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20th Anniversary!

So for any of you wondering it's 20 years since K'nex was released...  ...and I've had it for 13 of those years (o_O)  To celebrate, K'nex are making a Remake of the Screaming Serpent, called 'Son of Serpent' this month. But at $999 it's pretty expensive.  To Celebrate, share your stories of any mishaps/interesting things you've done with this great Construction toy when you were younger! (not just Gunz)  Also: When did all of you get your first K'nex set?! And which one was it?  My First Set: 10 Model Box set (the one with the Surfer on it) Age: 5 Been hooked ever since, I still have the original Instructions!  Random Moment: Age 9, I made a 'Podcopter' as I liked to call it. I doughnut-shaped Helicopter with Gears to make the Props spin. 

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Favorite 20th Century Author

I'm not sure how many people out there enjoy reading but I sure do.  I'm also always curious as to what kind of books other people enjoy.  So I'm going to be you all what is your favorite 20th century author and book. This does not mean an author born in the 20th century, but rather one that has published a book in said century. If any of you are wondering what mine are then I'd say my favorite author is John Stienbeck, and my favorite book would be Brave New World By Aldous Huxley.

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Don't Panic ! Nothing earth shattering here.....

Yesterday was my 53rd trip around the sun as a functioning human entity.  I hope to make a few more trips before my expiration date however;  in the event that I misread that particular portion of my "owner's manual",  I would like to once again express my great appreciation to the Original Instructables Gang, and all those I have known over the last several years. I have grown VERY fond of many of you, I have learned a lot &  I hope I have taught something to someone (I like to give back for what I have gained). I hope you ALL have a grand holiday season coming up, whether you celebrate Turkey Day,  X-mas,  the winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, Brumalia, Kwanza, Yule (added after being reminded by Lemonie), or  Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. 

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Maker Faire The Netherlands: Oct. 20th!

Calling all Makers from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: On Oct. 20th, a Maker Faire will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands. Official website: Besides dozens of dutch Makers, a number of Instructable members will be showing off their work and host workshops: Masynmachien, Allarrrd and Ynze, and we'll be plugging as well (we got a bag of give-away goodies from Instructables HQ!) This will be the second edition of the Maker Faire in Groningen. Last year's edition was a huge success: If you'd like to visit, please leave a comment ;-) Hope to meet you in Groningen, NL on Oct. 20th.

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Power Tool Drag Races - Columbus Ohio June 20th

Come out to the Idea Foundry on June 20th (saturday) and race your own power tool creation. Workshop (1pm-4pm) to build your own racer or build on your own at home and race against others. Open to everyone, just come watch the races and enjoy the crowd if you don't want to build anything. Hundreds of $$$ in great power tool prizes for the winners. Saturday - June 20thWorkshop: 1pm - 4pm $30 includes race entryRace: 4pm - 6pm $15Watch: $5 or 2+ cans foodWebsite: Power Tool Drag Races Columbus

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Contests being judged

Seems like there is a lag in announcing winners of current Contests being judged that ended on the 20th.

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Free Maker Faire Tickets

I've got two free tickets to give away for Maker Faire Bay Area, happening on May 19th and 20th! You have until 12:00 NOON PST tomorrow to enter. See my blog for details.

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Bungie Bag O' Swag

Hey guys, So, if you're as big a fan of Halo as me, you'd find that Bungie has a special Bag O' Swag on sale, for their 20th anniversary, and leaving Halo. They have anything from a Tshirt to a Zune to signed games to high-quality figures. There are only 777 in existence. AND I FRIGGEN GOT ONE! OH YEAH! What was the most interesting thing, though, was that people were staying up all day and night,trying to get one, and they didn't come close. I managed to get one by sitting at the computer for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, and my dad's bank account just got billed(also, Amazon, says it's being "processed for shipment") So, did anyone else get one?

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Answer this question and be featured on my next instructable.The first person to answer correct wins. Answered

Brad lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Every day he goes down to the 1st floor on the elevator and rides back up to the fifteenth on the elevator and walks the remaining five floors back up to his apartment. Why?

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World's Largest Snow Sculpture

Living in the bay area in California, I have access to now in Lake Tahoe, but we get no fluffy stuff to look out at in the morning. I love being able to wear light jackets in January, but sometimes I miss getting all bundled up and sledding or making Easter Island style snowguys on the front yard.So seeing this massive snow sculpture from China makes me want to just hit the slopes for a few weeks. Workers sculpt "Romantic Feelings", which will debut at the 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province, China, on Dec 17. "Romantic Feelings", measuring approximately 115 feet high and 656 feet long, is designed to be the world's largest snow sculpture. The 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo starts on Dec. 20 at the city's Sun Island Scenic Area. (Getty Images/China Photos) ilnk with more picsvia Neatorama

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make me a profile pic and win a pro membership! EXTENDED

I need a new profile pic! make me one between today (the 16th) and the 20th  EXTENDED: to the 30th! and you will win a 1 year PRO membership!*  i would like it robot themed but any enteries are accepted! *if there are more than one i will select a winner and they will win the PRO membership

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Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.

