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Problem with my 125CC Bike? Answered

In day time i find my bike running not smoothly.But in night time i found that my bike is running very smoothly.My question may seems like silly.But i want to know the reason.After that i was thinking about how the bike will run smoothly in night time, suddenly a thought strikes my mind,that is in my country night time is slightly cold.Bike engines mix the fuel and air for combustion.In day time the air in the surroundings will not be in cold condition it will be slightly hot.So the ignition is rough and in night time the air will be cold,so ignition process goes smoothly in night time.The mixing of fuel and cold air makes the bike to run smoothly.This is the idea that strikes my mind.Is it correct or not.If it is not correct then explain me what was the reason for the bike to run smoothly in night time.

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Motorcycle Tail Tidy? (Fender Eliminator) Yamaha XT125X?

Anyone got any idea how I can make one from scratch? I feel like tidying up my bike and it's almost impossible to find one to buy for my bike (not like I would buy one anyway)  If anyone has any ideas then I would be more than grateful to hear them!

Question by w0bb  

hi.. there

We  want to couple 125cc engine with electric motor  to make hybrid vehicle can any suggest how to couple them both so that vehicle can shift from motor to engine while running

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Electric bike motor help!

Helli guys.. after a long time racing motocross, I would like to experiment into doing an electric dirt bike for myself.. My plan is to find an 85 or 125cc frame with no engine, and build from that.. the biggest question is, what motor could I use that is no less than 15kw, and on the affordable side? I was looking at the Turnigy Rotomax 150cc eqiv. And it has a max power output at 9000 something watts, would that be any good for a motocross bike? Would it burn out quickly since its pretty small? Notes: i am strictly looking for powerful bikes, a 2kw bike is not for me since I am used to overpowered 250cc two stroke hell-born suicide machines, thanks..

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