I have a project due for my microprocesor's class. The project I am doing needs a AUBTM-20, a serial converter. I am not able to find one, or at least a good replacement. I'm still kinda new at this and would really appreciate the help!    Thanks!!

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As of 19:51 GMT, there are 19004 forum topics. I'm just thinking, who will post the 20,000th one, and will they be rewarded?

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Quick connect gas natural gas line

I need someone to show me how to make a gas line with a quick connect to the natural gas extension on my deck (comes out from under the crawlspace) to my BBQ. A ready made one is muy expensive!  Thanks!

Topic by geppetto425   |  last reply

Roland MDX 20

Hi, Could somebody help me making a 3D project with the Roland MDX 20. I have the roland but it doesn't work like how it should be. I want a tutorial.  

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20% Discount to is offering a 20% discount to Instructables authors through August 1st. Just enter code "instructablescontest22014" at check out. Feel free to buy some materials and enter the Outdoor Survival Contest!!!!

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20% Discount to Freetronics

Freetronics is offering a 20% discount to Instructables authors through May 5. Just enter code "INSTRUCTABLES" at check out. Feel free to buy some materials and enter the Arduino Contest!!!!

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In JUST 20 minutes.....

In just under 20 minutes I will be leaving my home to take my wife to her niece's wedding. For her, there are mixed feelings, the niece is a bit young, but there is also joy in that it may work (do I sound pessimistic? :-) . For me, I enjoy the reception, free food (sigh, I am just soooo shallow, ain't I? ). I do not consider it fun to put on a suit and tie in 99 o F weather with nearly 100% humidity out there.....oh well. I am being summoned, I must depart...for now....

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20$ for Arduino sketch

I will pay 20$ for Arduino sketch. please if you can do; reply here and I will send the flowchart. Flowchart steps: Arduino has one PIR sensor input. when sensor detects a surface at distance 25 cm or closer; it triggers 2 DC motors and 3 servo motors to move randomly. the 3 servos move back or forth at range 0- 60 degrees. Direction is random and amount of movement is also random. but speed is fixed 20 degrees per second. the 3 servos should move same time but independently. the 2 DC motors move forward only for 250ms at full speed. but the interval between on move and another is random between 1-3 seconds. they both independent from each other. you are free to choose which pins you use for input/output. use arduino Nano. Thanks for reading

Topic by goldenshuttle 

Sous Vide for $20

Sous vide is a cool way of cooking foods at low temperatures for a long time that makes the flavors more intense as a result. Even the cheapest setup for this is about $150 if you already have a rice cooker or crock pot lying around. Serious Eats has explored this territory before with success and now has a method for doing this with nothing but a simple beer cooler and some ziploc bags. To do it you need to fill up your cooler with water a couple degrees higher than your target temperature. Then just drop in ziploc bags with your meat inside. Wait an hour or two and voila! Cheap sous vide. This method only works for a couple hours so it won't help you cook your ribs for 48 hours, but but does give you an introduction to the technique and help you decide if you want to go for the full setup. Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World's Best (and Cheapest) Sous-Vide Hack  via kottke

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What to do with a 20 MB 10LBS brick

Hey guys. I was treasure hunting at the Recycle Reuse the other day and I found something interesting. It's a 20MB external harddrive that weighs ~10LBS. It's ridiculous, and it's formatted to be used with a //portable computer//! Crazy, you'll need a backpack for this thing. Anyway, I bought it (2$) to take apart and see why so much space was needed. It probably works, seeing as how it is still in its original wrapping. But does anyone have any ideas about what to do with this thing before I destroy it? Maybe it's more valuable intact, maybe you know what parts are neat in it. What should I do with this monster? -BG

Topic by lamedust   |  last reply

best way to shoot a hat with 20 guage shotgun

What is the best way to shoot a hat with a remington 870 express magnum 20 gauge shotgun? when i did it it put a giant hole in the hat and i wanted the little bb's to hit it not explode. btw the shotgun is youth model with shoulder pad to make it adult size ...(ps i also have a .410 but im very bad at it >.<)

Topic by GASSYPOOTS   |  last reply

Mirror with 20 light bulbs

I am making a standing mirror with 20 light bulbs along the frame. Can somebody give me advice on how to wire it properly. What voltage should I use for sockets/bulbs? PS I live in Canada. 

