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12 VDC

AC -> 12v DC, 1000mA Output -> Halogen Lamp = Nothing.DC -> 12v DC, 10 AA Batteries -> Halogen Lamp = Works fine.Yes, the wall adapter works.Why does the Halogen Lamp not accept the current?@ 6v, 5W (0.83 Amps, right? Just under the AC output..)

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Pandemonium '12

KI is down (lolidunno why) so I decided to make this here. We want to do it again this year but don't know when or where yet, probably at the same place as the last few years but that could change. I just want to put this out there so we can discuss or if anybody is interested. Mainly doing it because I remember DJ and Dunkis saying they'd like to come down for a war this summer, and I was wondering if that was still a viable option for them. And dammit, KILLERK, get in KIchat! :P Since KI is down it is probably hard for anybody to get to KIchat at the moment. Here's a link for you guys:; To anybody using an IRC client: server is, port 6667 (I think, though that might not be necessary), channel is #kichat

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How to replace the small, round plug that goes into the 12", G4 Powerbook that delivers power to recharge the battery?

I simply want to cut off the original plug on the charger and replace it. My kid broke off the inner shaft of the plug so that the battery no longer charges. Where does one get the plug? Does one REALLY have to pay $129 for a whole new charger?

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12-21-2012.............? Answered

From predictions to prophecy to hype, everybody has an answer.  What is yours?

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Help to make 12V Car adapter for motorcycle

Not sure if right forum or not but wondering if someone could give me a hand to make something similar to this;=item3a5ee01fee#ht_5400wt_1141 I know the parts could be bought for a lot less but just wondering what would be the best way to do this. Thanks,

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I need a dc dimmer circuit with an external switch 12v 10 amps

I need some one to design a circuit board for a very small 3"x 2" footprint dc dimmer module It needs 2 wires to a battery 2 wires to power LED strips 2 wires leading to an external rocker switch that will be used to control the module Any questions please feel free to email me at I need the design only. I can build it 

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12 volt leds

I work at a custom motorcycle shop and use led lights in our fenders. I'm having trouble finding a constant supplier of 1,2,3, sequenced led lights for run light,turn,and brake. Any one can help that would be awesome!

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Power for 12 LED? Answered

I want to make something and decorated with LED lighting for my girlfriend's birthday present. I will need to light up 12 LED, which has typical forward voltage around 3.5V, and I wonder what is minimum number of batteries (AA/AAA) I need to use and will still give a reasonable brightness please? Can it be less than 3 batteries? As it doesn't really make sense to have a lot of batteries in a small present. Thank you very much 

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3-6 volt ac to 12 v dc

Hi, i going to give it a new try, i have a power source of 3-6volt ac , an di want to get 12 volt dc,and i want it to stay 12 volt dc ,if my input is between 2.5 and 6.5

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I want to run my 12 volt power tools ( ridgid ) using a 12 volt lead acid battery

I have been doing this for years and I finally found this line of tools that is small and compact and the battery fits in the handle and it has tons of power  the lithium ion 12 v ridgid drill and job max line. I tried to wire up the tools contacts to the small lead acid batteries I normally use and even a full size car battery but it failed to power tool because there is this small contact that the tool is requiring which the lithium battery has but obviously the lead acid does not.  I do this for heavy duty use such as continual sawing and sanding and things like that.  any suggestions I really need to make this work as I run a mobile business.  I am looking for a solution to over riding the need for that extra contact and I am fully aware that I will void the warranty as many of you may be thinking. Please help 

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Connect engine to alternator, will it run?

I have a new diesel 3 H.P engine and an 80 amp car type alternator, 12 volt. A, will the engine run the alternator at full output to charge batteries? B, Can I fit a bigger pulley to the engine? Regards Brian.

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multi voltage project for sons project

Hello I was wondering if someone can help us. We are building a school project that has 3 different lights on it. what we are trying to do is have everything work off one 12 volt plug in transformer. What we have is a 12 volt dc transformer for 2 led drivers and a 6 volt ac transformer for a turning table. We want it all to work off one plug-in style transformer. How can we do this and conceal the components in the base. Please help us. Thanks for any help.

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Can this be done?

Can I wire these lights so i can plug them into a outlet in the house?;=mtr&hash;=item41552fb4a3 

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knex spas 12 shotgun

Spas 12 shotgun, doesn't shoot very far (for looks mostly) I would like to thank knexmaster#1 because i got the idea from his Knex M47 Full Stock Shotgun please mod (make sure you say my name though)(cuz' if i see a mod of this shotgun without my name on it i will destroy you)

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So, you're an Instructables junkie? Welcome to the Ibles 12 step!

