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how do i restore a disabled i pod touch 16gb?

The screen says disabled connect to i tunes. I can't get it connected. bought it like. I connected it to i tunes and it doesn't give me a option to restore

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Nokia N95 8gb,Nokia N96,Apple iPhone 16gb,Apple iPod Touch 16gb


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How to upgrade a 3gen ipod nano to 16gb or 32gb!?

I have an old third gen 8gb ipod nano which i dearly love but the memory is max'ed out! Is there any way to upgrade it to 16gb memory or higher. I'm chronologically challanged in this area and could really use some help! Thanks In Advance

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Broken iPhone for Sale

Selling my White 16gb iPhone 3Gs. Can't update or restore it, so im selling it for parts or to someone who knows how to fix it. Still powers on and in great condition. Get details and bid on the auction here:;=220706508818

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For Sale Brand New Apple iphone 16gb for $200usd

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I play minecraft and im thinking on buying a new computer is 16gb of ram good enough(keep in mind i use skype too)? Answered

I am wondering if a 16gb ram DDR3 Quad core computer if good enough for playing minecraft, skyping, and possible recording at the same time. This is what I am looking at:;=item5d4a47d7fb   OH AND WHEN IT SAYS 16gb do they mean ram ( thats what im thinking)

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Does anyone know where I can find a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen cheap and in good condition? Answered

I need a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen that is in good condition and if you have one then I'll pay $150 for it if you'll accept.

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Zune 3.0

How is everybody enjoying the new software for the zune, 3.0? Also did anyone buy the 16gb or 120gb zune?

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Has anyone found a way to modify an external drive to utilize more than the allotted 16GB for the Xbox 360?

The question basically sums up what I'm looking for; however, because sometimes things get lost in translation, here we go: Explanation of what I want: I have a 1TB external drive. It is currently formatted in FAT32 for use with the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. For modified PS3s, the drive simply works with the FAT32 formatting. For modified Wiis, the result is the same. However, for Xbox 360, the result is slightly more annoying: I have an option to "edit" a partition to create 16GB worth of storage space or format the partition, which formats the drive and still only lets me have 16GB worth of storage space. I would like to be able to use more of the external drive for storage. Suggestions to any that may decide to help: I've noticed that the Xbox 360 is locked down in all kinds of ways if it isn't modified. I was thinking that it could be possible to take the special 250GB .bin file, create the 3 partitions for the Xbox 360 on the external drive (I would need instructions on this step, as I no longer have a SATA connection available to me to see the partition setup on my 20GB Xbox 360 drive), and finally create the final FAT32 drive for use with the other systems. Has anyone tried this? I figure it has to be possible because Microsoft is currently doing it somehow. I thank you for your time in advance.

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Why can't I use all of my computer's memory?

I have 16gb installed in my asus M5A97 and in system properties it says only 7.95 is usable. Why is this? The max memory for my board is 32 gb.  

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pleas help

I am sami ,i have iphone 3g 16gb, i have not account on app store, i want to download apps from  app store for free, pleas you can help me for on free account?? thank you soo mush

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android tablet battery going flat while turned off ? Answered

Basically what the question says. i have one of these kogan agora 10" 16gb and the battery keeps going flat while it's turned off (not in sleep mode)

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With a netbook, is RAID 0ing the internal SSD and an SD card a good idea?

I've just gotten a netbook with an 8gb SSD, and it has a built-in SD card slot. If I put an 8gb class 10 SD card into the slot, would I be able to RAID 0 them? What would happen if I RAID 0ed them and then took the SD card out while it was on? Would it erase everything or would it just shut down? Would this work? I need 16gb of internal storage, and a 16gb SSD drive is over 70% the price of the netbook.... I'm thinking either Hackintosh or Peppermint OS or Windows XP as the operating system. Any other comments?

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imovie 11 problem? Answered

When I try to upload a video to vimeo or you tube imovie says "sharing requires more memory to be available quit iMovie and relaunch it". I've tried to upload a video like a billion times.  DETAILS: I'm doing this on a almost new computer with 16gb memory THANK YOU!

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How to build a USB pendrive at home?

I want to make 16GB USB flash drive (pendrive) at home. But I don't know which chip is used to make a pendrive. So please provide me the information as if which chip should be used and also any other hardware to be used to make a pendrive. Also I want step by step tutorial to build a pendrive. Thanks in advance.

