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24 x 24 LED Matrix Project

I would like to share with you all an awesome project and some doubts and questions related to the same. This is a 24 x 24 LED Matrix project taken from here. All the data is taken from the same link. 24×24 LED dot matrix -->   This is pretty old circuit but I found it interesting to describe here. 24×24 LED display is formed by using 9 8×8 Dot LED matrix displays, that are connected to AT90S2313 MCU. MCU scans an indicator lines in series. Special PC program is written which allows drawing images on screen and transfer them via COM port to device. You can send images in series what gives an animation effect.   Circuit is was built using obsolete AT90S2313 MCU which can be replaced by Attiny2313 MCU with minor modifications of firmware. To make program work you event don’t need to connect device to computer COM port. You can store images in other master MCU EEPROM memory Each received byte from UART is immediately sent to 8 LEDs, second byte to next 8 LEDs and so on. Bytes has to be sent one by one without delay. USART is working at 115200 baud, 8bits, no parity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PROBLEMS >1>I really dont know if the circuit is good or not tell me if it is going to work. >2>I cant get 8x8 dot matrix displays so i am going to normal leds to a 24x24 one. >3>I have never worked with bus before (the bold red lines in the circuit) so i dont know how to connect it. >4>The schems are segmented i am finding it hard to figure out how to connect some of the segments. >5>Also i need to know how to hook it up to my pc. >6>I have never done programming so i need to know how to program the ic. THANK YOU I couldnt get the images uploaded nicely so i linked them. 1 2  

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24 LED strip

Hello all, I've got what i thought would be a simple project so i could take some impressive long exposure photos. eg: Heres the materials i have: (also see pic) 1: 24 white led's soldered in series (yes i started without knowing what i was doing :P ) 2: A small 4.5v battery pack. 3: A simple clicky switch. Heres what i dont have: 1: A clue about resistors or where to add them. 2: I don't know what voltage the leds are as they were removed from a broken led lamp by my brother. (who also dumped the casing so i cant see what the circuit on it looked like) 3: Any more patience. :) The third pic just shows one of the 24 leds being tested with a 3v battery. I've done this with all 24 to make sure that there are no dead ones. Can anyone help my ignorance?

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What if 24 was set in 1994?

Jack Bauer and CTU doing their thing. I miss those geocities page :)

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Running a computer 24/7? Answered

Hi. I'm trying to set up a server for a game me and my friends like to play on. Oddly enough, getting the server to work isn't the problem. The server works great. However, I'd like the computer to run the server 24/7 (or until I tell it to stop) I've gone into the power saving properties and changed it so the computer never hibernates/goes on standby/shuts down. I've also made it so that the computer never shuts down the display, or the hard disks. However, when I leave it overnight, I wake up to find that it has gone to it's screensaver, and when I wake it up, I find myself back at the login screen. (Despite checking a box telling it NOT to do that.) Also, when I do log in again, the program running the server has been shut down.  Is there something I'm missing here? How can you make a computer stay wide awake 24/7? I'm running windows XP by the way.

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Just 24 more hours..

And this week is over.. I'm about to whine about life, so back out now if you like. What a hell of a week, I started going to UCF monday. Now, admittedly, I'm happy about that, even though it's terribly stressful. But that's not the problem, really. No, would you believe that monday I bit into a brownie at work and cracked a molar on a nut? So my first day of school was accompanied by horrible pain. Followed by a dental crown on tuesday. Yeah that's not that bad, so I'll add in that my wife's truck needed a new differential on thursday (somewhat more expensive than a calculus book). And today?The washing machine broke. Spent three hours tearing it down, it's a goner. Leaking pump, with horrible grinding noise, broken balance strut, and no power to the motor. Only six years old too. And worst of all i didn't win the explicative deleted bike. That's an almost $2500 outlay this week for broken things.. Oh yeah one more really irritating thing, I finished up my A.A. and received my diploma this week, in a big flat envelope stamped all over "Do not bend", which the mailman folded in half and stuffed in the mailbox. I'll probably read this in the morning and decide I'm a self absorbed SOB and delete it. ;-)

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Powering a 24 Volt sensor with an arduino? Answered

Hello!   Ok here is the issue. Right now I am designing a rain water collection system by having my down spout drain into a 55 gallon plastic drum. I want to cap the drum to avoid spillage. The problem is what happens when the drum is full and the rain is still coming in. I know there are plenty of mechanical ways to solve this problem but I wanna have fun with an Arduino I have laying around. What I am thinking is run a pipe out of the bottom that has an irrigation valve installed (for anyone who is reading that that isn't aware of what an irrigation valve is, it is and inexpensive solenoid valve that is used for unground sprinkler systems). I figure I will add a water level sensor to the inside of the barrel and then hook the sensor and valve together via my Arduino. From there type a little code and violaa I have an over fill protection device! Here is the problem: An irrigation valve is 24v and the Arduino is 6volts. I know I can get the 24 volts from a power supply down to 6volts via resister, but then how would power the valve? My goal is to NOT have to buy a 12volt 1" solenoid (i didn't want to spend a lot of money on this project). I am not sure if there is a solution to this problem, but being a very green/inexperienced electronics hobbyist figured could hurt to ask. Thanks

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wierd coincidence!