Topic by Svet LanaN   |  last reply

Fuzzy 20-sided dice

Fuzzy d20'sSo I bought a set of these about a week ago. I love them.But....They happen to be almost totally round, any ideas to make the triangles stick out a bit? Some way of giving it sharper corners and edges?Thanks!

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$20 Gift Certificate to Inventables!

Instructables is teaming up with Inventables to run a Digital Fabrication Contest. The coolest part of this contest is that Inventables is also offering a $20 gift certificate to anyone who enters an Instructable in this contest. Eligible entries document how to make anything that involves a laser cutter, a 3D printer, CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC plasma cutter, embroidery machine and more! If you turned a digital design into a physical object, we want to see how you did it. Have fun!

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PSP 3000 hack for firmware 6.20? Answered

Is ther any way possible to hack a psp 3000 with firmware version 6.20. Using any thing like magic memory stick,pandora battery,ect...

Question by shawntherobot   |  last reply

Great PS2 games under $20

Any ideas guy's?

Topic by allureoftheearth   |  last reply

20 watt PA amp transformers.

Today I bought a 20 watt PA amp at a garage sale for 5$, and there were 2 big transformers in there. Any ideas of what I could make?

Topic by mrbubl3s   |  last reply

Knex AR-20 Prototype IV

Hello fellow knexers and mates =D I present the AR-20 Prototype IV =D Look through the pics and you will notice something not normal about this gun compared to my others... If you noticed what it was, kudos to Jollex.  Sadly this gun jams up a lot; well fails to feed the next shot. And YES this holds 20 shot XD Here are instructions for it: AR-20 Prototype IV (how to build)

Topic by beanieostrich   |  last reply

Streaming a video with a 20 minute delay?

I'm working on a project where I'd like to continuously record video from a camera and play it back on a projector, but the playback should have a 20 minute delay from the recording. Any thoughts on which tools to use? I'm considering writing something in OpenGL to take video input and play it back, but I suspect there may be an easier way. Thanks!

Topic by kynite   |  last reply

hp/lb ratio 20:1

Is this not a most elegant powerplant?, please.

Topic by unclejoe   |  last reply

12v 20-30a power supply

Good day yall, i want to make a simple power supply to power up car amplifier, i have a transformer the trans former and is working with the kbu 606 diode, what type of regulator would be best to use and how much would i need, and if you have a diagram of something simple that can be adjusted then that would be great, thank yow

Topic by WIZZIEDEE   |  last reply

Wiring DPDT 20 Amp Switch

I am in the process of building a MAP Sensor for my vechicle using a 20 Amp DPDT switch with an 100k Potentiometer. I want to use one side for going back to the origianl and the other side for the modification. I also want to have a green light showing when it is in the original condition and a re (warning) light for when it is in the modification mode. Can I do this? If so How about showing me how to do so. I have attached a picture of what I am trying to do. The toggle switch has 6 blades and I don't understand the schesmatic in hooking it up. I am attempting to make two into one. the upper switch is to control the Potentiometer on the left with the green and red lights above it. The bottom switch is to control the one on the right. When both switches are in the original circuit, both gree light should light up. When they are in modifying mode both red lights should light up. Hope you understqnd wht I am trying to say here.

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Help with Company Name

I have a Pic searched what i could any one know its an LCD 20 pin cant find pinouts

Question by MACKattacksnipe   |  last reply

How to make a voltage multiplier?

I need to make a voltage multiplier that is cheap and easy to make and can get up to 20 times the input voltage(12 volts).  Its for an electric car design.  Can anyone help?

Question by Kalrag   |  last reply

Is this fair? Answered

I had bought a pair of trainers the other day, not realising that  they were two different trainers. When I went back to the shop only wearing the trainers for a day, they said that I couldn't get a full refund because they were 'worn out'. Is this really fair, the store was sports direct and the trainers were £20. The member of staff even said that it was alright to wear two different trainers! That was just to be cheap.... Is this really fair? I have lodged a complaint so hopefully I should get some satisfactory conclusion.