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Arduino GPS Tracker Help?

Hey guys, I'm using a arduino uno r3, an adafruit ultimate gps shield, and a 16gb SD card. I have the Adafruit GPS Library and the "friendlier" SD library which is in the details for the shield online. Whenever I try to use any programs on the arduino and shield at all, it says: Ultimate GPSlogger Shield Card init. failed! Any way to fix this so I can start receiving and logging the GPS data?

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Things to do with a broken flash drive

Hello there. I just broke my 16GB Strontium Pollex drive and I'm left with nothing but the circuit board (Pics below). It doesn't fit into the USB port (too small, push up=on, remove support=off) smugly, and well, this is my only 4GB+ flash drive (I have another broken 1GB one, but at least it doesn't wobble around in the port). What do I do with this to make it usable again?

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Make an external HDD work with Xbox 360?

I, like many people, got the new Xbox for Christmas. However, my mom failed to notice that it was the 4GB model, rather than the awesome 250GB. When I realized this, I immediately went online and looked for a 250GB Xbox S Hard Drive, and found that they're $130($0.52/GB)! Well I knew that the Xbox can use flashdrives for storage, etc. so it should treat an external hard drive just like a big flashdrive, right? So I went to BestBuy and bought a 500GB external hard drive for $60 ($0.12/GB- 4.3x cheaper!). Upon plugging this into my Xbox, and going through the configuration process, I see that my Xbox is only picking it up as 16GB. "Are you kidding me? There's a lot more than 16GB on that thing!" I went online, and did some Googling, and YouTubing. All I could find was formatting the drive, and even then only being able to transfer movies, music, etc from you computer. I read multiple times that you couldn't put games or profiles on it(I wanted to do this, so I could transfer everything from my old original Xbox 360 HDD, and then sell it). Could somebody please tell me a way to make an external hard drive work with Xbox 360? I'd rather not format anything, but I will if I must. Thank you!

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Do i have to change/add anything at my gaming pc?

 Specs: -Mobo: AsRock Z77 Extreme 3; -CPU: Intel Core I5 3570k 4.8GHz OC w/ CoolerMaster V8 GTS Cooler; -GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX480 2GB SC; -RAM: 16GB Mushkin 2600 MHz OC; -HDD: Seagate 1TB(that`s enough for me); -PSU: Sirtec HP 750W; I am very curious if i have to change something at my pc.Do i have to change anything at it? Or add something else maybe?If yes,can you show me some things that i could change at my pc but cheap?I want them cheap beaucase i spent lots of money in it and i dont wanna spend lots money again.

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Siri proxy address Help!!! If you help me, I PROMISE I will subscribe to you! Answered

I recently downloaded spire off cydia. Spire bring Siri to older devices but I need a Siri proxie server code in order for it to work. I have searched the Internet for hours but can't find one that hasn't been filled (each server only holds 10 iPhones). If you can find me a working siri proxy server address that isn't full, I will subscribe to you. I PROMISE!!!!  I also won't publish it or share it as so it remains usable and doesn't get filled. My specifications: Iphone 3GS  Jailbroken IOS 5 16GB On 02 Thank You If You Can Help!!!! :D

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How to use ipod screen as raspberry pi monitor?

I have several ipods that more or less seem to have puked on me; i have one-5gen Ipod Video, one Ipod classic and one 16gb gen2 Ipod Touch.  The two former ipods have failed hdd's, but the screens should still theoretically work. The ipod touch is more or less fully functional, minus the speaker/headphone jack. It is also jailbroken.  I wanted to make a super small portable gaming setup with my raspberry pi, and im wondering how (if it is possible) i might be able to salvage one of my ipod screens to use as the display. Does anyone know how? Also, seeing as the raspberry pi has the hdmi output, how would i go about incorporating speakers into the unit as well?

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Copy files from one HDD to another?

Hi all, I have 2 external HDD's. Both 1TB capacity. I have a heap of files on hard drive A that I want to copy over to hard drive B. When I start the copy process, i get an error message saying that several folders are no longer there and therefore cannot be copied. I then navigate to hard drive A to find that the folders are all there and can be opened. All the files in the folders can also be accessed and opened. I can also edit the files, save them and re-access them all without issue. Yet I restart the copy process and the same issue arises. I'm on windows 8.1 Enterprise running on Core i7, 16gb ddr3 ram, 256gb SSD as drive C: Both drives are connected directly through USB 3 ports and USB 3 cables... Any help is much appreciated....