A commerciall came on for on for 24 just as i was hitting the join button for this group! wierd isnt it?

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24 volt motor run time

Hi all, We just finished a remote control lawn mower project that utilizes 2 24V wheel chair motors and two wheel chair batteries for drive power. The balde is powered by a gas engine. The unit weighs in at around 260 lbs and is used for some serious slope mowing. The issue I have run into is that I can only get about 1 hour run time before having to recharge. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to increase the run time without decreasing power? Thanks

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24 V DC servo motor.

I have a 24 V DC servo motor. What do I need to plug it into AC outlet.?

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How to Limit Current on a 24V DC Battery Charger? Answered

Due to what I feel is a Bad design on the charger. I'm trying to limit current coming from a 120V AC to 24 Volt Dc Battery Charger.  The Charger Is what is supposed to be a  Plain 10 Amp Only 24 Volt Charger. However when hooked to a dead set of batteries the current skyrockets up to 30-35 Amps and it trips the internal 20 Amp Breaker.  Is there something I can do to regulate the current down to a better amperage ?  Thanks In Advance. 

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مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة

مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة مسلسل ابن حلال الحلقة 24 كاملة

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Looking for a large 3d printer 16"-24"

Looking for a large 3d printer 16" to 24" for ABS and NYLON , Anyone know of a company that makes one.

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VESA Mount for 24" Monitors ... design request

HI folks. Just wanting to see if anybody had a good way to mount some computer monitors. I'm in the market for two 24" monitors (widescreen) that I want to mount side by each vertically (not using the original mounts that come with the units, as they only go horizontal). Since VESA mounts are standard, I thought there could be a way of putting them onto something behind my desk so that they just fit that way. Any ideas?

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Https:// I have successfully made a 24 * 9 led matrix following the instructions on above link, which when I use with an arduino from a serial monitor I am able to display a scrolling text. However l want when one types a text and or numbers -maximum seven, they should be displayed permanently or stationary except of course if one decides to change the text and send again from the serial monitor. Kindly can someone send a full code for the task. I suppose you will change and update the code from the above link. My email address is :

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how to make a 24 volt electric bike?

I want to make an electric bike but i would really only want to buy one 24 volt battery(to keep weight down and for money issues) but i was wondering how fast i could go with that and i would only be using it to get around my neighborhood cause i don't have a drivers license(only 13) and i still want it to go fast and i was wondering if i could put a transformer on it so i could use a 48 volt motor. i want to keep the cost really low because i don't get that much money not having a job and stuff like that. i have and old bike that i was going to use. i actually have 2 old bikes but one is a geared one and one is not. i was also wondering if i would use the geared one and use the gears instead of a throttle controller and just switch gears to change speeds? i really want to keep the cost down and any suggestions is welcomed. if i get enough feedback and make one i will post and 'ible. thanks for your help!! 

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Raspberry Pi 24/7 Panda Cam

So I'm trying to make a birthday present for my girlfriend and something for her new apartment. She loves pandas and loves to watch the 24 hour live panda cams at the Smithsonian National Zoo. So I came across the idea of using a raspberry pi and a digital photo frame monitor to give a live feed of the pandas 24/7. Only problem is, I didn't realize Rasbian doesn't support Adobe Flash and there's no way to view the feed. Does anyone know if ARM Linux would support the feed. Or have another completely different take on a way to tackle this project? I want it pretty seamless so all see has to do it plug in the power supply and maybe an Ethernet cable and the rest be taken care of with a python script or something similar. I program for a living as well have a degree in Electrical Engineering so even if its complicated let me have it. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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whats better for electrolysis, 12vdc or 24-70vac?

Hello, i am wanting to make large amounts of potassium and sodium chlorate and perchlorate, through electrolysis, but am a little stumped at my current position right now, i am clueless as to what is better, a 12v dc @500ma battery charger , to electrolys salt, or, a christmas lights power supply station wich gives out 24-70 volts ac, at something around 1-3 amps. though some research i have not been able to determine wether ac is better and safer than dc or vice versa, when making chlorates in electrolysis. i have heard that ac apparently is better because it generates heat which allows for a faster reaction than dc, but also ive heard ac power at those voltages may just jump from one electrode to another through the air, and not do any electrolysis at all. whereas dc is just weak. someone pleas ehlp me out!