So, you've recently discovered you're addiction to Instructables. Its alright, this 12 step program will help even the most entangled Instructables junkie to become more tangled than ever before! Step 1:       Admission of the problem and the fact that it is inadequate compared to where you want to be, quite a few people have admitted they have a problem already Step 2:      Give up trying to get worse, you cant and its not your fault. Look to the robot for help, The androgen will assist you on your quest of self destruction. Step 3:       Make the decision to turn a larger amount of time over to the robot as it is the way to more. Step 4:       Look back at your Instructables browsing history and see for yourself that you have not visited enough! There is always more fix waiting here! Step 5:       Admit everything about your habitual abuse to a site member or two(they can be found [ here]) (conventional 12-steps also say to admit your issue to the higher power and yourself, but both you and the robot know your habits) Step 6:      Now that you have exposed your inadequite browsing habits, you must be ready to let the robot overlord help you. Step 7:       Ask our androgenous overlord to aid you in becoming a more addicted internet unit. Step 8:       List the I'bles you havent visited, made/finished.submitted, entered into contests, voted for in contests, commented on, colab'd on, faved, or rated, forums you havent visited, made, or commented on, questiones you havent asked, or tried to answer, groups not visited, joined, made, or contributed to, and commit yourself to changing all that. Step 9:       Do everything you listed to fix in step 8, then go and do more that you havent thought of yet. Step 10:       Reevaluate your limited addiction again and compare it to your first realization of your problem. Step 11:       Think about your questionable morals and habits(pertaining solely to the robot and its web domain) and find every avenue imaginable to exploit them. Step 12:       Now, being a more addicted individual and worthy of praise, you must assist the n00b junkies get to a currently unatainable level of addiction.

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How do I connect a PVD-150-31RS ( I can not find schematic anywhere?

I want to use this to regulate my variable volt ( 150+ volts DC) pedal power unit. This Martek power Inc. regulator is perfect and cheap. I don't want to do it by gut feelings, destroy it or even harm myself. I have build several 12 volt regulators but current supply ( 12+ Amps, expensive to build) is my mean concern.

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Power supply amp measurement?

My power supply says it can supply 12 Volts @ 10 amps.  It used to power 2 linear actuators drawing max 4.6 amps each, but no longer does. It still supplies 12V measured by multimeter. Is there an easy way to figure out how many amps it now supplies?

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Can someone show me a link to the twelve major scales for trumpet? Answered

I lost my scales sheet and have a scales test coming up. I would like a scales sheet with the sharps and flats marked in.

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Wiring up ID-12?

Hello guys, I am soon going to use the id-12 in a project but I'm a noob in this kind of stuff. I want to connect an external antenna (coil with a capacitor) Do I just wire that to pins 3 and 4? I also want to use a very 'barebones' circuit to actually make this thing work. I Posted another question and I think I can connect pins 8 and 9 to a serial-to-usb cable (not sure how to do that either). Can someone guide me onto wiring this thing?  Thanks

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what is an 12 awg wire?? Answered

On the coilgun instructables it says i need to have 12 awg wire what is that??

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SPAZ-12 knex shotgun

This forum is about my spaz-12 knex shotgun it is pump action auto reload and true trigger

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12 volt soildering iron? Answered

I am looking for a cheap dependable way to make a no more than 13.8 volt D/C soildering iron that can be powered by the common cigeratte lighter plug or with clips on to the battery terminals any ideas?

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12 volt incubator circuit

I need to build a dc circuit which will maintain a certain temperature using a globe as the heat source for the purpose of making a small incubator.?

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Connecting 12 Servo to Arduino

Hi all, I am building a spider-bot using an Arduino and 12 servos (at finish it will be 18 I am waiting for the Arduino mega to arrive) do I need to set something in my Arduino so it will be able to control so many servos?it seems that if I try to connect more then 2 it goes nuts. Thank you.?

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batterys NP2-12 2AH? Answered

I have 40 of these brand new I was wondering if these could be hooked up so that a battery charger could be used to keep them charged or a solar panel with a charge controller? Thanks for helping.

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Achiev'ibles - 21/12/2012

Here is a list of the patches that were earned by members of the Achiev'ibles group from 08/12/2012 to 21/12/2012. List of members: List of achievements: Total+Views: AwesomeSwordGuy mofoya acidbass Tornado96 mpilchfamily Nelson_Yepez Instructables: cbm104 Mrballeng Subscribers: daredevil499 zack247 mJusticz Tomdf Hack42Moem BrittLiv Answers: Siddharth+Jain jessyratfink Comments: vicvelcro daredevil499 Following: vicvelcro Tomdf

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12 Volt Gas Generator

I am looking to building a 12 volt generator from an alternator. I want it to have a car battery (or a deep cycle battery if it's easy to integrate) for quiet operation. I want the output to equal that of a 12V car plug socket so I can easily invert it to 110 volt AC. the engine will need to be small as possible without stalling on high demand. I guess it would have to have the same circuitry of a cars main power circuit. So, can someone give me a few tips on making this? And most importantly, a schematic. I can't seem to find a basic car circuit.