Hey guys n gals that live in or around York, PA....during the period of June 17-20th, in York County, PA 20 factories will be opening up their doors for visits behind the scenes. Find out more about this at: Made in America, 2009 York CountyI saw this FIRST on page 168 of the new MAKE mag.

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You may take our tools, but you'll never take our Freedom!

On January 20th there will the first meeting of T-Exchange, a Moray-based (Scotland) hack-group.  Anyone interested in making stuff or being creative is welcome.  You can find us on Facebook (search for T-Exchange) or at for more information! Its a long shot but somebody might see this :)

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Power Tool Drag Race in Columbus, Ohio

The fuse factory and Columbus Idea Foundry will host a power tool drag race Saturday, June 20th. It will be held at the Idea Foundry's headquarters, go to for directions. Check for more details, rules and regulations. Please don't consider this spam. This is a call for makers to come out, meet other builders and have some fun together. Hope to see you there!

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Automatic payment but no Pro

I am very frustrated. To the point of telling Instructibles to ....  Well, one more chance.  On Dec. 20th,  Pro membership automatic payment went through my paypal.  Still received "Pro Membership expiring" emails. And then, Pro membership cancelled. Three un-answered emails to and over the last month.  Not even a "hey we got your emails and are looking into this".  Nothing.  WTF?  Is there customer support or just mindless robots?

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Pro membership give away! And painting competition

Hi, I have at least one Pro Membership (3 month) to give away for the best suggested hairstyle; I want to see MS Paint, GIMP & PhotoShop efforts on this image. You have a week from 20th April for me to pick which I like best. (notice how this says it was published 2 days before it actually was? - don't post things on a weekend) L

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3 Month Membership Giveaway!(Closed)

Ok this is a small gift to thank all of my subscribers! I will list all my subscribers in numbers and then use random number generator to randomly pick a number and the subscriber listed with that number will get the 3 month pro membership! So if you want to take a part in it as well and you are not a subscriber then all you need to do is subscribe! I will do the random generation on 20th of July 2011 and the premium membership will be awarded the same day to the lucky subscriber!

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How to mend a clock?

Hi. We love clockwork, steampunk etc and keep buying clocks and watches that arent working. The plan is to deconstruct them to make some other things but now we have several clocks (early 20th century) that we think could be got to work. However we dont know what to do. Does anyone know an online place that tells you (for free) how to do this? I know there are loads of dvds and books but am hoping we wont have to go down that route. thanks

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Worlds Smallest Saltwater Reef Aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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Reef Globes, worlds smallest balanced reef aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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Boston Area Workshops/Classes

 I want to let makers/creators in the Boston area know about a few upcoming workshops and classes at Willoughy and Baltic. Intro to Welding-begins December 1st. Woodshop Fundamentals-begins December 1st.  Bicycle  Frame Welding-begins December 12 and 13th. Classroom Arduino for Teachers-begins December 28th. Mechatronic Art, Design and Fabrication-begins January 21st. Directed Open Studio-begins January 20th. For more information on these classes, please visit: Willoughby and Baltic 13 Joy Street Somerville, MA 02144

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What's your favorite piece of cooking hardware?

Just wondering if anybody out there has one, "couldn't live without" piece of cooking hardware. A favorite gadget or tool that you just couldn't live without. Mine is actually my cast iron skillet I got for my 20th birthday along with a copy of Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here for the Food". I swear I have cooked pretty much every single kind of dish, from breakfast to dessert. I use it at least 5 times a week, and that would probably be a conservative estimate. Anyway, I'd love to hear what kitchen treasures anybody has out there.

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Calling all American Makers

American Maker is an event sponsored by Make and Craft to showcase the work of people just likke you! It is scheduled to take place at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on September 20th, 2008. The deadline to sign up is September 13th, so it is still not too late to sign up to present (but time is running out). Each Maker that signs up will get a chance to present in front of an audience and panel of judges. The Maker choosen at the end of the day to be best will win $500. Even if you have nothing currently to present, you should go an watch, because this sounds like it will be great fun. (full flier details below)

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Call to makers - Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Hi All, Thought this might be of interest to those of you in the UK... particularly those in the south east. Brighton Mini Maker Faire is approaching and the call for makers has gone out: If you're a maker and you're interested in doing your thing at Brighton Mini Maker Faire, you've got until June 20th to apply. Of course you don't have to be a maker to go... The event its self will be on September 8th @ the Corn Exchange in Brighton if you fancy popping along. Save the date! Look forward to seeing you there! Get in touch via: Email – Twitter – @MakerFaireBTN