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I won a contest, but my sugru wasn't included when my prize came.? Answered

I won the photo editing contest (runner up prize). The only reason I ever entered the contest was to win the sugru (haha) so that I can repair a few things around my house. My prize came today, and I received the SD card, TShirt, and a patch. But my sugru wasn't included. :( After looking back at the official rules to make sure Sugru was listed as a prize, I copied and pasted it here. Prize(s). The prize(s) to be awarded in the Contest is/are as follows: 1.(2) Two Grand Prize winner will be awarded a 16GB Apple iPad 2, a one-year Pro membership to, a t-shirt, and a pack of Sugru. One Grand Prize winner will be selected for the best Instructable with an image of a spooky scene (people are small or incidental if present), and one grand prize winner will be selected for best Instructable with a creepy image featuring people. Total retail value: $549.99. 2.(10) Ten First Prize winners will be awarded an Eye-Fi wireless 4GB memory card , a one-year Pro membership to, a t-shirt, and a pack of Sugru. Total retail value: $99.95 How can I claim my Sugru now? D:

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How to recover lost data from a hard-disk ?

Hello everybody, I really need your help in this problem ... Few days ago, my uncle needed to recover his laptop, but he had about 250 GB of important data which I could temporarly take on mine, w transfered every thing using a 16GB flash memory and an old 40 GB hard-disk, and he recovered his laptop and every thing was good then we started to roll back and retransfer the files to his laptop. Here came the problem, the images was transferred to the hard-disk, and then when we connected the hard-disk to his laptop, we were surprised that the hard-disk is empty, totally empty ! So, I tried EaseUS data recovery, Data recovery wizard, recuva, 7 data recovery suit, -and another program i don't remember- on both my laptop and the hard-disk but they get me every thing except these images ! Please help me these images are very important to my uncle and he can't get any another copy of them, any advice is acceptable and thank you for any help :)

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Is it possible to make an iphone/android app that runs full windows 7?

Is it possible to make such an app that detects all the phone's hardware and runs it at full speed (the app should not emulate hardware)? This app would need to recognize the touch screen as a touch input interface (not an emulated mouse). When the app starts up, it should close out all other system tasks and dedicate the system resources to the app so it can get the maximum amount of RAM/CPU. Also, the OS would probably need to run off a hard disk image file on a 16GB/32GB SD card. If possible, a network interface through 3G/WiFi would be great. Before you say that windows 7 is in x86/x64 architecture and doesn't support ARM architecture, that is another thing this app should accomplish. I noticed that the windows 7 system requirements were a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and at least . Phones meet those requirements. PS: Right now I am running windows 95 under a QEMU app on my android phone and it runs extremely slow since the whole PC is being emulated (and my phone is only 800MHz and has not all that much RAM). I've tried to run ubuntu on my phone (android is linux based). It worked perfectly, but due to not enough free RAM and the 800MHz CPU, it was very slow (but not as slow as emulated windows!). On a 1Ghz phone, ubuntu appears to run perfectly. If you can come up with an app like this (or find one on google), please post a download link to the site/download link. Thanks, Absol32

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Zune HD pinout

Hello every one.  Here is the short version: I would like to know the pinout of the Zune HD (connector).   Now, as there may be more than one solution to my problem (and for those of you who are curious :P), here is the rest of the story: I had a Zune 4gb and an Altec Lansing speaker dock that went with it. I recently purchased a Zune HD 16gb. I love it, but the only problem is that the pinout of the two Zunes are not the same (or at least that’s what I’m assuming), so I am not able to use my speakers with my new Zune. I am only able to use it as a charging dock. Here’s what I know so far:   -I know most of the pins on the old Zune, thanks to -I know the speaker is still functional; I tested it with my old Zune. -And I know the new and old Zunes share at least one ground wire, one +5v supply wire, and both USB data transfer wires, as the dock charges both Zunes, and I am able to sync and charge both Zunes with both new and old sync cables.   Once I find out which pins are for audio, I am planning on opening the speaker case and reconnecting the audio wires (which I was able to identify using the old Zune pinout) to accept the pinout of the new Zune.  I have plenty of experience with electronics of all kinds, so I would be more that comfortable doing something like this, but I am more than open to any solution that is… less invasive, as I would like to avoid the risk of damaging my speakers.   If any of you fine folks have any answers about the pinout or suggestions for alternate solutions, or comments at all for that matter, I would be very grateful.   Thanks all, -jpenn  

