit paralel data (binary output from a DTMF decoder) and switch outputs accordingly (if correct code is pressed) (thins like identifier, time&date;, last transmitted message) thees functions i will make on separate boards, i just have to trigger them last transmission board needs an input from the arduino when to start, the playback will be done with one of the DTMF-code outputs any advise / code is wildly appreciated :) ps, im very new to arduino and have plenty to learn  kind regards, milan 

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How to enter a contest with an existing instructable?

Hi, I already made an instructable, and posted it after the start of the home improvement contest, but im having trouble entering the contest.

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Why isn't Italy amongst the Countries from which you can enter a contest? Answered

I would like to enter food contests but I live in Italy and I see it's not amongst the countries elegible for entering contests. Why?

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My first tennis ball mortar scars!

This is hilarious , i finally built my tennis ball mortar, i "accidentally" put way to much hair spray in lol. It launched well, but blew the back off so im going to have to build a new base lol. I have some pictures to show it lol. the sound was so loud that i can not hear a thing out of my right ear except a loud ringing. is that a good thing?lol heres the pics.

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how can i melt a hole in a glass bottle without breaking it?

I hawe a few normal drill bits and a propane/mapp gas torch.

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LM3914 Battery Level Monitor

I am trying to make a Battery Level Indicator using the LM3914 IC. The problem I am facing is... where you see those 3 LED's my voltage increases on the pot, where as when the LED's are all the way on it decrease across the pot. I am using a 9V Battery where I want the red led to show depletion  of battery life around 5 or so volts  how can I achieve this. Can someone please help me with this?

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Knex gun ideas

Knex Gun Ideas Hello fellow Knexers, I have some ideas and concepts that I have been thinking about and I would like to share them with you all.  Please give me credit if you use any of these ideas of mine.  Also please send me pictures if you are able to create any of these ideas so that we can all help to advance the Knex community.  I know that some of you may have thought of  ideas kind of  like this, so please don't get all bent out of shape that I stole one of your ideas. And please give me your feedback and and ideas in the comments below. 1 Horizontal Knex Oodammo mag     This is an idea that I came up with the other day ago, it could either be on the top or the bottom of     the gun.  First there would be a rail that holds the ammo on top and pushes it down a ramp and then     it falls in front of the FP  and is shot out.  This may have an advantage because then you don't have a                     large mag sticking out of the bottom of your gun. 2  Oodammo bull-pup    I do not see a big advantage to this but maybe some one would like to try this,  Has any one tried             this before? 3 Rotating hammer action   There would be 4 hammers attached to a cog and the hammers would spin around in a circular          motion and hit a new piece of ammo each time they spin around.  I don't think that you could get that      much power with this, but maybe it could be attached to a motor or it could be wound up and released     by the trigger.     4 Knex magazine idea      I was watching some YouTube videos about Nerf guns and there was this one that I saw, is there a      way to make something like this out of Knex?  To load the gun you slide back the pullback and load          ammo though the top into the magazine, this is not a top loading mag but you feed the ammo into the      mag from the top and it is pushed up when you slide the pullback back over the top of the gun.    Here is a link to a video about the gun so you get the idea of how it works    http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjpkp9TRDWo    I will be posting more new ideas here soon so come back often to see updates and more, and please subscribe and share your ideas    below so that we can advance the Knex community to the Next level of innovation, design, comfort and power!    If you have a question or don't understand one of these ideas,  please just ask me below.    Thanks for your ideas and feedback!!    SONIC BROOM

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need help with knex roller coaster

Can a knex coaster expert make an 'ible on making custom coasters plz the guillotine

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i want to start a small business?

I want to start a small business.. but i am totally out of ideas.. so i need help.. plz give some suggestions.. business should require little investment.. i stay at small town.. so suggest accordingly

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Charging a battery with a PC psu

I am making a boom box with a car stereo, PC power supply and a 12v battery. Is there any Circuit I can make or use to safely charge the battery. My main concern is back feed and killing the psu.

