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Rockbox on the Ipod nano 2g Answered

How do I play movies(and what format do they have to be as well as how do I convert them)? Where can I get pacman(it is not included)? Also, is there a tower defense game that I can play on Rockbox?

Question by hunter1125    |  last reply

.2g airsoft bbs curving up

I'm using .2g bbs with my UTG MK23 airsoft pistol, which I have been told are better than the .12g because they will not curve up. Yet when I shoot with the .2g bbs, they still curve way up and I have to aim below my target to hit it. Does anyone know why this might happen and/or how to fix?

Question by Xevious45    |  last reply

Can you upgrade a 2G cell phone to 3G?

Im wondering if its possible to convert a 2G cell phone to 3G? I know that there would have to be hardware changes, but is it possible?

Question by Innovation_Incorporated    |  last reply

What can i do with a iphone 2g?

The lcd is working and the hard disk also, is there a way to use it in a different use?

Question by pdxpdx    |  last reply

What ipod charge pinout should i use? Answered

I am trying to build an ipod charger that will charge an ipod at 1amp im not sure what pinout i should use as i will be charging different ipods on it. Mostly a 5g nano, and a 2g touch. occasionaly possibly a 2g nano. have hard of many different methods. 150K ohm resistors, shorting out data pins, using lots of resistors, using few resistors...... could i maybe use line out too on my charger?, what is better quality? headphone jack or line out? thx many times

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

I want to run android on ipod touch 2g.?

I want to run android on my jailbroken ipod touch 2g. I want only android I do not want open Iboot or bootlace. I just want the android operating system with no trace of apple IOS. If any one can help I would really appreciate it. Can some help me please?

Question by steve-lane    |  last reply

iPod 2G to iPod 5G Hard Drive Converter

I have two iPod 5Gs (iPod w/ video), and one of them went through my washing machine. I also have an iPod 2G (with the actual spinning wheel), and I want to transplant the larger 30G hard drive into the older iPod. I opened them up, and was disappointed to find out that the connectors were different. Does anyone know if there is any way to connect the larger hard drive to the old iPod?

Topic by Ora  

Which one of the app stores are the fastest for Iphone 2g?

Cydia, Apple Appstore, Ice any other? they say Cydia is slow, what do you use? thanks also my iphone came with a sim card  says 3g on it but the phone says 2g(a1203) thanks

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

How to convert a 2G sims operating device to a 4G?

I have 2 GSM 2G Sims card  listening devices which is not capable to work on 3g or 4g network.. Since cell phone companies now require a 4g sims card and the listening devices have not advance to work on the 3G or 4G network, I need to convert my device to work on a gsm/wcdma.  The problem is that I don't have an older sims card.  AT&T; and T-Model are stating I have to get their 4G sims.  And I can't find a cell phone company still operating on Edge (2g ).  Can anyone help? Here's a link to show the 2 devices:;=item45fabd12c8;=item45fdc07489     Thank you

Question by chamilton7562    |  last reply

How to upgrade an Intel Macbook pro 2.16 Ghz RAM from 2G to 4G?

How to upgrade an Intel Macbook pro 2.16 Ghz RAM from 2G to 4G

Question by kais0    |  last reply

how do i replace glass screen on itouch 2g?

I have a i touch 2g dont know how to take case off or how to replace outside screen? please help

Question by mad60505    |  last reply

Ipod touch 2g wont open on itunes error 0xE800000A??

I pressed update  nope i tried force restore/dfu, nope i tried shift clicking with a felix burns ispw nope i dont know what to do and its really peeving me off its jailbroken with 3.1.2 firmwear  please answer soon my ipod is my life D': i am running windows vista with itunes 9

Question by goeon    |  last reply

Can I use ipod accesories for Iphone 2g(a1203)? Answered

I see lots of $1 accessories in stores for Ipod movie and other ipods like ipod movie cable for Tv, as  well as car charger (after modification) will this Ipod data connector? thanks

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

How do you jailbreak a 2G iPod Touch with 3.1.2 firmware? Answered

I've searched on 'ibles for the answer, but every 'ible is different, and most of them don't make any sense. I want an easy to understand, simple solution. To be more specific about the model, I have an 8GB 2nd Generation iPod Touch, with the new 3.1.2 firmware. I just got it today. Any help is appreciated! -Shadow Ops

Question by Arbitror    |  last reply

homemade signal booster? Answered

I was trying to figure out how to boast my signal coverage in my area, and a got an idea: to use a UHF amplifier, to pick up the towers signal and rebroadcast it. of coarse since things like WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular 2G/3G/4G networks use two way radio, the signal can go back to the reviving end of the UHF amp, and get broadcasting to hit whatever tower. my phone should better recognize the tower, as if i just magically made a tower 2 feet away. however this might also amplify stay noise. if this idea doesn't work, why not? i think i am going to need at least a 20dB increase in power, but as of now i  need to do more research. but if i can buy a product that does a similar thing for less than $40, i would. (cellphones use UHF spectrum)

Question by -max-    |  last reply

Things to do with and Old Ipod?

