12V DC to 220V AC

I have an emergency lamp with backup battery power. its lamps have gone out. i want to use it to power a router, medai converter and a mobile charger. i have uploaded the specification of my power supply and things i want to run. please give me a detail way of doing this project and the materials i need, like inverter and other things My lamp gives 12V DC supply. i want to convert it to 220V AC and run those components. how can i run it and how long can i run thanks

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12V DC to 12V AC? Answered

I have a speaker with an embeded amplifier that uses 12VAC ~ 2.9A and want to connect to a 12VDC in my car, a simple bridge rectifier will do the trick converting the corrent? 

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12V DC to 220V AC supply

Hello I have a emergency light with battery back up. its lights have gone out so i want to use its 12V dc power to transfer to ac power to backup a media converter, wifi router and mobile charger. Please, i want a detailed process of building this system. how much time could i get backup? i need a instrument and parts list for this project. i have uploaded the pictures of my light and specifications along with it. thanks

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Infared sauna electrical failure - help? Answered

Hello I purchased this sauna used a couple days ago, and its not turning on.. The previous owner sold it as having only an issue with the fuse, but I have exchanged all fuses, and Im assuming its one of the three components that are running in the rectangular unit mounted on top of the sauna. I will post all the photos so you are able to see detailed views of everything - I have now ordered a replacement for the power supply (s-35-12) as I cant imagine the transformer would short the entire sauna.  internal fuses are all 3 amp, this is the power supply (but the power running from mains is standard 13amp):  https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/MiWi-S-35-12-AC-DC-switching-mode-power-supply/700113_1699513295.html And from what I can tell there is a sort of voltage regulator on that PSU which has a phillips white screw which is used for adjusting.  My guess is that previous owner set it for wrong output and it blew the PSU? Alternatively there is the main board, but I wouldnt know what to look for, nor how to replace, as it had no particular model number. I tested current coming from mains to the main board (sorry I dont have technical name for that) and electricity is definitely arriving there, but not sure where (or if) it goes after.  I tried to swap one of the kettle lead fuses for the one on the PSU board, and then power on, but as soon as I tripped the power to on it blew the fuse.. image 1 and 2 are overview, image 3 is writing on PSU, image 4 is transformer, image 5 is main board and image 6 is PSU (which I have ordered replacement for). Thank you for your help!

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220v ac to 12v dc power supply

Can you add 474j 50v and 474j 50v capacitors to become 100v? Or is there any alternative for 474j 250v?? Courtesy to the youtuber

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DC motor

I had a 220v angle grinder. It was burnt. I take the rotor of the grinder out. Its completely fine. Now i make a DC motor using this rotor and magnets(for field current). My question is, how much maximum DC volts this motor can take to get the maximum RPM. Because the motor was 220v AC, Will it run on 220v DC?

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230V AC to 12V 0.2A DC Answered

Could you guys please post a scheme for doing this thing? Thanks

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request, 12v dc-12v ac power supply

Why?  So I can run a pile of 'pro' audio equipment on of a parade float without resorting to a generator or an off the shelf 120vac (barely) inverter. The equipment I'm talking about is a pair of 4 channel wireless mike receivers (8 mikes total) and a 10 channel mixer.  Other input comes from an MP3 player or CD player.  We also have an AM/FM/HD radio on board for those long waits in parade linup.  The power amp is an automotive (12vdc) unit, 4 x 1000 watts.  Main power is a pair of deep-cycle NAPA (optima clone) spiral cell batteries topped-off from the tow vehicle via a charge isolator.  There is also an 35watt solar panel (again, for those long lineups) run through the charge isolator.  The solar panel maintains the batteries while the float is parked or in storage. Cracking open the gear we have, every single one of them uses a 10:1 step down transformer to drop 120 vac line to 12vac before dumping it into the mainboard. It looks like 12vac @ 3 amps will do it for the wireless mike receivers and mixer, but why not shoot for 5 amps to be safe? Ideally, there would be some serious filtering and regulation/protection on the output. In a Perfect & Ideal world, there would be multiple 12vac outputs each capable of 2 or 3 amps and isolated from each other. Too much for a request?  You never know if you don't ask. And, in advance, many thanks! 

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Supply a computer monitor with 220V DC? Answered

Hello, i am unable to find answers to this anywhere so I hope you can help me! Is it possible to supply a "normal" computer monitor with 220V DC instead of AC? All the specifications list the input only as AC, but I would think the monitor have an internal power supply which converts 220V AC to 6-48V DC which uses a diode bridge and my basic electric knowledge tells me this bridge will work if supplied with DC as well. Would this work? Does actual "220V DC monitors" exist? I cant seem to find any..