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Mariko Kusumoto

I have been trying to create color stripes in the same manner as Mariko Kusumoto. Cotton and silk thread have not worked. I think I need a different tool to apply polyester dye or different thread. The second image is messy but it was to test the strength of the dye on the bubbles. I think my problem now is how to draw the lines using polyester dye before steaming. 

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Different grinders of the Dremel. What to use? Answered

I use a dremel-clone. It has a set of grinders of three colors: blue, red-orange, and pink, the three in the same set. I can't see differences in hardness, but it must be differents, so... Can you help me in what color use in which task? Thank for your time!

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ZVS Driver purchased from Ebay

ZVS Driver should not be heated on the copper part until you put something from metal inside the copper ring, but this ZVS Driver heated the copper part without to put anything inside the copper ring! I want to ask is this correct to heated the copper part without to put anything inside the copper ring? Fans do not stop, working all the time! It something wrong with this ZVS Driver?

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Where can I get large( diamter larger than 3 feet) plastic pipe and how much would it cost?

I need some larger plastic pipe that I can use for a tunnel. I am looking for something that is larger than 3 feet wide becuase I want to use it for a tunnel. Preferably it is not to expensive.

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I cant find Library folder in Programs files/Labcenter Electronics/Proteus 8 Demonstration > win 10

I want to add AURDOINO Library tp proteus..I cant find library folder

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I have a large in home filtration system but lost the book on how to clean it properly can anyone give me some tips??

No one in my family thought to keep the manufacturers number nor the instructions we've had it for 3 years and its never been serviced if i can save money and do it myself id love it if you know how to please leave a comment

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Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place while working on my PC? Answered

Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place for a few seconds while working on my PC? Is it a memory problem, if so how to rectify it?

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how to make charcoal out of garbage, from the city?

I have been trying to come up with a way on how to make cooking charcoal out of dirt or garbage from the city. i burn this garbage then after use a mill to crash it into powder then mix with some little stourch from cassava flour  then put the mixture into small moulders which are disturbing because i use a very local method then drying becomes my worst enemy because if there is no sun i cannot produce , please give me an easy way on how to transform my business to come out with good production capacity.

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Deactivated Bone Growth Stimulator

I have a CMF bone growth stimulator that no longer works. These devices are set to die after so many uses. Does anyone have any ideas on how to reactivate these units? Or, hacking these things for another purpose?

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Aus laptop battery charger

I removed the screws for the back and pried apart the cover. The battery charging is charging again. I was able to use a special screwdriver I used on a different laptop to remove battery..

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Is there a site updates log?

The title basically states my question. Can the site updates be shown publicly? I've noticed small changes here in there, like that temporary one where we couldn't see the number of favorites (much like Instagram). Is there a place where we can read all of the updates from the start of instructables up to today? I was just curious, and it would be cool to see the site's development from the start. Thanks :D

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XY plotter for artistic project

Hi everyone,I am a french artist, and I am starting a new project that involves some robotics and programming, parts for which I need some help.I am planning on buying this machine : http://elekslaser.eleksmaker.com/And to use it as a pen plotter, trying to get the pen to behave as one of the particles visible on this site:http://labs.minutelabs.io/Brownian-Motion/I want the pen movements to be generated directly by the code of that simulation (which was shared with me by the creator).My first question would be, does this seem feasible? There seems to be some issues working with this particular machine on a Mac, so I wanna be sure that I buy the right tool for the project before even jumping into the programming phase.Thanks!

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why won't my parents let me have a cell phone?

Why wont my parents let me have a cell phone that's all i wanna know gosh

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Can LED's in Gemmy Kaleidoscope Light be replaced?

I'm trying to re-purpose a Gemmy Kaleidoscope Green LED light bought last year for outdoor christmas lighting. Is it possible to replace a couple of the LED's in it and make it a multi-color unit (RGB) instead? Here's what the innards looks like. Not sure where I can get the LED part numbers to look them up. Thanks for any help.

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Differentiate different rats by size in tunnel.