Question by knektek   |  last reply

Tripping a 20A breaker

Hello. I need help with charging a capacitor bank I have. It consists of 10 capacitors: 4 4700uf capacitors and 6 6800uf capacitors. All are wired in parallel. I have been charging them with 110AC rectified to DC. The only problem is that whenever I flip the switch to start charging, it trips our shop's 20A breaker and you have to flip it back to start charging again. It trips our breaker every time and dims the lights making my dad angry. So I need some tips on what wattage resistor i need to use to keep from tripping the breaker. I experimented with a 10W resistor and that was way too much resistance. I am not allowed to experiment anymore until someone credible can tell me what to do. Thanks for your help.

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is there a limit to steps? i have about 20.? Answered

Im making an instructable. i need to add probably 20 steps. i have a pic for each

Question by tinman132   |  last reply

Whos top 5/10/20 are you on?

Whos top 5 / 10 / 20 are you on? As  far as I know, I am on these people's top 5/10/20: DJ Radio Killer~Safecracker Mikstr2 Thats all that I know of atm, so whos are you on?

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Nearly 20 inch long paper airplane!!!

I have just perfected a paper airplane that is 19 1/8 inches long, and it FLIES!!! It's name is the Albatross g1. Pics and vids attached.

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For Sale Silkscreen 10*14 inside 1 Black and 1 White ink bottles 8 fluid oz Photo Emulsion, Screen Filler, and Drawing Fluid 4 fluid oz Squeegee All this for US$20 plus shipping

Topic by fire_drakon117 

A strobe light using 15-20 LED's?

Well one of my friends goes to raves so i said i can make him a better rave glove for cheaper. They go for about $100. So my problem is that its not powering all 15 LEDs. BTW they have to a variable strobe. Thanks

Question by maddhadder44   |  last reply

The Vintage Contest is starting Monday, 5/20!

Since this is a speed contest we wanted to give you guys as much notice as possible. The Vintage Contest will be open 5/20 - 5/27 and it's open to anything vintage! Whether you're making new objects look old or using vintage materials for your projects, we can't wait to see what you make! We worked with Crosley Radio for this contest, and they're supplying us with a record player and pairs of vintage styled headphones for the winners. :D Check out the contest page to find out more about the prizes!

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Best Answers Count For 2011-08-20

90 Iblers checked: 11010010110 34 acidbass 38 alex-sharetskiy 44 AndyGadget 149 AngryRedhead 40 artificialintelligence 4 15 blkhawk 13 Burf 220 caitlinsdad 26 CameronSS 20 canida 12 caarntedd 41 ChrysN 45 cyberpageman 22 diyoutdoorsman 13 DJ Radio 68 dombeef 3 Dr. Pepper 23 ewilhelm 11 Flannel UK 11 frollard 413 fwjs28 16 gmjhowe 6 gmoon 48 Goodhart 14 Gorfram 52 Grathio 53 Hiyadudez 15 iceng 67 iPodGuy 17 Jack A Lopez 137 JamesRPatrick 11 Jayefuu 60 jeff-o 103 Joe Martin 41 jtobako 64 karnuvap 22 kcls 12 kelseymh 303 -- kelseymh has passed a milestone! -- kevinhannan 16 Killer~SafeCracker 40 killerjackalope 28 Kiteman 256 Koosie 9 Kryptonite 12 lemonie 529 Lithium Rain 13 lizzyastro 5 LoneWolf 7 M4industries 11 MahavishnuMan 54 MegaMetal8 2 MichelMoermans 24 mikeasaurus 71 Mr. Stealth 20 NachoMahma 178 nfk11 2 nickodemus 19 NobodyInParticular 59 Nutrition Man 11 orksecurity 471 outofyurworld 3 patriots8888 9 plane phanatic 9 Prfesser 30 purduecer 11 randofo 26 RavingMadStudios 127 Re-design 639 RelaxedSoup 17 rickharris 180 seandogue 242 Shadowman39 22 siliconghost 29 Sorunome 5 Steveastrouk 578 The+Ideanator 23 TitanTechRobotics 4 uniqueutopia 20 username252 2 UziMonkey 34 Willard2.0 9 wrivera6 13 yokozuna 96 Zengineer1618 13 zero.gx 90 Zero BAs (soon to be deleted): ehudwill 0 GuardianFox 0 knuckel 0 Added to list recently: knexinventer vishalapar Vyger Credits: Best Answers Monitor v1.00.04 (2011-04-25) by NachoMahma (Original Perl script by Jayefuu) (Regex help provided by kelseymh) Patches and other graphics by caitlinsdad

Topic by NachoMahma 

20 alternative uses for a Maxi-Pad - w/Video!

