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Hi im new to this site yall can all tell ive ben reading for weeks now and the more i read the more i get confused heres the thing i belong to several bus forums and all our buses (greyhounds) are 24v ive seen some real cool stuff like battery monitors and the led lights but 99% of stuff is for 12v or less even tho i do love to do my own projects im real slow at learning if anyone could post a how to or talk me thrugh a few things id love it and id pass the info on to others

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can I create plasma with about 24v? Answered

I just thought of this so I asked if it is possible#

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Best way to wire four 12V LED light strips to a 24V power source? Answered

It's been over 20 years since I took an electronics class, so I'd be grateful if I could get some help with this.  I'm trying to figure out if four ready-made 12V LED light strips can be wired to work with a 24V power source (two 12V 8Ah SLA batteries wired in series) without damaging anything. I want to add lights to a bike party sound system I made from an Instructable (diagram below).  Can I just wire the LED strips in parallel and wire then just wire that in parallel with the mixer?  Or is there a more efficient/safer way of doing it? Here's a pic of the ready-made 12V LED (12 LEDs / Red / 115mm strip length)

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12v to 24v converter makes led flick - help!

Hi!! I installed 3 led lamp 24v in a caravan(RV). I have as a source a 12v battery from the 12v battery (a battery from a car with 90AH). To supply the led lamps I have installed a 12v to 24v convert 3 amp between the 12v battery and the 24v led lamps. But as soon as I turn on the power, all leds start to flick / blink. So what is the problem? Please help!!! I dont know. Convert 12v to 24v 3A 72W 3 x 24v 9w led (search in google for sl70011-9w-84) This led lamps are sold to be installed in a house and they are sold with a led driver: input ac 175 - 285v output: 24v-32v model GSB-3909w. Please help!!!

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Cannon printer motor 24v Answered

What is the use of this toroid here?

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Anyone know where I could acquire a 120VAC-24VDC converter that outputs ~20A? Answered

Preferably at a price that doesn't break the bank.  I've been thinking about setting up a UPS for a robot that I'm working on, and 20A should be a bit higher than the amount of current that it would draw when up on jacks.

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can i use 1 speed controller (24v 350w) for x2 24v 350w motors????its for a electric cart?

Im looking to build a electric cart with two 24v 350w motors but im wondering if i can use just one speed controller for it, the speed controller is 24v 350w thanks  james

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24v motor 250w will it pull a bike? Answered

It is a 24VDC 250W 3000RPM motor will it pull a bike?

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can i use 1 speed controller (24v 350w) for x2 24v 350w motors????its for a electric cart?

Im looking to build a electric cart with two 24v 350w motors but im wondering if i can use just one speed controller for it, the speed controller is 24v 350w thanks james 

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Measuring Current of 24v dc motor

How to measure the max current of 24v dc motor.. please give me step by step guidance. many thanks

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Build a 24v 15amp power supply.

Does anyone know how to build a power supply that will provide 15 amps at 24vdc. I need one for the plasma speaker and it pulls 10 amps at 24vdc. I am hoping to keep down on costs as a similar pre-built power supply would be in the hundreds of dollars.

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How to convert 12v dc to 24v ?

Is there easy way to convert 12v to 24v.Found some circuit diagrams to increase voltage but dont know they are working. I brought a snail horn for my motorbike but it's sound very low. i know my motorbike battery is the reason for this, I need to increase voltage to make my motorbike horn louder. i'm currently testing 555 timer voltage doubler circuit on 123d circuits.  You can simulate it here  555 timer voltage doubler Give me a straight answer for this.. 

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I recently took apart a belt driven electric scooter and it is functional but i think i ruined the controller

When i short circuited its covered in epoxy so any ideas how to fix it and how can i mount everything on a kids bike with no welding also it is a one piece bike any ideas???

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Pls Help me!!!can i hold 12v dc and 24v dc? can i be grounded?

Pls Help me!!!can i hold 12v dc and 24v dc? can i be grounded?

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How to reduce voltage from 24V to 12V and 5V?

I have a power supply with output of 24V, 1A. I need to reduce the voltage to 12V to power a water pump and to 5V in order to power an Arduino and an air pump.  Can I just create a voltage divider using resistors for this? The water pump has an input of 12V, 5W.

