Control of 25 electromagnets

Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a controller to manage 25 electromagnets. I've managed to come up with a driver circuit to energise each individual electromagnet using an N channel eMOSFET in parrallel with a diode. I need a programmable controller to operate the gate of each eMOSFET but the controller must be capable of managing all 25 switches. thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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25% Discount on

BLURB DISCOUNT: Get 25% off on by using the code: BOOKMAKER25. Each customer can use this promotion 1 time. Offer valid between 2015-10-26 and 2016-01-29. Promotion only valid for books created by the customer and not for Blurb bookstore books. Enter the Book It Contest with Blurb!!

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Hello guys!    My sons Nerf Vulcan's barrel does not rotate. I opened it up and found out that the little spring that makes the hook come back to its normal state, no longer does that. I was wondering how I can fix it. Here are some pictures of it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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How am I supposed to increase the range of my Nerf Vulcan EBF-25? (Without cracking the gun open)

I have a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 but I think the range is not enough for me.I need someone to help me increase the range of the automatic firing because I have a rival in Nerf who doesn't understand that the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 is better than his Rapid Fire 20. (Actually I think a Rapid Fire is really better than a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 because you just pump before a Nerf War and then just casually shoot anyone who dares come to you.)

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Help with SMD marking!

Hello, I recently had a tablet to repair and this SMD IC was damaged: "C03AE". I can't figure out exactly what it is. Results I got range from LDO to Power switch to overcurrent protection. Does anyone know or have the datasheet for the latter? Its SOT-25 package. The tablet works fine without the IC (can charge, work on wall adapter only, etc). Here are some voltage readings WRT to ground (pin 2) and battery at 36% charge (pin numbering as per picture) Case 1: display ON, charger not connected: Pin 1, 3 and 4: 0.00V Pin 5: 3.64V Case 2: display OFF, charger not connected Same as case 1 Case 3: display ON, charger connected Pin 1: 4.74V Pin 3 and 4: 0.00V Pin 5: 4.64V Case 4: display OFF, charger connected Pin 1: 5.11V Pin 3 and 4: 0.00V Pin 5: 4.74V Any help is greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Nawaz

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Schematic circuit for 25 leds Answered

I  want to use 10   3m Blue  3.3Vf  20If  and 15   3mm Green 2.2Vf  30If LEDS  spaced over about 24" or 600 mm  using a 12 V AC 500ma  power supply  They can be wired in 2 arrays ( blue set  and green set    Could you kind people put me on the right track to design a safe working circuit for this project  I would like a on/off switch and say 1/2 watt  fuse or what ever size fuse is required   thank you for your help Alex

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$25 Million for Capturing Carbon

Gore and Branson have teamed up to sponsor an X-prize-like competition for capturing carbon dioxide. I love these types of competitions. Is anyone here on Instructables in a position to enter? With a bit of industry-sponsorship, this would make for a series of fantastic Ph.D projects. From: multi-million dollar prize is on offer to anyone who can invent a device that will remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As one of the largest science prizes on offer, it is likely to attract huge interest globally in a bid to combat climate change.The initiative was launched today by British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and former US Vice-President Al Gore in London.The US$25 million "Virgin Earth Challenge" Prize can be claimed for any invention that will remove "significant" amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - perhaps in the order of a billion tonnes a year. Current global emissions are more than 7 billion tonnes per year."The winner must be able to demonstrate a commercially viable design which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric, greenhouse gases each year for at least ten years without countervailing harmful effects," state the written rules of the competition. It must "contribute materially to the stability of the Earth's climate".The winning entry could be anything from manufacturing bacteria to install in industrial emissions pipes, to creating a system that buries CO2 underground, or even inventing artificial trees to breathe in the gas from the air.

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A good deep vacuum pump? Answered

I'm looking for a vacuum pump for use with projects like the fusor included in make magazine, a laser tube, or a plasma ball.  It doesn't need to move huge amounts of air, but nothing below 1.5 lpm.  It also needs to have an ultimate vacuum of at most 25 microns.  I have been unable to locate any pumps which meet these standards, all of them have ultimate vacuums of around 100 to 75 microns or are completely unlisted.  Do any of you have some experience with these and some advice.  I don't need something for pumping out heating/cooling units daily, just a very deep vacuum a couple times a month.

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Design for a 25 MHz oscillator/inverter that can operate at 110 volts.?