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UPDATE 24/1/10 (now with video)

So this is just an update of what I have been up to in the past few weeks I have 3 new guns to show you today which include (1-4) lever action rifle( i will get a video up soon to show you it in action ) (5-6) new turret gun with clean finish ( as in no blue rods at all sticking out of the sides ) (7-7)modified dunkis's oodammo pistol made into normal single shot pistol video here  posted lever action rifle here is a link  

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Total Views Count - 24/03/2011

This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. Is anyone interested in taking over the running of this group, running the Perl script each week and maintaining the code? Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,426,251 4,453,267 27,016 scoochmaroo 4,302,608 4,353,273 50,665 fungus amungus 4,065,705 4,103,484 37,779 randofo 3,196,759 3,214,151 17,392 Honus 2,617,925 2,627,417 9,492 jessyratfink 1,887,047 1,900,513 13,466 Kiteman 1,848,452 1,855,631 7,179 Plasmana 1,720,542 1,728,481 7,939 Tool Using Animal 1,653,675 1,659,705 6,030 T3h_Muffinator 1,127,156 1,131,190 4,034 killerjackalope 1,065,915 1,088,497 22,582 zieak 1,080,949 1,084,948 3,999 gmjhowe 1,031,715 1,035,897 4,182 drinkmorecoffee 1,022,720 1,031,465 8,745 Creativeman 928,198 935,250 7,052 Weissensteinburg 915,987 921,979 5,992 SaskView 884,879 888,663 3,784 lemonie 875,203 881,822 6,619 chr 827,793 838,343 10,550 seamster 749,038 754,047 5,009 Brennn10 710,944 713,898 2,954 frenzy 703,220 711,346 8,126 ChrysN 697,911 708,862 10,951 mikey77 637,781 642,067 4,286 CameronSS 606,704 609,251 2,547 jeff-o 582,322 585,749 3,427 PKM 580,244 585,068 4,824 laxap 515,622 517,977 2,355 mikeasaurus 471,013 482,224 11,211 aeray 461,128 466,268 5,140 scraptopower 449,543 461,857 12,314 belsey 452,043 454,969 2,926 ModMischief 415,508 416,756 1,248 depotdevoid 411,323 414,118 2,795 Jayefuu 373,460 375,740 2,280 starshipminivan 288,435 292,801 4,366 Spl1nt3rC3ll 289,448 290,539 1,091 AngryRedhead 271,746 275,671 3,925 scooter76 265,052 265,689 637 nmcclana 261,623 263,844 2,221 BrittLiv 237,379 256,709 19,330 KentsOkay 254,794 255,803 1,009 Vyger 250,244 251,374 1,130 Doctor What 231,242 232,284 1,042 rimar2000 220,723 223,491 2,768 rickharris 214,739 215,408 669 dark sponge 188,739 189,403 664 Ninzerbean 183,083 184,395 1,312 bongodrummer 178,989 180,200 1,211 Lithium Rain 165,559 166,995 1,436 comodore 164,831 165,573 742 Kaelessin 158,841 159,837 996 yokozuna 155,602 156,146 544 Hiyadudez 151,860 153,150 1,290 bertus52x11 149,600 150,843 1,243 Lynne Bruning 146,696 147,592 896 Technochicken 144,752 145,835 1,083 Dr.Paj 141,936 142,813 877 The Jamalam 125,946 126,314 368 uniqueutopia 123,721 125,510 1,789 RavingMadStudios 