A flight attendant came up with 20 alternative uses for a Maxi Pad, then made a video to illustrate.Some of the uses are quite brilliant.

Topic by SFHandyman 

What can I do with 20 plastic bottles?

This summer was especially hot and I ended up with about 20 or so plastic bottles. I want to use them for something useful around the house like maybe a chandelier or a lamp shade but am looking for other more interesting/creative uses for them. Any ideas or suggestions ? These are green half litre plastic bottles, the king that aerated drinks come in (see picture).

Question by Mojo_JoJo   |  last reply

Magnet Sculpture Kit - 20% Discount for Instructables Community

We've worked out a deal with the fine people at the Maker Shed for you to receive a 20% discount on the Magnet Sculpture Kit until December 19. We'll be sharing this deal in the upcoming newsletter, but you can get it now. After ordering, use this coupon code: MAGNETICSee the Instructable here: Make a Magnet SculptureMagnetic Sculpture kit from Collin Cunningham on Vimeo.

Topic by ewilhelm 

Best sub $20 in ear headphones with GREAT bass? Answered

Looking for some headphones to replace my Skullcandy buds that broke... I want something with great bass- something that really punches. Preferably with inline volume control- I am using an ipod touch (really love the volume control). I have a pretty small budget, around $20 is my goal, but as I am not an audiophile, they don't need to be perfect :) Just in ear headphones with great bass.

Question by astroboy907   |  last reply

20 part modular 3D-printed Gothic cathedral

Here's yet another reason why I intend to make time to build my own 3d printer once I've finished university. Thingiverse member Skimbal has designed and printed this 20 piece modular Gothic cathedral. It just fits in the print area of his 3d printer and can be arranged in lots of different ways to build unique cathedrals. While not particuarly useful it sure is impressive and if I were 10 or 15 years younger, a lot of fun to play with! Will be time to start thinking of what I want to print soon! Yayy! (found via BoingBoing)

Topic by Jayefuu   |  last reply

top 10 coolest things to make for under $20?

Title says it all really im on holidays and have a bit of extra time on my hands so i thought i might make some stuff im not looking for anything massive just some simple stuff that will impress my friends :) stuff like a disposable camera taser (ive recently made one)

Question by pete54321   |  last reply

Airbrush compressor TC-20, how many watts???

Hi guys, i recently bought a mini compressor for cake decorating. Its a "ABD TC-20" and i bought it at TCPglobal. Problem is, i dont know how many Watts it uses! You see, i bought it as a pressent for my wife. "Nice? Yes!" "Bought with my nose and not my brain? Yes! Im living in Holland, and our network works on 220volt at 50Hz. The compressor i bought works on american standerd, 110volt at 60hz. So i need a converter to make the machine work without frying its circuits... If i buy a converter specificaly for this machine, it has to have the right amount of Watts. i know, i can buy a converter that handles Watts in the range of 1000Watts, cuzz more watts on a converter is better, but than i'd have to buy one thats quite expensive. Because if the compressor only uses, lets say, 50 watts, i could buy one that has a max of about 100 / 150 for a waaaay lesser price than the one thats more powerfull. It would be 50EU for the smaller converter against 200EU or more for the bigger one. So, if you happen to know something on this subject, i would be more than happy with any info you've got ;-) greets! P.S. At the moment i wrote this, the package is stil on its way from america to my house. So i dont have a box or machine sticker to sneak the info i need from...

Topic by AriedeB   |  last reply

Automatic charger for 12 volt batteries in series of 20.

Hi, i want to join 12 volt batteries in series to produce 240 volts.Now the problem is automatic charging kit to avoid overcharging issues.I can arrange transformer for the kit but i dont know ho to made or design circuit for this purpose.I search on the internet but the chargers available are of maximum 48 volts and i dont want to join them in series.I want single unit.Kindly send me the solution to make that automatic kit.