Hey guys, I need some help.Is there any way to measure the different size - length or volume of rats as accurate as possible? I have an idea to put 2 ultrasonic sensor (in the beginning and in the end of the tunnel) so it will be able to measure the length and calculate the size.Or is it possible to do it with volumetric sensor or something else? Thanks!

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Quick question regarding car stereos and speakers? Answered

Hi, so I was thinking of buying a new stereo (receiver) for my '97 Mitsubishi Mirage DE, along with some speakers (mine are crap). When I go online (such as autozone.com), I run into some confusing descriptions. The receivers are usually rated as 200W for four channels (it'll then say like 50W x 4), whereas some of the speakers say "100 Watts Peak 50". I think I only have two speakers on the interior of the car (driver and passenger). Does this mean I can buy speakers with a higher wattage? I'm guessing the 50W x 4/ 200W over four channels means that it's 200W of power/audio for four interior speakers. Does having less speakers give me a greater allowance for speaker power, or will less speakers put more strain on the ones that I install (200W getting split over two channels instead of four)? For reference, here is the receiver I'm looking at, along with a pair of speakers I found that fits the "Peak 50": http://www.autozone.com/autozone/accessories/Dual-Electronics-Corp-200-Watts-AM-FM-CD-MP3-WMA-receiver/_/N-2628?counter=6&itemIdentifier;=219598_0_0_ http://www.autozone.com/autozone/accessories/Dual-Electronics-Corp-6-1-2-in-100-Watts-Peak-50-Watts-RMS-2-way-speaker/_/N-2626Z1z114tr?counter=3&itemIdentifier;=219603_0_0_&viewAll;=true

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Connect two computers through USB to use ports on other computer?

Can I connect my main computer, (Dell E310) to my work computer, (Dell GX1) to use the ports on teh GX1? My e310 doesnt have a serial or parallel port, and the GX1 has both. The GX1 is very slow, but has usb. My current setup prohibits me from simply transering my monitor and peripherals to the GX1. I have qemu, and VMware, if those are of any help... Help?... Tyeo

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How to be able to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices?

I am trying to develop a system to monitor signals sent from a number of Bluetooth devices (maybe up to 100 devices). Each device sends information such as temperature, humidity and moisture. My question is how to be able to receive data from all 100 Bluetooth devices and store the data.

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I got a vhs to dvd recorder and trying to convert vhs tape to dvd but some of the tapes have some type of copyright protection and will not allow to be copied is there a mod or device that a can use to bypass the copyright. I am just coping these for own use.

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Issues with maxim7219 drivers?

I am trying to connect 12 maxim7219s in a daisy chain and am having major issues. Right now I have 7 in the chain and random maxims just randomly don't work (right now, the last two and second one doesn't even turn on). Does anyone have experience with these chips? Can anyone share their experience with them or recommend something better?

Topic by jadenfrancis 

liquid motion timers (aka density timers/toys) What's in them?

You know those liquid motion toys you often find at places like Spencer gifts in which a denser liquid (usual bright colored) drips down onto a spiral and you can watch this discrete bubble ride on down? I'm wondering what's inside them and if its feasible to make your own. I've heard lots of things, that the clear liquid is usual a light oil and the colored part is water. I've heard the reverse, I've also heard that there is no water in these things that both are different oils.any help would be appreciated. if your still wondering what im talking about heres a place that sells them : http://www.officeplayground.com/spiraltimer.html

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Tree moat digging machine need help

I am needing to dig tree moats around 150 trees in an orchard. We use flood irrigation to water them. Each tree has a sprinkler head. I am needing to build a moat around each tree to keep the water near the roots. As of right now we are forced to use a hand hoe to make them. On some spots i have to use a shovel to break the soil up before I can use the hoe to make the moat. Does anyone have any ideas on a machine or better process to make them? What came to mind was a trench machine or some kind of disc harrow. The problem with the trencher i see is they are made to go forward and not side to side. The moat are not that deep maybe 5-7 in deep. A photo of one i dug by hand as an example.

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