A couple months ago, my 2g ipod touch broke. Since then I have gotten a new one. But is there anything i can do with the old broken one?

Question by schoonovermr    |  last reply

Usb Ipod sync cable that has a separate higher amperage power input?? Answered

Hi there! I was wondering whether it would be possible to split an ipod sync cable so that the data lines still run back to the computer but the ground and +5v cables be connected to an external power source with more amperage (to speed up charging)?/ Would that be possible??? 

Question by joearkay    |  last reply

Looking for programming/scripting options for iPod Touch that don't involve Apple Dev solutions.

I've been casting around for ways to program my iPod Touch 2G, such as by using Python or Processing. Not enthusiastic about jailbraking it at present. Wanting to interface an Arduino to it to do data logging, time-series analysis, graphing.

Question by Chris Kinata    |  last reply

How to remove crumbs from under an ipod touch screen? Answered

I have an iPod touch 2g and I somehow have crumbs under my screen. I wonder why this happens and how to fix it. Another question is do I need a new digitizer or can i just take it out then put it back in?

Question by D5quar3    |  last reply

Can I update jailbroken firmware without erasing and restoring my Ipod? Answered

I have an ipod touch 2g (MC) running iOS 4 that i jailbroke with jailbreakme.   is there a way to update this to 4.0.1 without having to delete all of my cydia apps (updating through iTunes and then re-jailbreaking)?  any help would be great. thanks

Question by budabob07    |  last reply

Can I jailbroke my iTouch 3.1.1 firmware with Blackra1n?

I have a 2G iPod with the 3.1.1 (7C145) firmware. If I Jailbroke it with Blackra1n I can change the theme, instal free apps through the installer, etc. But can I keep using the standard iPod apps (Like Facebook, safari, music, etc.) and download things through the AppStore?

Question by diegolay    |  last reply

What are the best iPhone data plans in Portugal and Spain?

I will be traveling in Portugal and Spain (attending the OFFF 2009 Conference) and would like to use my unlocked 2G iPhone to check email and check Instructables. I am currently an AT&T; subscriber, but their international data plans are too expensive -- $.0195/KB or so. Are there providers in Portugal and Spain that will allow me to buy a month's worth of unlimited data usage for a reasonable price?

Question by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Why does my iPod Touch suddenly have terrible battery life? Answered

I have an iPod Touch 2G (8GB), which is running jailbroken 4.0 firmware.  The battery life was fine, but suddenly it started decreasing.  If i leave it in standby (locked) overnight, the battery will go from 100% to 35% without me even using it.  does anyone know why this is happening? is the battery just old?

Question by budabob07    |  last reply

my daughter's 8g ipod is not recognized at all by my computer

I own a 2002 Gateway with windows xp with 2 -2.0 usb ports; My old 2g ipod works just fine as with my other daughter's 4.0 g. I also keep up to date with windows service packs. I have i-tunes 8.1 installed.When I plug in the 8g ipod, and open "my computer", it does not say anything while the other two ipods are fine. Thanks!!!

Question by kitty5578    |  last reply

Why won't themes work in the Cydia app?

Hi, i have a jailbroken ipod touch 2g (MC) jailbroken with a userland jailbreak (JailbreakMe 2.0).  I have some themes that work perfectly on my ipod, except in the actual cydia app.  The "loading data" spinner is still the standard apple one, not the themed one.  Also, the background is just the standard apple gray stripe background.  Does anyone know how to make the themes work in cydia? thanks.

Question by budabob07  

Will an older motherboard which, according to specs, can run DIMM memory of 400 or less, still work with DIMM 800 or so?

DIMM 400 is obsolete, so it not easily available in strips of 1G or higher. But 512 MB of DIMM 400 is almost the same price as a more modern memory strip of 2G! Since the pin-out is the same, I was wandering if the more recent kind, like DIMM 800 would still work, but perhaps at a slower rate. If I would try, would it just not work, or would it fry (or fry the motherboard)?

Question by BobS    |  last reply

Can iPods play "normal" MP3 tracks? Answered

OK, noob question, but google holds no clear answers (I just get lots of "convert iTunes to MP3" hits). I'm thinking of buying a music player with a much larger memory than the current 2G.  There are iPod-dedicated birdwatching products that tempt me towards Apple products, but I have hundreds of MP3 tracks. If I get an iWhatever, will it play ordinary MP3 tracks "as is", will I have to convert them to iTunes, or will I have to start from scratch?