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Interesting Facts

You blink over 20,000,000 times a year. You can only smell 1/20th as well as a dog. You'll eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime. You're born with 300 bones, but when you get to be an adult, you only have 206. You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day than in any other weather. Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day. Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, everytime you breathe. Your right lung takes in more air than your left one does. Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

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My PSG-1 (K'nex)

Well, I just finished my PSG-1. Out of nowhere!!!! YEAH! It is full-sized, but the stock is a piece of shi*. I tried my best to copy the Hensoldt 6x42 on the top, but, it's okay. It is converted from Trauts' G36C. It does NOT fire. : ( Pics will be coming soon. EDIT: The gun is now doing what it does best, looking damn fine in my display case. I will be establishing a release date of January 20th. A pic will probably be put up on New Year's day. DOUBLE EDIT: It can be converted into a G3, EASILY. Take off the scope. TRIPLE EDIT: Pics will be up in a couple hours. QUADRUPLE EDIT: I can't get instructions. If you built it, by all means, post it.

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Nerd Pride Movie Night: Real Genius, 4/20 at Instructables HQ

We're hosting Nerd Pride Movie Night here at Instructables HQ at 8pm Friday the 20th of April. First movie: Real Genius starring a young Val Kilmer. A fabulous nerd comedy classic from 1985- see it and recognize the source or all those great quotes.Plot summary: A group of exceptionally bright students are unwittingly involved in the development of a military weapon.We'll provide the popcorn. Location: Instructables, 2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CANote that the mapping programs don't get our location exactly right. We're in the control tower at the old Alameda naval air base.Directions hereWhat is Nerd Pride Movie Night?

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40% Off: an art show for the new economy

Come on out to 40% Off: an art show for the new economy this Friday!New artwork from:Aaron GemanBen CowdenDaniel BenoitLuigi OldaniMitch HeinrichRandy SarafanNoah WeinsteinShelly CournoyerPlus, 40 gallons of delicious home brewed beer from Dying Vines, drink serving robots, live music from Belly of the Whale, Tiny Things and No's at 10PM, 8000 sq. ft of community art space, 1200 sq. ft of show space, a big yard with a fire barrel, a bus, a man living in a shipping container and many classic mercedes cars!Friday, February 20th, 2008 at 7PMABCo artspace3135 Filbert St.Oakland, CAMore at

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Knex Gunner Of the Year Award

Ever wonder who is the best builderthe one with the best ideaS and the best knex gun instructables out?Well here it is The Knex Gunner Of the Year AwardThere are 10 NomineesYou guys will vote on who is the best So to vote what you do is in your post you firest put the date then put the nominee's name and the you add +1 so eg: Zero0928 +1 NOMINEES1.Mepain2.PerfectDuck3.Loosewire:SOE Operative4.Trainman 20005.IpodKiller6.Bunduk7.Oodalumps8.Danny9.Knex Hater Hater10.KillerK Rules1. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE if you vote tWIce your vote will not count.By 6:00 everyday (canada time) i will add up the votes.VOTING CAN BE DONE UNTIL JULY 20th

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ATTENTION! EVERYONE THAT ENTERED AND 3 WILDCARDS WILL MOVE ON SINCE I ONLY RCIEVED A FEW ENTRIES. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ENTERED. THE NEXT ROUND WILL BEGIN IN A WEEK OR SO. YOU WILL STILL RECIEVE A SCORE AND A RANKING AND THE OVERALL WINNER WILL HAVE THE MOST POINTS TOTAL. MORE DETAILS IN THE NEXT ROUND. YOU WILL STILL BE SCORED!!!!!! A knex gun 15 PEOPLE WILL MOVE ON Duration This round will last from September 12th to October 20th. Description For this round you must create any kind of gun out of no more than knex, rubber bands, string, and tape. Requirements Must shoot a projectile Can ONLY contain knex, rubber bands, string, and tape Modified parts are allowed Must be your original idea You may NOT enter a previously posted gun for this round only. A modified version or a new, un-posted version of one of your instructables will be accepted. Contestants and Entries IF THERE ARENT ENOUGH ENTRIES THERE WILL BE 2 WILDCARD SLOTS. THOSE MUST BE ENTERED BETWEEN OCTOBER 20TH AND OCTOBER 25TH 1. The Jamalam- No entry 2. dutchwarlord- No entry 3. Knex mad- 4. Smilee- No entry 5. Sprout_Less- No entry 6. Killer~SafeCracker- 7. trauts- 8. Wicky- 9. Ferrari484- No entry 10. knexsuperbulderfreak- 11. NYPA- JUDGING 12. Kinetic- 13. Strato96- No entry 14. Big Z- 15. Nickawesome- No entry 16. dsman195276- No entry 17. Millawi Legend- No entry 18. chopstx- 19. DarkVolt- No entry 20. Coreyt- 21. Barrax- No entry 22. Smilee- (wildcard) 23. bigdylan91- (wildcard) 24. logic boy- (wildcard) IF YOU ENTERED SOMETHING AND I SAID YOU DID NOT PM ME ASAP OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER. Judges 1. Shadowninja41 2. DJ Radio 3. NYPA Scoring Method up to 15 points-each judge gives up to 5 points for overall up to 9 points-each judge will give up to 3 points for looks up to 6 points-each judge gives 0-2 points of innovation up to 10 points-I will give each creation up to 10 points on how much I like it up to 2 points-a video displaying the qualities will add 2 points up to 2 points-for power given by me. If it is powerful enough (range/piercing/weight of ammo) you can receive up to 2 points DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 20TH NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Embroidery hoop art giveaway on Instagram! (open til May 20, 2016)

