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I have a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder I am about to buy with engine problems?

The guy I am about to buy the truck off of says one day he drove it somewhere and when he went to leave it would not start. He had it looked at and the guy said that the motor is not getting enough compression to start. Does anyone know what that might be? Also does anyone know around what I should pay for it?

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What is needed to install a light on a 1997 xr80r honda?

... A.C. regulator I believe? Thanks!

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Valve cover replacement on a 1997 Nissan Maxima. Can some post some photos of this procedure?

I have a 1997 Nissan Maxima with a valve cover leek. I have purchased the replacement gaskets for the job, however, I have never done a job like this. Looking for some photos to help me out with this task... can someone help me out in that department...?

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should i paint my 1997 chevy cavalier by myself?

I have a 1997 chevy cavalier. it is my first car and the clear coat is chipping off causing the paint to fade. i want to re do the paint another color but i dont want to break the bank with a professional job. I want to do a paint job at home. Do you guys think i should do it? Keep in mind the car is only supposed to last a few years at the most so i dont need a 20-30 year paint job just a few years.

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2002 Honda Odyssey power door mechanism in 1997 Chrysler Town&Country?

There's this 2002 Odyssey that's broken down, and once it's fixed, it'll face life as a work van. However, once it's fixed, then the power doors will be disconnected. However, I want to save those power doors for a 1997 T&C but i want to know how to install it to work like they did on the Honda. There's similar Chryslers that have power doors but since power doors didn't show up till late 1998 then those ones are aftermarket OR from other vans. HOW TO DO THIS INSTALLATION?

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02 sensor bank 2 where is it? ?

I need the location of bank 2 for an 02 sensor on a 1997 dodge intrepid 3.3 engine

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Timing chain cover

I have a 97 dodge dakota and I need a new timing chain cover. On-line purchases are out of the question because I'm short on time and cash. I will be going to pick n pull to get a replacement but they currently only have years 91, 92, 93, 95, and 99. My question is this, how do i find out how similar any of these other covers are, short of driving all the way to the yard and inspecting each one. does anyone know off hand how interchangeable this piece is?

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Help me diagnose a check engine light for a patch and my eternal esteem! Answered

Check Engine Light/ Catalytic Converter: A while ago my 97 V6 XLE Camry's check engine light went on and the guys at the dealership who ripped me off to diagnose it ($100) explained that it was a bad catcon. I replaced the part (with much sweat blood and tears) and it solved the problem (light went off) and the vehicle passed emissions testing. Whohoo! Only now the light is back on and I am not savvy enough to just figure it out and not rich enough to buy the diagnostic testing device or to take it back to the dealer. Anyone know of a good way to diagnose for cheap?! 

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Subaru legacy outback 1997 no compression? EJ25 DOHC Rebuilt heads/piston rings/gaskets/seals/timing Answered

I toasted my Subaru about a year ago and just now am able to work on it. Had the heads rebuilt, piston rings,gaskets and seals...I do a compression check and zero on all 4. What else could it be? The lifters? I'm really at a loss and trying to fix it. Been contemplating getting an actual mechanic to come out and look it over, but I would rather try everything I can first. Anything at all to point me in a new direction would be awesome. Thanks

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perpetual energy

I conceived an idea during my physics class in 1997 that having a perpetual energy is possible. i am currently working on it with the little funds i have which will take some time to complete and try it

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Truck Conversion Help Plz

A friend of mine, is considering converting his 1997 Ford Ranger to electric, but is a virgin to converting vehicles, but is a knowledgeable farm kid. The truck is a 2.3/4 cylinder, 5 speed, shortbed with a regular cab. Any ideas/help? Relevant links are welcome.

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how do I troubleshoot the idle on my 97 cr 250?

My two stroke honda 250 cc 1997 dirtbike is having trouble idling without me giving it constant throttle.  What are some of the things I could do to perhaps fix this problem?

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What is the best way to clean or wash the screen on a rear projection television.

