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Perhaps a quick question, but I'm starting to wonder why my instructable shows up with 0 views. I do know that I've gotten more than that, what with the comments posted on... Is there some kind of algorithm that decides whether or not something is a view? Thanks if you actually answer :P

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Infinity divided by 0?

Does infinity divided by zero theoretically equal any number other than 0 or infinity? I heard something about ohm's law applied to a circuit with an ideal voltage source (which is only theoretically possible) and having the terminals shorted out and at 0 ohms, resulting in the current going up to infinity? 

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What is 1 / 0 ? Answered

Here is tricky one try and answer it... 

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static int counter = 0; if ((++counter & 0x3f) == 0) Answered

I have not been ablle to find a laymans discription of what this is counting. Looks like it is counting 63 times from the 0x3f ASCII charactor. I bleave it is counting for the helper light, but what for? #include #include #include Password password = Password( "7457" ); //password to unlock door, can be changed const byte ROWS = 4; // Four rows const byte COLS = 3; // columns const int stepsPerRevolution = 200; // change this to fit the number of steps per revolution // Define the Keymap char keys[ROWS][COLS] = { {'1','2','3',}, {'4','5','6',}, {'7','8','9',}, {'*','0','#',}, }; byte rowPins[ROWS] = { 5, 4, 3, 2 };// Connect keypad ROW0, ROW1, ROW2 and ROW3 to these Arduino pins. byte colPins[COLS] = { 8, 7, 6,};// Connect keypad COL0, COL1 and COL2 to these Arduino pins. Stepper myStepper(stepsPerRevolution, 9,10,11,12); int enable_pin = 13; int button_pin = A0; int button_pinstate = 0; // variable to store current pir state //int lastpirstate = 0; // variable to store last pir state int lastbutton_pinstate = 0; int pos = 35; int pos2 = -35;  // Create the Keypad Keypad keypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS ); unsigned long offtime; boolean helper_light_is_on = false; // helper light off void setup(){ myStepper.setSpeed(60); // set the speed at 60 rpm: pinMode( button_pin, INPUT); digitalWrite(button_pin, HIGH); // pull-up Serial.begin(9600); Serial.write(254); Serial.write(0x01); delay(200); pinMode(15, OUTPUT); //Helper light pinMode(16, OUTPUT); //green light pinMode(17, OUTPUT); //red light pinMode(enable_pin, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(enable_pin,HIGH); keypad.addEventListener(keypadEvent); //add an event listener for this keypad } void loop() { button_pinstate = digitalRead(button_pin); if(button_pinstate != lastbutton_pinstate) { Serial.println(" Button Press"); if(button_pinstate == LOW)// { delay(10); digitalWrite(enable_pin,HIGH); myStepper.step(pos); Serial.print(" Open "); delay(2000); myStepper.step(pos2); Serial.print(" Close "); digitalWrite(enable_pin,LOW); delay(10); } static int counter = 0; if ((++counter & 0x3f) == 0) Serial.println(); delay(100); keypad.getKey(); myStepper.step(0); process_helper_light(); } void keypadEvent(KeypadEvent eKey) { switch (keypad.getState()) { case PRESSED: // a key is pressed so light the helper light helper_light_is_on = true; digitalWrite(15,HIGH); offtime = millis() + 5000; // set the offtime for 30 seconds in the future Serial.print(" enter: "); Serial.println(eKey); delay(10); Serial.write(254); switch (eKey) { case '*': checkPassword(); delay(1); break; case '#': password.reset(); delay(1); break; default: password.append(eKey); delay(1); } } } void checkPassword() { if (password.evaluate()) //if password is right unlock door { Serial.println(" Accepted"); Serial.write(254); delay(10); digitalWrite(enable_pin,HIGH); myStepper.step(pos); Serial.print(" open "); digitalWrite(16, HIGH);//turn on green led delay(2000); //wait 5 seconds digitalWrite(16, LOW);// turn offgreen led myStepper.step(pos2); digitalWrite(enable_pin,LOW); Serial.print(" Close "); } else { Serial.println(" Denied"); //if passwords wrong keep door locked Serial.write(254); delay(10); myStepper.step(0); Serial.println(" locked "); digitalWrite(17, HIGH); //turn on red led delay(2000); //wait 5 seconds digitalWrite(17, LOW);//turn off red led } }  void process_helper_light(void) { if (helper_light_is_on) { if (millis() >= offtime) { digitalWrite(15,LOW); //turn off the helper light helper_light_is_on = false; } } }

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0-12V Digital Display?