Can anyone help me find a design for or creating a design for a 25 MHz oscillator/inverter... I also could use a design for or a compact inverter that can have the same voltage rating but bring the frequency of a dc current to 60 Hz.

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Happy Birthday to the first Domain Name!

 Today, March the 15th, is the 25th anniversary of, the first EVER domain name! Happy Birthday! Link

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100$ Shapeways credit for 55$ for a limited time ! save 45$ JUST FOR TWO DAYS!

I have 100$  credit for shapeways to sell for 55$ , because I need money for something different than printing in 3D ;) Send me PM message if you are interested in buying it. Here is an screen capture just to prove that i have it. Nobody was interested in this topic when it was in marketplace section so i post it here. TWO DAY SPECIAL OFFER !  55$ FOR 100$  3D PRINTING VOUCHER!  JUST TWO DAYS OF SPECIAL OFFER!

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Building a 25 foot set of stairs?

I would like to know how to build a one run set of stairs (25 foot) to be used as access to river.

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is there a basic dremel, under 25 dollars? Answered

I need a dremel for making a coin ring, is there one cheapish, but good?

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The Puppet Contest is starting on March 25!

The Puppet Contest is open to Instructables that demonstrate puppet making, puppeteering and animatronic techniques. Whether you are working with sock puppets, shadow puppets, Muppet-style puppets, or animatronics, we want to see it. Anything and everything and anything puppet-related is fair game! We are particularly looking for well-documented instructables that show off your creativity, and talent. Participants will have the chance to win a number of cool prizes including a Canon Rebel T4I, and a custom Muppet Whatnot. The Puppet Contest is open March 25 - May 20! Make sure not to publish your puppet instructables before March 25 or they'll be ineligible.

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25 KVA tesla coil transformer

I have a monster size transformer and I would like to sell it! it is made by general electric, 25 KVA, was oil cooled, (I removed it from its tank)this transformer is the same size used to power subdivisions, 4 to 30 houses ( think of the power!)just image the size of tesla coil this thing could power! WOW! tank size was 17X26X31I would like to get $400 dollars and you take care of the cost for shipping. thats about one quarter the cost of buying a new one even with the shipping cost. (350 pounds!)be reasonable! the person who offers me more money gets it! send me a email, NOT a comment at the bottem. I will wait 1 to 2 weeks to see who offers the most. 5/14/09 I will only take money orders, because they are the safest for you and me.

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The GOP25

I was bored again so I made a modded version of my Oodammo pistol, now it has 17 extra shots, making it the highest capacity oodammo pistol that I know of. picture 1 is the gun against my computer screen (yay instructables!) picture 2 is a comparison with the original and picture 3 is a better veiw of the gun, I have also included the video of the original gun (it works the same but with 17 more bullets) Oh in case you were wondering the name stands for Generic Oodammo Pistol with the number of shots after it  

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how to fix nerf vulcan ebf 25?

The loader wont move the belt

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Britain's Most Powerfull Earthquake In .... 25 Years!!!

Well Britain was hit with a massive earthquake at just before 1:00 am yesterday!It measured at 5.2 on the richter scale! Most powerfullest earthquake in 25 years!I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep, when suddenly I felt this tugging on my bed..., then the doors started to shake violently, and the bed was jolting back and forth. I sh*t myself (not litterally) thinking it what the f*** was going on.Then I found out the next day. Luckily everyone was okay in my house.And amzingly...No house damage! (yay)Oh ya, the earhquake only lasted for 5 seconds!So fellow Instructable-rs who live in Britain, how would you describe your experience? What were you doing at the time? Did you even feel it?Any damage?

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NYC Show & Tell, Wednesday, 4/25

Missed the Show & Tells last month? Here's your chance to hit another one in NYC and pick up your Robot sticker!From Phil Torrone's post on the MAKE blog:On Wednesday 4/25 we will have another "MAKE night" at our offices @ Etsy in Brooklyn, NY! Join us (MAKE/CRAFT), Etsy, Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music), Instructables, Popular Science and more for a night of paper projects!You can bring any project you want, but paper is our theme. As always, it's show and tell - there won't be presentations. Think of it as an informal science fair!MAKE will have our drawbot and you can get your picture draw by a real live robot (well, alive for a robot). We will have a paper airplane contest (feel free to bring ones you've made ahead of time). We'll also have paper plate sculpture building, music made from paper with Peter Kirn and old Popular Science archives.So join us! Just RVSP (not required but helpful!) to - rsvp@etsy.comApril 25th, 2007MAKE @ Etsy Labs, 325 Gold Street, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201Map - Link.If there is interest, we may also do a late night game of werewolf - are you a villager or a wolf? Only one way to find out.