Question by hasham awan   |  last reply

11/20/10 Nominating Instructables to be "Featured" Group

Hello again! I haven't been able to get on instructables lately so I haven't been updating. Good news: I'm back for now. I'm looking for new members so please join! There were so many good instructables to choose from this time but these are the ones that have been nominated: Food Pesto Bread by italiancooking Dutch Oven Thai Curry Noodles by 3leftturns Living Blokey Flowers from Electrical Tape for Valentine's Day by wisechicken Technology iPhone Stand by laxap How to make a Duck tape Laptop computer sleeve / cover by innvert Workshop Silence your spanner by Kiteman Some new updates are: Instead of leaving private messages in the nominated author's mailbox, I decided to leave comments. This will allow more people to see that the instructable they were viewing was actually nominated. New members that have just joined are: megametal8 knexman1999 k-n-e-x I'm looking forward to see what instructables will be nominated for next time.

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Total Views Count - 20/01/2011 - UPDATED!

Here's this week's total views count. As requested by a few members, all of the names of members are now links to their profiles so you can compare and subscribe to your favourite members more easily. Yay! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,161,996 4,188,378 26,382 fungus amungus 3,834,653 3,857,320 22,667 scoochmaroo 3,615,447 3,679,131 63,684 randofo 2,773,785 2,814,522 40,737 Honus 2,513,524 2,526,145 12,621 Kiteman 1,770,772 1,779,675 8,903 Plasmana 1,641,765 1,650,423 8,658 Tool Using Animal 1,594,537 1,601,446 6,909 T3h_Muffinator 1,086,285 1,091,134 4,849 zieak 1,042,266 1,047,210 4,944 killerjackalope 998,201 1,005,393 7,192 gmjhowe 982,225 988,621 6,396 drinkmorecoffee 919,482 929,476 9,994 Weissensteinburg 860,080 868,522 8,442 Creativeman 851,365 857,364 5,999 SaskView 845,603 849,275 3,672 lemonie 799,282 806,958 7,676 seamster 701,378 706,014 4,636 Brennn10 682,737 685,394 2,657 chr 622,118 651,945 29,827 mikey77 588,893 596,831 7,938 CameronSS   588,290 - jeff-o 546,106 550,142 4,036 PKM 530,654 533,132 2,478 laxap 483,278 486,422 3,144 mikeasaurus 442,923 445,215 2,292 belsey 411,442 418,129 6,687 aeray 408,894 414,403 5,509 depotdevoid 380,966 383,931 2,965 ModMischief 343,813 361,678 17,865 Jayefuu 354,518 356,596 2,078 scraptopower 324,968 332,816 7,848 Spl1nt3rC3ll 281,312 282,254 942 scooter76   256,935 - KentsOkay 246,842 247,620 778 AngryRedhead 239,391 245,302 5,911 nmcclana 239,135 241,366 2,231 Doctor What 220,867 222,001 1,134 starshipminivan 216,040 218,530 2,490 rimar2000 196,206 199,966 3,760 BrittLiv 176,371 197,698 21,327 dark sponge 180,981 182,108 1,127 Ninzerbean 169,824 171,415 1,591 comodore 157,584 158,331 747 bongodrummer   158,171 - Lithium Rain 153,355 154,810 1,455 yokozuna 147,602 149,158 1,556 Kaelessin 146,698 148,402 1,704 Hiyadudez 136,759 138,826 2,067 Lynne Bruning 134,699 135,457 758 Dr.Paj 134,359 135,348 989 Technochicken   135,143 - bertus52x11 128,890 130,186 1,296 The Jamalam 122,145 122,551 406 RavingMadStudios 107,171 108,599 1,428 I_am_Canadian   108,567 - thermoelectric 105,660 107,111 1,451 uniqueutopia 101,649 102,759 1,110 JamesRPatrick 95,640 96,547 907 Goodhart 92,918 93,533 615 DJ Radio 91,220 92,192 972 janw 88,480 89,229 749 jen7714 71,279 73,137 1,858 jen7714 71,279 73,137 1,858 MichelMoermans 64,427 65,151 724 Killer%7ESafeCracker 