119,844 121,047 1,203 thermoelectric 117,104 118,319 1,215 I_am_Canadian 112,089 112,447 358 JamesRPatrick 102,747 106,749 4,002 janw 100,006 105,669 5,663 Goodhart 101,429 102,141 712 nelson8815 84,015 99,074 15,059 DJ Radio 97,750 98,309 559 jen7714 91,696 93,240 1,544 jen7714 91,696 93,240 1,544 iminthebathroom 76,908 78,530 1,622 wizgirl 71,425 72,752 1,327 MichelMoermans 70,474 71,099 625 ynze 62,714 66,936 4,222 Killer%7ESafeCracker 65,592 65,861 269 ajleece 58,505 58,715 210 Re-design 58,185 58,487 302 Shadowman39 55,956 56,391 435 TNEN 49,640 49,925 285 Biggsy 48,297 49,092 795 kelseymh 48,564 48,791 227 Sunkicked 47,492 47,738 246 The Ideanator 45,452 45,919 467 45,364 45,651 287 Jimmy Proton 40,432 44,222 3,790 Berkin 42,406 42,675 269 EmmettO 40,755 41,204 449 knuckel 37,713 38,002 289 TitanTechRobotics 37,429 37,888 459 KoffeeKommando 33,369 34,040 671 TSC 33,125 33,655 530 nickodemus 31,671 31,938 267 jwystup 31,323 31,709 386 annahowardshaw 23,514 31,299 7,785 mman1506 29,996 30,658 662 lilyfrancis 29,436 29,938 502 MotaBoi 28,916 29,231 315 cbm104 27,460 27,621 161 kcls 27,000 27,212 212 possum888 26,078 26,403 325 Mr.Sanchez 25,944 26,395 451 peguiono 25,939 26,098 159 shadowninja31 25,634 25,854 220 m6233555m 24,807 24,884 77 Knex_Gun_Builder 23,272 23,355 83 plane phanatic 23,003 23,215 212 steveastrouk 22,824 23,049 225 lizzyastro 21,746 23,032 1,286 Derin 22,694 22,878 184 CrayfishYAY 22,430 22,575 145 Tornado96 19,307 19,460 153 Tom Buckey 19,034 19,116 82 zascecs 17,608 17,678 70 cdawisconsin 16,752 17,272 520 TabbyDeAnne 16,794 17,199 405 Blue Mullet 16,423 17,180 757 qazwsx755 15,715 16,003 288 floris2burn 15,554 15,713 159 Legofanatic 15,346 15,514 168 krysteanuh 13,939 14,864 925 knexsuperbuilderfreak 14,763 14,831 68 uberdum05 14,102 14,221 119 Dr. Pepper 13,384 13,730 346 nutsandbolts_64 13,281 13,473 192 zurichko 13,258 13,433 175 beanieostrich 11,660 12,480 820 FrozenStar 11,888 12,002 114 splazem 11,310 11,530 220 masterochicken 11,392 11,468 76 NachoMahma 11,225 11,264 39 acidbass 10,898 11,085 187 Sorunome 8,832 9,002 170 Kryptonite 7,433 7,517 84 cherishcherub 7,135 7,203 68 LoneWolf 6,540 6,685 145 dombeef 1,930 6,455 4,525 moocowdog 6,254 6,345 91 zero.gx 5,489 5,531 42 slithien 4,540 4,896 356 Nutrition Man REF(0x3837c40) 4,670 - jamesdude 4,456 4,475 19 RNB 4,423 4,464 41 patriots8888 4,185 4,337 152 MegaMetal8 3,933 3,978 45 tbcross 3,640 3,761 121 wareneutron 3,610 3,684 74 mg0930mg 3,050 3,074 24 lil larry 2,190 2,996 806 solarblade90 2,897 2,929 32 cj81499 2,608 2,616 8 Jag56 2,440 2,481 41 shadon 1,597 1,619 22 Randomguy65 1,536 1,585 49 nfk11 1,323 1,424 101 AwesomeSwordGuy 1,196 1,251 55 LivStoleYourPie 713 743 30 cyanyears 670 696 26 Jeff Kallaus 538 556 18 FastLearner 344 355 11 Fr-Pa-Co 250 253 3 %28YOUR N 111 113 2 heratio 74 74 0