Question by Kiteman    |  last reply

Another washed ipod question? Answered

Yep. another one. It was stupid, but it still happened... I washed an ipod. Its an ipod nano 2g, got washed and went about 20min into dryer cycle. It was turned off (hold switch on so there was no chance of it turning on). Ipod is now in rice, turned off. How long should I lieave it in there? Also, are there any other preventative measures I should take to get it operational? I have not tried or attempted to turn the ipod on thus far. Thanks -Astroboy907

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

Possibility of "gravity chamber" becoming a reality

I used to watch the show  "Dragon Ball Z" when I was younger, on some of the episodes there was a gravity chamber which would increase the gravity in the room. It would go up to 450G (1G= 1 times the Earth's gravity) I know this is completely impossible but could a device like this even exist and if it did would make it to 2G's? Before you respond I know this is just a show and not reality. If this did work this would help athletes train and astronauts (if and when the moon is colonized)

Topic by crc09    |  last reply

i made a portable speaker using an old telephone reciever.. the sound emitted is not too great. Need inputs

Just to give u more info.. the speaker is 1.5- 2inches in diameter. I am using a ipod shuffle 2g box as its enclosure. The sound produced is "O.K" or average.. u can hear music/audio but its not for people who like it too loud..  I need your inputs as to is the sound less because of the enclosure or because of the speaker and how can i make it more effective....

Question by seetharam    |  last reply

Cell phone signaler for the deaf community ? Answered

My younger brother always having problems with incoming SMS, door bells. Saw some signaler sold online but it is indeed will cost a Benjamin. Anyone could have a DIY signaler to  lit series of colorful LEDs when there is an incoming SMS, or incoming cell phone if the phone is rest onto the signaler ? I remembered last time during the 2G phone era, it used to have these tiny gadget attached at the antenna and will emits light when there is an incoming message or incoming call. Unfortunately it is no longer available these days.

Question by s3ngchoy    |  last reply

Overheating mc34063 as boost converter Answered

I've been using the mc34063 in boost converter manner to build an external battery circuit for 3.7v->5v DC-DC conversion, but within few minutes of operation the chip and the inductor begin to overheat beyond touchable (light smell of burning components too), occurring with both circuits that I had. I've tested using the following devices: ipod touch 2G, ipod touch 5G, kross g6 tablet, all of which had the circuit overheat. The power source is 4 cylindrical cells in parallel @ 3.8v ~9A with protection circuit. The batteries do not overheat and I'm guessing the protection circuit regulates the current to an extent. I've tested the current draw of the ipod 5G to 100mA while the circuit is wired for 500mA. This is what the schematic looks like: I would like some help in troubleshooting the overheating of the circuit, Thank you.

Question by Ahyku    |  last reply

Why less memory usage with more memory??

So.... seandogue uses a circa 1995 2005  (doh!) computer as his main desktop workstation (he also has a nearly brand spankin new superduperree laptop, but it's just not gertrude, if you know what i mean...) Anyway... My computer is old, yes, but relatively solid. A bit sketchy since it's XP but whatever. The issue is memory and memory usage. I just added a pair of 2G modules to boost it's effective memory from 2 to 3 G. )XP old and only acknowledge s the first 3 even though my machine can accept up to 8G Prior to the upgrade, my initial memory usage upon completion of windows load (desk is up and no more hourglass backgroundy stuff) usage was about 800M, prior to loading any "actionable" software (Ie, ignoring the sundry processes and applications that run automatically after on at boot...I mean programming IDEs, notepads, calculators, email, browsers, photoshop, cad progs, winamp, labview, music comp, etc.)  And now? darn if my baseline  memory load hasn't dropped over 60%, down to ~490M So. what gives, ibles-sages? Me, I'm stumped (seriously) .At first, I thought to myself, 'hrrrrm... maybe it has something to do with swapping...', but then almost immediately I discounted that, since I hadn't reached threshold for swap to engage. Then I thought,  "Is it possible there was damage on the 1G chips that would go unrecognized  but would cause memory load to be higher than it should have been? Are newer modules more efficient or something?" To add to the confusion, it *seems (I haven't done any serious forensics and really don't want to have to) . applications of various sorts seem to take less memory as well. Then I came here. kinda tired of hashing out every single solution all by my lonesome and I'm hoping someone will be able to clear that confusion up with an authoritative response. Just doesn't make sense to me why my load would drop by such a significant amount, and I'm really and truly tired as hell of speculating and of speculation.. Speculation eats time like dime store candy surrounded by a hundred hungry children. and it more often than not produces erroneous output.. (no, not looking to debate the efficacy of speculation either, My best feature is the ability to speculate, and it pays to know how, but even I get tired of living in a nebula of "there is no like right like answer" 100% of the time.) So heps a mind-worn joe, aye?  Someone please tells me in no uncertain terms why this is? >>>>  More memory added, less memory used? I really don't want to launch another google search that may or may not  yield the answer after reading a few hundred erroneous or misleading posts. To be very clear, the system is behaving BETTER, not WORSE, with the new modules, even when operating at quiescence, where max memory overruns (and the subsequent swapping that such overruns spur) aren't an issue.  thanks gracias danka...

Question by seandogue    |  last reply