61,535 62,169 634 nelson8815 58,953 61,796 2,843 Re-design 54,553 54,908 355 iminthebathroom   53,997 - wizgirl 49,204 51,450 2,246 Shadowman39 49,472 50,427 955 TNEN 47,144 47,446 302 kelseymh 46,458 46,729 271 ynze 44,679 46,175 1,496 Sunkicked 45,079 45,359 280 42,586 42,849 263 The Ideanator 40,032 40,654 622 Berkin 39,195 39,581 386 mman1506 37,320 37,523 203 EmmettO 35,967 36,576 609 Biggsy 35,704 36,466 762 knuckel 34,444 34,939 495 artificialintelligence 31,235 31,988 753 nickodemus 29,150 29,513 363 TSC 27,545 28,112 567 Jimmy Proton 25,682 27,433 1,751 jwystup 26,326 27,041 715 KoffeeKommando 25,900 26,722 822 MotaBoi 25,940 26,224 284 cbm104 25,275 25,593 318 peguiono 24,510 24,697 187 kcls 23,523 24,179 656 m6233555m 24,082 24,168 86 lilyfrancis 23,386 24,086 700 Mr.Sanchez   22,375 - Knex_Gun_Builder 22,175 22,274 99 plane phanatic 21,201 21,428 227 Derin 20,918 21,134 216 CrayfishYAY 20,881 20,983 102 steveastrouk 20,270 20,502 232 possum888 19,449 19,690 241 Tom Buckey   17,999 - Tornado96 17,025 17,359 334 zascecs 16,964 17,027 63 floris2burn 13,990 14,214 224 knexsuperbuilderfreak   14,212 - Legofanatic 13,424 13,642 218 uberdum05 12,747 12,858 111 TabbyDeAnne   12,511 - qazwsx755 12,193 12,396 203 nutsandbolts_64 11,497 11,754 257 cdawisconsin 10,285 11,324 1,039 masterochicken 10,845 10,897 52 FrozenStar 10,703 10,891 188 NachoMahma 10,827 10,873 46 zurichko 8,976 9,928 952 acidbass 9,613 9,754 141 lizzyastro 8,528 8,743 215 Blue Mullet   8,166 - Sorunome 6,929 7,210 281 Kryptonite 6,849 6,918 69 cherishcherub 6,021 6,124 103 Dr Pepper 4,842 5,508 666 moocowdog 5,226 5,329 103 zero.gx 5,040 5,090 50 jamesdude 4,091 4,120 29 slithien 3,838 3,925 87 RNB 3,527 3,679 152 MegaMetal8 3,382 3,439 57 wareneutron 2,903 2,998 95 tbcross 2,824 2,924 100 mg0930mg 2,800 2,828 28 cj81499 2,515 2,529 14 solarblade90 2,396 2,474 78 Jag56 2,029 2,075 46 Nutrition Man   2,030 - shadon 1,246 1,291 45 Randomguy65 1,153 1,203 50 AwesomeSwordGuy 783 842 59 dombeef 803 823 20 LivStoleYourPie 365 427 62 Fr-Pa-Co 196 203 7 i like cheese 74 79 5

Topic by Jayefuu   |  last reply

is there a way i can chat easy and fast with a computer and a dsi?

Peferbaly cheap and i cant caht with the im thing on dsi cus hes 20 some miles away

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak   |  last reply

Powerisers/Jumping Stilts

Powerisers or Jumping Stilts.....They are a specially designed pair of shoes that you wear that have spring-kind-of-things on them. You can jump six feet high with them and run up to 20 mph! Pretty amazing! But my question is if anybody would know how to build them, or where to get them cheap, or what are the spring parts made of? Because the springs have to be under enormous pressure to withstand the bouncing. So if you know any material that would to the same trick please let me know.Here is a link: here

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays   |  last reply

Need recommendation for PCB manufacture 10-20 boards at a time.

I have some Eagle schematics i would like printed, drilled, screened. To sell in a kit. Only want about 10-20 at a time currently. Cheapest possible

Question by PuffMag1cDrag0n   |  last reply

old kodak bellows 6-20 iii converted to digital?

I have a late 1930's kodak junior 6-20 series iii and i think it would be neato-keeno to install a digital system in the film folder so i could take digital pictures with an antique camera

Question by tulekah   |  last reply