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4000 watts @ 220 volt?

How can i (step by step) generate 4000 watts and 220volt from a car alternator ?

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The storm 221 V1.0

This is my knex rifle, fires about 100ft! Only single shot, but what he hey?

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Questions about converting 220 to 110?

I am working on a machine which uses two heaters and a cooler.    Here is the electronics problem.  Right now I have a 15 amp 110v refrigerant compressor and 2 15 amp 110v heaters on the machine.   45 amps 110v.  That means I have to plug this machine into three different 110v plugs on different circuits.  There are cords going everywhere and the whole thing looks messy.  I am sure there is a way to plug this machine into 220 volts with one cord.   The machine all together uses 45 amps 110v which is 4950 watts.  I found a transformer which should do what I want it to do. This transformer can supply up to 8000 watts from 220v.  This begs the question...How many amps can I draw from 220?  I believe it is 30 amps which is 6600 watts.  I think this would work because the machine draws 4950 watts all together.  But I need advice from the online electronics community.  Will this really work?

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The storm 222 V1.0

I have a new mechanism for a knex gun, and hopefully a new storm 220. It can switch between semi auto and full auto and is chain driven. I won't give away the mechanism in case anyone beats me to it, but is there anything you guys could suggest I could add to it? edit: It is now posted with full instructions

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I tried to create a 2 led driver from the mains. Can you please check it? Answered

(This is just an experiment) The first circuit failed due to my mistake of using polarized caps. I replaced it with non polarized now. Can you please check if it would work? I don't want a loud explosion again :) Capacitors: 0.47uF 250V LED: 3V White Diode: 1N4004

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12V DC to 220V AC supply

Hello I have a emergency light with battery back up. its lights have gone out so i want to use its 12V dc power to transfer to ac power to backup a media converter, wifi router and mobile charger. Please, i want a detailed process of building this system. how much time could i get backup? i need a instrument and parts list for this project. i have uploaded the pictures of my light and specifications along with it. thanks

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12V DC to 220V AC

I have an emergency lamp with backup battery power. its lamps have gone out. i want to use it to power a router, medai converter and a mobile charger. i have uploaded the specification of my power supply and things i want to run. please give me a detail way of doing this project and the materials i need, like inverter and other things My lamp gives 12V DC supply. i want to convert it to 220V AC and run those components. how can i run it and how long can i run thanks

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Buying nuts and bolts? Answered

Can someone point me to somewhere where I can buy nuts and bolts? I need them to be up to a few cm long, and about small enough to fit through the hole in a TO-220 transistor.  I tend to use them a lot, not just for fixing transistors to heatsinks, but my local hardware stores don't have them Also, I'm looking for those small plastics bits (look like a very small and short bit of pipe) that fit into the TO-220 transistor's hole, before you put the bolt in, electrically isolating the transistor tab from the bolt and the heatsink.

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Help with MR16 bulb wiring on motorcycle!

Hi, I'm from India and I own a bajaj pulsar 220 S that has a 35w 12v headlight and I recently bought an aftermarket enduro headlight to fix on it, but the problem is that the headlight I bought has two MR16 bulbls and each bulb has two wires coming from it both white in color, So I'm totally confused with the wiring thing, Should I solder one white wire with a red one from the motorcycles wiring socket and the other white with the black one of the ground socket? I'd appreciate if you could clear that up for me. P.S - I'm a complete noob when it comes to electricals.

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Using 110v 60Hz Soldering station with 240v 50Hz?

Hi, I have recently acquired a 110v 60Hz Soldering station but i live in a country which uses 240v at 50Hz. I can get a stepdown transformer to convert the voltage (can choose between 50W and 1600W), but i am wondering will the different frequency damage the soldering station? The soldering station i got is

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220 VAC to 12 VDC with minimum no-load wastage? Answered

Hi,I want to convert 220 VAC to 12 VDC without using a transformer since they consume power even when a load isn't connected to the secondary output.So this is how its to be-A 12 volt dc supply should be available,which will be fed to a relay once a switch is set 'ON'.I could easily depend on a transformer but this 12 VDC supply is to be available always and can't afford the wastage.pls suggest an alternative(and FYI a battery is not applicable in this situation).