Hi everybody! I'm giving away a piece of hoop art since I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone is interested in entering. :D (I'll be shipping internationally, so it's open to everyone!) To enter, head to the giveaway post on my @makingjiggy Instagram account: Follow me on Instagram Like the giveaway post Comment and tag a friend :D  And that's it! If you'd like to get an extra entry, repost the giveaway photo, tag me and use the hashtag #makingiggygiveaway :) I'll be picking a random winner on May 20th. Good luck! P.S. I'm also taking custom embroidery orders right now, message me through my Etsy shop for details. :D

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Ten Years

It's been nearly ten years since a load of people got excited about the year 2000 and the 21st century, what did we achieve? Well Fox changed (the logo if nothing else) from 20th to 21st 2001 Wikipedia and iPod launched, World Trade Centre demolished (by uncertain contractor). 2002 The discovery of Quoaoar leads to Pluto being declassified as a planet 2003 Facebook launched 2004 Those robots land on Mars, Indian Ocean earthquake / tsunami 2005 Instructables launched YouTube launched, New Orleans drowns. Chas & Dave play the Holmfirth Picturedrome (img) 2006 (for the mathematicians) the Poincare conjecture is proven (right word?) MySpace launched (subsequently bought by Murdoch at what was definately much more than it's worth) 2008 LHC starts up 2009 LHC starts up again, Moon "bombed" What events the last 10 years mean something to you? *the basis of the list came from New Scientist No2739/40/41

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Where lame computers go to die.

If you're like me you probably have an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards garbage. Usually, when I throw something out, I don't give too much thought to where it is going to end up. The problem with such an attitude is that the garbage ultimately has to go somewhere; it is unlikely that we are going to start blasting our trash into space any time soon. So, the question is, when we toss out really toxic things like old computers or televisions, where, in fact, are they ending up? The edge of town? The edge of the county? The next state over? West Africa? A small shanty in China?National Geographic has an amazing article in their current issue about the fate of such e-waste."People have always been proficient at making trash. Future archaeologists will note that at the tail end of the 20th century, a new, noxious kind of clutter exploded across the landscape: the digital detritus that has come to be called e-waste."Photograph by Peter Essick

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When Do We Start Calling Years 'Twenty-Somethings'?

Dan Gillmor of has posed a somewhat controversial question; "When do we start calling years 'Twenty-Somethings'?"21st century hotel dg09.jpgOn an NPR newscast the other day, a reporter pronounced the year 2012 as "two-thousand-twelve" while someone he interviewed called it "twenty-twelve." I'd have gone for the latter, but the different choices made me wonder when we're going to give up what we've been doing this entire decade, clumsily calling everything "two thousand something," and move to the style we used during most if not all of the last century.Wait, it gets more complicated. We have to think about the names we use for centuries, too. The 20th Century was also the nineteen-hundreds. But in the 21st Century, are we in the two-thousands? That sounds off, but the twenty-hundreds sounds totally wrong.Via Boing Boing.Its a great post, and I wonder your thoughts?

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Filtering bug when viewing more than 15 ibles in a contest

When entering in a contest page, it shows automatically 15 instructables below "Most viewed" title. At the bottom of this section, there is buttons to view more and the button "1" is highlighted. The button "2" links to more instructables, but it changes the filtering option to "rating", so sometimes you can see the same instructable repeated (i.e. is the 2nd in viewing count, but 20th in rating count). This is quite annoying, because then you click "prev" button and you don't see the first 15 ibles. You get crazy thinking there is something wrong with ordering... until you realize that navigation is now with "rating" filtering, not with "views" option! Also, "next entries" doesn't link the same that current page + 1, it starts with "rating" from 1. In short, I suggest to change number buttons with "view" filtering (HITS_TOTAL) instead of rating (RATING), and to link "next entries" button the same of "2" button. (I see this in several contests currently running, it seems to be a general bug).