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Motion sensor and dimmer for LED strip 24V DC

Hi I am designing a table lamp using LED strip with 24V DC. I want to use a motion sensor with distance range maximum 20cm and 24V DC. Here is a link that explains what I am looking for. Any one who can custom made this type of sensor?RegardsMehran

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How do I charge two marine cycle batteries at 24v? Answered

Hello, I've built a mobile stereo ice cream cart that I have posted here on instructables. We've been having a hard time with our SLA batteries. We have two 12v banks of three 7.2 sla batteries, run in series to make 24v. (six batteries total) We then use a car charger on trickle to charge the two banks separately. This is a pain, and the cells have been swelling. We desire a bit more battery life. (currently at about 6 hours) and simpler charging. My thought is two small marine cycle batteries (maybe 40 Amp/hrs each) and some sort of 24 volt charger. Would this work? Is there a better way to go?  Extra Points for Light, Cheap and Simple. Thanks so much! Tor BTW totally open to a battery lecture, or to get pointed to a good read. I feel like I need to get schooled.

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two in one: How to work with transistors and how to use a 24v system in a car and a 12v? Answered

1: So I have been playing with transistors, awesome little woks of science aren't they!?  Well everything I have done has been arduino based with the same voltage switching as the transistor's input.  Now of course there has to be a way to send more voltage across than is used to do the switching, but how do you add a ground and prevent that high voltage from entering the controlling circuit.  The basic idea is using an arduino to operate a transistor which controls a 12v DC light source.  Lets assume the arduino can't handle 12 volts and can only get up to 5v which is the highest supplied voltage.  Can a simple resistor attached to the emitter side work? I still feel like the voltage potential on the emitter would be too high for this to work, but I am new to transistors, any wiring diagram recommendations.  I have been through amplifier diagrams, but its too confusing to pick out just what is going on with the transistor, and the most important factor of why. 2: I was looking at aircraft lamps today for the sake of improved vehicle lighting, its quite popular around here, but the majority are 24 volts, at least they are on the brighter end of the spectrum.  Now I know you could use two 12 volt batteries and get the 24 volts and also just pull isolated power from one, (i think) to run the 12v system.  The problem I see is when applying voltage from a 24 volt alternator, It could potentially bring the 12v system voltage above desired levels right?  There isn't a high power easy 12v limiter is there either.  So would these require two completely separate systems along with 3 batteries or are there other ways of handling this task which allude me. Bonus: for all those light lovers check out these incandescent beasts!: Oh no, now I realized these are PS type, there goes those radical fun ideas.  Would this mean probe start or pulse start, and if so how do they work?

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how can i get more amps out of my power supply? Answered

Just tonight i bout a 22v power supply for my powerbook 190, but it only supplies about 230ma of power @ 22v, the 22v is fine, but i need to get 2 amps out of this, i can go as high as 24v, can someone please help?

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Speed control for a 24v to 250w wheelchair motor Answered

 Speed controller for a 24v to 250w wheelchair motor. Can anyone give me a list of parts needed to build  this also a  circuit board diagram showing where to put the components and the size of the PWM that would be required. Thanking you all again. hoplite66

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can I connect a 24v stepper motor on a uln2003 stepper motor driver? Answered

I'm triing to make a cnc and I thougt use this stepper motor driver, but my stepper motors are rated 24v and I think that uln 2003 didn't hold that voltage.

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How to convert 24v 3-4amp dc to 12v 1amp dc using minimum components?

How to convert 24v 3-4amp dc to 12v 1amp dc using minimum components? I tried using LM7812 but donno why output showing only 6-7v with no load, tried changing another 7812 but same. So please help or tell me another way. But when trying to step down from 24v to 5v with 7805 it's working, getting exact 5v output, then what's the problem with 7812? Why getting 6-7v output from 24v.

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Wireless 24V LED commutator style connection?

I have a run of 24V LED strip lights which a customer would like installed on a sliding gate system. I have seen this style of connection on the lighting systems for Ferris wheels Does anyone know of an off the shelf power supply similar to this for 24VDC strip lights?

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24v power supply out of computer psus?

So i watched a video a while ago, it was about turning a psu into a lab bench psu. The guy said you can run 2 of them together making 24v, having to cut the (earth)ground on one of them and have them running to the same outlet. So i can have the 24v but what about 3.3v and the 5v? im not really sure how those would work, wouldnt they just stay at their normal voltage levels?