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Anyone know anything about old (60's) guitar amps?

I picked up old a Jansen eight 25. It's in not bad condition, apart from a dodgy tube socket and a missing dial, all of which can be repaired easily. Anyway, I was looking on-line and could not find any data for it other than it's a early 60's amp. Seems to work great. the unit is about 2feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. Made in New Zealand. So I was wondering if anyone could provide me with more data on this, if it is worth anything. If it is not, then it would make a interesting teardown.

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Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol

Hallo, I am considering getting the Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol from Shorty USA. I have a few questions, though. I was wondering if anyone actually has this gun. And if you do, what do you think, and do you know any mods to make it fire faster than the 170 F.P.S. that it does? My last question is; Does anyone know any other place to get it besides Shorty USA or eBay? Thanks.

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Actuated Matter Workshop / Zurich / July 25-29

APPLY NOW !!!! The Actuated Matter workshop explores the application of smart materials and their ability to transform space into responsive, adaptive environments. We will develop a speculative model for membrane structures that exhibit properties of sensitivity, resilience, and decay. By physically engaging with the behaviours of active materials, we experiment with the threshold between the electronic and mechanic, the analog and the digital. The workshop follows a do-it-yourself approach and will result in the development of sonic, luminous and moving modules that will populate and activate the environment. This workshop is part of a recent research initiative called “Emotive Environments” and emerges from a collaboration between ZHDK's Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (, the Interaction Design Institute (, ETH's Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design ( and London based Loop.pH Design Research Studio ( Participants will work in small groups, each be led by someone with experience in the particular field of research. The workshop will be complemented by a final presentation and unveiling event, where you are also invited to come see the results, if you cannot attend the workshop. The workshop is free of charge. Application forms and more information can be found at: APPLICATION CLOSES JULY 13 

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Trash-Burning Car, Giant Bristlebot, 25 Cent Ring

Trash-Burning Car Giant Bristlebot 25 Cent Ring Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube Paper Wallet Weld a Barbecue Easy Rain Barrel Build an Artificial Reef How to Freeze Blueberries Beach Towel for Two Terra Cotta Fountain iMac Desk Clone a Tomato Plant Crocheted Fairy Wings Stainless Steel Patio Heater

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Proximity Sensor 1' - 25'; Bat Ears for a Blind Woman

First of all, I'm a noob in electronics, so please explain your jargon as you would to a 3 year old. I am smart & learn quickly. So, I really want to make my blind 80 year-old grandmother a pair of bat ears. I bought her one of those sonic distance measureres from home-depot because of the barely audible tic they send out to bounce off wall/etc and record the time it takes the signal to return. You can hear the tic, and with your eyes closed.. you can kinda tell how far things are away from you just by listening. She loves it, and it just barely.. kinda works. What I"m shooting for is a single over-ear headphone (xbox-live communicator style) with some type of proximity sensor attached, sending a constant signal to the headphone... low for long distances, gradually higher for gradually closer distances. Any reasonable suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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What is this website: Dungmusic . Answered

I googled my email address today and the top entry was this: 09/05/2011 05:09:07 Outgoing Emailer Started09/05/2011 05:09:16 ... ...... 06:09:53 Successfully sent:(1955) MY EMAIL ... I searched for this company but every site seems to be just pages of this type of thing: hiphophanger@gmail.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(964) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(965) 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(965) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(966) flanaganpaddy1@hotmail.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(966) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(967) 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(967) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(968) debiatfinalphase@msn.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(968) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(969) 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(969) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(970) 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(970) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(971) scobling1979@hotmail.com09/14/2011 22:09:25 Successfully sent:(971) 22:09:25 Trying to send:(972) 22:09:26 Successfully sent:(972) 22:09:26 Trying to send:(973) s I'm just curious: what is it? Thanks.