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Achiev'ibles - 07/12/2012

Hi Everyone, Here are the patches that were handed out for Achiev'ibles  from 22/12/2012 to 07/12/2012. Achiev'ibles is a community run patch initiative run by Jayefuu and Canucksgirl that rewards members for reaching statistics milestones on Instructables. You can see the patches it's possible to earn here. If you would like to be included in the automatic gathering if stats for patches, please visit this page and use 'Ctrl + F' to search for your name. If you're not already a member, please post a comment below asking to be added. Randomguy65 thegeeke poofrabbit possum888 splazem jessyratfink Instructables: Tomdf poofrabbit Subscribers: A-Nony-Mus cdawisconsin chr Comments: Jag56 Following: schumi23 tech+dawg

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Firefox 12 login loop

I am running Firefox 12.0.  I click the link from your emails, and it takes me to the instructable page.  Issue one: firefox never remembers my username.  Issue 2:  When I click login at the top right of page, enter my info, and click login, it never logs me in!  I only see the Signup, Login and Facebook on the top right of the page.  I can't access my account, and I'm not able to Favorite any articles.  I couldn't even login to post this bug!  I would go to the bug section, click new topic, sign in, click new topic again, and I'm brought back to the login screen.  I'm also not sure if its supposed to have it or not, but the popup/splash screen to login has no "Keep me singed in" check box.  Everything works fine in IE 7 though.

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Achiev'ibles - 12/08/2012

This forum topic shows who reached what patch milestones this week! What is Achiev'ibles? Achiev'ibles is an automated achievement system for Instructables by Jayefuu and Canucksgirl. It evolved from the old Total Views group. It uses a mix of Perl and PHP to record your Instructables profile stats each morning. We have a list of patches, these are automatically assigned each morning as and when you reach a milestone! Once a week we post a summary of who's achieved what so that you can congratulate/encourage friends. How do I join? Leave a comment below and I'll add you to the database. I can't currently automatically include members of the group. Who achieved what this week? - Sunday 05/08/2012 - Sunday 12/08/2012 Total Views: DoctorDv mistyp Subscribers: emilyvanleemput starshipminivan ChrysN Comments: emilyvanleemput News: I'm still working on some new features. Canucksgirl has done patch artwork for several more stats and I'll hopefully be able to catch up on the programming to include these soon!

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12 Hurricane Preparedness Projects

I read some of the 12 projects. I did one myself since I live in Puerto Rico, went through Hurricane Irma this past Wednesday (Sept 6th) ,have been though several hurricane sin the past (since 1964), and will go through a new one (Hurricane Jose) this weekend. In most occasions, we lost power and water for days. I lost only power for 30 hours after Hurricane Irma. My own project was a two part installation for when I lacked water (I have a generator set for power): 1. Install a 50 gallon cistern on my roof to store potable water for cleaning and bathing needs 2. Install a pressurized 20 gallon tank for showering The 50 gallon cistern was actually a large trash barrel with a removable cover ($40), which I added two 1/2 inch plastic faucet valves, one near the base as a gravity fed output, and one on the cover as a water inlet. After cleaning the barrel, and attaching the valves, I fixed the barrel (now a "cistern") on my roof (over a beam for weight distribution) with two wire guides. I attached a plain water hose from an external faucet to the top valve to fill the cistern. Then I attached a new hose to the bottom valve and ended that with a regular sprayer. I fitted this into the bathroom over the toilet tank and near the sink, so it can be used for face and hand washing, and for filling the toilet tank after each flush. The pressurized water tank is a unused water heater that can hold up to 120 PSI. I replaced the cold water inlet with a cap and a auto tire valve by drilling into the cap and pulling the tire vale through (same as for a wheel hub).. I installed a 1/2 inch faucet on the hot water outlet and a short (pressure resistant) water hose, and finished it with a water sprinkler. Then I installed 1/2 inch valve on the drain.for the lower water inlet.  I attached the hose from the cistern to the lower valve, opened the valves on the cistern output and tank input, and removed the inner stem from the tire vale. When the tank was full, some water will spurt out from the open tire valve. Then I close both valves, remove the cistern hose, reinstall the tire valve stem, and use an electric air pump to apply pressure up to 50 PSI.  Now if I open the water sprinkler, i have a hand held shower!  After one use (about five minutes) the pressure can drop but if I have electrical power, I can reapply air pressure again. After several showers, I release the remaining air pressure at the tire valve, refill the tank from the cistern, and apply air pressure again. This has worked for years, and I keep everything ready for the next storm of when I have no water supply.