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Tips to computer shopping? How to avoid laptops with crap WXGA TN screens online? Good computer companies? Answered

I'm shopping around for some decent <$900 class mid-range laptop computers, and one thing I have noticed is the difficulty in determining the quality of the screens. Often I see nothing more than wank marketing terms (Dell truelife® display, Acer CineCrystal Technology®, etc) which are meaningless. I have had enough experience with 1366x768 to know that it a really poor resolution, and often indicates also the quality of the screen in general. Want is something with at least 1600x900, preferably 1080p, with a proper color display that is not 18,000K, with a viewing angle better than an old back projection TV. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, what are some good computer companies? What experience do you have with HP, Compaq, Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, Acer, Alienware, Samsung, etc? My father is pretty HP oriented, and doesn't like Dell too much, mentioning all the problems they had with them at the place he used to work. I have not had the best experiences with HP (probably because of Vista though), but no experience with any other company other than samsung for phones and tablets. My old tried and faithful low-end Compaq computer (HP owned I believe) has held up very well over it's 7 years, and is still in use to this day, even though the WXGA screen has faded and yellowed over time. The HHD and RAM have been upgraded, and it has been running ubuntu for many years now, too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found this deal at costco for $700, it seems really nice and I cannot find anything bad about it. It has a decent display (saw a very simalar model in costco), 5th gen core i7, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HHD, and some good peripherals build in.;=978495&langId;=-1&storeId;=10301&refine;=

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Instructables' Pin It to Win It! Pinterest sweepstakes - WINNERS!

The winners have been chosen! Grand Prize kcli 1st Place (in alphabetical order by username)   DreamDesignsbyDaniKaiser Gallimaufry gettinchefywitit mcwhoxp Pompom We've got an iPod Touch and some prize packs to give away! If you're not following us on Pinterest yet, this is a great time to start. :D You can find us on Pinterest here! Follow us on Pinterest and then create your own board titled "My Favorite Instructables". Once you're done, email a link to to enter! Winners will be picked at random. One winner will receive an iPod Touch and an Instructables prize pack, and five winners will receive Instructables prize packs! Check out the image and rules below for more details. INSTRUCTABLES PIN IT TO WIN IT PINTEREST SWEEPSTAKES: How to Enter: Beginning April 1, 2013 at 12:01 AM (PT) through April 15, 2013, at 11:59 PM (PT) go to and follow Instructables’ Pinterest page and you must create a Pinterest board titled “My Favorite Instructables”. You must be a member of to enter, and you must be following Instructables’ Pinterest pages, located at All entries that will be considered to win must contain 10 pins or more and be named “My Favorite Instructables”. You must email a link to your Pinterest board to [] Winner Selection: All entries that follow the rules outlined here will be entered in a random drawing on or about April 16, 2013 from among all eligible entries received. Odds of winning will depend upon the total number of eligible entries received. Prizes and Approximate Retail Values: One (1) winner will receive a fourth generation iPod Touch, white, 16GB and an Instructables prize pack including a robot t-shirt. (value: $225 US) Five (5) Runner Up winners will receive an Instructables prize pack including a robot t-shirt. (value - $25 US) Potential winners will be notified by email on or about April 17, 2013 and must respond to the prize form with contact information within 48 hours from notification or an alternate potential winner will be selected.  ENTRIES: Limit (1) one entry per person for Instructables’ Pin It To Win It! Sweepstakes (referred to as the “Promotion”).  Entries using macro, robotic, script or other forms of automatic entry will be disqualified. Proof of submission does not constitute proof of receipt.