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Total Views Count 24/02/2011

This just in from Jayefuu! Here's this week's total views run. Sorry, but I missed last week's run, no one reminded me :( This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,273,075 4,329,769 56,694 scoochmaroo 3,910,812 4,034,069 123,257 fungus amungus 3,913,602 3,962,081 48,479 randofo 2,932,532 3,103,317 170,785 Honus 2,560,467 2,582,477 22,010 jessyratfink 1,812,711 1,842,183 29,472 Kiteman 1,804,173 1,825,115 20,942 Plasmana 1,676,359 1,694,444 18,085 Tool Using Animal 1,622,190 1,634,892 12,702 T3h_Muffinator 1,105,743 1,114,018 8,275 zieak 1,060,166 1,068,344 8,178 killerjackalope 1,031,158 1,042,414 11,256 gmjhowe 1,008,176 1,017,771 9,595 drinkmorecoffee 958,809 975,673 16,864 Creativeman 887,168 904,289 17,121 Weissensteinburg 886,859 898,500 11,641 SaskView 859,598 866,316 6,718 lemonie 829,101 853,424 24,323 chr 768,953 795,727 26,774 seamster 720,446 732,700 12,254 Brennn10 695,513 701,909 6,396 ChrysN 650,320 668,744 18,424 mikey77 611,636 624,610 12,974 CameronSS 594,879 599,152 4,273 jeff-o 563,895 573,258 9,363 PKM 540,690 547,070 6,380 laxap 497,873 506,631 8,758 mikeasaurus 456,091 462,742 6,651 aeray 432,690 443,651 10,961 belsey 434,557 442,106 7,549 ModMischief 396,413 403,817 7,404 depotdevoid 392,581 401,547 8,966 scraptopower 354,711 366,991 12,280 Jayefuu 362,951 366,881 3,930 Spl1nt3rC3ll 284,974 286,771 1,797 AngryRedhead 257,152 263,342 6,190 scooter76 261,181 262,680 1,499 nmcclana 249,865 254,527 4,662 KentsOkay 250,343 252,058 1,715 starshipminivan 228,605 236,897 8,292 Doctor What 225,551 228,087 2,536 BrittLiv 208,465 215,130 6,665 rimar2000 208,173 213,504 5,331 dark sponge 185,042 186,528 1,486 Ninzerbean 176,561 179,068 2,507 bongodrummer 166,751 174,923 8,172 comodore 160,578 162,259 1,681 Lithium Rain 158,774 161,296 2,522 Kaelessin 152,404 154,995 2,591 yokozuna 152,449 154,056 1,607 Hiyadudez 143,342 147,017 3,675 bertus52x11 140,557 144,759 4,202 Technochicken 138,910 141,542 2,632 Dr.Paj 137,726 139,499 1,773 Lynne Bruning 137,882 139,498 1,616 The Jamalam 123,902 124,713 811 RavingMadStudios 113,384 116,579 3,195 uniqueutopia 105,751 114,164 8,413 thermoelectric 110,959 113,334 2,375 I_am_Canadian 109,933 110,904 971 JamesRPatrick 98,699 100,132 1,433 Goodhart 98,245 99,722 1,477 DJ Radio 94,311 95,695 1,384 janw 91,249 95,630 4,381 jen7714 83,264 86,555 3,291 jen7714 83,264 86,555 3,291 nelson8815 67,554 71,011 3,457 MichelMoermans 67,144 68,462 1,318 wizgirl 63,187 68,146 4,959 Killer%7ESafeCracker 63,820 64,648 828 iminthebathroom 59,973 62,900 2,927 ynze 55,838 59,237 3,399 ajleece 56,935 57,620 685 Re-design 56,624 57,175 551 Shadowman39 53,135 54,430 1,295 TNEN 48,242 48,774 532 kelseymh 47,459 47,899 440 Sunkicked 46,230 46,746 516 Biggsy 42,477 45,124 2,647 43,878 44,525 647 The Ideanator 42,463 43,852 1,389 Berkin 40,661 41,359 698 mman1506 39,153 40,588 1,435 EmmettO 38,270 39,217 947 knuckel 36,137 36,849 712 Jimmy Proton 32,622 35,739 3,117 TitanTechRobotics 34,212 35,574 1,362 TSC 30,074 31,250 1,176 KoffeeKommando 29,460 31,096 1,636 nickodemus 30,422 30,914 492 jwystup 28,816 29,785 969 MotaBoi 27,187 27,750 563 lilyfrancis 26,116 27,108 992 cbm104 26,450 26,840 390 kcls 25,670 26,323 653 peguiono 25,190 25,504 314 possum888 24,333 25,129 796 Mr.Sanchez 23,716 24,642 926 shadowninja31 23,972 24,611 639 m6233555m 24,379 24,541 162 Knex_Gun_Builder 22,728 22,956 228 plane phanatic 22,041 22,443 402 Derin 21,735 22,145 410 CrayfishYAY 21,512 21,913 401 steveastrouk 21,187 21,905 718 Tornado96 18,189 18,763 574 Tom Buckey 18,463 18,707 244 zascecs 17,246 17,413 167 TabbyDeAnne 14,339 15,406 1,067 floris2burn 14,739 15,054 315 Legofanatic 14,348 14,746 398 qazwsx755 13,867 14,727 860 knexsuperbuilderfreak 14,411 14,564 153 cdawisconsin 13,223 14,413 1,190 Blue Mullet 11,875 13,808 1,933 uberdum05 13,267 13,615 348 nutsandbolts_64 12,399 12,746 347 zurichko 12,145 12,582 437 lizzyastro 11,082 12,036 954 Dr Pepper 9,893 11,971 2,078 FrozenStar 11,285 11,519 234 masterochicken 11,101 11,217 116 NachoMahma 11,018 11,108 90 splazem   10,635 - acidbass 10,148 10,445 297 beanieostrich 7,376 9,095 1,719 Sorunome 7,933 8,348 415 Kryptonite 7,109 7,223 114 cherishcherub 6,385 6,821 436 LoneWolf 5,680 6,069 389 moocowdog 5,675 5,923 248 zero.gx 5,227 5,338 111 slithien 4,193 4,345 152 jamesdude 4,273 4,341 68 RNB 4,043 4,244 201 Nutrition Man 3,413 3,952 539 MegaMetal8 3,643 3,745 102 wareneutron 3,225 3,373 148 tbcross 3,160 3,328 168 mg0930mg 2,918 2,965 47 solarblade90 2,652 2,736 84 cj81499 2,557 2,580 23 Jag56 2,208 2,312 104 shadon 1,434 1,508 74 dombeef 1,091 1,495 404 Randomguy65 1,333 1,420 87 AwesomeSwordGuy 978 1,066 88 LivStoleYourPie 571 637 66 cyanyears 493 558 65 Jeff Kallaus 249 309 60 FastLearner 263 279 16 Fr-Pa-Co 220 235 15 %28YOUR N 96 105 9 heratio 65 70 5

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18.5VDC to 12VDC or 18.5VDC to 24VDC ? Answered

Does any one know how to make a 18.5VDC to 12VDC converter or a 18.5VDC to 24VDC Converters

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Minecraft tekkit server

Come join my tekkit server!  The url is  We also have a map of the server at the same URL.  The rules are pretty straightforward, no griefing, and be nice.  If you are interested in creative, comment.

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Did you miss me?

