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Ceiling fan control switch help Answered

I have a soldering fume extractor that is running off of 110v, and I wanted to attach a potentiometer to it so I can control the speed in the form of a ceiling fan control switch. Can someone please help me out on how to wire in a variable speed fan switch that has 3 wires coming from it?

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Can this be done?

Can I wire these lights so i can plug them into a outlet in the house?;=mtr&hash;=item41552fb4a3 

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Questions about converting 220 to 110?

I am working on a machine which uses two heaters and a cooler.    Here is the electronics problem.  Right now I have a 15 amp 110v refrigerant compressor and 2 15 amp 110v heaters on the machine.   45 amps 110v.  That means I have to plug this machine into three different 110v plugs on different circuits.  There are cords going everywhere and the whole thing looks messy.  I am sure there is a way to plug this machine into 220 volts with one cord.   The machine all together uses 45 amps 110v which is 4950 watts.  I found a transformer which should do what I want it to do. This transformer can supply up to 8000 watts from 220v.  This begs the question...How many amps can I draw from 220?  I believe it is 30 amps which is 6600 watts.  I think this would work because the machine draws 4950 watts all together.  But I need advice from the online electronics community.  Will this really work?

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AC 110-240v to 48VCD adapter ?

Need to have an AC adapter 110-240v to power a 48VCD fan. The specs of the fan power are as follows. rated voltage 48VCD operating Voltage range 36-60VDC input current 2.07 input power 99.3watts wiring of the fan are as follows. Red Wire Positive(+) Black Wire Negative(-) Blue Wire (F00) Yellow Wire Speed Control (PWM) I just want it to power at full ability. Any help would be awesome.

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A 12VCD to 220VAC inverter that needs to power a TV(110-240 volts,50-60 hertz,75 watts) for not more than 10 seconds.? Answered

OK,so we've got this new LED flatscreen.There are frequent power disruptions,power failures,load shedding etc where I stay and most people have an inverter installed in their homes to run their devices during power cuts.We have an inverter in our home too but here's the problem-When the power from the mains is cut and the inverter starts to do its role,there's a small delay between this process which is hardly noticable but long enough to shut my TV off.Say if we are watching a program and suddenly there is a power failure,all the devices continue to work normally on the inverter except the T.v which has to be turned 'ON' again by using the power key in the tv remoye or on its panel.I guess it isn't good for a Tv to just shut off like that without first turning it 'OFF' with its remote.I thought if I could build an inverter that can run on a rechargeable 12 volts battery and power the T.V for a few seconds,filling in that delay I mentioned above.This way I could prevent my T.V from turning 'OFF' like that and could ensure it a greater life.I intent to add this new inverter as a backup power source until power from the main inverter begins to get utilised.I've included a schematic to give you a better understanding of what I intent to make.Thanks in advance for the time you spent on helping me out.

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wiring led to 110 power supply

New to this whole electronics thing, have a basic understanding but still a little iffy on some stuff. i seen the glowing cube and thought it was sweet. so my plan is th make a wall picture. take a 24 by 24 by 1/2 plate of plexi and drill holes into the side for the light. so basically what i'm asking is what size of resistor and how many would i need to hook up to a 110 supply so i can plug into wall

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How to use a 110 VDC motor plugged into my 110 VAC garage outlets? Answered

I need a bigger motor for my micro lathe project and got one off ebay. its the same motor as on my 7x10 mini lathe but I just realized the motor is 110 VDC and I need it to be 110 VAC. so I can just plug it in to the wall outlet... how do I make it so I can just plug it in and go? Is there some type of wiring trick or some adapter I can use? Thanks!

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Using 110v 60Hz Soldering station with 240v 50Hz?

Hi, I have recently acquired a 110v 60Hz Soldering station but i live in a country which uses 240v at 50Hz. I can get a stepdown transformer to convert the voltage (can choose between 50W and 1600W), but i am wondering will the different frequency damage the soldering station? The soldering station i got is

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Convert a 13.2 volt tool to 110 ac? Answered

I've got a Woodzig (a super-mini chainsaw) that no longer takes a charge. It's also no longer made.   I'd liker to get out of battery mode altogether. How hard would it be to convert it to ac?  I've emptied a battery pack, so I have a shell with a red wire and a black wire that snaps onto the bottom of the saw. 

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Need 110 AC to 12v converter help?