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how to build an inverter

I want to know how to build an inverter upto 5kva

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How to create dc input to dc 5v and 12v (two outputs) circuit? Answered

I need to create a circuit with two different output voltages but with a single input voltage. The output voltage must be 5v and 12v dc. The input voltage must be max 12v dc (for using 12v dc power adapter from ac mains).

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smallest way to convert AC mains to DC 12v? Is it safe to go transformerless? Answered

When you're space restricted (like behind power boards) what would be the best way to step down ac mains (220v 50Hz for me) to say 12v????? Also, Is it safe to make a transformerless power supply? Well, its not isolated from the mains, so........... Im not so confident..

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What t is the difference between the -12v and +12v, -5v and +5v...in a computer power supply? Answered

 I am building an AC to DC power supply based on several Ibles and I am not sure I understand what the 2 different voltages are (-12v, +12v; -5v, +5v ....) Thank You!

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Running a fog machine and LEDs from battery pack

So I have this idea that will require a fog machine, some LED's, and a switch to turn them both on at the same time. The mechanical issues I have figured out, I just need a little help with the electronics. I plan to have this rig be mobile, as in backpack mounted, and I have no problem carrying a 12 volt battery on my back to accomplish this task. I need help on the specific electronics required in order to rig it together. To the best of my understanding, I need a 12 volt battery, an inverter/power outlet, and POSSIBLY a microcontroller, but I'd like to avoid the later at all costs, haha. Fog machine I intend to use would be 400 watt since it seems to be the most viable. If I can swing a KW one that would be awesome. And the LEDs would be either red or blue. I'd like a switch in the set up to allow for the fog/LEDs to be activated at the same time. URL to machine below: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Fog-Machine-400w/12335927 What I really need to know is how to set up the 12v to accept the 400w fog machine, if it's possible, and what type of gauge wire/cooling systems I would need if I chose to run this on my back for safety. And if you could help with the logistics of recharging the battery, that would be sweet as well. Thanks!

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Has anyone built an efficient rectifier before, from 220-230V AC to 12V DC as well as a 12V DC to 220-230V AC inverter?

I want to build a DC-AC inverter / AC-DC rectifying system. I want my inverter to convert 12V DC to 220V AC as efficient as possible and without to many components because i want to host my rectifying system in the same box as my inverter. my question is who has designed this two systems before separately of course with the least components and had an efficiency higher then 85%?

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ac or dc or does it even matter

I just saw a video on the web about a heater made out of a coffee can and some other odds and ends. My question is, its a 12v dc contraption. Can I use 12v ac instead ( like splice a 12v plug for a keyboard or something ) or will it not work? I can be more detailed if needed but i didnt want to post where or what the video was exactly since Im not sure Im allowed.

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How to convert 13.4V AC power to 12V DC power?

Hi there, Can anyone give me some tutorial on how to convert AC power to DC Power? Basically I have a transformer step down the AC voltage from 230V to 13.4V on 50Hz. In order for me to be able connect LED light directly to the wall, first of all I need to convert the AC Power to DC Power. To be honest I am a noob when come to electronic part especially the calculation section so please go easy on me.  What I have done so far is getting a rectifier and transistor. I tested the rectifier at first, it convert AC to DC power successfully but somehow my voltage drop by 1.7 Volt. I end up getting 11.7V. I notice that the voltage goes up and down from 11.73V - 11.79V. Then I add a transistor with 16V and 100UF to smooth the wave. When I checked my voltage goes up to 18.32V - 18.37V. Due to lack of knowledge, apparently I got myself a wrong transistor. After googling for a while I found the formula but cant figure out how to use them. After asking around apparently I need more than just rectifier and transistor to keep the LED last longer plus the AC Power with 50hz will make the LED flickering. I need help in building a complete 13.4V AC power to 12V converter plus a power constant current source.  Thanks in advance.

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12VAC to 12VDC by using 4 ini4007 diodes? Answered

I want to convert 12 v ac to 12v dc i have a transformer to step down 220v(my mains voltage) to 12vac now i want to use 4 ini4007 to convert that voltage to a stable 12v dc is it possible Thanks

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Combining AC and DC on the one output?

I have a variable 0-12v DC output which has a maximum output of 1 amp. I have a fixed 16v AC output which has a maximum output of 1 amp. I am looking at how to combine the two so as to power a model with the variable DC output and also power lighting on the AC through a capacitor to filter the DC out. Also, I would rather it was nearer 6v AC at the output. Would this just be a matter of a simple step-down transformer before they are combined? Essentially, I am looking to replicate the functionality of this product for less than £42.95. This is too expensive especially when I need two of them.