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can a plasma globe that requires 12 volts and 500 mAmps be put to 12 volts and 12 Amps?

I have a project idea and need this information before starting.

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how can i build a flourescent lamp that operates on 12 vdc?i want to build one like i saw on fishing lights .com

Anyone know how to go about getting the proper ballast to make it run on 12 volts dc?where i could get one?

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18.5VDC to 12VDC or 18.5VDC to 24VDC ? Answered

Does any one know how to make a 18.5VDC to 12VDC converter or a 18.5VDC to 24VDC Converters

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I want to build a 12V DC 0.20A power source

 with 230v ac as I/PI know I have to build a rectifier a full wave, but how to get a particular 0.20 A current plz help....?

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12volt battery to 5volt miniUSB

I'd like to be able to charge my MP3 player on my motorcycle, running off the power of the motorcycle. The motorcycle will put out 12.1 volts or so off, and around 14 volts running. What is required to bring that down to 5 volts? Will a simple voltage regulator be enough? The MP3 player will be controlling the amount of current going to it, so I don't need to worry about that, right? Thanks Jake

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What is a knex sear trigger and does somebody has a video about how it works? Answered

I wanted to make an knex Spas 12 since it's a really epic gun. I saw some and most of them didn't have a real pump action system. So I thought I could make one on my own. I spent 3 days working but I had trouble with the trigger and pump system.  Some people said I had to use a sear trigger but I didn't understand. Help?!

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Interview: the man who makes the smallest engines.

I lone this guy's work - tiny, working, hand made models of IC engines - but I love his attitude even more...

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Anyone out there in tech land have any ideas or plans to build a 12volt powered jocky wheel for a caravan?

What size motor would I need to move a 950 kg caravan and what size gear sprockets would be best to drive the chain to the wheel.It would have to be able to be put in forward and reverse mode.anAny advise would be of use but some plans would be the best.Thanks hoplite?

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what should a hotel General Manager do with all the forgotten Cell phone chargers

I'm a General Manager at a hotel and have worked at a number of different hotels through the years. Every place I've ever worked there is always a huge bin of long lost cell phone chargers. We've looked at donating them to charities but haven't found anyone in need or a use for them. I've used some in the past for projects. Is there any other uses for these or a place that people could use them. As a service to our guests we always keep a few around for the guests that forgot theirs at home but we always have more then we would ever use for that purpose.

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My favorites from the week of 2006-12-18 and 2006-12-25

Fire Lamp!This project makes me feel shameful about my made-in-China, bought-at-a-big-box-store lamps and inspires me to make a few of my own.Magnetic Rubik's Dice CubeI really hope we see more variations on this theme. Great project!Kite Powered Land ProaI've always wanted to make a land conversion for my ice proa. Custom MirrorI always find it amazing how reflected light from fluorescent tubes looks so much better when reflected. This reminds me that I want to install lights under the cabinets in the kitchen.Wooden Candle HolderGreat use of found materials. The grain of the wood is gorgeous.Paint your Laptop - Project: Big RedNice! A much better job then I did on mine.

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Using AC to operate a automotive 12 VDC relay

My question is:  can a typical 12 vdc automotive relay be operated (voltage across terminals 85-86)? I am building a car from a riding lawn mower for our grandson.  I want to operate lights from the 12 VDC circuit but I need a signal voltage to actuate the relay across relay terminals 85-86.  I would like to use the existing AC powered light(s) voltage for this purpose?  Possible?

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Looking for Magnets and / or Permenent Magnet Generators 12 Volts for Africa

Hello, I am working with a couple of young men in Togo, West Africa. They sell solar panels, and because batteries are so expensive, it they did one of them bike rim windmills, and generated 12 volts, during the nights, the houses could power up LED lights. Which 12 volt generator would you recommend to buy on Ebay? Please paste a link. What specific magnets are good for the bike rim, please give me the specific link on ebay. I hope someone has done this, and does know how, I can search.. . I watch so many videos it drives me crazy, I want to replicate, and often the buying details are not included. Thanks, Andy Lee Graham Travel Writer for Merry Christmas hoboontheroad   AT

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Mitre saw comparison

Hi, I'm looking to either buy the Bosch GCM 12 GDL Professional or the Metabo KGS 315 Plus Crosscut mitre saw. Ive done a bit of homework and both saws appear fairly decent, however the Metabo doesn't appear to have many objective reviews. Can you please recommend one over the other giving reasons for your choice? Thank you very much in advance.

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12v joule theif from 1 AA Answered

I need to make a joule theif that can output 12v to power some rgb leds. any help would be great. but preferably in the form of a schematic. i have all of the parts needed.?

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