Most awesome number of total downloads

I created an add on for Firefox back in December, to allow me to control Azureus (running on my server) from any of the computers on my network. I put it on and promptly forgot about it... last week I got an email regarding support for FF3, so I banged out a fix and went to upload it... just for fun I checked the stats page, and found awesomeness.note, Iwouldn't normally be so amazed by this, but 171 daily users is pretty cool for absolutely no advertisement and a tiny niche target audience.

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I'm going to school tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm gonna leave to go to school at around 7:40 France time. But don't worry, I'm coming back at around 4:15. Gonna miss you guys.

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|337 5p34k f0n7!

1 f0und 4 f0n7 4dd0n f0r f1r3f0x 7h47 (h4n635 3v3ry7h1n6 70 |337 5p34k, 15n7 17 4w350m3!I found a font addon for firefox that changes everything to l337 speakm isnt it awesome!linkIt's called leet key, tell me what you think of it.

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1337player AVI video player help?

I open a file, it minimizes, and wint play... help?

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So, What do you despise about archaic societal constructs AKA the systems?

Teh system fails!!!!!

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Whoever can figure out why this doesn't work gets virtual 1337. Answered

A=x a+a = a+x 2a=a+x 2a-2x=a+x-2x 2(a-x) = (a-x) 2=1 No clues, it's very simple, and anyone familiar with their internets should find a humorous surprise within the solution.

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Cops suck.

First of all, I am going to say this out of experience and not from memes or from public opinion. Two days ago, I changed a shortcut icon to redirect to another website on a school computer. Well, I got caught after someone fell for it, and then the teacher told me that I could get in serious trouble for it. He got some cops to tell me how bad it was, and afterward, I was wondering how stupid they were. First of all, they said I shut down the system. I did not do that, I just changed the link. Second, they said I was "scarier than a thug with a gun because I could hack their computers and get all the passwords". I can do no such thing, what makes them think that a simple prank automatically makes me a "1337 hax0r"? Then they said I could be arrested for just that prank, but they decided to let me off because I was not aware of those rules. Cops suck. (at least the ones in this area do) EDIT- It seems like my email to the teacher completely backfired. The teacher COMPLETELY misunderstood the point of my message.

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Yet ANOTHER K'nex Gun!

Before commenting, be aware that i got rid of this. hahaha Sorry, no pictures yet. The rest of my family (all of the girls in the family) went on vacation down in SC while us manly men went to manly places like tool shops (hahahottopic jk) like home depot and water country usa. And sadly, they took the only camera with them. Their coming back tonight so I should be able to get some PICS of this ttly 1337 gun. Enough of this talks about my life onto the gun. Like I said, I can't take pictures, yet, so I'm just going to list the features from the butt of the gun to ze top. 1. Comfy, buttstock, and a stick type stock w/ ram guide 2. New 2-position realistic angled handle (one position for m16 series standard grip, and another a bit more angled) 3. kinda weird for-grip thing but it's good I guess 4. easy to use scope mount and blade sights 5. around 10-15 round blue rod mag 6. and my favorite part of the gun, the Hop-up! 7. I wouldn't consider this a feature but it looks a b s o l u t e l y bad***. You'll see. just wait... A hopup is basically a bump in the barrel causing the bullet to curve up thus making it hop up. Originally from airsoft guns it presses down on the BB as its leaving the barrel creating a backspin so when it leaves the barrel it curves up increasing range and making it more accurate. Except this doesn't apply to knex bullets since they tend to move MUCH slower and the barrels are their are dents in the middle of them. So with knex you'd have to just put a small dent type thing on the bottom of the barrel instead of backspinning it (which is impossible with knex since their not in a sphere shape). If you really want to know more about hop-up heres a link;=589601 And finally, sorry I have been so inactive lately, I have been extremely busy more then normal.

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im on ur internets, rating sum ur FLASH GAMES oota five

MORE COMING...Some flash game reviews, in no particular order. I think. Well, the order of which they are listed on [], which most or all of them are on. They are rated out of five, with a short description and category. All have links to the games.Rating description+ 5/5 - 1337+ 4/5 - w00t-ish+ 3/5 - Not just mediocre, mediocre for you!+ 2/5 - Lame-ish+ 1/5 - Jack ThompsonEnjoy som ur flash gamez.Save the Sheep - 2/5 - Action> Control a sheep's horizontal movement across the ground> Catch falling sheep> Get powerups> Avoid falling evil sheep or you die- Very generic, boring and pointlessVirus - 3/5 - Action> Guide virus ball around screen by clicking> Get specified number of points by staying alive> Get more points faster by staying in the center of the screen> Avoid white blood cells and other enemies, many varying enemy types+ Fun time-waster, not much depth thoughOrb - 1/5 - Animator's Lazy Sunday Project> Collect orbs by guiding your orb "character thing" around with mouse> Click to send out small circle "explosion" to collect all orbs in explosion- No point to this game. You can't lose, you just collect the orbs. Gets boring very fastSpank the Monkey - NA - Dumb fun> Spank the monkey by dragging the hand with your mouse+ This one is pretty dumb but it's an old classic, to me anyway. Try dragging the hand slowly to the right edge of the game screen and circling around to the left edge and bringing your mouse back in to the game screenFly the Copter - 4/5 - Action> Hold left mouse button to make helicopter go up> Dodge walls by navigating helicopter+ Very addicting, also an old classic. According to the creator's site, his record is 2148. Try and beat itCurveball - 3/5 - Action> Use mouse to control 3D-ish ping pong type paddle> Make the ball curve by moving the paddle when you hit it- Terrible AI makes volleys non-existent+ This game is fun but would be a lot better if the computer was a better playerThe Missile Game 3D - 4/5 - Action> 3D-ish flight type thing, guide your "viewpoint" through holes in the wall while you fly through a tunnel> Speeds up as game progresses> This game is pretty freaky, I had to stop because flying into walls and exploding is not something i'm used to, you gotta see it for yourself. Pretty fun

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