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12 VDC

AC -> 12v DC, 1000mA Output -> Halogen Lamp = Nothing.DC -> 12v DC, 10 AA Batteries -> Halogen Lamp = Works fine.Yes, the wall adapter works.Why does the Halogen Lamp not accept the current?@ 6v, 5W (0.83 Amps, right? Just under the AC output..)

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​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A.

I have a12v 1.5A  transformer. ​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A. Is it possible? If its possible than tell me HOW?

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3v motor, 12v power supply

I have a 3v DC motor, a 12v power supply, and various resistors. Can I use resistors in series with the motor to keep it from burning up?

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Powering LED array with 12V AC/DC converter?

Hi! Long time lurker here! I have a project in mind that involves the construction of an array of 121 LEDs in an 11x11 configuration. I want to power the LEDs off a 12V AC/DC adapter, but I'm a little unsure about how current works in this case. The adapter is a regulated 12V 1A adapter. The LED array, however, needs only 820 mA. I know the maximum DC current is 30 mA so if the full amp is spread across the 41 parallel series it should be passing ~24 mA through the LEDs. Will this cause any major problems? Is there a way to limit the current to the suggest 20mA? Furthermore, if anyone has any good ideas as to how to mount 121 LEDs in a square grid of inch spacing, I'm all ears. I considered using pegboard, but I can't seem to find any, and veroboard large enough is also proving difficult to source. I don't really have the resources necessary to make my own PCB. Maybe I could drill some pegboard of my own and attach some thin conductive strips for the 12V and 0V rails. Thanks for any help! I've taken a practical electronics course at university and done some soldering (just op-amps and the like), but this is the first real electronics project I've taken on, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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Customize product that uses 4 - 6 watts 120V AC to run on DC

I have surfed this site for a LONG time now and have never posted a question so this is my first...!!! I have a product that I am trying to customize a little but i need some help.,.. The product uses 4 - 6 watts at 120V AC and it plugs into a regular polarized plug... I am trying to make it run on 12V DC but I really don't understand how to do this or the conversions involved.... I have build a 12V 1A circuit but how can i safely make this product use this circuit...??? If it can run on DC power how many Amps will it use...??? Thanks for any replies and I am really looking forward to making this work if at all possible...!!!

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Confused: 12V AC to 12V DC, simple bridge rectifier? Answered

I have a 12V AC power block powering some lights, I want to take one channel off that block and power a 12V DC strip of LEDs, could I just use pretty much any single phase bridge rectifier? They all seem to be rated in the 100's of volts... I know I could do the same thing with a bunch of diodes, a zener and a resistor, but I'd like to just use a packaged chip (because I'm lazy...)?

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Does a 12V DC motor output DC current? ?

I am doing a science fair project that involves a solar panel, connected to a charge controller, connected to a 12V battery, connected to a switch system that can either go to a flywheel with a 12V DC motor or straight to a DC to AC inverter which leads to light standard light bulbs. The system worked (light bulbs lit) when I connected the panel to the controller to the battery to the inverter. However, when I had the battery power the flywheel and then have the flywheel output its energy to the inverter, the inverter shut down and would not work (red alarm went off). The flywheel is producing more than 10V (starts at about 11V) for at least 30 seconds, and the inverter's low voltage shut down in 10.5 plus or minus 5 volts. So why doesn't it work? Is the inverter messed up or is the flywheel outputing AC power? Also, when I connected the solar panel to the charge controller to the flywheel, the charge controller completely shut off. Are charge controllers not able to be directly linked to motors? And if I tried to directly connect the solar panel (which has 20V) to the flywheel (with a 12V motor), without a charge controller in between, what would happen?

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How to make a high amp bridge rectifier?

I want to drive a peltier plate from a 12v transformer coupled with a bridge rectifier , but the diodes get very hot , so how can I make a high amp bridge rectifier that can provide upto 10 amps?

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Need advice to find 12V dc/ac schematics

Hi, Im looking for schematics for a Chicago electric - 2000 Watt / 4000 Watt Peak Power inverter part number 95596 from harbor frieght. i did search there site with no luck, and i could use it asap. Or if you some advice about how I should go about repairing it, that would be great. It simply will not power on. TY in advance for your help :)

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Use an AC relay with DC?