Am trying to put a boat radio on my patio, plugging into house current.  The radio uses a 10amp fuse.  All $5 converters I find on the net are for cell phone chargers and the like.  I don't think they have the power I need.  Have seen something about using an old PC power supply, but I'm not sure it will stand up to the weather, even though it will be in a box, and I don't know how to determine which outputs would be 12 volts.  Anything I have found is WAY over budget...I'm trying to find something for less than $25.  Am I on fools errand?  Are there options I don't know I have?  Any help is most welcome! ***REVISION***  I should qualify....the radio is actually an AM/FM CD radio, not VHF or Ham.  Sorry for the confusion. 

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How 110 irobot Flippers are work with its wheels?

Hello, everyone  recently i make one ps2 remote control robot as show in pic, but now i want to add flippers in my robot, So any one have idea how it work and tell me the mechanism.            

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Whats the best way to charge a 48 volt battery bank with a 110 volt(140 max) DC Wind generator?

I would like to use my 110 volt Jacobs windcharger to charge my 48 volt battery bank. Then possibly switch over to water heat elements as a dump load when the battery bank is full. This last step could use the full 110 volts. The Jacobs is rated at 20 amps, about 3000 watts.

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(HP Mini 110 to HP Pavilion DV4) Upgrading small screen to lager one? Answered

Okay, so I have a HP Mini 110 (10.1 inch screen). Is there any way I can steal the larger screen from my broken HP Pavilion DV4 and use it on my Mini? I know that the screen would be obscenely large that is why I would build a whole new case for it. Basically, my question is would the Mini be able to power and support a larger screen?

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how to disable low battery shutdown?

I have an old palm treo 700 that I got from a friend a while ago. I wanted to mess with it but when I plugged it in, it gives me a low battery warning and shuts down. The battery doesn't work and wont charge and this even happens when there is no battery plugged in. is there any way to turn this off or get around it? thanks

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What to do with a LM1279N (110 MHz RGB Video Amplifier System with OSD)

I have dismantled a CRT monitor and I was wondering what I could do with the LM1279N (110 MHz RGB Video Amplifier System with OSD).Here's a link to the datasheet for it.BTW, What could I use the OSD settings for?

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How do I rewind 220 volt transformers and motors for 110 VAC?

I have some devices from overseas that are 220 vac and would like to rewind them for use with 110 vac. In the Philippines, where we were they repair, rewind and recycle nearly everything.

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AC 30v 50/60Hz Synchronous Motor from 110

So I bought some Mirrowave turn table motors to use as an Epoxy Rod dryer I knew I didnt want the 220's and thought I had bought 110 AC  but they are  AC 30V    3W   I have 4 of them and need to know a cheap way to wire em up.  Was being cheap and didnt want to pay $10 a motor and got all 4 for $10 but now I see I am going to need a voltage reduction and or transformer.  Was thinking one of my old printer or laptop cubes would work.. but those are all AC/DC converters :-( I am pretty good with hands.. but Electrical circuits not my strong suit. 

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Design for a 25 MHz oscillator/inverter that can operate at 110 volts.?

Can anyone help me find a design for or creating a design for a 25 MHz oscillator/inverter... I also could use a design for or a compact inverter that can have the same voltage rating but bring the frequency of a dc current to 60 Hz.

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how 150-300VAC 50-60Hz 0.15A adapter work on 110~120VDC?

In India local trains are using DC to power up lights and fans inside the bogies.sum bogeys have power socket to charge mobile or laptops.but that socket is powered by  110~120VDC .is that possible. AC adapters can work DC

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I was wondering if I can covert a transformer that is 220v to 110 and change it to a step up? It would be for a 500w motor. Thanks

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Can a power adapter be built with batteries and a 110 power converter to power a battery powered flash or camcorder?

The idea is to take 4 AA 1.5 volt batteries that power the flash and wire them together. Then wire the 4 AA's to a 6 volt power adapter so I can plug it in to 110 volt out let. Thus making my flash hard wired.

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Is there any way to convert 110 volts ac to 12 volts dc for a high powere led?

I know led's are 12 volt dc but i'm wondering if there would be a small circut that would reduce the voltage and turn to dc also what would be better for a led light bulb one high powered led or a few smaller ones

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How many amps does a car battery have not cranking while the auto is on?

Basic idea is to use a car to charge a 12 V 225 Ah battery, I do have a wall charger, but it only charges at 1 A so it wold take 225 hours to fully charge, the car battery I have is rated with 110 RC and according to the internet that's 110 minutes at 25 A, but is that with the engine running?  

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what is the voltage and amps for a garmin nuvi 1100 AC wall adapter?

What is the output voltage and amps for a Garmin Nuvi 1100 AC wall adpater?

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11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter what would be the total electric use.?

11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter that is a transformerless kind for inductive loads, 3x4 inches,rated for2000w, I think there is only a single component in it,  what would be the total electric use.? after connecting this 110v 11w soldering gun to 220v ? thanks you in advance, my opinion inverter eats up some watt as well. Cheer Al Boz

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Chatroom party on both the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009!