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a TRUE "handmade" rocket to reach the Earth orbit

.while I'm trying to start up a TRUE company (as explained in this Instructables thread) to develop TRUE "space hardware", I ask to myself (and to you) if it's possible to build and launch an hobby/handmade rocket to Earth orbitfor what I know, this goal was NEVER reached, so far, and, only the (well funded) company SpaceX has launched a privately-developed rocket to LEO (at its 4th attempt) last septemberwell, I've a suggestion to have more chances to succeed in this effort: just develop and build a (true working) SCALE-MODEL of an EXISTING rocket, insted of trying to develop a new rocket from zerothe "existing rocket" to scale-down could be (e.g.) the SpaceX Falcon-1 whose specs you can find here:, a resized "hobby rocket" (but able to reach the Earth orbit) could be 1/20th to 1/50th the full-sized Falcon-1 to send its second stage and a small (Sputnik-like) 20-50 kg. payload to LEO.

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ComBots: Special Instructables Discount!

Want to watch some robot mayhem? Here's a discount offer from our friends at ComBots: ComBots invites all Instructables readers to discounted tickets to "ComBots Cup V", the fifth annual heavyweight robot combat championship. This event highlights the best combat robot teams in America and their 220 pound flame-throwing, blade-spinning, titanium shearing robots of destruction! This year's event is Saturday/Sunday, October 23-24th from 2-7pm at the San Mateo Event Center. Whether you're a sports fan or techno geek, ComBots puts on the best robot events in the world! If you missed seeing fighting robots at Maker Faire this year, or are longing for RoboGames, here's your chance to see them again. Full details at ComBots is pleased to offer Instructables readers a 20% discount on ticket prices (adults normally $20, kids $15). Coupon is only valid for advanced purchases until Oct 20th. Buy tickets at and use the coupon code below for your discount when you check-out! code: Instructables

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Report: Mini Maker Faire The Netherlands

Saturday Oct. 20th was a big day in Groningen, NL. The first official Maker Faire on Europe's mainland was a reality (Mini Maker Faire to be honest, it lasted just one day...). Allarrrd, Masynmachien and me teamed up to host an Instructable based workshop for kids which we named Make: toys. Lieve, Monster-Marit, Rick and Sander joined the team to help out. masynmachien also demonstrated his Instructable-plugging RC Blimp: iblesblimpMMF050 from masynmachien on Vimeo. And help we needed: The day was a huge success with 3000 maybe more visitors and a very enthusiastic crowd. 52 Doodlebots360 were built by kids (we ran out of battery clips :-)), dozens of cartesian divers, Shampoo Dino's, Magic Fleas, Propellers on a stick and what not. In the same time, we tried to plug Instructables into the consciousness of the visitors. I was a bit shocked to find out that some people never visited the site before :-).  We used mainly scrapheap stuff to make the toys from. Some essential parts were generously sponsored by Opitech and Okaphone. Compiling: We had a great day, as well as the visitors. Making and playing with toys while meeting lots of people. Maker Faire Forever!

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Unofficial Patch Contest - Macro Photography AND THE WINNERS ARE...

DoNoTincinerate and myself have decided to trial Eric's idea of awarding patches as prizes in informal contests.We have decided to run a quick contest for members (pro or not) to show off their photography skills.So the contest is... "Best macro shot of an electronic device, component or components"Entries will be judged on clarity, composition and UCF (undefinable coolness factor).Deadline midnight (UK time!), Saturday 20th June.Post entries to this topic and we will judge them on Sunday.Prize: a rosette patch created especially for small contests, awarded entirely at the discretion of DoNoTincinerate and myself.>KK<IT'S BACK ON!Things are resolved, and I have had other good news.Judging will happen at the weekend, new entries will be accepted until Midnight Friday 10th July (based on site time-markers).FINAL UPDATEIt was hard to choose, so I chose three. In no particular order... the winners are...Gmjhowe's chocolate.Munchman's HDD circuitboardBumpus' cell-phone buttonWith a special mention to Kryptonite for managing to photograph sparks.Well done, all four - patches are arriving soon.