Alright so I want to make something to magnetize screwdrivers with a pulse, basically taking the 400 volts dc from a PSU's capacitors. I have a few relays from some UPSes, however they are all rated for AC except one which also does DC, but significantly less than the AC rating. The first relay I have s an OEG 0Z-SS-112L It seems to be triggered by 12v DC, and can take 120vac at 20 amps, 240vac at 16 amps, but on the other side of the relay there is the circuit marking for a switch, with 16a/240v~ and 16a/30v~ on it. My next relay is an OEG ORWH-SS-112D1F It's marked for 15a 125vac and 10a 277vac My next relay is an omron G2r010E, and is markes for 12 amps, either 240vac or 16vdc My last relay option is a schrack RP 710024, apparently switching with 24vdc and rated for 16a, 250vac So, can I use any of these with high voltage dc? What is the difference between a DC and AC relay?

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How do I directly power a standard 12v 2a Led strip directly off AC outlet/switch?

Hey all!  So I have an idea for a project to make some safety running lights for the stairs and some for around the light switches in my home to provide a night light of sorts and also allow for easy navigation at night. Now, I am still new to Electronics and electrical circuits in general and in fact the farthest my knowledge really extends is to the last project in the book Make:electronics which only really deals in DC. Now on to the real meat of the question. How could I safely tie a small circuit consisting of some SMD led light strips running at 12v 2a DC to a standard AC line going into a light switch? I would normally just use a standard "wall wart" PSU but I want to integrate the circuitry beyond the leds behind the light switch panel. I'm mostly looking what type of components I would need, maybe an overview of what needs to be done(or detailed step by step would be cool too :) ). I know there is probably a lot more knowledge I would have to gain to really do this properly so I would also ask for some good educational material covering what I am doing and some more similar topics. I have found that most of my projects involve lighting and being able to directly pipe off of an AC line without a wall wart would be lovely. Thanks All!

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Can a 24V AC stepper motor be run from 12V DC ?

Hi Instructables people,  have been searching for days to find if there any way of running 24V AC bipolar steppe motor from a 12V DC battery without using a DC to AC inverter. Not used stepper motors before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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How to create dc input to dc 5v, 5v, 12v (three outputs w/ diff currents)? Answered

I want to create a single power source for these three components: 1.Raspberry pi : 5v , >750mA 2. Display : 12v, 750mA needed 3. Powered USB Hub The input source should be dc max 12v...

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Please Help Electrical question 12v LED wiring.

So I have a black wire and a white wire coming in to where I have to hook up this LED transformer I know this is 110v. I saw the circuit breaker and it was double pole so I assumed it would be a 220v I ordered a transformer that could handle 110 and 220 but the colors are different. Is the transformer shown meant to have input wires connected to the hot? which ones to I put where? What goes to white here and what goes to black?

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running LED strip on ac

So i started working on a new project with RGB LED strips and I needed a power source, I dug around my box full of wall warts and saw one that said 12v 3000mA and thought ''perfect!''. I never hit the wires with my multimeter, just used a spare chunk of led strip to figure out polarity.. Anyway, plugged a line into my strip and into my LM7805 and blew my voltage regulator, only then did I look at the power supply and notice it was 12v AC! So to my question (sorry for the long winded intro) How are my LEDs working with AC power?? I switched the leads and they turn on with either line attached, so its obviously alternating, but how could these turn on at all?

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How to convert a 12V LED string designed for use with an AC/DC power converter for direct wire to a 12V DC system?

I am trying to use a 12V LED light string for lighting in a bus conversion.  The LED string is 12V, but comes with a AC/DC adaptor so it is intended to be plugged in to an AC outlet...however, I want to connect it directly to the bus/RV's 12V DC electrical system.  I'd planned to just use a DC connector to replace the power adaptor and connect directly to the 12V circuit/wiring...but I think I need to regulate the amperage going in to the LED string. ??  I am not sure what to use to regulate the current of that circuit.  I've read about LED drivers, but most seem to be AC/DC...and I want DC/DC.  Also, the constant current drivers don't seem to match up to the current the light string would require if I assume the power adaptor is supplying the correct amperage.  Help? The LED light string does not state many specs, except that it is 12V / 6W and uses 100 micro/fairy LEDs.  The AC/DC power adaptor that comes with it says the output is 12V/1A, therefore I assume I need to regulate the amperage to 1A...but wanted to confirm with someone more knowledgeable than me.  The RV electrical system is composed of a 440AH battery bank and from what I've read about LED's I can't just wire it into a circuit fed by that much potential current, even if it's fuse protected at the DC distribution panel.  Any suggestions?

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How do I build a 12Dc day night switch?

I've got a 220v day night switch and want to convert it to a 12v one, I've got a 12v relay, a bunch of different resistors and capacitors and diodes I'm looking for a simple diagram or some advice on how to assemble it

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220V AC Voltage regulator, controlled with micro controller?