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Heated glove?

50 inch of nichrome and 48 inch of heat shrink laced into a parade glove how much power do I need to give so it won't go over 110 temp

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Simple alarm system

How can I build a simple alarm system for a garage using a 30 watt 12 volt siren, a keyed outside activation switch and an inside motion detector. 110 volt power in garage.thank yougarry

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Dw433 burnt out motor worth fixing ?

I have a. Dw433 lx 110 v that has burnt out, three questions  is it worth fixing if so what is the part number  could I convert tom240 v

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new sniper

This in my new sniper it only uses like 110 yellows it uses a new firing system made by me and is more reliable than the sr-v1 range; have not tested power: it can pierce cardboard at like 40 or more feet

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Will someone please help me build the needed electronics for my hydrogen project?

Ok earlier I asked how I can build the needed 110 DC out of 110 AC.... I can't seem to get things going so I was wondering if someone was willing to help me?   I will be glad to pay a reward or payment or tip?? for anyone willing to build this for me...   I need it to plug into the house 110 AC then go through a dimmer switch then a diode bridge then a ?? resonator or filter? or ? then this would be placed into the hydrogen generator.. Of course I would not hold any animosity over any problems that may happen, I will simply have someone else do it... as I'm disabled and have problems with soldering.. so if you can please email me and let me know what you can do for me...  or if that is to much to ask, can you please send me all the parts I need and very detailed instructions... hahaha  OK?   or.... ??? I will be glad to send money for your time and the parts.. please contact me at        

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How can I Convert old camcorder camera toa security camera?

I want to hot wire switch on camera so it comes on when 110 v. power supply is energized by a motion light switch.

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Can I use ups by charging it via a 45w solar panel I made Answered

Ups is a 300w with 7amph battery and it is 110v charging can I use regular 12v 4.5amp dc? and disconnect the charger because it is 110 but I will be using in 220v country?

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I have a 12v 1amp monitor 7" screen that is connected to a small transformer 110 ac, can I use a 12 v Answered

I want to use this monitor with a 12v battery 4amps will this work if i hook it up??? if not what do i need to do to get it to work properly?

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how can I build a light board that will randomly turn on 1 of 4 lights?

I want to be able to have 4 different colored lights on a board. press a switch and have one of the 4 lights randomly come on. lights will be 110 volts. will be used with the game twister.

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Can I backfeed energy produced by a bike generator into my house through a 110 outlet?

My friend rides her bike for hours on end. it is like a mouse on it's wheel. Can we generate electricity and feed it into the wiring to lower her electricity bill? I guess we would need a power inverter and someway to safely feed the power into the grid.

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Ok, I need a diode bridge to change 110 ac to 110dc.. So I plug it in and go..

Hi Everyone,  I really need some smart person with common sense to answer this... I just want a very simple easy way to plug into a wall socket and transform the 110AC to 110DC...I will be using this for a very large hydrogen generator... very low amp draw.... I know I need a diode bridge with maybe filters before and after the bridge...   So, now I need to put that together... I can not find a site that has one premade...   So, I would be very appreciative to anyone that can offer a web site for parts with part numbers and a diagram or instructions to put it together..   I am a Journeyman Carpenter for anyone that needs advice..  Thanks in advance.    I would be willing to purchase it from anyone that wants to make it for me.. Bryan    

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Kipkay made PC World

I was browsing through my new December 2007 PC World today, and in the article "Seize the Web" I found pictures of Kipkay's site and several of his videos. I'll try to scan these to get some pictures up, but take a look at the December 2007 issue of PC World, page 110. Congrats Kipkay!

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Amplifier mod

My old DVD/amplifier's DVD is broken so i thought i would convert it to a portable amplifier with some more inputs and stuff, anyone know where i might find blueprints or something so that i might easier figure out what's what? it's a Centrum Triton 110, (sucks, but then it doesn't matter if i mess with it) thanks

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Need advice converting an AC motor to a DC motor

I have a 3.5 hp AC motor I'd like to run on 12 volts.Any potential problems forseen with this?What changes would I need to make to the motor other than the 110 plug to a positive and negative battery hookup?Thanks for any advice and thanks for any help.skip