You may have noticed that I mysteriously stopped posting for a couple of days. I've been camping! I came on as a last-minute substitute when another leader was unexpectedly hospitalised, and whizzed off to Gilwell 24 with a small group of our Explorer Scouts. It's an awesome event for teenage scouts - from 09:00 Saturday, to 09:00 Sunday, 24 hours of non-stop activities without the requirement of sleep.  Four thousand Explorer Scouts took up the challenge, and almost all of them managed a full 24 hours of extreme Scouting. 3G Swing Archery Bushcraft Zone Bouldering Campfire Climbing (Outdoor rock and revolving wall) Craft zone Crate stacking Disco Fairground Flying Trapeze Geocaching Giant games Gilwell gauntlet Global Zone - including Shelterbox High ropes course Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Mountain boarding Orienteering Outdoor arena Quad Bikes Outdoor Woodland Quaser Raft Racing / Boat Racing Rifle Shooting Competition Scavenger hunt Scuba Diving Slacklining Speed climbing Segways Simulators Technology zone Water rockets Assault Course Car driving Go Karts Power Boking Inflatables Fire Building Fishing Military Activity Team Speed Stacking Caving Zorbing As well crafts and other activities going on all the time (I had my first go at wood-turning at 14:00, and was soldering together an AM band radio at 22:30 (goodness me, the writing on a capacitor gets small later at night!)). Add to that a month's rain in about 20 hours, giving liquid mud on the scale of Glastonbury, it's hardly a surprise that every single Explorer fell asleep on the train home. Because my standing-in was very short notice, none of my electronics were properly charged, but I did get a few snaps of the atmosphere before my iPod completely died. I have never been so wet or so dirty on a camping trip, and I was taking it easy - it's the first time I've been forced to pack my tent away wet and muddy at the end of a camp. If you're a Scout or an Explorer, and will be over 13½ next July, why not take up the challenge yourself? If you fancy taking part, offering an activity, or otherwise getting involved in next year's event, they are already taking comments and ideas.  If you're not in Scouting, and didn't realise it was so awesome (or that girls are allowed at any age), then why not think about joining? (As an aside, I'd never seen Rock-It-Ball being played before.  Looks fun.)

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Re-Make: a 24 hour elecronics build party

The Alameda Computer Resource Center is throwing a 24 hour build party at their warehouse in Berkeley, CA this saturday April 29th. Check out the upcoming event listing for more info. Should be a good time - free food and drinks sponsored by Make Magazine and Digg.

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24 Volt AC volt to 12 volt dc?

Hi guys i have a 24volt ac motor and want to reduce it to 12v dc. I have worked out how to change it to dc but not how to reduce the voltage. Is this easy to do or do i need to purchase something from the electronics store. any advice would be appreciated sam301

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Filming 1 drop every second for 24 hours

Hi there! I need to be able to control the dripping of water to around 1 drip every second or so. What are my possible solutions? Is it worth trying to go down the home made drip kit route? Or would it be better to try and get my hands on a medical IV drip and regulator? Any ideas? Thanks :D

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I've got a kid's 24" bike - but I'm an adult. Answered

At 5'8", I can still ride it, but I find myself hunching over. Any suggestions on what I can do to make the bike more adult-friendly? I took it to the bike shop and had the handle raised a bit, and the seat's pretty low already. Do I just have to cave and get a real bike? :(

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Instructables on NPR's Here & Now 11/24/2008!

I had an interview on Tuesday with Robin Young of NPR's Here & Now, a daily newsmagazine show from WBUR in Boston. It should air on Monday or Tuesday next week just before Thanksgiving - I'll post an update when they send me the exact date.The theme was Thanksgiving, so we talked about Thanksgiving calculators, spreadsheets and Gantt charts, and turkey tek's awesome pies, desserts, and gravy fountain. The book got a mention, too! Now we'll see what makes the cut from a 30-minute interview to a 5-minute clip for the show.The show is carried on these stations, and of course you can always listen to the podcast on the web.Update: the segment aired Monday, November 24. Listen on-line here!More news and press about Instructables here.

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What should I make out of an old electric wheelchair?

I just picked up a electric wheelchair from Freecycle. It appears to be a 24VDC setup and I haven't tested it yet. It looks like I will have to get some batteries since the original ones are dead. My first idea is a trailer tractor. Like this: --used to help pull a trailer around by hand. Does anyone have any more ideas?

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How to step down and convert wall outlet to 24 VDC?

Hi I am working on a project and i need to convert 120 VAC from a wall outlet to 24 VDC to run my device. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion if i should first transform the 120 VAC to 24 VAC and then convert the 24 VAC to 24 VDC? or if there is a 120 VAC to 24 VDC with a normal wall plug for sale. 

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Where do you find 24 Bit Audio files??

Hey guys, I've been googling around, and I'm not nessesarily looking for a "warez" site, but I'm trying to figure out where you would find 24 bit audio files, like a flac file or something (stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec). I have a 24 bit creative sound card, I figure, why not LISTEN to it in 24 bit, but of course that wouldn't make sense unless it was recorded in 24 bit in the first place, as far as I know you can't really "upscale" audio such as that with a video file. Any suggestions peeps?? Pm me if you have to.

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How to build a 2D pen plotter for 24"x36" paper?