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NAR Competition

The "Not A Rectangle", otherwise known as "Untangle" or simply "NAR" is easily the best single shot in terms of range due to the power transfer at the front. Because this is the only needed feature of the gun, it also makes the NAR very customisable and therefore you can change your NAR to the extreme. With enough work, you could make the gun look however you like. It's because of this that I had the idea of making this competition. Your task is to create the best looking and most ergonomic NAR. Absolutely anyone can enter, there's no limit on entries, however all entries must comply to these rules: 1) It must use the NAR mechanism, and you must prove it in picture form. 2) It must be your own design. Any NAR's with Zak's handle on them will be disqualified, unless posted by Zak himself of course. For this competition I will need 2 judges to help me decide, so if you don't want to compete please consider this post instead. Judges: The Jamalam knex gun builder freak Lowney The prize for the winner will be a surprise and will be decided privately between the judges and I. We will be accepting entries up to and including, but no later than 15th September. The winner will be announced on the 20th. You have 20 days, starting from 25th Aug. Oh wait, that's now. Well, get building! Here is a link to the instructions for the NAR, thanks to silentassassin21 for posting them:

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What is the next game in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII?

After the success of Final Fantasy VII, an entire series about it was made. Starting with the prequel game Before Crisis, a game about the Turks, after that was a movie set 2 years after the original FFVII called Advent Children, next was a sequel to FFVII called Dirge of Cerberus, which is set 3 years after the original game, it is about Vincent Valentine a secret character from FFVII. After that was the prequel game Crisis Core which is about the Zack Fair who weilded the Buster Sword before Cloud. The creator said that the Compilation will continue until the 20th anniversary of FFVII, so what do you think it will be about. WARNING SPOILERS!!   I think it will be a game about Sephiroth's past and his time in SOLDIER leading up to the Nibleheim incident. Or mabey a a game set after dirge of cerberus because in the secret ending of that game Genesis Raphsodos, the villian of Crisis Core picks up the defeated Weiss and says they have much work to do but the creator said that Genesis is trying to save the world so mabey a game about him. Another fun game would be another 3rd person shooter about Cloud Strife's time as a Shinra infantryman leading up to when he met Zack. Tell me what you think will happen next!

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Nesting Sparrows Journal

Hello all, Ive got some House Sparrows nesting in my yard, right next to my window. I know their just boring 'ol sparrows, but their still fasinating to study. Anyway, I plan on making a journal of sorts for their nest and such. I hope to be able to update it every other day or so. If you have any questions or comments please ask! I will get a photo as soon As I can. I will keep this up to date as best I can. Thanks! Anyway... April 1st-5th: Sparrows in and out, they seem to like it. April 6th: Sparrows begin filling nest box with straw. April 7-13th: Sparrow stuffing box with straw any hay. Constantly in the yard. April 14th: Frequently in and out of nest box, almost always one bird inside at all times April 15th: Lining of the nest! A number of feathers have been added to the now bowl shaped interior. Male and female always close by. April 16th - 20th: More nest lining, though they seem to be not as active as they were when they were filling the nest box with straw. April 21st: The sparrows have found a liking for plastic packaging, and have added a fair bit to the box. April 22nd: Their plastic taste continues with the addition of a plastic bag. Its getting really cramped inside, though there is a nice bowl shape inside now. April 23rd-26th: Finished lining, the sparrows seem to be spending their down time in a nearby tree, soaking up the sun.

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Nerd Pride Movie Night: Real Genius, 8pm 4/20 at Instructables HQ

We're hosting Nerd Pride Movie Night here at Instructables HQ at 8pm Friday the 20th of April. First movie: Real Genius starring a young Val Kilmer. A fabulous nerd comedy classic from 1985- see it and recognize the source or all those great quotes.Plot summary: A group of exceptionally bright students are unwittingly involved in the development of a military weapon.We'll provide the popcorn.Location: Instructables, 2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CANote that the mapping programs don't get our location exactly right. We're in the control tower at the old Alameda naval air base.Directions hereWhat is Nerd Pride Movie Night?Nerd Pride movies celebrate nerds doing their thing. These are not just movies for nerds, or movies nerds like to watch- these movies are classic examples of nerds using their science and tech skills to overcome overwhelming (and often ridiculous) odds. We'll be alternating Instructables Show & Tell with Nerd Pride Movie Night every month until we think of something even more entertaining to do. I'm toying with the idea of Bad Science Movie Night (The Core!), but we'll see how the nerd classics fare first.We're starting off with the truly classic Real Genius, and will follow up in June with Ghostbusters. Feel free to offer your suggestions, but be warned that I can't stand Buckaroo Banzai, so will veto it with prejudice no matter how many votes it receives. Fire away.