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Music Shield crash

Hey! I need a help, i used te Music Shield v2.0 With audio analyser v2.0.. I play  1 or 2 songs he crashes, why? Sorry my english, im portuguese this is code i used: #include #include #include #include int analogPin = 5; // MSGEQ7 OUT 3 int strobePin = 12; // MSGEQ7 STROBE 4 int resetPin = 11; // MSGEQ7 RESET 7 int spectrumValue[7]; // MSGEQ7 OUT pin produces values around 50-80 int filterValue = 65; // 1 Bola int bola1 = 23; // 2 Bola int bola2 = 24; // 3 Bola int bola3 = 25; // 4 Bola int bola4 = 26; // 5 Bola int bola5 = 27; // 6 Bola int bola6 = 28; // 7 Bola int bola7 = 29; int Val1=0; int Val2=0; int Val3=0; int Val4=0; int Val5=0; int Val6=0; int Val7=0; void setup() {   pinMode(bola1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola4, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola5, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola6, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola7, OUTPUT);   Serial.begin(9600);   player.keyDisable(); //keys disable first;   player.analogControlEnable(); //enable to scan the A4/A5   player.begin(); //will initialize the hardware and set default mode to be normal.   player.setPlayMode(PM_REPEAT_LIST); //set mode to repeat to play List   player.attachAnalogOperation(A4, adjustVolume); //Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor connected to A4,to control the volume   player.scanAndPlayAll(); //If the current playlist is empty,it will add all the songs in the root directory to the playlist.   Serial1.begin(1200);   pinMode(analogPin, INPUT);   pinMode(strobePin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(resetPin, OUTPUT);   analogReference(DEFAULT);   digitalWrite(resetPin, LOW);   digitalWrite(strobePin, HIGH); } void loop(void) { // Set reset pin low to enable strobe digitalWrite(resetPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(resetPin, LOW); // Get all 7 spectrum values from the MSGEQ7 for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { digitalWrite(strobePin, LOW); delayMicroseconds(30); // Allow output to settle spectrumValue[i] = analogRead(analogPin); // Constrain any value above 1023 or below filterValue spectrumValue[i] = constrain(spectrumValue[i], filterValue, 1023); // Remap the value to a number between 0 and 255 spectrumValue[i] = map(spectrumValue[i], filterValue, 1023, 0, 255); // Remove serial stuff after debugging Serial.print(spectrumValue[i]); Serial.print(" "); digitalWrite(strobePin, HIGH); } Serial.println("Analisador de som"); // 1 Bola if(spectrumValue[0]>150) {   Val1 =spectrumValue[0]; } analogWrite(bola1, Val1); if(spectrumValue[0]<110) {   Val1 =0; } analogWrite(bola1, Val1); // 2 Bola if(spectrumValue[1]>150) {   Val2 =spectrumValue[1]; } analogWrite(bola2, Val2); if(spectrumValue[1]<110) {   Val2 =0; } analogWrite(bola2, Val2); // 3 Bola if(spectrumValue[2]>150) {   Val3 =spectrumValue[2]; } analogWrite(bola3, Val3); if(spectrumValue[2]<110) {   Val3 =0; } analogWrite(bola3, Val3); // 4 Bola if(spectrumValue[3]>150) {   Val4 =spectrumValue[3]; } analogWrite(bola4, Val4); if(spectrumValue[3]<110) {   Val4 =0; } analogWrite(bola4, Val4); // 5 Bola if(spectrumValue[4]>150) {   Val5 =spectrumValue[4]; } analogWrite(bola5, Val5); if(spectrumValue[4]<110) {   Val5 =0; } analogWrite(bola5, Val5); // 6 Bola if(spectrumValue[5]>150) {   Val6 =spectrumValue[5]; } analogWrite(bola6, Val6); if(spectrumValue[5]<110) {   Val6 =0; } analogWrite(bola6, Val6); // 7 Bola if(spectrumValue[6]>150) {   Val7 =spectrumValue[6]; } analogWrite(bola7, Val7); if(spectrumValue[6]<110) {   Val7 =0; } { analogWrite(bola7, Val7); Serial1.println("Music Shield"); }; } void adjustVolume(void) //User-defined function { unsigned int vol_temp = analogRead(A4); unsigned char volume = vol_temp / 12; { if (volume == 0x55) volume = MAXVOL; //MAXVOL = 0xfe; player.setVolume(volume); } }

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please help with terra cotta smoker Answered

Instead of using a hot plate for a heat source for a terra cotta smoke rwould it work to use a large diameter electric stove burner instead. i realize the stove burner is 220 volt but would it work hooked up to 110 i can get free stoves it's expensive to buy a good hot plate to take apart

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A/C-Broke for Aerostar. Need ideas for simple/inexpensive roof replacement?

How to get the van interior cooled without spending too much. Considering cheap 110 volt honda generator, can use for other things. plug in small room A/C or roof venting unit?  Buy used would keep costs down. Watcha think? goguddy

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