The screen on my Toshiba model TP50G50 television made in 1997 needs to be cleaned. There are some streaks and stains on the screen and my attempts at cleaning it in spots seems to make it worse. Are there any specific cleaning products available that I can use to clean the screen?

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Wanted: info book

I have 2 1997 NEC XG1101C auditorium projectors. I haven't the faintest idea where to begin and an owner's manual would probably be a good start. Except I have not found any resources online and the company has never heard of this particular projector. If anyone can help me find something to help me use these gigantic paperweights for home theater, I would be enormously grateful.

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What can I do with 90 useless old cell phones?

Hi! I have a lot of old cell phones (Around 90 telephones, years 1997 to 2003) that a cousin give to me, because he has a repair store and people never go to pick them up. What ideas you have for those old cell phones. They are absolutely deads, no working, mostly, without battery. They are mostly NOKIA: 5120, 6120, 8XXX.... anyone has ideas? Maybe a Publicity Logo made out of parts?

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Kirlian Aura Kamera For Sale - Aura Photography!

WOW!  This is an original working 1997 Kirlian Aura Kamera by Triune-Being Research Org out of Canada.  It uses high voltage to generate an aura on a photo plate which transfers the image to Polaroid film.  Everything works...I have the instruction manual and both parts - the generator and photo box. Specs: 10KV to 50KV, 500 KHz adjustable generator Photo Plate with black sleeve and Polaroid Housing for Type 889, Polacolor 100 or 100 Pro Film $60 or Best Offer - over 21 only, I prefer local pick-up in Oakland, CA.  The unit used to be used at events and with current (no pun intended) insurance rules this device is not appropriate any longer and has been replaced by digital photography.

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How to synchronize the brightness of a grille-mounted neon tube/LED bar to a car's tach/speedo?

I have a 1997 BMW 328i, and I've been thinking about installing either a neon tube or a bar of LED's in the grille of the car to use at night (most likely not street legal, I know). I want the brightness of the tube/bar to be controlled by one of two things: The speedometer or the tachometer. I.e., if the speedometer is at 0 MPH, the light is off, and if the speedo is at 75 MPH, the light is fully on. Same thing with the tach, light off at 0 RPM, light fully on at redline. Unfortunately, I haven't the slightest idea how to use the car's computer or the gauges themselves to set up a control module for the light. If any of you has a good amount of knowledge about automotive gauges, I would appreciate your help!

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Watch engineers build a Mars rover!

This is super-cool. NASA's JPL has set up live streaming video from inside the clean room where they're building the Curiosity rover, formerly known as the Mars Science Laboratory. Work is from 8am-11pm PDT Monday through Friday. I found this on Saturday morning and I've been waiting all weekend for those slacker engineers to get to work so this would be worth posting. Some comparison: The old Sojourner rover from 1997 was the size of a largeish R/C car. The Mars Exploration Rovers from 2004 that are still running (!) are the size of golf carts. This thing's the size of a Mini Cooper, and has a proportionally larger load of sciencey stuff packed on. Instructables doesn't allow you to embed Ustream into Forum topics, so you'll have to go to Ustream to watch: Via Bad Astronomy Blog, image from MSL website

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ISEE-3 Is Alive!

As reported in Science Magazine online today: A group of citizen scientists has commandeered a NASA spacecraft that was launched in 1978 and had gone unused since 1997. Today the group made first contact with the International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3) when the spacecraft acknowledged receiving a signal from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, says Keith Cowing, co-director of the ISEE-3 Reboot Project, a group of about 20 volunteer space buffs. “We knew we could do this—it’s a vindication,” he says. “It’s sort of like reaching back in time to grab something that otherwise would have been lost.” Making contact isn't all the group plans to do. Next month, they plan to instigate a burn with the remaining fuel and move the spacecraft into a new orbit. The group is doing this with no direct funding from NASA:  they raised nearly $160k needed for for software development, access to NASA archives, and Arecibo and other telescope time via the RocketHub crowdfunding site.