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25 Cent Silver Ring, The Headache Machine, Classic 3D photographs

25 Cent Silver Ring The Headache Machine Classic 3D Photographs Time Lapse Add-On Pipe Shelving Unit Candy Tin Martini Kit Pocket Abacus Motion Detection Camera Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins Realistic Model Spaceship Kiss Chemicals Goodbye Fresnal Lens Death Ray Wooden Centrifugal Puzzle Gummi Bricks Train Bed Money Muncher Tennis Ball Paracord Bracelets 4x4x4 LED Cube - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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leds.want to make a stop turn brake light.about 20 or 25 bulbs. Answered

How much power will it take to light the bulbs?does a resistor need to go in front of each bulb?

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San Jose 4/25-4/28: Costume Con 26

" Costume-Con 26 is a 4-day weekend conference for everyone who designs, makes, wears and/or admires costumes. CC-26 will include a myriad of instructional workshops, panel discussions, displays, a dealers room, costume competitions, get-togethers, parties, and the broadest collection of creativity all focused on costuming that you have ever had the privilege to contact in one place. Nothing starts the creative juices flowing in new paths like the intensive exposure to fresh viewpoints, techniques and enthusiastic dialog. Here, there be passion....."

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there is 25 pins on lpt , how I know what's pins number used to drive each axis and what software are used .?

Easy buid CNC driver motor said that there is 3 pins on lpt to drive each motor . Which one , there is 25 pins on lpt .

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is 470 mf close enough to replace a 500 mf cap ? Both are 25 volts

Is 470 mf close enough to replace a 500 mf cap ?  Both are 25 volts

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How much would a 3 foot .25 inch steel rod cost? Answered

How much would something like that cost and where would be the best place to buy one?

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is there any way to make your own 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply?

I don't have a 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply unit. I need one for my Linksys router. Just asking if it was possible to build your own. Besides i get to learn about volt, Amps and watt , that's supposing i don't fry my self by electrocution. Can any one help my, no...! Not to electrocute my self. to make  or build my own 5vdc~ 25Amp power supply. Your expertise will be of knowledge well past on. TNX

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Electomagnetic help!!! How to build a small electromagnet that holds 20-25 pounds?

I want to build an electromagnet that holds 15-25 pounds but is small enough to strap three of them on my forearm. Because it will be on my body, I want to make the magnet in a way that won't be very hot. I'm kinda a noob at this kind of thing, so please be specific!!! Also, would a doughnut shaped electromagnet work? If you have any questions or anything that needs to be clarified, please comment and I'll try to explain in greater detail. If you've read this far, thank you so much, and please help!!!! God bless

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My favorites from the week of 2006-12-18 and 2006-12-25

Fire Lamp!This project makes me feel shameful about my made-in-China, bought-at-a-big-box-store lamps and inspires me to make a few of my own.Magnetic Rubik's Dice CubeI really hope we see more variations on this theme. Great project!Kite Powered Land ProaI've always wanted to make a land conversion for my ice proa. Custom MirrorI always find it amazing how reflected light from fluorescent tubes looks so much better when reflected. This reminds me that I want to install lights under the cabinets in the kitchen.Wooden Candle HolderGreat use of found materials. The grain of the wood is gorgeous.Paint your Laptop - Project: Big RedNice! A much better job then I did on mine.

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Which NERF gun under $25 should i get for a 1v1? Read teh details plz. Answered

Alright. heres a "tough question".im having a 1v1 nerf war. i also have $25 to kill. i have a recon and a maverick. my friend has no nerf guns or anything! i dont care about wat type of dart, just what gun(s) should i get? you know, like the firefly or the magstrike or 2 strikefires or what! ty in advance!

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One day I decided to host a FSX(Flight Simulator X) party for the Instructables community.The party will be named "Instructables" in the GameSpy list.Use your Instructables username.Times:16:55:38 Thursday July 25, 2009 in GMT11:56:00 Thursday July 25, 2009 in EST09:57:08 Thursday July 25, 2009 in PST8PDT16:57:37 Thursday July 25, 2009 in Zulu16:57:54 Thursday July 25, 2009 in UCT11:58:11 Thursday July 25, 2009 in US/Central09:58:36 Thursday July 25, 2009 in US/Pacific16:58:59 Thursday July 25, 2009 in UniversalIf your time isn't listed, use this.All times in 24hr.The party will go on for 10 hours.SF International Airport is recommended for flight departure and arrivals,but you are absolutely free to spawn anywhere you like.Just don't spawn on the runway.I will be providing ATC,along with whoever wants to do ATC.GO FORTH AND FLY FELLOW IBLERIMPORTANT NOTE:THESE DATES ARE FOR THE CANCELLED PARTY. OBTAIN FSX BEFORE THE NEXT PARTY

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Problem #3

3: Find xSolution: x = 5a2 + b2 = c2a=3b=4c=x32 + 42 = x29+16 = x225 = x2sqrt(25) = x5 = xx = 5:-)

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I have the firefly,Vulcan ebf 25,and the recon

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How to make all terrain robotic car? Pls list out all the parts required and also the step by step procedure to make it.