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Control DC Motor with a L298N H-Bridge with 24V

Hello everyone, I bought this module with a L298N H-Bridge inside: Now I want to control a 24V DC motor with an incoming PWM 488 Hz signal from an external converter. I don't want an arduino or something else to control it. Just from this pwm signal. How do I connect it? I use a 24V power supply.

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amps vs milliamps ?

I have a ac/dc adapter with an output of 24V - 400mA. I am looking at a new adapter with an output of 24V - 1A. Will this damage the charger or battery? Thank u

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can I activate a 24v relay using my house's power grid(220v)?

I am making an automatic  fish feeder and to activate it ? I'm thinking about using a 24v 1100ohm relay that I have laying around. My question is: can I do it? If not can I just put a resistor on it? It's supposed to be activeted a bout 15 minutes every day.

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Know of a cheap 24v li-ion to run a boom box?

Hello, I've been building boom boxes of various sizes using 24v amplifiers. I can never find medium sized 12v class d amplifiers, so I am forced to used 24v. My favorite amplifier is the tk2050. The inexpensive li-ion cctv batteries I use for my 12v amplifiers can't be used in series because the internal circuitry seems to cut out.  Can anyone help? Extra points for simple, cheap, light. Something around 7 Amp/hrs would be great. Maybe under $30. Oh, and how would you charge it? Thanks!!! Tor

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make a high current 12v to 24v converter or doubler?

Hello i need to make a 24v power supply from a 12v source it also has to be able to handle 15 amps of output, any help in making this would be appreciated.  Also series wiring two batteries wont do for me. Thanks to all who answer

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Can a 24V AC stepper motor be run from 12V DC ?

Hi Instructables people,  have been searching for days to find if there any way of running 24V AC bipolar steppe motor from a 12V DC battery without using a DC to AC inverter. Not used stepper motors before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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how much resistance to reduce a current of 5A (24V DC) to 2A? without changing the Voltage.

In a 24V alternator i'd like to manually (and variably) reduce the field current (5A) to 1A  (in order to regulate the alternator output)  can i do it with a rheostat?  what kind of resistance must it have (rheostat specs)? is output current linear to field current?  5A field = 75A output,  1A field = 15A output ? thank you!

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Is it possible to wire computer PSU's in series to achieve a higher voltage? If so, how can it be done?

I want to make bench top PSU's out of old computer power supplies and I want a 24v output as well as the typical outputs, but I don't want to put a transformer on it that could only handle so much current (I might want to run some bigger motors off it)

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Is my circuit OK?

I'm building a circuit that uses two 5V inputs and one 24V input. I drew a schematic that I think will work but I want to make sure it does before building it. Can somebody tell me if I'll really get 5V and 24V?

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What value resistor do i need to make 24v 2.48 amps 22.5v?

I have 24v and 2.48 amps i need 22.5v what value resistor should i use? also could you show me how to get the answer i love learning about electronics I am using this to power 5, 5mm leds that operate off 3lr1130 button cells each

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could a 24v 8" hub motor scooter wheel be run off 2 18v 4ah cordless drill batteries?

If so, how long might it roll at a fairly constant average walking speed (3mph) on one charge? example wheel: example drill battery:

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can i use two pc psu's to get 24v? Answered

Yesterday i had a great thought for getting my macintosh powerbook 190 to power up. If i used two 12v sources in parallel i could get 24v (i think thats what it is, i mean where one power supplies negative is connected to the others positive and the neg of one and the pos of the other are used to create a combined voltage). So i tried it with one pc power supply but then i realized the 12v's are all connected to the same circuit so hooking it up like that would just short it out. I tried with two wall adapters, and on my voltmeter, it gave me around 30v with no load. the only problem is, that it doesn't supply 2 amps worth of power. but the 12v line on a pc psu supplies at least 10 amps, so if i used two pc power supplies (to prevent any shorting out) and hooked them up like described, could i get the 24v @ at least 2 amps that i need for this? Thanks in advance, z247

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Controlling the speed of a 12/24V 100W DC motor? Answered

Hi all, I have been given a 24v DC 100W old scooter motor and one 12v battery (the other 12v battery died). I'd like to be able to control the speed of the motor and have been told I would need a PWM. I have found a PWM on ebay which says that it's a PWM HHO RC Controller, 12V 30A. Would this one be sufficient to slow the motor to say 10-20 RPM and back up to full speed? Thanks in advance.