Here's what I need, and haven't been able to figure out how to do it: I designed a motor speed controller that runs a 12V fan.  Speed control is via PWM through a 50K linear Potentiometer. I need to be able to read the percentage of run voltage ie: 0V=0%, 6V=50%, 12V=100%.  I want to display this on 3 7-segment LED displays. Anyone with insight would be greatly appreciated. Brian

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PDF's are 0 (zero) bytes

I am a 'new' Pro Subscriber. I tried downloading .PDF from this posting using Firefox (and Chrome); files are zero bytes. What's up with that. What's the solution?

Question by squattingdog  

Habbo coins

Leave the User Password habbo habbo and quantity of coins example: User: ful54 Password: gash15 Quantity: 1500

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Model railroading

Anyone interested?

Topic by GaryS25    |  last reply

Zune 3.0

How is everybody enjoying the new software for the zune, 3.0? Also did anyone buy the 16gb or 120gb zune?

Topic by JellyWoo    |  last reply

ipod 3.0 hacking help

When i go to open my redsnow files after clicking restore it says the firmware isnt compatible. how can i fix this?


Laser etching pics from web 2.0

Check out some of the different etchings people had us do at the Web 2.0 expo.We were definitely the coolest booth there -- here's proof.

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adamsdead shotgun 2.0

Here all all the mods i made for the adamsdead shotgun. way better hopper that holds 20 blue rods and does not jam. extended pump good sight and some what of a handle two bendy yellow rod to make the gun look more like a shotgun.

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Which bluetooth (preferable 4.0) module can I use to attach and transfer digital data collected by a circuit ?

I'm looking to transfer the data from a component like simple digital calculator over bluetooth. I'm looking for advise on a bluetooth module esp 4.0 if available to attach to this ciruit and transfer data.

Question by nooraninadir    |  last reply

sketch for arduino obstacle robot using seed motor shield v2.0?

Hi everybody, im barely started writing sletch so i need help, i build a obstacle robot and i used  arduino uno r3 seeed motor shield v2.0 one servo tamiya twin motor gear box hc-sr04 sensor  so i dont really know how to start writind the sketch.....

Question by salvador.lopez1    |  last reply

I need help on configuring marlin on my arduino mega 2560 ramps 1.4 for a da vinci 2.0 printer

Hi Guy's I am new at this game and in plane words "I have no clue what I'm doing wring" I bought a Da Vinci 2.0 Duo and after a few weeks the problems started. After searching the internet on solutions I discovered that I can rip out the original board of the printer and replace it with Arduino mega 2560 ramps 1.4. I did that and got some info on what the sketch should look like on Youtube but I am struggling to get the printer fully functioned. This project is a little more than what I thought it would be. I tested the boards but they seem ok, again, Youtube help here but now I am at a loss. I mannaged to get the stepper motors to work but I am struggling with the famouse endstops and how to home the axis's. If you think I am way less than a beginner you are right. These things make my head spin. Is there any one that can share his marlin sketch configuration, that is working, with me. I am tired of this now and just want the printer to work. Any help will be much appreciated Many thanks

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How to build a 0-36v, 0-10a, Regulated, AC/DC Power Supply? Answered

I'm looking for how to make a variable regulated power supply for DC electronics. I have wall warts and single range transformers for lots of different items ranging from battery chargers to toys to LED lights and am looking to combine them all down into one unit. I need to be able to adjust the voltage from ad little as 1.2v @ 200ma all the way up to 36v @ 10amps. I would normally take the easy way out and buy a power supply online that would handle it, but I am strapped for cash and this is more a luxury then a necessity. If possible I would like to be able to use LCD/LED panel meters that are powered by the input along with fine and coarse controls, along with dual outputs. Something along the lines of the Mastech HY5005E-2 that's pictured below. Maybe convert a cheap PC power supply with a digital multimeter? I can solder and work a basic circuit but I haven't done anything this complicated as yet.  I would appreciate any help offered. Thanks!

Question by Dochide    |  last reply

Instructable has been published for over a day and has 0 views

My pokeball earring instructable has been published for about a day now, but there seems to be 0 views. I know someone must have viewed it, because I shared it with friends, and it was accepted into the Game.Life 2 challenge. A few minutes after I published the instructable, I tried to view said instructable but it said "Instructables is down temporarily" or something to that effect. I waited about five minutes, and came back to see that it was back up again. Everything was working again. This might be an irrelevant detail, howevever. Also the layout is a bit messed up. It might be a problem on my end since I'm using an outdated browser on my school's computer. Check attached image. I'm not sure if this has been addressed already or not, but I wanted to get this out there with the hopes that someone else might have the same problem. Best Regards, ~ Tomcat94

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20 amps transformer of 14-0-14 volts from 220 volts bobbin size? primary gauge,turns? secondary gauge,turns thanks.