The dimension of the entire car should be 30*25*25 cm... and should run in a 12v supply...... It should be of min cost too...

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I have a 25 dollar gift card to Itunes and I need to use it but I only have a creative Zen X-Fi? Answered

 would I be able to download it onto a SD card and play it back on my Zen 

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Help with this Arduino sketch please... Answered

I got this sketch for flashing LED's off a site the other day and have been playing with it to try and have a couple of the LED's on all the time but I have failed, can someone please give me some help. int sensorValue = 0;    //make a variable where you can store incoming                         //analog values void setup(){   pinMode(12, OUTPUT);  //tell arduino what you'll be using these pins   pinMode(11, OUTPUT);  // for (output).   pinMode(10, OUTPUT);   pinMode(9, OUTPUT);   pinMode(8, OUTPUT);   Serial.begin(9600);  //initialize serial } void loop(){      //we put the code we want executed in a loop Serial.print("sensor = " );  //sends what's in quotes via serial Serial.println(sensorValue); //sends our variable (sensorValue)                              //via serial     digitalWrite(12,HIGH);       // lights the led   sensorValue = analogRead(0); // reads pin 0   delay(sensorValue + 25);     // sensorValue used for delay   digitalWrite(12,LOW);        //turns off the led   delay(15);                   //delay before moving to next output pin                                //the + 25 keeps delay from reaching zero            //code below is for remaining 4 LEDs   digitalWrite(11,HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(11,LOW); delay(15);   digitalWrite(10,HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(10,LOW); delay(15);   digitalWrite(9,HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(9,LOW); delay(15);   digitalWrite(8, HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(8, LOW); delay(15);   digitalWrite(9,HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(9,LOW); delay(15);   digitalWrite(10,HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(10,LOW); delay(15);   digitalWrite(11,HIGH);   sensorValue = analogRead(0);   delay(sensorValue + 25);   digitalWrite(11,LOW); delay(15); }

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need 15 Ohms, 5 Watt Aluminium housed resistors. I want 25 pieces.

Need 25 pieces of the following:-  Aluminium housed 15 Ohms/ 5Watt resistors. Newark, Allied, NTE etc are cut throats. Any one has a clue, please?

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How to do/live Parkour? Answered

My training so far is as follows;25 Lunges (+5 everyotherday)----With Dumbells, then Without DBells25 Squats(+3 everyotherday)----With Dumbells, then Without DBells25 Pushups(+1 everotherday)7 pull ups, (+1 every 2 days, every other)30 Curl/Sit Ups(+2 everyotherday)2 Pistols(+2Every4days)Run 1/16 or 1/8 mile.End With 20 SamsonStretchesCan somone tip on anything else I can do? Tips on parkour moves?

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How to work out the Resistors needed to get 25% & 50% speed on a 6v motor using a rotary switch? Answered

Hi there, I have a small motor rated from 1.5 to 9 V DC that operates off a 6 volt lead acid battery. I need to connect a rotary switch (1 pole 3 way) so that in position 1=off  position 2= 25% speed and position 3 = 50% speed. How can I work out what Resistor to use to get the motor to operate at roughly 25% & 50% speed? ______________________________________ EXTRA INFORMATION ON THE MOTOR: ______________________________________ No Load @ 6V   =   Current = 0.021 A    Speed = 2790 rpm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Max. efficiency @ 6V = Current = 0.084 A    Speed = 2234 rpm  Torque  = ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Load @ 6V = Current = 0.180 A Speed = 1395 rpm Torque = ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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is there a way to lower a transformers power from 25 volts to charge a 19.2 volt drill battery?

I got a 19.2 volt battery tool kit without the charger,and i have a 25 volt 2 amp transformer (110 volt input) im not using and i want to use it to charge the batterys if its possible. ive read online that 2 amps is not a problem but it needs to be the same volts and i have no idea how to knock off  5 or 6 volts i would apreciate any help.

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