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Storm 22_ V2 vote!

Hi guys! I am holding a vote to say which one of my four so far storm rifles or storm 22 pistol I should upgrade to a revised V2! Just vote, closing date is November 1st!Vote countStorm 220Storm 221Storm 222Storm 223Storm 22

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Triac Answered

In the circuit shown are we actually only switching one side of the 220 Vac? From L to L is only one leg of the 220?

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Does anyone have an EagleCAD library for the 5-pin TO-220 package? Answered

I am designing a PCB in Eagle and but I need to use an IC that is in a 5-pin TO-220 package and Eagle does not have PCB layouts for this.

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Storm 223

Hi guys, i want to build a storm 223, having finally posted my 222. However, i can't think what mode of fire/type of gun/trigger/ammo to use. So i thought i'd let you guys help me :) I am holding a vote; anyone can vote for one of the categories below. everyone only gets one vote, but votes for one of each of the classes. The closing date is Finishedso stop votingClass 1: mode of firingsingle shotsemi auto with (specific) shotsbolt actionmachine gunother (please state)Class 2: type of gunstandard riflesniperassault rifleshotgunpistolpump shotgunslide pistolsawed off shotgunother (please state)Class 3: type of triggerstandard (eg. desert buzzard's trigger)sear systemnew inventionother (please state)none (eg. pull/release or mg)==Class 4: type of ammorodsconnectorscapped rodsrubberbandsother (please state)Class 5: range aspirationlongshortmediumWhen voting, consider the following;i have done a semi auto assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and a semi auto chain driven.this is number 4 for me, the one before the legendary storm 224, so make it good.this is real guys, so make it possibleHappy voting!EDIT: The storm 223 is nearly finished, and i have posted up some pictures below!

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is an input 220-240V output 9VDC 300mA safe to use on an input 100-240V 0.3A output DC6V 0.21A device?

I n the manual the devise is 100-240 0.3A and my available adapter is 220-240V output 9VDC 300mA is it safe to use

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How do I rewind 220 volt transformers and motors for 110 VAC?

I have some devices from overseas that are 220 vac and would like to rewind them for use with 110 vac. In the Philippines, where we were they repair, rewind and recycle nearly everything.

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Will this work- 220 VDC 4A power supply - Help Reqd.

I need to generate 220V DC rectified from mains with suitable capacitor. I need to load my four micro switches in parallel with 4A load (with each node 1A). Can anybody help me choosing the values of capacitor and the diode for 4A. I've already blown off the Diodes BY127+330mfd which i used to connect earlier with 1A load. This is for testing the contact resistance of a given micro switches.I need to run these tests for a full day. I'd appreciate some immediate help... thanx in advance guys...

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I want to make power supply from 220 V AC to 300 V DC variable/adjustable?

I want to make power supply from 220 V AC to 300 V DC variable/adjustable? someone please help me or give me a link of workable circuit?

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how to disable low battery shutdown?

I have an old palm treo 700 that I got from a friend a while ago. I wanted to mess with it but when I plugged it in, it gives me a low battery warning and shuts down. The battery doesn't work and wont charge and this even happens when there is no battery plugged in. is there any way to turn this off or get around it? thanks

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20 amps transformer of 14-0-14 volts from 220 volts bobbin size? primary gauge,turns? secondary gauge,turns thanks.

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Full Wave and Half wave rectifier (220 Volts AC to 5Volts DC) ? Answered

Hello, I have to make a Full wave and half wave rectifiers which step down 220 volts~ AC to 5 volts DC.  I am pretty aware of the circuit diagrams , I would appreciate anyone helping me with the exact diodes and transformers i need and where i can get them.  Please do let me know about a SAFE circuitry 

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I have an Olympus FE 220 7.1 MG Pix that is frozen & not responding can you help???