Topic by imamfarid  

Running USB 3.0 extension next to AC line

I have an HTPC hooked up to the entertainment center.  I have a 5ft rubber "wire-hider" that I'm running an extension cord to a coffee table with a hidden power strip so people can plug in their laptops, etc. I bought a 5m/"15 ft" usb 3.0 extension cable and ran it next to the cord in the wire-hider, then connected usb 3.0 powered hub to the cable.  PC struggles to connect devices, and drops them intermittently. My 1st guess was EMI, so I unplug the extension and no problems. My question, can anyone suggest a source for shielded USB 3.0 extension cable OR can I use Shielded Cat6 to run USB 3.0 signals?  Besides wireless or buying a second wire-hider, do you have any other suggestions?

Question by jongscx    |  last reply

Can rhino 4.0 export as dxf? Answered

I am almost positive that rhino will, but I wanted to double-check, because I can't find if it does anywhere. Thanks in Advance! AI

Question by JaredsProjects    |  last reply

Can the NXT 2.0 ultrasonic sensor detect glass?

So, can the sensor sense glass? since its ULTRASONIC does that mean it detect things by sound and not by light? 

Topic by NXTHacker    |  last reply

LM2576SX-5.0 VS LM2576SX-3.3,which is better?

Please Help. I want to know if I should buy a LM2576SX-5.0 timer or a  LM2576SX-3.3 IC. Can I do the same things with each? Is there much difference? Here is the datesheet:   LM2576SX-5.0 datesheet LM2576SX-3.3 datesheet Thank you guys, Electronicsloser

Question by DELETED_MakiY2    |  last reply

Is there a way to get around the Photoshop Elements1.0.1 installer demand for Internet Explorer 4? Answered

We have Internet Explorer 12 and my photoshop installation disk demands IE 4.   I LIKE Photoshop Elements 1.0.1.  Needless to say, I've used it for years.  Is there anything I can do to get it loaded onto my present computer?

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A quick RAID question!

I want to have a larger amount of space on my server and also be able to keep all my music and whatnot together. I currently have a 160gb drive in this pc that is full to the brim with music (oh that will be fun finding places for it all). And I have a 160 in the server with random backup files and whatnot, what I'd like to do is set it up with RAID 0, so I have around 320gb of space all together. I was wondering though what anyone thought of doing this if it was very safe if one of the drives fail, I realize I'd loose all the data on the one drive, but would it be possible to recover the data on other other drive still? Also, these aren't sata drives, so I'll have to use window's built in RAID controller thingy. Perhaps I should just pull out a bunch of old hard drives and rig them up to one of my test mobo's and try it with that first? Can you raid USB and ide drives together? 

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Making A Lock? 2.0

My first question was for a wooden box. This one asks: Can someone please help me by giving me tips on making a lock for a door? I want to lock up my tool shed, as it has a door, covered in tarp. The tarp keeps the rain out, if you are wondering, because the door is wood and chicken wire. Help, please? There's so many clever people at Instructables I know I'll get good answers. I have a pen cap and a bobby pin, if that helps. Thank Ya'll TN777

Question by TN777    |  last reply

i made a portable speaker using an old telephone reciever.. the sound emitted is not too great. Need inputs

Just to give u more info.. the speaker is 1.5- 2inches in diameter. I am using a ipod shuffle 2g box as its enclosure. The sound produced is "O.K" or average.. u can hear music/audio but its not for people who like it too loud..  I need your inputs as to is the sound less because of the enclosure or because of the speaker and how can i make it more effective....

Question by seetharam    |  last reply

Ethernet to USB 3.0?

I was looking around this afternoon and found the wonderful 'PCI Express X16 to USB 3.0 adapter' which got me thinking, This could be an awesome way to add a better graphics card to a small computer e.g. a laptop or preferably a Raspberry Pi. Now i know that the Pi doesn't have any USB 3.0 ports but it does have Ethernet (which from past experience is quite a lot faster than USB 2.0) My question to you is this: Is it possible to get a USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter so that we can have USB 3.0 ports on a Raspberry Pi, and if so would the Pi be fast enough to run an external graphics card connected through a PCI Express to USB 3.0 adapter?

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I have a laptop equipped with two usb 2 and two usb 3 ports. The 2 ports work fine but the 3 ports have a problem? Answered

The usb 3.0 ports don't seem to work. The have power and if I plug a simple device like a light or fan in to them it will work but if I plug in a mouse, flash drive, or anything else that works with the computer rather than just draw power it doesn't work. Unfortunately I don't have any usb 3.0 devices to experiment with. I have no Idea how to start narrowing down the problem so some guidance would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information tell me what you need and I will try to provide as timely as possible.