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What is my bottleneck? Answered

I just recently built a new gaming machine, and have been running into a bottleneck issue. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.  My Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate MSI GD-55 Z-77a Motherboard Intel i5 3570k OC 4.2 Ghz Radeon HD 5770 x2 (Crossfire) 16Gb (4x4) Corsaire 1600Mhz RAM 1 Tb 7200rpm Western Digital HDD 850w Coolermaster PSU I have downloaded the most recent AMD drivers and Crosssfire Profiles. The problem I am having, is that I almost never see anything in my computer running at max while gaming. I will usually have my GPUs running at around 60-70%, and none of my CPU cores running higher than 50-60%.  The first thing that came to my mind was temperature. However my CPU never gets hotter than 65c, and my GPUs never hotter than 80c.  The other thing that I thought of was a possible lack of power. But 850w is at least 40% more than recommended for my system specs. To test this, I did a CPU benchmark, and a GPU benchmark at the same time, both hit 100% usage, and my computer did not lose power. (nor did anything get too hot) After ruling Temperature and power out, I thought maybe it was my RAM. However, I have read multiple places that it is nearly impossible for any game to max out quad channel memory bandwidth. I have more than enough of better-than-average RAM, storage isn't the issue. So I doubt its my RAM. But I am no expert. I then ran "Windows Resource monitor" to watch my HDD Disk usage. While gaming, nothing transferred more than a couple Mb/S. The specific specs of my HDD include a 64MB Cache, and a  6.0Gb/s Data transfer rate. My Motherboard also supports 6Gb/s Transfer rates. So I doubt its my HDD. I know my GPUs are 2 generations old, but if they were the bottleneck they would be running at 100% (or at least higher than 80%) Now I don't know what to think, except that its maybe software related. But I cannot think of anything specific that would do this sort of thing. Any suggestions?  

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computer RAM upgrade stupid questions?

Well as it turns out, 8GB of RAM with Chrome and Kdenlive video editing software open at the same time causes Ubuntu to max out the RAM on my machine, and the machine will start to become very sluggish, eventually freezing for several minutes at a time with a high chance of never unfreezing. This used to be a very common issue that would occur with only google chrome open, due to a memory leak with my Gmail tabs. If I catch this sluggishness and eventually full system hang early enough, I can recover from it by entering CLI mode on ubuntu (alt+F1) and killing "chrome." After researching this problem a bit more, I created a swap file, since I do not have a SWAP partition, this helped delay the eventual unrecoverable system hang, but did not entirely fix the issue. I also tried different "swappiness" values, and also learned about this command "sudo sysctl -w vm.min_free_kbytes=400000" which supposedly forces a set amount of space to be unused in ubuntu. Looking at the system monitor this appears to do what it says, preventing a >95% RAM use, forcing swap to be used instead, and this was initially promising as it seemed to reduce the full system hangs, but created more small bugs, like freezing and stuttering wildly with buffered youtube videos, or playback in Kdenlive. A reboot seemed to have fixed that issue, but I'm not sure if those settings stuck around. ANYWAY; I guess there is no denying it, I simply do not have the RAM necessary for my workload anymore. I DO use intel HD integrated graphics, which uses the system RAM for graphics processing, so I wonder, will faster RAM allow slightly better graphics performance? My understanding is that GDDR is optimized for sheer bandwidth, not latency, while system DDRx RAM is optimized for latency. Does this mean my system will benefit more from high clock rate and high latency setting on a given RAM set, or is low clock and low latency RAM better? Most "gaming" orented builders seem to say RAM is not important other than esthetics and reliability. Also, is there a difference between buffered and unbuffered RAM?  Currently, the specs for my RAM are: Geil EVO Veloce GEV38GB1600C9DC 4GBx2 This RAM I got for "free" with my motherboard, and it seems to work with the following settings in the BIOS: . . .1600MHz @ 9-9-9-28 timings, 1.5V . . .1333MHz @ 9-9-9-24 timings, 1.5V . . .1800MHz @ 11-12-11-33 timings, 1.65V These are the fastest possible settings that will boot. Note, I was not too happy with the 1800MHz overclock, especially considering my computer was acting strange and crashed during an update, corrupting Ubuntu. I was able to repair the installation of some corrupted packages halfway installed. It did not seem to make any difference in some games on ubuntu, which is how I tested stability/speed. I have also had issues where while the BIOS system check passes, ubuntu puck errors all over me when I clocked at 1600MHz @ 9-9-9-24, even at 1.65V. There is really no overclocking this currently overpriced and mediocre RAM to any degree. The three settings above were the best settings I could get. The RAM I am currently looking at getting is:;=UTF8&qid;=1452056996&sr;=1-1&keywords;=BLS2K4G3D169DS1J It is the most affordable, and states that it is 4GBx2 of 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 RAM. I think I can underclock it to match the speed of the rest of my RAM and I think it should work well alongside. What do you guys think? I do not want to have to buy the $67 16GB if I can help it.

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