My dad's pretty attached to his 30 year old pen plotter since it will draw on 24"x36" paper(he used to be a draftsman), but he wants a new computer. I need to find out if it would be easier to build one from scratch rather than try to find drivers? I'm thinking on something related to the drawbot? He probably won't let me hack the parts from the old one to make a new one, which might make life easier. Unfortunately, I have programming skills limited to "Hello world". Design constraints: 24" wide paper width (adjustable?) 36" or more length, would be awesome if it was able to use paper rolls (Might need to batch the drawing in sections for this) USB would help Must support multiple passes for colored inks, or else upgrade to 4 pen system Thanks! -GreatPanda

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Did you see Instructables in the Australian press on March 24?

On March 24th, we had a huge increase in direct traffic to the homepage from Australia and New Zealand. Was Instructables mentioned on Australian television or a print publication? I haven't been able to figure it out.

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Visit the Instructables Restaurant in Amsterdam September 22, 23, 24

Join me in Amsterdam for the opening of the Instructables Restaurant! I will be at the Picnic 2010 Festival in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands September 22-24 where I will help Arne Hendriks and Bas van Abel, Fablab Amsterdam, Waag Society open the restaurant.  They did all the hard work, I think I'm just going to cut a ribbon with a giant pair of novelty scissors!  Watch this forum topic for the latest information on when to come, and where and when we'll be having an Instructables meet-up.  In fact, you may be needed to help build furniture for the restaurant -- instructions on Instructables!  Instructables meet-up outside of PICNIC:  Thursday 2010-09-23 5:30 PM at the big field in Westerpark.  You'll know you're in the right spot if you see bamboo sculptures and a bike racing track.

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That says it all. If I delete my most miserable instructable, I will drop to only 24 published.. Then will the robot change my orange color back to red ?

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Step down transformer

Hi I would like to build my own power supply. i am a noob at electronics but hopefully this project will improve my skills... This is what I want to build The problem I am not sure on is the 1st initial step of the step down transformer. I have only found a 24 volts 4.16 amps with 100va. I want to keep the project as exact as possible and was currious whether if the current rating is higher than 3 amps for that particular circuit I want to build can it blow any of the circuitry. The transformer I found was 24 volts 100 va and has an output current of 4.16 amps. Is that a problem or will it only draw as much current as needed?  

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A do-it-all-in-one-cable For laptops(an idea) Using the ATX 24...

I just recently got an idea,its kind of an ingenious(well i think so) idea.ITs a do-it-all-in-one cable,a cable that connects to your laptops s-video,rca,vga,sound,and even usb through one cable using CAT5 cable for it(If cat5 contains enough cables in it)The cable at both ends will have the ATX 24 pin connector that connects to a project box,but thats another part,we will get to that laterS-Video ---------- 3 Data 1 common groundRCA ---------------- 1 Data 1 common groundVGA ---------------- 5 Data 3 common groundUSB --------------- 2 Data 1 5V 1 common groundSound ------------ 2 Data 1 Common groundGrand total = 15-mixing grounds/ 19 - separate groundsSo according to that,i would need 2 and a half CAT5 Cables(if i use separate grounds),which i am going to squish together into one big cable.Or 2 CAT5 cables (if i mix all of the grounds)Now,i would have all of the cables squished together into some tubing(heat shrink?,no too expensive in such a large amount)with the ATX 24 pin connector at each end.Now,the project box,it will have the opposite connector(the one that the other connector connects to) will go into a box with that connector soldered on a breadboard inside of it(i could get the connector from a computer,or 2(i have 2 fried motherboards so ...))and in the other side of the (plastic)box would be all of the connectors(Sound connector,VGA,Svideo,RCA,usb(maybe for IR receiver or something))that connects to the TV,or monitor.The other end with the same connector would connect to the laptop,it would have VGA,RCA or SVideo,Sound,and USBSo now that i got my point out,what do you think?That the all-in-one cable,or a bunch of tangled cables just to put video and sound to the tv,and that is without USB,whats the fun of not having a usb connector from your laptop 20 feet away from you,you could connect a web cam,to see yourself on the tv,or a ir receiver,to control the pc without a keyboard and mouse,or whatever else you can think of.So...what do you think(poin tout any mistakes i have made by chance)So...comment...or whateveri think this would be pretty nifty,no?

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Building 24 VDC using three 9 v dc battery

Hi , Any circuit that I can use three 9 vdc battery to get 24 VDc output less than 1.00 amp . The power would be used for demos powering sensor that can accept 12~24 VDC.

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which solar panel is needed to run a 24 volt 1kw motor?

I am working on a project of solar tricycle and i wanna know which solar panel is required to run a 24volt 1kw motor. so that it can produce full power

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How can I move a 12 foot by 24 foot shed?