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Saul Griffith awarded a MacArthur grant!

Saul Griffith from Squid Labs, Howtoons, Instructables, and other cool companies has been awarded the MacArthur "genius" grant. He gets $500k because he's so genius-y and it couldn't be going to a better guy. Saul Griffith is an inventor whose innovations span industrial design, technology, and science education. Through a variety of endeavors at MIT and as a principal in Squid Labs, Griffith demonstrates his boundless energy for inventing across diverse disciplines in the global public interest. While still a graduate student at MIT, he designed a unique membrane-based molding system that can produce a variety of common lenses from a single pair of flexible molding surfaces. This prototype has the potential to change the economics of corrective lenses in rural and underserved communities around the world and continues to be a major focus of research and development energy at Squid Labs. At MIT, Griffith co-founded, a web community that has produced socially conscious engineering solutions, such as novel household water-treatment systems. is the forerunner of, a remarkable do-it-yourself website driven by user contributions. He is also a creative force behind HowToons, an animated educational resource designed to engage children in hands-on science and engineering projects. Through the spin-off company Potenco, Griffith initiated the project design for a hand-held human-powered generator, which has the potential significantly to improve access to electronic devices such as laptops and water purifiers throughout the world. Though still quite young, he holds several patents in optics, textiles, and nanotechnology. In these engineering ventures as well as others yet to be imagined, Griffith is a prodigy of invention in service of the world community. Saul Griffith received a B.MET.E. (1997) from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, an M.E. (2000) from the University of Sydney, and an M.S. (2001) and Ph.D. (2004) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a co-founding partner of Squid Labs and serves as a technical advisor at Potenco in Alameda, California. full story

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The Haney Group: Wall Street exposés (test) - une arnaque ?

Source New York, NY--Tumulte (SBWIRE)--14/06/2013--étant un ancien courtier en valeurs mobilières et les ex-hedge fund manager, DWN News m'a demandé de revoir le "Wall Street exposés" - un système qui a été à l'origine parmi les banquiers et les courtiers. Au départ, je pensais que ce serait une perte de temps, comme instinctivement j'ai senti que c'était juste une autre arnaque. Pourtant, lorsque j'ai commencé à entendre parler de la colère et la frustration qu'il causait mon courtier amis, je me sentais il pourrait y avoir plus de ce système... et voilà : mon accédera wall street exposés examen. J'ai contacté les gars derrière Wall Street exposés, et ils ont eu la gentillesse assez de m'accorder un accès libre, même si je l'ai fait clairement que je rendrais compte de mes constatations exactement comme elles sont vraiment. Donc ce qu'exactement que j'ai trouvé ? Réponse courte - exposés de Wall Street est un guide étape par étape pour gagner de l'argent avec les stocks, conçu avec le débutant à l'esprit. Toutefois, il n'est pas votre information de style habituel manuels scolaires. Loin de là ! En fait, ce que ce système est sujet, utilise les trous de boucle dans le système de stock afin de garantir les profits ; trous de boucle qui, pendant des années, ont été utilisés par les banquiers et autres initiés. Join Us Vous voyez, le marché boursier est une entreprise très particulier. Nous nous souvenons tous du krach boursier de 2008. Cependant, contrairement à ce que la plupart des gens pensent, ce n'était pas le seul krach boursier, ni il n'était pas prévu. Il y avait d'autres accidents de marché en 2000, 1997, 1989, 1987, 1973, 1937 et 1929, le déclenchement de cette dernière la grande dépression. Et bien que le marché boursier peut sembler imprévisible, quand une analyse historique tendances, il est clairement vu que le marché passe par la répétition de perche-et-bustes. Prix augmente rapidement et puis crash, et le cycle se répète... Après le krach de 2008, les stocks se sont maintenant rétablis et le marché est entré dans la phase de boom. En fait, en 2013 nombreux stocks ont atteint un niveau record. Banquiers et autres dans le biz savent c'est maintenant le moment d'investir massivement et dès que les stocks de plateau, vendent de tout, évitant donc le buste qui va suivre et de réaliser un bénéfice énorme dans le processus. C'est comment les banquiers font des millions chaque année, mais la personne qui n'a aucuns perte d'indice sur les stocks. Et c'est précisément ce que Wall Street exposés est tout au sujet - faire cette connaissance initié disponible aux personnes qui n'auraient aucune idée ce qui se passe réellement sur le marché boursier. More Info About The Haney Group Depuis que je suis déjà très bien renseigné sur les stocks, j'ai eu mon ami Michael (qui n'a aucune expérience dans les stocks) essayer Wall Street exposés pendant 10 jours - sans aucune aide de moi que ce soit. Je voulais voir si le système était vraiment assez pour quelqu'un avec zéro connaissance sur le sujet. Michael a utilisé le système d'investir 100 $ sur le marché boursier et utilisé des exposés de Wall Street de se pour déplacer de l'argent. Dix jours plus tard, la valeur de son investissement atteignait $206 ! Inutile de dire que c'est très impressionnant, surtout si l'on considère que la valeur était toujours en cours vers le haut et qu'il vaudra beaucoup plus dans les prochains jours. Je suis très impressionné par ce système et peut honnêtement dire que wall street exposés n'est aucune arnaque ! J'ai fortement recommander à tous ceux qui veulent s'impliquer dans le marché boursier, mais n'a aucune idée par où commencer. J'ai parlé avec les créateurs de Wall Street exposés et ils m'ont dit qu'ils offriront leur système gratuitement pendant 90 jours complets à mes amis : utilisez ce lien pour faire usage de cette offre exceptionnelle. Ils m'ont aussi dit qu'ils seraient très heureux de vous appeler gratuitement pour vous aider à faire votre premier $500-1000 ! Lien vers l'offre spéciale. Related Article: HK tax revenue hits new record