I have an Olympus FE 220 7.1 Pix that has not been exposed to ANY damaging elements but now the camera is not working??? The lens is frozen & it will not respond to ANY commands (power,downloading,lcd etc...) I of course do not feel it is worth the $$$ to have it repaired so I thought I might TRY to do it myself (IF I can.) Any advice? Be Nice.

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Has anyone built an efficient rectifier before, from 220-230V AC to 12V DC as well as a 12V DC to 220-230V AC inverter?

I want to build a DC-AC inverter / AC-DC rectifying system. I want my inverter to convert 12V DC to 220V AC as efficient as possible and without to many components because i want to host my rectifying system in the same box as my inverter. my question is who has designed this two systems before separately of course with the least components and had an efficiency higher then 85%?

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is there any ways i can powered my 120-220 volt ac motor from 24 volt battery in a cheap way? Answered

Here in my country i cant find any DC motor so i wanna try AC motor for my electric car

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what is the output voltage of 100 watts with 40khz frequency and 220 input voltage generator of home made ulta cleaner?

Home made ultrsonic cleaner sounds good.for this system that is 100 watts and 40khz with 220 input voltage and two 50 watts transducers which are connected to them,so what is the output voltage of generator? thanks

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I want to make a joule thief to power a 10W LED (833ma @ 12v) from ~2 AA batteries, suggestions on toroid ? # of turns ?

My transistor inventory: Part #          Package TIP122       TO-220 TIP32          TO-220 2N2222      SMD 2N3904      TO-92 2N3906      TO-92 C1815        TO-92 BC546        TO-92

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Making a user color selection AC powered 220-240v LED lighting. Answered

I want to light my room's ceiling edge with led lights which can change colors using a switch. I am not so good with electronics, except for basic stuff!! SO would like a nice and elaborated guide to build this. Thanks.

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EI live in a country with 220-240V AC Supply.I want to make a transformer from 240V AC-12V DC.How?

I already have an LED torch that charges off AC it has a set of four diodes(supposedly bridge rectifier) and a big brown shiny TANK type of thingie which is all connected to the rechargeable battery in it(donno specs). Hoping to make one of those.

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Anyone know what this resistor is? Answered

I am working on the eye controller board of the hexapod robot and it has some resistors on it. The parts list calls for 12 220 Ohm resistors but, based on the photos, there are more that what it shows in the text. The 12 near the top of the board I know are the 220 Ohm ones, but I do not know what the others are. The 2 vertical ones near the bottom I believe are 20 Ohm and the horizontal one closest to the bottom 220 Ohm. The 2 located underneath the 28-pin sockets are half-covered by the plastic. Does anyone have a suggestion on the value of these resistors? I included a picture of the board from the instructable page and circled the resistors in question.

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Could someone out here help me connect a 12 VOLT 2.6 WATT PC COOLING FAN to 220 VOLT AC 50 Hz. I thought of using a 15 VOLT 500mA transformer to step down voltage and using a 7812 at output of transformer to stabilize voltage...but how to regulate the current???...please don't advice using a resistor parallel to the be pin point ... HOW TO REGULATE CURRENT AT THE O/P OF 7812??? WHAT SHOULD BE THE I/P CAPACITANCE VALUE w.r.t THE 7812 CKT??? a circuit diagram would be appreciated..

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Can I modify a Microwave Oven Transformer into high voltage?

Can I modify a Microwave Oven Transformer into high voltage? I had a MOT. secondary coil: 2kV output I heard some people in internet were modify the MOT into high current Can I modify the MOT Primary Coil into a few turns. Just like this formula : Vs/Vp = Ns/Np The original is : Vs/Vp = Ns/Np      2000/220 = 2000/220 In my imagine : 30 turns heavy primay New one : Vs/Vp = Ns/Np       Vs/220 = 2000/30     Vs=14 666.6667 Can I do this?????????????????????

