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How to program atmega32A using arduino uno??

I bought a 40pin atmel's Atmega32A-PU and i was unaware that it needs a different programmer rather than using arduino. I can't buy another programmer just to program that ic. I have arduino uno board which has atmeha328p and i have used it to program another atmega328p. But I don't know how to program a 40 pin ic such as atmega32A using arduino board and arduino ide. I tried this tutorial on this link but nothing happened... It was successful only upto burning the bootloader. What to do next???

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Keeping a motorcycle battery charged using a nearby car?

I am in a unique situation where I have no access to a 230v wall socket to attach a battery tender. My plan is to use my car which is parked right next to the motorcycle to keep it charged up. In the past, when my motorcycle has refused to star, all I had to do was hook it up to my car battery, not try to jump start it but just leave the two hooked up for a few minutes, disconnect and then the motorcycle would start without any issues. In this case, I am attempting to make a proper charger with trickle charging capability. I want the input to be a car battery (11v to 14.4v 32A) and the output side to be a steady 12v 750mA to 1A to keep the motorcycle juiced up.  Do you think I'm on the right track? If yes, would someone be kind enough to help me out?

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How to use a YL-34 programmer with ATMega32A PU ?

So... A while ago I bought me a programmer, a YL-34. Just like this one :   As far as I can see, this board just connects the pins with connectors, has a Xtal on the right pins, a reset and lines that go to the 10-pin connector. I would like to use the chips (which have an Arduino Bootloader in them), and program them with the programmer/ board I have. But... How? I tried the Arduino as an ISP, but no go... I have also some FDTI boards, USB to serial. Please, anyone? I would love to use those controllers for some projects, so I don't have to use my Arduinoboards. If you can tell me how to program them (over Arduino IDE)? Or, if you know a good starterguide for programming these ("ATMega 32 PU for Dummies"... Thank you so much!

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ATX PSU to Work Bench PS - Adjustable Voltage and Current question

I am working on converting an old 600W ATX PSU to a bench power supply for me to use for some lab work.  Not everything that I will be plugging into it will have built in current limiting capabilities.  The guide/setup i found on here that I will most likely be following are:  & The first link is how I would like mine to end up looking. My PSU is rated as: +3.3V @ 32A +5v @ 50A +12v @ 24A -12v @ 1A -5v @ .5A My end goal is to be able to control the voltage and current output from each binding post.  I will be hooking up a multimeter to this as well and am thinking that i could control what it monitors by some dipswitch setup or switching setup(as far as to which binding posts it's monitoring). I do understand that V = IR.  So keeping 5v but only wanting 3A, i would increase the resistance which is why at first i thought i could play a POT in the circuit.  However after seeing how the voltage regulation was hooked up, I am confused how to do so now since it was connected in the fashion i thought i would need to control the current.  ( I would probably use a LM338 since it would allow for more current but again, i would love to be able to have the full 50A available all at one shot but i don't think those IC's allow for that. I am extremely new to all of this and am still learning as well, so if i was able to communicate what i am looking to do correctly and you have a way of explaining it to me, a picture would be awesome if you have the time to create one. :D TYIA for any suggestions.

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