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Writing biography?

Написание биографии. Для начала нужно определиться с тем, что или кого будете описывать. На пример - это будет Сальма Хайек. Начнем с подбора фотографий в интернете, которые нам понравятся. После этого начинаем сбор информации и о том где родилась актриса. Кто ее родители, а так же описываем ее детство. Юность. Потом обьясняем читателям из за чего она решила стать актером. Далее описываем начало карьеры. Так же указываем все неудачи. После этого как она поднялась на пьедестал. Описывать личную жизнь нужно осторожно и подбирать хороший сайт на котором есть правильная информация. Детей не забудьте указать, если конечно они есть. Разводы тоже можно указать. Заканчиваем биографию всякими фактами. Пример: Сальма говорит на английском, испанском, арабском и португальском языках. Сальма страдает дислексией. Она одна из двух мексиканских актрис, которые номинировались на премию «ÐžÑÐºÐ°Ñ€». Вторая — Кэти Хурадо в 1954 году. Вместе с группой Los Vega записала песню La Bruja, вошедшую в саундтрек фильма «Ð¤Ñ€Ð¸Ð´Ð°». Также записала песню Siente mi amor из саундтрека к фильму «ÐžÐ´Ð½Ð°Ð¶Ð´Ñ‹ в Мексике». Отказалась от роли в фильме «ÐœÐ°ÑÐºÐ° Зорро» после того, как Роберт Родригес оставил проект в качестве режиссёра. В итоге роль исполнила Кэтрин Зета-Джонс. 11 декабря 2005 года в Осло вместе с Джулианной Мур вела ежегодный концерт по случаю вручения Нобелевской премии мира. Её отец ливано-иорданский управляющий нефтяной компании; а мать, Диана Хименес — мексиканская певица. Её отец, Сами Хайек Домингес, баллатировался в мэры Коатсакоалсоса в 1997. Подробный пример вы можете посотркть на этом сайте 

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