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Circuitry and Metalworking // Classes and Workspace at 3rd Ward Brooklyn

Our beloved Instructables members, allow us to introduce you to a New York City area resource for makers, creators and dreamers. If you haven’t heard of 3rd Ward yet, they are a member-based art and design center in Brooklyn on the forefront of creative workspace and education. Check out the recent profile in New York Times: Just like the community that you all find on, 3rd Ward is a place for you to realize those DIY dreams within a supportive network. The main engine of 3rd Ward is the Memberships, which are open to all and offer discounted or free enrollment in their multidisciplinary class series. Classes are taught by industry professionals, ready to school you just in time for that new project. You can choose to craft an electronic sculpture from start to finish in Handmade Circuits, bring rock and roll back to life in Electric Guitar Rescue, bring out your inner bad ass in Night Welding or 150 other paths to creative bliss. Check out the full class catalog at http:// 3rd Ward is already a hub for New York area artists and craftspeople. Now, they’re inviting you to join the movement. As an offer to Instructables members: when you sign up for a 12-month Membership with 3rd Ward before November 20th- your first month is FREE. To claim your free month and schedule your tour of 3rd Ward, visit http:// and enter promo code INSTRUCTABLES. 

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Would you like your own satellite? (Contest with $1500 prize)

Oh the joy of Twitter!  I just found out about this very cool contest from Discover Magazine via BoingBoing: Imagine having your own personal satellite orbiting the Earth. It’s got cameras and sensors galore, and you can use it to run experiments, take pictures, and even beam messages back to the blue marble. Well, that geek fantasy will become a reality if the ArduSat project, which you can see here on Kickstarter, reaches its funding goal. The general public will be able to rent time on this small satellite and use it for whatever they please, courtesy of its Arduino processor. [The folks] at Discover Magazine think this is pretty neat. And [they'd] like to give away a development kit worth $1500 to the Kickstarter donor who submits the best idea for an in-space experiment before July 15th, 2012. The kit includes Arduinos and an advanced sensor suite shipped to your home address, as well as one week of up-time on the satellite to run any experiment. You’ll be able to build the experiment yourself and have it be sent up on ArduSat when it takes to the skies. Here’s what you have to do to enter the (drumroll) Discover Space Challenge: (1) Fund the ArduSat project, for however much or little as you desire. You’ll receive a personal code that identifies you as a donor. (2) Read the contest guidelines here to learn about how you should design and submit your idea. (3) Enter with this entry form, making sure to include your personal code. (4) Wait for winners to be announced on July 20th, after judging by Discover blogger Phil Plait, Discover Editor-in-Chief Corey Powell, and an expert panel of judges. (5) Rejoice!  

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(newsletter) Business Card Catapult, Easter Prank, Handheld Tesla Coil...

Sign-up for this newsletter: We're now running FOUR awesome contests, so get to work on your Instructables! Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Create an energy-saving Instructable and you could win a MacBook Pro! Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest - Open to any rubber band-powered contraption. Win cool books from Klutz! Closes for entries on April 19!Burning Questions 7 - Answer our questions and win the love of thousands, or at least a spiffy new t-shirt! Epilog Challenge - Enter any awesome project with a green twist for the chance to win an Epilog Zing laser cutter or gift certificates from Ponoko! Closes for entries on April 19! The April Fools Contest and ThinkGeek Hacks Contest have closed for entries and are in the voting phase. Check them out and vote now! Make an Irretrievable Easter Egg The Business Card Catapult Power Glove 20th Anniversary Edition How to Make Kimchi / Kim Chee Closes for entries on April 19! Win a MacBook Pro! Make a Korg Kaossilator Guitar How to Thread Eyebrows Walking Papercraft Mech Warrior How to Make an Atari Game Featured questions from our new Answers section: How do you make a small but very strong electromagnet??? How can I make a hole in a glass bottle? Camera Light Ring Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day LCD Articulating Bracket for Cheap Quick and Dirty "Tesla Coil" Stretch, twist, and power something cool! Only the best for you Rubber-Band Powered Altoids Boat Hydroponic Food Factory Domo-Kun Backpack Add a Shower to your Toilet Sign-up for this newsletter:

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Silhouette Print & Cut Promotion!

**Winner Chosen and has responded!  Thanks for Participating in the giveaway!**   Don't forget that the Silhouette Print and Cut Promotion is still going on and will continue until March 31st!  See below for promotional deals! If you haven't used the print and cut feature before, it is pretty awesome!  If you want some details, you can check out their website or watch this video. Here are your options in this Promotion.      1 Silhouette CAMEO® plus the following print & cut related items: 1 package of temporary tattoo paper 1 package of printable adhesive kraft paper 1 package of printable adhesive gold foil 1 package of printable adhesive silver foil 1 package of printable white sticker paper 1 package of printable clear sticker paper 1 package of printable adhesive cotton canvas All for $269.99 (MSRP $357.92) The Second option is:    1 Silhouette Portrait™ plus the following print & cut related items: 1 package of temporary tattoo paper 1 package of printable adhesive kraft paper 1 package of printable adhesive gold foil 1 package of printable adhesive silver foil 1 package of printable white sticker paper 1 package of printable clear sticker paper 1 package of printable adhesive cotton canvas All for $129.99 ($237.92 MSRP) PLUS all specialty media will be 30% off with your promotion code! Can you guess the code? It's INSTRUCTABLES Want to see what you can do with the Print & Cut feature? Here are some projects: DIY Stickers Clear Playing Cards with Sticker Numbers Have you used this feature?  Share your project here! Ready for the giveaway!  It will go live at 12:00 AM March 20th a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The collaboration experiment