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Need To AutoStart 1.5hp Motor When Inverter Battery Drops To 11Volts

My Set Up: Car Alternator: 12V / 30Amps Motor: 1.5HP / Single Phase / 220 V / 8.5 Amp / 1420 RPM Battery: 12 V / 185AH x 3 Inverter: 2KV Mains AC: 220 volts / 50Hz 1.5HP motor attached with the 220 volts main supply, is used to run the Car Alternator; the batteries are charged by the alternator. Inverter is used to convert DC to 220v AC to power utilities and computers. I need your advise, to develop a system to auto-start the 1.5HP motor to run the alternator when battery voltage drops to 11 volts and stop the 1.5HP motor when the battery is charged fully to 13.80 volts. Thanks in advance. Regards

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11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter what would be the total electric use.?

11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter that is a transformerless kind for inductive loads, 3x4 inches,rated for2000w, I think there is only a single component in it,  what would be the total electric use.? after connecting this 110v 11w soldering gun to 220v ? thanks you in advance, my opinion inverter eats up some watt as well. Cheer Al Boz

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Simple plug-in 220V to 110V converter

My garage has either electric heat or none at all and my heaters blow the circuit breakers every time I try turning anything else on. HOWEVER I have a 220 circuit originally for a welder that I imagine would handle them easily. So, does anybody have a way to make a simple, plug-in adapter from a 220 circuit I seldom use to be able to plug in 110 heaters? (all the circuits are in the US)

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ultrasonic cleaning machine

What is the output voltage of 100 watts with 40khz frequency and 220 input voltage generator of home made ulta cleaner for having greatest efficiency?

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I want to run my well pump completely off solar panels

The well pump is currently hocked to a designated 15 amp 220 breaker in my main panel the pump specs mention that the maximum amps required  is 59. I wanted to run solar power to a dedicated panel box with breakers etc the line for the  pump would be 15 amp 220 as it is now WHAT SIZE SOLAR PANELS WOULD BE REQUIRED plus what other materials are necessary??? Thank You

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How do I convert AC to DC? Answered

I'm running a circuit using 24 volts DC and the power outlet in my country supplies 220 volts AC. What circuit does it?

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Optocouplers for mains? Answered

I would like to know if i can use an optocoupler instead of a regular relay? Like on one side would be an arduino and on the other would be 220 v ac to control a  light for example Is this setup possible?

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what should i add to my gaming pc?

Amd athlon ii 250 asus m2n68am plus 2 gb ddr2 ram  pny gt 220 1gb ddr2

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My solid-state relay keeps blinking a lightbulb while in the inactive state, how can I eliminate that?

I have a DC controlling AC solid state relay connected to an arduino diode for control and a light  bulb to the 220 side. While there is no signal coming from the arduino the bulb is blinking insanely fast, when there is arduino signal, the light remains constantly on as intended. How can i make sure there is no load at all on the 220 end while the relay is inactive, so there is no light flickering? Relay specifications: Control: 3/32VDC Output: 48-480VAC 50/60Hz Thanks in advance!

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Names for K'nex guns

Hey, I've decided to name my weapons, like the heavy does in TF2. They are as follows (and they will NOT work without the Russian accent):Storm 220 V1 = SaschaStorm 221 V1 = GertieStorm 222 V1 = UrsulaStorm 223 V1 = BerthaStorm 220 V2 = NataschaStorm 221 V2 = RosmertaStorm 222 V2 = Nikita(postage after we've moved house) TJ-ASTR V1 = LucyJamassault pistol = HannahTJ-SR-V4 = BarberaStorm 22 Pistol = NathaliaI'll be referring to them by name from now on, so you better learn these!

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