Question by Shadow13!    |  last reply

Broken USB 2.0

Is it possible to fix a USB 2.0 that has become loose in it's case.  It  attaches to a Cooler Master Laptop cooler.  But since my cat hit it with his head it is now loose in its socket and will not power my Cooler Master.  It only has the 1 USB that plugs into my Laptop and runs from the battery or power cord of the Laptop or if the Laptop is  plugged into a power outlet.  I bought a new and different Cooler for my Laptop but I find I don't think it cools as well as my old Cooler Master. I have tried Cooler Master company itself and they were of no help. Can someone here help me with this problem.  I will try and explain how it is connected to the Cooler Master itself. The USB 2.0 has a long cord  that splits into two different wires.  Like a Y set up. One leg of the Y goes to 1 fan and the other Y goes to the second fan.  So both fans are connected to the Y with the USB 2.0 at the end of the Y that plugs into my USB port on my Laptop.  So with out the USB the Cooler Master will not work. I hope I explained it all right.  Can someone PLEASE help me fix this.  I do not like the new fan.   I want my Cooler Master back. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You.............Glenda D

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which is suitable for producing KCLO3 by electrolysis, fertilizer grade KCL(0-0-60) or food grade KCL?

Fertilizer grade is 0% N, 0% P, 60%K and the rest is KCL while food grade KCL is about 49% KCL and the rest is NaCl

Question by davincicoder    |  last reply

DIY, AC to DC Converter, Variable 0-60vDC, variable 0-10A : is this possible and done with shoestring budget?

Hey, I've been experimenting with Electrolysis and have reached the end of what I can do with a couple of car batteries and a car battery charger. I would like to build a AC to DC converter (as I can't find anything built with the options I want). I believe the sweet spot I am headed for is 52 Volts and 1.5 -3 Amps. I would like to have variable voltage output from 0-60 Volts and variable Amperage output of 0-10 Amps. Is this something than can be put together on a hobbyist's budget? Thanks In advance!

Question by jdevereaux1    |  last reply

WT*#@° :0-(3

Why do only pro member now can dowload the PDF's???? the last time i remembered the free acounts could download them :0-(3 BunnyMacSteam verry sad   :0-(3  

Topic by BunnyMacSteam    |  last reply

Need help with DMX512 to Analog 0-10VDC Decoder

I am looking to *update* some old strobe lights that my theater uses to be able to control them through our DMX control board.  They have 2 analog 0-10V inputs to control the flash rate and the intensity.  I am looking for the simplest solution as we do not have a lot of money to throw at this project.  I have some experience in electronics as well as working with arduino, but not enough to tackle this job by myself.   Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!  Attaching the control spec sheet. Tom

Topic by AJackOfAllTrades    |  last reply

Arduino 5x9 led display and 0-10V voltmeter. Answered

Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328 I want to make a 5x9 led display that monitors a 0-9.99VDC source for a huge motor. I would like to display up to a hundredth of a volt. I would like to do this all using 1 board. I plan on having it display the 3 digits using the 5x9 led display. Can I do this with the limited pins I have without using a shift register? (I think thats what it is called) Do I have all that I need? I have some knowledge of electronics but am in the learning stage but this project will help me a lot in my everyday life. This will be used to monitor a DC water turbine for my pool. I have: -tons of LEDS -Arduino -tons of resistors

Question by newrev426    |  last reply

PopSci How 2.0's

I'm not that tech savvy but you would think they would be a little more clear with their directions. Has anyone done this flashlight conversion. I have all the parts but don,'t understand the directions they are a bit vague, can anyone help?

Topic by Atradius    |  last reply

Can any one tell me 0.218k ohms or 0.220k ohms = how many ohms and the color code of the resistor? Answered

Can any one tell me what is the color code for 0.220k or 0.218k resistor

Question by Soumojit    |  last reply

How to make a calculator that divides by zero?

Hi New to the forum so not sure how it works here but basically asking a request for a instructable for any shop brought calculator that when asked to divide something by zero returns a number, maybe a  random number, but hopefully 42 everytime. Is this possible and if so could someone post the instructable? Cheers

Topic by blind oly    |  last reply


Mylan the RIP-OFF financial Gouger asking the public to pay over $600 for a $10 squirt of a natural human adrenaline to avoid allergic reaction to a bee sting or similar situation is unconscionable. I would think a 3D printer could easily make the device by almost anyone with access to a clean room.