I have a 12 foot by 24 foot shed that I need to move away from my house, its just too close. I just want to move it about 7 feet and forward. The floor joist are 2"x 6". I want to move the shed North (literately) and the joist are running East/West, thats good so far, as I intend to use 3 pieces of 2" x 10" running the full 24 feet North and South. Now here's the problem... Its heavy and I dont know what I could use to roll it on. I was thinking about using 4" PVC pipe schedule 40 (or 80). I just want some feed back before I do this. Cost is an issue here... dont forget Im doing a " for the poor man " series BloFish

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Mobility Scooter 24 volt charger from 12 volt car

Can anyone give me a cct diagram to make a 24volt charger to plug into my car cigar lighter socket please. I carry my mobilty scooter in my car and it is very difficult to keep taking it out, or taking the battery pack off to bring it into the house to charge it so it would be a great boon to me if I could be charging this whilst drivng. I can make a pcb if I can get a cct. Grateful thanks in anticipation. Tony

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Join me at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA - March 21-24

  Have y'all heard of this? I heard about the Craftcation Conference last year and wanted to go so badly, but I had just moved to California and was still getting settled. But this year I'll be there, along with some other fancy Instructables ladies! (Scoochmaroo is presenting three different times over the weekend, and angelabchua will be there too!)  If you're near California and you love to craft or if you own a small business you should make the trip. :D It's going to be held in Ventura, CA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Click here to check out ticket prices and find out more about all the awesome things your tickets will cover! Registration closes March 1st so you better get on it! Tickets are available for the whole weekend, and you can even get a daily ticket for just Friday or Saturday. You should check out the schedule - there are so many amazing workshops and speakers I can't handle it. I have no idea how I'll choose where to go each day! The 2013 schedule includes: SMALL BUSINESS: starting a creative business, social media & PR, wholesale, retail, craft fairs, ETSY, legal & financial, publishing and more! DIY CRAFT WORKSHOPS: sewing, knitting, soap from scratch, photography, letterpress, terrariums, bookbinding and more! DIY FOOD WORKSHOPS: pickling & fermentation, artisan ice cream, salted caramels, farm to fork meals, seasonal jams, rustic italian cooking and more! COMMUNITY EVENTS: happy hour networking, bbq opening celebration, pop-up shop, yoga, dance party and more! (link to Still not sold? Check out this video from last year's Craftcation:   Craftcation 2012 from Letter Box Films on Vimeo.   You know you need to come. It's going to be so much fun! :D

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whats the easiest way to convert 120 VAC from wall to 24 VAC ?

A friend gave me a security camera without power wires. on the back it  has 3 power terminals  - 24 VAC - GND ( ground) - 24 VAC  should i just try to find a wall adapter that puts out 24 volts DC and then take it apart and take out the rectifier ?     im guessing thats how they work.   THANKS :)

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PC PSU question - convert 12volt wires to between 18 to 24 volts.

- i want to convert one of the 12volt wires up to between 18 to 24 volts. is there a simple "up-converter" that I can use? a jiggy that i can attach to do this? using a standard PC PSU.

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How do you build a birdcage that is 48 x 36 x 24?

I am trying to build a birdcage for 2 male doves. Thats why I have the measurements as 48in long 36 in tall and 24 in deep. I need it to be a double cage as 1. With 2 doors on the front and 1 on each end and a flip top for them to fly out the top. With also a spot to put the dishes on both sides,a pull out tray at the bottom for cleaning. It needs to be chicken wire and wood. I also have a question about should it be stained or painted on the outside. Can someone please help me? I need the directions asap. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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LED Driver Help - 24 Leds, Red, 2.1-2.4 Drop, 700ma?

Hey everyone Been scratching my head for awhile now about this one. I believe I got the wrong drivers so I'm trying to figure out which one to get. I purchased these And I got this driver to run them But like I said, I'm running 24 in series not 18 and this drivers output is 680ma not 700ma I was going off the advice of a friend but I think he's wrong and I wasted my money (I can use them later though I'm sure) My question is Which LED Driver would be appropriate for these? If I increase the current (amps) would the wavelength change? It's just a tad lower then I wanted (more curious then anything) Can I alter the driver I got to accomidate the leds to save me money For future reference, how can I figure this out for myself Thanks guys, really hoping to hear back from you!

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What is the best way to to turn 24 volts dc into 14.4 volts dc?

I want to make a power supply for my laptop so I can use it for long time while camping.  I want to use car batteries.  I have tried using just one car battery but this does not work.  A car battery varies between 12.6 volts and 0 volts.  Most of the energy is gone by the time it gets to 10.5 volts.  An inverter is designed to be used when a car is running.  The alternator generates 14.4 volts so things which run off of a car alternators operate at 14.4 volts.  When I plug my laptop into an inverter which is connected to a car battery sans the car it will only work for a few minutes.  The voltage of the battery drops when current is being drawn from the battery.  This sets off a low voltage alarm on my inverter.   So new plan is to hook up two car batteries in series running at 24 volts.  This brings me to my question.  What is the best way to convert the battery power to a regulated 14.4 volts.  The battery will be 25.2 volts fully charged and will drop all the way to zero when dead if you let it.  Most of the energy would be gone by the time the battery gets 20 volts.   The set up will be 24 volt batteries---14.4 volt regulator---inverter---laptop

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