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How to Limit Current on a 24V DC Battery Charger? Answered

Due to what I feel is a Bad design on the charger. I'm trying to limit current coming from a 120V AC to 24 Volt Dc Battery Charger.  The Charger Is what is supposed to be a  Plain 10 Amp Only 24 Volt Charger. However when hooked to a dead set of batteries the current skyrockets up to 30-35 Amps and it trips the internal 20 Amp Breaker.  Is there something I can do to regulate the current down to a better amperage ?  Thanks In Advance. 

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What batterys have a 12 or 24v, 3amp capabilities?

Excuse the lack of technical speak but i struggle with it. I've recently given a pair or old Russian PNV-57a  night vision goggles, unfortunately they have to be plugged into a tank to operate. I don't have a tank... unfortunately.  Im looking to get them attached to a battery so i can walk about with them. They got a box at the back which allows them to be powered with 12-24 Volts with an ampage of 3 to 3.5 a maximum power consumption or less. That's the information I've been given apart from their very robust and not very picky when it comes to power supply. like i said i want to power them with a battery but don't know what battery or if i need to make any circuits.  Any ideas? Thanks folk  Ben-jammin (

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What would happen if you used a 24v battery pack in an 18v cordless drill? Will this damage the motor? Answered

Thinking about overclocking some of my 18v power tools.  I can adapt 24v battery packs to fit into them.  Obvious advantage is they will run faster and should run longer with the extra power.  My only concern is can this damage the motors?  I think the only real risk is overheating but it I take steps to avoid that would everything else be okay?  I've also considered hooking two battery packs together to run an 18v saw at 36 volts.

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How to turn on a 24v solenoid when a 110v unit is shut off? Answered

Ok, so an odd ball scenario. I need to open a 24v solenoid(lawn sprinkler valve NC) for 5 minutes after main power(110v) has been shut off to a device. I have the ability to piggy back on all the power terminals, so it could have constant and switched power. I feel like this kind of thing will exist somewhere, I just can't find it at a Home Depot, and can't seem to google the right key words. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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50W amp 60W speakers? Answered

Ive got a 50w dual output Bluetooth only amp, I've also got Two 60w speakers would putting the max volume into the speakers damage them if played for a while. The speakers are 4" and slightly distort at max , could be from slight under power , the amp is rated at 8v to 24v and I am using a 19 v 3.16 amp laptop power supply Speakers 8ohm 60w  Amp dual output Bluetooth only 50w x2 Amp power 8v to 24v

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LED amplifier from 12V controll to 20-24V 30W 350mAh

Hello everyone,First of all I'm totally new to electronics. Actually I'm a programmer, but wanted to work out some LED home lightning system.My LED Home lightning system will be driven by arduino. I allready figured out how to power 12v RGBW LED strips.But now i want to incorporated 30W RGB LED chips with heat sinks (that I will make into celing lamps), that are driven by 22-24V 350mAh. I want to have RGB LED amplifier/extender, to be able to achieve modularity. So each 30W RGB LED would get input from common anode RGB LED controller (arduino or any other on market RGBW controller) or RGB LED strip.So question would be: Can anyone help me with schematics and transistor or mossfet choices for creating such amplifier?I'm attaching simple ilustration.

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My power supply wont work, whats wrong?

I have an old AWA power supply that puts out DC between 10 and 24 volts. i was running a motor at 24v and suddenly now stays at 24v. i turn the potentiometer and nothing changes the voltage. Whats wrong and how can i fix it?

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how can i convert one 24v dc output into two 12v dc outputs? Answered

I am making a psu for my cctv system. i have a fairly new psu from a fire alarm panel which has battery terminals so it can still supply power even if the mains is out. my cameras can run on about 9-24v but my DVR needs exactly 12v 5a. The most logical thing to do i guess is convert the 24v output from the psu into 12v that i can then fuse off to go to different cameras and the dvr. trouble is i don't know how to. i thought of a voltage divider but it turns out they are bad if using more than a couple of Milli amps. would a voltage regulator do it? i'm abit stuck here so any help at all would be brilliant. thanks - luke

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