For my, or should I say our next Instructable I want to do a little experiment. The goal is to make a colaborated Instructable with the following rules in place: We each do a single step in the Instructable (excluding the materials step). Materials needed for each single step cost less then € 10 / $ 10. Tools needed for each step should be in most peoples shed (or their neighbours shed), you get the point: no big cnc'ing, lasercutting, wood milling, ...  Quality of step description, photo-work, ... should be feature worthy.  You get 1 week for each step, allowing for some trial and error, time for personal life, ... If technical constraints require more time, exceptions are possible after clear communication.  The concept is to do both the build, and collaborate further on the previous step, back and forth. No communication about the end goal. The project can go in all directions. Iterations continue until we both think that the end point is reached. At that point the Ible will be finished, an introduction and conclusions written and published.   I'm open for suggestions on improving the rules of the collaboration experiment, but I'm very keen on trying out this kind of experiment. I am only able to do one experiment at a time in this point in time. So if multiple people are interested, I suggest we make multiple couples and see where we go from there.  Who is willing to commit to this kind of experiment across time-zones, boundaries, crafts and expertises? It will be a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, explore new techniques and who knows what else? On spot left to join the experiment, please fill in this registration form. 5 of us already started the discussion on the rules and timing. The general concept is to start November 1th and finish by December 20th, in time for winter holidays.

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DIY & Make Groups Update: Phoenix, SF, NYC, MIT

Phoenix DIY - Meeting 6: This WednesdayWhat: Phoenix DIY 6When: Wednesday, March 26 7:30pmWhere: Conspire Phoenix901 N 5th St (on the NE corner of 5th St and Garfield)Phoenix, AZ 85006 [map]This month's meeting will be outside at Conspire. Please bring a chair or two to share! Also bring a jacket in case it gets chilly.This month's presenters:Mark Rehorst: SPICE circuit simulation software tutorialMark will lead us through the basics and an example of using Linear Technology's free SPICE simulator: SwitcherCAD. You can predict how your circuit will function before you build it! Alex Schlegel: Build your own GreenhouseAlex built a backyard greenhouse equipped with solar powered circulation fans, and he'll share with us how he did it.full details!Make: SFThe next meeting will be at TechShop April 6th. It will be followed by a San Francisco meeting on April 20th.Full Details!Make:NYC Meeting 5 - Thursday, March 27th, 6PMWhat can a group of Makers do with a tank of helium? We're not sure! Care to find out? The sixth Make:NYC Meeting includes:Challenge: BlimpsYou've got brains, we've got blimps. Two teams will compete to make an ordinary RC blimp perform extraordinarily. Arrive on time to make sure you get in on all the lighter-than-air action.Meeting time is 6:00PM.Location:Make Offices, 2nd Floor (Google Map)325 Gold St. at Flatbush Ave.Brooklyn, NY 11201full details!MITERS - 04/04Friday night is build party night with MIT MITERS.full details!If you know any more details about these events or have any additional announcements, please post them here.

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All 3 versions now there, goes in descending order (v3, v2, v1) v3 slideshow Back Story (skip if you don't care who I am)  Hello! Most people probably have never heard of me, and for those of you that have, you're probably in the same boat. I was part of the raise of knex guns, you could say. I helped to change the idea of knex rubber band guns back in my day, 4-5 years ago I think. And then began to dabble into knex firing guns.  Project History  The UKP was my take on the common pistol of knex. Way back when there were two options for a sidearm, the TDS or the GD-1. Both in their own ways, were excellent systems, except the GD-1 was massive, with a larger round and slide action, While the TDS featured a more compact design, without a slide (until later, still not the best). The original UKP was designed to create a medium between the two, and that it did, with some minor flaws. It's biggest set back was the lack of a slide. The UKP v2 ,2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and so on were my attempts to fix that problem, which it did well at, but it wasn't a complete success. It was never released due to my inability to work out the kinks. (note that the UKP v2 is pictured below) The Current UKP V3 I've come to realize, that I will be going to college soon, and that all knexers release something spectacular right before they leave the world of knexing for a while, or longer. So the UKP v3 will be my attempt on that. I will open a slideshow and various youtube videos throughout the production to keep anyone interested informed. This project has a deadline of mid august, as I leave the 20th.  Summing Up If you've never built one of my UKP's before, I highly suggest you do, or at least keep an eye out for the latest release. They feature high removable magazine capacity, exceptional range for the pistol class, and an overall realistic feel and performance. 

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