Topic by iceng    |  last reply

Getting my comp to see my arduino uno clone ? The same ol windows route shown everywhere aint werkin'!!?

XP pro -sp3 -  ...I've tried installing the official USB2.0 driver, I've  tried the Virtual com port and the FTDI  drivers from the official sites...NOTHIN'!! I keep getting FOUND NEW HARDWARE -USB2.0-SERIAL...I go through all the steps found everywhere on how to "normally" get the comp and UNO to show up in sys' properties and hardware profiles etc etc....problem is I dont get any of the results nor devices these how-tos are showing. I know my way around a comp and windows...I'm just not getting past the NEW HARDWARE USB2.0  issue..let alone even seeing UNO as a device. The virtual port drivers dont do anything at more ports show up, no option to create one.... I've installed the arduino drivers incl. USB and the UNO love either I've uninstalled and installed in the root dir. luck.. I even changed the ATmega from the 8A it came with to a ATm328 w/ bootloader and blink sketch already installed on  my Arduino as well. ANYONE have this issue that has found a solution?.... other than throwing my comp out the window and using the UNOs as fancy paper weights?

Question by schel    |  last reply

My instructable has 0 View for about 1 day ! ?

Hi, I know this is a common error but what is the solution ?? 

Question by ram mere    |  last reply

Most Contests Showing as "0 days left" in Firefox Browser

When using Firefox to browse the list of contests the majority are showing as "0 days left" to enter, even though the contests are still open. I can only re-create the problem when using the Firefox browser (v54.0.1), Chrome and Internet Explorer behave as expected. I have completely reset my browser (including cookies, history, cache etc.) but the problem persists. If I open a contest page the description shows "Only 0 s left to enter the...." , however the "Enter Now" button is available and appears to work as expected.

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How to control speed motor dc 0-5000rpm with Arduino?

Hello,  please I need help to control the speed of a dc motor with, for ex, Arduino. I need it to set the rotate speed of a device that we use in I+D at the Uni. The roate speed that we use is between 0 to 5000 rpm.  Any idea and help is more than welcome!!!!

Question by marianoaste    |  last reply

Which type of diode for 12v 10amp to 12v 0 amp?

Hi all, wondering if you can offer any advice, I'm making a circuit that has two sub circuits:- circuit 1 10 amp transformer, connected to lights circuit 2 6 amp transformer, connected to lights Both these sub circuits will be bridged to  a large circuit , however  I believe I need a diode that will stops the 6 amp transformer getting to circuit 1, but the transformer from circuit 1 to power the lights in circuit 2. If this is correct could someone advise that type of diode I would need to drop the amps to 0. I'm not sure how diodes work however I'm using led lighting that will run off 5v so I'm aiming to have as close to a one way valve for power. Also will I have to place a diode on both the positive and negative or will one surface? Thanks for any help you can offer

Question by C2L    |  last reply

My old flash drive won't respond to anything.Why?

I just got an old Memorex Travel Drive mini, USB 2.0(it can't be very old), 512MB and when I plug it into my PC it says file system RAW(never heard of it), 0 MB free and on drive, and says thats its in a low speed port(1.1 I think). It is in 2.0 though.It tells me to format and I get the picture below.

Question by Chromatica    |  last reply

Im out of .1uF capacitors! Can I replace them with a different value?

Im building a FM transmitter and the project requires (3) 0.1uF capacitors. But i have none left! Can i replace them with a different value?∫

Question by nadav    |  last reply

iPhone Instructable Draft Bug

iPhone 5  iOS - version 8.1.1, Instructables App - version 2.6.0 Reply and photo to a published Instructable - "9 Unusual Uses For Beer" by Wilgubeast Screenshot included. I have identified a bug when submitting photos in response to an 'ible published by another member. I used my mobile app to make a comment on a published Instructable by another author. When opening my drafts folder, I found that authors 'ible in my draft folder - ready to be published by me.

Topic by Tater Zoid    |  last reply

FTDI VCOM port USB2.0 my head meeting the wall

OK  for real this has been going on for days n' days. I cant get my windows xp pro sp3   - to see any attached device other than the USB2.0-SERIAL  it sees when I hook up my UNO clone-ATMega 328 w/ arduino bootloader already "factory "installed   - Using the USB,  I keep getting  NEW DEVICE USB2.0-SERIAL , and YES, I've followed ALL+ the step by steps out there for doing's just I dont get an UNO nor anything but the USB2.0 message. The FTDI  bit and the virtual com port did capital N-othing. I uninstalled -reinstalled tried different USB ports. I just want to play with my UNO!!!   anyone?

Question by schel