Hi I'm fairly new to Arduino (I'm actually using Netduino), and I have been puzzling with making a voltage regulator, for a 100W lightbulb. But my issue is, that I would like to control it digitally, with a micro controller - and not with the usual potentiometer. Is there some kind of digital potentiometer I could use, or create? Or better yet, instructables on doing something similar to this? I've been looking, but all seems to be manually operated, and most of them are for low voltage DC. I'm pretty new to electronics as well, and I definitely would prefer, to NOT burn down the house. Any advice, comments and links are much appreciated :)

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Can I use a AC switch in my DC project? Answered

I'm trying to install LED lights in and around my car. Can I use a AC switch in a DC circuit/system? The AC switch is rated as 10A 125V AC / 8A 125V / 4A 250V AC / 1/3 HP 125V AC. I plan on putting the switch between the 12v DC car battery and the 12v DC to 5v 5a DC regulator (which then powers the microcontroller and LEDs). Is this doable and safe?

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help on designing a 12v UPS? Answered

We have a problem with kids coming into our garden, vandalising our plants, breaking into our shed etc. we have decided that installing a cctv system in our home is a good idea as even if it doesn't stop them coming in, it will be solid evidence to take to their parents. problem is, we have regular power cuts and i would like the cctv to be recording 24/7/365 (especially in the shed because that is where our bikes get stored) i have two 12v 7ah SLA batteries that i am donating to the project, iknow that they need 13.8v and around 500ma to charge. i need 16 camera outputs, and then a couple of spare outputs for aux devices (router to keep it connected to the internet, mics, infra red lamps etc) the dvr its self wants 12v 5 amps input so i think for that i will make another psu just for that with maybe 2 or 3 12v 7ah sla batteries. i have baisic electronics knowledge, have access to pcb printing facilities and can use eagle. any help at all would be amazing, the main things i need to know is: how to get 13.8v from 240v ac, how to power all the cameras from 240v ac and have a smooth switchover from mains to battery. thanks in advance - luke

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Convert DC Light bar to AC

I'm trying to help out a friend. He's an animation student and he frequently has to use a light box while he's sketching. For those unfamiliar, he draws on a paper, and then puts another paper on top and traces it again, but with a slight change from the first. This process continues over and over until the animation is complete. In order to be able to trace, he's got a piece of white plexi (with a 90° bend in it) as his "table". He then places an off the shelf Energizer "Under Cabinet Light" under the plexi. This light has a fluorescent bulb and is powered by 8 AA batteries. Simple calculations means it's running on a 12V battery pack. Since he's often doing homework for 6 hours straight, the 8AA batteries become costly and the light dims over time. He was asking if I could hack the light to take AC power instead. I have an old wallward ac adapter that has these specs: Input: 120VAC 60Hz 30W Output: 12V @ 1.2A. I also took pictures of the circuit board I found inside the light. While I can't distinguish exactly what's on the board, I can pick out a capacitor, a transformer and some sort of regulator. I should've  got a quick schematic... from the looks my google searching, it's a simple fluorescent lamp circuit. Would it be as simple as stripping the ends of the AC adapter and soldering it to the positive and negative contacts on the light bar's circuit board? The adapter itself takes AC and makes it DC so it should work right? Another thing he is thinking of is having me swap out the tube for LED's. I'll just need an LED driver and I can use the same power supply I found in my junk box... it's just a question if the high powered LEDs would be bright enough. Surely if the tube is bright enough on fresh AA batteries, 3 high powered white LEDs would be brighter right? Also he's on a budget, so the AC/DC hack would essentially free for him!

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can I use a 400mA adapter instead of a 1000mA one?

The 12V 1000mA adapter of my cctv camera stopped working as I switched on the pc monitor. 1) Can I use a 12V 400mA adapter instead of the 12V 1000mA one ? 2) Can the original one be repaired ? Thanks

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if i want to rectify 12v AC to 12v DC how much values of diodes i'll use and how can i calculate it(i.e diode 1N4007)?

Like we mostly used (4 x 1N4007) Rectifier bridge to convert 12v AC to 12v DC.why and how we can calculate it?Formula?

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convert 12v to 14.5 v simple? Answered

Hello. i have an LCD monitor powered from AC, that i want to make to be powered by DC for use in my car. the monitor PSU , supplies the controller with +5v and +14.5v. and i want to power the monitor from a regulated 12v psu. my question is, how would i make a dc booster, from 12v to 14.5 v at 2 ampere? thanks in advance!!

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